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Kasumi's Digital Doodle Book

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Amzaar_Gyarou, Sep 9, 2010.

  1. Hee, thank you so much Kasu-nyan~ I absolutely love it!

    The hair, the scarf, the background, the scarf, the PokeMon, the scarf, everything looks so good<3

    That Aaron is the cutest Steel-type ever~ And the suit is awesome as always. I will cherish it, and probably use it in an RP as well~

    (Did I mention I really love the scarf? x3 )

    Thanks again,
    -Dark Soul~
  2. It's no problem whatsoever Soul-chan~ ^//3//^

    And now.. >.>
    You knew it was coming x//D

    Yes~ Ladies and Gentlemen of PokeCharms, I present to you:

    The Entei Expedition Squad!

    I've named them for you, in case you were curious~ ^//3//^
    Yes, so Weeds and I were discussing my loveable, yet easily distracted team of trained (?) Entei Hunters~
    This is Entei's (and indeed, any other soul who happens to see us marching along) reaction:

    You better fear the T.E.E.S!! >://D

    Kasumi xxx
  3. My goodness Kasumi!~ xD

    Yes I knew they were coming, but I thought there was only four of them! xD

    I must say, Yurei and Yakkaimono are my favorites ♥ Baka~ri looks really sympathetic as well ^^

    Ah damn, I love them all xD Your epic art skills have done it again!

    I will look forward to seeing them in action >:>

    And Entei will not stand a chance, nor will any other legendary! C:<

    Here's a march theme for the EES :>

    Now I'll just have to wait for the flying castle-superhero posing, you know what I mean ;3

    ~Weeds ^^
  4. Ohohohoh~
    You want to see the Fly castle superhero pose, huh?
    Welp, you got it buddy!

    COMING 2011:

    ... Yeah x//D
    Weeds and I are not normal ://3
    Derp. xxx

    (two uploads in the same night?! I shall rue this day~)
  5. My life is now complete x'D

    And no, we are definately not normal ^^;
  6. You two make an epic duo!

    What the heck is going on in Edinburgh?? I've been to that castle, and saw no volcano!!

    And I LOVE the Gengars, and the look on that Entei's face is PRICELESS.

    Hm..... could I surf down the lava in the volcano and say "right onnnn DUUUUDE"...? :D

    You two are awesome, LOL.
  7. This thread just went up from epicly awesome, to insanely fabtastic. I have officially lived.

    As for your art: ...I cannot stress this enough. You have fantabolous arts, and I shall now rant on endlessly about how much I love it.
    Okay. Start.

    Omg, Mad Hattah, I love soo much. And ayaya, Chronoreko looks like the Cheshire Cat, it really does. I'm now imagining it as the C.C. in the likes of Tim Burton and Kasumi. *thinks* Oh my god. I have officially lived again.
    Wow, you surely did do Dark some justice on that picture, I just... Wow. And I just love Torchickies, so squeee~
    It's amazing how well you draw people. Pat's request is totally cool, and Sceptile looks sneakeh...
    :DDDD Your charrie is cute. I liek her.
    "What? Why?"
    *the march begins*
    :DDDD That's totally epic, with your seven little Gengars, and their varying shades of purple and attention span. 5 stars.
    And Entei be all: "o3e Whut??"
    Oh my god, Kasumi, Weeds, castle-blowing-upness is illegal! Why didn't you call me?! I would have been sitting on the clouds holding dynamite above the volcano~ BUT SERIOUSLY, you guys look epic in the flying castle over the asploding volcano. Now all we need is me confetti and trumpets~

    KASUMI-SAN, I DUB THEE QUEEN OF THE CRAZY ARTS OF AWESOME, RULER OF KASUMILAND. If thou needth me, I shall be in Keralopolis. Farewell, good day, and I'm watching you through the windowwww... *creepy smile*
  8. Hey Kasumi! Your newest picture is really funny! The bald guy is just like '3'. I saw on the first page you are taking requests for chibis. Please can you make me a chibi of a shiny Chimecho? Thanks. :3
    #208 Louie Forest, Jan 16, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  9. Hahahaha! :,//D
    Thanks everyone! I'm glad you like my pictures so much!
    It's always a pleasure to be drawing for you lovely people here on 'Charms <33

    Weeds- Who knows what'll happen next, huh? ;//D
    Antisocial Pat- Ridin' the lava waves! x,//D Haha! Pat used Surf! I like it! ♥
    Kerauno- Your praise for my art always makes me happy! Your positive response to it makes me forever happy!
    Confetti and trumpets are a bad idea due to the fact
    a) Weeds has a history of eating confetti >//>;;
    and b) We'd probably start smashing up the trumpets like you wouldn't believe x//D

    And Louie, thank you for your request! It was super fun and the colours are nice, IMO~


    I didn't know quite how to make it even more chibi'er, but I hope you like it all the same!
    Running out of words (again) to describe you lovely people! ♥

    Love to you all,
    Kasumi xxx
  10. I happen to like my confetti ok? D:<

    On to the art, that Chimecho is so kyut ♥
    I absolutely love the colors, so bright and sparkly and... Shiny ^^

    I must say, I was wondering how you'd Chibi-fy a Chimecho, but you did it very nicely ^^

    Yaay for kasumi \^^/
    ~Weeeds '3' (<- totally not trying to give Louie a hint on who the bald guy is :3)
  11. everytime i see your chimecho's im in awe... and then i remember mine and i burst into a fit of giggles XD you need to teach me to draw pokemon someday...
  12. The pleasure is all ours, because you (obviously) wouldn't be getting these comments without doing incredible art!

    Keep it up, I can never wait to see your next pictures!
  13. Nischi- Everytime I remember your Lucario, Granny-ados, Legendary Bird trio and Elekid I nearly die of laughter
    We'll both learn how to draw Pokemon one day- one day soon- in French :,//3

    Antisocial Pat- Thank you so much x,//D And here are a couple I just drew earlier today, for my deviantART group :,//)

    Mallow from NADA!

    And Marsha, also from NADA!~​

    See you again soon~ (Please note, any requests made now will be postponed until 4:00pm tomorrow, British Time ♥)
    Kasumi xxx
  14. Oh golly! Not posted in a while, huh?
    Well, I finished a random meme from deviantART just now, and thought you guys might wanna take a look at it?~
    WARNING NOTE: As of Thursday, I will not be accepting requests until the 7th of February, when my exams end.
    If you want something done before then, feel free to PM me but I can't guarantee I'll draw anything~


    Sorry; it's small D//:
    I got lazy on 5 and 8 and it cut off the bottom of 12 so I improvised :,)
    Hope you like it anyway~
    Request now before it's too late! x,D

    Lots of Love,
    Kasumi xxx
  15. Epic!!

    Made me laugh, so hard!

    Keep it up and good luck with your studies!!
  16. Ked


    Haha, adorable comic Kasumi~

    I see you put some Entei Expedition Squad action in there. I loves them 'w'
    It's so small! That's my only complaint. Smallness. Oh, so very small D:

    I like some of your other arts too~
    Marsha looks a little too pixely though, makes her look weird @_@


    P.S. Entei's expression is priceless~!
  17. Ahaww, so kyut ^^

    I'm taking DeathGaze is sort of the closest thing to a leader the TEES have? He's so cute with his little sky-blue bowtie ^^

    Did you change your OC's name? Or is Amzaar a new OC? You'll have to explain this to me :/

    But, the meme. It is sho kyut, sho many Geeeengaars~ And even Chiharuu~ But the Banettes are scary :<

    It's also been a while since we've seen your manga charries. Beautiful, as ever ^^

  18. Thank You Guys So Much!


    I can't believe I've already reached 4000 reads!
    Hope I continue posting here for a long time to come! ♥♥
    #218 Amzaar_Gyarou, Jan 19, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  19. Kasumi~ I love Stalking Errr... Watching your thread! You have an art style all your own and I love the way your characters look. Keep on drawing Kasumi!
  20. You're so welcome ^^ As I said before somewhere, you deserved every single one of those ^^ I hope you'll be posting here for a long time to come as well~

    And thank you for sharing all this wonderful art with us. I've already told you my opinion on that picture, so I won't say anything about that now ^^

    Thank you kasumi. For everything ^^

  21. Thanks to everyone's Lovely Replies on my most recent works!

    It makes me so happy to get such positive feedback all the time :,//D
    I had my first prelim today...
    It was Intermediate 2 English, and I'm quietly confident about it :,//)
    But anyway; onto the art!


    It's Porzap from @Weeds de Luxe's Weed Pit :,//D
    I loved this guy the minute I saw him, and just knew that I would have to draw him! ^//^
    So here he is ♥


    Next up is another picture I've always wanted to do ♥
    It's a picture of the Gengars found in my sig; Banengar, Umbregar and Espegar~
    Thanks to Weeds and Ghsoty for th sprites! ^//3//^


    I'm not a big fan of Valentine's Day... but Espegar and Umbregar apparently are x//D
    It was originally for a competition on deviantART... but I'm sure you 'Charmers will appreciate it just as much!​

    Kasumi xx
  22. ...

    You won the competition, right? I bet you did O:

    Seriously though, this is all very good~ I love how you change sprites into art characters, and even comic characters x3

    You're so good at shading, I'm so jealous</3

    Good luck on your tests 'n shizznits~
  23. Thanks so much Dark!! :,//D
    Actually, I'm not sure who's won it as of yet x,//D

    It's just this little knack of mine I have to draw and adapt different characters from different styles to my own :,//)

    My shading isn't THAT good x//D
    But I like how I apply it in a certain way, 'specially to my 'Gars ♥

    Kasumi xx
  24. Even though I've seen all of these before, I just have to say it again;

    Seriously Kasumi, I just love all of these so much! ♥ The best part about them is how they make me appreciate my own sprites more xD
    Porzap, for instance, I always thought he was unoriginal and boring, but I can't not love him after seeing that ^^

    The middle one is just so cute and cool and awesome respectively ^^ I just love it, I have nothing more to say ^^;

    The last one is so... Dahaww ♥ If you don't win that competition I will find and slay everybody else who participated in it so you win by default ^^;
    If they have any common sense, however, I won't need to do that :3
    I love how you made even the lighting on their legs into tiny hearts ♥
    So adoracle it's unbelievable! |3

    You would make me happier than you could ever imagine if you'd keep drawing my sprites! \^^/

  25. Prepare to be Amazed....


    A collaboration on iScribble between myself and nischi that we only finished this afternoon~
    It took about four hours, but we hope the final result is worth it~
    I'm personally very fond of this piece ♥
    It's her OC's, Sachi and Nashi and my OC's, Chotto and Damaru~

    What do you guys think? :,//D
    Kasumi xxx
  26. Kasuumiiii!~

    I love this picture so much! It's so colorful and sparkly!~
    You put four hours into this? I'd never have that much patience xD It really payed off though, it looks spectacular! ^^
    I can't help but wonder though, who are the two grey people in the back? :3

    Lovely as ever!
    ~Weeds ^^
  27. Niiiii~!!

    Thank you Weeds for the astoundingly lovely comment on my previous post! ^//^
    I'm glad the effort payed off if it's as good as you say it is :'//D
    But remember guys; a little constructive critiscm is always appreciated too ♥

    So my next piece I started on Saturday, coloured a little on Sunday and finished this evening ♥


    I used a simple base from dA, and customised the figures to look like myself, Weeds and our Gengar gijinka 'children'~
    I know; Gaspar and DeathGaze aren't in this one ;//3//;
    But I hope I managed to make the baby 'Gars look cute as compensation ♥

    (Yes; we are wearing socks because Kas'mi fails at shoes C//x)​
  28. Okwakokwakokwako :>

    Your newest drawing is <333 Kasu-nyaaaaaan, you're so good D:
    (also Kaseeds is such an adorable paring <3333)

    I love the hair especially. :>
    You shade hair quite similarly to the way I do and that makes me eeeeeeeeeee ♥

    (also yay I'm not the only one who uses dA bases |D Also HATSAMFG ♥)
  29. Oh wow, these new arts are so good~

    First off, I really like the... Japanese Fair picture? x3
    The linework in that pic is really good, combined with the colourwork<3
    Also, those bathrobes look good as well O:

    And then there's the Kasuweeds' Gengarkids pic~
    Also, I think I haven't properly congratulated the two of you? So, congratulations Weeds and Kasu-nyan ;'D
    But back to the art itself; The shading is extraordinarily good~ And those kids are cute as heck xD
    Two things that I can point out; The tip of Weeds' chin and your smile look a bit off, imho :x

    I can't wait until your exams are over, 'cause I just had a really awesome idea x3

    Keep on drawin'~
    #229 Dark Soul, Jan 24, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  30. I said it before, I'm saying it now, and I'll say it again.


    So cute! I love it and I love you! ♥
    Apart from all of the ADORACLE!, it's actually really well made. So well lighted/shaded, so well drawn!
    And the our children, so cute!
    And your face, so gorgeous! You look all like 'Yup! Welcome to my world!' So loveable! ^^
    I don't know how to give constructive criticism on something that's this damn near perfection, I'm sorry ^^;

    I also don't know how I'm going to express all of my love for that picture and for you. As many times as I've said it before, you are freaking amazing ^^

    ~Weeds xxx

    (P.s Thanks Dark xD)
  31. A-cursed be me!~ I haven't commented on this thread yet, which is a crime in itself - these pictures are fantastic. Fantastically detailed, excellent shading and very well drawn. Your improvement since your first picture in this thread is quite substantial. Also, some of them are very complicated and woah gosh so much awesomeness.

    Very good!

    A mega thank you to everyone who's been commenting on my work! ://D
    It means so much to have positive feedback- especially in this time of exams ://S

    Speaking of which, I'd be more than happy to do a request for you Dark Soul as soon as they end ://>
    I'm eager to know what your idea is and thank you for positive feedback! ://D

    Sorry I never replied about it before Weeds, but those two dark and dodgy figures in the background of the other picture are supposed to be myself and nischi ://>

    And Welcome to the Doodle Book, Toastie!! ^//3//^
    *releases ballons and hands over a party hat*
    So glad you could join in the erefuun and thank you for all of your positive feedback! ://D

    Kasumi xx
  33. *Praure scolds herself because she only has silently read this thread and didn't reply*
    Kyaaaa! You got even better! I'm no artist, so I can't give you any criticism on your art, but I can surely say that your art is awesome :3

    *goes to jump off a cliff because the reply doesn't seem enough to pay you back for the awesome art*

    P.S. Good luck on your exams!
  34. *Kera totally bawls because Kasumi has made a happy for him

    I'm not going to beat around the bush today. Your leetle picture of you and the Gengars and annnggh IT IS ADORABLES. YES, ADORABLES. One adorable because everything you draw is adorable, and another because AIYEH LEETLE GJINKAGARS.

    Ahhhh, it was good to get that out there... Well, I must bid you adieu now, and good luck on your exams! (If you win, do we get art?)

  35. *Gasp!!*
    Kasumi, I love all of your artworks they're great! You're a very talented artist! ;) I can't wait to see all your new art pieces! I can't believe I haven't commented on your tremendous thread!! Almost everything looks adorable and very artistic ;)
    Can't wait to see moreee!

    Shaymin ~*
    #235 Shaymin ~, Jan 26, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  36. [​IMG]

    Your comments..!! Thank you so much! :,//D
    Everyone! It's my day off today; no exams until tomorrow, so I'm working on something to thank you all~ ^//^
    And then something else for after my exams officially end ♥

    I hope you'll keep watching the Doodle Book until that day comes!
    7th of February- New and Exclusive art coming to 'Charms!

    Until then, please enjoy (?) my boring little tidbit of a Wooper ://>
    The derpiest of the derps ♥

    Kasumi xx
  37. Yeah, like I would ever leave this thread. Wait, didn't I jump off a cliff not so long ago? Zombie :o
    Still, that Wooper is really kyut. Can't wait 'till February 7th to see moar art :3
    Best of luck!
  38. HFkjgkrndkn Kasu-nyan, that Wooper is, like, the most adorably derpiest thing ever <33

    I like the linelessness of it all and its little cutesy expressionnnnn :'D There's not much else I can say and this is an incredibly short post but yeah. That's what I wanted to say <333

  39. Kasumi, Wooper looks pretty cute there in my opinion :> (maybe cause it's drawn by a great artist) :DD! I will stick around till the 7th of February to see the fabulous art~.
    Can't wait to see moree of your TREMENDOUS artwork :]

    Pss: good luck with your exams; hope you do well!

    Shaymin ~*
  40. Positive Feedback and Happy Responses Make Me Smile 'Til My Face Hurts<3


    Tun-nyan is the cutest<3 :,//3
    She is wonderful ♥
    Spam her and her sprites with love ♥

    Kasumi xxx

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