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Open Pokè trainer academy! (Can have romance)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Delivery Pancham, Aug 13, 2017.

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  1. Winter looked behind and saw a boy around her age Winter then shook her head saying "Me and my ninetales are lost were new here" Winter started petting her shiny nintales Flare looked at the young boy with a skeptical look but the feeling of Winter petting her she calmed down Winter then looked back at the boy and smiled
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  2. Stevie saw the girl turning around with a bright smile and tought by himself "wow this girl is beautiful" litten woke up and saw stevie talking to the girl and then saw a ninetales litten blushed for a second jumped off stevie's arms and showed off for the ninetales stevie then said "y-yeah im new too uhm l-lets find someone that can help us" said stevie while blushing.
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  4. Winter giggled at the male trainers face then looked at him with her purple eyes then said "I'm Winter by the way and yeah we should find somebody that knows how to get around this place" while Winter was talking to the boy Flare looked down at the tiny litten and scoffed then growled at the tiny cat Pokemon indicating that the litten back off or else
  5. Name: Anim
    Nickname: Shadow
    Age: Unknown, but thought to be 18
    Likes: Dark Types, Dark Places, Malamar, Gengar
    Dislikes: Daylight, Pokemon Trainers, Fairy Types, Palkia
    Other: A Pokemon Ghost, Malamar's brother
    Pokemon: Ghost (original), Malamar (hypnotic verson), Gengar, Ghost Mewtwo (Mewtwo but in ghost)
    Anim was a little shadow found in a Abandond house, next to a few pokeballs. Anim, known as the shadow Pokemon, lurked in the shadows of people's houses to see what they do to their Pokemon. His brother Malmar and his friend Gengar love to cause mischief around town. Anim is known for his powers to cause black outs and destroy electronics when mad. Anyone who has encountered Anim named him Shadow for his shadow color. Each person who did encounter Anim tried to keep him calm, it's a traditional thing now. Anim rests in the same Abandond house he was found in when the sun starts to rise. Will anyone dare to help Anim, or will they face Anim?
  6. Stevie saw that litten was showing off again and tried to grab him but litten just srcatched him on the face got off stevie's arms "jeez litten why why,by the way my name is Steven but call me Stevie" while stevie looking for anyone to help "so what b-brings you here?" Asked stevie
  7. Anim, as a student to the Pokemon Academy, walked out of his Abandond house with his backpack, down the hill side with his glasses on. You see, Anim wanted to go to school to master his powers so he didn't have to worry about his anger issues. While, Anim walked down the hill, he encountered Stevie, but of course, he dosent enjoy talking with others, so he walked past him with that grin he makes everytime he dosen't want to talk. Anim, being the one who hates sunlight, has to deal with it so he can get to class. Anim is just trying to blend in with the others, but of course, he hates humans. Malamar and Gengar, by his side, all walk to school together.
  8. While talking to winter saw stevie someone walking past "hi who...... uh..?" Stevie looked at him with a weird face and asked "what are you?" Seeing the grin he became silent
  9. Winter blew her silverish white bangs out of her eyes and looked at Stevie with a concerned look "Um Stevie are you okay" Winter asked while she grabbed his hand Winter became worried sense Stevie became quite then she got even more worried when Flare started growling
  10. Anim looked at Stevie, even though he is part of the Marshadow experiment, he didn't enjoy humans. Anim just pulled out Malamar and told him to do his thing. Malamar used hypnosis on Stevie, giving Anim enough time to run to class so that Stevie wouldn't remember him. Anim lived a hard life of forever being a Marshadow, and dosen't want anyone judging him.
  11. Winter gasped when she saw a Pokemon using hypnosis on Stevie Winter looked at Flare and saw that her shiny ninetales was getting ready to use flamethrower Winter gave her nintales a sweet smile and the start of the flamethrower dissapeared then Winters hand gripped on to Stevie's hand harder sense she was pretty much trying not to freak out
  12. Stevie felt Winter grabbing him and blushed he asked "what happenend it was like a rolloecoaster in my mind im felling dizzy" said stevie while he almosgt fell over litten that still showed off love for ninetales
  13. Winter grew a little worried so she grabbed one of the Luxury Balls on her belt and a huge Garchomp popped out of the Luxury Ball "Stevie if your dizzy Drake can carry you" Winter said while Flare was getting annoyed of the tiny litten and her growls started getting louder
  14. Name: Dimrill
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Shinx and Charmander
    Likes: Pokemon, people
    Appearance: White Hoodie, Brown Shorts, blonde hair, Black running shoes

    He was new in town, as his family just moved in last week. He walked outside around 7:30am. He had no idea where the school was that he was supposed to go to, so he just followed the flow of students, hoping to make a friend instead of just his Shinx walking next to him.
  15. Stevie became a little bit better said "t-thanksare we going in? Well ladies first" said stevie while grabbing litten and petting him "winter do you want to pet litten? Mostly he is calm but if he sleeps dont wake him up ok? While holding the door for her
  16. Winter giggled and walked through the door while Flare and and Drake followed behind their precious trainer but before Drake walked through the door the Garchomp stopped and looked at Stevie and growled at him
  17. Stevie saw the garchomp growling and asked "uhh Winter why does your pokemon growl at me jeez" Stevie just ignored the garchomp and walked behind Winter
  18. Anim watches from a tree, laughing at her trust with Stevie. Malamar and Gengar laugh even louder. Knowing that the 3 Pokemon know hypnosis, it would be easy to make others believe in things that weren't true. Anim throws out a pokeball to distract them, only to use his true power, The Hypno Zone. Anyone in the Hypno Zone will feel strange and see things that aren't real. The Hypno Zone has made many Pokemon fall to Anim's Will. Stevie and Winter won't be the first to fall under his will. Malamar focuses on using hypnosis while Gengar is more into putting his foes to sleep. Together, they can make your worst nightmares come true.
  19. Winter smiled at Stevie and said "Drake is jealous sense he's my little baby" as Winter said that Drake came up behind Winter and softly Nuzzled her which made Winter smile even more Flare saw Drake nuzzle Winter so Flare walked up to Winter and Nuzzled her trainers leg which made Winter laugh "I love you guys too" Winter said while her Pokemon Nuzzled her
  20. Anim looked at winter, and stopped his Hypno Zone. Winter looked like his mother before the Marshadow experiment. They took his mom away from him when they turned him into a Marshadow, making him more mad everytime he thinks of his past. Anim walked up to Winter, looking at her with his nice grin. It's hard to make Anim use his nice grin, so Winter must have something that made Anim smile.
  21. Winter turned to see another boy smiling which made her smile "Hello" Winter said as she looked at the boy with her unusual purple eyes something about that boy just made Winter smile without her knowing it
  22. Stevie who was exploring around saw Anim walking to Winter "hmm who is that guy i know him somewhere hmmm" tought Stevie by himself so he walked to Anim and asked "hi uhm do i know you? And are you alright?" While litten became scared of Anim
  23. Anim, being a Marshadow, smiled. It was Winter's Personality that made him happy. He knew that most trainers abused their Pokemon, but Winter was something else. Anim gave her a badge with a Marshadow on it. "Take it....." Anim said. The badge was given to those who could touch his heart, and that's not easy. Malamar and Gengar grab Anim and wonder off into the distance.
  24. Winter looked at the badge in her hand and smiled and somehow muttered a thank you Winter then went back to hugging her Pokemon after her Pokemon were done nuzzling her Winter looked at Stevie and smiled at him
  25. Stevie wanted to ask Amin another question but he already got away he saw Winter with badge "what is that....thing?" Stevie took a big look at it and said "wait i think i know what this is but im not sure"
  26. Anim entered into the Distored Dimension, were he talked with Giritina about the entire world and how it is. Anim grabbed his trusty hammer and made more badges for others. Anim summoned his gym from the Distored realm, putting the banner up. Anim prepared the entire thing for trainers to battle him and his trusty Pokemon. Anim's Gym is located by the Distored realm portal. Anim has skipped school for the day so he could set up the gym however.
  27. Winter being her kind self attached the badge to her necklace which only had black jewl like beads she then grabbed Stevie's hand and looked at him and smiled while her Pokemon were right behind her making sure Winter was safe
  28. Stevie blushed alot when Winter grabed his hand "uuh Winter d-do you really t-trust this guy i mean what if it is a trap" Stevie was actually kind of jealous and litten saw that so litten felt the same way
  29. Winter gave Stevie a soft smile and said in a soft voice "of coarse I trust him I don't know why but there's something about him that makes me smile without me knowing" Winter then looked at her Pokemon then looked back at Stevie "Plus Flare and Drake they seem to trust him too so if my Pokemon trust him I do too" Winter said she blew some of her bangs out of her face
  30. Stevie could not stop blushing when litten starts rolling his eyes "oh and uhhh do you.... w-w-wanna hang ...........o-u-t? I mean to k-know each other better?" Stevie then blushed again and didnt speak anymore
  31. Winter giggled and let go of his hand and faced him and said "Sure we can hang out" Winter then gave him a kiss on his cheek she then smiled at Stevie and then hugged his arm and giggled
  32. Stevie became a little bit dizzy "a girl kissed meeee wow. Wait are we gonna skip school or......" Stevie couldnt finish his sentence because knocked out litten just stared at him and said in pokemon language "what the heck" and just sat on stevie beggining to sleep
  33. Name: William
    Nickname: n/a
    Age (10-18: 14
    Likes: Pokemon, science
    Dislikes: darkness
    Pokemon: none right now
  34. william walked around the school, lost while try to find his way around he found a pokeball with a lightning symbol and picked it up
  35. Winter rolled her eyes and Drake her Garchomp picked Stevie's body and Winter walked out of the school with Flare behind her and Drake was also behind her carrying Stevie and Litten in his arms
  36. (Guys cant roleplay anymore need to sleep in the netherlands its now 1am so bye and later when i wake up lol)
  37. Anim held the badge with a Marshadow on it, and grinned. Anim tapped it and it transformed into a controller, a shiny controller. Anim could use the controller to control those who had the badge. The badge was part of Anim's Heart, so he could choose to control it or let it be. Anim used the controller to make Winter capture some other Pokemon because Anim wanted some other Pokemon to help him. Anim was a nice Marshadow, in fact, the only shiny Marshadow found. He tried to do the best he could to get some more friends.
  38. Winter felt strange as if she couldn't control herself she softly place her hand on her her head sense it hurt and Drake and Flare looked at their trainer with worried eyes Drake then carefully placed Stevie and Litten on the ground and the Garchomp and ninetales walked close to their trainer then softly nuzzling her
  39. "ZzzzzzzzZ.. huh wha.. where am i?........ Winter?"Stevie saw that Winter was being weird Stevie knew something was up "helloooo Winter are you there" said Stevie as he shakes Winter to wake up from whatever.
  40. Anim's laugh could be heard from though out the valley, as it sounded like the cry of Giritina, but in a more happy way. Anim could control Winter by his will, being able to change her fate. Anim's first goal was to make Winter catch a few other Pokemon for him, then make her fight Stevie. Anim's plan was created by Dialga and Giritina when they tried to fool Palkia, but it failed. Anim has changed the plan to how it would work for him, laughing at every change he made. Anim was like Giritina, but a little more evil, as his green flames are filled of revenge and hatred. Anim couldn't wait to show the rest of the world his evil plan.
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