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Open Pokè trainer academy! (Can have romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Welcome! Here's your character sheet:
    Age (10-18:

    Name: Harry
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 17
    Likes: Pokèmon, love, weekends
    Dislikes: Break ups, Betrayal, sadness

    So this is the schedule I The days:
    Monday: 8:00: Research, 9:00: Battle training, 10:30: Cooking, 12:00: Lunch/ free time, 14:00: Free time, 15:00: You can go!

    Tuesday: 8:00: Pokèmon races, 10:00: Free time, 11:00: Research, 12:00: Lunch/ free time, 14:00: Cooking, 15:00: you can go!

    Wednesday: FREE TIME ALL DAY

    Thursday: 8:00: Cooking (it's a long session), 12:30: Lunch/ free time, 14:30: Free time, 15:00: You can go!

    Friday: Day off

    Weekends: No school (unless you want to go)

    Every two weeks, there is a week off and then school again.

    Harry stared at his new house, it looked like a dumpster truck dropped everything in the place. Walking around, whilst trying to watch out for junk on the floor, Harry frowned. This would have to be tidied. He shook his head, trying to get the shiver he got to go away.

    Harry wore a white addidas hoodie with jeans that had holes in them (the holes weren't meant to be there). His hair was all weird and flying all over the place. His smile would always lighten someone's day.

    Anyway, back to the house.

    The windows were broken, and if there was one that wasn't broken, and Harry tried to open it, it would fall off its hinges and smash. Even more tidying to do. Rolling his eyes, Harry started to tidy.

    A few hours later:

    As good as new! Harry knew how to fix things and he made a mechanism called "Sweeperdude!" that would help tidy. Admiring his new place, Harry heard a knock at the door. He opened it. His kebab had arrived! Harry thanked the lady and payed her. She left. Harry ate like a dog. But one thing was troubling him: school...
  2. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Name : Pryce
    Nickname : NONE
    Age : 15
    Likes : Dark Type Pokémon, Peacefulness and Focusing
    Dislikes : Loud Noises, Reckless People and Egoistic People

    Pryce looked out his balcony. He lived alone. He then went down the stairs and went outside. He looked at his house. Except, it wasn't really a house, but a mansion. No, not the spooky type filled with ghosts but an ordinary mansion. He began walking to school. He didn't really know what day it was. His cyan blue eyes shined while looking at the sunlight, as did his pitch black hair. He was wearing a black leather jacket which was unzipped. He wore a yellow shirt under with the word 'BOSS' written on it. His blue jeans seemed to make him feel a bit itchy. He secretly hid his silver IPhone 7 Plus in a pocket of the black leather jacket. He then started to try and remember what day it was. He had his head in the clouds while walking to the academy.
  3. Name: Ava
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 15
    Likes: Pokémon, chocolate, and meeting new people.
    Dislikes: Rudeness
    Pokémon: A Froakie who doesn't fully trust him yet.

    Ava was nervous, he moved towns a month earlier and still wasn't completely used to the new scenery. He moved when he got the news that he had been accepted to The PokéTrainer Academy, the Brightest school in the Kalos region. His father had told him about the school and how if suited all of Ava's interests, it seemed perfect for him. He remembered something about his father telling him to look for his friend's son, Pryce was his name? He couldn't really remember. His father said that him and a couple other people ventured in the Alolan region years back, and that his friend Lao's son was going to be starting his freshman year too at the Academy. Maybe it was a start to a new friendship. He vaguely remembered something about someone named Harvy? Harry? He had bad memory, it was something close to that. Another one of his father's friend's children. His house was nothing to be proud of, it was being paid for by his father, so he didn't have to worry about a job just yet. It was Monday, the first day of school, he was hoping that the first day would go by fast so there wasn't a chance of him messing something up. He knew one thing was for sure, he needed to find Pryce and Harry kid. Or was it Harvy?
  4. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Pryce then realized. He didn't have a Pokémon, he figured he would just get one at the academy. He kept walking. He looked at his watch. 7:42?! He REALLY had to hurry for whatever class there was. He began jogging to the academy. As he was quickly jogging, he began to ponder what Pokémon he should choose. He began running even faster in order to make it on time, he didn't really like research but, it wasn't his school to choose the schedule. He shook away the thought and began sprinting timelessly to make it to the academy on time, as he glanced at his watch as he was sprinting.
  5. Ava realized he was going to be late if he didn't start running. He set off in a full sprint and started thinking about how his first day was going to go. He wasn't paying attention to where he was going and ran into someone else about his height. He had very Black hair and a Black Jacket on. "Yo, man I got distracted I am truly very sorry. Did I hurt you? Name's Ava by the way, again truly sorry..." Ava said hoping for forgiveness. This was already going horribly wrong, he was gonna be late for sure.
  6. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Eh?" Pryce looked behind him, "Oh, hey, name's Pryce. Don't worry about bumping into me, accidents happen." He said calmly, as he glanced at his watch again. 7:50!? "Listen, dude! We gotta hurry, or else we'll be late!" He said urgently as he began sprinting to the academy, but even faster this time. He hoped Ava was following him.
  7. Name: Mikaela Strange
    Nickname: Mik
    Age: 14
    Likes: Roller/Ice skating, Inventing, sketching, sometimes stunts
    Dislikes: School, Hospital, Crowds
    Pokémon: Shiny Decidueye «Chastiefol», Kirlia «Lizbeth», Castform «Perces»
    Mik was having a wonderful nap in her lovely abode until Perces had the guts to turn in his Sunny form and use Sunny day. INSIDE HER ROOM. Mik hissed as the bright and warm flash invaded her closed eyes, at first she consider on ignoring him but as seconds pass Mik wouldn't take it anymore. She growled and throw her pillow at Perces who was luckily hit and switch off the Sun. She internally rejoice before her amber eyes landed on her clock. 7:40 AM, Mik groan as she race walk to her bathroom to shower and change, once done she went into her kitchen and grabbed a ramen cup "Perces quick use a low flame ember on the cup!" The Pokémon gave her a look which she nervously laugh as she scratched the back of her head sheepishly "Alright, alright I'm sorry about earlier." The Pokémon sigh before doing as told. "Thanks Perces." She said before putting him back in his Pokéball.
    She opened her ramen cup and took a sip of it's soup. She then called out Lizbeth who looked up at her with a 'Told-you-so' look, Mik rolled her eyes before giving her a small spoon "I'll share if you help me." The kirlia look at the spoon, to her then at the ramen cup in her hands. Lizbeth nodded in approval before accepting the spoon and used Psychic on herself to get on Mik's shoulder. Mik took a bite of the ramen before saying "Teleport." Within a blink of an eye they were in front of the school.
    Mik took on a straight face, completely emotionless as she stared at the building, her appetite lose. She looked around, they were already a handful of students lounging around waiting for the bell perhaps. She looked at herself, she was wearing her favorite light green sweater hoodie with a single stripe, a black turtleneck underneath it, brown shorts, flesh colored leggings and black riding boots. The school didn't say anything about uniforms so she didn't really worry much on buying a set. She sigh and just walk inside the school, knowing that it will be air condition there.

    Mik found her locker and stuff in her bag, before following the bunch of students who was going to the Battle Training Room. She huffed and run to the bleachers and sat down. She put on her hoodie and took out her ear plugs, playing her favorite playlist in full volume. If she knew one thing, all they do in the Battle Training is talk about status condition, moves that will increase and decrease a Pokémon stat, etc.
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  8. Name: Jake Osako
    Age: 15
    Likes: Battles,Video games
    Dislikes: Annoying people school villains
    Personality: Unlike his father kayo jake is more quiet he is open and happy with his family but when around people he is usually quiet he isn't shy he just doesn't like to talk
    Pokemon: treeko and rockruff(he got from his father as a birthday present)
    Appearance: Medium hight boy with dark long red hair he wears a red and black shirt and carries around a bag with him

    Rp: As jake was getting ready for school he went downstairs and ate his food his sister was also at the table he then got a phone call from his dad "Hey son! how are ya? your first time going to school today huh? good luck kid your going to need it rockruff and treeko will be there with you remember what i taught you in battle!" jake sighed "Okay okay dad jeez calm down i will be fine" his sister grabbed the phone "Hey dad guess what! i got an A yep! im so happy how are you dad i saw the battle you had recently with that old master you managed to beat him congrats i hope you come home soon!" jake got up and got his bag "I will come home soon Daisy dont worry i will be home for a while since i need a break from battling and travelling and yeah thanks yhat old master was tough oh and one more thing keep an eye on your brother will you. You know what he's like when he gets angry and thats what he gets from your mother" kayo secretly laughed "Okay dad bye love you see you soon bye!" daisy hanged up and took jake to school "so jake here we go" daisy said joyfully jake walked in behind her and cruched his shoulders and looked down nervously as he walked in "So since i know this place of by heart i know what class your into ive sorted it rather mum did so have fun! im only down the hall bye!" jake walked in and looked all nervous and sat down and listened to the teacher
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    Staff Member Administrator

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  10. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Pryce had arrived at the school, put stuff in his locker and went to class. While walking to the research lab, he encountered a girl at the bleachers, which was known as Mikaela, "Uh, hey, i think you went into the wrong class. Its research time now." He said calmly as he began walking to class, hoping she would follow him.
  11. Jake and his class were outside his teacher was showing his pokemon Nidoking and Luxray "This is luxray and nidoking Nidoking is a normal and poison type and luxray is an electric type both strong and very good pokemon feel free to send out pokemon that you got but lets do one by one lets start with...the new student jake" jake was silent "Come on jake dont be shy stand infront of the class jake had his head down and was shaking he then took a deep breath but then he heard a whisper "Pfft that jake cant even send out his pokemon i bet he has a ratta or a wurmble hahaha" jake looked at the guy "Hm..your wrong actually Come out treeko" treeko jumped out like a bad ass and landed and had his peace of grass in his mouth and was showing off "Show them your tackle.." treeko moved around fast and was hitting the training dummies the teacher was stunned and thought "This kid he is...kayo's son the way that treeko moved is good definatly was trained by kayo before he gave it to his son..," the teacher stood infront "Jake your treeko is magnificent everyone show your pokemon and let them have fun!" the class threw their pokeballs and different kinds of pokemon appeared the bully came up "Hmph my name is jace how about a battle" he shouted jake gave a smirk "You realise...that i was trained by my father the champion you know" the teacher came up "Jake dont be so arrogant jake now then how about you two battle then?" jake gave a smirk "Fine..." the teacher got everyone else to stand on the side "This is a one on one battle between our first year students Jake Osako and Jace kairen Begin!" jake's treeko ran infront of him jace got his pokeball ready "Tepig lets go" tepig jumped out and released flames from its nose "Treeko Pound lets go!" jace quickly retaliated "Dodge it and use ember" jake looked at tepig firing it "Treeko use quick attack to dodge it" treeko moved real fast and bjt tepig it did quiet a big damage tepig got back up "Tackle go...then use ember once more" jake smiled "Pathetic Treeko jump and use quick attack from the air now" treeko jumped doging the ember and tepig treeko quickly went down and hit tepig it fainted "Tepig is unable to battle" Jake wins "As expected from the champions son" he muttered to himself "That arrogance wont get him anywhere i better keep a close eye" he said to himself the whole class went back in and learned from the battle they just witnessed
  12. Mik blink as she saw the back of a boy that exited the room. She removed her ear plugs and look at the Kirlia who was on her shoulder "The guy said we entered the wrong room." Lizbeth answered telepathically Mik tilted her head in confusion before looking at her time table "Huh? I thought it was battle training already probably its because of the teleport after effects." Lizbeth gave her look "Dont blame me on your miss comings." Mik ignore her as she went to follow the guy outside but she made sure that she keep her distance.
  13. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Pryce went up some stairs. He entered a strange lab. He assumed it was the research lab. It seemed no one was there except him and that Mikaela girl. He decided to look around. There wasn't really anything amusing, "Ugh, this stuff is too complicated.." He said calmly as he continued looking around. He then saw some lab coats. He assumed he should've wore them when all the students come. He pressed the light switch, the room was lightened up. He glanced at the girl and back at the lab.
  14. Ava made it to his first class a minute before the first bell wrung. He had research with Mr. Lance. He had heard rumors that Mr. Lance used to be part of the Champion Kanto before someone else took over. He research class revolved around the Dragon typing. There was only one spot open so I took it. To his right was a girl with Bright Pink hair, a Light Blue hoodie, a pair of Jorts, and White Converse. She introduced herself as Olivia. She seemed quite shy, but she didn't show it. Ava was good at examining people, he was impressed. To his left was a guy with Spiky, Purple hair, A Black, Leather Jacket with a Red Shirt underneath, and Spikes on the shoulders, a pair of jeans with holes in them, and Black Converse. Ava didn't know his name yet, but he would find out before the year was over. Mr. Lance, who he learned preferred to go by just, Lance, instead, told them that they are required to pick a Textbook on Dragon Types before Thursday. He felt a nudge from his right, it was that Olivia girl. "Hey, I don't think I've seen you around here before, are you new?" Olivia whispered to Ava. "Yeah, I've been in this town for about a month so far. The name's Ava by the way." Ava whispered back. "Ava? Isn't that like a girl's name?" she responded. "More or Less, my father being the smart person he is,someone how convinced my mother that it was a good name, and here I am." He replied. She began to laugh. "Is something over there more important than me teaching?" Lance asked. Lance eyed Olivia, "It was you was it? Seeing is how it's the first day, I'll let you off with a warning, but I will expect better of you than that." Ava had made a new friend.
  15. Mik covered her mouth as she yawned and look around the lab. Finding none that will take her interest she went to the window and look outside, and rose an eyebrow. She whistled in amazement "Wow. There's already a battle. Those boys are so lucky." She commented before shrugging and sat down on one of the desk, the one that was near the window.
  16. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Some people entered the class. A professor called Nova also entered the lab. Pryce sat down on a chair. They were researching how and why Pokémon evolve. Professor Nova was teaching some complicated facts and why Pokémon evolve. Almost half of the class was confused, that included Pryce. Pryce was just staring at the clock, waiting for class to be over. He was pondering what Pokémon he should get, class was almost over.
  17. Jake and his friend were chitchatting whilst the teacher was talking then jace butted in "Hey You buzzwholes shut up!" jake ignored him jace got up and stood infront of jakes desk "Hey! asswipe shut the hell up!" jake got up "What did you say?!" jake and ace went up close to each other and were near to a fight "Your treeko is weak it was very lucky to beat my tepig!" Jake just gave a smirk "Yeah? well i beat you and my treeko is faster as you SAW! your tepig is trash!" jace got angry "Yeah well grass types are weak! just like you!" jake crossed his arms "I am at least the champions son!" jace laughed "Your So called Champion dad propebly cheated to win!" jake got angry and gave a punch jace fell down "Say anything about my father again ill make sure you wont life the next day!" jake just walked out of the school
  18. Harry was bored. After looking on his research laptop for hours, class sucked. All he saw were Pokemon moves and stats. The teacher also bored him. All Harry heard was "blah blah blah." After what seemed like hours, the bell went, training time! He saw the students piling in the gym. Yeah, they had much stronger Pokemon. But maybe the weaker people got to fight the other weaker people. Anyway, Fennekin was yawning constantly. Harry tried to make her stop, but she wouldn't. This was going to be a long day...
  19. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Pryce sprinted out the door. He looked at everyone training with their Pokemon. He seemed like the only one who didn't have a Pokemon. He walked to a booth, which was written 'Pokemon For Trainers' He looked at a Great Ball. He saw some grass patches. He, surprisingly, saw an Axew. He threw a ball at it, and, miraculously, it was caught. He then sat at the training grounds. People talking about their Pokemon. He was sitting down, with Axew, staying quiet.
  20. Name: Elliot
    Nickname: N/A ( Rivals call him Smelliot)
    Age: 14
    Likes: Battling, Caring for Pokemon, and Training Pokemon
    Dislikes: Contests and Performances ( Including speaking in front of class, because he doesn't talk much
    Pokémon: Elekid and Totodile

    Elliot was relatively bored in class today, he had just gotten to this school, he didn't really know anyone, and he had the itch to train. He knew that Elekid would train, because it loves to train, but his Totodile, it loved to jump up and down. It was a very excited Pokemon, and it would get so joyful, that it wouldn't listen to him, or it would hurt itself, because it was also pretty clumsy. Elliot looked down at what he had to wear. He felt ridiculous in it, especially the polo he was wearing. The jeans weren't bad, but he hated polos. " Elliot? " Ms. Waterflower asked him. He started to panic he had no idea what she wanted, but he knew he had to get out of this quickly. He was in Water research, and he was only in this because the Professor would only sign him up for Electric Research, or Water because those were the types of Pokemon he owned so far.

    " Yes M' am? " Elliot asked trying sound as polite as he could. He thought he nearly yelled his question, but in reality, he had only murmured it.

    " Can you tell me what move is the strongest water type move? " Ms. Waterflower asked. Elliot wondered to himself if she was still a gym leader. He then got down to thinking about the answer.

    " If your counting Z-Moves, then Hydro Cannon as a Z-Move , if not then Hydro Cannon." Elliot said confidently as he knew this from watching the Pokemon League for as many years as he had.

    " Correct! " Ms. Waterflower said almost shocked that someone got that question right, before remembering this was no normal school. RING RING RING there was the school bell, onto training time. This was what Elliot was looking forward to, his favorite part of owning a pokemon, training. He saw this kid getting picked on by some kid, he was in Water Research. Jace or something like that was his name. Jace was picking on the kid. ' Typical jerk at a big high school ' Elliot thought to himself as Jace and his ' gang ' walked away.

    He walked up to the kid. " The name is Elliot, nice to meet you" He murmured.
  21. At the sound of the first ring, Mik bolted out of the room and onto the gym. She sigh in relief as she sat down, her Kirlia on her lap. "I forgot just how much boring school is." She said as she lay down the floor not caring if she was attracting attention because of it. Come on people, you'll do this sort of thing if you have the same insanity as me. She wanted to say those exact words but she stop herself before she could get humiliated because of it.
  22. the school bell rang and the first day was finnished jake walked home with his sister she went on then to her friends(As she is older) jake continued to walk and went back home he opened the door threw his bag on the side and jumped on the sofa and gave a big sigh and watched tv with treeko
  23. Ava was standing around in the courtyard trying to find the people his father told him to find. Jake, Pryce, and Harry, or was is Harvey? He decided to ask around. One kid said Pryce had Jet Black hair and a Black Jacket. No it couldn't be, the guy from earlier! He thought to himself. "Alright, thanks man." Elijah responded to the kid who gave him the advice. He ran back to his house since he knew Pryce took the same route as he did.
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  24. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    Pryce walked out of the schoolyard. He encountered Ava, and just walked past him. He looked like he was looking for someone, "Must be his dad, or something..." He muttered to himself as he continued walking. He wasn't too far from Ava but was still noticeable. Pryce, was walking with his new friend, Axew.
  25. Elliot walked home. He couldn't drive yet, but he liked walking, because it gave him a chance to think about things. He had met Jace and Jake was it? Jake seemed pretty cool, but then again Elliot had only met everyone with intro's. He let out Elekid and Totodile and started to walk with them. He kept walking, and he thought about how his team looked. Elliot was pretty sure that Totodile didn't want to evolve, but Elekid wanted to get stronger at all costs. Elliot found himself thinking about how alike he and Elekid were. They wanted to get stronger. Period. Elliot began to think about how he could get an Electrizer so he could evolve Elekid into Electavire when he evolved into Electabuzz. Elliot was thinking about that as he walked home and made it to his house.
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  26. Jake got up and went outside with treeko and decided to go for a walk he then stopped and went to a large area (as u saw in my bio he has got rockruff but hasn't recieved him yet) "Treeko Use pound on that tree" treeko ran quickly and hit the tree it was shaking and a kakuna fell down it Started to glow and it evolved to beedrill "Oh shit" Jake stood there beedrill was angry and started to attack it was using pin missle "Treeko run!" treeko stood there dodging the attacks refusing to move "Treeko come on" it looked at Jake as if wanting to battle "Fine okay use Quick attack now" the beedrill dodged it luckily treeko landed and went for it again beedrill got hit but didn't take much damage Treeko got angry it held its hands together a green ball was glowing treecko threw it beedrill was distracted and got hit it took a big damage it got suddenly angry and used poison sting on treecko it was too quick for treecko to counter the beedrill flew around again and this time wanted to go for jake(Someone can come and have a hero moment here) jake held treecko tightly and crouched on the ground scared "Its fine treecko ill save you" he said being scared
  27. Ava was lost in his train of thought until he heard someone yell to him, he turned and saw a boy running up to him saying hello. "Uh, hi" Ava replied. "My name is Ava, you haven't seen a Pryce, Jake, or Harvey around, or is it Harry?" Ava asked him. "Trying to find them."
  28. Elliot was just turning around when he saw one of Jake's friends and said " Hi, Jake is back at his house I believe... I'm Elliot by the way " Elliot said quite quietly, he didn't talk much, and liked to observe more then speak. " What's your name ? " Elliot murmured. Elliot was excited to maybe make a new friend.
  29. "Oh sorry, I get caught up in things, my name is Ava." He replied. "I know, I know, it's a girly name, but I can't change it." Ava smiled he made his first friend in his new home. He noticed someone with dark black hair behind Elliot, Pryce. "Actually, that's who I'm looking for." Ava said pointing towards Pryce. "Excuse me for a second." Ava said walking towards Pryce. "Hey, again sorry about earlier, I'm not really good at paying attention. Anyways, my father told me to look for you. I guess our dads traveled with each other during their journeys." Ava explained.
  30. hollowhead_

    hollowhead_ Previously _Ziruminous

    "Oh, hey, it's you. Don't worry about it, it was nothin-!" He looked around, to see a Beedrill attacking Jake, "Sorry! Gotta run!" He said as he sprinted towards the Beedrill, "Axew! Crunch!" Exclaimed Pryce as Axew strongly crunched Beedrill. Beedrill fainted. Pryce helped Jake up, "Hey, are you okay?" Asked Pryce curiously
  31. Name: Eric Blaze
    Nickname: Blaze
    Age 15:
    Likes: His Pokemon, his friends, training his Pokemon
    Dislikes: Weak Pokemon, Overly happy people, Over confident people
    Pokémon: Lycanroc (Midnight Form)
    **Side Question: What Time-Zone are these classes in?

    "Lycanroc, use Brick Break!" Eric ordered, it was late at night and Eric was doing some fine-tuning with his Pokemon's moves before he would have to attend the Poke-Trainer Academy in the morning. Lycanroc smashed a stone with it's fist showing off it's strength, "Good work Lycanroc, you did well," Eric commented as he petted Lycanroc across it's mane, "We have to get up early so rest for now," Eric took out a Pokeball and recalled his Lycanroc in a red beam of light.
  32. Jake got up with his treecko and looked at pryce "Thank you...and thank you axew i uhh godda run to the pokemon centre!" he ran as fast as he could and went to the pokemon centre treecko was in good care jake sat down and was worried about treecko
  33. Ava finally made it home after the weird events that took place on the first day of school. He laid down on his bed and drifted off to sleep imagining how the rest of the school year would turn out. He still needed to find that Harry kid, or was it Harvey? This whole you're the last one, complete the mission thing was emitting a lot of stress onto Ava, how was he going to survive the school year?
  34. Name: Jake Ross
    Nickname: N/A
    Age: 16
    Like: Pokemon, cooking, making Friends.
    Dislike: Hunters, Mean People, His Brother, and bullies.
    Pokemon: Chandelure, Ninjask, Shedinja, Doublade(Almost Aegislash) And Braixen (Shiny).

    (Mabey, i'll get one more Pokemon later, I just don't want to make my team too Over powered. That will jut be unfair.)

    Rp: Jake Was In Side of his House, sitting on the couch. He was exhausted from the trip and All he wanted to do was relax, While His Pokemon Where Wondering the house getting used to it. Jake Looked over at Time and Saw he missed the First Day of School. He shruged it of And Slowly Drifed of to Sleep.
  35. Name: Lucas Williams
    Nickname: Luke
    Age (10-18: 14
    Likes: Pokemon, Food, Art, People, Romance Novels
    Dislikes: Sad stories, old popcorn, Gengar, breakups, death
    Pokémon: Pikachu, Buizel, Bulbasaur

    ------RP Sample-------
    Luke woke up, his head pounding. He realized he was late for school. "Aww man." He muttered, leaving his house to head to school. He picked up his 3 pokemon from Day-Care and kept running afterwards. Sadly I can't get something to eat He thought. He then was at school, sweating and sleep all over his face.
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  36. Name: Steven
    Nickname: Stevie
    Likes:relaxing,love,taking care of pokemon,pokemon battles

    stevie just woke up from a weird that his mom told him he be late for school oh wait t was no dream stevie jumped out of his bed litten was still sleeping but he grabbed litten without waking him and running to school then he realized he didn't know where the school was he saw somebody asking for routes to a restaurant he realized he wasn't late for school and said"hi need help? Well" stevie grabbed his phone and searched for the nearby restaurant and said with a smile "follow me" he runnend to the nearest restaurant
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  37. Name: Winter
    Nickname: Ice Queen
    Likes: Pokemon Battles, Ice-Cream and love
    Dislikes: People mistreating Pokemon,loud people
    Pokemon: Garchomp(Drake),Shiny Nintales(Flare),Milotic(Siren),Froslass
    Winter knew she was gonna be late for school but who cares she just changed into a white long sleeved crop top,black jeans and knee high length brown heeled boots she then brushed her long silverish white hair that ended mid back she then walked downstairs gave her Pokemon food and made herself breakfast when her and her Pokemon finished she returned all of them except Flare to their Luxury Balls then grabbed her black back pack and her and Flare walked to school but right after she locked the door Winter had a really weird feeling inside I mean who wouldn't she was going to a new school when her and Flare reaches the school Winter then stopped walking sense she was well lost
  38. (Sorry for my english...im italian,so sometime i use google translate to help me, but,ya google translator is broken XD)
    Name:Zack Windmill
    Appearance:Green shorts hairs,green eyes, and dressed whit a blue sweatshirt
    Likes:Summer and pokemons
    Dislikes:Rude people
    other:its a very calm guy,ignore a lot of things.
    Pokemon: Elettra(Female Emolga) Luckey(Shiny Heracross,his first pokemon,female) Dan(Male Dewott)
    Zack was new in the city,he was hungry and he wanted to go to a restaurant,but he did not know any good restaurant,so he started ask for informations(sorry for my english again,and this is my first time in a rp, so if im doing something wrong...srry XD)

    "thanks a lot ya..." Zack said.

    When Zack finished eating, he comed home, waiting for a new day.
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  39. Winter stood at the entrance of the academy hesitating weather she should go in or not while Flare stayed at the side of her trainer Flare then gave Winter a concerned look Winter looked down at her nine tales and smiled "its okay Flare I'm just lost thats all" Winter said but Flare knew she was lying sense Winter has been worried for days going to a new school all her Pokemon knew that Winter was worried
  40. While stevie was walking he saw someone at the entrance of the academy with a ninetales he ran to them and said "hey uhm need any help you look worried?"
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