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    Hello, here are some fun facts about me.

    I'm half French and half Japanese.
    I was born here in France.
    I moved to California right before the start of highschool.
    When I attended highschool in California I was in Varsity Volleyball.
    I had to quit Volleyball after my senior year sense I moved back here to France to start college.
    To keep up with my sanity I started to play my flute again which was the main instrument I played in Primary School.
    My favorite thing to do as a child was visit my grandparents from my mom's side in Paris
    My least favorite thing to do as a child was visit my grandparents from my dad's side in Osaka sense they were so strict and they always complained on how my posture was really bad, but I still loved them.
    My least favorite thing to do now is drive by myself because due to my motion sickness I get really light headed while I'm driving and its just really hectic.
    My favorite thing to do now is visit my boyfriend in Korea, I hate the flight to get there though.
    The funniest thing that has ever happened to me was when I found out me and my boyfriend had the same bias in BTS, I then fought him.

    My Favorite Food: Has gotta be Chocolate covered Strawberries

    Favorite color: Purple and Green

    Favorite Animals: Snakes,Polar bears,tigers

    Pets: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Elizabeth,Bichon Frise named Snowball,Chowchow named Lumpy and now a Yellow Burmese Python named Mango

    Favorite Movie: The Conjuring (gotta love the spooky stuff)

    Games I Play: Pokemon (Well duh), Overwatch, Legend Of Zelda Breath of The wild, Mario Kart,Dead Or Alive,Halo,Splatoon and Arms

    Favorite Song: I can't choose

    Hobbies: Well when I'm not busy with school I love to go ice skating but in summer I love to swim and I love to travel,I also play the oboe,the saxophone,and the flute

    Places I have traveled: Boracay,Frankfurt,Paris,Milan, Berlin,Dublin,Kilkenny,Sydney,Tokyo, Osaka,California,New York,London,Liverpool,Oxford and Cambridge, and Seoul.
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    1. RekiTheSomeone
      Can i still join the rp or is it already too late.
    2. Crimson Sun
      Crimson Sun
      Just saw your profile picture and username. Love you for that ♥
      Yoongi deserves this treatment lol
      1. Suga Bear
        Suga Bear
        Yoongi stan 4 life ♥
        Aug 8, 2018
    3. SageNeb
      your avatar is so cute
      1. Suga Bear
        Suga Bear
        It's a chibi picture of Suga from BTS
        Apr 5, 2018
        SageNeb likes this.
    4. RaccoonMan
      Remember me Kat? ☺
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      2. RaccoonMan
        Anyways me and Cosmic wanted to make a sequel to the tournament (which I kick started after 2 weeks) and I wanted to know if you wanted to join. P.S. Can you reply
        Jan 13, 2018
      3. Suga Bear
        Suga Bear
        Yeah sure I can join just send me the link or whatever
        Jan 14, 2018
      4. 123.magic
        hey wanna do a highschool rp sometime?
        Feb 5, 2018
    5. Palusokudo
      You are welcome for that follow! :)
      1. Suga Bear
        Suga Bear
        Nov 17, 2017
        Palusokudo likes this.
    6. Marie Moonlight
      Marie Moonlight
      Hey Nikki
      1. Suga Bear
        Suga Bear
        Hi rie rie
        Jun 23, 2017
    7. Peachy Ace
      Peachy Ace
      Hi, Welcome to Charms!
      1. Suga Bear
        Suga Bear
        Jun 23, 2017
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