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Open The Heart of a Wild Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Legitmoon, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. "Are you serious? Oh my god, oh my god, thank you so much! How can I ever repay you?" Jigglypuff screamed in happiness whilst hugging Florges back and trying not to jump up and down. She was so happy. She had a special item and maybe a potential friend? Jigglypuff wanted to be friends with Florges but she wasn't sure if Florges felt the same.
  2. "Don't repay me, just be happy. Always." Florges thought she had found a friend in the Jigglypuff, Florges adjusted her hair. And dusted herself down.
  3. "So, what are you going to do for the rest of the day?" Jigglypuff looked at her surroundings, wondering where she could camp tonight before wandering around with no final destination.
  4. Talia's eyes fluttered open as her stomach growled again, the berries she had eaten not being enough to hold her over. The dark type softly crept out of the den as to not wake Dask. The liepard moved throughout the forest to a stream that housed a few water type. She sat herself at the edge of the stream, waiting for a good time to snatch a fish Pokemon out of their liquid home. A goldeen caught Talia's eyes as it swam by, the leopard quickly used fury swipes to scoop the water type out of the water and a far distance from the stream. Purring in delight Talia carried her catch to the den, resting on the outside of the entrance.
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  5. Dask awoke to see Liepard laying in front of the den with a freshly caught Goldeen. He shuffled over.
    "What've you been up to?" Dask asked, eyeing the Goldeen.
  6. "Hunting," Talia purred throwing the rest of her kill to her companion. She curled her tail around her paws as she sat up, watching as some young poochyena tumbled by quickly, yipping and wrestling as their parent passed behind them, "how was your rest".
  7. "Restful," he said, turning towards the rocks. "I wonder if the Braviary will come back." His face contorted into an insane smile yet again. "We'd have some fun."
  8. "Don't get to ahead of yourself. As much as that sounds delightful, I think it would be best if we relaxed and healed for a day or two. To many fights and my fur will never grow back to its usual self," Talia laughed flick the back of Dask's head with her tail. Her fur still patchy here and there as the fur was still growing back. She looked over to the younger Pokemon, "why don't you try and find your friends. I believe I may be rubbing off on you a little to much for your own good. I'm not kicking you out, just want you to relax for a while".

    The dark type purred loudly as she stretched, what stiff joints she had from sleeping relaxing into their normal state. She licked the perma-burn on her should; cleaning the dust and dirt from the skin, "maybe try out some new moves. Now that you have the blaze under control, there is less a chance you will burn down this place".
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  9. (i hope it's not too late to join; this is my first time doing something like this so any advice or corrections welcome)
    Species: Sewaddle
    Name: Weaver
    Age: 24
    Level: 18
    Items: none
    Clothes: none
    Gender: male

    "Hello? Hello is anyone there?" the young Sewaddle called out as he made his way across the forest floor.
  10. (Is it a bit late to join? This is my first time doing one of these things so please correct me if I do something wrong!)
    Kyki is hungry. She sees some deliciously juicy Sitrus berries hanging high above, but she can't reach them. She chirps in frustration. Ember also won't reach them but it's worth a shot. Kyki hawks a flaming mass upwards, only for it to fall short. Gravity starts pulling it downwards. "Oh, Arceus, not again..." The Ember thuds on the ground and the pine needles around it burst into flames. Uh oh...
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  11. Florges noticed the disruption and made her way over to the flame. Florges noticed the Torchic's distress. "What are you doing to nature!?" Florges screamed.
  12. Kyki screams back,
    "I don't know!!!" She starts crying. "I-I just wanted some berries!" She bawls.
  13. "Now, now! There is no need for tears!" Florges tried to comfort her. "If all you wanted was a berry, then relax. I know the gardens like the back of my petals. I can find you the juiciest, most flavoursome berry in the area!" Florges turned back, with a new quest.
  14. Species: Crawdaunt
    Name: Virik
    Age: 28
    Level: 35
    Items: N/A
    Clothes: N/A
    Gender: Male
    A water pulse suddenly shot through the bushes and splashed against the fire, narrowly missing the two Pokemon but dousing the flames. This was followed by a Crawdaunt emerging and glancing at them both.
  15. "Eek!" Kyki stumbled backwards as she was nearly blasted by a fatal Water Pulse. She looks at the Pokemon responsible and started snuffling. Then she ran away, knocking into Florges in the process.(edited because I'm so used to writing present tense XD)
  16. "Wait!" Virik called after Kyki, rushing after her to apologise.
  17. "Mon dour! Watch where you are shooting!" Florges adjusted her large head petals and was prepared to attack if necessary. Florges assumed her position next to the Torchic.
    (Guys watch single-liners, we don't want this to be banned)
  18. Kyki was in a blind panic but calmed down when she heard Virik. The Torchic was quivering in fear. "Wh-what?" She stutters(bye gtg)
  19. "I'm sorry," he tells her, "I just wanted to get rid of the fire, that could've done some damage to this place."

    He then glanced at Florges apologetically. "It won't happen again, I promise."

    (Bye Chikn)
  20. (Back) Kyki drew in a deep breath. "It's ok." She said. "It was irresponsible of me to be playing with fire during the dry season." The Torchic gazed longingly at the tantalizing Sitrus berries.
  21. "It better not. These gardens are my gardens. And if you destroy them, I will personally peel off that star on your forehead and throw it into the lake. Do I make myself clear?!" Florges turned to Kyki.
    "Now, which berries would you like?"
  22. "Um, I don't know. I like all berries." Kyki said. "But I'm so short, I can't reach anything!" She stamped her foot in frustration.
  23. Florges chuckled. "How about gooseberry, raspberry, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, loganberry, cranberry, cloudberry?" Florges was impressed with her knowledge on berries.
  24. "Y-yes, ma'am." Virik nodded, shaking slightly. Of course, he did wonder why he was being scolded despite putting out the flames.

    He then followed Kyki's gaze. "Perhaps the child is interested in Sitrus berries."
  25. Kyki nodded vigorously. As she watched though, a Swablu landed on a branch and started eating the berries. It then flew away. Kyki was angry. (To the creator of this roleplay: is is ok to have more than one character? I had a dilemma between Kablooey the Swablu and Kyki the Torchic)
    "Hey!" She screeched, giving chase. She ended up near the river by where Talia caught the Goldeen. Thoroughly lost and upset that she couldn't find her new friends, the Torchic laid down on the riverbank. Not a smart spot for a fire-type.
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  26. Virik began rushing after Kyki, but very quickly lost sight of her.

    "Where are you, child?" He asked, looking around at the area.
  27. Kyki heard someone speak. "Here! I'm here!" She yelled wildly. Kyki got up and started jumping wildly.
  28. Virik immediately began moving as quickly as possible in Kyki's direction, though that honestly wasn't very fast. Still, it was enough to get to her before something more dangerous did. He kept an eye out for the girl before reaching the river.
  29. Kyki spotted Virik and would've waved him down, had she had arms. Unfortunately, she only had stubby yellow wings.
  30. Talia got up from her position when she heard yelling. The liepard flicked her tail to signal she was going to check it out and made her way to the noises. She hid in the brush as she watched the torchic flap its tiny wings. She stood out of her hiding place, sitting just outside of it with her tail swinging lazily around, "now what do we have here? I didn't we had so many young one running around without supervision. That can be quite dangerous".
  31. Kyki jumped in fright. "Eek! Liepard!" Then, using Speed Boost, she dashed away. She came to rest under the shade of a gigantic tree of some sort. The Torchic gasped for air and sat down heavily. Kyki checked to see if anyone was watching. Then, she went around the back of the tree and pulled back the foliage to reveal a hollow. She entered the hollow and gazed at its interior. Many footprint drawings were on the wall. It seemed as if many Pokemon had been here at one point. This was the den that Kyki called home.
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  32. Virik heard the child's fear and dove into the river, using the current to increase his speed. He left the water about halfway between Talia and Kyki, but was too far away to see either of them. He glanced around, tilting his head and realising he was in the wrong place. Of course, he didn't realise he was right on top of a trail of Torchic footprints.
  33. Kyki ate a few berries, felt better and decided to try to find the other Pokemon. The Torchic toddled out of the tree and back to the river.
  34. Florges returned to Jigglypuff who was sound asleep. She tried to push her awake. "Wake up!" Florges shouted. Florges decided to get another rose and put it under Jigglypuff's nose.
  35. Kyki wandered for a bit until finally seeing Virik. "Hi!" She said, waving. The Torchic looked nervously at the water but otherwise paid it no heed.
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  36. Virik smiled and moved towards her, waving back.

    "There you are," he said happily, "I was looking for you, why'd you run off?"
  37. "A-a Liepard startled me." Kyki said miserably. "Sorry for running off on you." Kyki invited Virik to her home. "Wanna check out where I went though?"
  38. Species: Eevee
    Name: Lionessa
    Age: 10
    Level: 27
    Items: Like, 20 or 30 air balloons for pranking/escaping.
    Clothes: Purple tee, tail armor that makes tailtip look lilac-ish.
    Gender: Female
    Lionessa was chilling in a tree, almost sleeping on the branch. The leaves were tickling her ears and she was afraid she would fall. So she went on the top of the wood, but it was not right. There were two-times the leaves and it was tickling her TAIL (P.S her tail is her ticklish spot). Lionessa tried EVERYTHING, she just couldn't find her sweet spot. Eventually she found the smallest branch, and it was nice enough for sleeping. But, YOU GUESSED IT, the branch fell and she found the Torchic and the Crawdaunt. She was startled by the two, and quickly ran off to find another tree to hide behind. She heard them walking/jogging/running. She IMMEDIATLY climbed to the top of the tree, even if they could hear her tickle laughs or not...
  39. Species: Luxio
    Name: Shock
    Age: 18
    Level: 28
    Items: None
    Clothes: None
    Gender: Male
    Shock strolled along a path. He was trying to find a Razz Berry. He was having no luck. After tripping over a pebble, and decided to head back home. "I just can't do anything right." Shock mumbled. After walking he saw a orange figure. He moved closer and closer until he figured out it was a Torchic. Shock thought it might know where a Razz Berry was. He approached. "Excuse me, do you know where a Razz Berry would be?" Shock asked.
    (Also, I'm pretty much done for the night)
  40. "Eek!" Kyki went, jumping. "Wha-what? Razz berries? N-no! I don't know?" Kyki rambled on like this for a time.
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