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Private/Closed Pokemon Warcraft!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Hecotoro, Jul 29, 2019.

  1. A world full of Pokemon and Humans, each with amazing powers and abilities. In this Earth, the land is divided in different Kingdoms. The Kingdom of Kelan (Where the story will start), The kingdom of Creel and the Kingdom of Parral. These three have managed to leave together, each forming a triangle, which gave each a fair amount of land for their people. Lately, however, things have been tense between the three kings.
    Now, the story begins in the capital of Kelan. The great city of Winchester. Here we can find the castle of the great king, the training grounds for their powerful armies and the grand court. The capital is surrounded by a giant wall, with only one main entrance to the city. Within the walls we find a stuffed city, filled with many people and Pokemon. The outsides is were guilds make their bases and farmers work their fields.

    Azumi woke up as she felt the hand of her Gardevoir, Nana, fall on her face. She sat up and saw Anakin, her Lucario, sitting at the window, watching the sunrise. She looked over at Nana, who was peacefully asleep and spread out on the bed.
    "Good morning Anakin. I hope you rested well." Azumi said as she got up and stretched her arms. "We got to introduce the newbies to the others today. I hope Ms. Fyst doesn't make a scene." She began stretching her legs. "Did you stretch already?"
    The Lucario nodded.
    "Good. I might need your help with training the newbies today." Azumi said as she did one last stretch. She went into the bathroom and came back out a few minutes later. She was wearing a full body suit. They were like leggings that went from her toes to her wrist and neck. She had her hair tied to the side with a blue ribbon. She went into her closet, put on some brown boots that went up to her knees, a short brown skirt for mobility and a silver chest plate. She then looked at her swords. "Silver. I feel like silver today." She said as she got it and placed it around her back. "When Nana wakes up, come down to breakfast." She said with a smile as she left the room.
    She looked around the hall and then took a deep breath. "Listen up StormBreakers! Meeting in the basement in 5 minutes! Let's go!" She said out loud, her voice ringing through the halls.
    She made her way downstairs and yelled the same message in the hall that led to the newbies. She then went down to the basement, the torches had been lit and the servent had left fresh coffee and orange juice available for the guild members. Azumi made sure all the chairs were neatly placed and ready to be used. She doble checked that the room was clean and then served herself a cup of coffee. After that, she sat down at the top spot, where she could see everyone else. She sat with her back straight and waited for the others to arrive.
  2. Rolen Nailoen tossed in bed as he heard the yell to meet in the basement in five minutes. He had already been half-awake for a little while, and now he rolled over and got himself up. He looked around the room for a moment, remembering arriving the day before. The young wizard had been told by his mentor to join a guild, so he had searched around. He had been turned down at one or two other guilds, but had been accepted here. He had moved his things, few as they were, into this room yesterday evening. He would have to hurry if he wanted to stay; it would be a horrible first impression to be late to his first meeting.

    He grabbed his Wizard’s robes, simple compared to that of most wizards, cream with a teal waving pattern, and put them on. He looked over to where his friend and companion, Faze, an Abra, was sleeping, hovering just above the ground. This was not unusual, however; the yellow fox-cat creature slept most of the day. He picked up the Abra in one arm and threw open the door. He turned back quickly to grab his bag, which he had almost forgotten.

    He hustled out to go to the meeting... and then realized he didn’t know where the basement was. So he stood in the hallway, hoping that someone would tell him or show him where to go. Faze gave a short yawning cry, and then went still again.
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  3. With the loud yells from the guild leader, Emma slowly opened her eyes, drool covering her face. She rolled around in her bed, trying to sleep more. Unfortunately, she rolled the wrong way, thudding against the wooden floor. Pack, her Pangoro, picked her up off the ground and dragged her to the closet. Emma picked out the most classy clothes: a more covering pair of sleepwear. She then grabbed her gauntlets, put them on, and walked down to the basement, taking her seat and drinking her coffee. Yes. With the gauntlets on. She yawned before facing Azumi, her hair being an absolute mess... and the drool was still on her face, just dried.

    "Morning... hey, do we meet the fresh meat today? I'm desperate for another test of strength... is that silver? Looks good on you..."

    Brian shook themselves awake, floating around the backyard as they thought about what they should do... and what Emma shouldn't. Emma... not the brightest crayon in the knife shed.

    "So, uh... where's everyone? I'm tired of being the first one here in the morning all the time..."
  4. "You are not the one here first all the time Ms. Fyst. You just got out of bed by the looks of it." Sarah smirked as she walked out her special room in the basement meeting room. It is where she keeps some of her more dangerous things. Like her poison collection. She did not want any of the newbies to get ahold of them, unless she was there to make sure they did not kill themselves or others.

    Umbre walked down the hall she had gotten something for breakfast. After morning run was over. She came upon a newbie who looked lost and needed help. Umbre walked up "Um! Umbreon!" Umbre hoped the human would follow her to the basement where everyone is.

    "Besides I have been here since my morning run." Sarah loved to poke at the gauntlet wearing girl of the group. Sarah smirked at the messy hair.
  5. Rolen looked down to the Umbreon.

    “Greetings. Could you direct me to the basement?”

    The wizard took a look at the Umbreon, as he hadn’t seen this Pokémon very often before. Faze wiggled slightly in Rolen’s arms.
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  6. Azumi laughed a bit when she saw Emma. "Thank you, I felt like silver today. I guess I was right. I'm sure the newbies will be here soon. I wouldn't be surprised if one got lost."
    She wasn't surprised to see Sarah had arrived before time. At first it was odd how she would appear out of nowhere, but Azumi had gotten used to it. "Good morning Sarah. I wonder if you sleep sometimes you know? You're always up before everyone else."
  7. "Yeah I get that a lot. I do sleep, but in my line of work you have to stay on your toes or else you get the-" With that she pulled out a small dagger from her corset and ran a line in the air indicated what they would do to her. "Beside have to have my morning run." Sarah sat in the chair to the left Azumi.

    Umbre noded and headed down the left hallway and down a flight of stairs. She waited at the top of the stairs for the boy to follow.
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  8. “Hey, thanks!”

    Rolen smiled. He followed the Umbreon to the stairs, his cream wizard’s robe swishing around his legs as he walked. Faze always kept its head turned towards the Umbreon, and you would say it was keeping an eye on the Eeveelution if the Abra’s eyes weren’t closed. Rolen began to descend, and then found himself in... the basement. He saw that three members were already there, and hesitated for a moment, trying to decide between a bow or a wave. He decided on a slight bow, and then walked over to the table. He was not sure if there were assigned seats, so he stood for now.
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  9. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella woke up to the shouting. Her two Pokemon, Sola and Luna, both looked grumpy at the awakening. Stella sighed, got out of bed, got dressed, and exited the room, her two loyal Eevelutions behind her. She carried her staff, using it like you would a walking stick, and found the basement. "Luna, Sola," she ordered gently, "find the meeting room." The Espeon and Umbreon nodded and went to find the room in question. After a little bit, Luna barked to alert Stella that she had found the room. She smiled and gracefully walked into the meeting room, Sola and Luna behind her at either side.
  10. "Right, it makes sense." Azumi replied to Sarah. She watched with a serious look as the two mages walked in. "Go ahead and take a sit, anywhere." She pointed at the beverages. "Coffee? Juice? Don't be shy, Emma looks mean but she is a sweetheart."
    She waited for everyone to get comfortable. She then stood up and cleared her throat. "Well now, I'm glad to announce we had TWO new mages join our guild." She looked at the two mages. "Please, if you could both give a quick introduction. Names and where you are from."
    She waited patiently for the two to give their introductions. Afterwards, she continued. "Now since you're both new, you will be now as rain drops until we considered you to be a Stormbreaker. We have Emma here, who will help you with your training in the mornings and Sarah on my left, who will assist you in settling in. We start the day by morning training until lunch. By then I should have received any quest and will assign them. Any questions so far?"
  11. “Rolen Nailoen, Apprentice Wiz- ah, Wizard. Still not used to that. My home is out in the country, but I’ve been living here in Winchester for a few years, as part of my apprenticeship.”

    The wizard fidgeted slightly. There was a small pop as Faze dissapeared from his arms. Even though he was nervous already, and slightly worried by Faze’s teleportation, he nodded to Emma and Sarah as they were introduced. He tried to think of any questions that he had that wouldn’t seem stupid.
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  12. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella rose from her seat to give a formal introduction. "I am Stella Magrian, daughter of High Mage Rodrek and Mage Merdia. I came from Wildwort Mage's Guild, but left due to some, issues with the other members. I do not wish to discuss of such problems. My two Pokemon are named Sola and Luna." She sat down afterward to listen to the rest of the speech. She had one question though, "Do you have a library, and if so where?"
  13. She glanced at both of the new mages, squinting at them. She then whipped her head to Azumi after the sweetheart comment, glaring at her.

    "HEY! I am a strong independent woman, and I am FIERCE! Not a sweethea- I get to train them? Oh, you're the best, Azumi! I'm going to love them and hug them and probably beat them to a pulp but still! Thank you thank you THANK you!"

    She jumped up and hugged Azumi... yes with the gauntlets still on, lifting her out of her seat. She squeezed her as she swung her back and forth.
  14. Azumi allowed for Emma to hug her, she was not going to argue with her. She then released herself and fixed her posture. "Regarding the library, I do apologise we do not have one. But, I will make one for you as soon as possible. We just weren't ready for a mage in our guild so soon, let alone two." She then looked around to see if there were any more questions. "Well, let's start the day. Breakfast should be served in the dinning room. I'm really excited to have two mages and I hope you two can learn from us and we can learn from you. Everyone is dismissed." She smiled, took a small bow and sat down. She whispered to Sarah. "How was I? Too formal? Too simple?" She bit her lip. "Maybe I should've asked some personal questions."
  15. Sarah smirked at messy haired girl. "Other then giving the over grown child the permission to train the rain drops you done a fine job." Sarah then turned towards the newbies. "As you already know my name is Sarah. Though when we are out on a mission I prefered to be called Red Rose. The only people who knoe my real name are in this very room. Now if you follow me I will show you guys around the place and answer any other questions you may have." Umbre had moved down to the meeting room as quietly as her partner had. She had perched herself on the floor beside Sarah.
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  16. She stood up, walking over to the two newbies and smacking their backs. She laughed as she began leaving the meeting room, but not before blurting out some stuff.

    "Yeah, I'm Emma, don't care what you call me unlike sneaky there. You let her guide you around a bit... I'll save you two a spot at breakfast! Then, the real fun begins... don't worry... I'll go easy on you, no gauntlets!"

    She laughed again as she whistled for her Pokemon. By the time they reached the dining hall, Pack and Brian had met up with her. She tore into her food like a savage animal. She even tossed a bit of meat to her Pokemon. Pack gladly obliged to this, but Brian turned their head away at the thought of eating that.
  17. Rolen nodded.

    "Nice to meet you all, and thank you for allowing me to join the guild."

    He was kind of surprised by Emma's behavior, and immediately began thinking of potential ways to avoid being hugged. Training sounded fun, but hugs? He'd rather pass. He almost fell over when Emma smacked him on the back, and struggled to steady himself. He turned to Sarah, who had offered to show them around.

    "I am ready."
  18. Azumi walked over to the dinner. Nana was there happily eating some fruit, while Anakin just sat next to her with his eyes closed. She sat next to them and served herself some fruit. "Good morning Nana, you look happy today."
    Nana smiled.
    "Today we need to work on your telepathy and Anakin you might have to help train the new Pokemon." Azumi explained as she ate. "Nana, you're going to have to get to know the rain drops in order to use your telepathy with them."
    Nana shook her bead.
    "It's not a question young lady, it's a must." Azumi responded. "You know communication is crucial to our missions."
    Nana just sighed and continued to eat.
  19. Cecil took his first, chill breath of the morning air. The fire mouse slowly got off of the pile of fine straw and nodded for a brief moment. The little Pokémon made his way towards the small, wooden table composed of a few branches as legs and a thin slab of wood for the main platform. The Cyndaquil carefully wore on his fern green robe soon after. The little mouse softly pulled on the head covering towards his snout, which allowed the leafy fibers to conceal his head from behind. The frontal area of his face was also partially concealed. He utilized his soft steps to make his way towards the leafy bag. Once the fire mouse arrived near the doorway, he picked up the small container with a tight grip on the wooden handle.

    "Okay, looks like I got everything. Red one if I'm hurt, green one if I want to make someone sick, yellow one if I want to do that thing, and the black one if all else fails I guess. I also have a few of these round blue things in case if my stomach tells me something," Cecil thought, before he walked outside the tiny wooden hut.

    The little Pokémon strolled through the shallow area of the forest. The blurry bushes and trees laden with an assortment of berries had not captured the Cyndaquil's heed at the moment. The fire mouse silently walked past the modest trees for a brief moment.

    "Ah, such a big one they got. Luckily there's an easy way for going in and out. Just gotta blend in with the others I guess. If anyone comes over that can hear me, I'll just give them that classical excuse. Surely they'll believe someone that's as cute and tiny as me," Cecil added in his mind, before he strode towards the direct path of Winchester.
  20. About halfway through her plate, she noticed Azumi sitting across the way, and picked up her large plate and placed it down across from Azumi. She, Pack, and Brian all sat down in front of her, chowing away. Doesn't stop her from talking to her, though.

    "So, uh... the newbies... I'm glad that you're having me train them, but, uh... mages? How in the blue hell am I going to train those guys with their magic sticks and books if I can barely read? Not testing your judgment or anything, it's just... oh. Ooooooh I get why now... I've been trying to think about that for the past twenty minutes, but now I got it!"

    She continued scarfing down her food, when Brian looked to Nana. Using telepathy, she communicated with Nana.

    "Have you ever gotten that feeling of déjà vu? Because I swear I saw her do this at least nine times at breakfast last week. And there's only seven breakfasts in a week."
  21. Azumi laughed at Emma's behavior. "I'm sure you did figure it out. No need to worry about questioning me, I'm still new at this. We don't get rain drops everyday." She finished eating her food and took a zip from her juice. "But just in case, mages are powerful from afar, but they are useless in close combat. I need them to know the basics and be in good physical health. You never know when they might need it. By the way, have you seen Tyler? Someone needs to tell him food is ready or he won't come eat. Can you please let him know when you're finished?"

    Nana giggled and responded with her telepathy while eating. "Maybe you've had dreams about it. Did you meet the new Pokemon yet? Are they scary?"
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  22. Emma took her plate and poured the rest of her food into her mouth. With her cheeks bulging with food, she nodded and ran off to the boys hallway. She kicked open Tyler's door and threw a plate at him. She then closed his door, walking to her own room and actually getting dressed for training the drops. She removed her pajamas and put on a black skirt and some iron greaves. She threw on some steel plate, and a long-sleeved coat over it. She fixed her hair into two large ponytails, and began marching back down to the dining room.

    In her absence, Brian conversed more with Nana. It was nice talking to someone who could actually think for themselves.

    "I've only observed them from afar. I can easily tell that they won't cause any issues for us. We simply must take care when speaking with them, however. One false word and they could easily turn. But listen to me, already thinking about a revolt. I need a break... growing weary..."
  23. Tyler sighed at the broken plate shards that lay around him. Jeez that girl can have problems, he thought. “ Probably the darn newbies” he said as he picked up the plate shards. “ Stressing her out.” Jerry, the Blaziken knelt down to help Tyler clean up. Octo-Bug was fast asleep by the extremely hot forge, keeping warm. Tyler stopped cleaning and staring at his sleeping Gavantula.

    Memories came rushing back to him of his father and Gavantula. His father standing there with a large broad sword and Octo-Bug, also battle ready.

    Tyler sat beside Octo-Bug, gently petting him. But battling is all his fathers Pokémon wanted to do. Battle. And Battle. And battle some more.

    Suddenly, and idea struck him.

    He gently woke up Octo-Bug, and motioned the Pokémon to follow him. “Jerry, keep watch okay?” Tyler said. Jerry nodded and stood up straight. Tyler and Gavantula then walked around until they found the people Tyler needed to talk to.
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  24. Cecil carefully observed a slender gray figure in the distance. He carefully made his way towards the gate in the best discreet manner he could.

    "Hey, have you seen any strange Pokémon around here?" A man inquired to the passerbys.

    "No, and are they bad? You seem like you're after them or something," A little girl replied.

    "Well, I've been hearing about a Pokémon that stole something from a blacksmith last night. We don't know what it is, but I have a feeling that this could be the work from that god awful king over there. Tell me or the other guards if you see anything suspicious alright?" The man stated, before he lightly tapped his chestplate primarily composed of a heavy mixture of iron and silver.

    The Cyndaquil scampered past the knight after he took in the brief chatter. The little Pokémon emitted a light sigh of relief when the dense exchange of words became fainter and fainter by the meter. The fire mouse crept towards a small building and hid under the eaves of the light gray building primarily composed of clay bricks. The tiny mouse took a brief rest and gave a quick check on the potions in his leafy bag he placed down.
  25. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella took the hit in the back negitivly. She also didn't like the idea of this person teaching her. It was wrong, so wrong. She was a mage, someone adept in magic. Getting close was not how she fought. She looked at Serah and nodded. "I am ready. Please get along with the tour." Sola trotted next to her owner while Luna shuffled over.
  26. "Well as you know this the meeting room." Sarah walked over to the door she had emerged from before the meeting. The door was well hidden from view. Sarah opened the door and showed them what was inside. "This is where you will find me when you need me. This is my work room. It is where I keep my more dangerous supplies." Sarah closed the door and walked up the stairs. Umbre followed behind her. Sarah took her time to show them every place of interest around the guild. When she finished the tour they were in the dining hall. "If you guys need anything then please come find me. I will be glad to answer any of your questions."
  27. As Tyler was walking around trying to find Emma, he wound up in the dining room and discovered that Sarah and a newbie were taking a tour. Great! He thought. This is my chance! Tyler rushed over to Sarah and began to ask her the question that was on his mind.

    “ Hey Sarah, I noticed that you are also training some of the newbies, and wanted to ask you a little favor.” He stopped for a moment to try to sound more convincing. “My Gavantula does not like my work at all. Octo-Bug only wants to fight, and his bored out of his mind watching me make weapons. So, I think that he would have a much better time beating up- I mean, training the newbies. Plus, Octo-Bug likes to strike from a distance, similar to mages, which at the moment seem to be the only ones we got.”

    A few seconds after he also added in saying, “ and I’ll also make you a sword! A beautiful sword however you want it!”

    He stopped talking and hoped for the sake of his fathers Pokémon that he had convinced Sarah.
  28. She made it back to the dining hall, spotting the newbies. She walked up behind them and ruffled their hair a bit.

    "Good to see that you two have gotten used to this place already! Go and get your food and I'll tell you about our training regimen. That's not a request either, so let's get moving! Your body won't work without a sufficient amount of meat!"

    She sat down in the chair she was in before, and she punched Tyler in the arm. Not happy about him being late... again.

    "Good morning, hole dweller. Those two are MY trainees, and I'll be taking care of them on my own, thank you. You're also welcome for the wake up call. It'd be a good idea for you to get food, since you tend to skip breakfast."

    She pulled out a flask from her satchel, and drank from it. She always had a swing every morning. Makes her 'pack a punch' she always said. Probably just another excuse to get a drink. But hey, if it means she'll be hitting harder, shouldn't object to it.
  29. Rolen nodded as he tried to cement all the important details into his head.

    “Thank you.”

    Rolen was surprised as Emma walked up behind him and ruffled his hair, not an inconsiderable feat if you take into an account that he was almost a foot taller than her. He wasn’t sure what to think of this person who had not been at the meeting. He sat down in accordance with her order, and began to help himself to some food.
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  30. Tyler held his arm on where Emma punched him. Jeez, there’s something wrong with her, he thought. But her comments on him, flared him up a bit. Maybe this is what Dad felt like before....before.....he died.............

    He suddenly felt charged up and ready to take her on. He suddenly found himself yelling at Emma. “ Look Emma, if I don’t take care of Gavantula I will never, mean NEVER, do my dead father proud. But you don’t care ! Nobody cares about Tyler Bolt! I just make everybody's weapons and then I disappear back to my forge!” He found himself sweating, and found Octo-Bug right next to him. “Look.” He said as he motioned to Gavantula “ This is everything that he had left. He died right there in battle, and I will not rest until my father and everything that he had is well taking care of.”

    Tyler began to form tears in his eyes. “And I can’t....make this Pokémon get used to me, he has no interest in anything I do. So all I’m asking, is for you to just use him for a while, because your a warrior and everything, cause the only thing Octo-Bug knows what to do his fight.”

    Tyler then knelt down to Gavantula, and said in a voice so quiet that the others couldn’t hear, “ I want you to stay with her for a while, okay? She fights, so you’ll have something to do...”

    Tyler then stood up, grabbed an apple from a nearby basket, then walked silently back to his forge and released Jerry from his confinement, and started making a shield for whoever wanted one.

    On the outside of his room there was a sign that read, DO NOT DISTURB. And from outside the walls you can here the banging of a hammer, and Tyler quietly mourning his deceased dad.
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  31. Azumi got up as she finished her meal. That's when Sarah arrived with the rain drops. Azumi noticed Stella's expression of discomfort. She walked up to her and smiled. "Stella, if you need something, don't be afraid to speak up. We want to make sure you're as comfortable as possible. Now excuse me, I need to go prepare for training." She was about to leave when Tyler exploded. "I'm sorry about that, I assure you this isn't normal behavior here." She said to Stella and Rolen. "Sarah if you could please help Emma with the training..." She got close and whispered to her. "I don't want Emma hurting them." She bowed to excuse herself and left.

    She walked over to Tyler's room and knocked on the door. "Tyler. I need to speak to you."

    Nana was a little shocked of the scene that just happened before her. Anakin pushed her chin up so she could close her mouth.
  32. "Drama queen... hey, bug, I'm not using you to train these two. It's not part of the regimen. Go back to him, now. His sob stories don't interest me and never have, because he only has one. Sure, rarely comes out, but still doesn't mean it's irritating. My parents are dead, do you see me having a breakdown? Anyways, don't worry Sarah... I'm not going to hurt 'em... I know when to stop a sparring match. If anything they'll send me to my special zone of confusion. And I'm not using the gauntlets, so it'll be fine, what's a little fist to bone?"

    She shooed away Octo-Bug, holding out the flask to Rolen, offering him a drink. She gestured for Stella and Sarah to sit, setting her feet on the table.

    "Now, your training for now will be designed to toughen you up some, since you magic types are pretty soft. And... I wanted to do it alone, but Sarah will be useful for accuracy training. We'll get into combat with your Pokemon at a later date, you won't always be able to rely on them."
  33. Rolen just shrugged about the whole memories-of-my-dad thing. He wasn’t involved anyway. He refused the offer of the flask, but continued to eat regular food. At the mention of sparring, Rolen groaned internally and began trying to think of strategies that might help him. He would probably face to rely on the blind-then-strike technique.
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  34. Tyler sighed to himself, and soon after Jerry did the same, except when he did it, a little flame came out of his nostrils. “ Do you people know how to read? I put up a sign that freakin’ says, DO NOT DISTURB, and what do you do?! You disturb!”

    He began to pound on shield some more, but the metal was cooling. “ Jerry, use flamethrower, and make it bout’ eh, 500 degrees.” Jerry then used flamethrower on the shield, and the metal began to glow a bright orange. “ Atta boy Jerry” Tyler said.

    “ Oh, and Azumi, before you come in and disturb me some more, I would like to tell you that Jerry has melted the hinges, AND barricaded the door, so good luck getting in. Now do you want to disturb me some more, or would you like to disturb, and while your disturbing me, I wham on this shield even louder so I can’t hear you? You decide.
  35. "Oh a barricaded door?" Azumi said. She took a step back, took a deep breath breath and kicked the door open. She stepped in with a serious look on her face. "I might not be a strong as Emma, but a swordman always has strength as one of her attributes." She placed her hands on her hips. "Now. First of all, you do not talk that way to your Guild Leader. Second, you do not behave, like you did in the dinning room, in front of rain drops. Third, I understand you are still hurt from what happened to your father, but making someone else train his Pokemon is not what you should be doing. What you should be doing, is leaving up to his legacy and train it yourself. So stop mourning his death and do something he would be proud of." She turned around and looked at the door. "Also make sure to fix the door by the end of the day." She walked out.

    Azumi hated to be like that, but it was part of her duty. Sometimes being harsh and direct was the only way to get through to some people. She just hoped Tyler understood. She made her way to the backyard.
    The sun had risen and a cool fall breeze was felt. She looked around. The field stretched far and wide. Some holes and shattered boulders could be seen scattered around due to previous training sessions. She looked at a shattered boulder. "I really hope Emma doesn't hurt one of my rain drops." She said quietly.
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  36. Sarah was about to respond to what Tyler was saying, when she was interrupted by Emma. She would have made a witty comment about taking the sword anyway, but decided to let this play out. She stayed calm and collected. She wanted all of the facts.

    When Emma shooed away Octo-Bug Sarah stopped the spider like pokemon. "Octo-Bug stay with me if you want to learn how to be useful. In fact you would make a great addition to spying side of this guild. You know how to battle from Tyler's father which would come in handy when dealing with being spotted while on a mission. So if you want to I can show you how to use your talents to work with everyone." Sarah turned to the table and sat down. "That is no way to be towards someone who asked a favor of you. You could have been a bit nicer."
  37. Emma shrugged, putting the flask away. She looked back to Sarah and pat her pretty little head.

    "I could have, most definitely, but I'm not exactly one for niceties. Azumi probably went to give him a good scolding for his behavior anyways. You need a training sword for the spar later, Sarah? I think I have one in my pack still... not sure why. Also, like I've said several times, not going to be trying to hurt you, just toughen you. Hurting is a side effect of growth. Someone else can help you with getting better with that magic... stuff. I'll be waiting for you guys in the backyard."

    She stood up, stretched and made her way to the backyard with Pack and Brian. Still somewhat quick, even with all of that metal on her. Then again, she's not wearing her heaviest armor. She made it to the backyard, and decided to get at least one good punch in today. She walked up to a stray boulder, putting her ear up to it. She nodded and smiled.

    "Don't worry about me! Just getting my own training in really quickly!"

    She pounded her fists together, giving an angry grunt as she shattered the boulder into pieces with an electrified strike. She looked at her hand in awe, she'd never gotten one in one blow before. She turned to Azumi and scratched the back of her head with a nervous smile.

    "...Okay, maybe I should ease up a liiiiittle more on the drops... didn't realize I was still getting tougher..."
  38. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Stella sat down to eat, ignoring Tyler screaming. She scoffed at the blacksmith behavior. Who would start a temper tantrum due to the fact someone did not want to train your Pokemon? Someone stupid, that is who. She leaned her staff against the table, making sure it stood upright, and feed her two faithful Pokemon. Luna looked uncomfortable, which made Stella give a sad smile and say, "Me too girl, me too." as she petted the Umbreon. Sola glared at Tyler as he left. Once he did, the Espeon 'hmpted' and sat down with her nose held high.

    She internally groaned at the training. She couldn't use a sword, such weapons were against her magic skills! As a mage, she was trained to rely on her powerful spells to attack, only using some spells to distract or blind. She glared at Emma as her grip tightened on her fork. "Um, what do you mean by 'toughen me up'? This is something I would like to know. I mean, I was taught a specific way. Mages are supposed to be glass cannons." However, the brawler was gone before she could say anything. Stella gritted her teeth and forced a smile. "Welp, I'm dead. I'm dead as a dead mage that was forced to take tons of hits. No one can save me."
  39. Rolen wrapped up his meal. It had been surprisingly good, and he was feeling slightly more good-natured. He got up, pushed his chair in, and headed for the door to the back yard, but hesitated and walked back to his room. When he walked in, there was Faze hozering above his pillow, sleeping as usual. He quickly pulled off his Wizard’s garb and changed to a simpler outfit of an off-white, smock-like shirt, a pair of brownish pants and a belt tying it all together.

    He quickly re-emerged, now ready to train. He left his Pokémon there, since Emma had said they would not need their Pokémon for these training sessions. He stepped out into the backyard, still worrying about sparring with his new ‘teacher’. Even though he was a good bit taller than the warrior, he could tell from the smack on the back he had recieved earlier that he would be no match in a competition of strength.
  40. "Do not worry Stella, I will make sure that the meathead does not go too hard on you. Learning a bit of hand to hand combat could help you if an enemy gets to close. Think of it as self defense training. Besides I won't let that over grown child treat you like punching bags. You know you can get the uper hand in the battle if you outsmart her. She is an up close fighter. Keep the distance and send spells after her from afar." Sarah smirked at the thought of Emma put in her place by a well trained mage. She hoped Stella was well versed in spells. "When you guys are done eating I will take you guys to training grounds. You guys might want to change into a more moveable outfit. If you don't have anything Stella I can see what I have in my room."

    Amra had taken her time getting to the Storm Breakers guild. She had been on edge. She always looked over her shoulder. She hated the feeling she was being followed. She did finally make it to the front of the guild. She road around back to see if there was a stable for Flare her shiny Rapidash. What she found was not a stable but a girl who punched a boulder in one go. Well that was a lot of power. Amra dismounted and walked up to the girl who looked to be in charge of the place. She spoke to Azumi. "Greetings. My name is Amra. I am one of the new recruits for the guild. I am sorry I am late, I had to take care of some business at home before I could make the trip here."
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