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Open The Heart of a Wild Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Legitmoon, Aug 29, 2016.

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  1. "How kind of you to offer," he coed, edging closer with a confidence in his step - However awkward his step was. He lowered himself two or three paces away from the feline, analyzing her curiously. "I cannot imagine anyone getting in someone of your stature's way."
  2. "Oh you would be surprised on how much people underestimate me," the dark type purred, sauntering up to and around the ghost type, her tail lightly caressing the other Pokemon. She let out a pleasant laugh as she returned back to her original spot. Her eyes held a malicious glee as she tilted her head to the side, " do you like game"?
  3. He felt his soul shudder under her touch, singing with savage atrocity. His unblinking eyes never left her slim figure.

    "It depends on what game we're talking about," he pressed lightly, relaxing back into the tall grass. "Is it a fun game?"
  4. "It can be. It's a game of meowth and rattata. One of us is the rattata," she trailed off curling her paw softly around a flower, a gentle smile on her face. She then suddenly squashed it, her smile turning into a grin, "and one of us is the meowth".

    Talia swished her tail back and forth, hiding the still slightly fresh perma-burn on her shoulder. The dark type looked into the ghost types eyes with hers half lidded in an almost lazy way, "so do want to play".
  5. He laughed without humour. It was a dry sound that someone might have produced had they been choking on a stale piece of bread.

    "How can I refuse an offer from a lady?" Icepick asked with forced politeness, a sudden twitchiness in his mannerisms. He realized that he had always been subconsciously prepared for this, muscles coiled and tense, eyes wide and unfaltering.

    ((I think I'll be heading to bed ^^ Have a good evening))
  6. (Yeah I'm turning in as well)
    Talia purred at this, her muscles flexing under her coat as she laughed lightly. She flicked her ears back, catching the sounds of prey pokemon fleeing from the surrounding area in fear of being caught up in it, " well then you can be the meowth".
  7. (Sorry guys. I turned in waaaaaay before you. And thanks for mentioning the casted leg, Stormursa. Forgot all about it. :p. Also, thanks for clarifying, Novosel. Good way to hook your readers. ;3;)
    Dask watched the exchange between the Banette and Liepard with intense interest. He studied Banette's actions, as well as Liepards's, and he had to hand it to her; that Liepard - Talia, was it? - knew how to hide her injuries. Dask allowed himself to lower his guard, only to raise it twice as much when he realized that Banette was a ghost-type; a type that could easily have used some sort of move like Shadow Sneak to attack him. He winced at the pain in his leg, then had an idea.
    Liepard enjoyed playing games, as did Banette.
    Maybe he would, too.
    After all, how hard could it be to hide physical pain, when his emptional pain was a thousand times worse?
    He walked as normally as he could, hiding his cast with his tail flame, and stood next to the others. "Why, I think that would be quite the fun game." He put on an almost demonicly wide grin, and his eyes darkened. "I would simply love to watch." His tail flared, reaching up from his heg to his neck.
    His grin broadened, his eyes darkened further. "Maybe even try it myself."
  8. "Oh but of course you can join, fire breather. Hopefully everyone knows the rules? Well here's a recap anyway. The meowth is supposed to track and surprise the rattata but, if the rattata out smarts or notices the meowth as their attacks it gives them all reason to defend themselves," Talia hummed letting the sun bath her in warmth. The dark type already knowing the perfect place to lead the Banette to. The denser part of the forest where it was covered in thick underbrush and even thicker tree leaves, but also to the sand pit where a old trapinch used to call home.
  9. Dask grinned. He had a general idea on what plan Liepard had. If she could use her predatory instincts as well as an ace predator could, she would be able to lead him right off a cliff. Dask knew, however, that predators led prey into a trap. What trap could Liepard be springing.
    Surprise attack.
    He blinked. Arena trap, he thought. He grinned.
    Dask understood. He had searched and memorized several areas around here, and there was only one pokèmon that could definitely trap Banette with a bite attack, should that old Trapinch be there and know Bite or Crunch.
    Dask looked at liepard, almost trying to compliment her with his mind, and nodded so slightly only Liepard could see it, with it's superior eyesight and all.
    That is ingenious, Dask thought. Arena Trap means that the Banette isn't going anywhere until we get some answers.
    I just hope that the old Trapinch is still there.
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  10. Talia caught the nod out of the corner of her eye and rolled onto her back to stretch. She then walked over to her fire type friend, curling her tail around him softly as to not press on any of his still healing wounds to hard. She caught the Banette in her gaze again, head tilted in an almost playful manor, "Rattata get a head start so count to 30 if you would please".
  11. Icepick eyed the two of them curiously, a question trying to formulate in his clouded mind. Whatever thought he had been accumulating suddenly dispersed as he realized there was no way he could refuse the Liepard's offer. He was too anxious to try out his new body despite the risk that would put him in.

    "Of course, milady," he replied shortly with a crooked smile. He raised his face skyward and began humming absentmindedly, hands twitching at his sides.
  12. Talia nodded to Dask before sprinting toward to denser part of the forest, her sleek body allowing her to move between the trees silently. She came to a dense part where thick bushed completely covered the ground making it hard to see if anyone was hidden. She rubbed her scent around the area, heading off in multiple directions then heading back. Then she waited for the first part of her trap to be triggered.
  13. A flock of Starly had just edged its way out of his view when Icepick reached the fated number. With an ever-growing delight, he scrambled back to his feet and shot off into the forest without much rationalization. Despite his legs being embarrassingly stocky, he found that his centre of gravity laid out a helping hand when it came to running. Each time he tripped over his own foot or an overgrown root, he picked himself up adamantly.

    It took all his willpower not to let out a wicked cackle at how alive he felt.
  14. Talia caught the sound of feet running toward her direction and hid back into the thick underbrush, a dangerous glee dancing about in her stomach. The dark type's instincts singing loudly in happiness and excitement for the results that this would lead to. Her tail curled around one of her back legs to minimize noise and movement but, already having the advantage of being in her final evolution for a longer time.
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  15. Dask took up his post several yards away from Talia, but still within earshot, in case he needed help. He would use this flame to scare the banette into the direction they wanted. If Dask remembered correctly, ghost-types were not weak to fire, but greatly disliked it, simalarly to cat-like pokèmon and water.
    His tail flared, and he walked in a tight circle, waiting for a scent, a sound, anything.
    He didn't have to wait for long.
    Pounding through the area was the Banette. It took no precautions. Fask had to assume it had just recently evolved, backed up by the fact that it was still a bit shaky on it's feet.
    When it got within 10 yards of him, he practically teleproted behind Banette (due to agility), used Blast Burn, and teleported back. So long as he didn't use this technique too much, and so long as he kept his moves' durations in check, he figured he'd be okay.
  16. The forest had thickened without remorse, forcing him into slowing down. He crept through the copious thicket, moving his head and his eyes frequently for any signs of movement. He mistakenly set off a Shadow Ball at a rustling bush and sent a Shroomish to its doom. It was flung into a tree, where Icepick stared at it in dismay.

    This was where he was struck with the Charmander's Blast Burn and stumbled forward in surprise. He had been so focused on the Liepard that he hadn't even the Charmander as a threat. He bristled and let a hiss loose.
  17. Talia sped under the thicket, keeping low to the ground. She unwound her tail as she past by, gentle caressing the ghost type's leg before winding back around her leg and sprinting off again. She did this a few times as she circled the Banette, gently leading it in the direction of the sand pit. Talia would ever so often show small glimpses of herself were the bushes disconnected.
  18. Icepick stumbled under the Liepard's guidance, trying desperately to escape her clutches. She moved too quickly and too gracefully for him to get a clear shot on her, but that didn't mean his situation was completely hopeless.

    He let out a merciless Screech, hoping her hearing was as devastatingly sonic as he thought it was.
  19. Dask heard a deep breath. Before he could think anything else of it, the Banette released a Screech at Liepard. Dask whipepd around and used Flame Charge, wrapping himself in flames once again, and blasted towards Banette as quickly as he possibly could. He moed fast, due to his several agilities earlier, so he was a burning, boiling hot blur, charging toward the banette, being sure he was leading it to the TRAPinch.
    (Go ahead, groan. No regrets)
  20. (( //groans ))

    The Banette saw that he had been very underprepared for this encounter and silently seethed for being so eager. His gentlemanly façade had given way to a smoldering devil, twisting and snapping and whirling in a blind panic. A Shadow Ball was forming in his hands and he meant for it to go to the Charmander that had disrupted him before, but the flames set his aiming ajar and largely missed. He sent another with higher purpose.
  21. Talia recoiled as the screech hit her ears, flattening the to her skull and skidding to a halt for a moment to shake it off. She turned to look at the Banette only to see a shadow ball flying her way. The dark type toke the hit which knocked her off her feet. Talia quickly got back on them, running straight at the ghost type charging with a feint attack, only to move at the last second purposely missing and hiding back into the underbrush.
  22. Icepick flinched and stumbled backwards in anticipation of a dodge, but ended up falling on his back where he writhed for a breathing, thrashing to his feet. He was soullessly ill-fated and he knew it.
  23. "Do you give up, little ghost," Talia hummed as she moved around through the brush. The leopard pokemon purring softly as weaved her way closer then back, making the shrubs shake and moves. She then disappeared for a moment, making her way to a rawst berry tree. The dark type grabbed a few and made her way back to where the ghost type wiggled on the ground. She stepped out in front of him and pushed the berries forward, "because I think you lost our game".

    The liepard stood proud lookin down at the banette with a glimmer of pride in her eyes. She stepped forward enough to sniff before backing up to sit down, "your to eager. You should have given yourself time to get used to your body before engaging us. You could have gotten yourself killed".
  24. Dask walked up behind her. "That would be disappointing," Dask said, a demonic grin on his face that could give a Gengar a run for it's money, "Because I have some questions to ask you." Impossibly, the smile incredulously broadened, his large grin - being an odd trait for him - helping him in the situation.
    "Besides, I haven't had my fun."
  25. (Kurono is a male, sorry if I made a typo somewhere along the lines of my posts, but he's a male)
    Kurono was enjoying the peace until in a split second it was broke by the Charmander. Kurono smiles at the Charmander, welcoming him. It was until a Banette showed up then the Charmander got a bit hostile. Kimono was about to run between them to keep the peace, seeing as how the other visiting pokemon were becoming weary. The Leopard suddenly dropped into the middle of it. The other pokemon were now cowering. Kurono nudged at the leopard's leg. He wasn't trying to be rude, but she scared his visitors. It took bravery to do. He backed away and waves the Lear on his head rapidly, releasing an aroma that would soothe all of the Pokemon.
  26. Talia flicked him on the back of the head with her tail. Her eyes flickering over to his in warning. Her claws dug into the dirt below her as she curled her tail around Dask's hurt leg, ready to it out from underneath him if he went blaze, "watch yourself, cub. Greed and wrath wouldn't be becoming of you".
  27. The Banette's chest heaved with strikingly incensed breaths, stomach churning with a dark energy. His eyes flashed on the Liepard's, and then onto the Charmander's, and he laid back on the overgrown bedding of the forest floor.

    "I'm nothing if not proud," he finally said in an unpleasant voice. His breaths slowly evened out, suddenly at ease. The Charmander's edginess was hardly effective when he was half his size, but Icepick had to admit that he was trying rather hard. "What do you want, kid?"
  28. (My sincerest apologies :{ )
    Dask wanted to intimidate Banette so much that he wouldn't lie, so that he could get some honest answers.
    "I enjoy games, you know. I like to play. Isn't that right, Talia?" He turned his head slowly towards Talia's, hoping to give her chills.
    Dask took Talia's warnings, and took inner peace, but kept his smile.
    When Dask smelled the scent, and his smile almost wavered.
    It would have, had he not been channeling his inner insanity.
    When he realized what he led it through it, yet again, impossibly grew. His eyes became dark as new moon, and there was a tiny glint that hinted at something insane. His head whipped back to the Banette.
    Dask had mastered this look to frighten enemies. He had improved his leer so much that it wasn't really even a move now. It was natural.
    He lit one of his fists, then the other.
    "Whaddya say, pal?" Dask cooed, which sent chills down most Pokèmons' backs.
    "Wanna play?"
  29. Talia narrowed her eyes, tightning the grip of her tail and pulled the casted leg, her fur rising, "watch yourself. He's giving what you asked for and I have no problems fighting with you again, cub".

    The dark type snapped her teeth in Dask's face, challenging him once again before turning to the ghost type. She huffed a little, nudging him up, "I have no idea what he has against you. And if he doesn't stop, we may have a fight. This time I'm not helping him if he hurts himself to bad. Just leave him for another predator to find".
  30. The Banette found the Charmander's behaviour disturbing; it gave him the feeling of wanting to slowly back out of the situation he had been placed in - A feeling of discomfort. He cocked his head again, thoroughly analyzing his face and straightened up, muscles coiling under his paper-thin skin.

    He shook off his tension, finding himself face-to-face with the Liepard again.

    "'S alright," Icepick commented gruffly, picking himself up off the ground. He glanced back at the Charmander's sinister expression, and back to the Liepard's. "I tend to have that affect on people."
  31. Dask had struck a response; exactly what he wanted. The eerie face tactic was to test the fight-or-flight response. The Banette, for a split second, had chosen flight, but quickly stayed put, it's muscles tensing. Trying to seem tough.
    Dask could tell there was little chance of him attacking.
    His response was that of a mischief maker.
    He immediately changed his look back to normal.
    "Back off, Talia. I know what I'm doing." He gave her a look that said, 'This was a plan. This told me something.'
    He turned again, back to the Banette.
    "What is your name, Banette? And why have you come here? You aren't from the grassy plains or forest, that's for sure; you belong in a more... Sinister atmosphere."
  32. "The name's Icepick," said Icepick, casting the Charmander a sidelong glance. He didn't see a reason to lie. "I was with a horde of Shuppet, but they saw that I was going to evolve so they cast me out."
  33. "Fine fine, just try not to get yourself killed, fire breather," Talia grumbled uncurling her tail and wondered a little ways away to lay down with her back to the two. Her fur laying down, showing off some of the freshly growing patches from Dask and her fights before. The dark type's ears twitch listening in to pull the two apart if aggression became the conversation.
  34. Dask had a sudden flashback of his past-and quickly shoved it out of his head. He didn't need a blaze attack right now. He shook his head. "I apologize. That isn't right. It's... Good to know you, Icepick. I'm Dask and, as you may have already guessed, this is Talia."
    He gave Icepick a sad smile.
    "I'm an outcast, too. With one difference.
    "I cast myself out."
  35. Icepick was about to comment that all Shuppet hordes cast their evolutionary predecessors out, but thought better of it. He nodded.

    "Pleasure to make your acquaintance," he said with a bit of softness to his tone, building up his gentlemanly exterior once more. He looked to Talia and gave her another crooked smile, feeling accomplished to finally know her name. "Pasts don't matter much to me, kid. I'm not much of a model citizen myself."
  36. (Potato, you do realize this is the first time Talia has ever heard Dask's name)
    Talia's ears twithed after hearing this but didn't move. The dark type sniffed the air once again making sure they weren't disturbed, her tail swishing about in a lazy motion as she kept a lazy guard. The liepard played with the dirt, drawing circles and other shapes. She found her self slightly dozing off as she rested her head on the other paw.
  37. (I do. Dask is poking fun at her, telling Icepick his name first. He had heard her name before, though. :3)
    Dask held in a chortle. Model citizen? He thought. Him? Of course he isn't! There IS no model citizen! How foolish.
    Dask walked around Banette, inspecting him, no longer even attempting to hide his cast. His leg had been feeling better ever since that Chikorita released that Sweet Scent...
    He shook it off. "Nobody's past bothers me but my own." He held out his hand. "Welcome to the forest."
  38. He accepted his hand in his own, shaking it promptly.

    "Many thanks, Dask," Icepick told him with that gnarled grin of his. With as much cheer as he could muster, he said, "I'm so very glad we didn't actually end up killing each other."
  39. Talia growing bored of the conversation drifted off to sleep completely ignoring the two now as she curled into a more comfortable position. Her tail masking her eyes from what light made its way to the forest floor. Every so often her ears twitch in her sleep as they either picked up sounds or she was dreaming. Thoughts drifted about her head such as about how the rattat is no good now to how to improve her den with a certain braviary' feathers.
  40. Dask merely laughed at the comment. He heard what seemed to be growling - no, it was snoring. Lightly, at least. He turned around, and there was Talia, curled up into a tight, napping ball, instincts still active. He nudged Icepick and pointed her out.
    "Looks like she's taking a cat nap."
    (Your disapproval fuels me)
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