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Private/Closed TOEE/CoDA Crossover Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sky5372, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Essentially, the tournament is just a way to bond the characters. We'll be RPing pre and post tournament; emphasis on the post tournament. Most of the crossover will take place after the torny, as it simply brings the two world together canonically and at least lets both sides know who the other is

    @Crimson Armada This thing given me serious Xenoblade vibes
  2. What if we make the tournament sort of like the Grand Magic Games? along with tournament style fighting there are also other forms of challenges that require more than just fighting ability? That way we might be able to even the playing field of the tournament as the Ender Eye characters are obviously more skilled in fighting than some of the CoDA students.
  3. And about the character balancing...
    What if, at the point when the EE team somehow enters an interdimensional portal, the magical aura which populates the fairy tail universe is suddenly gone when they enter Earth. From this, all of the "weaker" mages, who do not have as much experience retaining their aura and relying less on the magic around them, are severely nerfed, until they're around the same level as the CoDA student. And if the CoDA students came over to Fairy Tail, we could do the opposite, and the aura around the place could rejuvenate them and increase the level of their powers

    How's that for a dumb plot device?
  4. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    That could work
    Add Ella, Lucas, Cade, Ashley and Mika to that please.
  5. Well that's something I was thinking of bringing up. Mage's powers come from the magic energy flowing through Fiore without the magic energy of Fiore the Mage's wouldn't be able to perform magic. So what we could say is that (If say the EE characters were being sent to the CoDA universe or somewhere else) the magic energy of that place is weaker then that of Fiores meaning that the Mage's powers will be weakened... there are some other options to weaken the EE characters powers like with bane particles and stuff but that would make everything way too complicated then it already is.
  6. Exactly. Earth still has magic- but a weaker field, which superpower users on Earth have adapted to utilise better. People from Fiore rely on the strong magic flowing through it, so when entering earth, they'd get a serious nerf. And this can be as strong as we want, to bring them down to the CoDA level
    And again, as I said, we kinda need to keep the SS tiers the same strength, otherwise Sky, Rio and the teachers would have an unfair advantage. So if we use
    This idea, we won't have that issue
  7. No, not necessarily. Remember that S-Class wizards are much more powerful and much more skilled than normal Wizards. remember that the non-S-Class wizards are reduced to be equal level to the CoDA students so it might actually make sense for the S-Class wizards to have their power reduced to that of the CoDA teachers.
  8. Ya, but the founders were already equally strong/more strong than the GM of EE. If the Guild Master gets nerfed, the founders can just steamroll them. For the teachers, yes, the S-Classes need to be nerfed though
  9. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Well that's an issue...

    I am totally not confused right now...
  10. I guess I see where you're coming from. Well then we could try and weaken the Mages through bane particles. have it so that the atmosphere has a high concentration of Bane particles. The bane particles will be concentrated enough that they would be able to affect those other then the guild master and S-Class wizards as it is shown that Bane particles don't affect you if you and your magic are strong enough to resist it.
  11. You see? That, is a quality idea. I have no idea how the stuff works, so if the magic of Earth was corrupt with bane particles (Maybe the pollution from humans?) it'd nerf most of them, but not all of them
  12. exactly! If we do that then we would be able to equal the playing field between the CoDA students and other mages and also explain why the S-Class mages and Grandmaster haven't been nerfed.
  13. Well that's good. we've solved one of the big problems with the RP! yay! Well now that I've done that its time for me to take my leave! I bid you adieu!
  14. See ya. Thanks for the help
  15. Name: Aurora Dew
    Gender: Female
    Age: I think she was 14/15

    Complex ice manipulation as well as astral projection and telepathy Her Ice manipulation is very controlled and she has a good grip on how to use her power. However, other powers such as telepathy and astral are very unstable.

    Appearance: She has waist length platinum blonde hair with dark roots. Her hair is slightly wavy and very silky. She has very pale skin and bug electric blue eyes. She wears a long sleeve, periwinkle blue, woolen midriff and grey leggings. She wears white ankle sneakers. She's about 4"9 and is quite skinny and small for her age.

    Personality: She's very quiet and shy around strangers, but she's very enthusiastic and bubbly around her friends. She's quite insecure about her powers and is always feeling guilty about things that were out of her control. She's very smooth and a fast thinker, and a strong fighter. She doesn't like to give up easily.

    I'll do Sammy later
    Are these still needed? I did one earlier but didn't post it
  16. If it's in the google doc, there's no need to put it seperately
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  17. I posted a link to links to all my bios (except Bast, she doesn't need one), I don't know if anyone saw it.

    Edit: Never mind. Checked the Doc and their all there.
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  18. Destruction power isn't everything, if you can defeat someone who can destroy more than you that still makes you stronger than that person even thought you don't have as much destructive capabilities. Like the Bull Frog Barry fought, he can charge a hole into a mountain and Barry tanked those charges
  19. I like the idea of some sort of inter dimensional super villain poses a great threat to all worlds and we have to stop him. Idk who would be transferred where but perhaps this villain could fuse our two worlds together to start the destruction of both at once for whatever reason. Our characters would somehow meet up and begin a quest to defeat this super villain to not only separate their two worlds, but to save them both from complete annihilation.

    This idea is really out there, but I kinda don’t like the tournament thing or the idea of losing our magic.
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  20. I mean, it's not so much loosing magic as weakening it, but the fact still stands from the status conversation that it's extremely clichéd. Hell, that's exactly the basic for Avengers: Infinity War. There won't be much to do after said villain is defeated, and the teachers/founders/S-Class/Guild Masters would all be able to defeat a villain meant for students and normal mages easily. If said villain is meant to be more than a match for the SS tiers, the students and mages couldn't put any sort of dent in them
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  21. The villain wouldn't be that weak, he/she could be a god or an extraterrestrial alien that would require the powers of both sides to defeat. The guild master isn't really that powerful if you think about it. They are elected for their for power but more for their leadership skills, the S-Class are the strongest wizards in the guild, not in the entire world. Take Jellal for example- the father of my OC- back when he was an antagonist. He was defeated by beginning Natsu and he was a Wizard Saint, one of the top 10 wizards on the contient of Fiore while Natsu was an A or even a B class wizard at the time! I don't know how powerful your teachers/ founders are, but if you think about it, guild masters and S-Class wizards aren't as strong as you think.

    With the fusion of both worlds their would no need for a nerf and we could have an even crazier world. If you're still worried about your students being "weak" then just have them be buffed by the magical energy from the Fiore part of the fused world.

    Back to the villain, again, it is going to be extremely power, unworldly. Hell, this villain could have armies backing it up if you want, there could be a group of villains doing this. My idea was extremely basic and that's what we need right now to build upon, hell I thought of it right when I woke up and saw the entire conversation.
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  22. Hmm... Maybe we could combine the two? A tournament from the two worlds, after a large chunk of Fiore gets suddenly shifted onto Earth and next to the island, alerting said villain to the fact that there is two very much sentient worlds which exist. Shortly after tournament finishes said Villain reveals himself, quest commences, villain is defeated, and we can do whatever we want with the crossover afterwards. Sound good? We can change that later, but it might be a good way to combine the two
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  23. Sorry for being so late to this! To be honest I didn't expect 5 pages to be born within 24 hours lol. Glad to see you were able to get Zane's profile, though! I happened to update just last week so that works out perfect.

    ( @Sky5372 If by chance, is there anyway you can take the document Kyuu posted and edit into the very first comment of yours in the thread? That way if any of us need it its only one click away and we know its at the top.)
  24. The whole document? Because I've already linked it. Do you want me to spoiler the whole thing into the thread?
  25. OH OKAY LOL I just didn't check before commenting. My bad! Everything's good.
  26. I like Sky's idea earlier, but with the other option people didn't seem to look at as much. The CoDA students traveling into the Fairy Tail verse. Like ti could be a field trip gone array and the students and the teachers with them are sent to the Fairy Tail universe. And that would help limit who goes to this other world, (who's going on the field trip) and with the plot device Sky mentioned with the students getting a boost could work. And maybe the only way to go home was channeling a rare drift and they have to wait for it, so they decide to train with the people they met, after crash landing in their guild, Ender Eye. After a bit of training with them, there is a new threat, that seems massive that gets the Guildmaster, and Sky and Rio as they decide to tag along because its that massive. And as soon as they are gone, it turns out it was a false alarm and the real threat was about to attack the guild, which he/she did. The Mages and Students combine their forces to defeat him, and boom.

    How does that sound?
  27. @Sky5372

    Well, did you not see my other suggestion?
    With this suggestion, we can add everyone's ideas to have the plot make sense.
    • Awesome battles *check*
    • CoDA and EE bonding *check*
    • Evil person can be running tournament *check*
    And we can add so much more to it!
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  28. I just want some super villain, that threatens the very existence of both worlds with immense power and the backing of a full army, unique squadrons lead by mini villains and all.

    I guess you could say I want full blown war that has actual stakes to it (entire worlds being destroyed)
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  29. Easy, the villain running the tournament can be like the Omni King.

    And if you haven't watched Dragon Ball Super, then the Omni King is basically this little dude who has the ability to destroy universes with the blink of an eye. We don't have to make it the universe if you guys don't want to, but at least the competitors in the tournament and their home-world.

    Too much of a stretch?
  30. Damn, I musta notification-skipped straight past it.

    So... If we win the tournament, said Omni King like being leaves our homeworlds alone? Then we can do whatever else with the crossover after the tournament finishes?
  31. This sounds interesting, but I'd have nothing to do if I was absent for the whole of the arc :l
  32. And after the tournament there would be full scale war?
  33. Sure, but what would you want to do in the crossover after the tournament is over?

    I was thinking all of the characters would get send back home after fighting the Omni King like being.
  34. This is why I said it's hard to make a satisfying villain :T
  35. Well maybe Sky could not go, or come back early to fight (You can fly). Also there could be some kind of interaction on the way, or something like that.

    My primary problem with this idea, is that I don't see why he would make it a tag team tournament and make teams from other worlds. It seems a bit odd and too much of a stretch.

    Maybe an idea bouncing off that, is something similar. Like both sides are gievn to time to build a team of 10, and then they, and their supporters all head to a battle arena in another world, where they battle for the prize of Multiverse champ. Now during this, both the CoDA characters and EE mages discoer a plot lead by the right hand man of the tournament to destroy the losers. So they team up to overthrow him, and in the end of the tournament, for their efforts the leader of the tournament (not the righthand man, the leader) ends their battle near the end and declares them both winners after he learns of what they did, stopping the right hand man.
  36. But then, crossover over. Nothing
    I mean, unless some permanent portal stays open between the two, allowing an infinite number of new arcs to come through
    Ya. That's why I didn't think the multiverse villain was that great an idea in the first place
    This is great, but still means that the crossover would end there. We can't elaborate on that once we "Overthrow" the villain
  37. Well in retrospect we don't have the make the tournament a one night thing and then over. IT can be over a span of a week or something, and the two teams make a pact early on when they discover of this to help each other get to the finals so they can defeat this baddie. And along the way can be many interactions, like them eating together and training, and etc.
  38. I think if we do go ahead with the tournament it should just be for the villain entertainment and his plan was just to destroy everyone regardless who wins. Our two groups would figure this out which would eventually lead to the whole war (this can happen at the end of the tournament).

    The battle would be a constant struggle with the villains overpowering army with several legions and platoons each lead by mini villains.

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