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Kasumi's Digital Doodle Book

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. [​IMG]
    Here it is!!
    21st, as in 21st of November. We're both 15 as of tomorrow so...


    Let the cake nomming begin :3
  2. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    awww happy birthday for tomorrow miss kasumi, I see a lovely day ahead... or so the crystal ball tells me :)
    #42 BlackRoseJack, Nov 20, 2010
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  3. Well, I don't know what to say, so I'll just say whatever comes to mind: your arts are so cool! I like all of them, the style is so uber cute/ultra cool! Well, yeah, my mind is really empty, there's nothing to talk apart from the fact I really likes all of those, you're a really good artist ;D.
  4. Uwaaaa~
    Thank you @Psyteen and @snetonobre for your wonderful comments and birthday wish!
    I has more art for yas :>

    Here's Mikado from mine and nischi's manga, NADA! I can't help but love her, even though she's a vandall ^^;

    Aaaaand~ right here is a picture I drew for nischi as thanks for her birthday present to me!!~ -Did you know she has her own hashtag on Twitter? (:-

    D'awww~ ://D This is Kamina, from Demon Guardians again and Luther in the corner there~
    Kamina-chan loves you desu o 3 o

    Durrhurrhurr, Minatsu has spotted you~ :> more NADA! pictures ♥

    Thanks again everybody and please keep commenting! ^// o //^
  5. Pretty cool/cute arts, like always :3 (oh, how I love you kitty face :3).

    Also a curiosity, did you know that in my country "nada" means nothing?
  6. Hi there again snetonobre~!
    Thank you as always for the comment~♥

    And yeah about NADA!, we named it that because their motto is "There's NADA we can't do!"
    There's nothing we can't do (:
  7. Since you commented on my art so much, i'll repay you by commenting on yours, here goes:

    OMG! Your art is so frickin awesome you make my art look like nothing! I love the manga style! Maybe you should do a comic or something...
    I think that would be awesome! Comic, comic, comic!

    I can't wait for more~
  8. More art for ya'll!! . u .
    I decided to go back through some older arts and post them; so here we are! ^// 3 //^

    (Sure hope I haven't already posted this :>) It's a Demon Guardians chara' called Danny, wearing Kamina's jacket~[:
    I love Danny~ I think he's the cutest~

    It's another D.G. character; Kaiza! She's a Thunder Element Guardian and another little cutie ♥

    Please listen to Like A Knife by Secondhand Serenade as you look at this picture It's Luther from D.G. But he looks sad :( All those who give him a hug get a hug back :]

    Danny will cook for you, because Danny loves you :>

    That's all for now folks- but I'll continue to post my art for you!!~
    Thank you for your fantastic comments!♥
  9. Eeh, I love that first picture Kasumiii<3

    I mean, the others are also very nice but I love the colours and the shading~

    Why don't you sprite the persona we discussed? :3

    (Also did you like my drawing?)
  10. Hi Soul!
    Thanks for your (as ever) sweet comments on my pictures~♥
    I adored your Birthday picture of Ghastly, Haunter and Gengar gathered around that cake!
    It is now my mobile wallpaper ♥
    ILU man^ 3 ^

    I'm not really good at spriting; being a I've never had the guts to try it but~ I could maybe make an attempt and draw her sometime!

    Time for more art you lucky devils! I also wanted to say that I'm gutted @DJ Luke will be leaving us on 'Charms :,(
    So I'll post you some things to cheer me up a little! x,3
    (I need to keep better track of the things I have and haven't posted xD)

    Kamina's gonna catch him a Scyther > u > Derp.

    Heeeeeere's the hug I promised ya'll last time!! Embrace the love people!!

    Yay~ It's Strawberry in a Pink Yukata :> I'm so weird xD

    Hoooray~<33 I found this picture of Kasumi's Lucario on my PC and had to post it~ Here he is!

    And hooray for pictures I can't be bothered rotating because my fingers are freezing but I still love you Weeds ; w ;

    Why does snow have to keep falling? I mean, yay! That we're off school and playing SSBB until we drop on the Wii- but having to shovel my mum's car out of the road isn't that fun :<
    Where's nischi when you need her?!

    TTFN my chums! ♥
  11. L..lu..lucar...lucario!!!
    Oh my gosh! That is so awesome! My art is nothing compared to this! Make your own manga! Do eet~!
  12. ^///3 ///^

    Thanks Lukey~
    I have made my own manga... In fact.. at least four of them are in the process as we speak :>
    One is nearing completion and another has been completed- but will be REVAMPED! >:}

    Please don't leave us here on 'Charms Lukey D:
    We need your uber PWN adorable chibi Poke's ; 3 ;
  13. Muhohohohohoo!~

    ... Is what I thought when I saw that Lucario. Amazing. Simply amazing. Wow. I don't really have anything more to say on that ^^;

    And it's all right if you leave an unrotated picture here and there :3 I know the pain of frozen fingers. Too well D:



    *returns hug* :3

    (Also snow is a lot of fun! :3 I read in the news that Europe is facing it's coldest winter yet, so the snow will stay for a while, methinks :> )
  14. Like most 'Charms art threads, I've been lurking it for some time and been liking what I've seen, so I thought I'd finally post x3

    Your art is really awesome and Moe~ Moe~ Kyun, and even though it looks very rough from a glance it still looks great. I had a little look at your manga, too. You really need to get your Photoshop on for your manga, because that would really improve it.

    Anyways, keep on producing excellent work; Imma going to be stalking this thread for a while ♥

    Buenos Dias, Senorita~
  15. For gyarghle's sake, Kasu-nyaaaaan ; u ;

    Your art just keeps getting better and better, y'know? o:
    The Lucario is just squeesome and I love your pictures that just have black, white and another colour ... it looks really nice. c:

    The pink picture of Minatsu is actually like, properly adorable. :x I'm not even joking, it's completely "eeeeeeeeeeee" and I want to hug her ; A ;

    Oh, don't I know it :x Here in Scotland (where it's rarely not cold/rainy/snowy) the snow is, like, reeeaaaally deep. o: I love stepping in it in my big knee-high boots and feeling the snow go just over the top of them ... eeheeee ♥

    ... that is all :>
    #55 Tunolipede, Dec 6, 2010
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  16. Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Tun ;// u //;
    If I'm being honest... Usually my black, white and another colour drawings are because I'm too lazy to colour it properly ^^;
    I love you sincerely for complimenting me on them though~

    Yeah; us Scots are getting the worst of the snow, huh Tun-nyan?
    I tried making a snowman today but fell over twice and lost my shovel thrice~

    More art to be posted shortly!
    C'mon Kasumi get your but in gear and draw something!
  17. Huzza!!
    Kasumi worked up the motivation a few days ago to use her brand new tablet~ \(^A^)/
    Y'all ready for the pimpin' result? ¬ w ¬*


    *// _ //*

    So whaddya's think? :D
    It's a character from my latest work in progress, P'Chi! and her name is Shy :3
    I named the drawing, Mysterious Kimono, and plan to post it on deviantART when I'm brave enough to take the critiscm ^^;

    I love you all ♥
    #57 Amzaar_Gyarou, Dec 8, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  18. Holy what D:

    Kasu-nyan, that's just ... eeeeeen. It's so ... shiny |O
    It's so nice and the shading's great and the patterns and aahhhh I love it/you |DD The little hairpeice is so detailed yet simple and effective ... oohya ♥

    Keep it up, nyanyan ♥

    Also, hyaaaa! Us Scots? Finally, I'm not aloooone :'DD
  19. Gracias Lovely Tun-nyan<33
    It took me 2 days, and I kept getting frustrated and rubbing out wrong bits of the picture but I'm proud of the outcome :,)

    Your comment, (again) had me squealing in pure delight<3
    J'adore tu :,//D

    Yes; I'm fromScotland too! Though, the snow influences art in only the littlest ounces- soon after your hands are too cold to draw more than an unsmiley face x)
  20. What she said :>

    It's a veery nice picture :3 Her eyes... They're just so big and pink! :O It looks really nice and I can imagine her in a rain of sakura :3 And the name shy seems to suit her pretty well, as she does look kind of shy for some reason... It's the expression methinks.

    But yesh, very lovely picture, as always ^^
  21. .///w///.
    Thank you Weeds
    ilu ://D

    If I'm being honest actually.. Shy doesn't suit her name at all ^//^;
    She can be a very angry person at times and is very outgoing and stubborn~
    I don't know how she developed into that character fro such an innocent name..

    #61 Amzaar_Gyarou, Dec 8, 2010
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  22. Your art is getting really good, Kasumi! I really like Minatsu! Keep up the good work!
  23. A Word of Apology ~

    I'm really sorry that none of my pictures are showing up- Photobucket deleted them all and I'm currently on my way to fix it D:
    Hopefully you'll be able to see them real soon!

    Lots of Love (and apologies) Kasumi </3
  24. [​IMG]

    It isn't much, but until I can fix my Photobucket account, I drew this for you all ♥
    It's a pic of Gengar and Ranpurra, whom I find adorable!
    Uwaa~ Hooray for ghost Pokemon!

    Until next time :D

    Kasumi xx
  25. Hee, new arts<3

    Sorry to hear about Photobucket. You might want to start a DeviantART profile or use TinyPic, with tabs so you can find them back. Anyway, the picture is lovely~ The shading is great, and so are the details and colours; At least someone of us can draw Gengars >>

    ...Also, since this features a Gengar, I just haaaave to say it... 'Kekeke~'
  26. *Glomps* Been visiting this thread occasionally, and I've loved what I've seen~ ♥ *Huggles the Gengars'*

    Just came to say hi, and I will stalk the thread in the future~

    -Sincerely, and Good Luck, Korora.
  27. Awws ♥

    That pic is adorable. Gengar looks so proud in it, it's gorgeous! And to top it all off it's really well drawn. Nice one, my firend~

    Also, keep fighting Ranpurra, you'll evolve in time and then you can beat Gengar (maybe)!
  28. Wowee! *////O////*

    I got such great responses from that last picture, I feel really bad I don't have anything more to post ;//3//;
    Thank you so much everyone who commented, I love you! ://D
    I finally fixed Photobucket however, modified my posts, and instead of my somewhat messy doodles, I thought I'd treat you guys to a few photos I took to enter the Christmas Plushie Contest right here on 'Charms~

    Please enjoy, and I shall be back to posting messy doodles before Christmas~ Pinky swear~ ♥

    First, is a picture of my Pikachu plush (Sparky) excitingly waiting beside his christmas present. What will he get?~

    More of Sparky, with my Christmas tree glittering nicely in the BG there :}

    Azurill on my Blue (ancient) DS and my Prinplup plush, Prince, in the BG~

    My personal favourite, a Buneary figurine on my sister's pink Nintendo DS~♥

    Derp, it's Forrest the Treecko sitting on tinsel :>

    And lastly, my two Torchics, Mama R.E.T. (it stands for Rich Elephant Teaparty. My sister's great naming skills.) and her baby, Ringo :,>

    That's me for now, but I promise you more art in the very near future ://D
    Merry Xmas in 6 days~<33
  29. Aaaaw, Sparky looks so cute! Better than my entry. I wonder what he'll get? Anyway, Merry Christmas, Kasumi!
  30. asdfghjkl Thank You So Much Louie :,D
    You're awfully nice<3
    And I'm sure we'll both do our best in the competition! ^// 3 //^

    It's not much but...~


    Happy Christmas 'Charmers!

    Here's to another year of being absoloutely loveably crazy ://D​
  31. Hee, that is so sweet Kasumi<3

    I love the cute Gengar (Excellent shading, too~) And the background is equally awesome with that text~

    Boy, are you well-integrated<3

    Merry Christmas Kasumi, kekeke~
  32. Kasumi, kasumi, kasumi. What are we going to do with you and your awesomeness?~

    Those pictures are fantastic! They look so epic and Christmassy and stuff~ The competition in that contest will be seriously good if you don't win :3

    And may you and Gengar have a really snowy and happy Christmas as well! Don't let him eat too much Christmas food, we don't want him to get fat!~ :3
  33. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    wow your christmas card is lovely kasumi~ Merry Crimbo! ♥
  34. Thank you so much everyone!

    @Soul-chan- D'awww ://3 Thanks for complimeting the BG/shading but I really didn't have a clue xD
    Have a great week~♥

    @Weeds- The competition will probably floor me to be honest ^//3//^;; But there's no harm in trying my greatest! Hope Santa's kind to you ://D

    @Psy- I always make sure to draw things in my Christmas cards, bar this year, whereby I dre my friends personalised ones. I don't know how I found the time! ://L Thank you so much ♥

    I'm currently working my butt off to draw a gift for my Mum, as she has a full time job now- but more art is soon to come!

    K xx
  35. [​IMG]

    I decided to start putting more effort into my tablet drawings, and so, yesterday I drew this on iScribble with every intention of it being amazing! Colourful! My OC Riona!
    Well, two outta three ain't bad :,D

    I hope you guys like, and I'm currently working on Ghosty's request~
    That should be up by this afternoon~ Keep an eye out!

    I also have some very sad news guys... my iPod Touch is broken.
    The screen's just... not working. It doesn't register my touches anymore, however, the buttons work perfectly well. If anyone knows how to help in any way I'd be much appreciative.
    But that means it'll need to be wiped of...everything...
  36. [​IMG]

    Ghosty requested a group bust shot of his fanmade Elite Four, and even though he's only a Young One, Ghosty's done loads of great Gengar sprites for me in the past, including the fusion in my signature~
    I finished this just a while ago and with his permission decided to post it here!

    Hope you guys like it, and remember; requests are still open ♥

    K xx
  37. [​IMG]
    It's Tsun-Sledging!!

    I know; it's quick, it's messy, it's a Giant Ice Bear on a sledge, but MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!
    I hope you all have a wonderful day~
    The snow is clearing, and I'm cuddled up with the 2011 Pokemon Annual in my new drilby hat ://D

  38. Aaaw, that drawing is so cute! Piplup looks really happy and Tsunbear has a funny beard. Merry Christmas, Kasumi. :3
    #78 Louie Forest, Dec 25, 2010
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  39. Aww, Tsunbear looks like he's having a good time ^^ As does Piplup. I'd like to go sledding with a polar bear and a penguin too :> Even though the polar bear would probably eat the penguin :X

    Merry Christmas to you as well, Kasumi!~
  40. Hello, Hello! Good morning all! All morning!

    Did you guys hear that Louie opened an art thread? DID YA'LL KNOW IT IS SUPERLY DUPERLY ADORABLE?! no?
    Then get your butts over to his thread and check it out! http://www.pokecharms.com/forums/http:/ ... ic.php?t=7

    Moving on from my persuasive sk1llz, I've decided to treat you all (?) with a selection of all of my latest computer doodles x)
    Hope you liek!

    Here we have my brother's OC's Empoleon, Prince, taking a little snooze. Man, I love that little Empoleon ♥

    Next is a little treat for all the Gengar loving 'Charmers~ It's a chibi Gengar dump that I wanted to do for ages :,D There's TV Junky Gengar, Gengar with flowers, Gengar surprised... the doodles are limitless!

    :> Who can resist my little SoulSilver Gengar tripping over his own PokeBall? (I actually caught him with a MasterBall but...hush hush... >.>)

    It isn't much, but I decided to animate a little icon of one of my characters, crying of all depressing things. ASDFGHJKL get a happy hobby, Kasumi D;

    Here she is again, but thankfully, looking much more cheery and chibi-fied :,D Yay!

    Next, is another one of my characters, Mizu Ratiosu, who's favourite colour is blue and- omigod that rymes, why must it ryhme?!

    Aaaaaaaand, though I was too lazy to do anymore with this, it is another character of mine called Chotto. Please sing Chances by Athlete as you look at this picture :>

    And of course, this is a deviantART ID I drew for my brother; simply for the lulz :,)

    Thanks for watching folks, and I hope to be posting more art soon!
    OMG they used OK GO!'s song on the music channel and now I'm spazzing!! xD

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