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Kasumi's Digital Doodle Book

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 9, 2010.


    Sorry Guys!~ Requests Are-CLOSED
    ♥ I will accept requests from anyone :}
    ♥ However, peasants may only request drawings that are black,white and another colour ♥
    ♥ Young Ones, might be allowed to request full colour pictures, if I have time and if I trust you ;D
    ♥ Anyone above the Young One status may request a full colour drawing (Unless I say otherwise)
    ♥ Please note, that I am willing to draw your OC's and certain Pokemon, but from past experience I have found I am able only to do mugshots, bustshots and chibis :,>
    ♥ Please, if requesting a doodle of your OC then include either a good description, or a picture of them. It'll really help little ol' me ://D
    ♥ I'll try and hurry with requests, but some times I can be really slow (artist's block). I promise you will get your doodles!

    Here's Some Examples Of Art I Can Do For You~

    Pokemon Sushi~
    Only Young Ones+ Request These Please~


    Anyone Can Request These~ (Available On Black and White BG's)


    OC's and Pokemon (BustShots and Chibis)~
    Anyone Can Request~


    Black, White 'n' Another Colour~
    Anyone Can Request~ (BustShots,Chibis,OC's and Pokemon)


    Anyone Can Request~ (OC's, Pokemon and FullColour)


    Just OC's~
    Anyone Can Request~


    Team Shots (OC's Optional)~
    Only Padawan+ Request Please~


    Sprites To Artwork~
    Anyone Can Request~


    Thanks Again, Everyone! ♥
    Kasumi xx
  2. Wow. These are really great, I actually am really loving the style that you have here. I like that the artwork is well done, but the lines aren't refined as with most art, it sorta gives it a sorta inky Manga look that I'm quite enjoying. Thanks for sharing them with us ^_^
  3. Thank you for the wonderful reply! ^^
    I drew sum'more and wanted to share...~

    An OC from one of my manga's Nada, in the HG/SS Girl's hat : D

    A fanart I did for my friend Nischi, a guy called Nashi from her manga Ganbare!

    My Pokemon HeartGold OC Max and my Pokemon Platinum OC Kasumi

    My friend's Naruto OC, Tino

    A picture I drew for my sister's thirteenth birthday

  4. All of your drawings have been done really well!
    Especially those in colour!
    Thanks fir all the requests you've done for me, and keep working hard on your drawing!
  5. The sheer Moe~ in this thread...I love it! Your characters look very fun, and quite adorable. I rather like your character design. The lineart's a little rough-looking, but that also adds to the charm. And if you don't mind a little critique, I think your hands could use a bit more detail. Still, the art here looks very bright and fun, and I quite enjoy looking at it.
  6. Gosh, the first thing I thought when I saw your character wearing Lyra's hat is: "It's going to eat your SOUL!" D:

    The art in general has good proportions for (what appears to be) Paint. I've always found it slightly awkward, but you make it look good.
  7. Darren Shan? I love you and this art thread sooooooooo much.
    All the pieces are colourful, sparkly and huggable. Keep up all the arting~
  8. My goodness! All of this positive feedback makes me feel so good!
    *glomp huggles you all*
    Kyaa~ Thanks so much!
    And just as a note, I draw all of the pictures on my iPod Touch with my finger :,)

    (except this one I drew on iScribble xD)
    It's Gengar and dohnuts!!~

    And this is Merlin from the Live Action BBC show~ Series 3!!

    My Pokémon Platinum OC Kasumi and her Leafeon, Eve~

    And lastly, an OC of mine from my manga called Neva Beat~

    Thank you again so much! \(^O^)/
    #8 Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 12, 2010
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  9. Very nice! ^-^
  10. An iPod touch with a finger? That's pretty awesome.

    I quite like the Gengar in the donuts. At first, I had trouble recognizing it because it didn't have the trademark snarl.
  11. The iPod Touch is a really convenient and cool way to draw these things.~
    I'm out and about a lot, and it has loads of great tools and features for drawings~

    Pokemon Platinum OC Kasumi and a shiny Lotad giving her a surprise! :D

    Bluebell from the book Watership Down, I wanted him to have freckles and that was the only thing I had determined when I first started the design~

    An OC of mine from my manga, Nada. Her name is Mallow

    An OC of mine named Kamina from my collaboration manga Demon Guardians

    That's all for now, I'll post some of my older stuff next time~
    #11 Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 14, 2010
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  12. YAY! its nashi and mallow :3 i think ill draw some moar yaoi tonight :>
  13. Hoo-RAH, more art time, me thinks! \(^A^)/

    My most recent Pokemon artwork of my Pokemon HeartGold OC Max, holding a pokeball~ Not sure who's but...heh...~

    Next is my Nada character, called Minatsu, who is the leader of the detention group~

    This is a preview of the second series of my collab manga with nischi, Demon Guardians, which should be started and volume 1 finished in about January 2012~
    To read the manga click -->http://ilikecake23.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2af6o5 Here :3

    Gengar again~ I find him so much more cuter without his little snarl.. but maybe I'll draw him with one another day? He has a map c:

    And last but not least, my friend's Naruto OC, Naomi-sempai.

    Thanks again so much for your positive feedback,etc.~
  14. Its nice to see Gengar shown as adorable unlike most of the art for it. The donuts picture is quite "dawwwwww" worthy. This thread made me smile, ill thank you for that.

    PS: The fact that you "finger paint" this on your itouch is pretty cool. You have some pretty steady hands there. It would be great to see something made with a tablet one day, im sure you could get very good lineart out of that.
    #14 Jeydis, Sep 22, 2010
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  15. Ked


    Your drawings are very cute!

    I like your style alot! It's like all scratchy and whatnot, but smooth at the same time!

    Your Gengar pictures are utterly adorable, I just want to hug them ♥
    I wish real Gengs looked like that!

    You can expect to see me stalking this thread in teh future...
  16. It never fails to make me smile whenever I see people even just viewing this thread~
    To have you guys comment is even better!
    I do hope, one day, to save up enough money to afford my own tablet. But for now, my iPod is the handiest tool for drawing I've used in ages.

    This is a pairing from my collab manga Demon Guardians called Heartshipping, which is Naminé and Kamina.

    A picture of myself I drew with the idea that I wanted an orange background (: just like the colour~

    Another Demon Guardians shipping, which is Minuki and Kamina called DemonShipping.

    And my last drawing is (an older picture) one I drew of Strawberry from Watership Down by Richard Adams. Strawberry's character design has changed since I drew thus picture a long time ago, but I still love him just as much.
    #16 Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 25, 2010
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  17. ...Do you play the piano? 'Cause that's some gifted fingers you got there~

    I can't believe I never posted her before- I love your art, Kasumi! And I'd love to hear more about Demon Guardians~

    Are you currently taking requests?
  18. Thank you Dark Soul~
    You are a lovely person!~
    Actually, if i'm being totally honest I can't play an instrument to save my life... Ehehe...
    If you want to read Demon Guardians then you can read it here: www.ilikecake23.deviantart.com
    And I've only ever done a few requests~
    If you'd like something i'd be happy to oblige.
    #18 Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 25, 2010
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  19. Me and my friends thinks that is so so good and we wish that we could all do that!!!!! ;D ;) And the one that is reading is the best ever in the wrold so so good to us!!!!!.....
  20. Terribly sorry, but I didn't really understand your comment ... ehehe...
    Could you translate for me, please?
    Amy Says "Whuuut?"
  21. Why, I'd love to have a piece of art made by you~

    Since you have no forms, I will describe my request;

    The background is sky blue, with vague stripes of white, aka the clouds. On the bottom of the picture, a chunky brown line that represents the ground.

    http://i233.photobucket.com/albums/ee18 ... cene-1.png

    In this link you will find my character as drawn by Reynald, another great artist. If you could draw him against that background, fully and from a side perspective, against the right side of the picture. The revolver in it's holder on his belt along with his katana and his lightning staff nowhere to be seen (it vanishes when not in use), could you make him with his arms outstretched to the left side of the picture (Or down, in your case~) and long rays of lightning flying out of his hands to the left, kinda like a lightning hadouken? And an agressive look on his face.

    If you find this too hard, you can do a different pose and no lightning~
    #21 Dark Soul, Sep 26, 2010
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  22. Ok; I'm finishing Dark Soul's request as I type~ :O
    Cool huh? (:
    But until it's finished (hopefully by the end of this post), I'll post more art.

    A Picture of myself, pulling on nischi's cheeks ^^; She has such a funny face xD

    c: Can't resist the pelvic thrusting

    nischi and I are tight yo ;D (yn) (still don't know what that means .w.'')

    My friend, Gigi, likkle chibi style.

    And lastly, nischi feeling teh wrath of meh chopsticks ¬w¬ (that'll teach you for calling me small...)

    Dark Soul; your picture ill be finished soon~<33
  23. You're really good at this! You manage to capture perfectly that "sketchy" feeling that I always try to capture when drawing. It's really nice and cute ^^ I love all of your pictures, but Gengar gets a special place in my heart :3

    You should totally try to draw some Kingdom Hearts characters. I think they'd suit your style just perfectly :3
  24. [​IMG]

    It is done~~ (屮゚Д゚)屮
    For you, Dark Soul~
    You wonderful person.
    I know it's a little different from what you asked for... but I really tried my best... for you~<33
    And here is the result.
    I fiddled around with the colours a bit, and gave you a cape/scarfbecause I imiagined taht would be good to have..
    And it isn't exactly hadouken( I can't draw lightning ~fail) but it's a good effect all the same.
    Hope you like it~!!

    Thanks so much Weeds for your lovely comment~
    I love KH and KH2 so much...I'm kinda scared I'll destroy Sora and co. if I draw them..hehe... silly I'm sorry ^^;
    But maybe now I have a good spectrum of what people think; I'll give the characters a go?~

    More art next time!~
  25. OH



    That is a thousand times better then I could ever have imagined it! I love this new version of me, with the awesome new suit! I love everything about the armor; The red and turqoise colours, the sweet shawl, the robe, the back sword, my smug expression and don't worry, you did a great job on the magic~

    Kasumi, ilu<3
  26. Dark Soul You are so welcome; whenever I see your comments, I smile.
    Your request was fun (if a little complicated) to work on.

    Kamina is a little cutie as a cow~<33

    No Minuki-chan ;-; Next time, don't worry ;D
  27. You don't let us down, do you? :3 I went all excited when I read Namine's name there, but then I saw it wasn't KH Namine xD Lovely pics all the same. You're so good at this :D

    I don't think you'd destroy Sora. You should definately try to draw some KH art, it would look fantasmiculous :3
  28. Thank you Weeds *O*
    So I drew some more pictures~ At last~
    Figured I'd post them hear first ^^

    My Pokemon OC, Kasumi in her Generation 2 outfit. I got the base off of deviantART, so credit to Airusa-chan for that.

    Here are Ruby and Niki, my other Pokemon OC's having a bit of an argument with little Rocky down the bottom there :3

    From the BBC series Merlin, this is Arthur and Merlin down the bottom in school uniform : D

    Minatsu from my manga with nischi, NADA!

    Another NADA! character, Mallow.

    And lastly, Acorn from Watership Down. I used the same base on both his picture and Mallow's. Because I got lazy c:

    Until next time!~
  29. Very nice pics, as always :3 I think my favorite of these new ones is Arthur and Merlin. I'm not sure why, it just looks so cut... OH WAIT. THEY ALL DO. :3

    Only issue is that they're turned on the side, you have to crane your neck to see them properly. Is there any way for you to rotate them?
  30. I'd be happy to rotate them for you Weeds-San, I'm just used to leaving then is all ^^
  31. Hello Hello, I'm back again!~
    : D
    It always fills me with such joy to be posting here, and even more so when I receive your comments. *_*
    No, really, everytime I see a new message on this thread I kinda go, "ASDFGHJK- New Comments!! : DD"
    ....Or something like that :3

    Heeeeere's~ Minatsu! \(^A^)/# nischi and I have really started to progress with this now- it's such a cute manga, but a baby project compared to Demon Guardians or Baka Brigade.

    Another Watership Down character picture- seeing as I love that book, and haven't drawn any in a while. I also want to focus on some of the less popular... characters/manga's/anime that I have. So that means more WSD and Pokemon gais :3
    This is Bluebell, and there is also a pink version of this called "baby version". On the other hand, this one is "ballistic version". I'm so sad xD

    'Tis Chibi Minuki >U> durrhurrhurr... xD

    (Just a note to say that NADA! and Demon Guardians are copyright of Warattari Panini 2010)
  32. Ahooooohooooo.

    ... I envy you. :C

    You are so much better at drawing than me. |DD I seriously envy yoouuuuu. Your style is like oldschool manga so yeah i'm in love with youuuu <3333

    and yet I hate you at the same time o:

    ... bahhhhhrrghhh teach me how to draw |D


    /is totally afraid of Lady GooGoo
    Ohmigosh I'm the same with my spritethread ahoohooooooo <33333
  33. @Tun-sama:
    D'awww~ You're too kind ^^
    I'm actually really only getting used to publically displaying my work.
    And sometimes I mess up big time :s
    Thank you all the same <3333

    So...Guys...Err....How do I put this?
    I'm away.. for 6 days.... ehhe.
    So, sorry, for that time, there won't be any new posts until I return and as soon as i do, I will post! I promise! ARG! (Pirate speak :3)

    Until then, I'll post some of my latest work <33 Here's Chotto from Chibi No 'Aishiteru'

    And this is a request I did for my friend Nell~ She was curious what she would look like Kasumi-ified Owo

    This is Minatsu from NADA!

    And my last post for 6 days is Kaiza and Kamina from Demon Guardians : D

    Hope to see you guys soon; byeee~<33
  34. I'm Back!

    And you would not believe how much I missed PokeCharms D: But I am ready once more to treat you to Kasumi Art both old and new, and to start us off is Merlin!!

    I wanted to use lyrics from a song to paste on the background of this picture, but could honestly come up with nothing until my iPod (it has music now!) shuffled to the song Fly Me To The Moon by Frank Sinatra. So, after manically jiving to it with my sister, I wrote the title lyrics on the picture. :3

    This isn't mine, but FanArt someone drew for me of my Demon Guardians character, Luther and I love it! The artist has done D.G. fanart for me in the past and she's really great~

    This picture is really old, I drew it at the start of about... Volume 4 of Demon Guardians I think. It's a bit mashed up, but conveys the cuteness all the same :3

    And lastly, it's chibi nischi and her doodle book of doom~ Probably contains yaoi :3
  35. Loving the lighting on that last picture there ^^ Also I didn't notice how good you are with black+white+other color art until now. That Darren Shan picture is pretty amazing! (Even though it looks like he's drinking blood D:)

    EDIT: Totally forgot about Lady GooGoo. That is some epic win right there ^^
  36. 'Charmers!
    I'm back for another post~!!
    Have you missed me? Cos I've missed every single one of you guys ; 3 ;

    I've been getting the hang of iScribble recently, and therefore wanna post some of that art~

    These are nischi's OC's from her manga, Baka Brigade~ The girl is Koko-chan, and the boy is Kida~

    Here's a picture that nischi and I worked on together~ It's myself, as Len Kagamine, and her as Teto Kasane~

    This is a picture of Kamina and Luther from Demon Guardians~ I worked on this for a couple of days doing it bit by bit but my lines are still severly heavy...~ I hope to adapt a better style as I get used to working with just my computer mouse~

    And my last post for today is the classic little angsty Gengar we all know and love~!! I have to admit, that I much prefer him as a little cute purple blob but this picture is pretty epid as well~

    Cia for now my chums~
    More posts are yet to come~!!

    (P.S. @Weeds That is blood that he's drinking :> Darren Shan is a Vampire novel~)
  37. Ked


    Kasumi I missed you so much~!

    I love all the new pictures, they're all so cute~ ♥

    I like the last one with Gengar the best because he's all like, "..." and stuffs and he is so SQUEEE!
    I also like the little pink music note in the second one, too~!

    Keed up the good works~ ;)
  38. ...

    That Gengar pic is srsface amazing. :| (See? I told you it was srsface! :|)

    Alsoooo, the Minatsu picture that you posted earlier (and is in your sig) has to be, like, one of my favourite drawings of yours - if not my favourite~! <33 It's so adorable and cute and eeeeeeeeheehehehekenjmelkenmads ♥

    All of the iScribble pics are, like, super adorable too~! The Vocaloid one is cute, even though I don't care for/watch/enjoy/listen to/whatever Vocaloid overly, eherrderr ♥ Kamina and Luther look cute, too. c: The expressions are rather teehee and I just ... I just like it. |D

    Keepongoingkeepongoing ♥
  39. All of you... make me... wanna cry... ; w ;~

    Thank you so much! You are all perfectly wonderful and your comments made me dance with joy this morning!!~
    As a treat (well; depending on wether you'd call it that or not. meh.), I have decided to post more art today; this includes two of my newest pieces that I drew this morning, becuase your feedback gave me the motivation to start drawing again, and pictures I took with my camera~

    Two art posts within a 48 hour period? I shall rue this day :>

    This is the first of my phone camera pictures ( please note that is one rubbish camera x D;; ), and it's of one of the chapter covers for Demon Guardians. Namine looks adorable and lonely and lost all at once in this picture so I had to take a keepsake photo~

    I drew this picture of Mallow, from NADA! on my way back from Paris in October. C'est tres adorable, non?

    You can probably faintly make out Kerocho in this picture, from a panel of Demon Guardians. I am still awf'y proud of this picture ; w ;

    lololol xD Story time~ We (and by 'we' I mean myself, and my classmates Aldra and Allana) were sitting in History working from our India worksheets and we had to draw out a passport for Gandhi (which; if you ask me was a stupid idea to get into a bunch of teenagers' heads) and so I simply adapted my own spin on the picture provided, Allana skipped it and...well... the result above is of Aldra's wonderful skills xD
    I couldn't breathe I was laughing that hard!
    And to make it worse, later our teacher handed Aldra and I our posters from way back in first year... and who should be on the front but Potato Bonnie Prince Charlie?

    Alright; back to semi-normal pictures (: this is of Grota Ko, and OC of mine from my manga, Neva Beat.

    And lastly (thankfully for you lot) is a picture of Chariku Kosa, also from Neva Beat~

    see you guys later~!
    (sorry for such big pictures ; w ;)
  40. Hello Hello~
    On Sunday, I will be celebrating something special~ As, I hope, will Dark Soul-chan~
    Yes you guessed it! It's our Birthdays on the 21st!
    I'm so excited~~<33!
    And I've drawn something special for the both of us, so on Sunday you can look forward to that special picture~
    Until then; you can enjoysome more of my art, both old and new! (I do like the squiggly symbol don't I?) :3

    A new dA ID of mine, featuring Chariku Kosa from my manga, Neva Beat. He is in green :> Herp Derp.

    A picture of cute little Minatsu from NADA!, that I drew yesterday in my heat of motivation~ *insert evil laugh here*

    Here's my Pokemon Platinum OC, Kasumi, with the lyrics of Koi No Mega Lover by Maximum The Hormone in the BG :>

    nischi's lovely little yaoi OC, Nashi~ I drew her fanart of him... with... an eyepatch... and... a sports jacket... ._.''

    ( in advance- sorry Weeds 8D;; )
    This is a picture I drew ages ago of Togepi~ And I couldn't be bothered to rotate it (sorry sorry sorry!) but here he is anyway~

    That's all until Sunday~
    By guys and please keep commenting~
    I love you all! : D

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