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In the UK from next month you'll be able to catch the adventures of Ash & Pikachu as they travel across the Sinnoh and Unova regions for free (if you have a TV License...) through the BBC's iPlayer.

From the 2nd August, the entire dubbed Diamond & Pearl arc, consisting of 189 episodes, will be exclusively available for streaming in the UK via the iPlayer. Later this autumn, the 142 episodes of the Black & White arc will also be added on a non-exclusive basis. An undisclosed number of movies from these two Generations will also be added to the service over the coming months.

This is the first time the Pokémon series (although some of the movies have been aired on BBC channels previously) has appeared anywhere on the BBC network.

Famously, the series launched in 1999 on rival commercial channel, ITV, and at the peak of Pokémon's early popularity was a central part of family entertainment program,...
UK_ A free content update is coming to New Pokémon Snap! 1-55 screenshot.png
Several new areas and features are coming to New Pokémon Snap for free next week on the 3rd August.

Three new areas, all with Day and Night variants, are being added to the game, alongside 20 new Pokémon to discover within them. Each area need to be unlocked in some fashion, though it's unclear what conditions they require yet.

Secret Side Path


This area is actually within the Florio Island Nature park that you explore at the beginning of the game, but this time your NEO-ONE is shrunk down so your adventure takes on an incredibly different perspective.

Mightywide River


This new area on Belusylva Island explores a large river flowing through a rugged valley....

Just one week after it launched on the Nintendo Switch, Pokémon Unite is adding its first additional Pokémon character: Gardevoir.

Prior to release, it was announced that Blastoise and Gardevoir (both previously available in the mobile beta test) would be the first of what's likely to be many additional characters added to Unite. Surprisingly, Blastoise is not the first, but we don't expect it to be too far behind.

Datamining from the Japanese Network Test on the Nintendo Switch version of the game back in June indicated that Chansey/Blissey will also be joining the roster. This seems to have been backed up by a more recent datamine that included Blissey's moveset.

Similarly, from datamining and the previous test data, we know that Gardevoir - a ranged Attacker type - will include its Ralts and Kirlia forms and will have a particularly strong Offense stat, but not great Endurance, Mobility or Support (although any of this data might...

An exclusive report by Variety has suggested that Netflix are currently developing a new live action Pokémon series. Helmed by Joe Henderson - Lucifer's co-showrunner and executive producer (who is currently working on the final episodes of that series for Netflix) - the project is currently in "early development".

Although this series would be live action and potentially even use the same visual style as 2019's Detective Pikachu movie, it seems unlikely that there'd be any direct connection between the two as there's no sign that the movie's studio, Legendary Pictures, are either involved or interested in continuing with the Pokémon license after Detective Pikachu's somewhat muted success.

It wouldn't be entirely surprising for Netflix to sign this project, however. The company recently announced a major push towards making and...
Pokémon Unite is now live on the Nintendo Switch! Get out there and beat up some Pokémon. As previously mentioned, this game is free-to-start but also includes in-game purchases.

To commemorate the launch of the game, a new trailer has also been released. Check it out:

Once you’ve registered your Trainer name and played through the introductory tutorials, head over to your Mail (found by clicking the X button on the hub screen and navigating the menu list) to claim your free Zeraora license.

5E56D24D-0C4C-4824-B537-3C3D612C4325.jpeg 86D07654-6D4B-4831-9DA6-9816A1BF1989.jpeg

Remember that you’ll need to have registered your Switch account by August 31st, 2021, to receive Zeraora. The mobile version promotion will be announced at a later time.

If you’re playing Unite today, we hope that you enjoy it! Feel free to share your Trainer IDs in the comments if you’d like others to friend you, too.
The official release date for the upcoming free-to-start Pokémon team battler, Pokémon Unite, has finally been announced. The Pokémon Company International and TiMi Studio Group confirmed today that it’ll be launching on Nintendo Switch for July 21st - a little under a week from now.

As an extra bonus, anyone who downloads and logs into the Switch version by August 31st, 2021, will unlock Zeraora as a playable Pokémon. There’s currently no word on how you’d obtain Zeraora after this date but presumably you’d need to pay for it.

A new trailer has been shared that showcases Unite’s gameplay, character and Pokémon customization, and Zeraora in battle. Check it out!...
Pokemon unite launch lineup.png
The release date for Pokémon Unite has now been officially confirmed thanks to a new trailer.

The trailer confirms that the game will be released for Nintendo Switch first in July (the exact date is unknown), with an Android and iOS release following in September. It also shows some of the costumes that your Pokémon will be able to wear.

Read on for more!

The first original track from the upcoming Pokémon25 album has finally been released. The song, Electric, stars Katy Perry and her own companion Pokémon, Pikachu, "falling into reverie" (that's magically going back in time to you and me) and encountering a pivotal point in Katy's career where she and her then-Pichu are inspired into performing at one of her earliest gigs.

Like Post Malone, who held a 'digital concert' on Pokémon Day itself and will also be contributing to the Pokémon25 Album, Katy Perry was a young Pokémon fan herself when the original Gameboy games launched here in the West over 20 years ago.

“When I visited the Pokémon Café while touring Japan, I got so nostalgic. It took me back to my junior high years. So when I got the call to be a part of the 25th anniversary celebration alongside Post Malone and J Balvin, I was elated,” says Katy Perry. “The song’s themes – resilience, igniting your inner light – have...

New Pokémon Snap is now out worldwide!

A lot of us here at Pokecharms are already getting fully stuck into exploring the Lental Region and cataloging its inhabitants and we're eager to see how you guys are getting on too.

Share any of your photos from your journey below, or if you want you can post them directly to your Twitter account from your switch and tag us @Pokecharms in the message and we'll share them there too!

Here's a few from the team here to get started!


22 years after the release of the N64 original, New Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo Switch finally launches tomorrow (or unlocking at your local time’s midnight if you’ve pre-ordered on the eShop).

The game sees you traveling throughout 8 new locations in the Lental Region in the auto-driving ‘NEO-ONE’ car on what’s basically a Pokémon Safari. There are over 200 Pokémon - a number of them with lots of different formes to see in action, such as Vivillion and Sawsbuck - to collect photos of in your Pokémon Photodex.

While the entire game is basically a photo mode itself, much like other games’ photo modes you’ll also have the option to edit, adjust and customise some of the shots you take and share them straight from your Switch to social media or to your phone using the Nintendo Switch Online app.

In celebration of the game’s launch, Pokémon Go is also running a special...