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Kasumi's Digital Doodle Book

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Oh goshums, Kasu-nyan, this is all supremely adorable <33 I especially luffles the Gengar doodles~ Can you get much cuter~!? O:

    I dunno if I can say much more. It's just ... eee ♥

    * Tun ttly didn't read Tsun-Sledging as 'Tun-Sledging', nuh-uh >>

    You should draw a cake. You know one of those ones that resembles a fluffy flying purple thing? *shot a billion times*

  2. Wow. Just... Wow. The TV Gengar is so me~ (except in my case there's usually a Wii attached :> ) Gengar tripping over his own Pokeball... Daww~

    The human pictures are so kyut as well~ Agh, why is your art so good and awesome? I really don't have anything more to say! :D

    And the answer is no. I would not steal art from that face.
  3. ://3 Awwww~
    Thanks guys for your lovely comments! *glomp nuzzles you both*

    I forgot to post this yesterday, so here you go! It's my Ho-oh, Sunny Day, playing her pink Nintendo DS Lite, complete with little Poliwag charm! ://D
    Because it gets boring stuck on that tower all day, huh? x//3

  4. Oh my gosh, Kasumi! That is AHDORABLE! While posting last time I was wondering how you could best that, and it seems this is how! That is so adorable and kyut and gorgeous I think my head is going to explode! Very, VERY well done! :D
  5. Gneeeeeeeeeeeeeeee she's so cuuuteeenlelkjmelkej <33

    I love the way her wings look a lot like hands but it's quite obvious they're wings. C: Her little quills are adorable and the layering of feathers is perfectttt ♥ What program do you use, Kasu-nyan~?
  6. What is this? I know! It's a semi-chibi Ho-Oh being cute instead of 'I want to bite your head off!'

    I like the drawing of Ho-Oh, but the DS looks a bit too blocky to be a Lite. I would suggest toning down the harsh lines on the corners to suggest roundedness, and experimenting with colors and lighting to get that shiny, slightly transparent look of the DS.
  7. Thank you so much to Secad for your tips! I should put them to effect immediately, and your advice is golden!

    Thank you too weeds! Your comment is so kind! ://D I didn't quite know how people would make of her but I'm glad the response is good! ♥

    Tun-nyaaaaaaaaaan <33 I just use MS Paint on my computer since my iPod has come to the end of its life now~
    It's the Windows 7 version on my netbook but it's hard to colour on because all of the white pixels keep nomming away the colour >3<

    Thanks again guys!! ://D
    Kasumi xxx
  8. KASUMI! prettiness! Poliwag charm is <33333 and I luuuuuuuurve that Ho-oh. You maed me see the cuteness in it<3
  9. [​IMG]

  10. Aaaaw, how cute, Kasumi. Happy New year! :3
    #90 Louie Forest, Dec 31, 2010
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  11. Hey Kasumi? I have a little request for you: a picture of Athena's Chikorita, and Poliwag? Please? I don't really know why, I just want one I guess. Thanks
  12. Sure Thing! I'll get onto it tomara, right away! ://D
    Happy New Year Everyone!!

    *sets off fireworks and dances like a mad thing*

    Kasumi xx
  13. [​IMG]

    For Stamgalaki!♥
    I just finished it, and hope you like!

    Poliwag and Chikorita are surprisingly difficult to draw D;
    But I think my fail attempts of them turned out not too bad :>

    And I just love Athena's expression! She looks happy :,)

    Catch you later, bubs! <33
    Kasumi xx
  14. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    Hi kasumi... I was wondering if I could request my character with her two pokemon jyanobii and mismagius? :)

    thank if you can or can't kasi...

    #94 BlackRoseJack, Jan 1, 2011
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  15. Hi, Psy~

    Sure thing! I can certainly try for you! (Mismagius looks hard but there's no harm in trying!)
    Do you want it draw in any particular style? Or like Stamgalaki's?

    Kasumi xx
  16. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    can juliet be sat with jyanobii on her lap and mismagius hovering behind her :)

    thanks kasi
    #96 BlackRoseJack, Jan 1, 2011
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  17. Kasumiiii ♥ It's adorable! Thank you so much!
  18. Glad you like it Stamgalaki!! ://D
    It was a lot of fun- I really like drawing Athena~
    She's so cute ♥

    Now for Lady Monroe's request... I have to apologise in advance for all these white pixels- MS Paint hates me so much ; 3 ;
    And... Mismagius is kinda strange looking, as is Jyanobii OTL...
    But I hope you like it all the same! x//D


    Hope I haven't missed anything!♥
  19. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    OMG Kasi They look fab! I dont mind the white pixels that is going to be my avvie!

    LY! ♥
  20. D'aww~
    I'm so happy that you like it!
    Love you too ://D

    Now, because he's so lovely and I'm married to his art, plus the fact he's doodled me something terrific, Louie Forest this one's for you!
    (because a little bird told me you like teh shineh Jumpluffs :>)

    #100 Amzaar_Gyarou, Jan 1, 2011
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  21. D'aaaaaaawww all of these are so cute <333

    I love all the little features and stuff. C: I envy the fact that all of your lines are so smooth and are drawn in (what seems, at least,) one stroke XD They look so good and eeeeeee I wish I could draw like you ; n ;

    I love the way you do eyes, as well O: They're so shiny and colourfuuuullehleknelkewant

    #101 Tunolipede, Jan 1, 2011
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  22. Uwaa~♥
    Thank you Tun-nyan! ://3

    I like the eyes too (:
    They seem to be the only thing I can draw well 8D;;

    Kasu-nyan xxx
  23. Ked


    Great work as usual Kasumi~!
    My favorite is Stamgalaki's request, it looks so adorable.

    As for the white pixels on MSPaint, they should go away if you use the pencil tool. It might make your work look nicer, if that's even possible~ ^^
  24. Oh my golly gosh thank you! The hair is the perfect shade and the perfect shirt, and the Jumpluff is just s adorable! Stop being better than me in art. Thank you Kasumi! :3
    #104 Louie Forest, Jan 1, 2011
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  25. Oh my gosh! You art is just so cute and adorable and amazing and <333333333

    Like, seriously. I don't think I've been this jealous of art skills ^^

    I also have a request, if you don't mind. Could I get a group shot of two of my OC's, Grace and Troy? (inserts links in spoiler tab so it looks nicer >>)

    If you can't do both, then just Troy'll be perfectly fine :D

    Thanks in advance, and keep up the good work ^^
  26. Hi Kasumi :}
    I don't think I've ever commented in here, which is a shame since your art is so lovely~

    Your shading is amazing and pretty and wow, and it work so nicely with your style :D
    Lady Monroe's request is probably my favorite. The Janobii just looks so adorable holding onto Juliet like that ♥

    Those white bits are a mystery though. You say you use MS Paint? Hmmm. You should try experimenting with other programs and seeing how you like them C:

    Other than the little white freckly things, I think your art is fantastic and I can't wait to see more :>
  27. *Blazi retrieves his jaw from deep underground

    These are really, really good!

    I love everything you've done, especially the pictures of Louie and Juliet.

    I unfortunately cannot request, mainly because I have nothing to request OF (No OC's, no nothing)

    If I were to somehow manage to stick with one character for long enough for him/her/it to be called my OC, you're the one I'm going to.
  28. Oh My ♥

    Thanks so much to everybody who's commented on my work! I'm so happy ://D
    Shocari-chan, I'll start your request right away~ I';m sure I'll be able to do them both; do you just want a chibi bust shot of them? Or a full body chibi shot?~

    Since I haven't drawn anything new since last night ( 8D;; ), I'll post some of my old arts that I came across earlier this week. Hooray for inconsistent art styles!~




    (I'm kinda dedicating this one to Weeds who wasn't feeling well the other day ♥)


    Will be back later with your request! >// u //<
  29. Good News Shocari-chan~
    Your request is finished! ^//0//^
    I did a bust shot of them both, but if you want anything more (e.g. a full profile shot of them both) just feel free to tell me ://)
    Hope you like it!

  30. Oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh
    Sho's request is so nice and eeeeeeefjnelkflek
    I love Grace's hair. It's so pretty. :C

    Also I hate how you can draw hair and ribbons and dresses and kimonos so well and hnnngrhhhrhrghgkjnfn
    Give me your talent c:
    (and when I say 'hate' I mean I love it |D)

    The drawing dedicated to Weeds is so cute. you should draw one for me <- don't do that. I'm just being stupid :'D

  31. Oooh, Tun-nyan you know I'd be happy to draw you something anytime~ :,//D

    I am so glad you like it! And you're always so nice to me about my drawings ♥
    I was a little concerned about Grace's hair but your lovely feedback has relaxed me ♥

    Feel free to request anything, m'kay? ^//^

    Kasu-nyan xx
  32. Oh mai~ A picture for me? I love you kasumi ♥ Thank you so much! ^^ I'm feeling a lot better now :3

    You are just so good at drawing people~ The love scene (cos I'm kinda sorta guessing that's what it is ^^; ) is so cute ^^ It makes me so happy to see :>

    Also you're handling your requests just excellently. Agh, you're just so good at what you do! And I'm still incredibly happy you dedicated a picture for me :D

    Now, I have a request for you as well, seeing as you'ree so good at completing them :3 I would be very happy if you could draw Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender, perhaps enjoying a cup of tea? (his favorite is jasmine, by the way :3) Along with King Bumi, Iroh was my favorite character throughout the series :)
  33. Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch! That is just so uber adorable and lasdflkd afodfi dfka :'DDDD

    They look just so cute, and I think you really captured their personalities really well ^^

    That picture for Weeds made me go "awwwww" and I'm just loving the ones of the girl in the dress and kimono. That sword is also on my list of things to obtain in the future.

    Overall, it came out way better than I could have dreamed of, and I'm totally going to use it as teaser art for my fic, if that's all right with you ^^;
  34. To Weeds, No problem! I am on it, sir! ://D
    Though, expect it only to be up in half an hour because I am rushing through some sprite stuff with Ghosty~
    But I'm so glad you liked my previous pictures<3
    ILY ://)

    And to Shocari-chan I'm glad you like it so much! Your request was really fun, and now that I'm getting the hang of MS Paint on my netbook, I might start to erradicate those white pixels (thank you Ked<3)
    I would be honored if you used it for your story! <33

    Kasumi xx

    EDIT: Here you go Weeds!! It is heavily based off of that other picture, but I'm still real' proud of it :>
    Hope you like it! ♥

  35. I love you so much kasumi ♥

    EDIT: That picture is now my Facebook profile pic :3
  36. D'awwwwww <33
    Thank You Weeds~
    I'm so happy that you like it!!


    Lots of Love,
    Kasu xxxxxx
  37. Gossssshhhhh Weeds' request is so well drawn |O
    I love his hands and his little beard. :>

    But anyway, request tiem? o:
    I'd like to request a drawing of my elf characters, Kaelin, who is a water/ice-elemental. :> Here's a two-minute old-version MSPaint drawing of her for reference c:

    You can do whatever you want with the clothes, as long as you do the brooch and the cape/scarf thing :> I mean, make whatever you like with the brooch seeing as I don't know exactly what it is :'D I think it's supposed to look somewhat like a heart with two wings at one side or something. (Isn't it wonderful when you don't know what your own drawing is~? ♥) Also, the jumper thingy that she wears is supposed to be turquoise or something. c:

    Her eyes are a really light blue with some darker blue highlights, and her hair is white with blue tips and highlights. c: She's around fourteen or fifteen~! ♥

    I don't mind which pose you do her in, just whatever you see fit :>

    EDITEDITEDIT:: Forgot to mention that her skin is white/really light blue ; A ; Almost forgot that |D

    Muchlove ♥
    #117 Tunolipede, Jan 2, 2011
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  38. Hey there, Tun-Nyan-Chan!
    Guess who just finished your request?~


    Did I get everything right?
    I'll sort anything you want! >// u //<

    Bye for now~

    Kasumi xxxx
    She is so adoaaablleeeeee

    I love the way you drew her ... all of the features are just right ♥
    The brooch looks just the way I imagined it :> The wings are so cute and you can draw scarves so well and hnngghhhhhh ♥

    She's so moe c:

    The only thing I could ever ask to change would be the skin colour, but I can't blame you at all for that because I forgot to mention |D

    Eeeeeeee her ears are lovely too :>

    Sorry I'll stop being all weird and keyboard-mashy <333

    Thank you soooo much~ c: I'll love you forever :'DD
  40. Kyaaaaa <33333

    Thank you so macchi Tun-nyan hnnnnghghh ^///3 ///^
    I'm sorry about the skin colour, I thought it mighta been paler but I just kept it a normal tone ./// 3///.''

    I really loved drawing her! ♥
    She's so cute! Is she part of a manga o fiction?~

    Lots of love,
    Kasu-nyan (loves you too,desu)~ xxxx

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