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Open Pokè trainer academy! (Can have romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. William woke up to someone hitting the lab door so William sat there awake and in the corner staring at the door hoping nothing can get in the room
  2. Winter rolled her eyes and stood up and dragged Stevie outside while Drake was following close behind his trainer and the male "let's go to the forest instead I wanna catch some Pokemon" Winter said as she led Stevie and Drake to the forest
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  3. William after staring at the door for a while looks around for some kind of weapon and finds a broken knife William hits the knife with a piece of rock and straitens the knife and holds it in his hand and sits there.
  4. Stevie followed Winter"yeah i think me too i only got litten and feraligatr" as they arrived at the forest there was another trainer and the trainer saod to Winter:hey girl wanna ya know grab some food and uhh leave this weird guy behind" as the trainer trying to flirt with Winter Stevie just punched the guy in the face Stevie turned around "what i couldn't handle my self" the trainer then tried to punch Stevie and it became a war thing
  5. william after dozing off for a remembered the poke ball in his pocket knowing it was empty the got up and went into the forest thinking to himself "i'm going to go catch a pokemon".
  6. Winter grabbed Stevie by the ear and dragged him to another part of the forest "Stevie I could have perfectly handle that guy myself just because im a girl doesn't mean I'm a push over" Winter said with cold monotone voice while Drake was just enjoying the scenery of the forest
  7. "Ow ow ow i get it jeez i just get mad when weird people wanna do stupid things with my girl" as Stevie was talking to Winter litten heared something it was a simipour "its all yours Winter" said Stevie
  8. Winter smiled and said "No thanks I'm looking for certain Pokemon's" Winter said as her and Drake walked along the path looking for Pokemon until they saw a sneasel Winter snapped her fingers and Garchomp instantly lunged himself at the Pokemon and used Dragon Claw and the sneasel was down she then threw a Luxury ball at it and the ball wiggled for a bit until it stopped Winter picked it up and smiled she then walked back to Stevie and gave him a kiss on the cheek
  9. Stevie enjoyed the kiss on his cheek "heh.... thanks" Stevie then sent litten to the pokemon but litten didn't want to so feraligatr came out of the sky let the pokemon faint and searched for more "wow feraligatr... just wow..." thats the only thibg stevie could say
  10. william then saw a male and female trainer and said "hi i'm William"
  11. Winter turned her head and saw another male trainer Winter smiled then said "Hi William I'm Winter and this dragon over here is my little baby Draco" she then pointed to the huge Garchomp that was behind her making sure his beloved trainer was going to be safe
  12. Stevie turned around hearong someone "oh hey im Steven but you can call.me Stevie nice to meet ya" Stevie shaked Williams hand and asked if he had a pokemon
  13. william replied "hi cool garchomp you have there"
  14. william said "unfortunatly no i dont have a pokemon im looking for one right now"
  15. Winter grinned and instantly said "Hey William do you like dark type Pokemon and If you do you can have the Sneasel I recently caught" Winter then handed William the Luxury Ball while smiling kindly at him
  16. william replied "thanks" william then put the luxury ball in his pocket
  17. Stevie saw Winter handing over the pokeball to William he tought by himself:calm Stevie calm down nothing is gonna happen with them no couple nope they are not getting that along zen, "soo what are we gonna do now?" Stevie just stood there waiting for someone to response
  18. william replied "have you seen a suspicious group of people lately"
  19. "No no i haven't why?"as Stevie asked the question a onix came and knocked everybody over and feraligatr just grabbed the back of onix and threw him away
  20. Winter smacked Stevie on the head and said "its none of our business but even if it was we can talk about it in the city plus I'm getting hungry we can go to my house and I'll make some food" when Drake heard food he instantly Nuzzled Winter which made the girl giggle
  21. William then said "do you know a abandoned lab near the forest, i heard someone it it looking for this" as William said that he handed Stevie a disk.
  22. Winter rolled her eyes and walked away from the two boys deciding her and Drake should be heading home now Drake just followed his trainer out of the forest and into their house that was way to big
  23. Stevie take the disk "thanks? Well i gotta go with Winter see you later......so what are we eating im very hungry and i didn't know you could cook" said Stevie as they ran to Winter's home
  24. william then walked back to the lab with the Sneasel in it's pokeball and went to sleep
  25. Winter smiled when she saw Stevie "of coarse I can cook my mom hardly even comes home so I have to cook for myself" Winter said as she took out all her Pokemon she then walked into the kitchen preparing to make dinner for her,Stevie and their pokemon
  26. Stevie then grabbed his phone and his eyes widen "no no no no that cant be haplening dont say this is true.....ugh Winter my mom is asking if she can come here because that stupid feraligatr told her" Stevie knew this is going to be akward
  27. Winter smiled and said "its okay if your mom comes ove...." before Winter could finish her scentance the front door slammed open and in came strutting in was her mother and her mothers Pokemon Arcanine who's name was Blaze
  28. Stevie turned around seeing Winters mom and behind his mom (Stevie's mom) "loook my little boy already has a girlfriend isnt that cute" His mom was so happy but Stevie could only stare "mom she is not my girlfriend.....not yet" Stevie's mom looked at Winter and said "Steven how can you let her do everything and you being lazy....and you must be Steven's girlfriend how cute"
  29. Winter just blushed at Stevie's mothers comment Winters mother then examined Stevie "Winter darling who is this boy" Winters mother said with a French accent "Mother this is my boyfriend Stevie and Stevie meet my mother Wysteria Frost the all time famous model and designer" Winter said while rolling her eyes
  30. Stevie smiled a bit and said "nice to meet ya howya doing" Stevie then pet litten and waited till dinner was ready
  31. Winter went into the kitchen and started gathering the ingredients her mother then walked in and looked at her daughter "Winter I'll make dinner why don't you show your boyfriend around" Wysteria said to her daughter Winter smiled and went up to Stevie and hugged him
  32. Stevie hugged back "well are you gonna show.me around I wanna see more of your house" Stevie smiled at Winter and kissed her on the forehead
  33. Winter smiled and held Stevie's hand and led him around the house she first took Stevie upstairs and showed him around the different rooms until they stopped in front of their room Winter opened her rooms door and inside was a room fit for a princess
  34. Stevie looked around the room "wow nice room you got here really fits you" Stevie grabbed Winter and began kissing her while the mothers where talking and stuff Winter and Stevie were making some love
  35. Winter pushed Stevie off a glared at him "don't do that ever again without my consent" Winter said she then walked out of her room and down to the backyard playing with her pokemon
  36. "Jeez jeez alrighty then" Stevie wanted to turn around and saw his mother standig there with a not so happy face "Steven we need to talk" Stevie knew what this was going about
  37. Winter played with her moms Pokemon until she got tired so she went back in the house she then went into the kitchen where her mom was finished cooking dinner she then helped her mom set the food down at the dinner table
  38. Anim's flames began to grow louder and louder, bigger and bigger. His anger was taking over him, and it was destroying the land. Anim's eyes glowed red, his body turning more shadowy, causing smoke to cover the area. Anim started to transform into a Giritina like shape, growing wings as big as a poke center. Anim started burning cities around him, losing more control every second Pokemon attacked him, and tried to put out his flames, his life source. Anim blew green flames all over the pokemons trying to put his green flames out. Anim couldn't control himself anymore.
  39. Winter slipped out of the house sense Stevie and his mom were talking and her mom was making dessert so she decided to take a walk it was something that Winter loved to do she loved to walk around and stare at the sky while she was walking she couldn't help but think about the guy who gave her the badge "I wonder where he is I honestly wanna see him again" Winter whispered to herself she then continued to walk around her neighborhood
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  40. Yea, i cant rp, i give up, Bye XD
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