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Open The Heart of a Wild Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Legitmoon, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. Icepick made a dubious noise, eyeing her with his bulging red eyes. Sleeping was a luxury he had never experienced; he had been gifted with the ability of Insomnia.

    "So she is," he agreed, snickering heinously. "Light sleeper, though, it seems."
  2. "Well, if a predator were a heavy sleeper, it wouldn't be a predator; it would be prey." Dask grinned.
    "You're one for mischief, aren't you? Hows about we scare this little Liepard awake?" He put on a mischeviously playful grin.
  3. Talia's left ear twitch over toward the two but, she didn't wake. The liepard shifted a little rolling over in her sleep so that her stomach was pointed towards them, the gold fur the ruffled and a little bit covered in dirt. Her tail fell off her muzzle and curled around her back leg, kicking up a little dust as it did so.
  4. "If only I knew Dream Eater," the Banette said in dismay, still cracking up. "I bet I can still give her a little bit of a fright. What do you propose we do to poor Talia?"
  5. "Why, make the predator the prey, of course." Dask said.
    His mischevious grin grew wider as he explained that they would both attack the Liepard, then dash behind her.
  6. He stared at him blankly for a few moments and then let his hideous smile grace his face again. He nodded enthusiastically and positioned himself behind her.
  7. Talia shifted a little, her tail lashing out as she rolled onto her back, paws pressed closed to her chest. Dreams of a chasing a juicy rattata through the forest and out into the fields dancing through her head as one of her paws twitched. The feline Pokemon started to purr softly as she slept, not noticing the movement around her.
  8. Dask signalled a countdown from three. Once he was done, they would both attack and dash behind a nearby shrub, looking for the Liepard's reaction.
    "Three," Dask mouthed.

    Dask released a blast burn just hot enough to burn a little bit.
  9. Spark slowly woke up. "Huh..?" He mumbles He slowly got up, noticing something was wrong. He blinks for a sec hearing something. "What."
  10. Species: Vespiquen
    Name: Beatriz
    Age: 30
    Level: 25
    Items: None
    Clothes: A yellow shawl.
    Gender: Female

    Vespiquen emerged from her hive and stretched. She looked down and noticed the Liepard doing what she thought was attacking a poor harmless Charmander. Vespiquen flew down "What are you doing?" She hissed her wings were moving in a way that could somehow prove how furious she was.
  11. Talia stirred when she heard the vespiquen talk but leapt awake when she was hit from both sides, claws out and primed for a fury swipes attack. The dark type's fur flared up as she let out a snarl. Her eyes flashing around before landing on Beatriz. Her instincts sang in anger as she was to upset to see or scent Icepick and Dask, thinking the bug type had done something she charged, "where is the cub and Banette"!
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  12. Icepick jumped backwards in surprise of the newcomer, looking to each of his new companions and the Vespiquen in turn with a nervous glance.
    "Back here, milady," he piped up, feeling awkward and out of place for the first time since he'd encountered Talia and Dask.
  13. Dask was taken aback by the sudden appearance of Vespiquen. He knew these pokèmon were as dangerous as Beedrill, if not more.
    They were walking on eggshells here, and he wasn't sure if his friends knew that. If he could even call them friends.
    "Why, hello," Dask cooed coolly, despite his fear. "Might I ask what you are doing here?"
  14. He raised his hands to his face and gave it a tired massage, pondering whether he should smack the kid upside his orange head. Despite being the youngest and the smallest, he was an otherworldly shade of brazen.
  15. Talia growled at the two but made her fur relax and turned to back to the bug type. She forced herself to relax, building up a calm façade to settle into. She looked the picture of common but every so often the tip of her tail would twitch to show her anger at the two, "my apologies for my accusations and aggression towards you, your highness. I was simply spooked by these Cubs".
  16. Dask began to sweat. Damn it!, he thought. I forgot to adress her as royalty! He continued to curse himself in his head. He began to bead sweat, almost comically.
  17. Talia turned to look at Dask and rolled her eyes. She moved closer to the fire type, curling her tail around his a little bit to give confort just as her mother used to. She glared down at him still oh so angry at the younger Pokemon but not willing for him to get himself killed over something he didn't mean, "relax your sweating way to much for this situation. Just relax if you keep this up you will not make a good predator when you grow".
  18. The Banette was mentally trying to figure out rather Talia had referred to him as a cub or not and tried not to look offended. He squirmed where he stood, anxious for staying still for longer than he had to, but knowing now was not the best time. Inquisitively, he stepped forward to a safe distance and silently analyzed the Vespiquen, as he had with the other two.
  19. Talia looked over towards Icepick, her eyes scanned over the ghost type, she smiled cheekily when he failed to mask his emotions. She let go of Dask and nudged under Icepick's head with her muzzle trying to relax the other not know how the vespiquen was going to react to everyone being on edge she hummed softly to the ghost type, "relax. And come help me with the other cub, he looks like he's going to have a heart attack".
  20. Icepick gave her the ghost of that horrible smile he so often donned and inclined his head to Dask.
    "Anything for you, madame," he quipped, waiting for instructions on how exactly he was supposed to help (He had never quite the helping kind).
  21. "Just try and calm him down before he drowns himself in his own sweat. I don't think the cub was ever taught how to actually survive in social situations," Talia purred looking over as well but keeping her ears tracking the sounds that the vespiquen made. Her shook her purple and gold coat a little bit and turned back to the bug type in front of them, "hopefully we did not intrude and bother you to much, my lady. We did not know there was a nest here".
  22. Icepick nodded and went forward to tackle the task at hand while Talia went forward to tackle hers.
  23. Talia did her best to play diplomat, a friendly smile on her face and a artificial warmth in her eyes. Her body stayed relaxed but held the promise danger if threatened. Her stance neutral in nature but, in between the two groups as a defense, "so if you allow us we wish to simply move along. We need not bother you any longer".
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  24. Dask was in a daze. He heard noises, but whether they were words, sounds, or otherwise, he couldn't understand him. He finally snapped out of it at the sight of Banette, quickly enough to hear Liepard say, "We'll move along." Her posture hinted at something dangerous and hostile, but Dask was afraid that weaseling out of this one may not be possible.
  25. Talia turned towards her companions and nudged the two further into the brush away from the bug type. She curled her tail around the two, herding them in the direction of her den. Seeing that the Dask looked out of it she nuzzled his head with hers, "if you need to rest then we can or I can try to carry you back to my den if your leg is hurting".
  26. Dask hadn't thought about his leg. He tried moving it. It felt stiff. He realized something then.
    It didn't hurt!
    He ripped off the cast as fast as he could, and started excersizing it. He ran a lap in the brush, and almost screamed with joy.
    He KNEW that Cuikorita's Sweet Scent was odd!
  27. Talia jumped back at this in surprise, her fur poofing out as she did so. Realizing that nothing was wrong and that in fact Dask felt better, the liepard started to purr in response. Talia swung her tail trying to catch the fire type's attention, "so I am guessing you are feeling better, cub"?
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  28. Icepick, whom had missed this interlude in which Dask had gotten hurt in the first place, looked at him curiously. He didn't question how both of them had clearly injure themselves as he already felt as though he had overstayed his welcome and he didn't want to overstep his boundaries.
  29. "Where do you plan on going, cub? If you decide to leave of course. Do you even know how to hunt in that new body of yours," Talia asked Icepick not taking her eyes off of Dask but, curling her tail around the ghost type. The liepard's ears twitched as she picked up on sounds and lightly pawed at the dirt beneath her feet, "you could barely keep yourself walking when we were playing our game".
  30. Dask sensed sadness. As a careful, examinatory type, he regarded the expressions of Banette and Liepard. Liepard seemed quite content, pleased that his leg healed so quickly.
    Banette, on the other hand...
    "I know that look," Dask said to Icepick. "It's the look of someone who thinks they don't belong. Despite my actions which, I hope you can forgive, WE'D," Dask said, elbowing Liepard, "Appreciate it if you hung around. Since we know you aren't here to hurt anyone."
    Dask looked directly into Icepick's eyes.
    "Don't cast yourself out. I made that mistake once, and I always regret it.
  31. "Yeah we don't mind if you hang around," Talia rolled her eyes, her nose twitching as she scented the area. The dark type caught a few prey scents but didn't both with them, "I am not sure if banettes nest but if you need a place to stay I can provide shelter".
  32. Species: Florges
    Name: Florges (pronounced Flo-res)
    Age: 23
    Level: 10
    Items: Shovel
    Clothes: Florges is already semi-dressed
    Gender: Female
    Other info: Florges would speak with a French accent.
    (I'm back, this time for good, not sure what happened with Vespiquen but Florges is to stay)
    Florges walked through a flower garden, but overheard the conversation of a couple of Pokémon. Florges arrived next to the Pokémon. Florges, (being a curious one) wanted to know what was happening. "Is everything alright?" Florges asked.
  33. Dask turned to the florges. "Yeah, all is well in the kingdom," Dask said with a grin, expecting groans (fite me). "Might I ask your name?"
  34. He looked to Talia and to Dask with a smile that was nearly a shade less despicable than his usual grin, feeling a swell of affection somewhere in the tangle of dark energy that kept him alive.
    "You guys...," he said fondly, hardly able to rope a sentence together. He'd probably be tearing up, had he had tear ducts.
    Instead, his attention was diverted to the new newcomer, whom looked much less threatening than the previous. He said nothing, too emotional to speak.

    (Sorry for going ahead without you, there ^^" )
  35. (no problem)
    Talia grinned at the fairy type which had just arrived. The dark type waving her tail back and forth as she put up her usual persona. Talia looked over to Icepick and smiled gently in friendly way before turning back to the new arrival, "there are no problems here. Just discussing things".
  36. "Florges, I know. Very original but that's how I like it. Have you seen my rose? You see, it's a very nice rose with a new colour. It's green, the only of its kind. I turn around for a couple of minutes and it's been taken!" Florges said, maybe with a tear in her eye.
  37. Icepick shook himself from his sensitivity, deciding it was not best to show weakness in front of a stranger. That would be for a more private time.
    "Stolen?" he repeated with wry interest. "That's rather unfortunate, now isn't it? We'll get it back for you, won't we gang?"
  38. Talia looked at the ghost type with a brow raised. She shifted so that she was in a more confortable position and looked back to the fairy type, "yes we will. It would be a great honor to help reunite you with your rose".
  39. Before the rest of the group had a chance to answer, Florges came face-to-face with Icepick. "Oh thank you, thank you! So much! I will come along on your journey. It is my rose, after all." Florges wiped away her "tears" and returned to her natural stance.
  40. Talia swayed her tail back and forth, laughing at how the fairy type pretty much charged Icepick. Her eyes held a small amount of smugness as she watched everything go down. The dark type did not move to help her companion out, quite confortable where she was, "it's seems you've made a new friend, cub. How nice of you".
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