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Private/Closed TOEE/CoDA Crossover Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sky5372, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. I think we're having a slight problem here because for CoDA our powers aren't 'weaker'. Just that the vast majority of their powers aren't 'developed' that is to say the students have limited control of their abilities. That's kinda the whole point of the academy. Straight up buffing their powers won't really do anything since it's the control and usage that they're lacking in rather than actual destructive power.

    I responded to your suggestion, but we'd still need to create a satisfying villain/obstacle.

    Something of that scale actually sounds rather satisfying~ this has my vote.
  2. I can get behind this, to a degree.
  3. Well, I thought this was just going to be a silly filler arc. Nothing that would impact either universe/RP.
    I mean, if you want there to be a portal then that could work, I guess.

    Like, maybe after EE and CoDA defeat the right hand man guy, and the mages and the students might've gotten along, then the leader of the tournament opens a portal to both universes so they could....do stuff I guess.
  4. That could work.
  5. Nah, that's what you said. I kinda want to make it something at least a bit bigger
    I second that
  6. I'll third the motion as long as we stay true to the description.

  7. I guess it could. I'm still a bit confused on the details (mainly on this villain himself), but those can be sorted out later.
  8. Yeah, all I know about this villain is that he/she has immense power, leads an incredible army, and destroys worlds for fun and entertainment.

    That's just another thing we can settle after we get the plot down though.
  9. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Whoever read the Zeref arc of Fairy Tail would understand

    It’s kind of like that arc
  10. You could put it like that. Imagine if Zeref brought together a couple of worlds, made them compete in a tournament, then just destroyed all their worlds for fun after the tournament.
  11. But he didn't because if he destroyed my baby then he would burn in the hell of my imagination
  12. That's exactly why our worlds would band together to wage war against him and his army.
  13. Oliver: I HATE THIS SCHOOL!!!

    Kevin: Oliver, it's gonna be okay...
  14. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    How about this? Idk just randomly thought up of it

    Half of each crew splits up and ends in the other dimension?
    So half of CoDA gets into EE Dimension
    And half of EE gets into CoDA Dimension

    So we have both lifestyles in the roleplay?

    And then again, a super villain simultaneously destroying both regions and both sides band together to defeat this super villain?
  15. I don't know, this might just be a biased opinion but, I just like the idea we just created better.
  16. Mmm, sounds interesting

    I'd be happy to remove CoDA of leadership for a while (causing just a bit of panic) and do some stuff in the fairy tail world
  17. I think combining the two ideas would be a good idea, because the half and half is a very good idea.
    It gives you a chance for a long build up as well, before the arc peaks
  18. No. It'll absolutely not be like that arc '-'
    That arc managed to set up such an excellent scenario then completely betray all my expectations.
  19. Oliver: C-can Sky stay there....forever?

    Idea is fine with me, but Kevin, Aura & Ryker need to stick together regardless of where they end up.
  20. Oh snap yeah Rhabby wants a full out Zeref arc lol. I'm actually down for that because I'm towards the end of it right now and its pretty epic.
  21. I vote Oliver comes with be and gets eaten by a dragon
  22. Oliver going with Sky would be amusing XD

    Oliver: I hate you.
  23. Okay, okay if we do that then:
    (This'll be brief)

    Villain switches half CoDA, half EE people into the other's world, alerting them of his/her presence. Lifestyle a little bit, then the tournament is created and everyone is reunited before the tournament blah blah. Tournament begins, goes on for bit, then we learn of the villain's true motive to that this is just for entrainment and is going to destroy anything regardless. We all band together and the war begins.
  24. Wystria: By that you mean me...right? I mean, when was the last time the headmasters even showed up?
  25. I want full blown war my friend. Not FT style either.
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  26. Splitting up the group temporarily could be interesting though.
  27. Dude, I'm teaching. I am very much in charge
    @Rhabby War... Yeah, I guess it could work. How long are you expecting this arc to take?
  28. :D I think I'm gonna like you a lot ~
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  29. If we do this it'll take a long time.
  30. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    It’s not all that bad
    And I mean our RP will be set up like that arc, not in specifics but in general war itself
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  31. I'd actually rather a substantial arc, where our characters can actually develop instead just punching some guys for 10 pages then going home.
  32. Think is... I don't want the crossover to be completely war. I'm more thinking 1/2 fighting, 1/2 lifestyle. Along with the 50/50 split, which I am definitely on board with
    @kyuukestu Welp we said the same thing :D
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  33. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Imagine this crossover as a movie

    That’s about how long we should do it I suppose because it is a rare crossover afterall
  34. That's why the first 'arc' you could say would be lifestyle/split. The second 'arc' would be the tournament- fighting, more lifestyle, then the third and final 'arc' would be the war.

    We don't want this to last forever, I mean, is this even going to be canon? I look as this like a giant OVA or special.
  35. Whether it's canon is... Complicated. Where we can insert it into our respective timelines is not really something we can say
  36. Well, this is a cross-over and not a merge. I'd say we make it canon if we intend to do more cross-overs of this type. Otherwise, we can all just use it to sorta experiment and play around with the powers of our characters. Maybe watching each other (since a lot of our characters have similar powers) we'll have new ideas we might wanna add to the main-timeline.
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  37. Yeah, I don't think this is canon.
  38. Ya

    To be honest, I'm treating this more as just a way to see how our characters interact and do stuff together. Because EE has some really cool characters, and I'd love to interact with them
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  39. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    We have character and plot(?) down
    What else is needed to be planned
  40. In the end, I rp for the awesome fights, character interaction is great and create awesome moments but the fights is what I care about. That is why I would like the full scale war. Even in the war arc, there is going to be loads of interaction because you just can't fight 24/7, even our magical characters have limits and so massive, overpowering armies.

    I would love to see how are characters interact during battle and how their skills compliment each others in their quest to bring down this all-mighty villain.

    Edit: We need to plan out the villain(s), events leading to tournament, tournament events, and how the whole war will go.

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