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Open Pokè trainer academy! (Can have romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Stevie had a big talk with his mom "yeah yeah I know I told her did I?" Stevie's mother named Pauline was looking at Stevie with a mad face "no you didnt told her and if you keep it a secret for both of them you will have problems so call her now call" Stevie did what his mother said and called someone
  2. Anim manage to take control of himself again, shrinking back to normal size. Anim walked back to his broken down shack, and lied down. Anim tried to not remember what happened. His flames slowly lost color, turning to a black color. Anim lost his energy, so his green flames changed to black. Anim's flames wouldn't recharge until he ate a Shadow Fruit from the Shadow Tree at Guardian Lake, which was far from his shack. Anim tried to call for help, but no one could hear him.
  3. Stevie was on the phone calling someone "no no no and no I dont care you still love me its out ok bye now you stupid girl I got someone else om bye" Stevie hung up and got outside seeing black fire "wow what is that a path?" Stevie followed the fire that formed a path and saw anim "uhh you alll did this wow.....that is ok" Stevie then stood there
  4. while William was slightly awake William then remembered the disk that he gave to Stevie and went out to look for Stevie
  5. Winter was calmly walking until she saw a shack she didnt realize that she was far from her neiborhood so Winter walked into the shack only to find the same boy that gave her the badge she knelt down next to him and her eyes were filled with worry "Hey are you okay?" Winter questioned him she then took his hands and held it "your gonna be okay if you can tell me how to help you I'll do all that I can so please tell me" Winter said in a concerned voice
  6. william was looking for stevie until he saw winter with an injured boy and ran over to see what happened
  7. Winter was trying to figure out how to help the boy but her she just couldn't think of anything she then realized that she could go to the Pokemon center but that won't work sense shes far from the neighborhood and if she just had even on of her Pokemon with her she can go get help but it was to dangerous for her to wander around at night so Winter stood up and walked out of the shack so she can remain calm as her silver hair blew to the side due to the wind she looked up to the moon as if she could find her answer there
  8. william yelled "hey winter what happened"
  9. Stevie was walking in a forest trying to find Winter because her mother was worried where she was so Stevie was searching for her but he wad lost "Winter Winter where are you huh...? That guy again?" Stevie saw Winter holding that pokeboy and asked "Winter can i help maybe?" Stevie then tried to think of an idea to help them
  10. William saw Stevie with winter and ran to Stevie and said "stevie do you still have the disk i gave you"
  11. Winter turned her head to look at Stevie "no,we can't do anything if he won't talk" Winter said as she went back to putting all her attention in the boy for some weird reason she didn't know why she was doing this but it was as if she had to help him and she knew she didnt wanna leave until the boy was gonna be okay
  12. william yelled to winter and stevie "hey guys what happend here"
  13. Stevie saw William and said "well uh this guy is hurt or something and we cant help them wait maybe I can calll feraligatr,feraligatr were are you?" suddenly feraligatr came from out of the sky grabbed Stevie William Winter and Anim and jumped to the pokemon center pushed everyone in and jumped away "ok? Uh you can heal the guy now" said Stevie with a jealous voice
  14. william said "hey stevie do you still have that disk?"
  15. Winter still held Anims hand and Winter still had a worried look on her face "please wake up we need to know how to heal you" Winter said in a worried voice she didnt know it but her tears were on the verge of escaping
  16. Stevie answered Williams question "yeah I got the disk here In my pocket something wrong?" Stevie then saw Winter almost beginning to cry ".........you are not gonna cry are you I mean he will be alright just calm down and close your eyes breath in and breath out" as Stevie was trying to calm winter down he thinks he knows something but je is not sure it will work
  17. Winter slowly let go of Anima hand she then stood up and went outside of that Pokemon center "what can I do" she whispered to herself thinking there must be something she can do but she she knew she couldn't do anything so she just let the tears slip out to Winter crying was a sign of weakness but it was the only way she could let her frustration escape so why she let the tears slip out of her purple eyes she looked up at the stars and smiled
  18. Stevie saw Winter letting go of Anims hand and walked outside Stevie then walked outside too and said "ya know.....its real great you tried to help him I was a bit jealous tho but......its going to be alright" Stevie grabbed Winter's hand and smiled at her while litten tried the nuzzlong thing out he just wanted to try it out "oh and your mother is worried about you because you said you will be I the neghbourhood or something but yeah she is worried and i said I will find you" Stevie then looked at the sky too
  19. Winter sighed "my mothers not worried about me she never has she makes it seem like she's a good mother but she isn't shes always at work there was a point when I was younger that I looked up to her she was a very powerful trainer but now she's just a model" Winter said in disgust she then went back to looking up to the sky "I always wondered why dad left us" Winter whispered hoping Stevie wouldn't hear what she said
  20. Stevie was a bit suprised "ya know when you told me about your dad earlier I remembered something I wanted to forget its about my dad too I mean my mom and dad broke up and after a few weeks they broke up my mother and me heared he died some people say because he was sick or something but I knever knew him that good he was not trying to talk today me either Stevie almost began to cry I-I really wanted to know him but my bro says he was just a big jerk and a pile of nothingness"Stevie then looked at Winter "cmon want something to eat like I dont know I am not that good at cooking said my bro but I think he is the only jerk before he left but do you want hot and sour soup? Im tryingy best on that" his belly began to sream like it was in pain
  21. william then said "that disk i know why people are after it i holds blueprints for a weapon of some sort!!"
  22. Winter just kept looking at the moon " my father left with his Pokemon so they could become champion he promised he would come back when he achieved his goal but knowing my dads Pokemon team they should have become champion by now" Winter said she then continued "after father left us mom gave up on being a trainer" Winter finished y'all ng knowing if she said something else about her parents she knew she was gonna cry more
  23. Name: Isaac
    Nickname: Mystic
    Age: 16
    Likes: Battling, Cooking, and Music
    Dislikes: Mushrooms, Annoying/Mean People, and Bugs
    Pokémon: Dodrio, Sylveon, and Noivern

    It was Sunday morning. Isaac had just woken up. With Sylveon curled up at his feet, Isaac took in a deep breath and got up. As he looked out his window, he saw his Noivern gliding around the neighborhood. 'Good Morning, Sylveon.' he said. She yawned quietly and got up and stretched. Isaac then went downstairs for breakfast. He lived alone in a small townhouse. He is very independent for a sixteen-year old. He ate his toast in peace. Sylveon got downstairs as well and nibbled on some pokemon food. Noivern landed and Mystic opened the door to be greeted by friendly chomp on the head. "Good morning to you too Noivern." Noivern growled jubilantly and went inside its pokeball.
  24. Name: kai tenichi
    gender: male
    Age: 16
    Nicknames: none
    likes: Food, Pokemon
    Dislikes: bad people
    Pokemon: None yet

    Kai walked into the academy doors. He looks around the place, then walked toward the registration. "Kai tenichi, year 1," he said to the lady at the desk, who gave him his dorm key. He walked up to the dorms, turned the key in the door, and walked in. He put his things down, pushed up his glasses, and sat on the couch. "ahhhh....wait...no-ones here...its just me.." he said. After a few hours, he walked out holding a sketch pad and pencil. He sat under a tree, drawing a pichi picking up an Oran berry.
  25. After a long ride from his house, Isaac lands at the Academy. "You did great, Noivern!" he exclaims. Isaac sees someone sketching away under a tall tree. He went to go say hello. "Hi, I'm Isaac. Whats your name?"
  26. "Oh...I..im kai" He said shyly. He tryed to avoid eye contact and looked down. "If you want me to move I will," Kai said.
    He wasnt that good with other people. He usually gets nervous and runs
  27. "No no you're fine. Im new here so I wanted to meet some new people." he was trying to be as restrained as possible so he doesn't run away.
  28. Winter realized that it was a school day so she ran home and changed into a black long sleeved dress which black heels she then returned all her Pokemon to Luxury Balls except Drake so then Winter got on the Garchomps back and Drake zoomed all the way to school she then saw two boys so she got off Garchomp and walked up to them "Um Hi are you guys new" Winter asked the new kids with Garchomp right behind her
  29. "Uhh.." kai was stunned that people were even talking to him. Espcally a girl.
    "Y..yes im new....im kai" he said shyly. He held his sketch book close to him.
  30. "Um...Hi." he said nervously. "Yeah, I'm new."
  31. Winter smiled at them she then blew some of the silver hair that was covering her eyes away "Hi I'm Winter and this is Drake my Garchomp" Winter said while pointing to her huge dragon
  32. Kai looked at the dragon. It was like they were talking without words. Kai seemed to know pokemon more than he knows humans.
    "I wish I had a strong pokemon like yours winter" he said
  33. Mystic instinctively reached for Noivern's pokeball. "Im Isaac."
  34. Winter giggled at Kai "You'll get a strong Pokemon somehow plus there is a forest near here" Winter said while she was talking to the two boy her shiny ninetales popped out of her Luxury ball Winter then looked at her ninetales "Are you kidding me Flare " Winter said and her shiny ninetales just smiled at her trainer
  35. "Oh cool, you have a nineties!"
  36. "Heh, she was just eager to meet new people." kai staired at ninetails like he did garchomp.
    "Heh, your pokemon has a sense of humor" Kai said laughing.
  37. Winter stared at Kai and giggled "how do you know so much about pokemon?" Winter asked while Drake and Flare started nuzzling their beloved trainer which made Winter laugh
  38. "well...dont tell anyone but...I posses the ability to telepathically talk to pokemon" Kai confessed.
    "I was experemented on as a child, so..."
  39. Isaac loosened his grip on the ball and placed his hands back on his lap. "So, Winter what other pokemon do you have?"
  40. Winters smile turned into a frown she then hugged Kai "I'm so sorry I can't believe people would do that to a child" Winter said as anger flashed in her purple eyes she then broke away from the hug to look at Isaac she then held up two other Luxury balls and her Milotic and Froslass popped out "Meet Siren my Milotic and Snowdrop my Froslass" Winter said as she pointed to the other two female pokemon
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