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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Kit’s eyes sparkled as he took in the beautiful sight of the glowing Wisteria plants that illuminated the night on Mt. Fujikasane. In his left hand, he fiddled with the black and gold handle of the katana his master had loaned him for this journey.

    A foggy mist appeared as the young boy exhaled. The chill in the air left his cheeks a rosy hue. Kit looked around at the many other swordsmen present. Prior to this, he had believed himself to be special, surviving rigorous training to get to where he stood today, but the large gathering made it clear that he was only one of many in a group that would again be cut down.

    Two girls emerged through the gate that was structured amidst the wisteria. One had black hair, one had white, but both had impossibly dark eyes.

    They spoke in tandem with a very monotone voice, “Greetings, everyone. Thank you for gathering tonight for the final selection. Mt. Fujikasane holds demons that demon-slayer swordsmen have taken alive and trapped here.”

    Kit gulped when he realized where this was going as the girls continued to explain that demons hate Wisteria, keeping them trapped on the top of the mountain.

    “You must survive there for seven days. If you do, then you will have passed the final selection. Now go.”

    Swordsmen ran passed the girls into the dangerous and unknown woods. Kit pumped himself up for a moment before following in, ending up near the middle of the pack. Shielded by the crowd, Kit took the opportunity to grab a branch of wisteria and tucked it into his clothes, hopefully the scent would be enough to keep the demons away.

    I’ll find a tree and camp out at the top, I should be safe from surprise attacks up there Kit thought to himself as he kept his hand on his sword and ran straight into the forest of demons.
  2. The feel of the katana inherited by his master compared to his familiar handling of the naginata was.. strange, but it would have to do for the next week. Miyaji prayed to the Fire God that he would be able to survive as he plunged into the dense and dark forest filled with demons. Running through the forest, the teen plowed ahead of the others, and though this was an unwise decision, there was nothing Miyaji could do about the adrenaline rushing through his veins. Arriving at a small clearing, his train of thought was interrupted by a rasping voice in the bushes. "Human flesh..? Must be my lucky day, because I haven't had a decent meal in years; you look like you have some nice meat on your bones, little boy." Miyaji turned to see a large being lumber towards him, a tree in his hands. Narrowing his eyes at the demon, the teen unsheathed his blade and took a fighting stance. Relaxing his torso and arms while bracing his legs, he then took in a large inhale of breath, employing Total Concentration Breathing before redirecting his gaze to the figure before him. Winding back, the demon swung at Miyaji with the tree, which subsequently flew out of his hands due to the gathered momentum, crashing through the trees in its path. Miyaji lunged forward, ducking underneath the projectile and harnessing his own developed breathing style. "Breath of the Volcano, First Form; Blazing Step." As he lashed out with his attack, Miyaji took three quick steps in order to get into close range before unleashing two quick slashes at the arms, finishing the combination with one slash to the neck, decapitating and killing the demon. As the body and head crumpled to the ground, they both began to crumble and wither away, and Miyaji continued on, determined to survive the Final Selection.
  3. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    "Seven days?!" Akane expressed her thoughts out loud. She didn't feel prepared for such test, although her master had said otherwise. "There better not be a spider demon!" She cried out as she followed the group.

    Once in the forest she stood next to a tree. "Why did I think red was a good color to wear? I'm like a walking target here." Talking to herself made her process her thoughts better. "Maybe I can find a strong one and have them defend me." She looked around. "Or maybe there's already a group. If I stick to a group, wait, no. Groups would be easy targets wouldn't they?"

    "Yes they would." A scratchy voice interrupted Akane's thoughts.

    The red head girl turned around and saw a demon approaching her. Akane backed up against the tree and drew her sword. "Stay back!" She cried out. She was really scared deep inside, but did her best to hide it.

    The demon chuckled as it approached Akane, showing it's sharp nails. Akane held up her sword, she was hoping to scare it away, but it didn't seemed to be working. The demon lunged itself at Akane. The red hair girl gained confidence, her face changing to a serious expression.

    "First style: Sea of Fire!" Akane cried out as she rushed forward and cut the demon's head of.

    She out her sword away and her serious expression faded. She turned around and shivered at the dieing demon. She was disgusted by it. She turned away and checked to see if any more demons were approaching, but the forest seemed quiet.

    "Maybe I could find a small group. Talking to myself gets lonely." She took a deep breath and began walking through the forest, hoping to find some company.
  4. Kazure took one of his two swords, which he received from his master and killed the demon, that stood in front of him. Well...It has just begun and he had already killed second demon and they are forced to survive here entire week. Well, nothing he couldn't handle, though he would prefer, that it will be a test with a time for a rest.

    Kazu walked calmly through the forest, looking for a place where the demons couldn't get him or could only get him by only one possibility, like high tree or cave with one entrence. After a while, he bumped at someone and fell at the ground. He quickly stood up and, if he did not look at the person, that bumped at him, he would probably instinctively hurt her. He looked at (quite pretty) girl with dark red hair. "Umm... I'm sorry, I didn't hurt you, did I?" Kazu asked her, but he didn't have much time to talk, he heard some noise from the bushes. Animal? He decided, that it would be better, not to check it. it is better to be careful, than dead, as his master used to say. "Can you stand up, we'd better not stay in such an exposed place like this..And it may be easier to survive with someone watching my back" Kazure said, until he won't find some great place to stay hidden, it will be easier to survive with the help of others.
    Shira was heading to Mt. Fujisake. He couldn't with his own strength, as a demon defeat 'Prince'.. He needed a help from Demon Slayers. They may not like him, but he didn't have any choice right now. Maybe, he will be able to persuade them, that he isn't bad a bad demon... Shirage could only try speak with them.
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  5. Phyra lay her palm on the worn leather of her sword-grip, listening intently to the rules of the final selection. Seven days was...quite a lot. The threat of ravenous demons was one thing, but the threat of their ravenous stomachs would be another. Without food and water, hunger and dehydration would claim them even if they could hold off the demons...

    "How troublesome..."

    As the Final Selection began and the would-be demon slayers all rushed into the mountain forest, Phyra tensed. Her knuckles whitened as she clenched them over the hilt of her tanto. She didn't move along with the crowd, instead choosing to lag behind. The other demon slayers rushed ahead, but Phyra took things slowly. First, she needed to get a grip on her surroundings. All these trees and vegetation meant there had to be a stable source of water, either a river or frequent rainfall.

    A river was definitely in her best interest as food and water would be readily available around it. Once she found somewhere she could set up as a temporary base then she could focus on the—


    "Demons...just my luck."

    Phyra muttered wearily, cursing under her breath. She whisked her blade from its sheath, and she spun to face the direction of the screech. The silver blade of her sword steadied before her, and Phyra gazed into the thicket of branches and bramble. She could hear the shuffle of leaves and the snapping of branches as something approached.

    The first thing Phyra saw were the tusks, jagged weapons of dull gray that broke through the foliage, casually scarring the trees unfortunate enough to be in their way. Next was the snout, a broad hideous things who's every snort filled the air with white fog. Its hooves scraped at the ground, and it gazed at the girl with cruel, merciless eyes.

    "A boar demon..?"
  6. As Miyaji ran, he noticed a plume of dense, white fog rise up from the undergrowth in his periphery. What's causing that? That doesn't seem normal. Unsheathing his sword, he began heading toward the source of the fog, preparing for anything that met him at the clearing. Finally emerging from the bushes into the area where he had seen the strange sight, he was surprised to see a girl who looked around his age with black hair, brandishing a tanto. Standing before the two of them was a large figure resembling a boar, from which the familiar clouds of fog had risen earlier. "Oh." Glancing at the stranger whom he had just met, Miyaji stepped back, not intending to intrude as he sheathed his blade. "Do you wanna take this one..?"
  7. "Do you wanna take this one..?"

    At the sound of another human voice, Phyra perked up, her eyes darting in Miyaji's direction. For a moment she stared at him with incredulity. He sounded pretty confident in himself, and the casual way he spoke about it made her wonder if she was the one overreacting. However, one more look at the Demon and she decided to keep playing it cautions. Prevention was better than cure after all.

    Just as she opened her mouth to respond, the boar charged. Its speed was impressive, its gallop like roaring thunder, it was for through and through a bulldozing monstrosity. Phyra retreated from the beast's charge, feeling rough bark against her back after only a few steps. She'd backed up into a tree.

    The boar was nearly upon her, quickly chewing through the few meters of dirt that separated them. For a moment, Phyra's joints seized. She stood stock-still, like a deer caught in the headlights, like a little girl about to be steamrolled by a much larger foe —which wasn't far from the truth. When the boar had close the gap to mere feet, she gasped, taking in a sharp breath as she sloppily activated her Total Concentration Breathing.

    She leaped towards the tree, her slippers gripping the bark as she kicked off. As she vaulted over the charging demon, she angled her sword— "Breath of Rain — First Form: Rain Drop!"

    From above she stabbed into the boar Demon's neck; not exactly a beheading stroke, but it would be better than nothing. The boar, grunting in pain, but mostly unaffected, charged straight into the tree. An explosion of splinters and bark resulted as the tree was pulverized, but even that great impact seemed to have minimal effect on the boar. Soon the beast was wheeling around for another charge, this time, directed right at Miyaji!

    "Watch out!"

    Phyra shouted in warning, but she was unsure if the boy could hear over the thunderous gallop.
  8. It had all happened in an instant; one minute Miyaji was watching the girl deal with the Boar Demon, and in a matter of milliseconds, the Demon now charged toward him. What seemed to be a warning shouted by the girl was muffled by the thunderous stomps of the beast, and Miyaji was given very little time to deal with the unexpected attack. Hurriedly inhaling a large breath of air, he unsheathed his blade and employed a defensive stance. "Breath of the Volcano, Fourth Form; Molten Wall!" Though he was able to deflect most of the brunt from the demon's charge with his katana, Miyaji's sword arm was hit with an astounding amount of force, flinging the teen back against a tree.

    Grunting with pain as his back slammed against the wide stem, he coughed a few times before getting back up and glaring at the boar. "That packed a punch," he muttered, getting a rather forced breath through his body in order to utilize Total Concentration Breathing. Miyaji then began slowly walking towards the Boar Demon, katana gripped at his side. "Third Form; Plumes of Smoke." The beast let out a puff of fog from its nostrils before tucking its head in and charging towards Miyaji once more, but the wild attack missed its target as the demon collided with a tree in its path, felling it with ease. Whipping its head around, the Boar Demon--now completely focused on Miyaji--searched for the teen, oblivious to the girl clearly in its sights. However, the boy was nowhere to be found. Miyaji then appeared in the demon's periphery, almost casually passing by, but when it tried to swing at him with its head, his attack reached nothing but air. This interaction repeated itself, with Miyaji disappearing and reappearing in a completely different location, and the Boar Demon grew more and more agitated.

    Suddenly, the demon heard movement behind it, and there Miyaji was, advancing for the attack. Lunging forward, the teen employed the Sixth Form of his Breathing Style, lunging forward and aiming a precise slash at the demon's neck. Magma Flow. What seemed to be a direct hit and the final strike to end the fight, however, deeply embedded the blade into the Boar Demon's neck, and with both a pained and enraged roar, the beast swung its head once again, knocking Miyaji aside with ease. The boy was thrown onto the ground, receiving a flesh wound on his right arm and forehead, before crashing into yet another tree. Cursing under his breath, Miyaji, now unarmed, clutched his bleeding arm and contemplated what he would do now. "All that work for nothing? Damn, that's infuriating."
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  9. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane stood up and dusted herself, with a polite smile on her face. "Oh I'm fine!"

    She had actually hurt her bottom, but it wasn't nothing serious. Of course she acted normal. Her mother had thought her to always make a good first impression and never show your true self to strangers, specially to boys.

    "Well I wouldn't really call it exposed. It's not like there's many places to hide. By the way, how good are you at killing demons?" Akane asked with a smile.

    It wasn't her intention to be rude, but she wanted to make sure she was actually safer with him. If he couldn't pull his own weight, they might be in trouble.
  10. "That was some pretty reckless fighting..."

    Surprise didn't even begin to describe the emotion that filled Phyra's heart. Blocking that boar's charge head-on? Didn't he see what it did to those trees? Does he not want his arms anymore?

    Miyaji's direct fighting style seemed at odds with everything the girl had learned. When faced with a stronger opponent, dodge, dab, and deflect. Miyaji didn't seem to see it that way, meeting the demon head-to-head. Although he lost ground, it was clear that physically, he wasn't that much weaker than the demon. That meant at least physically, he was a lot stronger than her. That means he'd have a much better chance at decapitating the demon if he got a clean strike at it.

    "Oi, you...I'll try to get back your sword. Think you can decapitating that beast if I cripple its legs?"
  11. A white haired girl stood alongside all the other candidates as the rules of the selection exam were explained. After the start of the exam, the young girl ran into the wisteria forest. The specific type of trees keeping the demons prisoners inside the exam grounds.

    Walking alone through the forestry of the mountain with her Katana in hand and a blank expression on her face, Samui was lost in her own thoughts. “So we have to survive out here for seven whole days? That’s a full week and a really long time.” She began looking around. “I wonder, is there any way to get resources up here. Even if the demons don’t get us we will still need food and water to function.”

    While lost in her thoughts, the girl heard a rustling coming from behind her before a roar. Quickly stepping to the side, Samui saw a demon with a small frame leap pass her head, narrowly missing it. “Oh, that was close. I could have died there if I reacted a moment later.” The demon landed on the ground on all fours before standing up and turning around, it had a female figure and long red hair, she had a scarred face. “Heh, you’re better than I thought dodging that sneak attack, but I won’t miss a-“ Before the demon could finish, Samui suddenly slashed at her. The demon bent back to dodge the sword swing. “Alright enough talk!” The demon shouted before swinging her body back up and clawing at Samui in the same movement.

    The girl blocked the claws with her sword the proceeded to slash a few more times, which were all dodged by the demon thanks to her nimbleness. A swing kick was thrown at Samui which caused her to jump back to dodge, creating some distance between her and the demon. “I see, fighting a real demon is pretty different from the dummies and wild animals I practiced with.” She said to herself as she tightened her grip on her katana. Her neutral expression remained unchanged throughout the fight.
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  12. "Maybe it isn't an open field, but demons can easily capture us here. We can't fight with every demon we meet, only with really dangerous ones. Everyone schould try to not waste their energy" Kazu said politely, as if trying to explain his point of view. The girl's question surprised him... Does She check, whether he will be a burden for her or something? "If most of the demons are as strong, as the ones I have just fought not so long ago, then you can say, that I am good at killing demons. There may be some stronger demons here, but I should be fine to fight with them on my own and pass the exam." Kazure told to Akane. ".. But it is fine, if you want to fight and pass alone. I just thought it may be easier, if we could rely on someone, that protects our back."
  13. Dolan stood silently as the two monotone girls spoke as he didn't know any of the others at all. It was overwhelming to see so many people gathered together in one place as a small town country bumpkin such as him self hadn't been to a gathering of sorts. "Oh my goodness! look at all these dangerous people! what is a guy supposed to do when all these people are here lookin mighty scarylike...." Dolan thought to himself as he looked around. As soon as the others ran into the woods Dolan freezed with fear as everyone else was so ready and prepared and he felt like the weight of the world was on his shoulders. "I'm not a hero! This path just ain't right for me... Ma was right! this is dangerous! and scary!" Dolan thought to himself just moments from breaking out into tears ,but then he remembered kishi's teachings looking back on the time he was too scared to go out in the woods ,and how Kishi gave an amazing speech that made him feel better. Dolan whiped his eye and felt nervous ,but confident enough to run in the woods as well. As he did he noticed some of the others fighting a demon with tusks ,but before he could join them two guys ran past him screaming. He ran in the direction they came from and noticed a man bleeding from his waiste and a demon walking towards him. as the demon lunged at the injured man, "First style golden horizon!" Dolan yelled slicing the demons arm off then his head. He helped the man up and escorted the man to safety. Afterwards he ran over to catch up with the others as he wanted to prove himself as a worthy combatant. He then finally caught up with the others ready help if he could.


    Ren walked around as it was the only time he could freely go outside his cave without worrying about dying. he sat on a cliff's edge looking up at the clouds and the moon. He looked around as the trees rustled in the wind. It was nice and cool outside. a perfect time to practice tai chi. He stood out there for a couple hours practicing tai chi and the various poses, techniques, supersizes ,and forms. He eventually went back in his cave as he felt safe there and away from the prying eyes of others.
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  14. Upon hearing the plan the Phyra had proposed, Miyaji pondered for a moment before nodding in agreement. “Yeah; I’ll give it some diversions while you go ahead and get on the offensive, and I’ll find an opening to cut its head off once you get my blade.” Finally being able to intake a large amount of air, he began to utilize his Total Concentration Breathing and once again employed his Third Form, quickly darting to the side and seeming to disappear due to his now erratic movement tempo. Using the foliage around him to hide and use his Form to the fullest, Miyaji aimed to disorient the Boar Demon once more through his movement from afar in order to give Phyra enough space to move, providing ample time to attack and retrieve his katana. If all went smoothly and according to plan, Phyra would immobilize the beast just in time for Miyaji to inflict the finishing blow. (Sorry for short post)
  15. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane waved her hands nervously and laughed. "No sorry! I just wanted to make sure you weren't using me as a personal body guard." Because that's exactly what she was doing. "I'll be glad to work with you. Maybe we can take turns keeping guard. We can also talk so we don't get lonely." She placed her hands behind her back and smiled.

    She thought for a moment what benefit would someone get from going with her. Most of her skills were domestic, since she was raised to be a house wife. She was a good cook, organized and basic health knowledge. She knew this young man would require that kind of assistance.

    "You know, why don't I focus on the food, our clothes and health and you on killing demons?" She tried to not sound nervous. "I can help with the demons, but I'm a better support." Her master would be ashamed of her. "Does that sound good?" She stretched out her hand. "I'm Akane Ito by the way."
  16. As soon as she'd gotten Miyaji's agreement, Phyra began to plan. Since Miyaji had taken on the task of distracting the boar, it made her job much easier. Her plan was simple, get in, grab the sword, get out. What could possibly go wrong?

    Steadying her breathing once more, Phyra gradually built up speed. Her breaths came out in bursts that were shorter, sharper, and quicker than she'd been using. The exertion of breathing alone caused droplets of sweat to bead on her forehead. She clenched down on the sword within her grasp, feeling her muscles begin to tighten. Soon they were stretched like a taut spring, brimming with power that could be released quickly.

    When the boar seemed disoriented by Miyagi's movements, Phyra rushed forward with as much speed as she could muster.

    "Breath of Rain — Fourth Form: Heavy Rains Feed the Flood!"

    She kept her body and stance low, skimming along the ground as her blade cleaved into the boar's hind leg while she rushed past it. She hadn't even had a chance to see what damage she'd dealt to the demon, but she trusted her blade had at least sliced through a tendon. She dug her sandals into the dirt, Phyra doing everything in her power to slow herself down. As soon as she'd slowed, she whipped around to face the boar, just in time to see the creature thud onto the floor, it's injured leg buckling beneath the massive weight of its frame.

    "Now's my chance!"

    Dirt sprayed through the air as she kicked off, once again rushing her foe. She held her sword with a single hand and leaped towards the demon's neck. Pretending to aim a slash at its neck, she managed to successful provoke the boar into lashing out, tossing its head in her direction in an attempt to impale her on its tusks.

    Demonic ivory clashed against sacred iron and Phyra found herself being deflected away from the boar's neck. If her aim had been to slice through the beast's neck, she most certainly would've failed. After she'd been deflected, the short-range of her sword prevented her from landing any blows, however, at nearly double the length of her tanto, Miyaji's Nagitana was well within reach.

    She reached out and grabbed the weapon's shaft, borrowing the force from the boar's attack to yank the blade out of the demon's neck.

    "Oi! Heads up!"

    With the blade freed, Phyra threw it in the direction where she'd last seen Miyaji. She didn't know where he was currently, having chosen not to pay attention to his disorienting movements, but she figured he couldn't have gone too far. More importantly, she had almost no control over her airborne body, and soon after throwing Miyaji's weapons, she crashed through a thicket of branches.
  17. Dolan came just in time to see Phyra disorientate the boar. While Dolan knew what he was doing he never faced a demon of this sort. "What in the blazes is that thing a demon hog?! Kishi won't believe what I'm seein!" Dolan shouted as he saw the disoriented boar. It may have been weakened but it sure didn't let up. As it did it looked over at dolan stomping its hooves, snorting ,and kicking dust. It then charged towards Dolan with a limp kicking up dirt and snorting with each step. As he did Dolan turned tail and climbed the tree, *CRASH* a loud sound could be heard as the tree shook ,and as it did Dolan jumped down, "breath of gold Second style gold horizon!! He yelled as he sliced the boar twice across the tendons on the other side then rolled as he landed. Dolan looked at the boar as he tried to gain a little distance between him and the boar. He may have been willing to help distract the thing ,but he was not going to get hit. Dolan took up an aggressive fighting stance as he was ready to either dodge or jump out of the way of any attack. The boar then stomped its hoof as it slumped around. As it did Dolan jumped back as he seen boars on the farm and knew an injured boar was especially dangerous.
  18. Kazure shook girl's hand "Nice to meet you, Akane. My name is Kazure Itezakage." Although, boy could not understand the intentions of Akane. He knew that food and health were important to survive in this place (He was not sure about the clothes, but did not want to delve into this topic), as they was staying in this place not for a day or two, but for a week. He smiled slightly to her "Sounds good. All forms of help will be very Appreciated..." Kazu did not finish his sentence, when the demon jumped at him from behind. "Fifth Style: Heat Lightning" calmly, with great precision. Kazu turned and cut off the head of the demon, killing him ".. They won't let me finish the sentence" he turned back to Akane "Don't worry, I took care of him already."
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  19. The newcomer who had joined the fray was quite unexpected, but luckily his entrance hadn't hindered Miyaji from doing what he needed to do. He moved into a position where he was easily able to catch the blade Phyra had thrown at him before jumping at a tree and bouncing off, sending himself high into the air. Miyaji then dove downward at the Boar Demon, continuing to use Total Concentration Breathing. "Breath of the Volcano, Fifth Form; Crashing Down of Molten Rock." Firmly gripping the handle of his Naginata, he aimed a single concentrated slash at the wound he had inflicted before, swinging with all the force he could muster. The blade once again sank into the neck of the Boar Demon, but this time, it now made a clean cut through, cleanly slicing the head off. Landing on the ground with a grunt, Miyaji watched the body crumple to the ground and disintegrate into ash before limping over to a nearby tree and collapsing against it, letting out a couple of raspy coughs. Glancing at Phyra, he flashed her a thumbs up and a weak smile as he set down his Naginata. "Thanks for the assist; that was a lot more exhausting than I anticipated. What's your name?"
  20. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane looked surprised as she saw Kazure take out another demon with one movement. She felt safer now, knowing she could rely on him. Now the question would be, what was their plan? Would they wonder around Killin every demon possible? Or look for shelter and avoid interaction with them? For her safety, it would be better not to face many demons.

    "Listen, how about we look for a place to lay low? You know, so we don't get tired fast. I'm sure our chances of surviving are higher if we are in good conditions." She looked at him with pleading eyes. "What do you say? We could find a river and stay near it." A rice would provide more resources then just wondering the woods, or that's what she thought.
  21. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    “Well I guess this isn’t so bad.” Kit yawned while laying on top of a tree. A slight smile broke out across his face as he fiddled with the wisteria branch in his fingers.

    “With this I can just coast through the week.” Kit couldn’t help but chuckle at the perceived genius of his plan. Unfortunately, his peace was short lived as a shrieking hiss his pierced the air around him.

    Whhhhhat isssss that? Issss it wissssteria? Ssssssso little cannot protect you from meeeee.” A winged demon hissed as it plunged towards Kit with its sharp talons on its legs sticking out.

    Shhhink Kit had barely drawn his sword in time, blocking both metallic talons with his reverse grip shielding his entire body. While Kit had successfully avoided any fatal damage, the sheer force of the far larger demon caused the boy to lose his footing on his tree top perch.

    Kit plummeted towards the ground, noticing a small group of other test takers nearby. He crashed into the ground in the middle of where they were standing. He quickly jumped up, remaining defensive.

    “Sorry about that, my name’s Kit.” He stated, eyes still fixed on the sky. “Watch out, there’s a strong one coming.” The young swordsman kept a firm grip on his blade, preparing for any attack.
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  22. As the boar fell dolan sheathed his blade then stumbled as he approached the boar as it disintegrated, "yippee! That was scary! I've seen all sorts of mean nasty hogs in my day back home ,but this thing is somethin else I reckon..." Dolan said looking down. Dolan said as he turned around as he looked for a nice flat area as he did he pulled a branch from a tree and used it to sweep away the rocks and twigs away leaving a small flat area to start a camp. He then pulled a flintstone from his pocket and made a fire using the small twigs and branches that were already lying around. Afterwards he grabbed long branches with leaves to form as a bed. Dolan sat down by the fire, "In a minute I'm going to go out and get some fish. I bet there's plenty somewhere... or some berries! My pa taught me how to forage for berries." Dolan said as he tossed small branches in the fire. As he sat there he looked around as he wasn't sure what he would find but sure enough he got up and looked around to see if he could spot any wet soil or other signs of a nearby pond. Before he could go far he managed to find some edible berries. He managed to pick most of them but then wandered off again to find a lake for fish or some drinking water. Luckily for Dolan he wasn't that far away from one. He managed to use a branch as a spear and got several fish ,but had no container for running water so he headed back with the fish and berries.
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  23. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane prepare to attack when she saw Kit land in front of them. She quickly moved to Kazure's side. However, when Kit mentioned there was a strong demon coming, she prepared her katana, standing behind the other two and facing the opposite direction.

    "Again?" She said with an annoyed tone. "This is terrible." She gulped as she gripped the handle of her weapon with both hands.

    She took a quick look at Kit. It was possible she could have two body guards now. Although that could attract more demons. Then again, it could scare away the week ones. But, interest the stronger ones. Should she go alone? No, she wouldn't survive. Two body guards was fine. She took a deep breath to calm herself and prepare for any attack.
  24. Kazu didn't manage to answer Akane's question. When Kit fell next to them. Is it a rule, that everyone wants to get into his way, when He wants to talk? The demon appeared in ... From above. "yourr numberss don't mattter at aall"
    "Akane, Kit, stay close to me" Kazu whispered. The demon flew toward them. With a swift movement of the sword, Kazu cut off his finger. The demon backed away quickly "Fifth style: Heat Lightning ..... What happend, Demon. Try again ... Next time I will manage to cut off your head, perfectly clean... Akane, if you want (don't need), you can help in the fight. Kit, you'll help me, becouse you bringed to us this demon, right. The mobility of this demon may be troublesome, and I doesn't want to lose energy for longer. Occupy it with something, if you cut one of the wings, it would be great. I will prepare and finish him" said Kazure.
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    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Who does this guy think he is ordering me around?! Kit gritted his teeth. He hated following orders, even more so from someone who looked around his age.
    Letssssss make thisssss threeeee versssussss threeee. A harpy isssss never far from her ssssisssterssss.” The demon hissed as her finger regenerated. As if on cue, two identical harpy demons landed nearby; however, one’s face was stuck in a large grin and the other looked very angry.
    Hehehehe.” The smiley demon squealed as she jumped up and down, clapping her hands. “A pretty one! A pretty one! I want her eyes. Yippee! Yippee!” It cheered while looking straight at Akane. Despite the dark, Kit could make out a necklace of eyeballs that were stringed together as the grinning demon charged at the girl, tongue out and salivating.

    “You are the one who hurt my ssssissster.” The angry one spoke, locking eyes with Kazu and plotting how to kill him.

    Crap, I don’t know what to do now that we’re on even terms, I can only hope those other two are able to handle themselves, otherwise we’re all dead. Kit’s eyes took on a focused appearance as he locked onto the original harpy.

    “First Style: Dance on a Silent Night.” Kit took a large inhale, increasing his abilities. “Second Style: Black Rushing Hawk.” He held his katana our to the side in his typical reverse grip and flew towards the demon as an inky black streak flowed out of his blade.
  26. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane felt panic rush to her head as she saw the demons necklace. She took her fighting stance, but that didn't stop the harpy from rushing at her. Akane was about to roll out of her way, but that would leave Kit and Kazu vulnerable. She gritted her teeth as she placed her katana in a defense stand and took the talons of the harpy directly. The impact made her stumble backwards, bumping into someone, she didn't bother to look.

    "Sorry!" She called out as the harpy had flown back and was turning around for another attack.

    Akane gripped her katana and held it in front of her. How many had that demon eaten already? There were so many eyeballs, which meant he had defeated many more, how could she possibly defeat it? She felt useless. Just like when her fiancee had been eaten, when her mother told her she was only good for house shores and when her mother in law told her she was lucky her son loved her. Useless. Akane's panicked expression changed to a serious one. Someone useless wouldn't have finished her training and have made it this far.

    "Breath of flames." Akane took in a deep breath. "Second Style: Ascending Blazing Sky."

    She lunged forward and sliced the feet of the harpy. Then she rolled to the side, to get it away from her two teammates. She could win, she just needed to make sure to secure her attacks. Maybe she did have potential after all.

    "Argh! My legssssss!" The harpy flew up to a tree branch as it regenerated. "I'm going to enjoy your pretty eyesssssss." The demon laughed joyfully.

    Akane took in another breath, the warm air relaxing her muscles. She ran directly at the tree and took two steps up the bark and managed to jump on a tree branch opposite of her enemy. She prepared to fight.

    "Yessss, I will enjoy thisssss one." The harpy laughed as it prepared to attack.
  27. Angry harpy rushed at Kazu. He was about to block, but Akane bumped into him. '... Now I think, that I'd be safer if I was alone' he thought.

    Harpy took advantage of the fact, that her opponent was knocked out of his fighting stance and attacked his face with her claws. Fortunately, he managed to step back and she just scratched him, but she didn't give up. Demon quickly got behind him. Grabbed and took him to the sky, Kazure quickly kicked the demon and fell at the ground, hitting it with his back "Ouch..." he said to himself, if she threw him from bigger height, then it would be dangerous. He blocked most of further attacks and received a lot of small injuries. the demon finally stepped back after a while. "I wiill give you a sslow ssuffering. For my sisster's pain, I will tearr you to piecess." harpy yelled.

    Harpy attacked and Kazu keep blocking her blows. She was faster than previous demons and stronger too. She finally started to be inpatient and kicked him with great amount of strength, Kazu hit the nearby tree with such a power, that he thought he could break through it. Harpy with her next attacks, became faster and stronger. Kazu hardly manage to block most of the blows, his injuries wasn't too serious. Blood from his forehead get to his right eye, but he still had another one to see his opponent. "You are sso borinng. You will ddie and you won't even sscratch me" she started again, attacked faster than before.
    "Kazure! Have you taken a nap again? You better start to pray, becouse when do I find you.. I will make your training a living hell" Kazure's Master was yelling.
    "Alright" Kazu said and came out from his hiding. "Kazu, it were you, who asked me to train with, didn't you. Just try to beat your laziness.
    " Okay, but teach me how to use two swords!"
    " If you won't master your skill in using a one sword, then what will you gain from using the second one. It requiers a lot of skill and expierience to use a second sword... Alright, but I will make your training even worse than hell! So you better make me proud in future!"

    "First Style .. Thunderclap and Flash" exclaimed Kazu, cut off the hand of the harpy, as she tried to hurt him with increadible speed. Kazu was now the one, who was behind his opponent.
    "Yoou liittle!" Demon roared, as she turned around. She regenerate quickly her hand and and tried to pierce Kazu chest, but it seemed, that she lost her previous speed.

    "You aren't even as ruthless and strong as my master! Fifth style: Heat Lightning" clean and fast cut, the demon's head fell to the ground and the harpy herself was turning into dust, her headless body keep attacking Kazu, but he managed to escape "Damnn iit, How ... WWhy ... Sissterss, Heel -..." She couldn't end, as her head dissapired. "Did I manage to scratch you?...I don't have to do many unnecessary attacks like you. One and effective is enough..." Kazu whispered, he quickly took care of his forehead. It seemed, that blood stopped to drop from his wound, so he get rid of the blood in his eye. He had many injuries, but if we don't count his forehead, they were bruises and smaller wounds. He could check them later.

    "Kit seems strong, but what about Akane. That she offered support instead of a fight ... I should go and help her," Kazu thought, and turned to the way, where Akane lured her opponent "Stay safe, Akane... if any of you two will die in this fight, I won't forgive you" and Kazu was running to Akane and her enemy.
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  28. A multitude of scrapes and bruises could be seen marring Phyra's skin as she emerged from the bramble; prickling reminds of her tumble through the jungle. She reached out and grabbed a low-hanging branch, pulling herself to her feet and then steadying herself against the sturdy trunk. She coughed and heaved, forcibly restraining her haggard breath with limited success. It was only after several moment's respites, that Phyra could spit out a comprehensive sentence.

    "Ahah~ That was a doozy...I'm Phyralis, what about you...two?"

    By the time she'd spoken, Dolan was already on the move. sweeping the clearing and kindling a fire. Phyra cocked an eyebrow, startled by how quickly the boy seemed to move on. As the fire stabilized, the boy set off, foraging the nearby bushes for berries and who knew what else...


    It would've been a bit awkward to stop him now, so Phyra redirected her attention to Miyaji.

    "What about you? I've never seen a Demon Slayer with a Nagitana before."
  29. “I’m Miyaji,” the teen replied. “As for my Naginata, I’ve had it for a while, so I decided to just form my Breathing style around the movements of my blade.” After catching a few breaths, he stood up, continuing to lean against the tree as he sheathed his Naginata. “It’s nice to meet you, Phyralis.” Remembering the other boy who has arrived moments prior to the death of the Boar Demon, Miyaji looked around, surprised to see that he was nowhere to be found. That’s weird; could’ve sworn he was here just now. Disregarding the thought after a few seconds, he dusted himself off and stretched, wincing from the wounds he had. “With that out of the way, we should probably get shelter and rations set up as quickly as possible. The starvation might kill us before the demons do.” Looking around, Miyaji observes his surroundings, searching for a way to set up a safe place to stay, as well as sources for food and water. A nearby river would no doubt be convenient...
  30. Dolan placed the berries on a pile of leaves ,and sat by fire slicing the scales off the fish, "I might be a plain ol farm boy ,but I can cook up a storm like you wouldn't believe!" Dolan said cheerfully. Dolan may not have been very sociable, but if there was anything he excelled at it was cooking. As he often cooked for his whole family(three siblings, two parents, three grandparents). Luckily for Dolan while he was looking for a lake he found plenty of seasoning. As he cooked he crushed and rubbed the leaves over the fish ,and used what seasoning he had found. The fish smelled good but Dolan had no plate so when the fish were finished he just stuck them on sticks that he put In the ground for just that purpose. He looked over saw the other two talking, "there's a river about two minutes northeast of here!... my name is Dolan by the way... I didn't say it earlier" Dolan said as the last of the fish finished cooking. All the fish was now in branches hot and steaming. Dolan took one and ate as he looked at the clouds, "feel free to get as much as ya want!" Dolan said trying not to speak with his mouth full. He got up and dragged a tree trunk by the fire before he continued to eat.
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  31. The battle between the red haired demon and Samui continued to rage on as both combatants have begun to move. The white haired girl dodged and blocked all the incoming attacks without seeing a single opening in the demon’s offence. “She’s very thorough with her attacks, are all demons this strong? I’ll be in trouble if that’s the case.” She said to herself with her blank expression still unmoving on her face.

    This greatly annoyed the demon who growled. “Hey are you incapable of showing any emotions? It’s no fun when my prey doesn’t show any fear!” This comment confused Samui. “Huh? Is it required I show visible emotions in a fight? Won’t that just be a distraction when you’re fighting?” She said in a truly innocent tone, this caused the demon to growl again. “Argh, talking to you is infuriating!”

    They have now moved into the tree lines. “Hmm, I wonder if I’ll be able to get a better chance of attacking if I use the terrain to my advantage.” While this thought ran through the girl’s head, a kick suddenly flew at her from the front. Ducking below the strike, Samui watched as the kick dug into the tree trunk behind her and snapped it in half. “Despite her figure, she’s still very physically capable. Getting hit by one of her attacks would be bad.”
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane jumped to the next tree branch as the harpy lunched itself at her. However, the demon was fast and was right behind Akane. Without much options, the red headed girl used her sword to protect herself. Unfortunately, the harpy managed to cut her under her right rib. It wasn't deep, but painful. Akane cried out and jumped away to the next tree.

    "Where did it go?" Akane looked around as she positioned herself. She tried to calm herself down. Her hear was beating loudly and her mind wasn't thinking straight.

    Akane looked up just in time to see the demon swooping down towards her. She jumped of the branch and hit the floor rolling. Grasping her wound as she stood up. The harpy positioned itself in an angle towards Akane and the sprang forward, shooting itself like an arrow.

    "Breath of Flames, First Style, Sea of Fire!" Akane cried out.

    She went for a direct attack, her katana colliding directly with the harpy. It sliced directly through the demon, cutting it in two. Akane took a deep breath as the demon slowly disappeared. She put her sword away and tried to calm herself down by taking in deep hot breaths.
  33. Shirade took a short break on his trip to Mt. Fujikasane. He drank some of the blood, that he had prepared for his journey earlier. He just hoped he wouldn't meet any humans (mainly demon slayers) on his way.

    - + -
    Kazu finally arrived and he saw the demon disappear and tired Akane. He ran up to her quickly. "Akane, are you all right?.. I'm sorry, that I'm a little late... " Kazure said, he remind himself about one more harpy "Kit probably is still fighting ... But, I can't leave you here. Do you have enough strength to stand up and walk on your own feets, Akane. If you are too tired, then I will help you. I want to make sure, that this guy is safe and sound."
  34. As the food was being eaten Dolan heard what sounded like wolf howls not far from their location. Dolan had many run ins with wolves back on the farm and he could tell they were close ,and were atleast five of them. Dolan continued eating his food with his hand on his sword grip. "You guys be ready... we gots us some coyotes somethin fierce so watch your back! Don't let them sneak up on ya!" Dolan said looking around. He thought it was weird as he never heard howling like that from any wolf he's ever encountered before. This must be no ordinary wolf. He heard a monstrous snarl as he looked in the distance to see a demon wolf charge at him ,and before he could pull his sword out the thing lunged out at him. Dolan blocked it with his unsheathed sword And as the creature bit onto his scabbard he kicked the creature causing it to fall to the ground. Dolan pulled his sword from the scabbard slicing the wolf's jaw. Dolan stood up " breath of gold first style fading golden hands!" Dolan yelled and as he did the wolf tried to bite down on the sword Dolan sidestepped the wolf and sliced his head clean off from the other side. Pretty soon the group was surrounded by atleast four other wolves possibly more.
  35. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    The harpy demon’s metallic claws grabbed Kit’s blade to intercept the attack. She threw the swordsman to the side and flapped her wings to launch a barrage of metal feathers at the young swordsman.

    “Agh!” Kit screamed out in pain as many of the feathers logged themselves into his body, just barley piercing the surface.

    You will regret attacking usssssss.” The demon hissed as she flew at him in an attempt to finish the battle. Kit stumbled to his feet, glaring across the forest at the charging demon.
    “Seventh Style: Moonlight Song.” He muttered to himself as he inhaled and began to hum and held his sword up in a defensive stance. The harpy gave a murderous shriek as it lunged at the boy, talons sinking into the holes of his eyes.
    Hahaha I am alwaysssss victoriousssss.” The demon cheered with pride before the body in its claws faded away. The harpy’s eyes took on a cold look as it’s head fell to the ground. Kit’s body stood behind the corpse, sword held horizontal to where the demon’s neck once was.
    “Eleventh Style: Phantom Counter Strike.” He grimly stated and walked away as the demon’s body turned to ash. He had no intention of hanging around with the others, this was meant to be a test of individual strength.

    ~one week later~
    Kit was the first to emerge from the forest, walking staggered as he limped his way over to the safe area. Finally, I made it. I finally made it! Despite his ragged appearance with torn clothes and blood trickling from his head and right arm, the boy was filled with glee from his triumph over his week in hell.
    “Huh I guess I’m the first one, either that or everyone else is dead.” He whispered and chuckled to himself before collapsing against the trunk of a tree and falling into his first tranquil rest in what seemed like years.
  36. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane walked out of the forest and into the safe area. She had done what she said she would and kept herself looking nice and clean. That didn't mean she wasn't tired and hurt. Although her hair and outfit were in decent conditions, she had bandages on her arms and fingers, tired out eyes and a small cut above her right eye.

    Akane didn't bother looking around, she was out and that's what mattered. It seemed like a nightmare had just ended. She sat down in the middle of the area and placed her head between her knees. She wanted to cry, but couldn't, afraid the others might look down on her.
  37. Miyaji stumbled through the foliage of the forest into the long-awaited kisses of the sun's rays. A bleeding right shoulder, bruised left leg, a head wound near the left temple, to name a few, and soreness in nearly every part of his body.. but he was alive. Seven days of demon-infested hell were finally concluded, and despite his wounds, all Miyaji felt was relief.

    Breathing in the crisp air, he sheathed his Naginata and slowly made his way to the safety area, wincing with nearly every step. Near the middle, he noticed a girl in his periphery, curled up with her head tucked into her knees. It was quite understandable; surviving in an environment like the one in which the candidates of the Final Selection had to endure had to have taken a toll on her. Though it was not Phyra, with whom he had spent most of the Final Selection due to a formed alliance, he felt a pang of sympathy for the girl and walked over to her, silently placing a firm but comforting hand on her shoulder in an effort to console her.

    Continuing forward, he made his way to the same two girls who had been there prior to the beginning of the Final Selection, and as he waited for the others, Miyaji noticed a table, upon which sat what seemed like a number of different ores. Confused as to what they were for, he decided to wait for an explanation later on and continued to wait, collapsing into a sitting position on the grass and looking up at the sky.
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  38. As Dolan emerged from the forest he saw some of the others emerge as well. Dolan was a little disappointed that so few of the challengers actually made it this far. Though looking back that boar and the wolves were actually pretty dangerous. Dolan was also pretty thankful his father taught him how to cook, hunt ,and survive in the wilderness. He was also really grateful to the two others he was with as without them the wolves would have been a really difficult fight. He doesn't really remember how they managed to beat them ,but he was so glad the week was over. Dolan was so overcome with joy paused, "Ha! ha! I did it! We did it!" Said Dolan as he fell on his back. He sat there in the grass for a few minutes looking relaxing as the week was over. He sat up and looked around grinning as he tried to figure out what they were going to do next.
  39. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up to see someone who was in a worst condition then she was. It made sense, she had been a support the entire time, rarely getting into the real fight. She figured whatever left him in those conditions, would have probably killed her. She was about to return to her fatal position when she heard Dolan celebrating. He was right, they should be happy they are out. Akane looked over his way and smiled. His positive attitude made her feel better.

    She laid back on the grass and looked up at the sky. She had gone from a housewife to a demon slayer. Her life had such a twist, it was hard to believe it was real. She turned towards the mountain, waiting to see if Kazu had made it out alive.
  40. Phyra emerged from the treeline, using the sheath of her blade as a makeshift crutch. There was no shortage of new injuries on her body, but none of them were particularly serious. Cuts and bruises here and there; rips in clothing everywhere. The tang of iron filled the air, but thank the gods, she was finally here.

    The final selection had been rough, and having survived against all those demons, Phyra was feeling quite pleased with herself. That being said, it would be super lame to die of —of all things—an infection. She would need to get her wounds cleaned and treated before anything nasty could take hold. Was there a medic nearby to treat those who survived the final selection?

    Her eyes scanned the clearing.

    'There are so few people here...I wonder if—Oh! There!'

    Picking out Miyaji and Dorian from the scattered throng of people, Phyra wave excitedly in a bid to get their attention. This quickly proved to be a mistake. Her sudden and rigorous movements easily agitated her wounds and her pain receptors fired off in violent protest. Phyra's expression twisted with pain, and having learned her lesson, she settled down and awaited further instructions.


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