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Private/Closed TOEE/CoDA Crossover Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Sky_, Dec 28, 2017.

  1. Created purely to port the conversation from my profile to an actual thread

    All characters
    #1 Sky_, Dec 28, 2017
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  2. Perfect. well, the first order of business. I think to solve this power scaling thing we should start by compiling all the character sheets.
  3. Good, now we just need to tag people.
  4. Cool, now the CoDA representatives.
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  5. I Never made one to XD

    What should we do?
  6. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Talk in both? lmao
  7. Nope, deleted mine.
  8. I think we should stick to this one, seeing as I've already tagged everyone from both RPs
    Edit~ Welp, nevermind. Thanks, Never
  9. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Aight what is needed to be planned first
  10. I am so sorry I Never :( That is so unfortunate.
  11. First thing's first, we need to compile all the character profiles into one big spoiler I can edit into the start of this thread
  12. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Do you need the character themselves only? or also inclusion of their magic and stuff?
  13. '-'
    well, I plan to compile them into a document aswell.
  14. Preferably their Bio sheet.
  15. Hmm... If their magic is something which you don't actually know anything about from the bio along, then yeah. If the bio says anything about how the powers work, then nah, you don't need a second description
    I think there's one or two people in CoDA who haven't watched Fairy Tail
    @kyuukestu shush, I know
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  16. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Issue with that is not all of them have bio sheets

    Some of them were made through our 200 pg private convo
  17. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    All we can necessarily give you are some bio sheets and the rest without bio sheets is that alright?
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  18. Hmm, then can you create a bio for them?
    Or rather just a description of their powers? We'll add more as we move along.
  19. This is perfect.
  20. That should be okay. Just so long we know their abilities and a rough description of their appearance, I guess, then yeah. If you manage to uncover the character sheets for them, all the better
  21. Oh hi.

    So is everyone coming to coda or the other way around? Or something else?
  22. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    @Godjacob @SS-I Never can you make some bio to the best of your abilities?
    There are lots that are needed lmao and most needs to be edited as we changed some of them
  23. We are planning on making a separate thread. As for the canonical details... We're working on it
  24. Also what's going on? XD
  25. Oh are we making bios for our characters?
  26. You missed out. Just go to my profile and look at all of the messages on the most recent status
    And yeah, we're compiling character bios
  27. Alright, then I'll start compiling from My side as well.

    Should we...make a Google Docs or... just keep editing the first post..?
  28. Basically this is a separate crossover RP between Ender Eye & CoDA. Ender Eye characters are gonna come to CoDA.

    So yeah, bios for characters are needed XD
  29. EE's characters (or at least main)

    Name: Viper
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Poison Dragon Slayer
    Appearance: Dark skin with black eyes and purple hair. Wears a black cloak, underneath it being a black no sleeved shirt and brown cargo pants with black shoes. Wears tape around his arms and carries a golden locket that has a picture of Kinana.
    Personality: A quite individual who is always business minded at all times. Has no time for jokes and takes everything seriously; even if the situation does't call for it. Has a strong resentment against his father as well as his own magic and avoids using it unless he absolutely has no other choice.

    Name: Savannah
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Sand-Make
    Appearance: Blond hair with blue eyes and tan skin and a flat chest. Wears a green tank top with matching skirt. Walks around barefoot and has golden earnings with ruby stones.
    Personality: Sarcastic and loves quips to go along with friendly teasing. Loves the outdoors and the feel of nature on her feet, which is why she chooses to walk around with no shoes. Has a strong desire for money and making a profit, but is incredibly supportive of her friends. Incredibly insecure about her chest size and has a quick temper.
    Backstory(Optional): Grew up the daughter of a Merchant Guilt Member and used her magic to help make wonderful crafts, but desired more and left her home to join a Mage Guild to reach her full potential.

    Name: Orion Sparkes
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic
    Appearance: Orion has tan skin, emerald eyes, and blonde spiked hair. Fairly decent looking and fairly built. He wears a long sleeved white mage coat with blue and gold lining, black joggers, and a white top. His accessories is that he wears little Star Earings. Guild Mark placement is on his right abdomen.
    Personality: Orion is often cool and collected. At times he could be a bit, well, snarky if you annoy him. Usually nice and a fast thinker, but tends to doubt himself all the time.

    Name: Eliza Elcavelir
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Thunder dragon slayer magic
    Appearance: Eliza has waist long white hair with yellow streakes runing down it and emerald green eyes, she usually wears a yellow t-shirt with a black leather jacket over the top, a pair of blue denim jeans, yellow sneakers, a pair of black fingerless gloves, a black headset and a lightning bolt necklace.
    Personality: Eliza is very clear headed and values her pride above anything else, she will never decline the opportunity to fight or take on a challenge. Eliza is on a quest to become the strongest Mage in the world no matter the cost.

    Name: Barry Garno
    Sex: male
    Magic: Darkness Dragon Slayer
    Appearance: Has spiky black hair, Black coat with black shirt, dark grey pants and black boots
    Personality: Kind of lazy but is really nice to his friends, Serious when the time is right. Loves excitement and has a great sense of humour.

    Name: Fredrick Denzell
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Liquid Shadow Magic; Liquid shadow is a black, viscous, tar-like substance created from magic energy. It burns to the touch, and can harden into an armor-like substance. Fredrick's body is composed entirely of the stuff, like Juvia and water.
    Appearance: In his normal state, Fredrick is scrawny, pale-skinned and dons long white hair and sunken red eyes that burn with malice, looking more like a walking corpse than a human. He wears a ragged pair of brown trousers and a ripped up red vest. When he gets serious, he covers his entire body in Liquid Shadow. He looks more like a monster's shadow than an actual human, with his eyes glowing red and a grin full of pointed teeth. He can also take many other different forms, such as a monster that looks like a quadrepedal xenomorph.
    Personality: Fredrick is cruel and sadistic to his victims, often leaving no survivors in his wake. He doesn't care at all for the lives of others, killing without discrimination (though he will make the deaths of those who wrong or annoy him ESPECIALLY painful and gruesome), and he certainly doesn't know empathy, sympathy, compassion, love or mercy. All he knows is the darkness and hatred instilled in him by his father, and his only motive is to drag the world into the darkness he was plunged into.
    It is later hinted that Fredrick seems to show envy to those who show what he calls "naivety and ignorance" to the evils of humankind.
    Nickname(Optional): The Liquid Nightmare

    Name: Ara Fullbuster
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Water and Ice Manipulation
    Appearance: Ara is a slender, teenage girl with black hair, midnight blue eyes, snow skin complexion and a curvaceous figure. Ara has long hair, and is tightly curled at the base. Ara wears a knee-high dark dress coat which is adorned with four, symmetrically placed, light-colored buttons on the chest. The coat is garnished with fur trimmings around her sleeve cuffs and neck.
    Personality: Ara has a laid-back personality, but will get serious when the time calls for it. She is very concerned about her comrades and is truly loyal towards her guild. But, she has a disturbing habit of unconsciously removing her clothes (except for her underwear).

    Name: Brendan Fernandez
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Uses requip magic for weapons but can use some of Jellal's spells.
    Appearance: Brendan is an average looking teenage boy with blue hair and blueish-green eyes. He is lightly tanned and is 5ft 10in tall. Brendan wears a silver chestplate (similar to Erza's in the Tartarus arc) he also wears black pants and black boots he then wears Jellal's blue cape.
    Personality: Brendan is very laid back and is usually care-free most of the time. Although he is laid back he knows when to get serious and will do anything to protect his friends and his guild. Brendan hates to lose and will not give up to the very end even if his opponent is much stronger than him.

    Name: Cyrus Azroth
    Gender: Male
    Magic: Astral Engine (Enhancements): Cyrus is capable of providing several buffs for either himself or anyone he touches. These buffs include changes Strength, Speed, Endurance, and other such enhancements. At first, though, he can only use one buff at a time. He will eventually learn to equip multiple buffs to himself and allies at a time, and do the opposite as well.
    Appearance: Standing at 5' 7" with a lanky but well-toned build, Cyrus sports a fair skin tone, messy red hair, and amber eyes. He's often seen wearing a crimson tailcoat with adjustable sleeve length, black pants, and a pair of black shoes with metal over the heels, soles, and toes of his footwear. He also wears a white and blue-striped bandana tied around his head, and a necklace with a shooting star engraved on it around his neck. He also wears a couple of weighted wristbands, and under his pants legs, he wears two more sets of training weights.
    Personality: At first, Cyrus might come off as a bit of a jerk due to his brash, headstrong, impulsive, somewhat perverted, and mischievous personality and blunt honesty. Break through that abrasive shell though, and you see he's a carefree and kind, albeit snarky, individual who takes few things seriously. After having lost his hometown of Joulaire to Fredrick's Rampages, He is very protective of his childhood friend Jeanne, treating her like a little sister, much to her annoyance, and while he has never actually seen him in person (as he and Jeanne were evacuated in the early stages of the attack), he secretly and simultaneously fears and loathes the "Liquid Nightmare", vowing to become strong enough to avenge his family, friends, and home. He also enjoys jazz music and

    Name: Jeanne Arcadia
    Gender: Female
    Magic: Light-Make magic.
    Appearance: Jeanne stands at 5'5" with an average body build that has slight muscular toning from her training. She has a light skin color (with freckles dotting her cheeks and the bridge of her nose) and brown hair that reaches down to the middle of her back, and displays heterochromia, with her left eye being brown, and her right eye being gray. She wears a white and yellow knee length dress with attached pieces of armor including a chest plate and shoulder guards and a pair of boots with wing ornaments at the heels. She also wears a decorative headpiece that looks like a knight's visor.
    Personality: Jeanne is a tough, tomboyish, no-nonsense type of gal who isn't afraid to show what she's made of. She often gets annoyed with Cyrus's ladies' man antics and protective nature toward her, and isn't beneath hitting him to keep him in line. Despite that, however, when you get to know here, she can be a real sweetheart, even if it takes a while for her to warm up to others. And even if he does get on her nerves, Jeanne does have a deep fondness of Cyrus, given how long they've known each other and all they've been through.

    Name: Zander "Zane" Carminá
    Magic: Celestial Spirit Magic - Platinum Keys // Astral Embodiment
    Platinum Key Spirits:
    Legendary Queen - Cassiopeia (Cosmic Energy Wielding)
    Legendary Hero - Perseus (Enhanced Physical Abilities)
    Legendary King - Cephus (Solar Energy Wielding)
    Legendary Herdsman - Tees (Aura Magic)
    Legendary Ursa Major - Alioth (Strength/Size)
    Astral Embodiment:
    When in contact with one of his Celestial Spirits/Their keys, he is able to fuse his own energy with that of the selected contracted spirit. He gains the magical abilities of that spirit, but his physical appearance does not change, and the chosen spirit is forced to remain in the Spirit World. It requires much magical energy to sustain using the magic of his spirit. If wisely fused with the correct spirits, Zane is able to summon an outer-world angelic creature, slightly more powerful than his own spirits. However, this is not an easy feat to accomplish.
    Appearance: Zane has bright, blonde curly hair. He adorns hazel eyes, fair skin, and is quite short and skinny for his age - 5'6 Ft. + 120 lbs. He usually wears casual clothing with a white hooded cloak.
    Personality: Zane is an enthusiastic, fairly happy person. He is one that is good with making friends and connections with people, making him great in team settings - primarily due to being a summoning mage; cooperating being a big part of his responsibilities. He is, however, quite the sneaky person - having a good way with words, and using his acting skills to his advantage from time to time.
  30. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Would you like ALL of our guild members? or just the main ones? as those are basically the main ones
  31. I shall be your editing savior
  32. And if anyone needs any clarification in these characters magic, just ask me!
  33. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Would you guys like to make a group doc? I practically have all of the EE peeps emails, or at least their fake ones that i made for them lmao
  34. Eh... Whatever, really. I'm okay with constantly editing this topic, but if you guys want to make a collective google doc, then sure
  35. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    @SS-I Never, @Godjacob
    These profiles for the EE Mages are hella old and not updated
    Should we update them to what they're like now? Or keep them as it is
  36. You update them, I can update them
  37. I'll work on that in a bit, kinda working on something else while getting updates here LOL

    Will be here ASAP.

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