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Open Pokè trainer academy! (Can have romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Stevie then saw something strange it was glowing and on Winter's necklace "t-the badge now i get it i sure didnt need to trust that guy thing" said Stevie while taking the badge of Winter's necklace "litten use ember on that badge" Litten did what Stevie told and used ember then Stevie saw only smoke
  2. Anim could see what was happening, and it made him heartbroken, literally. His soul shattered across the Distored realm. Anim's badges are made out of his soul, so he used a little magic to keep it in shape. He used some Hypno magic to control litten and use ember on him as well. Anim just wanted some friends, but no one knew that.
  3. Litten felt weird too and used ember on Stevie "hey litten what you do that for? Wait uhm?" Stevie picked the almost shattered badge up and looked in it "hey is someone in there if there is can i speak with them hearing me please" Stevie grabbed something out of his bacpack and got some tape and set the badge right and just stared at it
  4. Anim's reflection could be seen on the badge, as he hoped to communicate with Stevie. "Hello? Is anyone their?" Anim said, as he was in the Distored realm. Anim tried to connect with litten so he could become a physical being. Anim used his hypnotic powers to connect with litten to become physical.
  5. stevie heard a voice coming out of the badge and saw anim "wait you were that guy that gave Winter the badge why? im not trying to be rude but why?" stevie was half mad and half disappointed
  6. "It's not my fault you know! Being the son of Giritina and human mom ISENT nice you know!" Anim said in a booming voice. Anim was mad, and that wasent good. Anim started to shake the valley, making electronics turn off, power outages everywhere. Anim got weaker, as he drained some of his power when he did that. Anim grabs his trusty remote and controls a robot Pokemon found in a bush.
  7. Stevie said "i am not mad just disappointed now we can be friends but dont hurt anyone or someones fellings"Stevie hugged the badge "calm down calm down lets be friends"
  8. Anim showed some emotion. "Alright....only this once." Anim said with that not sure grin. Anim was interrupted by Giritina, and he made a loud sigh. He waved goodbye and the badge turned off.
  9. "uhh bye" stevie then tried to wkae up winter
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  10. Zack woked up whit a smile, he was happy cuz in friday there is the day off,Zack was in the park:"GO Elettra,Go Luckey,Go Dan" he yelled, and started to train his pokemons, His shiny Heracross, started a Fierce battle whit Dan, is Dewott
  11. While Stevie tried to wake up Winter he saw the guy he helped her ran to him and said "hey can you help me Winter wont wake up oh and my name is steven you can call me Stevie but please help" Stevie saw the pokemon he had and asked" maybe your pokeomn can help?"
  12. "Eh...oh Heya!,yes i can help,what happened?" he sayed(srry for my eng XD)
  13. "uh i just told you she wont wake up" as he pointed to Winter
  14. Zack watched Winter...a idea was coming...:"Dan use Ice beam on...she's Face!", Dan shot a very cold ice beam on Winter face. "This will wake her" Zack sayed
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  15. "Ok...good job Dan,you woked her" Zack sayed,well...back to train,He started walking away.
    "Dan, i know you evolved a week ago,but you need to learn the double shell stile, uff...if only i can find a sparring partner for you Dan...well..."
    Zack was a bit worried about Dan,he sitted on a bench and started do read a book.
  16. Winter touched her neck where her necklace was supposed to be but felt nothing she then looked at Stevie with anger in her eyes "Why the heck would you do that Stevie" Winter then looked at Flare with sad eyes and Flare knew what to do so the ninetales used Dark Pulse on the the Litten while Winter cried Drake softly hugged is trainer while she cried and after using Dark Pulse on Litten Flare instantly went to her trainer and Nuzzled her trainer so Winter would stop crying
  17. In the mind of Dan, Zack's fiery Dewott, was thinking about Zack:"I will do my best...i can get better..." Some time later Zack started to do a rest on a bench.
  18. William put the pokeball in his pocket and got up on his feet to see a door slightly opened William heard someone else's voice and ran into the room marked a lab.
  19. A strange sound awaked Zack:"Eh?...what was that..." He started do search what did that sound, time later, he found a alone and injured Aipom, Zack put the Aipom on his backpack and started to run into the city asking for help(srry for my eng again XD
  20. while rummaging through the lab William found a broken machine William picked it up and looked at it while looking at the machine William heard something or someone running down the hall and decide to follow the noise
  21. "PLEASE HELP!" Zack was screaming in the city, hoping for that aipom, Zack was new in the city, he dont know where are the pokemon centers, the aipom was sleeping, passed out (srry for my eng)
  22. Stevie heared the shouting of zack and winter "ühh winter i will explain but someone is screaming for help follow me"said Stevie while running into zack "need a pokemon center follow me"as stevie said he felt bad for Winter and Zack
  23. "Thanks a lot" Zack started to follow Stevie "if you want when this Aipom is healed you can keep it" Zack sayed
  24. Stevie looked at litten at fire in is eyes "nah i dont need him litten will be jealous" as they arrived stevie said "here we are an be quick
  25. Suddently, a Alakazam appeared behind Zack, then He(Zack) Said:Sorry, i need to go, heal the Aipom and when you find me again give he to me k?" The Alakazam teleported Zack awai (srry for my eng and yes...i will say srry for my eng a lot)
  26. Stevie turned around to talk with Winter "uuhh its just ya know that guy that gave you that badge well... he controlled you and i wanted to save you sooo i broke you r necklace but i fixed it with tape please forgive me i didnt mean it by that"stevie then walked with litten away and said "litten lets go home" Stevie walked away with sadness
  27. "Really Alakazam...i know...i need to do the homeworks but...TELEPORT ME SO SUDDENLTY?!?!" Zack screamed, Alakazam telepathically sayed:
    "You know that your mom and dad are working...for now im babysitting you..." Zack whit anger screamed:" IM 16 I DONT NEED A BABYSITTER!!!!",
    And Zack started to do his homeworks. (srry for my eng)
  28. (you dont need to apolagize that your bad with english im not that good too and your not that bad we respect this :))
  29. (I say sorry for my english all the times cuz i dont wanna be reported for my grammar XD)
  30. ( yeah but youir doing great tho)
  31. Zack:"I finished the homeworks Alakaza..."
    Alakazam:"Yea,yea, you can play outside n.."
    Zack:"IM NOT A KID!!!, a yes...i eat outside k?"
    Zack started to walk into a restoraunt, whit a very angry face.
  32. Stevie wad in a restaurant with a sad face poking his food he saw Zack walking in and asked "hey Zack how ya doing not great huh me too Winter is mad at me because i broke her necklace" he didnt know what to do and needed help
  33. Elettra, Zack's emolga, exit from his pokeball and she sitted on Zack's backpack.
    Zack continued walking, ignoring Stevie
  34. Stevige saw that Zack ignored him and litten got an idea he walked out of the restaurant (some minutes later) "Winter Winter I'm very sorry about before but here" Stevie handed over a brand new necklace with pearls and diamonds and one emerald in the middle "so whaddya think" said Stevie while handing over the necklace
  35. Zack, after a good lunch, he returned to his home, he open the door and
    and teleported Zack to his room.
    Alakazam:"Sleep now, im goin to see if your mom an your dad are ok."
    Alakazam teleported away.
  36. while Stevie gave the necklace he said with a little smile "Winter i gotta go i hope you are happy with you r new present a new necklace heh" Stevie then ran away waving goodbye
  37. Name: Ruby
    Pokemon: umbreoin named shadow(female also first pokemon () slytheion named Max (male() vapoerion (named splash (female) fraeion named flare ( female() jolteon named spark (male
    Personality: shy () smart () antisocial ()couriers () brave ()
    Likes: color blue and red also white () like music () likes to be alone
    Dislikes: being near aa lot of people () pink and any other color
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  38. Ruby look at the time and runs past the girl at the Entrance she yells" Heray up shadow training time" the umberion behind me picks up the paces and runs in font of ruby.she runs in front of her classroom door and sees umberoin on my desk
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  39. Gets mad" some one mess with my alarm clock " walk in to the chocolate yard and climbs a tree shadow sits on the branch next to me
  40. Stevie that needed to go home suddenly saw someone being mad "hey wassup can i help" being interested in what the persons mad for
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