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Kasumi's Digital Doodle Book

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. BUMP!

    More art, mebbe..? :'3

    Summer is heeeere guuuuys~ - // ¬ // -
    It's goodbye sweaters and scarves- hello drilbies and t-shirts!

    More NADA!~

    And again:'3

    Did I do too much? ; // A // ;

    Chariku~ from Neva Beat~ It's the 5th Neva Beat Anniversairy today:'D!

    Drawn for my brother in June:'3 He's OLD now.
    Kekekeke~ And he got a driving liscence so I didn't have to hunt down something to buy for him this year~ Bonus!

    And last for tonight is something as thank you for helping me choose the names for these two~
    I haven't really posted anything of them since then D:
    So here's Arron and Lexica<3

    Happy Summer!
    Kachoochoo! xxx
  2. Nya~
    I love them all! I want to take them home and fangirl more c:
    I especially like the old man one~
  3. Thank you Indie-chan~~~
    I've been negelcting this thread far too often! Hnnngsfsdgablarp. But for no longer! Behold, everyone, artworks that shall hopefully be ongoing!

    Two of my OCs from my manga~

    Unicorn. BAMF as it is, it's missing a moustache :I

    To promote my Tumblr, dA, YouTube and other pages~ It didn't work but it's KAMINA'S HEAD so I like it~

    Chihiro from Spirited Away~ This was a Tumblr request for my friend Ankita and she uses it as her DP now~

    Drawn for my friend Pagan<3
    The rhino is Edmund and Hippo Bernard~

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Shewzo, Chariku and Mizu chibis to celebrate the five years of Neva Beat! Delelelewhoop!

    That's all for now neh...
    I have more but maybe I should save some~ :')

    Kasumisses you all</3 xxx

    I drew this for Tun-Tun because I loved her sprite so much, and I wanted to post it kinda quickish onto 'Charms for her soo~



    Kasumbreon xxx
  5. aiiyyeeeeee <33
    that is cuteness itself!

    I love the way you done the scarf, it's so adorable :>
    and the tail! The shading on the tail's so nice * 3 *
    I also really like the lance. and the face. and the white fluffy bit. and the body. and the hair. and everything.

    It's just ... eee ♥

    The pictures you posted before are so nice toooo ♥
    I liked the unicorn (on FB) before it was here ;D /hipster
    omigosh Chihiro. I love Chihiro and Spirited Away and Studio Ghibli and aahhh ♥ Chihiro's eyes are just so nice. just thought you should know ♥

    everything is too nice but I don't wanna spam you're thread so I'll just say this and yeeaaahh

    #525 Tunolipede, Jul 15, 2011
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  6. Teh Penguin of epicness! D:<

    It looks great Miss Kasumi! :)
  7. Hi guys! Good to be back!





    Kasolrock xx

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