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Open The Heart of a Wild Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Legitmoon, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. He looked at Florges with a bit of discomfort. The irony to his name was the fact that he so often got into other people's space, but was so easily jittered by their closeness. He chuckled with this discomfort.
    "Me? A friend?" Icepick brushed her off with an exaggerated gesture he'd once seen someone else use. It reminded him how strange it was to don limbs.
  2. "That was incredibly awkward. We need to work on those limbs of yours," Talia chucked before her stomach growled. The leopard Pokemon stretched before turning away from the group, her eyes giving off a dancing delight at the others discomfort, "well I'm a bit peckish. Don't wait up for me if you start on the adventure. I'll catch up".
  3. Dask recognized a Fake Tears when he saw one. Why, he had no idea.
    "Finding your rose would be a great pleasure." Dask said, backing up what Talia said.
    This Florges seemed like a major-league drama queen. That'll be fun, Dask thought. An overdramatic Florges, a newly-evolved Banette, a depressed charmander, and a sly Liepard.
    No way THAT could go wrong.
  4. Florges dabbed her eyes. She was overwhelmed with the amount of kindness she was receiving, and the attention...well, she lapped that up like a fresh dosage of manure. Florges fixed her hair.
  5. Talia slunk off into the bushes, her nose twitching as she tried to find prey. She caught a few different scents, picking through them to find an easy target. She weaved in and out of the trees, finally making her way over to were a bunnery sat eating. The dark type lunged forward but missed due to claws sinking into her fur. Talia whipped free, catching herself in time to see the braviary from earlier in the day circling over the forest then turning back toward the liepard.
  6. Dask saw Talia slink into the underbrush, looking for prey (or so he assumed). He heard soon after a hissing sound, and recognized it instantly as Talia's hiss. Dask sped into the underbrush, using Agility continuously, until he got to her.
    The issue was the Braviary from earlier.
    Dask, without skipping a beat, lept onto Braviary's back and used a close-range, full-power Blast Burn.
  7. Species: Jigglypuff
    Name: Jigglypuff
    Age: 17
    Level: 15
    Items: Microphone and Felt-pens
    Clothes: Purple earmuffs
    Gender: Female
    Jigglypuff ran as fast as she could. She looked behind her to make sure no one was following. Finally, she plopped herself down near a tree and sniffed the rose, which looked and smelt beautiful. Jigglypuff loved it.
  8. Florges overheard the pitter-patter of feet. She made her way over to a clearing in the forest and noticed the small plump pink balloon sniffing her rose. HER ROSE. Florges was outraged. She made her way over to the Jigglypuff, preparing to battle. Florges fixed her hair, she needed to look good for the battle.
  9. As Jigglypuff sniffed the rose, she saw a flower type figure from the corner of her eye. She stood up and closed her eyes and began to sing.
    "Jigg-a-ly puff, jigglyyyy puff, jigg-a-ly puff, jiggly...."
    She watched as the tall figure began to fall to the ground and closed her eyes. Even though Jigglypuff was filled with anger that the flower fell asleep during her song, Jigglypuff knew deep down, she had to run. Run as fast as she could if she wanted to keep the rose for herself.

    Jigglypuff ran as fast as she could until she finally ran out of breath. She took a seat behind the bushes and fell asleep, the rose safely in her hands.
  10. Several hours later, Florges woke up. This was most certainly a powerful Jigglypuff. Florges was lost...she looked around looking for the way she came. She sat down at started to whimper.
  11. Jigglypuff woke up to some rustling in the bushes around her. Frightened it was the flower figure again, Jigglypuff ran once again to be surrounded by trees. She was lost in the woods. She looked at the rose and smiled. She had only stolen it because she wanted something special as she had nothing else left after her trainer had abandoned her.
  12. Talia braced herself to be hit again only to hear the braviary give a squawk of pain. The flying type thrown off its target by blast burn. The bird Pokemon spun upward into the air either forcing its attacker to hold on or fall off. Talia had started to chase after the duo in the sky, hoping to maybe catch Dask if he fell.
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  13. Dask decided that now, of all times, was perfect.
    He allowed Blaze to take over.
    His tail flame grew fifteen sizes. His face was replaced, yet again, by anger and rage. He released Blast Burn after Blast Burn, each one more powerful than the next, his tail growing another size each time he used it, in direct contact with the Braviary.
    He used Flame Charge and Blast Burn at the same time, wrapping himself in all blue flame, and willed it to wrap around the Braviary harmfully.
  14. Florges thought she saw the pink wisp of Jigglypuff, but assumed it was just a rose. Florges turned around multiple times looking for an exit. She sat down and looked up, she noticed the Braviary circling into the sky. She saw something hanging on...Florges squinted and noticed it was the Pokemon from before. Florges was in no mood to help. She sat down and started to weep.
  15. The braviary screeched in pain but continued to climb into the air. It's feathers started to burn and catch flame, "how about we go for a swim, you little runt".

    Talia sped through the trees following as the flying type changed directions, picking up speed as it dived toward a watering hole. She leapt over Florges when the fairy type came into view. The dark type cursing the bird as she figured out what it might be trying to do.
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  16. Jigglypuff gripped the rose in fear as she watched the Braviary fly over the woods. She heard loads of patters of feet around her and wondered where and who they were coming from. She walked around when suddenly she saw, yet again the flower figure leaned against a tree.
  17. Florges screamed with fear when the dark type jumped over her. Florges fainted, she thought she was going to die. Florges slumped over the base of the tree. Her last sight before this being the crystal eyes of Jigglypuff.
  18. Jigglypuff watched as the flower type slept against the base of the tree. She wondered what it's name was. Then she suddenly remembered that this was the Pokemon whom she stole the rose from. She plopped herself down in front of them and waited for them to awaken.
  19. Several hours later, Florges awoke. Only to be face-to-face with Jigglypuff. Florges stood up and prepared to attack, but noticed the Jigglypuff was happy as she was, and wasn't prepared to. Florges sat down infront of Jigglypuff. "What do you want?" Florges noticed the rose in Jigglypuff's hands. Florges was outraged.
  20. Icepick wandered aimlessly about the forest floor, intimidated by the sheer heat and light Dask had emitted. He just hoped the kid wasn't going to burn the forest down.
    Plus, he was reassured that Talia would find him eventually, anyway. In the meantime, he had to find both Florges' rose and some kind of human civilization. He still wasn't sure how much the others knew about ghosts, but the only way he could satisfy his hunger was by feeding off of human hatred, and he couldn't exactly due that without humans.
  21. Jigglypuff smiled at the flower figure. "What's your name?" She asked curiously. She was prepared to sing if they were about to attack and had her microphone at the ready. She also had her rose carefully held in her hand.
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  22. "I am Florges, the fairy type." Florges said, in a monotone voice. Florges noticed the microphone, which could only be there in case Florges were to attack. "Who are you?" Florges asked, raising one of her delicate eyelids.
  23. Jigglypuff watched Florges eyelid, which rose as she spoke. "I am Jigglypuff, also a fairy type." Jigglypuff remembered the moment when Florges was getting ready to attack her and decided to question her about it. "Why were you trying to attack me before?"
  24. Dask recognized immediately the scent of the lake. He heard the Braviary mutter something about runt and swim, and he just put it together.
    Whenever a frequent updraft hit his nose, Dask recognized Talia's scent. He had no doubt that Banette had gone off to find some humans to feed.
    So long as he deals with them without me, Dask thought.
    As they shot down into the lake, Dask had an idea. He scrambled to the Braviary's underbelly and used Flame Charge, while still holding on. That, combined with his abilities, was enough to change Braviary's course from the lake to a bed of stones. At the last second, Dask launched off, further crashing Braviary. He tucked and rolled onto the lake shore, as he saw the flying Pokèmon crash into the rocks' edge. He knew it wouldn't kill the pokèmon - the stones had all smooth edges, and were a softer kind of stone - but boy, would it hurt.
    When he went over to Braviary, a third of it's feathers had been burned off at least. It was clearly knocked out and, knowing plenty well enough about reeds and their flexibility, he made a makeshift rope - made from weaved reeds - and wrapped Braviary up so tightly it wouldn't be able to move. To prevent chatting, Arceus forbid, Dask wrapped his beak up, too. He brushed off his hands, and went back towards the scent of Liepard.
  25. Talia tracked the two to where the charmander was back tracking. The liepard tackled the fire type, checking him over for injuries and altogether acting as though he was truly her cub. Catching what she was doing Talia backed off, coughing in embarrassment at her fretting, "I'm glad your safe. Where is that feathered freak"?
  26. "He's tied up at the moment. Literally and figuratively," Dask said. He had let out a short, brisk laugh when Liepard pounced on him.
    Then, he realized something.
    "I think I just figured out my Blaze ability."
  27. "Good. Now I won't be missing so much fur," Talia huffed gently swatting at the fire type. The dark type bristled as she turned to go toward the downed flying type. Her eyes tightning as she looked to charmander in a way that demanded respect, "we will tell no one of what I have just done".
  28. Dask smirked. "It doesn't seem like you're in the place to be making demands."
    He took a dramatic pause for effect.
    "It's fine," he said jokingly, "It's a secret that will be well-kept." He walked over to the Braviary and flicked it a couple of times. "Yep, he ain't going anywhere."
  29. Talia smiled back him and made her way over to the struggling bird. Deciding that she wanted to have a little revenge for making her go mom mode, the leopard Pokemon pulled at some of the feathers. She put them into a pile neatly before pulling one that was half burnt and gave it to Dask, "a trophy for your new found wisdom".

    "I told you your feathers would make for a confortable nest," Talia smirked picking up the feathers she had collected and padded in the direction of the den.
  30. Dask took the feather gratefully. He called after Talia, "I'll meet you there!" He turned to the Braviary.
    And the smile of nightmares reappeared on Dask's face.
    His head tilted, his eyes sparkling with insanity. His tail figure flared and died down several times.
    "Wow. You weren't much fun." His smile widened to it's impossible maximum. "I can change that, though. I can have some... Fun."
    Dask plucked a single feather from Braviary, looking at the perfectly healthy plumage. His gaze turned back to Braviary.
    "I know a game. It's called Pluck the Pidgey. Guess what?" He said, removing the gag and enjoying the scream that followed.
    "You're the Pidgey."
    His head tilted a little bit more, as he plucked every healthy feather from Braviary's right wing, the one that was obviously the bird's dominant wing.
    The screaming that ensued lasted for the time it took Dask to pluck the feathers. He plucked them rapidly with Agility, but the last few...
    The last row of healthy feathers went by much slower than the rest.
    And were much, much more painful.
    Then the screams died away, and Dask tied the vine back on the beak.
    His eyes grew serious.
    "Come back, and it'll be all of them."
  31. The flying type limped off quickly unable to fly without its feathers, fear evident on its face. Talia did not notice the screams as she purred and hummed back towards her den. The tall pine that marked it untouched and as she went in, the dark type got to work creating a new nest. Once she finished she pulled the spoiled rattata out of the den and buried it so that it wouldn't stink up the nest, "looking good. Maybe a little more fur over there".
  32. Dask walked back to the den, his arms full of feathers, and he plopped them on the floor.
    "Braviary was kind enough," he said, putting on the exact same face as he did for Braviary, "To give me his feathers. Pluck the Pidgey." He turned his face back to normal and began laughing. "These are all of his unharmed feathers from his right wing; his dominant one."
    He smiled at Talia.
  33. "Nice work. Do you know how to make a nest? I don't think whoever raised you taught you very well and I wouldn't mind having a talk with whoever let their cubs fend for themselves," Talia hummed tucking some of the feathers into the padded nest. The liepard nudged Dask's head with her own gently, pulling the rest closer to her, so that she could improve what was left, "do you even know how to hunt? I don't think it would be entirely healthy for you to simply eat berries, even trainer food has benefits for predatory Pokemon".
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  34. "I do know how to hunt and make a nest, but... I had to teach myself..." Dask said, feeling his eyes burning. He shook it off.
    "I'm sorry. I wasn't raised by anyone besides myself." Dask kicked at the ground. He began to help Talia to build the nest after awhile.
  35. "It is not your fault," Talia purred softly trying to comfort the other. She wrapped her tail around the charmander's, giving tips on where the feathers would go best and how to make sure that none poked through to cause irritating. She uncurled her tail and grabbed some of the berries she had stored. The liepard pushed some over, ate her share, and curled into the nest. Of course leaving space incase the other wanted to rest, "you have survived so far. As much as I have heckled you, I have respect for you. Now don't let that go to your head because you still have much to learn".
  36. (I gtg now to sleep. Tomorrow, I will draw and post the nest. Keep an eye out ;3)
    Dask looked lovingly up at Liepard. "You know, you're the closest thing to family I can remember." After muttering those words, Dask fell into a peaceful, deep sleep.
  37. (Night, I will)
    Talia purred, giving an almost soft lullaby. Her pride swelling as she was told this, shaking her head at how much she was acting like her mother. The dark type nestled down still purring as she faded into unconsciousness as well.
  38. "Attack you? You'd stolen my rose! MY ROSE! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT'S WORTH? A LOT!" Florges was starting to lose her patience with the Jigglypuff, but settled herself. "Why did you take it? There appears to be no reason for you to own it...it is mine after all and I'd be glad if you handed it back."
  39. Jigglypuff looked at the rose in sadness. She frowned. Deep down, she felt loneliness and pain. She had never had anything special or this meaningful to her and this rose was what she was looking for. Well that's what she thought she was looking for...

    She raised her head and looked into the beautiful eyes of Florges. She saw frustration. Obviously because of the rose. That moment, Jigglypuff knew what to do. "I just wanted something special in my life you know. I set eyes on this rose and it made me happy and it made me smile. I have nothing and now I have something. Clearly, this rose means a lot to you too. Maybe it's how much it's worth, maybe it's just something else. But it means a lot to me too. I've never had anything like this in my life before. The last thing I heard, was my trainer saying 'Always be kind' before she abandoned me. I have no idea why. Besides that, those 3 words taught me something, which causes me to do what i'm about to do next..."

    She held the rose out towards Florges and smiled.
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  40. Florges wiped a tear away from her eye. "Take the rose. I only have it for decoration. I've caused this big whole explosion of an argument over something that makes me look pretty. Take it. By God, take it!" Florges hugged the Jigglypuff.
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