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Open The Heart of a Wild Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Legitmoon, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. (Was it the cave with Pikachu?)
    Passed out, Dask dreamed. He dreamed of himself surrounded by a variety of Pokèmon. He dreamt that they all were emotionally close to him, and he loved them all. Suddenly, his tail grew ever-brighter, growing in size until it swarmed his vision. When his tail fire died down, all of the pokèmon were severely injured; not a single one stood.
    Dask awoke wih a jolt, screaming.
  2. (Yep)
    Talia licked her wounds and munched on some of the berries she had stored in her burrow. Her fur bristling when she notice that she had lost a small patch of fur on her right shoulder that would probably never grow back. The dark type poked her head out of her den when she thought someone said her name. The leopard instantly regretted it as two balls of mud where dropped onto her head by three young meowths. The young ones laughed before running off with a very angry dark type yelling after them, "stupid young ones".
  3. Dask took in his surroundings, realizing he was in the cave. Did he..? He thought. Spark was asleep. No way she- he looked at his tail. It was covered.
    "Why..?" Pondered Dask aloud. He turned to the forest.
    He wanted answers. That was a predatory Liepard, and he was a threat. Why would she bring him to safety?
    He left Spark another carved note, with antrail of berry juice to it, that said:
    He got up and walked to the woods, leaving a berry juice trail. The moment he tried sprinting, he looked down. His leg was bent at an unnatural angle. He got a couple sticks and some pliable leaves and made a cast. He made ointment from some of Sparks' Oran and Pecha berries that he rubbed on his leg, and ate a couple of Oran berries.
    As he limped into the woods, he heard giggling. He hobbled as fast as he could to the noise, thinking it was someone who could help him. He dashed through some brush, just in time to hear a Liepard yell, "Stupid young ones!" He realized this one was the proper Liepard from the singed spot on it's otherwise perfect coat.
    Then he fell face-first into a mud puddle.
    "Ow." He bubbled.
  4. Species: Chikorita
    Name: Kurono
    Age: 14
    Level: 10
    Items: na
    Clothes: na
    Gender: Male
    A small Bush in the middle of the forest sheltered a particularly furry creature, with patches of fur missing. His small legs, stubbies than most of his species, waved about violently as the small Chikorita dremped.
    Many large figures chased the fluffy Chikorita. They attacked from every angle, but Kurono was able to dodge. He was then hit with a slash attack and a large scar was laid across his body. He woke with a burning sensation on his scar.
    The Chikorita sighed. He sniffed the air, just now realizing he released sweet scent in his sleep again. He panicked, but was too late to run. An Ursaring discovered the tiny Pokemon. Kuro leaped away as fast as he could, but was swept up in the bear's claw. Tears wailed from the Chikoritas eyes as claws dug into him. Luckily, with a firling of the Chikorita's leaf, he used razor leaf to cause the near to flinch. He sped away, panting heavily. He then ran straight into a Charmander, whom was face deep in a mud puddle.
    Kurono fell back, not knowing what to do. He was out of breath and afraid of what would happen next. He closed his eyes and waited for the torture ahead of him. Blood streamed down his new scars, and Kuro, at this point, have up trying to survive.
    On top of this pain was hunger. Not getting to eat for several weeks took a toll on his health and stamina. He lied on the ground, closed his eyes, and waited.
  5. Dasken was about to get up, and before he could say, "Ugh", he was plowed into by a Chikorita with a large scar.
    The Chikorita began to bleed, then promptly lay down where it stood. It looked depressed.
    "Hey, uh... Oh, I suck at this stuff... Are you okay? Do you need help?" Dask cautiously reached out his hand.
  6. Kurono looked up at the charmander. It became clear this pokemon had no intention of hurting him. He got up and spoke, "I... I don't know, do... do you have food?" Kimono asked. His head became light.
  7. Dask recognized the signs of exhaustion. "I do," Dask said, "but first, you have to sit down. You're exhausted and wounded." Dask gave the Chikorita a handful of Oran Berries. "Here you are." Said Dask, holding out his hand.
  8. Talia curled back into her den, rubbing against the dirt and roots that made up it's walls. She scrubbed off the mud before curly back up into her nest, licking at the wounds she still had open. The leopard pokemon heard talking and with a groan walked out to see who was making noise. Talia crept out and around, hiding in a bush just behind the chikorita. She stepped out, forcing the grass type down with her front paw, not watching to see if it hurt any wounds, "now now, what do we have here? Don't you know this is a dangerous place? Quite a few predators calling this place home".

    The dark type smirked when she noticed the fire type in front of her. She lifted her paw from the baby Pokemon below her and circled around Dask and Kurono, "back for a rematch, fire breather. Brought a friend to help you out".
  9. Dask scowled. He wanted to know why that Liepard had brought him back to Spark's cave. There's no way... Although, there was no other way, either.
    He knew one thing for sure, though.
    Liepard was a dangerous foe.
    And she treated this like a game
    "First off, I don't need any help beating you. It seems you've learned about me enough," Dask began, pointing out the perma-burn. "Secondly, get off of that Chikorita. It has a large, open wound." He pointed at where the large scar was. "And finally, why did you bring me back to the cave? Why not just try to kill or eat me? Oh, I do suggest you lay off that Chikorita, too, or..." Dask said, as his tail flame grew brighter and about 150% it's size, " Well, let's just say... You'll have a bad time." He smirked
  10. "Oh yes I know and I left you in the cave because if you died then we couldn't play anymore, you make quite the fun friend," Talia laughed sitting down in front of the bush she stepped out of. She lifted up the paw she stepped on Kurono with and licked off the little blood she had on it. Her ears twitched and she leapt at Dask, pinning him to the ground, "play along".

    She raised her muzzle to the trees above letting out a growl. Above now sat a large braviary, who looked down curiously, the bird titled his head to the side before asking, "mind sharing that, Talia"?
  11. Dask lost all sense of thought. His eyes became full ander once again, his eyes' pupils became pinholes. He glared at Liepard, then felt something change in him. Something snapped.
    His tail flame grew tenfold, and he let out a bloodcurdling scream before using Flame Charge in place, wrapping both in flames. The flames grew so intense that they became blue. With another scream, Dasken used a Blast Burn at the Braviary sitting on the branch.
    He had little time to recover, and it was having a serious effect, but Dask had to protect that Chikorita. He had to.
    (Can you evolve on here?)
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  12. (I'm not entirely sure)
    Talia leapt back, rolling on the ground quickly to put out the flames that littered her fur, before standing with her tail lashing behind her. She grabbed Kurono and nudged him under a bush to keep him out of the fight. The braviary flew up taking some of the damage let lose, the bird pokemon let out an indigent squak before glaring down at the fire type and Talia, "growing soft, Talia? Helping prey now. What would daddy dearest think"?

    "He wasn't fighting til you showed up, feather freak. Fly back to your nest before I show you there," the leopard growled before quickly climbing a tree and leaping out with a fury swipes.
  13. Dask felt that he lost control. He tried to bring himself back, but he simply couldn't. He let loose another Blast Burn, this one almost twice as big as the other one, flames swirling red and blue, while using a comination of agility and flame charge to practically teleport up the tree the two predatory Pokèmon were, using the fire from flame charge to further boost Blast Burn. He felt himself slipping into unconsiousness, but he shook it off. His ears were ringing and his teeth rattled, but he still kept up the Blast Burn.
    If I cannot control this power, thought Dask unconsciously, then I'll just aim it.
  14. Both Talia and the braviary took damage, the bird and leopard losing balance , tumbling into the ground.
    Talia landed on her feet by twisting mid-air while the braviary landed hard on it's back. The flying type struggled for a little bit but, ultimately got back on to it's feet. Talia started to growl lowly circling the braviary, who hit her with two times with its beak, "your fur will look good decorating my nest, cat".

    "And your feathers will make a nice bed," Talia snapped back charging forward to land a fury swipes of her own. The bird flung the leopard off into a tree before taking off into the sky, realizing it was out matched.
  15. Mere seconds after he saw the Braviary leave, Dask arrived where the battle had taken place. He sniffed the air.
    It smelled like charred flesh.
    He bulldozed after the scent, until finally, he came across where the Liepard lay.
    "You will never hurt anyone AGAIN!" He bellowed as he threw a series of fire punches at the Liepard. The high-powered attacks weakened him, however. Each punch, a ten-pound weight. Each dash, a mile. He refused to give up, however.
    I WILL make this Liepard pray for forgivenss.
  16. Talia cried out in pain as she was hit, the fire burning her fur and her wounds reopening. The leopard Pokemon wasn't able to fight back as the punches kept her down, all she could do was scream. She lashed her tail out at the fire type but only succeeded in gently brushing his leg. She raised her head to look at Dask, gritting her teeth in a toothy snarl. Her eyes widened as a punch landed on the right side of her skull, the impact finishing her off.
  17. Dask stood, panting. The Liepard was foolish enough to twist into a manner that allowed him a hard punch directly at her skull. She was now clearly knocked out. Dask studied her, his tail flaring. He had heard her screams, but only as though they were miles away. When he saw the bruises, bleeding, and gashes he had caused, his tail immediately flared down. He started to cry uncontrollably. Not again, he thought, falling to his knees. "NOT AGAIN!" he yelled.
    He ran back to the wounded Chikorita. "I've done something horrible. I need you to follow me. Can you heal a pokèmon? Please tell me... You can heal... Went wild..." He said as he began hyperventilating. What have you done?, he asked himself, a perfectly valid question.
    Without waiting for an answer from the Chikorita, Dask bolted into the woods, back to Liepard, leaving a trail of cracked branches, scattered leaves, and footprints. He no longer cared what happened to him. He just didn't want anybody else to suffer like he did, or suffer like those he had previously gone berserk on.
    When he came back to the fainted Liepard, he had brought with him some Sitrus berries and Rawst berries, the ones he thought cured burns, and had started to mash them up in a make-shift bowl, scratched out from a rock.
    "I am very sorry. I... I don't want this..." He said. He began gently pouring the medicinal concoction into the Liepard's mouth, it's head now propped up on a wooden chunk of a tree Dask had found.
    "I... I will return your favor. I... I..." Tears continued to stream down his face.
    "I didn't...", he murmured, just before he had passed out, still holding the bowl of medicine that had splashed around him.
    "Please...... Be okay......."
  18. Talia started to stir as her body healed from the help with the berries and with its natural healing factor. She lifted her head slowly as to bother the headache she knew she had, blood and charred marks covered her usally pristine fur. The fur burned off in several areas, other areas now discoloured into black, her tail layyed limp at her side. She noticed the unconscious fire type beside her, she growled baring her teeth, primed to kill the charmander before noticing the bowl with berry juice spilled about. She shook her head when a rain drop landed on her muzzle, the sky a now blanketed by dark clouds. The dark type carefully stood and picked the charmander up by his tail. Talia dragged Dask toward her den, she placed him in her nest before hobbling over to the chikorita and taking him over to her nest as well. She curled around them both facing her back to the entrance, she nudged Dask with her muzzle checking to see if he was alive, "I should kill you now for what you did to me but I'm to tired to do that right now".
  19. Dask was unconscious for what seemed like days to him. He awoke to a cold, wet feeling on his side. He could barely open his eyes, but he saw enough to know.
    He was with the Liepard from before.
    His ears were ringing, making it hard to hear Liepard. He made out the words 'kill you' and 'What you've done'.
    He was groggy, disoriented, dehydrated, and weak. He barely made out the words, "Please... Forg... Forg... Mee... Plea... Regret..." A tear rolled down his eye.
    He laid his head back on the leaf, fighting a headache.
    "Too... Much..."
  20. "Go back to sleep, cub. I'm not going to hurt you," Talia rumbled, pulling some of the thicker furs over the two smaller Pokemon. The liepard moved to eat some of the oran berries she had and clean her wounds. She moved out of the den, masking the area in her scent to his the others before creeping into the brush to go hunt.
  21. Dask reclined on his leaf, yet sleep evaded him. He managed to sleep a few times, but only for mere moments before he awoke in tears or agony. He was haunted by what he had done, haunted by what he could easily do again, and haunted by himself. He simply couldn't bring himself to rest. The worst part of all was that he wanted to leave, to go far away.
    He could not, however, due to his own recklessness.
    He cursed himself countless times while the liepard went out hunting. As time passed, he continued to feel better. He held his charcoal close. Eventually, he had stressed himself out so much that he began to cough. It passed after awhile, and he was finally exhausted enough to sleep.
  22. Talia crept through the underbrush and trees. The liepard letting her hunting instincts take over as she tracked a small rattata through the forest. She came up behind it, not noticed as it was busy eating a seed. The leopard Pokemon leapt using her fine muscles to make a quick but deadly attack. Talia carried her game to her before sniffing out the bowl Dask had used to feed her. The dark type then sought out a water source and some moss.
  23. When Dask awoke, the liepard still was not there. He looked around, but all he saw was the Chikorita with the scar. It looked as though it had closed, but he couldn't be sure. He thought about going out for Liepard, but decided that he hadn't recovered enough.
    I hope she's all right, he thought.
  24. Talia returned after having found and gathered what she needed. She carefully placed the water next to the charmander layyed moss down to make the bed more comfortable. She then exited once again and brought the still fresh rattata in as it started to pour out. The leopard places the prey in the back corner of her den and looked to her guests, "I thought I told you to get some rest, cub. And your lucky you haven't attracted any othe predators".
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  25. Dask sighed. "How can I rest after what I did? How can a pokèmon sleep without nightmares of what horror they did? I had nothing but nightmares."
    He looked at the Ratatta, his stomach rumbling, then sighed again.
    "How... How can you let me stay in your den after what I did? I... I did horrible things..." He said, his head hung. He wanted to cry so badly, but he was too dehydrated; no tears would come, and his eyes burned. "I don't deserve hospitality. I deserve hostility." He looked the Liepard in the eye, a mix of pure, genuine curiosity and crippling sadness.
    "How can you ignore what I have done at all?"
  26. "Because your a cub. Because you still have the chance to change what your becoming. Those nightmares are said to be given by Darkrai. You simply need to forget and to forgive yourself," Talia said looking outside but tossed the rattata over to the fire type. Her fur still ruffled from the day she curled around the nest, " now I don't know what you've done. But it's up to you to fix it".

    Talia licked her fur, cleaning it and grooming it. She started to softly purr as she curled around the smaller Pokemon to keep them warm. The leopard Pokemon nuzzled both Dask and Kurono before laying down, "you better eat that Rattata before it goes stiff".
  27. Kurono's head spun. He was offered Oran berries but before he could get any a leopard threw him down with her paw. He struggled to get up, thinking it was all an ambush. The cat released its grip. Kimono reached for an Oran berry, are one, then passed out.
    When he awoke, he was in a cave. The two pokemon from before seemed to be in a dispute, yet they got along. The cat offered a ratatta, which to Kurono made him want to puke. The leopard then curled up against him and the Charmander. Kimono looked around. He saw an exit, and darted straight towards it. He ran and ran, leaving a sweet scent behind.
    He stopped at a spot in the forest. There were tall trees and fluffy bushes around but more importantly to Kurono, there were flowers. Kurono bathed in the field of colorful flowers. He released sweet scent everywhere, and it attracted cottenee, pidgey, ratatta, and other forest pokemon. They all seemed to enjoy the field together. Kurono walked over to a push and started eating a leaf. He created peace among himself and the forest once again.
  28. (You, uh... Posted that twice.)
    Dask saw Chikorita dart away and, before he ate or drank anything, bolted after her. She left a sweet scent, so she wasn't hard to follow, but his exhaustion was catching up with him once again. "Wait! Hold on!" He kept yelling, but to no avail.
    He ran until he came across a field with wild Pokèmon and flowers and sweet-smelling scents, which brought him to peace with himself.
    Or, at least, it would have had he not felt he had done too much to be forgiven.
    "There... You... Are... Whew... Huuuhhh..." Dask gasped, and fell face-first in the field.
  29. Talia rolled her eyes and padded after the two smaller pokemon, grubbing to herself about how jumpy prey species were. The leopard pokemon kept to the edge of the forest when she reached the field watching from afar as to not spook any others, "try to be nice and this is how your treated. I'm going to soft".
  30. Species: Banette
    Name: Icepick
    Age: 22
    Level: 37
    Items: N/A
    Clothes N/A
    Gender: Male

    Chaos. Absolute, perfect destruction. The word was all he could think of when he thought of the dastardly process in which he would one day experience; the hot searing pain of his flesh melding into a new shape. He anticipated its coming, as did all young Shuppets did. Yet, when it came to it; when he was engulfed in white light and felt his skin loosening and reforming and each one of his carefully measured molecules changing into something foreign and not his own, he felt a terrified thrill rapture at the core of his very being.

    His new form was stronger, and faster, and Icepick knew it. Still, it left him in a melancholy heap on the ground as he attempted to lift himself with his new limbs. They were heavy and useless extensions of his body, he thought despairingly. He was much more used to simply floating about on a curtain of spiritual energy. He pushed himself from his grassy surroundings and looked around with unfamiliar eyes.

    Shaking off his shock, he clenched and unclenched a fist. He was ready for some mischief.

    ((I don't know if now's a bad time to join, lmao)
  31. (Well, no time is a bad time to join.)
    Dask smelled the air. He loved the scent of peace, tranquility, and... Death? He whipped his head around just in time to see a Banette struggle to stand.
    Dask knit his brows.
    What was a banette doing in this kind of field?
    "You there! The banette! What are you doing here?" Dask demanded, expanding his tail flame - just a little bit. "You don't live in this kind of area!"
    (You may want to read the previous posts on this if you haven't yet. In addition, I'm slightly confused on what Banette is thinking about. Is that on purpose, used as reading bait; or is it just not really explainable, or..? And is Banette okay, or is it undergoing the transformation, like Bill Cipher in the Weirdmageddon episodes, only slower...
    Or are you referring to (Mega) Evolution? Just confused a bit. ;-; sorry.
    However, this is not to say your writing is confusing: to the contrary. It is impeccable. I'm just tired and can't really focus; it's almost 10:00 p.m. where I am. |3)
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  32. (No no it's fine. At least I don't see a problem with it)
    Talia climbed a tree, letting her tail hang as she kept an eye out for other predators and threats that could harm the two Pokemon she tried to protect. She narrowed her eyes when Dask started yelling but didn't move. Keeping her eyes peeled she saw the Banette, she started to preen her fur but listened for trouble if it were to happen.
  33. Dask stood still. He had no idea what kind of eyesight or senses Banette had. He didn't turn, but he caught a brisk feline smell, with slight charred flesh - which he immediately identified as Liepard. He considered his situation.
    He could run up and fight it, but he was considerably weak. He may have Liepard for help, but she was just as damaged as he was. Chikorita didn't seem like a fighter, nor did the visiting pokèmon.
    He could wait for Banette's response, which could be an attack.
    Or, he could turn and walk away, and chance the Banette getting off a sneak attack.
    He decided he'd wait for an answer. He clutched his charcoal tightly, drawing off of it's power to aid him if he had to fight.
  34. ((Super sorry guys!! My sister took my computer :0
    I'll be right back, sorry to keep you hanging))
  35. (Quite all right, but please be sure to only send a message like that with about a paragraph or more of RP. I'll do the same.)
  36. Talia finished her grooming and noticed Dask getting ready to fight. With a loud sigh Talia leapt down from her perch and pranced over to the charmander, stepping in between the two Pokemon, " do enjoy getting hurt, fire breather"?

    The dark type smiled when the prey Pokemon in the field visible shifted at her arrival. The feline pokemon stretched, clawing at the dirt under her paws. She pointed at the fire type's casted leg with her tail, "we both know that even with your charcoal your to weak to fight, that leg of yours may even get you killed".
  37. ((That first bit was me summarizing him evolving from Shuppet and his thoughts on evolution. I know I was a bit abstract on that. ^^)

    Icepick's eyes landed on the luminous and rather abrupt Charmander whom had pointed out his existence. He gave him a smile that flared each one of the jagged zipper's teeth almost playfully.

    "Just passing through," he answered humbly with glinting eyes. Liepard's presence didn't go unnoticed and it put the fledgling Banette on edge. He knew it would be a struggle if he had to take on a dark type while still getting used to his new body.
  38. Talia shot a look at the ghost type in warning but kept her fur down and claws sheathed. She turned back to Dask, curling around the fire type in a protective way, "see he's just passing through. No need to get anyone hurt".

    The liepard then strolled a little ways away to a dense flower patch. She then started to roll about in them trying to use their smell to mask the smell of burnt flesh and injury on her incase a battle did happen. The dark type laid down curling her tail around her paws in a relaxed manor all most as if challenging the banette to make a hostile move.
  39. He cocked his head after her, steady on his stout legs at last. He brushed himself off and hobbled as close as he dared to the Liepard. Her invitation of assault also did not go unnoticed, and he weighted it carefully in his hands.

    "You seem awfully tense, madame," he commented with the slightest of smarminess to his voice. "God forbid that be because of me."
  40. "No no, of course not. I simply have had not the best of days. Prey to skittish to be easy to hunt, other predators thinking they push little me around," Talia purred relaxing casually, smiling in amusement. She rolled over again, a soft rumbling sound emitting from her chest. She stretched once more purposely showing off her claws this time, "would you like to join me? These flowers are oh so sweet smelling, sir".
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