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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019 at 10:33 PM.

  1. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Kit’s eyes sparkled as he took in the beautiful sight of the glowing Wisteria plants that illuminated the night on Mt. Fujikasane. In his left hand, he fiddled with the black and gold handle of the katana his master had loaned him for this journey.

    A foggy mist appeared as the young boy exhaled. The chill in the air left his cheeks a rosy hue. Kit looked around at the many other swordsmen present. Prior to this, he had believed himself to be special, surviving rigorous training to get to where he stood today, but the large gathering made it clear that he was only one of many in a group that would again be cut down.

    Two girls emerged through the gate that was structured amidst the wisteria. One had black hair, one had white, but both had impossibly dark eyes.

    They spoke in tandem with a very monotone voice, “Greetings, everyone. Thank you for gathering tonight for the final selection. Mt. Fujikasane holds demons that demon-slayer swordsmen have taken alive and trapped here.”

    Kit gulped when he realized where this was going as the girls continued to explain that demons hate Wisteria, keeping them trapped on the top of the mountain.

    “You must survive there for seven days. If you do, then you will have passed the final selection. Now go.”

    Swordsmen ran passed the girls into the dangerous and unknown woods. Kit pumped himself up for a moment before following in, ending up near the middle of the pack. Shielded by the crowd, Kit took the opportunity to grab a branch of wisteria and tucked it into his clothes, hopefully the scent would be enough to keep the demons away.

    I’ll find a tree and camp out at the top, I should be safe from surprise attacks up there Kit thought to himself as he kept his hand on his sword and ran straight into the forest of demons.
  2. The feel of the katana inherited by his master compared to his familiar handling of the naginata was.. strange, but it would have to do for the next week. Miyaji prayed to the Fire God that he would be able to survive as he plunged into the dense and dark forest filled with demons. Running through the forest, the teen plowed ahead of the others, and though this was an unwise decision, there was nothing Miyaji could do about the adrenaline rushing through his veins. Arriving at a small clearing, his train of thought was interrupted by a rasping voice in the bushes. "Human flesh..? Must be my lucky day, because I haven't had a decent meal in years; you look like you have some nice meat on your bones, little boy." Miyaji turned to see a large being lumber towards him, a tree in his hands. Narrowing his eyes at the demon, the teen unsheathed his blade and took a fighting stance. Relaxing his torso and arms while bracing his legs, he then took in a large inhale of breath, employing Total Concentration Breathing before redirecting his gaze to the figure before him. Winding back, the demon swung at Miyaji with the tree, which subsequently flew out of his hands due to the gathered momentum, crashing through the trees in its path. Miyaji lunged forward, ducking underneath the projectile and harnessing his own developed breathing style. "Breath of the Volcano, First Form; Blazing Step." As he lashed out with his attack, Miyaji took three quick steps in order to get into close range before unleashing two quick slashes at the arms, finishing the combination with one slash to the neck, decapitating and killing the demon. As the body and head crumpled to the ground, they both began to crumble and wither away, and Miyaji continued on, determined to survive the Final Selection.
  3. "Seven days?!" Akane expressed her thoughts out loud. She didn't feel prepared for such test, although her master had said otherwise. "There better not be a spider demon!" She cried out as she followed the group.

    Once in the forest she stood next to a tree. "Why did I think red was a good color to wear? I'm like a walking target here." Talking to herself made her process her thoughts better. "Maybe I can find a strong one and have them defend me." She looked around. "Or maybe there's already a group. If I stick to a group, wait, no. Groups would be easy targets wouldn't they?"

    "Yes they would." A scratchy voice interrupted Akane's thoughts.

    The red head girl turned around and saw a demon approaching her. Akane backed up against the tree and drew her sword. "Stay back!" She cried out. She was really scared deep inside, but did her best to hide it.

    The demon chuckled as it approached Akane, showing it's sharp nails. Akane held up her sword, she was hoping to scare it away, but it didn't seemed to be working. The demon lunged itself at Akane. The red hair girl gained confidence, her face changing to a serious expression.

    "First style: Sea of Fire!" Akane cried out as she rushed forward and cut the demon's head of.

    She out her sword away and her serious expression faded. She turned around and shivered at the dieing demon. She was disgusted by it. She turned away and checked to see if any more demons were approaching, but the forest seemed quiet.

    "Maybe I could find a small group. Talking to myself gets lonely." She took a deep breath and began walking through the forest, hoping to find some company.
  4. Kazure took one of his two swords, which he received from his master and killed the demon, that stood in front of him. Well...It has just begun and he had already killed second demon and they are forced to survive here entire week. Well, nothing he couldn't handle, though he would prefer, that it will be a test with a time for a rest.

    Kazu walked calmly through the forest, looking for a place where the demons couldn't get him or could only get him by only one possibility, like high tree or cave with one entrence. After a while, he bumped at someone and fell at the ground. He quickly stood up and, if he did not look at the person, that bumped at him, he would probably instinctively hurt her. He looked at (quite pretty) girl with dark red hair. "Umm... I'm sorry, I didn't hurt you, did I?" Kazu asked her, but he didn't have much time to talk, he heard some noise from the bushes. Animal? He decided, that it would be better, not to check it. it is better to be careful, than dead, as his master used to say. "Can you stand up, we'd better not stay in such an exposed place like this..And it may be easier to survive with someone watching my back" Kazure said, until he won't find some great place to stay hidden, it will be easier to survive with the help of others.
    Shira was heading to Mt. Fujisake. He couldn't with his own strength, as a demon defeat 'Prince'.. He needed a help from Demon Slayers. They may not like him, but he didn't have any choice right now. Maybe, he will be able to persuade them, that he isn't bad a bad demon... Shirage could only try speak with them.
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  5. Phyra lay her palm on the worn leather of her sword-grip, listening intently to the rules of the final selection. Seven days was...quite a lot. The threat of ravenous demons was one thing, but the threat of their ravenous stomachs would be another. Without food and water, hunger and dehydration would claim them even if they could hold off the demons...

    "How troublesome..."

    As the Final Selection began and the would-be demon slayers all rushed into the mountain forest, Phyra tensed. Her knuckles whitened as she clenched them over the hilt of her tanto. She didn't move along with the crowd, instead choosing to lag behind. The other demon slayers rushed ahead, but Phyra took things slowly. First, she needed to get a grip on her surroundings. All these trees and vegetation meant there had to be a stable source of water, either a river or frequent rainfall.

    A river was definitely in her best interest as food and water would be readily available around it. Once she found somewhere she could set up as a temporary base then she could focus on the—


    "Demons...just my luck."

    Phyra muttered wearily, cursing under her breath. She whisked her blade from its sheath, and she spun to face the direction of the screech. The silver blade of her sword steadied before her, and Phyra gazed into the thicket of branches and bramble. She could hear the shuffle of leaves and the snapping of branches as something approached.

    The first thing Phyra saw were the tusks, jagged weapons of dull gray that broke through the foliage, casually scarring the trees unfortunate enough to be in their way. Next was the snout, a broad hideous things who's every snort filled the air with white fog. Its hooves scraped at the ground, and it gazed at the girl with cruel, merciless eyes.

    "A boar demon..?"
  6. As Miyaji ran, he noticed a plume of dense, white fog rise up from the undergrowth in his periphery. What's causing that? That doesn't seem normal. Unsheathing his sword, he began heading toward the source of the fog, preparing for anything that met him at the clearing. Finally emerging from the bushes into the area where he had seen the strange sight, he was surprised to see a girl who looked around his age with black hair, brandishing a tanto. Standing before the two of them was a large figure resembling a boar, from which the familiar clouds of fog had risen earlier. "Oh." Glancing at the stranger whom he had just met, Miyaji stepped back, not intending to intrude as he sheathed his blade. "Do you wanna take this one..?"
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  7. "Do you wanna take this one..?"

    At the sound of another human voice, Phyra perked up, her eyes darting in Miyaji's direction. For a moment she stared at him with incredulity. He sounded pretty confident in himself, and the casual way he spoke about it made her wonder if she was the one overreacting. However, one more look at the Demon and she decided to keep playing it cautions. Prevention was better than cure after all.

    Just as she opened her mouth to respond, the boar charged. Its speed was impressive, its gallop like roaring thunder, it was for through and through a bulldozing monstrosity. Phyra retreated from the beast's charge, feeling rough bark against her back after only a few steps. She'd backed up into a tree.

    The boar was nearly upon her, quickly chewing through the few meters of dirt that separated them. For a moment, Phyra's joints seized. She stood stock-still, like a deer caught in the headlights, like a little girl about to be steamrolled by a much larger foe —which wasn't far from the truth. When the boar had close the gap to mere feet, she gasped, taking in a sharp breath as she sloppily activated her Total Concentration Breathing.

    She leaped towards the tree, her slippers gripping the bark as she kicked off. As she vaulted over the charging demon, she angled her sword— "Breath of Rain — First Form: Rain Drop!"

    From above she stabbed into the boar Demon's neck; not exactly a beheading stroke, but it would be better than nothing. The boar, grunting in pain, but mostly unaffected, charged straight into the tree. An explosion of splinters and bark resulted as the tree was pulverized, but even that great impact seemed to have minimal effect on the boar. Soon the beast was wheeling around for another charge, this time, directed right at Miyaji!

    "Watch out!"

    Phyra shouted in warning, but she was unsure if the boy could hear over the thunderous gallop.
  8. It had all happened in an instant; one minute Miyaji was watching the girl deal with the Boar Demon, and in a matter of milliseconds, the Demon now charged toward him. What seemed to be a warning shouted by the girl was muffled by the thunderous stomps of the beast, and Miyaji was given very little time to deal with the unexpected attack. Hurriedly inhaling a large breath of air, he unsheathed his blade and employed a defensive stance. "Breath of the Volcano, Fourth Form; Molten Wall!" Though he was able to deflect most of the brunt from the demon's charge with his katana, Miyaji's sword arm was hit with an astounding amount of force, flinging the teen back against a tree.

    Grunting with pain as his back slammed against the wide stem, he coughed a few times before getting back up and glaring at the boar. "That packed a punch," he muttered, getting a rather forced breath through his body in order to utilize Total Concentration Breathing. Miyaji then began slowly walking towards the Boar Demon, katana gripped at his side. "Third Form; Plumes of Smoke." The beast let out a puff of fog from its nostrils before tucking its head in and charging towards Miyaji once more, but the wild attack missed its target as the demon collided with a tree in its path, felling it with ease. Whipping its head around, the Boar Demon--now completely focused on Miyaji--searched for the teen, oblivious to the girl clearly in its sights. However, the boy was nowhere to be found. Miyaji then appeared in the demon's periphery, almost casually passing by, but when it tried to swing at him with its head, his attack reached nothing but air. This interaction repeated itself, with Miyaji disappearing and reappearing in a completely different location, and the Boar Demon grew more and more agitated.

    Suddenly, the demon heard movement behind it, and there Miyaji was, advancing for the attack. Lunging forward, the teen employed the Sixth Form of his Breathing Style, lunging forward and aiming a precise slash at the demon's neck. Magma Flow. What seemed to be a direct hit and the final strike to end the fight, however, deeply embedded the blade into the Boar Demon's neck, and with both a pained and enraged roar, the beast swung its head once again, knocking Miyaji aside with ease. The boy was thrown onto the ground, receiving a bleeding wound on his right arm and forehead, before crashing into yet another tree. Cursing under his breath, Miyaji, now unarmed, clutched his bleeding arm and contemplated what he would do now. "All that work for nothing? Damn, that's infuriating."
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