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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. 'Even though you said all that...you didn't stop changing though?'

    With Samui's apology?, Phyralis could focus on the embroideries for Miyaji's shirt. She didn't plan to do anything fancy, rather, she wanted to add simple color to the uniform as the wreathing flames that decorated the uniform seemed fancy enough. Thus after applying the plain red ribbon to the collar and down the buttoned center of the shirt, she finished stitching a new border for the shirt.

    That done she gave the shirt a toss in Miyaji's direction.

    "Finished. Now isn't that a lot better?"
  2. Relieved that Samui had promptly slipped into her new uniform and clothed her half naked body after Phyra's annoyed words, Miyaji became much more relaxed now that the ordeal had been concluded. After catching the shirt Phyra tossed his way, the teen held it up and whistled, admiring the girl's simple but well executed craft. "Yeah, it really is. Thanks." He made his way inside the house and changed, finally donning his new outfit, improved with the new embroidery on the uniform shirt. The full set was now complete with the black haori--again, with the right arm through the sleeve and the other side tucked into the belt--the black and now fiery red shirt, the baggy pants, and sandals. Exiting the house and walking over to his companions once again, Miyaji ran a hand through his hair as he looked for an expression of some kind from Phyra in response to his slight makeover.
  3. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane smiled and clapped her hands. "Great! Let's go."

    She walked into the store with Kazu and began going through the different cloths. She looked at the designs and would check the textures. She would then place them over her sleeve as if to check how it would look on her. After looking over a few, she stood between two. One was black with a design of Gerbera Daisies. The second one was with two different styles. The left side was white with Pink Sunflowers and the right side was plain black. Akane showed Kazu both of them.

    "Which one do you think goes better with our uniforms? I feel like this one is too much black and this one is too girly because of the pink."
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  4. The crowd was still going strong late into the night, which was both good and bad. On the upside, if the entire town was lining up to patronize Pearlan's humble establishment, then in one fell swoop he'd reduce them to drooling zombies with the hypnotic power of his kebabs. But if this swarm persisted, he'd quickly run out of meat and start feeding his own fingers to the customers. He wanted them eating out of the palm of his hand, not literally eating his digits. Besides, did Pearlan even taste that good? He'd gained many new abilities when he turned—brute strength, enhanced regeneration, heightened instincts—but he still wasn't flexible enough to find out.

    Neither was the crowd, rigid and impassable. That was a problem for Bakto, who'd seen the Duke back there but couldn't reach him. Wait a minute... he was a demon! Instead of standing in line, he could just devour everyone in front of him!

    "All of you get out of my way, or I'll consume you!" threatened the retainer.

    When these words escaped his lips, the people's heads shifted toward him in unison, slowly and suspensefully like creaking doors. They eyed Bakto with murderous intent, because if he hindered them in their pursuit of Pearlan's legendary skewers by unfairly cutting the line, they'd tear him limb from limb. He swallowed, no longer knowing who the true demons were in this interaction.

    But ultimately, he had nothing to fear. They'd decided to let him off easy, blacking both his eyes, splitting his wig, twisting his nipples, punching his teeth down his throat, and breaking his jaw instead. As he lay on the ground and stared into the night, the sky swollen with stars and his face just... swollen, Bakto learned a valuable lesson. Don't fuck with Pearlan's kebabs.

    Thankfully, they were all gone, and so were the rabid townspeople. Recovering the strength to stand, the Prince's retainer approached the stall, as the inattentive royal flipped through bills and muttered to himself.

    "Damn, didn't expect my evil scheme to work that well. I'll need to cook more kebabs tomorrow..." he decided, his eyes settling on the color of his skin. "Or is it 'kabobs?' Yeah... I think that's a blacker way of saying it."

    "Excuse me. I need a word with you," Bakto interrupted. "The Prince sent me."

    "Huh? Shit, am I under arrest?" Pearlan looked up from his wad of cash at the inquiring demon, a puzzled look on his face. "Is it because I'm black? I was just selling meat, you racist bitch."

    "Um... no," he answered, slightly unnerved. "I'm here to tell you that the Prince needs information about your progress in territory control. His exact words were 'I can bet, that this stupid excuse for a Duke forgot that he schould give reports.'"

    "The hell is 'territory control?'" the Duke questioned, cranky and exhausted from a long night's work. "And I can bet that this stupid excuse for a Prince forgot that the word 'should' doesn't have a 'c' in it."

    "Just hand me your report," pressed Bakto, refusing to be dismissed. "It's late enough already."

    "Yeah, sorry about that. Colored people time," the royal tersely excused himself, resuming the counting of his profits and half paying attention. "Got a pen? I'll write that report now."

    The lesser demon nodded, producing a fountain pen with a sharp nib and a fat barrel. Was Pearlan was one of those master procrastinators who left things to the last minute but completed them in mere seconds when he finally got to them? Bakto hoped so, since he wanted to return home as soon as possible. From the Prince's characterization of him as an incompetent idiot with not a single redeeming stroke of genius, however, it wasn't likely.

    "Thanks. Now gimme a sec..." said the Duke, accepting the pointed tool and turning away from the retainer. Instead of scrawling some bullshit summary about some bullshit operation, he stabbed himself with the tip and made a deep cut across his wrist. He'd run himself ragged, periodically whetting his skewers against each other before diving back into work and emerging from it like a nearly drowned, barely conscious swimmer. It was only his first day pretending to be Muslim, however, so he'd probably get used to the torture sooner or later. A good sign was the fact that Pearlan could still muster a smirk at what he was about to do.

    And it wasn't some weak smirk, either. The royal flipped his middle finger and tore his hand off at the wrist, smiling unwaveringly through the pain. That intensity faded in the next second, however, as he gingerly wrapped his severed "fuck you" in a cloth, faced Bakto again, and smiled warmly. "The report's in here. Make sure he gets it right away."

    This seemed to satisfy Iraesu's subject, who nodded impersonally and hurried away like a man who had just completed a business transaction. When the lackey had long exited his line of sight, Pearlan contemplated what he'd just done.

    "Should I have saved Irae a kabob?" he wondered. "...Nah, he can eat a dick."
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  5. "I brought the Duke's report, my Prince," Bakto said as soon as he entered the throne room.
    "Wonderful," answered the Prince emotionless. "My Lord, could you explain to me what 'Teritory control' is? I have never heard that the Dukes report on something called 'Teritory Control'" Bakto asked. "I came up with it, if we stop checking him regularly. He will start to hang around and do nothing useful" Irae explained. "Well, you can dump this report somewhere. Half of it is probably a scribble, and the other half is irrelevant for us"
    Kazu wondered a little about what to say, "Choose the one that you like better and that you will feel better." Kazu said "In my taste, this pink is too bright color... But I doubt it would be a big flaw, or flaw at all." He added.. In the meantime, Kazu approached from time to time a few people and started asking questions about the demon, but no one knew, saw or heard anything ... As usual.
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  6. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane smiled. "Or both!"

    She had combined both designs. The right side of her robe was white with pink flowers and the left side black with red flowers. She went along with Kazu asking different people about any demon sightings. She didn't actually ask anyone herself, she took the opportunity to look at the different shops. She even bought Kazu a pin that said "Redheads rule!".

    This was all new to Akane. Before she could only go out with her mother or fiance. Of course, she never decided where or what to buy. Now, she had her own money and could decide what to spend it on. When the night finally arrived, Akane stopped Kazu.

    "Hey, it's getting late we should go rest and work our investigation tomorrow." Her attention was caught by a small shop in front of them. "Look! An antique shop! I LOVE antiques! Can we go take a small peek?"

    Before Akane could take a step forward, a cold breeze rushed through them. Akane shivered. She wasn't sure if it was a bad omen or just bad weather. Either way, she needed to see those antiques.
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  7. Ren sat in his cave as he pondered what he would do. He got out of his hut and looked around he sat there he figured since there wasn't much else to do he would practice tai chi breathing exercises as well as techniques and forms. Ren went over his tai chi techniques using his makeshift makiwaras(makiwara are okinawan in origin, used to strengthen the arms and legs) he made himself from tree trunks and vines as targets, *crack! smash! bash! crack!* went the makiwara as he struck it with rapid speed. Each time further denting the log and tearing the vines also strengthening his hands, arms ,and legs in the process.
  8. After closing up shop, Pearlan spent the night the same way he did the last, killing in the forest. It felt great to pick up a spear, put on a loincloth, yell at the top of his lungs like an African warrior and let loose after performing the same repetitive motions in a cramped hut for several hours.

    When he'd calmed down, however, Pearlan searched the woods with more care, hoping to find the nearest frozen lake. If he picked up some floating ice, he could store his fresh kills in a box overnight. No, longer. The Duke was a thoroughly cunning, bewitchingly intelligent, impeccably indecipherable, mentally undefeatable, endlessly innovative paragon of evil, and Pearlan's Persian Paradise was but a single spoke in a much grander machination that wheeled on in his head. Tomorrow, he'd limit the stand's operation, keep the meats preserved through some of the hours he'd worked today, and enter the second phase of his elaborate scheme.

    That had been the plan, at least. Instead, he was grimacing under his white mask and tinted goggles the next afternoon, escaping the light of day in a windowless bathroom but failing to escape the smell of death. He'd thrown on his cloak and attached his breastplate, sleeping only a few hours before heading to his day job—keenly analyzing the town's intricate network of underground tunnels so he could strike from the shadows at the opportune moment! Which was Pearlan's fancy way of saying that he was cleaning toilets.

    "Come on, put your back into it! Bend down on your knees if you have to! Plunge harder! My husband and I are getting divorced, and he ate my diamond ring just so I can't sell it! So I need you to get that piece of shit out of the toilet right now, or I'll have to start stripping!"

    "Look lady, I'm going as fast as I can!" the Duke snapped back, ripping his mask off and revealing a white face. "Can't you show a little more respect? I'm not some uneducated immigrant! You see this pale skin? You can tell just by looking at me that I went to Harvard! I'm a Harvard-educated plumber, for fuck's sake!"

    Pearlan had changed the color of his complexion prior to beginning this next step, because no one would let some random black guy into their home. He'd covered his face with a mask and hood, but that probably made things worse. If cooking authentic Middle Eastern food wasn't proof enough, Pearlan possessed a rich cultural knowledge, and he knew that in some parts of the world, people weren't as tolerant of other races. Maybe that wasn't a problem here, since his dark skin hadn't stopped the townsfolk from drooling before him at the meat stand. But the Duke decided he wouldn't take any unnecessary risks and turned white as a sheet.

    The woman's sharp tongue cut like scissors, however.

    "Don't give me that crap! I'm lucky that my husband ate a bunch of kebabs in town that made him clog the toilet! NOW GET ON YOUR KNEES AND SUCK!"
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  9. Kazu followed Akane from store to store, asking people sometimes, if they knew anything. He regretted that nobody knew anything. When Akane brought the pin, he gave her a small smile and said "T-Thank you" as he pinned it to his uniform.

    "Yes, we should" Kazu replied, when Akane said that it was late. He planned to let her rest at the Inn and do some more investigation alone. His thoughts were interrupted by Akane's excited voice. "Well, if we don't spend too much time in this store" Kazure replied and he noticed later that Akane was shivering "Maybe from the cold" he thought. He quickly put his cloak on Akane. "Put it on, I don't want you to catch cold" he said quickly and Quietly. the closer they got to the store, the more his instinct told him to be on guard.. He couldn't calm himself down.
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  10. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane looked confused as Kazu gave her his coat. Flashbacks of her life rushed through her mind. She remebered walking during the night in the streets of her village. She had her fiance's coat on. Deep being an arranged marriage, he was a good guy. He had good manners, he was calm and hard working. She didn't love him, but it was an acceptable life. Akane shook her head and came back to reality.

    "Thank you! I should've bought a coat, right?" She said as they walked to the antique shop. "I promise just a quick peek and then we can leave." Akane opened the door for Kazu. "After you kind sir." She had a playful smile on her face.
  11. "Tch tch tch, ah ah ah." Silence spoke to himself. "Tch tch tch, ah ah ah." That was the only sound he liked to hear. He chewed on the arm of his latest victim. Lonely shops like these were always easy pray. No one on their sane mind would walk into such place after sunset. Specially on a winter night. He was about to get started on the second arm, when the door opened. He was at the back, but he could hear the footsteps and the wind blowing in. By the tone of voice, it was a woman. According to what she said, she was with a man.

    Silence adjusted his mask. He stood up, bending his head sideways since he was too tall for the place. He began to move, making no sound at all. He just had to go around them, let them find the body and then attack. Once they were in the middle of so many things, he would finish them quickly. He began moving through the hallways. Looking for the perfect spot to watch his prey.
  12. "Ehh ... Okay" Kazu said, not convinced that the guy should go first and slowly came inside the shop. Strange, the light was not on in the store, but the door is open. After a while, Kazure saw the massacred body of the shopkeeper in front of him ... Something cracked in him ...
    "You have one defect in you, Komugi" Kazusen said, he was sitting on the bench and sharpening his sword. "You want to protect people, so you don't give them free choice. Remember, there are two types of struggle. The fight for life, in which everyone must work together to survive and the fight for honor. You shouldn't ever interfere in someone fight for honor."

    "AKANE! Don't come here!" He shouted, quickly kicked the door to close it. "Forgive me Akane, you would certainly be a great support in this fight . Because of me.. I schould be more careful with my first mission. I let him die.. . Is that- Is this a fight for honor, Master Kazusen?" Kazure thought and hold his sword hilt.
  13. As Ren continued his training he got his bags filled with iron palm(chinese iron hand training to toughen the hands and reduce chances of hand injury) that he made from burlap sacks filled with sand and dit da jow(chinese medicine favored by martial artists as it stimulates circulation, reduces pain and swelling ,and improves healing). Ren spent an hour smashing his hands against the bag as well as tossing it and catching it further toughening his hands. Ren enjoyed iron palm training as it went along well with his tai chi.
  14. Silence saw the red head man walk in and see the body. He also noticed how he had left the woman outside. Perfect. As soon as Kazure called out to Akane, Silence was able to locate the demon slayer. Three strong invisible slashes were sent towards Kazure. One attacking him from the front, one from the left and from the right. "Silence!" The demon shouted, hidden in the shadows.
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane was terribly confused as she was left outside. Don't come here. What was Kazu shouting about? Although, the reason was really obvious, Akane didn't want to admit it. She thought about what she should do. What if something happened to him because she was too afraid? No. She couldn't allow that. Akane opened the door and walked inside, just in time to see the attack going towards Kazu.

    "Watch out!" Akane yelled. She was too far to save him.
  16. As Miyaji left to change, Phyralis breathed into her palms. The moisture on her breath hazing into a white puff that carried what little warmth it could into the cold extremities of her fingertips. She hadn't noticed it two weeks before while they were doing the final selection but winter was really settling in. With a deft motion, she whisked her jacket off her waist and quickly threw it over her bare shoulders. The extra layer of fabric immediately got to work, trapping body-heat as it seeped through the pores of her skin. She was a bit self-absorbed, hardly taking notice of Miyaji's return until the shadow of his larger frame imprinted itself into the grass before her. Turning to face the volcanic breather, Phyra quirked her eyebrow inquisitively as Miyaji decided to remain silent, running a hand through the short buzz of his coiffure. His eyes seemed to linger upon her...Did she have something on her face?

    An air of confusion held itself tightly between the furrows of her brow. Phyralis looked again at Miyaji's stagnant gaze and odd pose...pose? Was he posing? Ah, was he waiting for her comments? For the third time, Phyra looked over Miyaji, taking in the way he brushed his non-existent bangs out of his face. She pursed her lips, tightly trapping a breath-full of air and the giggles that would've released alongside it. Slowly, she brought her hand to her chin, pretending to leave her fingers thoughtfully on her lips. In truth, they were just extra insurance against her giggles.

    After a moment's re-composure, Phyra cleared her throat and added a note of solemnity to her voice.

    "Miyaji...I'm sorry but...you look amazing, I'd even say you were handso—"

    "Chreeeip, Chreeeip! A Demon has appeared within a small fishing town, Phyralis Delphis, Miyaji Korjiro! You are to assemble with a squad an exterminate the demonic threat!"

    Interrupted by the surprisingly loud chreeping of her Swallow-companion, Phyralis immediately displayed a note of annoyance. However, her expression quickly changed as the contents of the message revealed their first mission. Without a moment's pause, Phyra could already see as her Swallow began flying off, presumably leading them towards the destination of their mission. They had no time to lose!

    Pinching her fingers together at her lips Phyra gave a loud whistle.

    "Let's go go go! Keep up Miyaji~"

    A bit excited for her first mission, Phyra was already in motion when Arista came galloping around the corner. Rather than order the horse to slow, Phyra ran parallel to the horse's path, and as the galloping equestrian drew nearer, she performed a running mount, gripping the reins and saddling Arista's back in one smooth motion. Moments later she felt the weight of another body fall into place behind her.

    "Cya later Samui~!! Hyahh!"

    Calling out her goodbyes, the rider whipped her horse into a gallop, and soon the demon-slaying duo was riding the dirt-road. The wind whipped her into a mess, but Phyra quickly tucked her pony-tail into her jacket, not wanting it to bother Miyaji too much. However, as the wind-chill began to settle in, a thought came to Phyra's mind...

    "Think you can use your breathing style to keep us warm?"

    She recalled that his breathing style was related to the breath of flame and figured it was worth a shot.

    ~~~A Few Days Later~~~
    Pulling on Arista's reins, Phyra slowed them to a trot, watching the sky or rather, her partnered swallow who flew wide circles around a small little village nestled right by the sea.

    "I think this is it...Do you think the other demon slayers in our 'squad' are here yet?"

    As she directed Arista towards the town and her own eyes darted from side to side, Phyra began to make some small talk.
  17. Upon Phyra's reaction, Miyaji finally took into full account the pose he had unknowingly assumed, and seeing her stifle a giggle, he also relaxed his stance and allowed a small chuckle to escape under his breath. Well, that wasn't awkward at all.. As the girl began to compliment his appearance, she was cut off by the shrill call of a swallow flying above them.

    "Oh, that must be our first mis--"

    Miyaji was interrupted by Phyra, who had sprung into action immediately, giving a sharp whistle to call Arista to her. As the horse sped towards them, the boy followed suit, running after Phyra, who had already mounted her steed, before jumping on as well.

    A few minutes later..

    "Think you can use your breathing style to keep us warm?"

    Several minutes of riding later, the silence (aside from the pounding hooves of Arista) was broken by Phyra's inquiry. Miyaji thought for a moment and decided it wouldn't hurt to try; there was no reason why his Breath of the Volcano couldn't be a bit of help in keeping the cold from hindering the two.

    "Sure; I'll give it a try."

    A few days later..

    As a village came into view, Miyaji ran a hand through his wind-tussled hair and observed the area. It was chillingly silent; only the sound of crows cawing and the whistle of the frigid wind filled the air. Upon hearing Phyra's question, Miyaji shrugged and dismounted Arista, continuing to look around.

    "Not sure; though I would suppose they'll be arriving soon.. or at least, I hope so."
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  18. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    The soft glow of the street lamps allowed a faint silhouette of a tall boy wearing a large bamboo jingasa could be seen.

    “So I guess my backup finally made it.” Kit chuckled, walking closer to the duo as he removed his hat, letting it hang on his back. He paused and crossed his arms as he stared at the duo with an expressionless face, looking them up and down for a brief moment and analyzing everything he could about them. Being a practicer of breath of shadow, Kit was trained to see things that were meant to be hidden. It appeared the boy was one of those who acted much gentler than his strength would indicate, and the girl was definitely his type, giving off a confident yet relaxed vibe. It’s a shame Kit thought to himself if it wasn’t for the attraction I’m picking up between the two of them perhaps I would’ve made a move.

    Finally, Kit broke the silence as an approving smile toyed at the edge of his lips. “Heh, I guess you guys seem strong enough.” The boy chuckled, “As long as you don’t get all lovey-dovey with each other and make me puke mid fight we should be alright. I’m Kit, by the way.” He jabbed while walking forward and extending a hand. “Cool weapons you got there, after this it’d be fun to test fighting against them.” Kit chimed, nodding at the naginta and strangly shaped sabre.
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  19. Pearlan had been sucking for 30 minutes straight... however gay that sounded. He'd declared war on a stubborn piece of shit that bombarded his nostrils with noxious smells from its toilet trench and now stood victorious, raising his plunger triumphantly like a rifle. He was lucky that it hadn't blown itself up, like a Middle Eastern turd would... or else he wouldn't have the, uh, dissatisfaction of breaking it into pieces and fishing out the jewelry.

    "Here ya go... one diamond ring, hot and fresh from the crapper," the glorified janitor remarked dryly.

    "Ohhh! Thanks so much!~" the woman replied, her pupils gleaming with gratitude. Or were those glistening yen signs? With his nose nearly crinkling his eyes shut, Pearlan couldn't tell.

    So when the lady gave him a quick peck on the face, he didn't know if it was a genuine expression of thanks or a typical gold digger's coquetry. She'd probably put her lips anywhere, now that she was single. Yet despite all these considerations, Pearlan's face still changed from pale white to bright red. He'd love to go further and piledrive her like a construction worker, but he'd exhausted his stamina exorcising a stinky demon from her toilet bowl.

    "Though, if I were selling this ring, I probably shouldn't tell them that it was in my husband's digestive tract..." she pondered aloud.

    "Nah, what makes diamonds valuable is that they endured lots of pressure somewhere deep underground," the royal disputed, half-joking and probably half-serious, since his complicated brain came up with the most ridiculous things. "So all that extra force your ring experienced in there probably shot up the value like we did the Russians a few years back."

    "You know..." the woman stared at him quizzically, "...that sounds like bullshit."

    "Still not as bad as your husband's," Pearlan quipped in response, "but can you blame me? The one who writes my lines is a master bullshitter herself."

    That's what the Duke conceded, but over the course of the next week, he completed more odd jobs just like this one, building rapport with people all across town and making a surprisingly honest living. It was all part of his diabolical plot, of course.


    Pearlan's villainous scheme was running smoothly, and the money flowed the same. The quantity of coins and bills had swelled to the point that he was being shoved out of his own hovel, like a tenant who'd paid the rent but was still getting evicted. Unlike that massive shit iceberg he'd sucked out a week ago, this paper behemoth was something he had to force down, contain in a chest, and seal away for future use.

    As a result, he'd expanded the size of his dilapidated hut to fit a vault, an icebox, a brick stove, a skewer rack, and himself. Now that his evil plan was coming together, so were the pieces of his smile that a grueling week of unwanted jobs had scattered across his tired face. He regained some of his old pep, though he wasn't yet shouting at the top of his lungs like a maniac. That was something he did when he realized he wasn't passing out, and when old ladies said gross things after hitting him with frying pans.

    He'd had enough kitchenware for one day, quickly changing the subject in his mind. Now that the usual crowd of customers had dispersed, the royal closed his stall for the night, sighed after another day's work, and undid his apron. No more stupid brains to wash and hungry mouths to feed, he mused to himself.

    Or so he'd thought. As Pearlan discerned how to fit the panel into the window, he heard the low, feral growl of a starved demon. Though he and his minions were sophisticated creatures who made no such sounds, this one was unmistakable. Unbothered, the Duke patiently rested the screen against the wall of his shelter and climbed out of the window to investigate. But there was neither anything to decipher nor any crime scenes where he'd need to tread carefully.

    The demon was standing right in the center of town, foaming at the mouth, snarling at the royal, drawing all eyes toward him on the sparsely populated street. But the breaths he drew were less spaced out, short and shuddering, frequent and trembling with hunger. His constant, determined inhales were more than enough to send the townsfolk who'd been calmly enjoying the evening into a panic.

    "That's a demon!"

    "A demon?!"

    "He'll devour us all!"

    "Climb the stairs to the clock tower and sound the bell!"

    "But the clock tower is in desperate need of repair! Nobody goes up there anymore! It's dangerous!"

    "So you're saying it's safer down here?!"

    "Everyone run for it! Lock your doors! Board up your windows! Get out of the streets!"

    "Hey Pearlan, get out of there!"

    Many of the locals knew his name by now, for they'd seen his devious machinations in their subtlest forms... when he'd gone into their homes, fixed their pipes, painted their walls, cobbled their shoes, and mended their floors. What puzzled him was that they were screaming in fear at a lesser demon, yet didn't recognize his stronger self standing before them. That might've been because his cloak had concealed his horns when he'd last entered their dwellings, or because he hadn't yet taken off his bandana.

    Most likely, the air had become so thick with the ravenous demon's bloodlust, setting every pair of eyes atremble as if slowly working them out of their sockets and sucking them toward his drooling maw, that there was no way the nonchalantly observing Duke could compete. The rabid beast leapt into the sky and wound his sharp claw back, prepared to crash down on Pearlan and disembody his head. But his nails dug deep into the earth instead, his target having hopped back.

    "I CRAVE..." the enraged demon bellowed. "I CRAVE... HUMAN FLEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH! YOU... GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

    "Oh, you can talk. Didn't think you could, judging from appearances. Damn. I'm usually the one pulling the race card and complaining when people do it to me. What even is today?" Pearlan asked rhetorically. "Look, I'll make you some kebabs, so calm the hell down."

    "I... WANT... BLOOD... NOW!"

    "Well okay, I'll cook them medium r-"

    How rude that a common monster would lunge at a royal midsentence! Perhaps this one was recently turned, or driven to madness by malnutrition, or was one of those poor bastards who'd clung to his humanity but ultimately succumbed to his demon instincts. He clearly didn't recognize Pearlan. But he came at him with the killing intent one would harbor for a sworn enemy, swiping at his head, placing uppercuts on a path toward his stomach, brushing his shoulders, and grazing his sides. Eveldauer dodged every blow, getting under his attacker's sickly green skin, pushing him to work harder and resort to progressively absurd motions. The untiring demon showed off his impressive athleticism, again propelling himself into the air and landing behind Pearlan, trying to surprise him from every angle, getting knocked back and charging at the slippery chameleon once more.

    "I offer you free kebabs..." the colored demon seethed under his breath, "...AND THIS IS HOW YOU REPAY ME?!"

    He'd lost it. He'd grown weary of toying with this snarling mutt and angry that another one of his kind had intruded upon his new hunting ground. Had he been a powerless human, the knuckles of his clenched fist would've turned white, but they instead assumed his enemy's hue. This, however, didn't inspire any sense of brotherhood in the mad devil. Pearlan might as well have changed color a second time and whipped his dick out like a red flag, because the unhinged demon rushed him like a mad bull.

    "Remember this in your last moments on this planet, unless your brain's all mush and you can't even store information for a few seconds..." the purple-skinned, green-handed royal solemnly said. "I AND I ALONE WILL DEVOUR THE PEOPLE OF THIS TOWN, WITH A GENIUS STRATEGY THAT I AND I ALONE CAN EXECUTE!"

    He passed his hand through the starved creature's chest, stopped in his heart, and suddenly altered his complexion.

    "Do you know what this does?" Pearlan asked, as bits of skin were pasted against his face like shreds of a popped balloon. "At first, my hand phases through your matching skin like it doesn't exist. When I take on a different color while inside you, though... it suddenly exists again… and your entire body is displaced like water. Insta-death!"

    He was only saying this because he loved hearing the sound of his own voice. The demon had already burst into ribbons, the sudden reappearance of the Duke's hand sending a ripple through his body and shaking him to his core. His devastating color-changing powers were an egregious violation of the laws of space, but this lowly intruder had violated Pearlan's space first.

    "And that's... how you slay a demon," he concluded unassumingly.

    But the townspeople, who had cowered behind crates, curtains, and buildings, erupted in cheers. They poured out of their hiding spots like furious ants and swarmed their unlikely savior, no store counter protecting him now. As they pulled on his cloak, hoisted him onto their hands, and tossed him into the air, the transracial demon remembered how strong these people were, even the elderly among them, especially the elderly among them. What hurt him the most, however, was his newfound status as a hero, which guaranteed him the citizens' unfaltering trust but denied him the chance to enjoy an evil reputation. So the celebration was bittersweet and disturbing, strips of the slain demon raining down like morbid confetti.
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  20. Kazu quickly reacted to Akane's words, blocking right and front attacks using his katana, but not from the left. He was wounded on the left cheek and neck. Fortunately, it was more a scratch than a serious wound, otherwise he would have a breathing problems. "So much for telling her to stay outside what ... Apparently this is not the time for my fight for honor ... But our fight for life"
    "Second Style: Lightning Ball" mumbled Kazu, he generate five straight attacks, believing that he would chase away the demon and be able to guess his exact position.
    "Akane, could you cover me?" Kazu whispered to girl.
  21. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane rushed to Kazu's side and prepared to fight. She had her sword held in front of her and stood back to back with Kazu. She hadn't seen where the attacks came from, since they came from different sides.

    "Are you okay? I saw you got hurt." She lowered her voice. "I didn't see anything, did you?"
  22. "The wound is not very serious, I would like to ask you, if you could take care of it later ..." Kazu said quietly and came closer to Akane. If the demon chose her as a target of next attack, he wanted to have better reaction and reach to protect her. "No, I can't see him, but we have more senses than eyes, Akane. The demon tries to be quiet, but it's not like he doesn't make any sounds 'He even yelled *Silence*' .We have also touch and smell 'but they may be harder to use now'... " Kazu whispered, he was grateful for the Master's hellish training, but even if he can sense his opponent, he can mainly defend himself and Akane, but eyesight would be helpful to attack and to be sure that you won.
    "Put it on" Kazusen said and gave Kazure a piece of cloth "Blindfold your eyes. Don't worry, I will blindfold myself too and will always hang stones on my body to increase my weight."
    After training, Kazure could block only one attack of his master and did nothing to him, he fall at the ground. "You focus on eyes too much, but you still did a good job as for the beginning. You will not always have the opportunity to see your enemy, be ready for it"

    "Akane, could you come up with an idea to illuminate this place?" Kazu asked, the light would be really useful now. He need just a moment to see this demon and he won't hold back even for a second. Just a second, fast, precise cut..
  23. Silence moved about in the shadows. When Kazu recklessly attacked, he caused for several glass items to fall. Each sound of shattered glass allowed the demon to pinpoint exactly their positions. It sent six different slashes, all towards Kazu's front and right side. At the same time, it moved along the darkness, not to give away it's location. By hearing them talk, it had an idea of their age, height, weight and by the noise Kazu made, he had an average of his strength. Silent was learning about it's opponents fast.
  24. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane looked around. "Maybe we can find candles?"

    She was just starting to come up with a strategy when the demon attacked again. She couldn't tell where the attacks came from, but Kazu couldn't keep blocking them all. She turned quickly and positioned herself on Kazu's right. She managed to block the attacks, except for one small cut that appeared on her left arm.

    "That was close!" Akane exhaled. "We should definitely stick together."
  25. "Thanks Akane" whispered Kazu, as he blocked his opponent attacks from the front. He received another scratch, but it was more shallow, than previous one. He was getting used to his opponent attacks speed, he really needed only this light. Kazu as much as he was forcing myself. He couldn't use his true speed. He couldn't aim.. He couldn't attack.
    "Candles no.. This must be. Akane, try to set this shop on fire" Kazu whispered to her. Time wasn't their ally, they needed to end this and if they manage to set this building in fire, he will have only one chance. Kazu can't miss it.
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane looked worried. Burn this shop? She wasn't made of fire. She couldn't just set things on fire. She had her flame style, but it wasn't a match you could just light. She needed to give Kazu light. But, she couldn't destroy the precious shop either. Akane remembered what Kazu had said before, she could attract demons. Her eyes lit up as an idea came to her.

    "Kazu, pay attention where he attacks from!" She whispered as she positioned herself in front of Kazu and rushed forward. "Second Style: Ascending Blazing Sky!"
  27. Lovey... dovey...?

    Rather perplexed at the remark the newcomer--who apparently had been there the entire time--had made, Miyaji raised a brow until he realized the boy had been eyeing both him and Phyra. Immediately connecting the dots together, the Demon Slayer's face flushed with pink slightly, and he coughed rather loudly into his arm in an attempt to conceal his blushing face. He even began to let out an almost exaggerated laugh as he was coughing to try to brush off the unexpected jest. Miyaji recomposed himself and gave a sheepish grin, rubbing the back of his head.

    "Nah, that's not happening yet; it won't be something to look for today," He returned with another small chuckle, and after responding, Miyaji shook Kit's hand. "Miyaji; it's a pleasure."

    Aside from Kit speaking, Miyaji still hadn't heard anything but the eerie sounds of nature around them, and it was quite unnerving.

    "Is there really a demon here? If so, he seems to be taking his sweet time."
  28. The demon heard the female slayer rushing ahead. Which meant the male stayed behind. Silent used the noise to send out his next attacks. Three going directly towards Akane and four towards Kazu. Maybe this would shut them up. The demon kept in the shadows. Listening to every movement.


    Sight licked the blood from her fingers. Her last meal had been okay, she wanted something younger. She looked up and with her amazing eyes, saw three young demon slayers arrive. Good enough.
  29. Kazu focused even more on the other senses as soon as Akane mu to pay attencion for the next attacks direction. He quickly picked up an incoming series of attacks, but they were all toward him and Akane. He could cover her now, but then he won't know where the enemy is again. Will Kazu waste the opportunity she gave him. "I need to have more faith in her, I can't keep shielding her ... The best defense is attack."
    The demon attacked. Kazu saw the movement, heard where he landed. Now or never. "Now I know where you are!" he said to himself in mind.
    'First Style: Thunderclap and Flash!'
    Kazu started towards the demon, he didn't even pay attention that he rushed forward at the attacks, although two only scratched him, the next two were two strong cuts in the chest, but Kazu didn't slow down. He couldn't waste this occasion.
    'Fifth style: Heat Lightning' A single, precise, fast like-lightning slash towards the demon's neck. "I won't give you any chance!!"
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  30. Silence was well prepare for Kazu's attack. He heard his movements clearly and a part of his thoughts when he was close enough. He knew Kazu was going for the neck and the angle he would use. Silence used his arm as a shield, although Kazu cut through, it had delayed the slash just enough for Silence to barley move his neck out of the way. The demon then used his right arm to attack Kazu, using his full force and aimed a punch for his chest.


    Vero stood on top of a roof, she could see everything up there. Especially her pray. So far she only noticed three of them. Which meant there was probably more coming. So, she had to finish these quickly and then leave. She smiled as she closed her eyes. When they opened they had a red glow on them. She locked her sight on the three demons slayers and fired a powerful invisible force, that rushed through like an unseen tornado towards the three humans.
  31. "Huh, who allowed you to fight back?" Kazu thought. "It seemed you know where I wanted to aim... I wonder why" Silence fist was heading for Kazu chest, but Kazu blocked it with a sword. It was quite a hit, but Kazu managed to stay on his place "Schould I take you a bit more serious" He took his second katana. "Second Style: Lightning Ball! if you can block me, by using body parts. Before I kill you, I will tear you to pieces and won't allow to regenerate. I don't care if you foresee this, It is just difference in class" he gave a great combo of five full force slashes with random aim.
  32. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane had stopped running to block the attacks. She bit her lip to avoid screaming in pain as one of the attacks made a big cut on her upper left arm. But, before she could panic, Kazu ran past her and attacked the demon. She watched in amazement as her fellow demon slayer cut the demon's arm off and then used his second sword to attack.

    Was it over? Was Akane's only job to be a distraction? Just like back then, she was just something to show off. She didn't have anything for herself besides being the future wife of a wealthy man. Now, she was just a decoy so the real demon slayers could do their job. How sad.
  33. Silent took a step back, but Kazu managed to cut his remaining arm and hurt him various times on his torso. Despite his size, he moved backwards quickly, gaining some space between the two. He noticed the girl had stopped her attacks and thanks to Kazu's reckless movements, there was more glass pieces falling to the ground. It was his turn to attack. He sent a full force attack towards Akane, leaving Kazu two options, save the girl or kill the demon. "Silence!" The demon shouted as his attack rushed across the shop towards the girl.
  34. "What do you think you are doing by attacking Akane? You little third-rate trash!"

    Kazure was already pissed off, anyone could feel his murderous intent in the air. He didn't even think, he instinctively used the first style: Thunderclap and Flash X2 (Two swords). He approached the demon in the blink of an eye and on impulse of instinct, cut at demon head with incredible speed.
    "I won't play around with you anymore!! Get out from my sign!"
  35. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane held her breath as she saw the incoming attack. She wasn't sure if she could save herself from it. But for some strange reason she, she knew she had to try. She needed to survive this, for herself. Her mind processed the situation quickly. She went over her options. There was one obvious choice.

    "Fourth Style: Wave of Blazing Flames!"

    Akane began spinning her sword in a circular motion. The flame style deflected the attack from the demon. Akane stood there speechless with her sword held before her. It worked? She had actually survived. She gripped her katana, a focused expression on her face. She could do this, she could fight.
  36. Intending to make small talk with Kit, Miyaji was just about to speak when all of a sudden, something in the air just didn't feel... right. The wind around him--specifically near the right side of his torso, for some reason--seemed to distort, almost as if it was swirling around a central point. Could it have been a projectile? With the existence of demons who could harness Blood Demon Arts, such an attack wasn't completely unreasonable. Either way, one could never be too safe; abruptly stopping what he had been about to say, Miyaji's demeanor immediately became stony as he quickly shoved Kit away from him.

    "Get back!"

    Unsheathing his Naginata, the Demon Slayer whipped around and slashed at what seemed like thin air. However, what he had attacked had been the area where Miyaji could feel the wind most tumultuous, swirling around seemingly nothing. Breath of the Volcano, Fourth Form: Molten Wall! His premonition had come true; As soon as he swung, a ringing sound of Miyaji's blade striking something cut through the air, as the sword vibrated from the block. Miyaji stared at the shaking blade with tense apprehension, contemplating what had just occurred. I was right.. What even was that? Looking up from where the invisible "bullet" seemed to hurtle towards him and the others, the teen saw the silhouette of a female figure, and he wouldn't have tensed up as much as he did had the Demon Slayer not caught the glare of the demon's glowing red eyes. Twirling his Naginata, Miyaji got into a battle stance, prepared for the demon's next attack, though he did say a quick apology to Kit for shoving the latter aside.
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  37. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Puzzled by the boy’s strange reaction, Kit furrowed his brow in confusion. Unfortunately, this distracted him just enough so he was unable to react to the incoming attack.

    “Woa-Woah.” The young boy stammered as he was pushed back by Miyaji, narrowly avoiding being pierced while his haori was shredded to pieces. Kit gritted his teeth, “Not cool.” He muttered while locking eyes on a far off demon. Quickly, he discarded his now torn haori and pulled his bamboo jingasa onto his head. Kit resembled a ronin, wearing in his traditional demon slayer uniform paired with his large pointed hat that fanned out far enough to conceal his eyes and his fantastic teal and tan says with a brilliant golden sageo which held his sword

    “First Style: Shadow Waltz.” A hushing sound filled the air as Kit inhaled as much air as his extremely large lungs could contain. He focused the influx of oxygen into his bloodstream, making him lighter and therefore faster and silent.
    “Second Style: Black Rushing Hawk.” Kit gripped his slate purple blade in his left hand and held it off to the side of his body in a reverse grip before quickly dashing at the far away demon as black streaks flew out of his sword that resembled a hawk’s wing.
  38. At the same time Phyralis and Miyaji received their mission, Samui’s own raven flew down and perched himself on the girl’s finger.

    “Samui Ichika, you are to head to a certain cave towards the northwest! A demon has been sighted! Your partner for this mission has already arrive in the scene!”

    “Partner?” Samui mumbled to herself as she took in what her bird informed her. After strapping her new katana to her waist above her other one, Samui turned towards her two companions who were also preparing to leave on their mission. “So, I guess I’ll be headed towards a different place. I bid you farewell and thank you for your hospitality.” She bowed before turning around. The girl began following her raven in a light jog.

    ~~A few days later~~

    Finally arriving at her destination, Samui walked up to the entrance of a cave. She was looking around. “I was told I had a partner here? I wonder where they are.”
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  39. Dolan peered in the cave as it was dark ,but wasn't all too dirty as you would expect a cave to be. He didn't see any sign that bears, mountain lions, wolves ,or badgers had been anywhere near the cave. The trees were unscratched, there weren't any trails or dead carcasses nearby ,but Dolan had a suspicion there the cave wasn't empty. Dolan paused as he looked over and saw a girl walking through the woods, "over he-" Dolan yelled before throwing his hand over his mouth so not to draw attention of the demon. Dolan was partially surprised to see the girl from the final selection again as he wasn't sure if demon slayers fought in teams. he sighed with relief as he was happy he would not be fighting the demon alone.
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  40. Vero saw the incoming demon slayer. She smiled and destroyed the floor in front of him. Hitting random spots, which looked like Kit was running through a mine field. She hoped that he would make it across, since the closer he got, the better her shots.

    With his second breath, Silent regrew his arms. Kazu was too close. Silent heard his heart and sent multiple attacks, at the rhythm of his heart beats. If the slayer didn't back away, it would be over for him.

    "It is awfully rude to walk into one's property without authorization. It is also rude, to try and sneak in without being invited." Preech emerged from the shadows of the cave. "I will ask you kindly to leave now, for the last thing I want to do is eat more. Gluttony IS a sin you know?" As he spoke, strange vibrations could be felt in the air around them.

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