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Private/Closed Pokemon Warcraft!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. Emma wasn't having any of this, and decided to follow her own intuition. When Tyler had pulled off the other magnet, she punched him in the gut. She then held a fist to Octo-Bug as a warning.

    "You even think of sending electricity at me, I smash you like the bug you are. Tyler, if you actually read any sort of guild rule or guidebooks, you would know that behavior like that, harming fellow members in a combat scenario is called, what's that word? Oh yeah, TREASON, and may even be punished with death. I'm not killing you though, I'm letting you be scared. Now, Azumi, you wouldn't disobey guild guidelines, put him in line. Do that, or I am leaving this mission and possibly the guild due to insubordination."

    Dang, she actually was intelligent for once. She had a feeling what Azumi would do after that, so she walked back to her post.
  2. Azumi messaged the side of her head with her left arm. It was like dealing with kids. Emma didn't rampage so that was good. She looked over at Tyler. "Tyler, please apologize, we don't need this extending more then we need it to. So, just finish it."
    She looked over at Rolan and Stella. "Sorry about that, we still need some improvements." She turned back to Tyler and waited for him to apologize.
    If this didn't work, she felt like she was going to lose her patience.
  3. Tyler held his chest where Emma punched him. Well, Azumi didn’t seem like she was gonna let up any time soon, and Emma was gonna break all of his bones if he didn’t. Fine, he thought, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t have any more fun with apologizing. “Your Majesty, the treasonous blacksmith would like to apologize for his treasonous actions and would like to be shed mercy upon execution.” Tyler said to Emma. He made sure to say this with British accent. There. He hoped Azumi was happy. That was the last time he would ever apologize to Emma, and tried not to cringe while he was telling her.
  4. Sarah was not happy that her rope was cut. He could have slipped the knot off. It was adjustable for a reason. She untied the rope from the tree and scaled down the side. She walked up to Tyler. "This is not over. Well it is over here, but I will get you back eventually." With that she walked away and climbed up the tree she will look out from. She took the tallest branch she found that would hold her weight. She used the rope to tie herself to the tree.

    Umbre really enjoyed the attention she was getting from Rolen. He was not so bad. The black fox like pokemon decided to stay with the mage boy for the night. She wanted go make sure he was safe from harm.

    Amra walked over to Azumi. "Are they always like this? Man I wish he did not cut himself down so quickly. It would have been fun to use him as a moving target." With that she held up a small throwing knife.
  5. Tyler veered in Amra’s direction. He did not like the idea of a moving target. Tyler sighed and turned to where his makeshift workshop was. Best he could do when he made enemies was to make em presents. That’s the way they invaded Troy, and that’s how to get em to like you.

    About half an hour later Tyler had all of his gifts ready to give out to the people he ticked off. He went over to Sarah’s tree and held up the throwing knives he would give to her. On each of the four knives, there was a word on the blade and a gem embedded in their hilt. One had the word “Sorry” another the word “Your” the third had the word “Rope” and the last had “Broke”. They also had either a ruby, emerald, sapphire, or a diamond. He threw them at the tree starting from the bottom to the top of the base spelling, “Sorry Your Rope Broke” He now moved on to where Emma was.

    He went to Emma thinking, do not hit me please, and it kept on going through his head. Tyler held out a 6 by 3 metal bar that had the words, “ I want to kill Tyler” etched in it. “Emma” He said, “ this is a titanium bar, and it’s some of the strongest, most durable metal out there and takes 63,000 psi to crush. If you feel like you want to kill me, try to crush this, if you do, I will make you whatever you want out of it.”
  6. "No. They really do care for each other, it's just rare for us to all be together like this." Azumi explained to Amra. "You just have to know where the limits are. For example, do not make Emma mad, Keep Tyler entertained and keep Sarah occupied." She sighed deeply. "It's a weird relationship, but they would give each their own life to save the other without thinking it twice." Azumi looked over at Tyler who was trying to apologise to Emma. She smiled and turned back to Amra. "I'm sure you're going to fall in love with them soon." She walked back to her spot, maybe now she could sleep a little.
    She was about to sit down, when Anakin stood up and faced the north side. Azumi noticed and got her sword ready. "Something coming Anakin?" She asked her Lucario. Anakin nodded. "Stormbreakers! We have company! Ready yourselves!" She said out loud. If it was bandits, they had the advantage of the forest being pretty dark now.
    The forest grew quiet. There was no noise, not even the wind was blowing. Azumi readied her sword in front of her, ready for any attack. Nana was still too asleep to assist with the telepathy.
    Slow steps could be heard coming from the dark. A large figure appeared between the trees, walking slowly towards the group. Azumi pointed her sword towards it. "We outnumber you, stand down!" She called out.
    The figure stepped out, it was a big ban with long dark blonde hair. He had a white shirt that had several stains and it was torn in some parts. His pants were in the same shape, he was also dragging an ax. "Help..." The man said in a low rough tone and passed out before them.
    Azumi put away her sword. "Sarah! Amra! Scout the perimeter for more of them! Stay withing Nana's telepathy! Stella, Rolan! Use your light magic to light the area and keep away any hidden enemies! Emma help me move him! Tyler, I need you to build a quick bed with webbing and some support for his left leg, it looks bad! Move it Stormbreakers!"
  7. Rolen had already reacted to the first warning by getting to his feet and then channeling the moonlight onto his hand and bending it out again, creating a beam similar to that of a flashlight. When Azumi said to get more light, he looked over to Stella. So, she has a connection to light as well? Interesting. He focused more of the moonlight flowing into the clearing, trying to figure out where to focus it. He gave Umbre a quick pat on the head before returning his attention to the lighting problem.
  8. Tyler quickly turned his attention off of Emma and then raced to his Pokémon where they discussed their plan. “Jerry, I need you to get me four long sticks from deep in the woods, they need to be study and a smidge longer than his body.” He said, pointing at the injured man. Jerry went as fast as he could into the forest to start searching. Tyler then grabbed to planks of wood from the supplies, the only ones he had. Tyler put them one on one side of the leg and the other on the other side of the leg. “Octo-Bug, web it up, and don’t use electro web” he said. After Octo-Bug did it, they had created a makeshift splint, so he could not move his leg.

    Tyler realized that Jerry wasn’t back yet with the wood. He then thought back to what Azumi said something along the lines of, do not go into the woods alone. Oh no. He ran into the direction of the woods where Jerry entered, and Octo-Bug was trailing behind him. “Jerry! Where are you?!” Tyler yelled. “Gava- Gavantula!” Octo-Bug added. Tyler looked down at Octo-Bug with amusement. “Did you just threaten him?” Tyler said with a smile. Octo-Bug shrugged as if to say, “More or less.”

    There was then a shuffling of the bushes, and Jerry appeared out of them holding all four sticks and was running for his life in the direction of the camp. Octo-Bug finally realized what had happened. When he was scouting, he saw giant footprints. Those giant footprints must of belonged to a Pokémon. What if an axe man escaped, and a giant Pokémon came looking for him......

    Tyler could see something large coming their way, but they didn’t know what it was. Tyler and Octo-Bug ran back to camp, and could hear the limping of the large creature coming this way. “AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Tyler screamed. “There’s a giant thing over there and it’s coming back for the lumber dude!” Emma! We I need you to have a wrestling match with this thing after it shows itself!” Tyler scurried up his webbed tree with Jerry and Octo-Bug.

    Suddenly, a big snorlax came through the trees and piled up the berries he had gathered. Then, the Lumberjack weakly muttered, “He’s.....mine....” Tyler sighed in relief, and then came down the tree, and started making the bed for the Lumberjack.

    Five minutes later, he was done, and propped up the Axe man onto it.
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  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella, using her Tome of Light and Sola's light energy to give extra power to her own light powers, brightened the area around them by using her Brighten Room light spell. Inside of her head, she muttered Light brightens the soul, the soul powers the light, over and over. This was how she harnessed her light powers. It was a chant that kept her focused on what she needed to do. With her spell, the camp and the area around it brightened some.
  10. Cecil continued to make his way back towards the wooden hut. The faint presence of other voices filled the Cyndaquil with notable concern. Were the officers out to get the little fire mouse? Or, were they just simply wandering travelers that would pose no significant threat? Either way, the little Pokémon had not decided ot risk it all at the moment.

    He arrived at the wooden hut much later than he thought, panting and dropping the extra items in his growing stash. He flopped on the straw bedding, and stretched his sweaty feet for a lengthy moment. He took in a few more calmer breaths and decided to work on his back soon after.
  11. Rolen continued to channel moonlight from over the trees. Once Stella had cast her spell, he directed the direction of the light and made it slightly brighter, and also filled up some of the shadowy places on the border of the clearing. He continued to focus on this light-manipulation, trying to make sure things were lighted up more where nessescary.
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  12. Amra and Sarah took off in two different directions. Both of them have trained to be quiet an stealthy in times like this. Sarah took the side that the lumber jack had emerged from. She took the throwing knives that Tyler had made for her. She stored them with the rest. It seemed like she had room for more weapons all over her. It was dark but that was what she was used to working in. Sarah had a bit of darkness magic and was able to use it to help her see in the pure darkness. It helped on missions like this one. In the darkness she spotted a figure they looked to have a pokemon on their shoulder and on above their head. Sarah jumped down from her vantage point in the tree. "Hello young warrior. My name is Sarah. Me and my guild have stumbled across and lumberjack who has been severely hurt. I want to ask if you have seen anything out of the ordinary." Sarah stood her ground ready to fight if needed. She would not attack unless provoked.

    Amra had found herself near the edge of the forest. There she spotted a girl unconscious. She had to get her back to the group. She would need a way to do it though. Then she had it. She took som of the bigger leaves and made a bed for the girl. She then lefted her onto them and used the leaves to drag her back to camp. It would be better then leaving her there. She eventualy made it back. "Azumi! We have a problem. This girl has had something done to her. She seems to not respond. Her pulse is still good though. Do you think you could do something to help? Like you did for the boy mage. I am sorry I don't know your name or I would call you by it." She said the last part to Rolen who she had yet to learn the name of.

    Umbre had take the lead in patrolling the perimeter of the camp. She came to the big pokemon that frightened the blacksmith. It turned out to be a large Snorlax eating some of the berries from a tree. She sent the image to Nana who she hoped would get and tell Azumi. Just to be on the safe side she sent the same image to Azumi as well. That way she would have her bases covered. She then returned to the group to protect them.
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  13. Tyler looked over to where Azumi and Amra was. There was another unconscious girl. How many how them are there, he thought. From what she looked like, she just needed to wake up. He new just what she needed. He ran over to the Snorlax and politely asked for a Tomato Berry. Tyler then ran over to Emma’s stuff and picked up her Bone Smasher stuff and brought it with him. “Jerry, get me the mixer stuff!” Tyler cried. Jerry then brought over three items. First, the mixing bowl, second, the masher, and third, a spoon.

    He put the Tomato Berry in the bowl, and poured a little bit of Emma’s Skull smasher in too. He started mashing up the Tomato Berry as fast as he could, and sooner or later, the “WAKE UP!” mixture, as he called it, was ready. He brought the bowl and the spoon to the place where Azumi, Amra, and the unconscious girl was. He sat next to her and said, “Do not fear, Tyler’s here! Wakey Wakey!” He put the spicy combo on the spoon and into her mouth.
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  14. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Nora narrowed her eyes to see in the darkness of the night. "Hello, fellow traveler. I am Nora, Tamer of Dragons, and I haven't seen anything out of the ordinary." She patted the Sligoo on her shoulder as she said this, a smile on her face. "If you need help though, I can try to."
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  15. "Well you see he had came from this path. I followed it and it led to you. I can tell that you might not have anything to do with it, but it might be better if you come to see what had happened. I would hate to see anything happen to another person out here. I am sorry the inconvenience, but if there is something out here attacking it would be better to stay in large groups." Sarah hoped the dragon tamer would agree. She hated to see people in peril and wanted to protect the others. Despite her profession she really cared for others well being.
  16. Azumi's brain froze for a moment since now there were two victims. She took a deep breath and went to the girl. She splashed water on her hands and placed them over her head and stomach. "Nothing, too serious. Her stomach is a little damaged, which means some sort of acid or poison. But, the intention was to leave her unconscious." She looked at Tyler. "Which means your little mix there is just going to give her heartburn and an upset stomach." She stood up. "Let her rest, Tyler keep and eye on her. Don't feed her anything and STOP running into the forest alone."
    She went back to the lumberjack. He was groaning in pain. "Okay your awake. Good." Azumi said as she knelt down. She placed her hands on his head and stomach. "This is bad." She said as she grabbed her sword. She slashed the lumberjack's shirt and tore it off. There were big bruises all over his body. "This wounds are awful. It's like someone or something punched him with a lot of weight. I see organs damaged as well. I don't know if he is going to make it." Azumi grabbed more water and placed her hands over his chest. Her hands began to glow. "Amra, keep on lookout, if this is the work of bandits, they could be using these two as bait or a distraction." She closed her eyes and used Nana to send a message to Sarah. "Find anything? Things are looking bad here. No danger, yet."
  17. So, let her sleep, but she’s glad the Lumberjack awake? That woman didn’t make any sense at all sometimes. But, there was a mixture he knew would at least cause the Lumberjack pain relief. He went back over to Snorlax and got two berries and a revival herb. The berries, were a Oran berry, and a Cheri Berry, two of the best tasting ones out there. The Oran berries healed, and Cheri berries cured paralysis, and he looked paralyzed enough, plus, the sweetness of the berries would counteract the bitterness of the revival herb. He started mixing them up.

    He brought the mixture over to the Lumberjack and Azumi. “Just telling you, this will not wake him up, this is for healing and pain relief.” He took the spoon and fed the mixture to the man. “Jeez” Tyler said looking at his wounds, “He looks like he took a beatin from Emma when she was angry.” He also realized something, and changed the topic. “Let me ask you a question Azumi, if your Pokémon went out into the woods looking for wood, and he didn’t come out for a while and you knew there were dangerous Pokémon around AND your Pokémon couldn’t fight well, would you go out looking for him while everybody else is already occupied? If so, you know how I felt. And you talk like I keep on going out into the woods, and that was only the first. Just saying.” He kept feeding the Lumberjack the mixture. Tyler then shouted, “Hey, does anyone’s Pokémon know like, heal pulse, or something?”
  18. "I would never send my Pokemon out in the woods like that." Azumi responded. "Not when Emma brought a whole lot and when there is a threat of danger. I probably wouldn't do it in normal circumstances." She looked at Tyler. "Especially if I cannot fight." She focused back on the Lumberjack. "Since when do you know about herbs?" She asked Tyler while working on the wounds.
    The lumberjack coughed, spitting out some blood. He cough was so rough, blood drops landed on Tyler's and Azumi's face.
    Azumi moved her hands to his ribs. "Not good, one broken rib pierced his lung. I can try and solve it but..." She bit her lip with a worried look. "I would need to open him, remove the rib and then heal the lung with my water healing."
    Nana replied to Tyler's question about heal pulse with telepathy. "I know heal pulse. But, I do not see any injured Pokemon."
  19. Tyler shrugged at her answer to his question. Then, the dude spat blood in his face. “Well, my mom was a cook for a Guild a while back, and she was also the healer too, so I picked up some stuff, and yeah, I’m not gonna be around for the uh, open I’m up procedure, cause I don’t deal with that stuff very well. So, if ya need me to do something else, like get the tools for opening him up, I’ll do that.” He walked over to Jerry and said, “You, know, most Blazikens I know besides you are warriors, and they’re pretty strong, so let’s work on your fighting skills!”

    Tyler sat a sword that he was not Fonda of on the ground. “Now all you need to do with flame kick is to pretend that everything you kick is a sword, cause that’s all you’ve used me kick on em’.” Jerry nodded, took a deep breath and used flame kick in the sword. Then sword easily snapped in half. “All right!” Tyler exclaimed. He then grabbed some tweezers, and a small knife and brought them over to Azumi. “Might need these. And can Pokémon use hypnosis on humans? Cause I’m sure our friend wouldn’t want to be awake while he’s being cut open, unless him falling asleep increases the chance of death...” Tyler said and thought about this question.
  20. Emma took the titanium bar and pocketed it, grunting at Tyler's presence. She didn't hate Tyler, just the way he talked about things... or did things. She noticed the lumberjack, but saw people carry him off. She stood at her post, more attentive at Azumi's orders this time. She took small notes in her head, things like 'spar with Amra later' and 'punch Tyler harder next time'. Okay she hated Tyler a bit, but he deserved it, he was always crass and whiny, and was pretty much always asking for punishment. Unfortunately, she needed him there, they all did.
  21. Azumi kept trying to heal the man with what she had. She had never done surgery before, just knew the basics of some books she read.
    The ax man coughed again and opened his eyes. His eyeballs moved around, trying to figure out what was going on. Azumi placed her hand on his forehead.
    "Hello. My name is Azumi Towers. You are with my guild, Stormbreakers, you are badly injured. Can you tell me what happened?" She asked the paranoid man.
    The man gave a frightened look at Azumi first and then relaxed. "My men... They're still there."
    "Where?" Azumi asked. "A few hours ahead of the direction you came from?"
    The man nodded.
    "Okay, I need to get you out of danger first..." She was interrupted as the lumberjack grabbed her wrist.
    "No, get help. Too dangerous." He said with a desperate tone.
    "We don't have time to..." She was interrupted again as the man tugged on her wrist.
    "No! They never stop, they will starve you. It's impossible." He became to sound angry. "They kept us prisoner."
    "Who?" Azumi asked.
    "The sand... They..." He began to cough. "Away from the sand..." He passed out.
    Azumi pressed her ear against his chest. "His breathing is slowing down!" She cried out. "Tyler! Get those tools sterilized! Use Jerry's fire! Then I need some clean boiled water from that river. Rolan or Stella! I need light on here asap!" She looked at her nails, they were too long. "Emma! I need you new by in case I need an electric charge and..." She held up her right hand. "I need you to break my nails off, just enough so I don't scratch him."
  22. Amra sat back and listened to what was going on. She heard something about breaking off nails. She had a better idea. She rummaged through her bag and found a pair of soft leather gloves in this situation. "Azumi! Use these instead they will help. It will also give you a little bit of padding without ruining the movement." She handed the gloves to her and got ready to go back to her lookout spot on the central oak tree.
  23. Rolen heard Azumi's shout for extra light and walked over, keeping one hand up and directing the general flow of light. Some of the shadows by the trees were no longer lit. He stretched out his other hand and there was a steady flow of light aimed in the general direction of the man. Rolen didn't particularly want to be there for the surgery, but there wasn't much of a choice. He was pretty sure Stella was having to focus pretty hard to keep up the spell at this magnitude, so he would have to help instead. He tried not to look at the man. It's a curious thing, but most people don't like looking at people who are in pain or wounded or diseased, and Rolen was no exception to this.
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  24. “Comin right up boss!” He grabbed the tools and then saw Amra holding out leather gloves. “Need these.” He said as he snatched them away. He put them on, and grabbed a bucket out of supplies. Multi-Taskin Multi-Taskin he thought. He raced with Jerry to the river, sterilized the tools, and filled the bucket with water. He made it back to Azumi, and handed her the tools. “Jerry, need you to heat it up in here.” Tyler said. Jerry then used flamethrower to the hottest level and boiled the water. He also put the bucket of water next to Azumi. “The sand?” Tyler said curiously. “Most be some pretty scary sand.” Tyler realized that his comments weren’t helping at all and shut up.
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  25. Azumi didn't out the gloves on, she felt that it was better to feel what she was doing since she was not good at this. She took a deep breath. She took the knife and tweezers and cleaned them with the boiled water. "I hope you don't wake up screaming..." Azumi said with a worried tone as she prepared to began. She slowly began to cut in the middle of a purple bruise near the ribs.
    Once she made a cut big enough, she took the tweezers and dug into the wound slowly. She used her free hand to open up the wound so she could peek inside. Her forehead began to sweat and her eyes began to get watery. "Somebody clean my sweat!" She cried out. She wasn't going to say tears. She continued to slowly move, trying to avoid hurting him more and find the broker rib.
  26. Tyler looked at Azumi, and then the Amra. Well, no choice...

    He quickly found a rag and wiped her forehead. “Jeez, this is gettin nasty.” Tyler said looking away. Too bad we don’t got a med. Tyler noticed something about the wound. “Azumi! There!” He said pointing at one of the ribs. “If you look closely at it and you trail it through, you see that it runs just a smidge deeper in than the others, look!” He said pointing at a different one. “This ones not broken and you can tell that the ribs doesn’t go in as much as the broken one.” Tyler stood back at amazement in his knowledge. He didn’t even know medical stuff and he pointed that out. Must be from starin at swords all day and makin sure they’re mighty fine. Pickin at all them little things.
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  27. Azumi didn't pay attention to Tyler, she was too concentrated. She managed to get a hold of the broken piece. She had to remove it fast but avoid causing any more damage. She prepared to pull it out. She took a deep breath and began to remove it. Once it was safe she quickly took it out and tossed it aside.
    She than began to use her hands to heal the wound. "Come on come on..." She told herself as her hands began to glow. She then stopped. "The heart stopped." She said out loud. "I need an electric discharge NOW!" She kept her hands on the wound since it was still open.
  28. Tyler veered in the direction of Octo-Bug. He was the only was with a electric type Pokémon. “Octo-Bug! We need a discharge!” Octo-Bug scurried on over to them. “Arceus help this man. Octo-Bug, lowest volt discharge, we don’t want to burn him out!” Octo-Bug climbed on top the man and his feet started to glow. A little spark of electricity socked him. No heartbeat. “Turn up the voltage!” He yelled. Tears were filling his eyes. He was not going to let this man die.

    Octo-Bug shocked him again. There was a slight heartbeat, but it seemed to slow down. He turned over to Rolen and Stella. “Any of you know life force channeling magic? If so, give him some of mine, I can take it.” He frantically thought of what to help. But whenever he looked at this dying man, images flashed through his brain.

    His fathers coffin.

    The medics trying to save him.

    Being dragged away from his father as a kid.

    He came from these images panting and his hands clenching his face over the Lumberjack. He stumbled backwards to a nearby tree and hit it hard. But suddenly, the Golden coin from Uncle CrossBlade from his pocket. He took it out and it flashed brightly. When he opened his eyes. There was a blank transparent figure looming above him, and the coin was gone. “Who....what....?” He started to say. The figure made a gesture that meant they can’t see me. Tyler started backing up to the tree in fear. Then the figure went into Azumi, and suddenly, the Lumberjacks heart began to stop.

    Tyler then passed out, and the last thing he remembers was the coin reappearing in his hand.
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  29. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Nora gave Sarah a wary look and nodded. She was unsure if she should trust this stranger. It had been so long since she saw another human being that wanted her to join their group at a camp. Her dragons did not seem worried, but they were terrible at judging people's character. She could not find a reason to say she was untrustworthy, but she was taught by her people that people from outside of the Dragon Tamer village were against their ways, or never heard of her people.

    Stella, although she was taught how to keep light within the room, had to struggle to keep the light within the area due to the fact this place had nowhere to transfer the light to. If she stopped her spell the light would disperse to everywhere. It did not help that night was when Darkness Magic had a boost and Light Magic had a reduction of power. She reached out to her Tome of Light, which gave her a small amount of power. Sola, feeling her trainer reach to the book, gave some energy to her trainer as well. Stella could not find a way to drop the spell without the light disappearing.
  30. Rolen tried not to look at the surgery. He would have helped Azumi when she asked for help with the ‘sweat’, but both his hands were occupied with channeling light. He tried to focus on something other than the removal of the rib, and he focused on Stella, who seemed to be doing a decent job keeping up her spell, honestly better than he expected. However, it must be taking up a lot of energy to light up the entire clearing, so he tried to think of a way that they could keep up a decent amount of light without having to focus on the entire clearing.

    “Hey, Stella? Could you use the big oak like an umbrella? I mean, focus on lighting up the dome of the leaves? Maybe that way you can focus on less area but give the area under the tree a decent amount of light!”
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  31. "I know you have no reason to trust me. You seem to have affinity for dragon types. Do you knoe if the dragon village? They teach their people the ways of the dragon. I have met a few in the past." Sarah led the way back to camp. "I am sorry for dropping in on you like I did. It seems that a lumberjack had been badly wounded when I left to make sure there was no one following him."
  32. She really was slow in this armor... by the time she had made it to the tent, Octo-Bug was already doing the shocking job. Due to this development, nothing that she could really do for them came to mind. She was not exactly smart enough to perform surgery. She waited outside the tent and guarded it, her fists up and ready to punch any intruders. Still... this was quite a bit of hustle and bustle, and she couldn't quite decide what to do. There's the penalty for such a narrow mindset, she can't completely focus on what to do.
  33. Azumi pressed her ear to the lumberjack's chest, trying to listen if the shocks had work. But there was no vital signs. "No! I healed your wound!" She cried as she began pumping his chest and gave him mouth to mouth, trying to revive him.
    She went at it for a few minutes, until the chances of him coming back dropped to zero. Azumi sat on her knees looking at the body before her. Had she done something wrong? Was she too slow? Was there something else killing him and she focused on the wrong part? She felt terribly disappointed on herself. She slowly stood up and looked at Emma. "Emma, dear, could you make sure everyone is ready to go? Also, have someone help with a hole by the river so we can properly bury this man."
    She walked with her head down across the clearing and to the river that was on the side. She sat on her knees next to it and began to slowly wash the blood of her hands and face.
  34. Tyler woke up sweating buckets. Azumi was talking to Emma. Tyler was shaking badly. Very badly. He wasn’t cold, but he was in fear and shock of what happened. He opened his hand, to find the gold coin in his palm. But this only brought back what happened. A figure. The flash from the coin. He struggled to get up, and was breathing heavily as he was trying to stand. It was like all his energy was gone. This coin, what the heck had happened?

    Tyler couldn’t even walk without support, so he called Jerry over to lean on. Jerry’s expression could only show concern for his trainer. Images flashed Tyler’s mind again and caused him headaches. The figure, it went into Azumi....and the heartbeat..........


    CrossBlade made this coin, so why does it have this in it? Tyler limp walked against Jerry to the river, and to Azumi. Jerry looked down at Tyler and studied his features. His hair was a mess, his face slick with sweat, and generally looked like a madman. “Azumi.....”
    Tyler weakly muttered, “This...This thing....it went in you......and...and....” Tyler tried to say, but he was too winded to speak. Jerry put one of his arms across Tyler in case he passed out, which seemed like a possibility. “The.......C-Coin.......it fla-“ and Tyler passed out again. Jerry looked at Azumi and shrugged his shoulders to let her know that he had no idea what was happening.
    He dragged Tyler all the way to his hammock, and put him in it. Jerry than looked to Octo-Bug and signaled to keep watch on him. Octo-Bug nodded.
  35. Azumi was washing her hands when Tyler approached her. She didn't look at him, she was to busy and distracted by the current event. It wasn't until he fainted that she noticed something was off. She watched as Jerry carried him over to the hammock. She looked at her hands, which still had some light reddish color. She sighed and got up.
    She walked over to Tyler and began passing her hands over him, but found nothing wrong. She bit her lip as she began to get worried. "This simple rescue mission is becoming too much." She said as she doble checked Tyler. "I need to get you all out of here."
    She walked over to the center and spoke to the group. "Listen everyone. By what I can see, we will probably be facing a difficult enemy. Problaby a mission for a rank B guild. Which means we might be taking on something we cannot handle. Therefore, if anyone wants to return, say so now. We will not judge and we can have you send help our way. Anybody?"
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  36. Emma nodded at Azumi's first orders, then proceeded to pack up her stuff really quick. She then stood at attention at Azumi's feet.

    " 'Zumi, not trying to go against protocol or anything, but I do think we should resign from this mission. Now I love myself a good scrap, but this doesn't seem like a fight we can win, in all honesty. This would be almost all of the drop's first battle with us and... I have a strong feeling that only Amra would make it out of all of them, and just barely. I feel the decision to accept this mission so eagerly was foolish, and that we should return, posthaste. Tyler can barely even hold a sword, and... point is, this isn't a job for us. Even I'm smart enough to see that."
  37. Tyler weakly awoke to sound of conversations around him, and listened to what Emma said, “I agree with Emma.....” Tyler said weakly. “Don’t want the noobs to die......and this is the worst shape I’ve ever seen myself in......and I don’t even know what the heck happened to me, and if it happens again while the battles going roun’ me, I’m gonna die hands down.” Then he held up the coin to his face. “But I know it’s somethin’ with this little demon. Wow, I just agreed with Emma.....” Tyler sat back, eyes closed, and rubbed his hands over his face to try to get the headache out.
  38. Rolen could be very stubborn at times, and he certainly didn’t want to give up the mission so easily. However, both Emma and Azumi seemed to think the group wasn’t capable of completing the mission, so he wasn’t going to argue. He was, deep down, pretty concerned about what could have hurt the man that much, so he lowered his hand that had been lighting up the area for the surgery.

    “What are the orders? Lights off? I think we should at least camp here for the night, and if we are against going on we can travel by daylight.
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  39. Azumi looked around, listening and thinking what should be done. The men they were sent to rescue might still be alive, and the longer they prosponed this, the less chances of finding them alive. Also, leaving a rank up mission ment the guild would be marked as untrustworthy. She had just let a man die in her hands and she could not risk this happening again.

    ¨Emma. Stay here with the raindrops and then take them home at dawn. Make sure that girl gets medical assistance and inform the Grand Court of what happen, see if they can send reinforcements. I will continue on with Sarah and Anakin.¨ She spoke to everyone. Nana gave a sad look when she noticed she was not going. ¨I do not want to hear any complains against this. This is my final word on this situation. Nana inform Sarah, have her catch up to me.¨ Azumi turned around, picked up her sword and her backpack. She walked out of the clearing, in the same direction the lumberjack had came from.

    She walked into the dark forest determined to at least find out who the enemy was, avoid them and rescue as many men as possible. She was not going to let her guild fail their first rank up mission. Nana sent the entire conversation to Sarah and then walked over to Emma, the only other person she could trust. Anakin followed Azumi within the shadows and trees.
  40. Tyler just laid in his hammock. He had not been given orders. Azumi didn’t say anything about what he should do. He turned to Emma and said, “I’m not a precious rain drop so don’t even think about gettin me to leave. Besides, I’m to weak to even stand up let alone walk for five hours. And if the boss needs stuff fixed, I’m the guy who’s gonna do it.” He then looked to his Pokémon who were beside him in his web hammock. “Octo-Bug, go with Azumi and Sarah, they might need a scout to earn them of upcoming things, and your also a good fighter.” Octo-Bug nodded and scurried on to Azumi’s location. “And you,” He said looking at Jerry, “you are gonna stay here with me, cause your the fire of this forge.” Tyler said pointing at his chest.

    Tyler started examining the coin carefully, hoping not to spring a trap that might be inside. He thought back to what had happened. The coin flashed, a transparent figure appeared, and it went inside of Azumi. And even after she healed his wound, his heart stopped. Tyler then smacked his head in realization. Out of all that had happened, there was only one conclusion: There was a freakin ghost in this thing.

    Out of what he had read, ghosts could be held inside objects with an extreme amount of dark energy, which was transferred into dark magic. Jeez, he was gonna have to read up on this stuff. Wait, Stella has a book about that stuff, it she was somewhere else. Rolen was here. “Hey Rolen!” Tyler said to him, “can you try to explain dark magic to me, I think there might be somthin in this little demon.” He said as he held up the coin.

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