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Kasumi's Digital Doodle Book

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. <33

    It's okay Kasu-nyan <33
    I'm just really thrilled that you done it so weelll~! ♥ (though how could you not? It's you, after all o: )

    Gyeeheee, glad you did~! :>
    She's my character for Dwayna's new RP, Things of Myth and Legend : Future Events :'D
    I think it should be fun using her c:

    Again, thank you soooo much ... ~ ♥
    Do you mind me using you drawing as reference for things? o:

  2. Not at all! Feel free~ ♥

    Thought, dammnit I wish Ghosty would give me some warning before he left 'Charms after I finished his requests! x,D
    I'm considering posting them here~


    Kasu-nyan xxxx
  3. That is so cute! :'D The eyes are so big and sparkly :3 It looks so much like the reference pic it's almost scary ^^; Your art is just so cute and everything! I absolutely hate running out of words! The picture is beyond my vocabulary in awesome. I'm not in any way claiming that my vocabulary is awesome, just to make that clear xD

    A question I've asked many times before is; how can you be so good at this? And now I'm asking it again :)

    (And I want to see Ghosty's requests :3)
  4. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I quite enjoy looking at your art and am thoroughly impressed by it. You do lovely anime pictures, and I'm even more impressed by the fact that they are usually done with your finger on the iTouch (or whatever it's called). I would love to see some more work from you, so here's a request:

    My character Ame (as pictured here, here and here) with a Shiny Charizard behind her and/or looking at her with a light blush/heart over his head.

    Please and thank you.
  5. Did you want that in full colour?
    Because you're only a young one... But I would be happy to do it anyway!

    Sadly, I won't be able to get started on it 'til tomorrow, but I will do it!
    Thanks for complimenting my arts too ://D
    That's very kind of you!

    I'll be sure to get started tomara ♥

    Kasumi xx
  6. *Blazi Can has request?

    If yes, great! I've thought of an 'OC' (He's really just for one RP but hey, who cares? :} )

    So, my character is my Fairy Tail OC, Indigo Blutez. As his name suggests, his main colour is Blue. I don't mind if you do a bust or a chibi, just do whatever you feel like. His Hair colour is sky blue, while his eye colour is indigo, like his name. He wears a pair of spectacles, with just a pale hint of blue in the lens, and he usually wears a smile. He has a dark blue jacket, with an even darker blue shirt underneath. He wears a pair of blue trousers, with a keychain and three keys hanging off his belt. The only thing that isn't blue that he wears is his shoes, which are black, and I'll leave the material up to you. The three keys on his belt, one of them is gold, while the other two are silver. If you do a bust, could the three keys be next to his head, and look like these (seeing as the anime keys are too hard to draw). Can the golden key have the libra symbol on it, and the two silver keys have whatever you think suits a Fox and a Dragon.

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if I've given you too much information, or too little. If it's too little (I doubt it though) tell me and I'll give you whatever info you need. Also if you decide not to do it, that's fine.
  7. More requests!!~
    I'll get started on them right away, but I'm going to be out for a little while today, and after I have finished these two requests, requests altogether will be temporarily CLOSED.
    So please no more requests until tomorrow!! >// u //<

    Sorry for those of you who might have wanted requests done D//:
    I just need to do some damn exam revision y'see .// u //.''
    If you really want something done- PM me and I'll see what I can has do for you :>

    Blazi- Thanks or the great description! I'll draw Indigo chibi, fullbody and full colour (eh... blue x,D)
    Dwayna DragonFire- I'll start yours now~

    Kasumi xx
  8. Heh, thanks for doing it Kasumi. I honestly thought you'd be a bit put off by the wall of description.

    I mean, even I can't look at it D=
  9. It's no problem at all, Blazi ^//3//^

    I just have one question concerning his hair; what length/style is it?
    Or shall I just experiment~?

    Kasumi xx

    Noes! NOES!! *cries*
    .. *sniffle* But I did finish Blazi's so I'll post that now, and don't work Dayna Dragonfire, your request shall be reborn! >//3//<


    I didn't really know what his hair looked like, and some bits might be a little wrong, but I'm quite proud of little chibi Indigo ://>

    EDIT AGAIN: It is reborn!! *insert evil laugh here!* It's not quite as good as the original, but I was still able to bring it to life as it was the first time :,//)
    I swapped her outfit for a dark colured kimono, but I hoe you like!

  10. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    It's certainly a cute picture, and an interesting take on my character. I am very appreciative for it, and am glad you went to the trouble to do it over when you lost it the first time. I also enjoy the picture you did for Blazi, it's very cute as well.

    PS. It's best not to judge by rank... Even though I'm a Young One, I'm still a regular. ;3
  11. Oh my, I totally forgot about this Weeds! I'm so sorry :,//D
    In answer to your second statement, and with Ghosty's permission, here are his two legendary Pokes :>


    He didn't really comment on them, and asked me to get started on his fossil Pokemon so I shall start that right away!
    They're kinda odd looking anyway xD

    and Just because I drew her...:
    A shiny Buneary on MS Paint~ Cute! ♥

    And in answer to your first statement Weeds, I've always had a passion for drawing. In school my classmates thought I was really good, so I began to think so too.
    As I progressed though, critiscm got harsher on me so that considerably improved my style.
    Practice makes perfect; this is the virtue I respect the most! ://)

    Thank you! That is so cute! I love him! Not exactly how I expected him, but it's way better! He is now my Background of my computer (and as soon as I figure out a way to shrink the picture, he's going in my avatar ;-D )

    *Blazi Squees privately
  13. Uwaa~ ://D

    Glad you like it Blazi! ^//^
    Thanks so mmuch for your wonderful comment ♥
    I'm happy he turned out fine in the end ://>

    Lots of llove,
    Kasumi xx
  14. You sure don't let us down, do you? Blazi's and Dwayna's requests are wonderfully cute ^^ They are so adorable!~

    Ghosty's requests look very interesting. Gravelroar looks really powerful, but overall thhe idea's already been used by Entei (this isn't your fault though, you were just following orders, Ghosty designed his Pokemon to similarly to Entei), and Kamirope is... Also interesting. It looks very female for some reason. It's eyes look girly and the purple-pink thing on its snout looks like lipstick :)

    And Buneary... ♥

    Also, if pracitce makes this nice pictures, I might have to start drawing more often ^^
  15. I saw in other people sigs that you now take requests. That is mighty nice of you as an artist. Your doodles are really adorable and since I dont see a request list and it still states open on the first page ill go ahead and request something for myself.

    My OC Jeydis with a Kecleon on her shoulder. Can be chibi or bust, or whichever style you choose.

    Here is a picture of Jeydis for your to use as a reference.

    Thanks for reading.
  16. Why hullo thar~

    You're....*looks for the right word*... I can't think of anything but amazing. This art is, like, professional-looking, in my opinion. And you do all this on your iPHONE?! That's skill right there.

    Anyway... I heard you were taking requests... Aaand I thought, why not? I heard you draw peoples charries so, if you don't mind, I'd like you to draw two of my Gym Leaders, Zaron and Kaitlyn. I have reference pic for them each, plus an extra description.

    Zaron- Grayish hair and icy blue eyes, with a dark red headband and scarf, like Morty's, but not exactly like that. Black shirt and grayish pants. Also smirking darkly, like he knows something. Also has a black sword but that doesn't need to be included. Sprite Mugshot

    Kaitlyn- Long dark blond hair, and dark blue eyes. She has a pink bow in her hair, and wears a dress similar to Jasmine's, but no bow on her chest, more of a shawl. A pink dress, blue shawl/jacket/whatever. She's smiling brightly, like shes' happy, but also thinking of a way to take you down. Sprite Mugshot
    (You might have to download them to see them better... And could I get them in one pic, please?)

    Thank you in advance~
  17. @Kerauno- Thank you for complimenting my art! It was so very kind of you and I appreciate it very very much~
    As for your request, I can't wait to get started on it! Expect it to be up on 'Charms in about 20 minutes~
    I like your character sprites, by the way, they're very detailed and are great reference material~ And thanks for typing out descriptions of each person, that's very helpful ♥
    @Jeydis- Yup! Requests are still open~ I'll get started on your right away (though I must say I am a little nervous about kecleon ^^; )

    Kasumi xxx

    EDIT: Jeydis, I have finished your request ~
    If there's anything that needs tweeking just tell me!

    (Can't Believe I forgot her red hair D:)

    And I'll get to work on your request as soon as I finish Kerauno's~

    EDIT AGAIN: Okay! I've finished your request Kerauno~ Again, if anything needs tweaked just let me know I'll be more than happy to change it for you! Next request, coming up~

  18. Your art is so awesome! And if it wouldn't trouble you much, can you draw a girl with dark blue hair and mainly blue clothes and a Pikachu? That is the way my trainer looks like. It would be really awesome to have it on my avatar. Thank you very much!!
  19. aaaaand here it is. You gave me very little to work with, but I went ahead of it anyway seeing as I wanted to try it out. If she's different to what you wanted, just give me a full description next time.
    (and it really shouldn't be in full colour but that's okay seeing as I had everything set up beforehand anyway~)


    Kasumi xx

    (p.s. I am rubbish at drawing Pikachu XD)
    #139 Amzaar_Gyarou, Jan 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  20. Omg. Omg, just... Omg.

    That's epic! It's, like, perfect! Thank you so, so much, Kasumi! I know one place I can put this, and I'm going there now, thank you so much!
    *posts as webcam in DeviantArt, with credit* Thanks again!
  21. OMG!!! Thank you so much!! She is perfect and everything is too perfect for me to believe. Your art is awesome! BTW, why do you say you're rubbish at drawing Pikachu? It is just SQUEEEEEE!!!
  22. Uwaaaaa ./////u/////.
    Thank you guys! I'm so happy to hear you like them! (Especially Praure, seeing as I didn't know what I was doing XD *bricked*)

    I'm glad to hear your using it on dA, Kerauno~ Thanks for the credit! Feel free to add me too~ My username is ~charikukosa ://)

    More Art (hopefully) Coming later~ ://D
    Kasumi xx
  23. [​IMG]

    So I had a go at drawing myself~ In my Trainer attire~
    I think it turned out quite nicely! And I also had a go at spriting- for the first time ever ://O
    Are you guys proud of me? >//U//>
    Here is the (slightly un-spectacular) result, of my Pokemon OC, Kasumi:


    It's really just a recolour of the Platinum Female character, and looks a bit odd~ But that's ok because SPRITES ASIDE!
    This is nor the place or... well, place .w.''

    Kasumi xx
  24. I should stop coming here, it's so awkward for me to have to rant about the same things all the time ^^; I've said everything I can think of saying, and still I'm amazed every time!

    Jeydis is just awesome. The Kecleon came out great, and you did a nice job with the eyes. They're so big, and green, and... Hypnotizing O.o

    Kerauno's request is really good as well, it kinda looks like Zaron is flirting with Kaitlin ^^ So cute, so professional, so PERFECT!

    You have all the right to be proud of PokeGirlPraure's request, you had very little to work with, and it came out spectacular! So very nice and cute and ♥

    You know, this last trainer looks ridiculously much like you (member pic's thread, I'm not a stalker ^^; ). It looks so much like you it's not even funny. Well done, you're really cute and good looking ;)

    And about the sprite, it's certainly not bad for a first sprite (and we're all proud of you for trying it out ^^), but if you want some advice, the shirt needs a bit more shading. Also I think you went a little overboard with the outline on the hair, but it's not as much of a problem.
  25. Hooray!! Thank you so much for the comments Weeds~!!
    And please;feel free to visit the Doodle Book anytime you choose ://D
    We're always happy to have you! ^//3//^

    Also; thanks so much for your constructive critiscm on the spriting- you are practically an expert after all! *Hurriedly takes notes and nods knowledgeably*
    Do tell more! ;//D

    Thank you too for the compliment~ I think in that picture my hair is a little bit *SHA-BAM!* 0_o
    But you're always so nice ^//3//^

    As thanks for your love, Uber otter greets you~
  26. I grinned and my face went red when I read this part ^^ Thanks a lot! (but there are much better spriters than me on this 'ere site)

    And über otter is... Über. And at the same time very cute ♥ He looks like the kind that's very huggable but does not enjoy hugs :>
  27. *laughs* You're very right! He seems like he's too good for us common people Weeds~
    :B DERP.

    How sweet of you ://D

    And i can't wait to see more from your sprite thread!
    (And get myself requests instead of going around bugging people XD;; )

    Kasu-nyan xx
  28. Dawww! You got Kecleon quite well, quite well proportioned too. Love that background too, every appreciated.

    Ill save and format this for my avatar when I get home tonight.

    Hmm or maybe a sig, might work too.

    PS: Man your a very fast artist too, a rare talent in this domain.
  29. Oh wow! Thank you Jeydis!!
    Your request was really fun to work on, because I loved the colours ♥

    Do I really work fast?
    I guess I never noticed xD *unobservant*
    I just have fun working on everyone's individual requests~ Time flies when you're having fun ~
  30. These drawings are really nice !
    Good job on all of them , some are really cute :3
    Did you use a Bamboo Pad with the stylus to draw these ?
  31. Thanks AnimeFan~
    Actually, I use a Trust tablet with stylus ://)

    And here's a little something I drew for Weeds who's a great friend to me here on 'Chrams and one of my first~♥


    Hope you like it! It's my OC and one of his that he claims 'pops up a lot' x//D
    Now- back to my English exam revision > .>

    Kasumi xx
  32. Take all the grins I've mentioned grinning on this site and add them together. That would probably get pretty close to what my face looked like just now ^^

    I mean seriously kasumi. SQUEE-FRIGGIN-EEE! That is just adorable! He looks just like I imagined him, only chibified and cute beyond words! (not to mention your own OC, she's really gorgeous herself! ^^ ) Thank you so much kasumi! This picture is just so nice and adorable and happy, I don't even know what to say anymore ^^ And it's really nice to know that I'm welcome here as well :> (even though you did say that before :3 )

    I thought about my first post here. Your art has developed so much! Every time I've asked how you can be that good, you come back with even better art! It's always fun to pop in here (despite the aforementioned running out of words ^^; ), you are such a great artist, and such a great person in general! :3

    your buddy,
    ~Weeds ^^
  33. Wow! Your art is really the best one! I wish I would get a pic dedicated for me... No thank you. I've already got my avatar <3333333 And the Pikachu is the most adorable Pikachu I've ever seen. It's just SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Thank you so much for being here with moar art, sorry, AWESOME ART.
  34. Thanks So Much To Both Weeds and Praure for your lovely comments~
    And wait and see, Praure~
    You never know; I might just draw a picture for you one day! ://D

    And please check out my first post later tonight for examples of requests I can do! ♥

    EDIT: And Here's another Pokemon Sushi Picture that I just finished! It's the Clefairy Line~ As Little Bento Sushie :>


    (NOTE: Their PokeDex numbers are written on the rice, box and sushi tape~)

    And this one isn't really sushi- they're meant to be Dumplings but I guess it kind of counts? Anyway, here you go; you be the judge :>

    (NOTE: The Little Psyduck on the far end is holding (a very badly drawn) sea incense x3~)

    Aweh, Clef-Sushi!! It's especially squee-ful to me, b/c I lurve the Clefairy line. I like lite tiny Cleffa wrapepd in teh seaweed, the facial expression is sooo cute~
    And Clefable strapped to teh shushi... The face is priceless. Like "OMG WAT"
    And Clefairy nudged in between the rice... LIKE IT'S SLEEPING, AWWWWH...

    PsyDumps. Adorable steaming PsyDumps. I liek.

    So now that you're on my stalking list, I'll be in here more. I'll be seeing you! *fades into the shadows, wearing a manic grin*
    Here's yours ♥ *hug*

    Thanks for complimenting the Sushi Artwork ^3^
    I'm quite proud of it myself actually ;//D
    it's fun to pick a Pokémon and envision it curled up in a little bento ♥

    I had no idea you loved the Clefairy line so macchi ://O
    Guess who's getting fanart? (¬ヮ¬)*
    Glad to hear you'll be returning! I hope I see you soon~

    *sticks head in shadows and derp-faces you* :> BAI BUDDY
    Kas'mi xxx
    #156 Amzaar_Gyarou, Jan 7, 2011
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  37. :) I can imagine you being even better at drawing without the computer !
    And you have to promise me --- you're not copying or anything ?
    Because people who copy and trace and claim its theirs are just horrible :(
    But I'm hoping you don't ! ^-^

    I stand by my law "No Copying, No Tracing, No Lying!" ,
  38. My god I cannot believe I haven't posted here before! *scolds self*

    Your artwork is amazing, really! And that combined with a sense of humor is just pure win. Your little present for Weeds is so cute and *squee* 'specially the eyes. And I love your Pokemon food. That Clefable's expression... ^^

    I'll make sure to stalk look at your thread more often. Keep it up!
  39. @AnimeFan lovely comment as ever! Thank you! ^//3//^
    I really love traditional artwork as well! I dunno if I'm as good at that as I am digital artwork- but I hope so!
    I tend to just draw my mangas traditionally; and little doodles all over the place in school.
    And no, I don't steal, trace, or claim other peoples works as my own ;//D
    That's a good term you go by; I hope others respect it too!

    @Aura it's glad to have you here! Welcome to the Doodle Book!!
    I try to incorporate comedy someway it my work at times~
    I find it hard to be serious, which often isn't helpful in serious situations |//D
    Thanks for the comment; and it would be simply awesome to see you again, Aura!
  40. [​IMG]

    Didn't I say I would draw you fanart of Giftuprize and Shaymin, Louie?
    Well here it is! ^//3//^
    Little Shaymin popping out of Giftuprize, for a surprise! ://L

    Hope You Liek It~
    Kasumi xx

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