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Open Pokè trainer academy! (Can have romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Kou was confused, and noticed Sunny "Oh, her...She's kind of afraid of Milotics....long story, she's friendly I swear."
  2. Kai walked up to winter. "whos winning and whats happening" kai asked her.
  3. When Winter saw Kai she went up to him and hugged him "the battle hasn't started yet but we all know I'm gonna win" Winter said while hugging Kai she then started to giggle
  4. "winter if i may....take your place in battle" kai asked. His eyes seemed to have a glimmer. Its like something was determaned by this battle. "Ive been training while i was in thr frest, caught some new pokemon.
  5. Seer went up to Siren with awe in his eyes "Pur?" It said confused as it tilted his head "Right! You guys were gonna battle, Dont let me stop you guys! Come along Seer." He said as he took the little guy's paw and the group walked back 10 feet and sat down, ready to see a huge battle
  6. Winter sighed "ugh fine but your gonna treat me to dinner after or else" Winter said in a threatening voice she then did the same thing she did to Isaac she kisses Kai on the cheek and smiled "good luck" Winter said as she took of the soothe belle off of Siren and her soothe belle of her wrist she then placed the soothe belles in Kai's hand and smiled
  7. "ok pal, lets go." He grabbed a pokeball off his belt. "time for the nerd to show his power" he said pushing up his glasses. "GO! TRAPINCH" he yelled as he threw the pokeball. A shiny trapinch appeared out of the pokeball.
    "Trapp" It said as it came out.
  8. When Winter saw the tiny shiny Pokemon she couldn't help but Squeal "aww its so cute" Winter said but Drake and Siren just both growled jealous that their trainer thought another pokemon was cute Winter then looked at her own Pokemon and hugged both of them
  9. Kai smerked at winter. "yes, she likes my pokemon" he mummbled to himself.
    "trap" the pokemon said in anticipation.
  10. Anim started training Pokemon that weren't his, but in fact captured by others. Anim was training them in his human form (granted from Giritina) while most people trained with others. Anim was trying to fit in, as he being the only white haired boy with a long red scarf that touched the ground in the school. Anim tried to act human, using moves mostly trainers used. Anim wanted friends, and this wad the only way he knew how.
  11. "Zzzzzzzzzz......ugh feraligatr are you bringing me somewhere..?" Stevie fell asleep (again stop sleeping so much stevie jeez) it thook long for him to realize feraligatr was bringing him to school he saw Winter 'battling' another trainer Stevie jumped of feraligatrs back and ran to them "hey Winter howya zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz........no I need to stay awake" Stevie said while having bags unders his eyes

  12. william still tired then said "what im in the lab i thought i was in winters house" while william sat up he found the eevee sleeping next to him and his sneasel in his pokeball and so william got up to go find kai while saying to himself "might as well ask if this is his locket" after he said that william had seen a short glimpse of giritina and heard a voice that said "nine new biological subjects designated mode switch hunting/analyzing, i need to find anim" though he had no idea who that was he still had an idea of where he was, but decided to find winter and kai first
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  13. Winter walked up to Kai sense the battle wasn't starting yet she then picked up his shiny trapinch "aww your so adorable" Winter while holding the trappinch as if it was a baby
  14. william saw kai and winter talking so william yelled "hi winter hi kai" william ran to winter and kai and asked kai "hey kai is this your locket"
  15. Stevie turned around seeing william "uhhh William I am here too" Stevie then looked at the locket "you still got that locket?" Stevie asked
  16. william replied "yeah"
  17. Winter then turned her head and saw Stevie and William so she gently set trapinch back on the ground and ran up to Stevie and hugged him "hey Stevie" winter said while smiling
  18. Stevie hugged back "hi honey I can call you that right" Stevie laughed "hahha so what now I mean at school I cant find the teachers" Stevie then asked something"want to go to my house Winter Kai William you can all come" Stevie then whispered to himself "hopefully mom is not home or it will be akward" he then smiled
  19. Winter pulled away from the hug then smacked Stevie on the head "don't call me honey were not even officially dating" Winter said while giggling
  20. Stevie laughed and said "righty then I mean we....yeah lets not talk about that now"Stevie was too shy to talk about something "soo wanna go to my house or what?" Stevie asked
  21. Winter smiled at at Stevie and noded her head "yeah why not I mean sense we went to my house last time" she then returned all her Pokemon to their Luxury Balls she then held Stevie's hand
  22. Stevie then called feraligatr "hey feraligatr can you bring Winter and me home" Feraligatr nodded and grabbed both of them put them at Stevies house and jumped to the backyard Stevie opened the door "hey mom im home I got someone with me guess who" Pauline (Stevies mom) was cooking and said "your girlfriend? Do I got it right?" Stevie nodded and said "yeah...Winter want to see our house?" He then showed her around then he skipped a room suddenly a voice came out of the room "oi who do you have with ya?" The door opened and a adult came out "hey im Damian nice to meet ya oi you must be my bros girlfriend right" he smiled Stevie then looked at him with a mad face "since when are you so nice?" Asked stevie while walking to his room and "and this is my room" it looked like a workout gym but then tiny "so whaddya think?"
  23. william walked into the woods with the sneasel let out of the pokeball while walking around in the forest william comes across a destroyed laboratory and let out a sigh and said "this place"
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