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Open Pokè trainer academy! (Can have romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Ruby sees him and says " no I'm fine someone mess with my alarm and I woke up to early for school " shadow jumps down and walks torwad him couries to who he is. Ruby says to umberon"it's fine he seems nice"
  2. Stevie said wile laughing "haha thats real fun but irritating at the same time im Steven by the way but call me Steven" while talking to the girl litten purred at the umbreon and walked to the umbreon "litten stop that" but litten didnt listen
  3. while following the noise to the city William saw three other people in a group helping an injured a aipom william the ran back to the lab
  4. Ruby says" I'm ruby nice to meet you Steven also shadow be careful with litten pls" shadow nods yes and starts to play with litten. Ruby jumps down from the tree And says " what Pokémon do you like"
  5. Winter saw that Stevie was busy so she returned Flare and Draco to their Luxury Balls and decided to go train her Pokemon in the park when arriving at the park she sent all four of her Pokemon out for them to start their training well except Flare the shiny ninetales just liked to relax next to her trainer so while Draco,Siren and Snowdrop were batteling each other Draco got to carried away and ended up using Draco Meteor in a blink of an eye there were explosions everywhere and Winter couldn't do anything about it except scream
  6. while searching for scrap metal in the lab the power goes out leaving William in complete darkness
  7. A sither goes down Ruby's spine . Turns around to see frost her glaceion out then she said " come one you couldn't wait a bit longer frost" ruby turns to Steven I'm sorry I got to go home to feed my Pokémon if yours are hungry you can come alone". Ruby starts to walk home
  8. while william was trying to find a light source he heard a voice saying "are you sure the disc is here boss" and he heard another voice reply "yes!! find it and return it to home base" william said "what the..." while trying to find the source of the voice.
  9. Anim appeared out of no where from a Distored portal. "Thanks dad" Anim said to Giritina. Anim ran towards the crowd of people, hiding on the dead tree near the lake of the guardians. Anim couldn't believe his eyes. Anim started to tear up a little on all the anger passing around. Anim tried to calm down, but instead caused a loud boom sound that warned everyone he was there. Anim's green flames started to roar louder, and they grow bigger.
  10. Ruby saw the flames and started,to run towards then. When she got there she saw anim and said" calm down before you start a fire"
  11. william then reaches the out side of the lab only to see a green fire spreading in to the building.
  12. Ruby sends out vaporeion and says" go to all the surndi g area and put out the fire!" Vaporeoin nobs yes and ranks away.
  13. Winter coughed a but sense there was dust and smoke everywhere she then again touched her neck waiting to feel her necklace but instead felt nothing but her skin she then remembered how Stevie broke her necklace which made her tear again sh ich made her four Pokemon all go to her and nuzzle their trainer but this time nothing could soothe her anger and sadness
  14. Zack was retourning to home, policemans was here.
    Zack:"W-whats goin on here???"
    Policeman: "You are Zack Windmill, Son of Crema Windmill, Rigth?"
    Policeman:"the Alakazamite of your mom was stealed, Alakazam is passed out. is now in a pokemon center."
    Zack started to walk to a pokemon center,to see if Alakazam is ok.(srry for my eng)
  15. Ruby grabs I'll here Pokémon balls tans uleaches here Pokémon and gives and says" all of yo try help vaporeion put the fire out b, but shadow stay with me" all her Pokémon run and help vaporeion, but umberion. Ruby tarted to walks through the fire. Ruby sees and Anim and says" what's wrong anim "
  16. Zack, after a talk whit the nurse, understands that alakazam will be ok, Zack is very worried, his mom is trainer that for make money, she do battles in tournaments, and Alakazam is the strongest on her team, now he dont have the megastone and is k.o
  17. Stevie got home and saw a pokemon at his home a feraligatr he said (pokemon language) "why did you left me behind?" Stevie said with an akward smile"h-hey feraligatr long time no see huh?" Feraligatr knew of Winter and grabbed Stevie and Litten and jumped out of the house and jumped in the smoke graved winter and their pokemon and jumped back to Stevie's house sat down "uhh feraligatr you want us to talk this out or something?" Feraligatr nodded and waited till one of them said something.
  18. while the fire stopped spreading William said "i need to know what these people are looking for" and headed into town.
  19. Zack was in the park, training Dan (his dewott) his Elettra(Emolga) and Luckey(his shiny Heracross).
    Zack:"Really...Dan...i know... you evolved a week ago...but if you just continue whit one-shell stile, when you will be a samurott you will be weak...sigh...a battle will help you...but i dont know any good trainer here..." (srry for my eng)
  20. Winter wiped her tears away knowing crying won't help so she stood up and smiled at her Pokemon she then squinted her eyes and saw Zack which made a evil smile appear on her face she quietly walked to him until she was behind him and jumped on his back her Pokemon followed their trainer and greeted Zack's Pokemon
  21. William after heading into the city heard people talking in an alley way saying "don't worry boss i have it here" William the said "what in the world are you people up to" and followed them
  22. While Stevie was home feraligatr kept rekking him "jeez feraligatr in sorry i left you on alola what you want?" Feraligatr then pointed to a Winter outside and pointed at a necklace with super rare gems his grandma gave him before she died"no no no feraligatr im not gonna give her that....well fine gimme that thing" Stevie then headed outside searching for Winter
  23. Winter smiled at Zack then waved goodbye she then returned all her Pokemon except Drake to their Luxury Balls she then proceeded to go to the forest near the city as Winter and Drake walked calmly into the forest it was calm and quite for a while until Winter and Drake heard a scream but not just any scream a Pokemon scream Winter quickly got on her Garchomps back and Drake zoomed through the forest the dragon type suddenly stopped and there lying on the ground was a hurt Litwick Winter got off Drake's back and picked up the candle Pokemon she then held it protectively in her arms she then got back on Drakes back and in no time they arrived in front of the Pokemon center Winter then again got off the dragons types back and ran in and quickly handed Litwick over to the nurse Winter then sat down on a chair next to her Garcjomp and sighed in fear of the tiny hurt Pokemon's health
  24. William lost the group of people but then William found a tape recorder William thought to himself "i better head back to town and ask around if people know about the suspicious group of people" and so William left for the city
  25. Stevie was stilk searching for Winter he tgen saw her in a pokemon center he got in waving at her "hey uh Winter i got a new necklace for you im very sorry because that guy with that badge controlled you and i stopped it by breaking your necklace so forgive me"
  26. while asking around if anyone knew about the suspicious group William entered the Pokemon center and asked "hey do you know about the suspicious group here or anything about them?".
  27. Winter looked at Stevie with sad eyes then said "You didn't need to get me a new necklace sense the one you broke can not be replaced either way now is not the time for such things" she then looked at the door where the tiny Litwick she had just rescued was recovering
  28. Zack was retourned in his home and started to sleep
    Zack:"Uff...poor Alakazam"
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    Zero the trainer: posts should be third person, past tense, story format (None of this script format nonsense) and at least a paragraph long. Read the rules. Next time I receive any reports of rule violations from you, there will be official system warnings.

    Same goes for you, Ruby<>Rose. Be more mindful of your grammar.
  30. Stevie didn't know what to do so he just asked"what is so special about the necklace?" He then looked at the room were the litwick was recovering "im just so sorry its just you where controlled and..." Stevie just shut up talking and sat next to Winter
  31. Winter knew she had to tell Stevie why that necklace was so special so she turned to face him and gave a slight smile "I'm actually quite happy that you were concerned of me but was destroying that necklace the only way?" winter asked she then gave a slight giggle then continued to speak "I might as well tell you why that necklace means so much to me, my father gave me that necklace before he left forever so thats pretty much my last memory of him" Winter then looked at Draco her Garchomp then smiled her usual smile "Well except Draco my dad gave me Draco when he was just a little Gibble" Winter then looked back at the Litwicks recovery room
  32. Stevie was suprised by what Winter said "i-i didn't know that well uhhh maybe..." Stevie couldn't think of anything when suddenly Litten scratches Stevie because he destroyd the necklace "ow ow ow stop litten jeez" he then again faced to Winter" care for a hug?" Stevie asked to make her feel more happy
  33. William walked out of the Pokemon center and looked around for anymore people he could ask he saw no one else to ask so returned to the lab and put the disk in a computer and turned it on.
  34. Winter smiled and wrapped her arms around the male trainers neck it honestly felt weird to Winter but at the same time she felt so safe so comfortable so instead of letting go she let herself hug Stevie she felt so comfortable that she softly rested her head on Stevie's chest her Garchomp who was sitting next to Winter then smiled seeing his trainer smile
  35. Stevie blushed a bit and asked "uhh do you wanna be my girlfriend? i mean you look so comfortable around me its just i like you much so...." Stevie looked at Winter kissed her head and looked at her with a bright smile​
  36. Winter giggled then said "I don't know you are the guy who broke my necklace" she then giggled "I'm kidding but I just can't suddenly be your girlfriend we should take it slow first okay?" Winter said but looked at Stevie with bright happy eyes she then leaned her head in closer she was so close that there was only a small gap in between her an Stevie
  37. Stevie knew she was right "yeah yeah your right...huh the pokemon recoverd!" As Stevie said the litwick was super happy Winter saved him/her he then flew out of the pokemon center "you can make all pokemon super happy everytime i like that" Stevie just bring his head closer and there was the tiniest gap in the world between them
  38. Winter smiled she then closed the gap between her and Stevie and kissed him and while kissing the male trainer she combed her fingers through his hair while her Garchomp looked away not wanting to see his trainer and another trainer kissing
  39. William then got the computer turned on then saw that it needed a password William was disappointed so he turned the computer off and went to sleep.
  40. Stevie closed his eyes he didn't know it felt so good kissing a girl they just sat there kissing but Stevie noticed other people are looking at them so he stopped kissing and said "uhh lets go somewhere else somewhere private" Stevie then grabbed Winter's hand 'lets go to my house" he then winked at her and gave a smile
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