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Private/Closed TOEE/CoDA Crossover Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sky5372, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. That's true, though Lily can be a beast and Diego & Serenity have trashed their town in their spars. Just Suzy is more squishy so Diego pulled his punches.

    And Ryker's feats are pretty impressive, even comparing to many of our own characters. Kevin and Aura scale off him and older students can scale off them.
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  2. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Also all my characters didn't exist when that happened. All the new characters (Which is quite a lot) Haven't really gotten to show off their skills.
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  3. Maybe a bunch of simple side plots. The Cast from EE get sent through some kind of dimsensional portal via some kind of magic and end up in the CoDA universe. And so the entire crossover is kind of groups meeting. Like a few characters from each verse could explore the school's forest in search of something, while others doing something else. Small sideplots.
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  4. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Wouldn't the EE students motive be to go back home though?
  5. Maybe make a mystery element to add? The Ender Eye cast wants to go home and the various side plots involve them trying to think/find ways to do that or something. Looking for clues and stuff.
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  6. Well, wasn't Rio the one to defeat Viiper? Didn't she have to blow herself up to defeat him?
    Cos if so, then maybe I'll allow it.

    They're mages, not students.
  7. So sorry for being late to the party. I'll get right to work:

    Name: Cyrus Azroth
    Gender: Male
    Astral engine is a type of enhancement magic in which the user focuses their magic energy throughout their body to boost either their own or their ally's speed, strength, durability, senses, magical output, etc. This also extends to weight manipulation, making himself or his intended target lighter or heavier.
    Personality: Cyrus is a carefree, confident mage who tends to flirt with the females...though he does so less now that he has a girlfriend. He's also the type who's always pushing himself past his current limits, no matter what. Whenever he has a problem he needs to think through, he heads to the training ground he has outside of town to work out and hone his technique. He's also very protective of his girlfriend, Jeanne Arcana.

    Name: Jeanne Arcana
    Gender: Female
    Jeanne's magic, Light-Make, allows her to create objects and weapons out of light and wield them to her will. This includes but is not limited to: swords, halberds, pillars, wings, and barriers.
    Personality: Tough, tomboyish, and no-nonsense attitude are three good choices to describe Jeanne's personality. Though she might seem a bit abrasive at first, she's quick to warm up to others and show her inner kindness and caring. She especilly enjoys Cyrus's company, the two having known each other since they were children growing up.

    Name: Fabian Ulfrius
    Gender: Male
    Nosferatu is a vampiric magic that drains the stamina and magic energy of the target(s), tiring them out with each hit. This magic can then be absorbed by the caster (in this case Fabian) and added to their own reservoir. He's created several different spells for this class of magic, and through the Eclipse Command Seal spell, can boost his power to immense levels.
    Personality: Fabian is a wise, gentle, relaxed soul with a fatherly nature toward his allies and a love for drinking (though it takes an astonishing amount of alcohol to get him actually drunk). He also has a tendency to think things through carefully before making a decision

    Name: Fredrick Denzell
    Gender: Male
    Liquid Shadows is magical energy corrupted and altered to the point of acting more like physical matter than etheral energy. It takes the form of a black tar-like liquid that composes Fredrick's entire body (though he still looks 100% human). While it's primarily in liquid form, Fredrick has learned how to solidify or evaporate it to use it in multiple states, and can control the liquid on an atomic level for maximum precision. And his power grows still, the more he learns about this newfound power of his.
    Personality: Fredrick is a calm and calculating mage with an impressive intellect and interest in magical science (the study of magical energy and it's properties). He often spends his free time studying and teaching himself more about his magic (using his father's vast collection of records, notes, and journals) as well as other magics. He's easy enough to get along with, though, and has a secondary interest in trying as many different foods as possible. Make him mad, though, and you'll see why he was once called "The liquid nightmare". And trust me, you DON'T want to see that.
  8. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Be quiet...

    I haven't seen fairytail... (Not trying to be rude)
  9. Yes, but the students were still able to help as Rio was kinda brainwashed?/out of commission to start the fight. My point was CoDA has ways for even "weaker" characters to still contribute to the story. They even rescued a hostage from it.
  10. Technically, most of our characters are old enough to be older students at the school. I think only like Viper, Eliza and the adults are too old to be students.

    So they could be "temporary" students while stuck here XD
  11. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Now it feels like in my opinion either CoDA's characters are too weak or EE's characters are overpowered...

    (I'm becoming unlikable aren't I... Sorry...)
  12. Meant to push reply. Sorry. And honestly most of the Ender Eye cast don't have that many "feats" except for something Brendan & Fredrick pulled in our last arc to put them that much higher than the CoDA cast IMO.
  13. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Honestly, most of our feats are reformations and taking down criminals really lol
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  14. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Oh. Well thats still more than all my characters. NOTHING!!! (I haven't been in CoDA for that long so..)

    Anyway I have to go...
  15. It's okay, you have a clean slate really. You can scale off other characters in the crossover. Peace.
  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    So far EE doesn't have feats though

    Though in later future, we are planning feats for each character
    So far Viper kind of has his feat? Poison to Toxic if I'm correct
    Barry kind of too?
  17. That's a transformation. The most impressive feat he has is enduring being poisoned by special poison while being squeezed. It's good, but Kevin has endured more pain through the story.

    Not that I have Kevin higher than Viper, but Kevin's shown to be tougher than I've shown Viper to be. If that make sense XD
  18. It's not like EE doesn't have their own feats. It's been proven in the RP through battles and other actions that each mage is "Town Destruction" level.

    I mean, maybe the CoDA students can do so to. Maybe it's because I've only seen the sophomore/junior classes, though. Maybe they aren't as strong as the freshmen. After all, all Godjacob has been explaining is the feats for the freshmen (Kevin and Ryker (and maybe Aura)).
  19. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    SO technically all characters have feats

    Some are just bigger feats than others
  20. Savannah's most "epic" fight, versus Azir, didn't even destroy the sand-room they were in XD
  21. I have the older students above Kevin, Ryker and Aura (Except maybe Suzy, but her soul power can be a wildcard) Lily scared the crap out of them during the hellhound invasion. It's just those three had favorable spotlight and a lot of sophomores/juniors just got introduced.

    And all our characters being "Town Destruction" level feels like an exaggeration. Nobody has shown a feat like that yet. (Yet being key word).
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  22. Yeah, but if we're going by that logic then Goku isn't as strong as he is said to be because his fights don't blow up the freaking planet.
  23. Tell me, what initiated the swapped Ender Eye mage's attacks on the Nightly Usubeni?
  24. Difference is ki control is a thing in Dragon Ball, but neither Azir or Savannah held back in fact they were spamming big moves against each other, trying to one up each other. I agree on principle that you don't need to constantly have stuff blowing up to remind people how strong characters are but that is a different animal.
  25. All I remember is one of them cast a spell to switch our minds around and then we beat them later in swapped bodies. It's been a long time can you clarify what happened?
  26. Okay I think we all get the points from everyone (Me included). This really doesn't address the real thing of what plot we want anyway XD
  27. Well, after the swapped mages finished their training, the Nightly Usubeni initiated an attack on the town. They destroyed many buildings in the process (it even said so in the RP that they did). Yadayadayada. Ender Eye mages beat them, and go back to normal.

    But do you remember something else? These characters were also weaker than the EE cast, and they were able to destroy buildings like it was nothing.

    So, that's how I drew to the conclusion that the Ender Eye mages are at least "Town-Destruction" level.
  28. Damn, you and your logic.

    True, we have to come up with something to have both sides be happy.

    Hmmm....how about an inter-universal tag team tournament? Where two random universes have to work together to complete obstacles and also fight other two universes along the way. We could have EE and CoDA be two universes that have to work together in the tournament. We can have both sides fight, but not each other to prove that one is stronger than the other.

  29. I'll save my argument for that later, cause Sarah is right and this is getting us nowhere.

    That could work. It gives more opportunity for "weaker" characters to shine. Though that depends on how others feel about it.
  30. I mean, it's the best option I've heard so far. Depends on what Sky, Crimson and others say about it.
  31. And we have a page full of arguing! lol Hope the admins don't see it as flaming.

    Also, I hope you guys don't think I'm an asshole. But, you can sort of see where I'm coming from, right?
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  32. To an extent, so long as you see that the CoDA kids are not so, soo much weaker than the Ender Eye cast. Both have good feats, not just one.

    And hey, we came to a peaceful resolution so hope for the best and move forward XD
  33. Don't worry, just making a passionate case is all. Just as I and Godjacob did. And now we came to peace, much like the war to start this all off XD

    Anyway gotta go to bed. Peace!
  34. I never even saw it that way in the beginning. I saw them like a tad below EE, and leagues above Yamcha.

    Ara: I don't know this Yamcha person you speak of, but he sounds disappointing.
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  35. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    "Hmmm....how about an inter-universal tag team tournament? Where two random universes have to work together to complete obstacles and also fight other two universes along the way. We could have EE and CoDA be two universes that have to work together in the tournament. We can have both sides fight, but not each other to prove that one is stronger than the other."

    I'm still confused, can you explain more in depth and specifics?
  36. I mean, I'll answer some specific questions. I mean, I don't think I did that bad of a job explaining it, did I?
  37. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    No it's just my dumb brain usually
    I usually need an explanation twice before I can comprehend lmao sorry
  38. I'm here! and I honestly can't believe we're going through with this...
    I guess I'm using Eliza and Elaine from the Ender Eye rp...
    Name: Eliza Elcavelir
    Gender: Femail
    Magic: Thunder dragon slayer magic
    Appearance: Eliza has waist long white hair with yellow streakes runing down it and emerald green eyes, she usually wears a yellow t-shirt with a black leather jacket over the top, a pair of blue denim jeans, yellow sneakers, a pair of black fingerless gloves, a black headset and a lightning bolt necklace.
    Personality: Eliza is very clear headed and values her pride above anything else, she will never decline the opportunity to fight or take on a challenge. Eliza is on a quest to become the strongest Mage in the world no matter the cost.
    Backstory: at a young age Eliza was orphaned by her father because she wasn't the male heir that he wanted, Eliza was adopted by a Mage who implanted a thunder dragon lacrima inside of her and taught her how to use lightning dragon slayer magic. At the age of 16 Eliza became very skilled with her new magic and her mentor left her to care for herself. Eliza then started a quest to find mages who could help her refine her power.
    Name: Elaine Heart
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Slowing Magic & Speed magic
    Personality: Elaine is a fun loving, enthusiastic person who loves a good time, Elaine loves to have a good time with friends and is always the life of the party. Elaine can go a bit overboard some times for the better or for worse but either way there's no stopping her. Although she's a bit over the top sometimes she will do anything for her friends or guild mates, even to go so far to put her life on the line.
    Appearance: Elaine has bright jade eyes and long blonde hair, she wears a white and red racing suit with a checkered line going down it diagonally, She also wears a pair of specially designed shoes that have wheels that she can deploy or retract.
  39. I can see this inter-universe tag team happening, but as for the other two universes..... how do you intend to deal with those? Personally, I think Viiper was kinda 'weak' he wasn't exactly as devious as he could've been or caused as much damage as a 200+-year-old Super-villain should have been able to cause. My only issue is that I don't want our 'opponents' to be disappointing.

    Though I understand where you're going with this. The characters of CoDA aren't really Spec-ed for that level of combat, I can see all the teachers doing it since we've never set and hard limits on their abilities, but there's never really been any cataclysmic battles of town-destroying proportions in CoDA. The fact that we're an academy and a lot of us intentionally 'nerfed' our powers so we can have room to 'develop' is already a disadvantage for our characters. So CoDA vs EE isn't really going to prove anything.

    I do believe we can work with the inter-universe tag team, but we'll need reasonable opponents, that can satisfy both sides. My current idea would be more like a trail/training camp where the upper echelon of both RPs Teachers, Headmaster/mistress, Guildmaster, S-class mages, can make a testing grounds for the, so to speak, pupils or lower-class mages.

    Think of it like the Tenroujima arc from FT, the S-class advancement tests. We're you'd face opponents that are intentionally designed to outclass you, and you'd need to work in a team to either defeat or simply pass a certain objective.

    We'll need to work out the details.
  40. Oh, and before I head off to bed here's the list of characters that (so far) are confirmed crossover participants.

    Ender Eye – Core of the Dragon Academy Cross-over
    Character Sheet.

    1. Celica
    2. Melusine
    3. Wystria

    1. Viper
    2. Serebus
    3. Kevin McKnight
    4. Oliver
    5. Candice McKnight

    1. Sky

    SS-I Never
    1. Ara Fullbuster
    2. Suzy Parks

    1. Brendan Fernandes

    1. Orion Sparkes
    2. Angela Blackwood
    3. Sabrina Cullen

    1. Ed
    2. Barry
    3. Bolt

    1. Savannah
    2. Lily
    3. Andrew

    1. Ryker
    2. June
    3. Ray

    Lil Eliza
    1. Eliza Elcavelir
    2. Elaine Heart


    1. Jeanne Arcana
    2. Cyrus Azroth
    3. Fabian Ulfrius
    4. Fredrick Denzell

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