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Open The Heart of a Wild Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Legitmoon, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. (I will try not to make a mistake this time.)
    Hello guys! Welcome to The Heart of a Wild Pokemon! This is where you play as a wild Pokemon! (No I didn't choose a region, I'm sorry XD)
    We have rules.
    Rule 1. Follow the RP Forum Rules. We don't want the page taken down do we? If you want to join us, read the RP Forum Rules.
    Rule 2. We don't want god modders. This is in the RP rules, but I just want to repeat it. I hate it.
    Rule 3. If you want to attack someone, ask them. Ex:
    (Can we have a battle?) Or (Permission to battle?) But remember guys, once you ask continue RPing. Ex:
    (Can we battle?)
    The Pikachu stared at the Charizard, eyes blazing in anger. "How dare you!" She growled, wanting to attack. She slowly backed away in her cave, in anger and fury. "He stole all of them!" The Pikachu whispered to herself, eyes narrowing.

    Rule 4. NO. ASKING. TO JOIN! This one has been explained by many people. If the RP says "Open" You don't need to ask to join! It's so annoying!
    Rule 5. This is also in the forum rules, but I want this to get into people's heads. No making One-Liners. Sure I made that mistake, but I learned from it. People ignore Rule 1, so I want to put this into their heads. Make it a paragraph long. Understand????
    Rule 6. Now, I'm pretty sure this is NOT in the forum rules, but SHOULD be added. (I think it is.) No trolling. Trolling is this: SUHDGFFYHGFHGFSYHGF IM A PIKAPOO IN A BAKOBIMGDYSFTGFD
    For those you don't know, trolling is technically PRANKING. It's stupid and I hate it. On the Wiki, people ruin pages. That's also a troll. UGGGHHH
    Anyways now to the joining form:
    Species: (NO Legandaries OR Fakemon. This is in the forum rules. If you are a Fakemon or a Legendary, you will be kicked or ignored.)
    Name: (Your Pokemon MUST have a name.)
    Age: (30 or Lower)
    Level: (LOWER than LVL 50.)
    Items: (We only allow items that are NOT dangerous.)
    Clothes (Make it APPROPRIATE.):

    And Have fun guys ♥

    Species: Pikachu
    Name: Spark
    Age: 12
    Level: 10
    Items: A cloth
    Clothes: A blue Scarf. That's it.
    Gender: Male
    RP ♥:
    Spark crawled out of his cave, getting up and yawning. "Time to find some more berries." He told himself. The nearest tree was this Oran Berry tree, which was only a few feet away from him. He'd run up to that tree, climbing onto it. He'd grab a couple, and jumped down. He ran to another tree which holds Pecha Berries (I think that's how you spell it.). He collected a lot of that as well. He jumped down, running back to his cave.

    His cave was small, but it was a good size for a den. Especially for a Pikachu. He had a few berries in a pile, and some apples in the pile as well. He stores the berries he collected into the pile. "Not so hard work!" He told himself.
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  2. Species: Charmander
    Name: Dask
    Age: 15
    Level: 20
    Items: Charcoal
    Clothes: None
    Gender: Male
    Dask sniffed the air. "That's funny," he told himself, "I think I smell Rawst berries!" A large grin spread across his face. Rawst berries were his favorite. He scrambled towards the smell - only to find out that nothing was there.
    "Darn! It must have been Sweet Scent." He cursed at himself formfalling for that trick again.
    He looked around for a place to sleep. Dask never had a permanent homebefore. He had just moved from cave to cave. He did know two things about a good temporary home, though: first, it had to have food enough to spare. Second, it had to be safe, dry, and warm. He usually picked caves to stay in.
    He roamed around for what seemed like hours - and, in fact, it was - until he came across a pair of nearby Oran and Pecha Berry trees (Yeh, that is how you spell it). He looked around, hoping to find a cave or hovel nearby that he could stay in. Just his luck - he saw a cave a little ways out.
    He dashed to the cave, only to come to a screeching halt at the doorway when he saw a Pikachu sitting inside. He would have turned around, had he not seen the generously large pile of apples and berries sitting in the cave next to the Pikachu.
    He didn't want to have to search much more - his legs were sore - and he wouldn't find another chance like this. However, he didn't want to stay, because there was obviously a resident in it.
    Dask froze.
  3. Spark perked his ears, getting up seeing the Charmander. He gave him a friendly smile. "Hello!" Spark spoke. He didn't show anything hostile.

    "What are you doing here?" He asked, tilting his head in curiosity. "I never see visitors like this. That's probably because no one likes going in caves that much." The young Pikachu said.
  4. Dask sighed. He hated strange interactions.
    "I, uh... My name is Dasken. I'm looking for a temporary home. I'm sorry, I had no idea there was someone here." Charmander put his hands up to show no hostility, but he was fidgeting from anxiety.
  5. His ear kinda flicks like a cat Pokemon would do. "Hello Dasken. I'm Spark! I see why. I've actually been like that too! Until I found out this cave was hidden. It's alright though! I welcome anyone that won't steal or attack me!" Spark said happily. He obviously trusted Dask ♥
  6. Dask shifted his feet. He was afraid to mention it, but...
    "I... I kinda can't control my Blaze ability. It's, uh... It's dangerous. It's why I don't live in one place. I might hurt the people there."
    He looked at the floor.
    "I mean... If you wouldn't mind taking a chance..."
  7. "Don't worry! I can't control my Volt Tackle. So I live alone to not hurt any other wild Pokemon! I can give ya a chance!" Spark spoke, ears perking in surprise.
  8. Dask smiled. Something he hadn't done in a long time. Something about this Pikachu...
    "Thanks. I will take up that offer." He said with a grin.
  9. Spark nodded. He leaps out of the cave for a few. He was outside grabbing leaves to make the cave a tiny bit unseeable. "Just in case any prey tries to eat us, we can make this not seeable. Once a Houndoom attacked me. So I don't want that." He thought to himself. Then he leaps back inside ^^
  10. Charmander nodded. "I was once attacked by a Tyranitar." He shuddered, retraumatized by the thought. "I ain't complaining about that." Charmander smiled. It seems he had finally met a pokèmon as cautious as himself.
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  11. "OH trainers! Those rats are like abusive Pokemon! They trap you in a Pokeball, and make you stay there until a battle! That's what my older brother told me!" Spark's eyes widen.
  12. Dask shrank back. He curled into a ball on the floor, eyes wide, stricken by fear. He only shuddered constantly. "I... I... I..." Dask couldn't get the words out.
  13. "Oh did I scare you? Sorry! I was scared as well when my Brother told me..!" Spark said, eyes widening. "Sorry for scaring you!" Spark's ears went down. "Here have an apple!" He rolled an apple over to Dask.
  14. The apple just bumped into Dask. He began muttering.
    "Trainer... Charizard... Tyranitar... Gone... All gone... Run... Run... Run..."
    Tears streamed down Charmander's eyes. His shuddering intensified.
  15. "..." Spark fell silent as he ate a Pecha Berry. "Are you okay..?" Spark asked, getting a bit freaked out. "Don't worry, trainers can't fit in this cave..!"
  16. Suddenly, he shot to attention. He stood stark-straight, his eyes glowing a reddish tinge. For a few moments, hisntale flame flared to ten, fifteen times it's size. The walls inside grew hot. Suddenly, he shook his head, his eyes closed, his tail fire shifting as though alive.
  17. Spark's ears shot back. "O..Okay then!" Spark spoke. He went to collect more fruit. He climbs up some trees outsidet\ the cave, collecting a few apples. He walks back in, putting them in the Pile.
  18. When Spark walks back into the cave, Dask was beading with sweat. His tail fire had diminished severely, now about 1/2 it's normal size. He clutched his Charcoal close to him.
    "My... my parents were captured by a trainer..." Dask explained slowly. "it... I barely escaped..."
    He then passed out.
  19. Spark Gasped. "OH crap Oh Crap what do I do!?!?" He freaked out staring at the passed out Charmander. "I never dealed with this before!" Spark spoke.
  20. Charmander was on the brim of consiousness. He could barely hear Spark through the fog in his head. He was unable to speak, barely move. He used the last of his energy to carve 2 words into the rocky wall.
  21. He stared at the wall and nodded. He grabbed a leaf, putting it over Charmander like a cloth. "There." Spark told himself. He grabs a Pecha Berry and puts it next to Dask.
  22. Dask drifted into sleep in no time at all. He slept for several hours, as his tail flame gradually grew brighter and larger.
  23. Spark grabbed his cloth, laying on the floor. He only had the cloth to use. Spark closed his eyes, slowly and silently falling asleep. He didn't really make a move.
  24. Charmander woke up the next day around noon, judging by the positioning of the sun. A flashback of the previous night ran through his head. He began to cry silently, and re-covered Spark. He tried to creep away, but alas, he stepped on a dry twig that snapped. "REALLY!?!?!?" Screamed Dask.
  25. Spark head the sound, ears perking. "H..Huh? What? Oh hey! What's up?" Spark flicked his ear, eyes widening. "Oh hey you're awake!"
  26. Dask sighed. "I... don't feel like you're safe here. I don't feel that I should let myself get close to you at all. I might seriously hurt you."
    He tried to hide the tears, but they just came.
    "I can't live here. I can't live anywhere. I'm not welcome anywhere. Nobody is safe with me."
    He turned around to leave.
  27. Spark stared at Dask. "Alright. I don't mind." Spark flicked his ear. He walks out of the cave to get more berries. He was kinda unhappy to see Dask leave, but it was for his own good.
  28. Dask pauses for a moment. That had been the nicest anyone had been to him. He passed up a good opportunity for himself. He went back into the cave and etched out a message into the wall.
    With a tear in his eye, he walked onto the crags, to his oldest home, the one where he was raised.
    If he wanted to move on, he'd have to face his past head-on.
    (gtg for today. Gj! cya ;3;)
  29. The young Pikachu walks back into his cave, seeing the carve. He smiled. "Alright. I will meet you there soon." Spark said, walking out. "Anyways, back to collecting." He puts the berries in the pile, ran out of the cave, and went to find more. He kept finding some more berries. "Jeez it's so hard to find berries here now." Spark told himself, returning to home. He sets the Berries down in the pile. "I think that's enough."
  30. Species: liepard
    Name: Talia
    Age: 20
    Level: 20
    Item: quick claw
    Clothing: none
    Gender: female

    Talia smiled down from the tree she sat in watching smaller pokemon flutter around. The leopard pokemon picking out an easy target for a game. Growing bored the dark type leapt from her perch the tree and started making her way to find a snack. She soon found herself at base of a small pecha berry tree, as she looked around, the leopard pokemon noticed a pikachu walking away with an arm full of berries. Talia followed behind, creeping through bushes and behind trees until the pikachu went into a small cave. The liepard then crawled into a close tree and waited for the electric mouse to come out.
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  31. Dask skulked away. I wish I could stay, but... I can't hurt any more pokèmon than I already have...
    As a tear rolled down his cheek, he felt a familiar pang in the back of his head - an instinct grown from fending for yourself - and promptly turned around. In the distance, he saw Spark's cave, and - wait, WHAT? He thought. A Liepard!
    He wouldn't have thought much of it... Until he recognized a predatory stance.
    Spark may still be there! He thought.
    And if he is...
    Dask bolted as fast as he could, and used a move he had previously only used to escape - Flame Charge - to boost him further, until he made contact with the side of Liepard, going faster than he ever had before.
    "LEAVE. HIM. ALONE!" He bellowed, plowing into the Liepard.
  32. Talia recoiled as she was plowed into by the other pokemon. The dark type leapt back taking a defensive stance. When she noticed the charmander Talia relaxed, giving out a loud happy purr and waved her tail in a playful manor even though her eyes held a malicious intent. A large grin broke out on her face as she let out a small chuckle, "now this is gonna be fun".
  33. Dasken glared at her. Fun for me, that is, he thought.
    He bolted behind the Liepard faster than the eye could follow. His battling speed was his greatest virtue. He tapped Liepard on the back. "Surprise," he muttered and threw a fire punch.
    (Ability: Blaze
    Flame Charge
    Fire Punch
    Blast Burn (Takes a lot out of him)
    Flare Blitz (Also takes a lot out of him)
    Is 5 moves okay? More moves for more survival.)
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  34. Talia took the hit, baring her teeth at the searing pain. She let out a sharp laugh before returning with an attack of her own. With a saunter in her step she curled around the charmander, careful of his tail, and picked the charcoal he was carrying off of him before retreating a ways back, "this is an interesting object. A little fuel to feed the flames. Hmmm".
  35. It was time for Charmander to laugh.
    "I wasn't even using that yet!" He bellowed as he came flying at Liepard with another fire punch.
    "I am gonna take it back, though! Look out, Spark!"
  36. Talia dodged, spinning around behind her attacker and unleashed a feint attack. Her eyes gave off a happy aura as she tried to rile the other up, "why would you be protecting a pikachu. You become a creature that hunts them for fun or are you just soft"?
  37. The feint attack hit hard. Dask flew back, right into a rock. He slumped to the ground. Upon hearing Liepard, he felt a familiar spark. His eyes were suddenly flooded with anger.
    "He. Was. KIIIIIND!" He bellowed. His conscious thought had slipped away- all except for the will to protect. His tail blazed to a roaring fire. "HE WAS KIND TO ME," Dask exploded, both verbally and somewhat literally, his tail growing from three to six times it's size, "AND I WILL RETURN THE FAVOOOOR!" He dashed to several points - to Liepard's right, to her left, behind her, northeast of her, southwest of her, northwest, southwest, behind, and everywhere, before coming directly in front of her face. "UNLESS YOU'RE HERE TO HELP HIM," Dask's eyes were anger incarnate, pupils small as pinholes, "GO!" He released a Blast Burn that shot even himself back, making the attack spiral awkwardly.
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  38. Talia's eyes's widened as she was flung back into a tree covered in a large burn. She slowly got to her feet chuckling a little, the leopard Pokemon threw the charcoal back at him before starting to lick her wounds, "oh how kind of you, little fire breather. How kind of him. Fine, I'll leave but I have to admit this has been quite the fun game".

    The dark type turned her back to the fire type, growling softly when she disturbed on of her worse wounds. She stopped just into the forest looking back at her opponent, "have fun will you. I know I will".
    (I would say it's okey. The moves do take a lot from in doing so it should be ok. At least I don't see a problem with it.
    Ability: limber
    Moves- copycat, pursuit, fury swipes, covet)
  39. Before she could turn back around, Dask disappeared. He shot directly in front of her, a look of sheer force (lol) in his eyes. "Do NOT come back without good intent," Dask demanded, "Or you will NOT have a good time."
    Dask was trying to be intimidating, but what little energy he had left was fading. Still, he could hide his exhaustion like it weren't even real when he had to.
    Too bad he collapsed after speaking.
  40. "Cub," Talia sneered pushing the charmander's head with her paw before looking around. Seeing no one watching, the dark type gently took Dask's neck into her jaws and pulled him closer to the cave where she covered him with fallen leaves and hid his tail, "You actually might be a major threat is you get a hold of your anger".

    The leopard Pokemon stalked off, finding some berries along the way to her den underneath the base of an old pine tree. Inside she laid down in a best made of feathers, leaves, and fur. As she laid down she managed to stir her wounds, she turned her head toward the sky with a laugh, "maybe I should hold off on the games for a while".
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