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Kasumi's Digital Doodle Book

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. D'oh em gee ♥

    That Shaymin popping out of the Giftuprize is so adorable :>
    I love the lineless style and the shading <33 It's so cute and simple yet it works so well and aahhghghhh you're so good ; A ;
    (also the Giftuprize eyes are unbelievably squeeeee. I love them <333)

    Okay so only a couple people know this (Dark, Toru, Petey) but I loooooooove bentos |D
    Sometimes on chat I randomly spam creative ones like Studio Ghibli ones and stuff~
    But gosshhhhh your Bento is so delicious squeesome :'D

    Also I love all of the other drawings, they're so sweet :> Proof that this thread may cause diabetes ♥
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  2. Eh... These Sushis look kinda cruel... But still... I LOVE THIS ART! ... Did I sound like Byron? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *gasps* *dies from lack of air* *is magically revived* ... Eh?

    Anyways... Your art is still adorable as ever. Your surprise art for Louie is really cute! And these Psyducks are priceless. Keep getting better! But remember that Potato Gandhi is the best thing in the world! It makes me grin every time I remember it. =)


    That drawing is extremely cute! You drew Giftuprize perfectly, and the eyes are just pure squee! And the Shaymin popping out of Giftuprize is just adorable. Keep up the good work, Kasumi. :3
    #163 Louie Forest, Jan 8, 2011
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  4. *Kera squees all over the place b/c of that Shaymin*

    OMG, Kasumi, that's just too cute. And the box is smiling! Aweh! You should do something with a Sky Shaymin. it would be sooo cute.

    Anyway, I hope to see more of your squeefula rt soon... Bai, stalker-friend! *fades away*
  5. Thanks Everyone,as ever, for the great comments on Giftuprize and Shaymin! ♥
    And since you suggested it Kerauno, I thought why not and decided to add a lineless Skymin to the Doodle Book collection!


    Hope you guys like it ♥

    Kasumi xxx
  6. ...

    *Dark Soul disregards his male gender and dies of a thousand squee's of awesomeness~*

    Honestly, Kasumi, this might very well be your best piece of art so far!♥ The shading, the colours, the rose petals/leafs, everything looks so well-made~

    The Normal Forme Shaymin jumping from the floating happy box is very cute as well!~ I love those stars<3

    ...You are so awesome with Shaymins xD In fact so awesome, that I think I shall request something. How does a Sky Forme Shaymin playing with a Hoppip up in the blue sky sound?~
  7. D'aww My Gosh thank you, Soul<333

    ILU so much for that comment<3
    I really didn't think I was that good at Shaymin TBH x,D

    But since you made a lovely request I shall do it right away ♥
    I love Hoppip and this'll be fun!

    See you soon, Kasu-nyan xxx
    EDIT: And I've just finished it~
    If anything needs tweaking- let me know! ://D


    ilu, Kasumi~ That pic just made my terrible brighten up sooo much because someone actually listened to me.

    But, OMG, Shaymin is totally epic! The petals floating around add to the flying effect, and I like that it's lineless~ BUT YAY, it's so squeeeeeee~

    Bai stalker-friend, I'll be seeing you... Soon!
  9. My my~ The one weekend my Internet security program was down I sure missed a lot ^^;

    The Clefairy Sushi is awesome ^^ Clefable looks like he/she is the only one old enough to actually understand what's going on xD The little Cleffas don't seem to mind being turned into sushi :D A bit morbid in a sense, but wonderful and delicious gorgeous nonetheless ^^

    I lve those Steamed Ducklings ♥ They don't seem to mind becoming food either, other than the heat, that is xD I love your Pokemon food, and I'm having this horrible internal conflict on if I want to eat them or not xD

    Gifturprize and Shaymin are out of this world in cute~ There's just nothing more to say than that ^^;

    And Sky Shaymin... Me like. Me likes very much ^^

    This thread does that to you ^^;
  10. Weeds~!!!
    You're baaaaaack!! <33 ://D

    *uber glomps you*

    Nice to have you back with us after your temporary absence! And you're comment made me laugh too; thank you for that, because I am currently immersed in revision- it was an excellent uplift! <333

    I promise to have more art up here for you all soon!

    Lots of love,
    Kasumi xxxxx

    EDIT: It isn't much, but I felt like drawing my little Chimecho, Chiharu to post in the Doodle Book ♥


    When I first came across Chiharu as a little Chingling in Mt. Coronet, I didn't expect much from her, other than a few experience points for my Gengar. I dealt what I thought would be the finishing (and only) blow, but much to my surprise, that little Chingling held on with all she had. She bravely bounced back at me, and I immediately fell in love with her.
    So, I caught her, raised her with friendship and she's currently travelling with me through the vast Johto region~

    (NOTE: Chiharu is Japanese for 1000 Springtimes, and I thought it would suit her as a symbol of our friendship lasting forever :,) )
  11. *Antisocial's jaw drops on the floor and shatters into a million pieces*

    Hi, Kasumi. You requested a pic on my thread, so I thought I'd give your thread a look in, and I must say. WHY DID YOU EVEN MAKE A REQUEST??
    Your art is incredible. It's much, much, MUCH better than mine, and every picture one after the other, just blew me away even more!

    So, to now ask you this question. If you are taking requests, could you perhaps draw my 4 OCs all together, without their Pokemon, because they're *cough*anEliteFour*cough* (Ssssshhhh, but that's what they are, an Elite Four). Of course, if this is too much, it's completely fine.
    Image resource:





    She is so cute! ^^ And the fact that you have a Chimecho in your party makes me so happy, Chimecho is really cool, but it doesn't receive enough attention :<

    But now you've proven that I'm not the only one who could train a Chimecho! :3

    Your friendly neighbourhood,
    ~Spiderman Weeds ^^;

    Ps. You should try drawing some Pokemon anthros, I bet they'd look great! :3
  13. Awwwww Weeds, you're too kind! ://D
    Thanks as ever for your comment in the doodle book- I always love hearing your opinion on my work~
    Chimecho is a great Pokemon! She acts as my electricity master on the team as well ;//D

    And here, for It'sQuitePainful since he made me an uber adorable and awesome picture on his art thread, I returned him the favour~


    I wanted to add in the Pokemon but,
    a) there wasn 't enough room
    and b) They were very challenging to attempt as chibis .3.''

    But I hope you like it all the same!
    Kasumi xx
  14. Your art is as awesome as ever! And actually I have a request :p. Can you draw Pichu line as a sushi?
    #174 PokeGirlPraure, Jan 10, 2011
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  15. *Kera looks at Chiharu for three seconds. Then he says:*


    That is so much cute I just wanna huggle her and just D'AWWWWW. She ees so cuuute.
    As cute as evar, Kasumi-san.

    (BTW, watch this comment; I'mma edit it later with a request. Agrigato, sayonara!)


    So yeah. I would like to make another request. This time, my OC Luna. i just made her sprite so yeah: Sprite
    A more in depth description: She has dark-ish blond hair drawn back in a long ponytail, and has sea-green eyes. her facial expression is somewhat playful, but a little determined too. She's wearing a white shirt with pink strips at the ends of the sleeves and around the sleeves, and pink pants. basically, what she's wearing in the sprite. And she's holding her wand, which is an optional thing, but can you please make sure she's levitating a pokeball?
    I think that's all you need to know... Much thanks if you can make this, and have a nice day~
  16. Aahahahaa, I love how It'sQuitePainful's request came out! The first guys sideburns are so cool! The second one has an awesome beard! The third guy's hairdo and glasses are made of win! And the last guy... HAS A WHITE SHIRT. >B| Nah, he's really awesome as well, his eyes look like molten chocolate ^^

    Omnomnom, chocolate~

    Erhem. ^^; Buuut this picture is awesome and very nice, as usual :3

    I scrolled down and saw the Sky Shaymin. Mae Lawrd! Thaet's sooo kyut mae spelleng whent aell unraedableh! ^^;
    No but seriously, that really is cute beyond words \^^/
    I love Hoppip. So much :3

  17. You're comments just make my day guys; they really do and they are the inspiration I go by to create all of you these requests and doodles!
    Domo arigato~
    Uiiii ♥

    So, now onto the requests, I'm a bit slow as I'm finishing off more Ghosty requests = w =
    Don't get me wrong- it's fun but time consuming~

    So, don't worry Kerauno I will get onto your request ASAP!
    But, I'm sorry Praure, i don't think I could do yours~ :<
    It's because you're not a Young One+ as recommended, it's just I don't think I have time.

    But miracles can happen! I have to finish Ghosty's request, have a shower, draw Kerauno's and finish my French homework before 9.

    Thanks again guys!
    Kasumi xxx

    EDIT: Here you are Kerauno! It's a little quick, but I hope you like it all the same!

  18. Meh, it is OK with me, I didn't had my hopes up for this one. And I know what it means not to have time. So you are learning French, too? I HATE IT.

    And Kerauno's request is so epic! Like, errrr... I'M SPEECHLESS. And Chiharu... <333333 Also, I like ItsQuitePainful request. I LOVE THIS ART!! NOOOOO, not Byron mania again... :'(
  19. OMG Kasumi. I love her. Seriously.

    *changes webcam picture on dA* Eeeeeeeeeeehh, ilu, Kasumi. She's absolutely perfect, I wouldn't change a thing!

    I really appreciate you going through the trouble to make this, I cannot express my thanks enough! Arigato, sayonara!~
  20. Kasumi. ILUUUUUUU!
    You are amazing. I especially like Chiharu and Shaymin Sky~
    I just want you to know... YOU AND YOUR ART ARE PRETTY!

    I also have a request.
    Her name is Mokéle Mémbe. She has Light brownish black hair, and has a Cranidos on her shoulder. Her skin is a little bit tan, and she also has a bit of freckles on her face. She has a plain black T-shirt, and she loves dinosaurs.
  21. Hey there Stamgalaki~
    Thanks so much for the compliments on my work, and here's your request~
    I wasn't at all sure how to do a light brown black, but I hope this is okay!


    More art will be up soon guys!
    Kasumi xxx

    EDIT: And heeeeere's your art!
    It's my Mothim, Dustin, Ghastly Baby, Yami and Zuruggu... Braces xD

  22. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! This is so cute!! I wish I could draw as well as you... And below is my expresion of my jealously:

    Zumen wa, sekai de mottomo kawaii monodesu!
    Vos dessins sont la chose la plus mignonne du monde!
    Tavo piešiniai yra labiausiai mielas dalykas pasaulyje!
    Your drawings are the most cute thing in the world!

    Yeah. It contains the same sentence over and over. That is because I am speechless, so I repeat myself.

    Anyways... Stamgalaki's request is really cute! That Cranidos reserves a SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *dies because of air lack*
    *comes back to life after noticing the second drawing* *breathes in*
    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! OMG TOO CUTE FOR WORDS!!! Everything does fit the statement in four different languages! Thanks for being here with your art!
  23. Kasumi, when I told you to make me a request, I didn't include an instruction which told you to CREATE A FREAKIN' MASTERPIECE!

    And Weeds, I read that. Thank you for liking who I created. ;)

    Back to Kasumi.

    Right. When I saw that, I just.... well...... I don't know what I did. I think I may have lost some of my credibility from the 30 minutes I spent dancing around the room, and the crazy, improvized songs I managed to create while dancing. That is prize-worthy, Kasumi. PRIZE. WORTHY.

    COMPARED to what I drew for you, my request for you was like.... NOTHING. You've turned me from a stereotypical geek into a stereotypical surfer dude. "Like.......whoah..... I'm like..... lost for.... words, bro!"

    I forever bow to your artistic greatness. All hail Miss Slater!
  24. Don't think I forgot about you, Mr. Painful. I do think you're quite awesome as well for creating these characters in the first place ^^

    My goodness Kasumi~ (I'd insert a Japanese title-thingy after your name but I have no idea how they work so you'll have to do without ^^; )

    I was wondering how you'd pull off a Cranidos, and the answer is spectacularly! It looks so cute with its tiny little tongue \^^/

    And the trainer as well~ I absolutely love how you drew those freckles ^^

    Meehehe, this newest picture is so awesome as well! Zuruggu is a cool kid, and that Mothim and that Ghastly... ♥ Especially Dustin, I love his face so much ^^

    (I decided to try being a little more serious this time, as opposed to my usual fanboy-squee-ing ^^; )

    ~Weeds ^^
  25. Then just make one up~ xD

    But we love your fanboy squeeing D//:

    Thank you, all of you for your lovely comments, for your requests and for all the advice and support you've given my art since I started uploading here last year as a measly little newb (I technically still am, I guess..)
    But you've all been so kind~
    So here's a little something I drew for you~


    We passed it a while ago; but I still appreciate how many views this thread has gotten! I am more than grateful to everyone who takes a look! Yes even you, nischi whom i know silently stalks my thread ;//D
    Thank you everyone!
    Thank you so much!!

    Lots of love,
  26. It's our pleasure, Kasumi. You're easily one of the greats here at PC, up with the likes of Virgil and RX. I love the request and you're definitely gonna be one I'll request from in the future.

    You've got serious talent!

  27. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    hi there Kas wow your art just keeps getting better and better!

    I was wondering if you could do a team shot of some pokemon like your zurrugu squad.

    my snivy Tyler and choroneko Jewels... could you put a little mad hatter hat on snivy, a purple, with orange polka-dot bow tie on choroneko and a little tea set imbetween them and a little tea set :) P.S can you put the phrase "Mad as Hatters!" on the bottom

    your great kasumi!


    P.S congrats on your 3000th view :)
  28. I completely agree with this statement ^^

    You're so good at art Kasumi-kan (I did as you said x)! In fact your art is ridiculously good! I have never had a this bad case of running out of words xD

    And oh mae gawd that thank you pic is adoracle~ (EDIT: Adoracle? What kind of word is that? xD) You deserve every single one of those reads ^^
    (and also congratulations on your official 200th post :) )

    I hope we see a lot more art from you in the future, my friend! ^^

    Your buddy pal,
    ~Weeds :>
  29. KASUMI. I already said I love you... so all I need to say is...
    SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I love the little Cranidos. Cuteness! You did her perfectly. Thank you buddy!
  30. *Kera has a heart attack*
    I ♥ your leetle Poke's, Dustin, and Braces, and Yami. I love.
    (And omg, is that Kaitlyn with short hair?!?! Seriously, it looks like her.)

    I wish you good tidings, and may your art and shoppe forever prosper~
  31. Sorry everyone I did reply to your comments but then my internet connection broke and I had to refresh D//;
    *Kasumi is sad*
    But I really just want to thank you all! I'm running out of words to describe you fabulous people x,//D

    Here you are Lady Monroe, and I'm sorry that Choroneko turned out a little funny; I found her difficult to draw~ ://B
    I hope you like it all the same, and sorry for late postage! >///<''


    (P.S. I don't think I'm anywhere near as good as RX or Virgil yet x,//D But it is very nice of you to think so, and maybe one day I will be as good as them :,//3)
  32. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    thank you so much they look fab! :D
  33. Why kasumi, those look really fantasmiculicious!~

    Choroneko looks so sly and mishevious ^^ Ironically it makes me think of the Cheshire Cat xD

    That Snivy is so good :> I love how you remembered the 10/6 card, it's a classical mad Hatter thing, and I would've been disappointed if you would've left it out |D

    I must also say, you're an extremely fast artist! If you put a request here you can expect results the same day, or max the next day. Amazing!

    And you're way too modest. You are as good as RX or Virgil. Two on one, we win :>

    ~Weeds :3
  34. Ganging up on a lady?
    That's a bit harsh is it not? x,//D
    But I really appreciate both of your praise and claims! ♥

    They're so sweet ♥
    Thank you so much~

    I never noticed that I finished my requests so quickly :,//D
    I guess I have too much free time on my hands after all~ ♥

    Please visit again soon!
    Kasumi xxx
  35. Hee, your new arts are awesome~

    The Mad Hatter scene is awesome. Smugleaf looks so... Smug in that hat~ And the purple Choroneko looks very cute as well<3

    3000 Reads? You're only warming up, baby~ (Your shading is very good in this pic, too! o: )

    And how did you manage to make Ghastly look so cute? I love that Mothim and Clownizard, too~

    Mind if I request? Could you do a frontal shot of my OC Dark Soul, in the lurvely suit you made him, with a Torchic on his left (From our perspective, right) shoulder that he's smiling at sidewaysly, and make him hold a cute little Aaron in his right (Left to us) arm pressed against his stomach?~

    You can freestyle on the background, but I'd prefer something blue-ish and sparkly<3
  36. Hello, I told you I'd be making another request sooner rather than later.

    You can do awsumwielder357's first though, I don't mind.

    Could I possible request.... my OC with the black hair and the sideburns (you know him, from my thread, and the guy on the far left in your drawing of my four) with Sceptile? Try to give him a puzzled looking grin (lol). And try to make the Sceptile look smugger than Snivy, that OK?

    Do awsumwielder357's request first though.
  37. Thank you Soul-chan for the comments on my work!
    As ever; you've been lovely to me~
    I've finished your request so here you are!♥


    Remember you were the first to request on my thread? x//D

    And I'll get started on your request right away Pat!!
    (But I also need to reply to Weeds =//w//='' Haha~)

    Kasumi xx

    EDIT: ASDFGGHJKL Don't have long, here's your request, Pat! ^///^
    Hope you like it! Love Kas'mi xxx

  38. :O

    Everything about it is RIGHT! WELL DONE!

    You are now truly on my winners' list. You win. So much win....
  39. We only gang up on you because youäll just deny it otherwise :p

    I don't know if I should feel flattered or offended by this xD

    But that's not what this thread is about!

    This thread is abou- HOLY SNAP WHERE IS ALL OF THIS AWESOMENESS COMING FROM?! My scanner says it comes from two posts above!

    Kasumi, kasumi. Words can not describe how cool that is. You can clearöy recognize Dark as he was in the first request, and still it has developed so much! And I haven't even started going on about the Torchic and Aron yet! They are so cute, and DS is so awesome. Congratulations. You've created yet another masterpiece. ^^

    Antisocial's request is so cool as well, Sceptile looks unbelievably sneaky :> And I have expressed my love for that particular OC before~

    Well done, kasumi, well done! \^^/

  40. Niii~ ://D

    Thank you all for your comments!! ^//3//^
    Guess what I've just finished drawing ya'll?
    .... A picture ://>


    On iScribble~ For once ;//D
    It's of one of my new charas; Hope you guys like it, I'm a little out of practice :,//)


    Lots of love, and Happy Friday!
    Kasumi xxx

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