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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane raised one eyebrow as Kazu fell asleep. What was she supposed to do now? She looked around at the mess they had created. It was a shame, so many pretty antiques had been destroyed, she wished she could have saved them. She saw a small white dove made of glass on the floor. She picked it up and smiled as she admired the artwork. Then the pain in her arm called for attention.

    Akane began treating her wound, rubbing the herbs like she had done with Kazu. It hurt, but nothing too sharp, she could take it. Once done, she went to the front counter, grabbed a small piece of paper and pencil. She wrote down a note: You're too heavy for me to carry and you seem really tired. I'm leaving to the inn, in case I don't see you, have a nice trip and I hope we meet again.
    Akane placed the note on Kazu, made sure to close his shirt properly and then left. She walked along the quiet dark streets and made her way to the inn. Once there, she went to take a bath, made sure her wound was properly treated, sewed her clothes, fixing the damages done by the demon and then went to sleep.
  2. As the demon began disappearing into nothingness Dolan looked over at him pulling the cotton out of his eats. The cotton didn't help a lot and his ears were still ringing ,but it helped some, "I don't know what happens now ,but I believe you go on to a better place now... May the lord show benevolence and allow you to cross over peacefully. Dolan said moving his hand to his forehead, chest, left shoulder then right before placing his hands together.

    As Dolan looked around the room and stood there confused wondering to himself, "huh whatever happened to that girl? did she get lost in the woods? did she fall off a cli-... I hope she didn't fal off a cliff! I hope she ain't dead! How will I report that to the other demon slayers what was her name again?! Sammy Lee? Shamui? I bet thats it! Shamoola! i mean, no! Shamui! that sounds right I think..." Dolan thought to himself as he stood there confused.
  3. Arashi

    Arashi watched as the demon children rushed him and Pearlan, and he brandished his longer daisho blade in anticipation. Upon hearing Pearlan's request, the duke lashed out with only a movement of his sword-arm and slashed the ground right next to the former's foot. "Just grow a pair and finish them, why don't you? It's a waste of time." As the son of the demon lunged at him, Arashi reached out with his right arm and caught his neck in a tight grasp. "You'd do well to show respect to your superiors," He hissed as he then impaled the child with his sword and flung him against the wall of Pearlan's bathhouse. Unsheathing his shorter blade, Arashi quickly made short work of the demon by unleashing a flurry of slashes and rending flesh away with astounding speed. Nothing remained of the child except for blood and gore, and with his job finished, Arashi cleaned and sheathed his blades, waiting for Pearlan to do the same.


    Miyaji silently watched as the demon fled from Kit's attacks to the docks, and his eyes finally came to a stop where she now waited at the location the trio had wanted her. Twirling his Naginata, he took in a large breath of air, and exhaled what seemed like thin grey smoke and embers as his blade began to glow with a bright crimson light once again. Miyaji's eyes narrowed as he slowly began to approach the demon, prepared to block any projectile that she might fire as he now knew how to locate them. As he walked, the Demon Slayer spoke with a quiet but commanding tone, radiating with intensity. "You are an abomination that should not be permitted to exist; your days of preying on innocent people end here." I will end her now, at any cost.
  4. "You know, when you reprimand me like that, wearing nothing but a towel..." Pearlan pouted, blushing cutely, "...it's really hard to focus on the fight."

    A distant bell sounded and flower petals filled the air. As he gazed into Arashi's monotonous eyes, the steam of the bath crept into the halls and curled around them, framing the two like newlyweds and goading them into an embrace.

    …Except the petals were really strips of the little girl, whom Pearlan had easily run through as he spoke and popped like a balloon, and the toll, if anything, signaled her death.

    "But it isn't impossible. No homo," the Duke finished.

    "A-hem..." the mother demon interrupted with a sharp cough, meaning she wasn't the least bit choked up over the deaths of her children. "Sorry to disturb your little bromance, but now isn't exactly the time to be getting comfortable. It seems you're somewhat stronger than I anticipated, but no matter. Out of the whole family, I've received the lion's share of human flesh and consumed enough to develop a Blood Demon Art. So if my pawns couldn't end you... I'll do it myself."

    "Quit making chess references, 'cause you got me BOARD! In a few minutes my eyes will be as dead and droopy as Ara-kun's, and not even an exfoliating spa will bring them back to life," Pearlan snapped back. "Now take off your clothes. I'm not saying I want to see you naked, but the way your kimono's practically slipping off your shoulders is triggering my OCD. Either put it on or strip it off, and since we're in a bathhouse, the latter is more appropriate."

    The blue-haired female smirked. "I'll use any distractions to my advantage."

    At first, she poised her legs, leveled one clawed hand at the royal, and tightly drew back the other. But she quickly undid her stance as she considered what happened to the two who'd confronted him directly. As much as she loved dancing through the neighborhood and connecting with her victims' necks, she couldn't kill him with that finesse. Instead, she'd utilize her Blood Demon Art and strike from afar.

    "You won't even see it coming. Because my ability..." she purred, before abruptly breaking out into a flurry of punches, swipes, kicks, bites, and jabs from where she was standing, "...ignores the distance between me and wherever I focus my gaze! I can perform motions in the empty air, but the attacks will reach you the moment they're executed! As if you were right in front of me! Keeping your guard up is futile when you can't anticipate me! A chameleon can't avoid that which has no color!"

    Pearlan only heard snippets of her rodomontade, the words distorted and twisted with arrogance. Or was it his face that was being chopped up, unable to fully process what was said as new wounds erupted all over his body, and the twirling ribbons of skin sailing to the floor that were twisted? The Duke stumbled backward, surviving the onslaught and haphazardly spraying blood across the corridor. He had little time to recover, however, as his enemy launched a second wave of strikes and finished him with a projected kick to the stomach. Pearlan was sent flying to the end of the aisle, where he crashed with more than a thud and his head sank in apparent defeat.

    "Well... it seems you're not as strong as your friend," the demon woman remarked, breathless but not any less condescending. "And here I thought you'd put up more of a fight. Maybe that's why you go around thinking you can slay us with impunity... because you're in powerful company."

    The fallen royal coughed some blood, quietly cursing himself for removing his armor and hopping in the bath earlier. He shakily rose to his feet, pushing himself off the wall that had caught bits and pieces of his flesh and responding to the bits and pieces he'd caught of her speech. "Now who said I was a chameleon? I could just turn transparent, you know... or in layman's terms, make myself the color of air. Then your invisible attacks will phase through me all the same."

    "What?! How did you heal so fast? No common demon has those regenerative capabilities!" the kimono-clad female yelled, suddenly losing her confidence. Pearlan, on the other hand, hadn't suffered much. While he was visibly cut up, bruised, and bloody, his injuries no longer inhibited his movements. All he'd lost was... his towel.

    "Whoa! I guess I'm not the only thing standing up after that assault! Seems this battle's got me excited!" the Duke reacted with a mix of surprise and embarrassment. "Sorry, Arashi. I know you didn't mean grow a pair in the literal sense. Lemme just censor myself real quick!"

    As he idled in his birthday suit, ogling the voluptuous demon, he melted...

    Into thin air and disappeared. His foe looked like she'd seen a ghost, which wasn't too far from the truth. The cause of her worry, however, was neither the purposeful display of his abilities, nor the unwitting display of his assets, but the reveal of Ara-kun's full name.

    "A demon named Arashi? No, it couldn't be-" she uttered hopelessly. But she promptly retrained her mind on the stretch of hallway in front of her, scanning it for any signs of Pearlan's presence. The Duke's voice echoed throughout the passage, however, threatening to snap her sharpened senses in two and drive her mad. Her safest bet, she decided, was to flail her attacking arms out as far as she could and cover as much of the space as possible. "I can't see you... and I can hardly discern your position from the noise. I may be shooting in the dark... but that's where I thrive!"

    "Boo," a voice whispered into her ear from behind, sending a shiver down her spine.

    "Huh- how-" the mother driveled like an infant.

    "I know I'm an asshole. There are probably demons out there with invisibility as their only trick, but that's just one of my many powers. Yours is okay, but it's too exhaustive. Maybe if you could produce gusts of wind with your eyes alone, you wouldn't tire yourself out," lamented the reappearing royal. "Now, my ability may be more defensive than Arashi's, but that doesn't make it any lamer. He's strong... but I'm OP! I've got TWO Blood Demon Arts! Wanna see the second?!"

    His childish self was coming out again, and like an impatient kid, he didn't wait for a response.

    "Here's some Blood!" Pearlan rejoiced, as he impaled the stunned minx with a taut hand and ripped it out of her with a flourish of blood in the air. "I'm a Demon!"

    Her erstwhile smugness had evaporated with the steam of the warm bath by this point, leaving her cold and trembling in fear.

    "And this, my dear, is Art," he happily concluded, drawing an adorable sun on her cheek in red. He slipped his other arm through her, prepared to blast her to smithereens with one color change. "Now you die."

    The triumphant demon watched with the same juvenile glee as the woman inflated like a bladder and exploded, raining more fleshy confetti like an early New Year's celebration. The honorable warrior in him commended her for racking up so many kills outside as the tranquil bathhouse drowned out the screams, but the immature Pearlan that showed looked up at Arashi with a smile.

    "See, this is what happens when members of our species think they can get strong just by getting fat and neglecting their training! Exercise is important too!" he beamed, patting his muscled abdomen. "Which is why a fit guy like me could never make a convincing Santa. I don't break into other people's homes, though demons seem to do that sort of thing to me..."


    "No need, huh?" the Mystery Eater repeated. His line of questioning was intended to probe how willing Shirade was to kill humans if ordered to, even if it wasn't needed, even if wasn't in self-defense. The Eater wanted to know what kind of demon he was. Was Shirade the type who killed with no remorse? Was he someone itching to pick a fight? Could he harm people on his own? Would he need persuasion? Was he the character who wouldn't lay a single finger on them, clinging so tightly to memories of his past self that he didn't have one to spare?

    If the imp had a clearer answer to how far he'd go, he might've had a better idea of where to start him. The rare, twisted ones began their careers in the Dungeon Masters or the Lab Rats, while those with fewer screws loose were divided among the Gladiators, the Party Animals, the Servers, and the Suicide Squad. Total softies went straight to the Gravediggers.

    "Glad to hear you'll join," the Eater chimed. "I'll tell you where to find Branch Leader Saito. He's a real nice guy who'll show you the ropes. You'll be meeting him in a small souvenir shop..."

    Shirade, in the Mystery Eater's assessment, was a determined demon who wanted to get stronger, so he wouldn't last long in the Party Animals without thinking he was wasting his time. He could've placed him in the Gladiators, since someone who'd kill in self-defense would know exactly what to do against a hate-filled human in an arena. But he still didn't know if Shirade had the heart, or lack thereof, to tear a person limb from limb on day one, so he'd ultimately decided on the Suicide Squad and its covert operations.​
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  5. Shirade looked at Mr. Eater, who seemed that he was thinking for quite a long time. He finally said something about a guy called Saito. Shira simply noded after the information and stood up, ending his bloody drink. "It was nice to talk with you Eater. Now, excuse me. But I will be on my way now" He said and left his *hause*.
    Kazu eventually wake up and saw that Akane wasn't around. He got up and read the message "Ehh...I didn't even manage to say bye to her..." he saw that it is still dark outside "Or maybe I can?" he said to himself, stood up and took his swords. He left the shop after that. He headed to the inn, but he noticed that her room is dark already.. She may be sleeping. "Well, I can't tell her now, can I?"
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  6. "Good to finally meet ya, Shirade," a demon with sleek, black hair greeted, surprisingly warm for a guy dressed like a secret agent. "Mr. Eater told me all about you. Information travels pretty fast with us..."

    An ominous phrase like that was more typical of his appearance. But when a nightjar perched on Saito's candlelit hand, the statement made sense. Having received the bird's message and learned of Shirade's arrival in advance, the Branch Leader returned it to its cage, which rested on the counter of a small shop that sold idols, talismans, incense, and wood carvings.

    "You can call me Saito or Bro, if you want. I'm the one running the show," he introduced himself, omitting his title for two reasons. One, they'd grow closer if they addressed each other informally. Two, Shirade referring to him as "Branch Leader" would compromise the fact that the Suicide Squad was one of many operations. Most demons spent their entire careers thinking that their branch was the Red Demon, ignorant of the others, and that was for the best. Only those who moved up in the enterprise should learn of their existence.

    "Mr. Eater gave you the general sales pitch, but I'll explain to you exactly what we'll be doing," Saito continued. "In the daytime, you'll be learning the sculptor's trade and working the shop. That's the easy part. The blinds are thick, the door is windowless, and the counter's pretty far back, so don't worry about sunlight. What you'll be doing at night, though..."

    The candles stirred portentously with the change in his tone.

    "...Is developing your tracking ability, entering people's homes, and deftly slitting their throats. See, we've placed stone statues deep in the forests and mountains of Japan—gods of death—where suicidal humans leave offerings. We use our noses to trace them and quietly give them salvation as they sleep, with an artful cut that leaves minimal blood. We write a note in case they haven't left one. By making it look like a suicide, we avoid killing and drawing attention, which I heard you don't like. Is that something you can do?" Saito asked, staring through his shades into Shirade's light blue eyes, which were bright as the summer sky and almost as intense as his. He'd officially begun the interview process.
  7. With Miyaji forming the vanguard, and the demon having delivered itself right where she wanted it, Phyralis imagined that now was time to strike. She slipped from cover to cover, moving as stealthily as she could. It had only taken her a few seconds to slip into the water beneath docks. She swam slowly, using the sound of the demon's footstep echoing throughout the wood to pinpoint its location. Once Miyaji or Kit had attracted its attention, she would spring from beneath, launching a sneak attack to behead the monstrosity.
  8. As the demon had completely disappeared Dolan began looking around for the exit. His ears were still ringing ,but his headache has subsided. As he approached the exit he began pondering how the fight could have gone better as this was the first time he had actually struggled to put down a demon before. The wolf demons from the final selection were fast and dangerous, but preech was something else. Dolan felt lucky to have finished it off as fast as he did as had the fight went on longer he wasn't sure if he would have been able to win, "I really need to remember what Kishi taught me..." Dolan thought ,and as he did he had flashbacks of his time spent training with Kishi, ("Pay attention or next time I smack you it'll hurt!" Kishi yelled, "Sorry Sifu!" Yelled Dolan, *SMACK!* "AND STOP APOLOGIZING TOO!" Kishi shouted, "Sorry for apolo-" Dolan said being interrupted, *SMACK!*, "What did I tell you about apologizing?!... aauuhhh... just do pushups until I say stop" Kishi said as he sat down gesturing Dolan to do pushups. While Dolan was doing his pushups his instructor was talking to him about the fundamentals of fighting demons as well as fighting in general.) Dolan shuddered to himself as he remembered it. He then took a deep breath of fresh air from outside the cave ,and sat down as he began treating his wounds while thinking of ways to apply his instructor's teachings.
  9. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Alright, it worked! Kit couldn’t help but smile as everything had fallen into place. Miyaji’s tough guy talk was serving as the perfect distraction for the sly Phyra he had noticed slipping beneath the dock. Well I guess my parts done. I’ll just make sure that she has nowhere to run. Kit held his katana to the side in his left hand, ready to intercept the demon if she attempted to escape. Checkmate.
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  10. Phyra had carefully woven through the field, slipped into the water on a chilly winter night, and forced herself to discern Vero's location with limited visibility. But in the end, all she'd hear from that uncomfortable position was a high-pitched, metallic slice that'd spill through the docks like blood and reach her ears, because whatever cut produced it was too clean to spill actual blood. One could clearly see it from where Kit and Miyaji were standing, though—a blinding white slash that spanned the breadth of their vision, split the air in two, and passed through the demon's neck.

    Before Vero's head could hit the ground, a girl with icy-blue hair, a black haori, and a brown scarf that hid the lower half of her face appeared and caught it in her palm like an orb. She suddenly stood in that exact spot as if her strike had been lightning and her image were the following thunder. Her cold, calculating eyes didn't seem to reflect anything, but they stared deep into the memories of the slowly eroding demon.

    "So that's what your human life was like..." Sena finally said. "You were a beautiful woman who loved a farmer, weren't you, Vero? But it could never work, since he was too poor. One of your wealthy suitors instead drugged your drink and kidnapped you, treated you like his personal plaything. You'd endured such unspeakable acts that when a demon attacked, it seemed like salvation... and that was the day you became what you are now."

    In Vero's final moments, the seasoned slayer sympathized.

    "I know how it feels to be seen as less than a person, for others to ignore my pleas and lock me up like a snarling animal. There are some nasty humans out there..." she reflected. "But the moment you chose to turn into a demon, instead of picking yourself up and reclaiming the humanity that your captors denied you, you made yourself less than a person and became exactly what they wanted you to be. That's where you went wrong. I'd rather have died by that demon's hands than lived out a cursed existence."

    She hugged Vero's head close.

    "That was my Fourth Style: Quenchless Bloodthirst. It's all I can do for you, as a swordswoman. It wouldn't be right if you were laid to rest by a man's blade."

    Sena looked on silently as the last of the demon's body disintegrated. She then turned in Kit and Miyaji's direction, ignoring Phyra.

    "Were you supposed to be my backup? I already took care of everything, so you can go home."​
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  11. Vero had a smirk on her face. She could see the movement in the water through the small gaps and holes on the old dock she was standing on. Their strategy wasn't enough to defeat her. Once they were closer, she would blast all three of them at the same time. But, she suddenly couldn't feel her body.
    She saw as her world turned sideways and she began to fall. Only to be caught and held close to someone. She heard a woman's voice speaking to her, reliving her life mistakes. A small tear came down Vero's cheek as she realized she was disappearing. "Thank you." She whispered quietly as she faded away.
  12. Miyaji


    Miyaji's flaming demeanor instantly dissipated and changed to one of surprise as a flash of light in front of him was followed by a slashing sound, and a girl now stood in front of him, Vero already beheaded and beginning to wither away. He continued to watch with a look that was a mix of confusion and surprise as the girl then began to comfort the demon, cradling her head as she talked. She really likes her monologues, huh? When she finally turned to face him and Kit, Miyaji shrugged and sheathed his Naginata before answering. "I mean, you're not wrong; though that was a bit of an underwhelming way to end a fight." He walked over to the girl and offered his hand to shake as a common courtesy before introducing himself. "I'm Miyaji Kojiro; what's your name?"


    "Yeah, well, before you do any more monologue-ing, put some clothes on."

    Pearlan had still been unclothed after the fight was concluded, and Arashi's curt response indicated that he wasn't the least bit surprised at the former's attack as the now dead demon had been. He was already dried and dressed in his normal garb with his blades sheathed, and the duke now simply stood there, waiting for Pearlan, as he found himself to always be doing since he had joined in the latter's "intricately woven plans".
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  13. A wet palm slapped against the wooden planks of the dock, as Phyralis flipped herself out of the salted water. With an agile movement, she drew her sword, steel flashing in the dark of night, the faint splat of water droplets impacting the pier. In a less graceful movement, she unceremoniously overturned her sheath, letting loose what water had accumulated. When she moved past her weapon, squeezing water from her hair and garments, she took the opportunity to speak, her voice cheerful, despite its chill, "Brrrr, I guess the early bird doesn't always get the worm."

    Swooping in at the last moment to finish up, and then posturing so grandiosely afterward... 'Is she nobility?' To do the least work while claiming the most credit, that certainly seemed the style of a noble. It was similar to and yet different from Phyra's own mercantile approach of squeezing the most out of every opportunity. However, in the end, the deed was done and it seemed her merit had been gained without lifting so much of a finger. The demon she'd been tasked to kill was slain, and she was no worst for wear. An excellent outcome; maximum profit, minimal expenditure.

    The faux-marquess appeared to be slighting of Kit and Miyaji, addressing them as she would subordinates. The veiled insult was apparently missed or completely deflected as Miyaji approached to give greetings while entirely unphased. An eyebrow was raised at the volcanic swordsman...for some reason she'd expected him to be surprisingly short-tempered, a personality to match his breath style. The contrast between man and blade amused her slightly, adding yet another note of gaiety to her tone.

    "Well met blood blade—", a nickname she tacked onto the woman who hadn't seen fit to give her own name," I'm...Reva."

    She smiled, not at Sena, but instead at Miyaji, silently conveying her message. 'Don't correct me.' The name Reva was one Phyralis had decided on long before she'd actually passed the Final Selection. In an exotic tongue, it meant Rain, and would be an epithet well suited to her own breath style. Reva — the Raindrop...or perhaps the Storm blade? She hadn't quite decided on her accolades.
  14. "Monologue, shmonologue. If you honestly think I spoke for more than a few sentences, then you have the attention span of a 17-year-old sitting behind a screen and reading walls of text that make things seem longer than they really are. Besides, I was clearly talking to you," said Pearlan, crossing his arms in defiance. But those same arms flew to cover his junk when he cooled down and processed the important part of Arashi's statement. "...But sure, I'll go put some clothes on."

    The Duke spent the night cleaning up more than his inappropriate appearance, washing blood off the spa floor and repairing the door. He was always hard at work, while Ara-kun didn't give a fuck about anything. That was what made him irresistible, though. The royal wouldn't be surprised if the village girls built a statue of him in the center of town.

    But what he saw instead when he wandered into the neighborhood the next evening... was a sculpture of himself⁠—Michelangelo's David, with Pearlan's head. The civilians crowding the finished masterpiece murmured amongst themselves, the noise scant and the statue's clothing scanter. When their hero approached, however, their gossiping mouths shut up, their lowered necks snapped in his direction, and their eyes nearly popped out of their skulls. They instantly burst into joyous shouts and stampeded toward him.





    "Ack! What's going on here? Stop with the happy faces! I'm a Demon Lord, for fuck's sake! I want all of you screaming in agony! What's with the statue anyway? Why am I naked?" the overwhelmed Duke sounded off. That was when he noticed a group of girls still drooling by the sculpture, hammers and chisels in their hands. When they finally turned around and swarmed him like everyone else, he got a good look at their lecherous, sinfully grinning faces. "Oh. So that's why I'm naked. The women made it."

    "We designed it after how you looked when you slayed the demon, bravely swinging your sword and running her through!"

    "What? No way! I was wearing a towel!"

    "Not at the end you weren't~"

    "You know, you ladies should've hidden in your homes, not stayed and watched the fight," Pearlan scolded. "And the sword part is just wrong. I left my blade at home."

    "Sorry if we made it too small. If we sculpted your sword's actual size... the statue wouldn't be able to hold it."

    "...Oh, you meant that sword."

    As more of his crazed fans spilled forward, the royal's interaction with the swooning artisans was cut short. So was his expression, which went still the moment they started taking off their clothes, as if the nude statue in back were some cursed idol that had them under its influence. They begged him to sign their hats, shirts, pants, kimonos, thongs, clogs, and miscellaneous articles of clothing. Some of them thrust their bellies forward and welcomed the tip of Pearlan's pen sinking into their flesh. The Duke prayed that someone would show up soon and calm them down, because if a fat, hairy-chested 50-year-old man asked him to sign his nipple, he'd throw up in his mouth.

    "Hey! I've got words for you, Pearlan! Everyone else here may like you, but I don't!" yelled a gnomish, bearded man.

    "Finally! A voice of reason!" he exclaimed in relief.

    "The bathhouse was a nice touch, but you can't build on private property! I owned that lot!"

    "Huh? Oh shoot, you're right," he realized. The royal faced a dilemma right then, wanting to savor the man's censure a little longer but needing to pay him off and save the evil plan he'd just concluded. But when his hesitant hand entered the deep underworld of his pocket like a rookie adventurer, the money exploded from it and swallowed the landowner like an unsealed demon. "My kebab profits oughta be enough to buy it from you."

    The funds were more than sufficient, but the construction crew would arrive anyway⁠—if not to demolish Arashi's Dream Spa, then to clear the massive cash heap. The short, pudgy man sprung from it with bills sticking from his mouth like a seal who'd caught some fish and spit them out happily. "Never mind, Pearlan! I love you too!"

    "You goddamn traitor! I thought I'd finally found someone who recognizes my diabolical genius!" the Duke cried. "My horns are REAL! I'm an ACTUAL demon! How do you think I was able to blow up the ones here yesterday? I'll devour ALL of you, so quit treating me like I'm some saint!"

    The throng fell silent. When the townspeople had seen him high on a roof in the dark, the ringed stumps complemented what they thought were his overdone face and theatrical pronouncements. But now that they got a closer look, the stubby outgrowths on his head looked very real, and his skin wasn't caked in makeup. The noise again died down like a raging flame to a few soft, smoldering murmurs, clearing the air for a cleric's commanding voice.

    "Heathens! How dare you erect a statue of a demon in the middle of our God-fearing community! This is devil worship!" the gold-robed, moderately wrinkled minister rebuked, flanked by his fellow clergymen. "Tear down that thing at once!"

    Pearlan's hope that someone in this barren backwater would understand his villainy was restored, and his thankful eyes glistened as if they'd seen the light. The demon lord below ironically found himself appreciating the Lord above, finally getting what humans meant when they said God always listened. If anyone here could see him for the mastermind he truly was, they'd be the local parishioners who were closest to Him.

    "Wait a second..." he questioned under his breath. "Don't these guys prey on little boys? If I bribe them, I'll gain access to an entire fridge of young kids..."

    As he chewed the thought over in his head, his fingers crept into his second pocket and tickled the bills inside like the green neck of a starved dragon. The beast blasted out of its thread cave in the blink of an eye and flaunted its paper scales, pouncing on the priests and turning predators to prey. When it spit them out, their robes looked more like money suits, and their earlier scowls had become million-dollar smiles.

    "We take back everything we said! We now worship the Great Demon Lord and are officially renaming ourselves the Church of Pearlan!"

    With the clergy's seal of approval, the suspicion melted from the townsfolk's expressions, and the celebration resumed. But the women lustfully licked their lips and grinned even more wickedly, as if the demonic pledge of loyalty had transformed them.

    "Either Pearlan's a demon... or he's just horny," said one of the minxes in a husky voice. "We erected the statue... now let's erect the real thing."

    "Oh, wait a minute!" said a second girl, playfully clicking her tongue. "We never came up with a name for the sculpture, did we? And we left Platehead out of the design!"

    "Hmm... you're right. Let's work him into the name, then. How about..." a third female plotted, "...Pearlan's Head Served on a Plate?!"

    By now, the Duke was backing away slowly, and he excused himself with a single sound that escaped his uncomfortably pursed lips: "Meow." His legs broke out into a sprint, and he dashed like a scared kitten away from the mob of thirsty village girls that stormed after him, intent on eating more than his dust. Demons were far stronger than humans, so the royal outran them easily, ducking into a building where the silence was thick as a wall.

    What smacked against him, however, was the sudden realization of where he'd ended up. The loud yet soothing voice of a preacher dispelled the quiet, filled the pews, and nursed his bruise. Pearlan had taken shelter in the town's lone church, trading the women who handled him roughly for the clergy who stroked his ego gently.

    "On the seventh day, God-Pearlan created Adam-Pearlan and Eve-Pearlan," the priest sang at the lectern. "And then he sent his only son, Pearlan Christ, down to Earth to deliver mankind from evil! Amen!"

    "You know..." the demon turned to Arashi and sighed, never in his afterlife expecting to set foot in a sanctuary. "Today was a good day."


    "The early bird doesn't get the worm… Reva," Sena replied distantly, "because birds don't swim. You would've achieved the same results if you attacked the demon directly, so there's no need to purposely do things in a roundabout fashion."

    The more experienced demon slayer was fit to criticize this bunch of newbies. That was what she assumed, at least, since the three of them together couldn't fell one demon. She cared for them in her own blunt way, bringing Phyra's mistakes to her attention so that she wouldn't get herself killed later. Sena picked up on her frisky tone, which gave her the energy of a puppy and perfectly suited the disheveled locks that made her look like a wet dog.

    Yet she also noted her feline wiles, and she knew, from secretly observing the fight and awaiting the opportune moment to strike, the sort of tricks she had up her sleeve. Not only had Phyra unwittingly copied the basis step for her Third and Sixth Styles, but she'd disgraced those very techniques with a weak swirl of dust. However it irked the fiercely independent girl that a mere novice had mimicked her original Breath Style, Sena reserved her personal judgments and accepted Miyaji's hand, because allies were important.

    "My name is Sena, and I practice the Breath of Sand," she introduced herself to the three with her characteristic cool. Then, her eyes focused on Kit. "Did I stun you into silence?"
  15. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    The nerve of- Kit’s anger was quickly diminished upon discovering the person who had stolen their kill was a girl, and a pretty one at that.
    “Woah.” He whispered under his breath as his feelings were replaced with those of admiration. The entire time she talked with the other, Kit was simply in a trance. This girl, there was something about her that really impressed him. It wasn’t until seconds after she called him out that he realized he had lost his whole cool demeanor and replaced it with one of a starstruck fan.

    “Ahem.” He cleared his throat and sheathed his sword, regaining his usual composure. “Nope, not that. It’s just I heard a quote once. Something about how ‘only idiots argue with idiots.’”
  16. Miyaji

    When Phyra introduced herself as a different name, he caught the look she fired at him and immediately got the message. Don't know why she won't say her actual name, nor do I know why she doesn't want me to say anything, but whatever. He simply shrugged in response and shoved his hands into the pockets of his pants after the girl who had introduced herself as Sena returned the handshake. "Breath of Sand, huh? That's interesting; I'm a user of the Breath of the Volcano." Miyaji then watched as the girl directed her attention toward Kit, who hadn't said anything yet upon the her arrival. Smooth, he thought to himself with a slight smirk as Kit became awestruck with the newcomer and attempted to recover with a quip of his own. As the banter carried on, Miyaji noticed the still drenched Phyra behind Sena and promptly removed his haori, leaving himself dressed in only his Demon Slayer uniform. He then tossed it to her, instructing, "Drape it over yourself, it should help dry you and keep you (somewhat) warm." It was quite chilly outside, so sickness from the cold along with being soaked after waiting in the sea wasn't unreasonable.


    "A 'good day'? You're in awfully high spirits after everything seemingly going wrong for you," Arashi returned curtly, leaning against a wall of the sanctuary. Although he did a perfect job of concealing it, the duke was not in the best mood. Along with not being original at all, the use of biblical passages that were being so loudly proclaimed--edited with Pearlan's name after key figures--was rather annoying, and the amount of attention Arashi himself was getting from the public sickened him. Removing his conical hat, the duke used his longer daisho blade to slash it to pieces and sweep them out the door. His crimson hair was now revealed, tied into a ponytail, and Arashi smoothed it with a hand before folding his arms over his chest. Though it would have seemed that considering his actions, Arashi had been offended by the name "Platehead", the main reason was that the headwear had become too uncomfortable, and the more he wore it, the more he was reminded about disgustingly thirsty girls who had been slavering over him and Pearlan, and it simply made him feel ill.
  17. Phyralis had never been one to stand on ceremony. She caught Miyaji's haori, unabashedly throwing it over her shoulders and sinking into the comfort of a dry layer of clothing. With a sweet smile, she mouthed a quick thank you to the volcanic swordsman. Taking a deep breath, she whistled into the night. Arista couldn't have gone too far, or so she figured. It would only be a matter of time before her steed came galloping back to her.

    She gave Sena a cursory glance, then turned to eye Miyaji and Kit. Her brow furrowed as she realized the members of her team were all muscle-brained idiots. Well, maybe that was a bit too harsh. They were all direct fighters, though she supposed there was nothing wrong with that but...demons were stronger and faster than their human counterparts, not to mention they possessed limitless stamina and high-speed regeneration. Even with their breath styles, demon slayers could not physically match the might of the stronger demons, and furthermore, for a fresh demon slayer like herself, she could only maintain her breathing technique for a handful of seconds. Even then, her breath style wasn't particularly suited for direct combat...at least, not yet.

    The breath of rain needed time to build its speed and momentum. Since Phyra couldn't maintain full breathing for that long, chances were she'd run out of breath before she could build enough speed to perform something like Torrential Storm or Monsoon. While she didn't know the ins and outs of the other's breath-styles as well as her own, she imagined they possessed similar problems of breath duration.

    Regardless, it was more than certain that their breath styles were more suited for direct combat than her own, so naturally, she'd leave the front line to them. However, that was in and of itself a bit of an issue. If all three of them had the tendency to charge into fights head-on, then should they encounter a demon who excelled at frontal combat...things might get a bit tricky.

    'What troublesome teammates...'

    Internally, Phyra grumbled. She could foresee a road filled with headaches and crises. Smiling, she returned her attention to Sena. She recalled the concerned(?) tone in the girl's voice. Although her advice was more likely to get Phyra killed, the rainy swordswoman could see the good intentions she had at heart.

    "Thank you, I'll remember that in the future. So we're a four-person team? Was this demon that strong? Hmmm...Anyways, my pleasure to be acquainted with you, please take care of me~"

    Phyra bowed as she finished her courtesies. Though she meant what she'd said, it seemed it would be more her taking care of them in the future...
  18. "You're right," Sena told Kit, smirking under her scarf. "I should really entertain a smart guy like you. Out of everyone here, you were the only one who knew not to give your name when I didn't ask."

    She held her blade in the air and took a few steps toward him, then thrust it down and pointed at his throat. "But I will now. What's your name?"
  19. 'Oh...'

    Although she'd internally monologue about how direct her companions were, she hadn't expected relationships would've collapsed this quickly. All of a sudden, Phyralis felt she'd underestimated the amount of trouble her three companions might bring to her. Instinctively, her hand rested on the hilt of her blade. Already, her fingers were fiddling with the blade's mechanisms, and the great blade separated into two within its sheath. She wasn't 100% confident she could interrupt before things went south —er, further south, but wielding the lighter single blade would give her a better chance.
  20. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Whew, at least I didn’t ruin the first impression. Kit thought as a relieved feeling washed over him but he still maintained his careless smirk despite feeling the presence of cold steel at his throat.
    “It’s Kit.” He stated with a stern voice and cold glare., not appreciating the unnecessary threat. “And if you’re gonna hold a sword to someone’s neck prepare for what happens next. Eleventh style: Phantom Counter.”
    While an image of Kit remained at the edge of Sena’s sword, he quickly dashed around behind her and held his sword horizontally across her neck.
    “Now why don’t you tell me why you went and did that.” He threatened while giving a grin.
  21. "I hope you don't end up cutting your hair too, when you notice there are more girls chasing you because of it," Pearlan warned, as he sat across from Arashi in a café and sipped some coffee. "What I'm saying is, your red locks are really sexy. No homo."

    Either the lascivious women chasing them had the decency not to barge into a church, or they feared they'd burn, but the demon had lucked out. He safely waited it out and listened to the whole sermon, then snuck out in the later hours of night and walked the sparser streets unbothered. People often abandoned cats in shoeboxes out in the rain, but the royal who'd scurried like a scared kitten happily entered the shoebox-sized coffee shop as if he'd made it home.

    The only thing that made him uncomfortable was the barista girl, who'd leer at him ever since they'd sat down. At the utterance of "No homo," her ears perked up hopefully and her eyes flicked toward the Duke. Women were all the same, Pearlan internally sighed. The bow-tied professionals who made drinks behind a counter weren't any less thirsty. He pursed his lips so tightly that they almost touched his nose and glared back so intently that he nearly stared a hole through her—a face that was more comical than disapproving. When it came to expressing negative emotions, Ara-kun had him beat by a mile.

    "Never mind, YES HOMO! We are 100% GAY! I can literally turn my skin all the colors of the rainbow, and Arashi wears his hair in a ponytail! Do we need to kiss just to get you to quit staring?!" the demon growled. In hindsight, he should've expected this sort of contained lechery from a girl who'd served him café con leche in a cup. What he couldn't expect was the question that suddenly popped into his head and burned hotter than the one he'd just fired off. He turned back to Arashi with a stern face and placed a concerned hand on his shoulder.

    "Ara-kun…" Pearlan addressed him seriously. "If we were to kiss right now... would it be your first?"


    "What an icy reception..." remarked a nonchalant Sena, unfazed by Kit's weapon that was now pressed to her neck. "My katana was just saying hello. She's so misunderstood..."

    Phyra had even called her "blood blade," when hers cut so swift and clean that there wasn't a single drop on it. The girl turned it toward her, facing it horizontally and sympathetically staring at their reflections. Sena took a deep breath and released it in a shudder, perhaps giving Kit a false sense of confidence that he had her scared, or stifling some tears at the others' cruel indictment of her sword.

    But her grip had tightened, and warmth was building in her hand, spreading to her weapon and stirring the air around it. She appeared to let go of the katana in a slow, innocuous motion, but in the next, imperceptible instant, she dipped her blade and slipped it through the small space between Kit's and her throat, threading it like a needle and locking swords, pushing back the advancing steel yet moving with it as she twisted gracefully out of the boy's hold.

    "First Style: Shreds of Reality. Just one way of breaking free, and I chose the hard way," Sena concluded unemotionally, now a fair distance away from him. But her eyes soon mellowed in a smile. "So that's what my teammates can really do. Tumbling off the roofs of nearby houses wasn't a good look for you, Kit."

    With a quick and precise twirl, she returned her katana to its sheath and the boy's feelings of admiration to his intense, golden eyes. A little trick like that could mean the difference between life and death, and perhaps she'd finally met a fellow slayer who understood what truly made demons dangerous. He certainly wasn't the muscle-headed dullard he appeared to be.

    "It was nice meeting all of you," Sena addressed the group, before her gray eyes again settled on Kit and she smirked. "Especially you, psycho."

    With that, she completed her mission and left the rookies alone, walking away in satisfaction and raising a hand in goodbye. Tonight's demon hadn't been much of a challenge, but she figured she'd find a place to rest up. As she gazed up at the stars, however, the girl decided to skip town and continue up the massive, densely forested hill that loomed over it. For a while, she was weaving through trees whose tops squeezed the night sky into tighter spaces than Kit had her neck and moving branches out of her way without the finesse of her escape. But then the woods released their grip on the stars and left her standing in a grassy clearing, taking her breath away all over again.

    "That jerk..." Sena muttered, the last of her old thoughts dripping from her mouth. "No one gets that close to my scarf... If he'd taken it off, I'd have killed him right there..."

    The girl stood there in silence for a few minutes, seeing every demon she'd liberated in the twinkling lights that hung above, and a shooting star that sliced the darkness like the cut of her blade. She closed her eyes, wishing that somewhere in the blackness where he hid, her katana would meet the head of the monster who'd slaughtered her family and ruined her life. In her two years on the job, she'd scoured the land for whatever information she could get on him and searched every dark hole where he could possibly crawl.

    Except the one before her, perhaps. Sena looked away from the sky and noticed a cave—a single, unilluminated spot that stuck in the untamed wilderness like a bullet in a hunted animal. She trod through the grass and wandered in, deciding that she'd sleep here and wake up to the brilliant sun from that same view.
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  22. Miyaji

    Miyaji's hand had already been on the handle of his Naginata behind his back as tension seemed to brew up between Kit and Sena. Fortunately, it died down as quickly as it started with the latter turning back to go.. somewhere. After quietly watching Sena leave, he turned to Kit and Phyra and shrugged, not knowing what more to say of the whole situation. "Well... that's that, I suppose. Where to now?" The Kasugai birds provided for the Demon Slayers were nowhere to be seen, which indicated that there was no mission for them for the time being. "Maybe we should find a place to rest? It's getting rather late. Unless," Miyaji glanced at Kit with a childish smirk. "You'd like to go chase after your new crush; I believe she went that way."


    "Yeah, it would be. I'm not kissing you, though." Arashi had no idea where Pearlan was going with his extremely loud statement of their "homosexuality", but this was one "intricately designed plans" he certainly was not taking part in. His refusal of what Pearlan seemed to be implying was cold and abrupt. "Also, don't call me 'Ara-kun'. It's disgusting." Arashi's eyes were narrowed, the icy blue color of his irises searing with malice; his hand was on his short blade, prepared to cut the other duke's face open should Pearlan actually kiss him. I swear: this idiot puts his lips on my face, I'm tearing him apart.
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  23. "Well, Nice to meet you... Saito" said Shirade, thinking for a second about 'bro' part, as it sounded... Well, nevermind. He sat down and listen carefully, to what Saito have to say. Shirade made simple nods or "Yhm' as Saito was making breaks in his statement and then he was asked a question. "Yes, I can manage to do something like this. Just a question, what should I do, if someone spot me at night at the job. It is just a possibility, as luck not always may be on our side and what kind of the decision will be the best to take at that moment?" Shirade asked Saito. He could easily escape, kill the vitness or many other things. But he can't just do something, every decision has its benefits and drawbacks.
    Kazu went to the inn and asked them to tell him, where was Akane room. Then, after a while, he found it and knocked to the doors..
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    Akane had drifted into a wonderful winter festival. There were all kinds of different stands with food and games. She was wearing a yellow kimono with a white flower design. However, everyone at the carnival was a demon and she was okay with it. She wasn't afraid of them like she used to be and being around them wasn't a bad thing. A little boy tugged at her sleeve and told her she looked pretty. Akane smiled and gave him a sugary treat. It was a nice night, until she heard knocking.

    Akane opened her eyes and looked around in the dark. It took her mind a while to understand the situation. With a confused and sleepy look in her eyes, she got up. She wondered who it could be, did she forget to pay for the room or was something urgent going on? She was wearing a shirt and sweatpants, so hopefully she didn't need to run out. Akane opened the door slowly and saw Kazu standing there, another mission?

    "Kazu?" She yawned. "What's going on?"
  25. As Dolan was tending his wounds he nearly forgotten he had a horse not too far from his location. Dolan began wondering through the woods until he saw the pale moonlight shine off the lake. As he slowly approached the lake he eventually saw Apri still wandering around where he left her. Dolan was relieved to see a friendly face even if it was just a horse. As he saddled up on his horse he rode his horse near the cave to see it one last time before he would likely never return. "The cave here feels different now that the demon is gone... I should be happy ,but I wonder if it will stay empty or if another demon will just take its place... Or maybe a bear will find it..." Dolan said calmly to himself as he looked at the cave entrance.
  26. "Wrong syllable? Sorry about that, Shi-kun," Pearlan corrected himself. "BUT... we need to get you a girlfriend, and think of my next scheme! Hey, bartender girl! What are you into?"

    The young lady working the shop was in a state of confusion, half amused and half unsettled by the way the Duke told her off. A second ago he'd communicated that he wasn't interested in her, but now he was asking her the things she liked? Her bewilderment only deepened. She was silent for a moment, not because she was dismissing him, but because the possible responses in her head swirled together unrecognizably and couldn't spit out a single one.

    "Um... well," she managed. "I like night walks and books and snow... and coffee, obviously. I also love cats, and-"

    "CATS!" the royal exclaimed suddenly.


    "Cats! That's perfect!" he repeated, radiating inspiration. "GIRLS LOVE CATS! And I've come up with a new plan! But more importantly, GIRLS LOVE CATS!"

    He stood up abruptly, tipped the last of his coffee into his mouth, and loudly set it down on the table. Pearlan marched over, thanked the woman profusely, and slapped some bills onto the counter, swiveling away dramatically and stomping out the door. As the hours of night dragged on with less purpose, his determined plod collapsed into a four-legged pursuit, and the Duke chased down all the town's stray alley cats. One by one, he snatched them up in a wicker bin, sealed the lid, and toted the large container to his next stop—Arashi's Dream Spa.

    "Alright, you're quick with a blade, so deter the cats from running away as I bathe them," Pearlan told his fellow royal. "We need them disease-free by tomorrow!"

    This was the easiest step of his plot, so routine that his mind wandered. Felines were touchy, high-maintenance animals, and Ara-kun was for the most part a jaded, icy-eyed, antisocial killing machine, so was he fond of them? He certainly didn't like pet names, but did he like anything at all?

    The Duke wondered only because he knew his own cleverness and unpredictability well, but the similarly indecipherable Arashi was unexplored territory. Pearlan was a demon who analyzed all potential actors in his cunning designs, and his companion just wasn't someone he had a read on. One couldn't simply say Arashi gave no fucks and leave it there, because if that were true, he'd have crawled in a hole and died. Why did he do the things he did? What were his interests? Was destruction the only mistress he got off to?

    As he exited the bathhouse and trekked to an empty plot of land at the town's edge, the questions cluttered his thoughts like the freshly cleaned cats did the bin he was carrying. If he knew the answers, he could help a brother out and fill the void in Ara-kun's heart. But that would take lots and lots of time.

    Filling the single lot before him only took the rest of the graveyard shift, and Pearlan, who returned there the next evening, gazed proudly upon the cat café that now stood.

    "And the evil part about it?" he added, producing a flyer and sticking it onto the door. "THE SIGN SAYS ONLY PEOPLE WITH CAT ALLERGIES ARE ALLOWED!"

    The lighting was gaudy and the green storefront was too kawaii, prominently featuring Pearlan's chibi head with cat ears and Arashi's with his characteristic bored look. The Duke's impression probably reflected his subtle awareness of the other's disinterest, both in his plans and in romantic relationships. He was an evil bastard himself, so he understood that emotion was trivial to their kind. But he thought it a waste that someone like Ara-kun, who'd retained his human memories, was a mindless agent of chaos. When Pearlan turned, he'd married his demonic urges with the desire to compensate for his uneventful human life, dreaming big and plotting world domination. He didn't know the other royal's past and whether it had been fulfilling—or maybe he did and was too drunk or stoned to remember—but while he walked the abundant path of creation, Arashi walked the desolate path of destruction.

    If the purple demon couldn't show him something better... then he'd at least give him a cool suit to wear on his journey! Pearlan opened the café door to a chorus of meowing, the felines likely as excited as he was to welcome new customers. He quickly fit himself into a cat costume with an oversized head and a hole for his face at the mouth, then handed one to his friend.

    "I am PURR-lan now!!! >:3" he declared. "And you are a raccoon, A-ra-kun, but since you hate that name, put this on and think of some cat-related pun! It's good old-fashioned, kid-friendly marketing! We'll draw in whole families of allergic people who'll read the sign and notice that this joint, where common sense tells them not to go, is blatantly telling them that it's okay! Then reverse psychology will kick in and they'll enter, only to suffocate soon after!"

    There wasn't any water on the menu to relieve their burning throats, just caffeinated drinks with ornate, cinnamon-dusted swirls of whipped cream and desserts that would give them the craziest sugar high. They'd roll around on the floor in a bizarre mix of pain and excitement, flailing their arms as if the fire in their mouths had spread to the rest of their bodies. And if one of Pearlan's guests was a cute girl, Arashi would find that sexy, because he loved seeing people suffer.

    "...!" Pearlan gasped when the door opened and the shopkeepers' bell chimed. A family of four⁠—a father, a mother, and a gorgeous young daughter carrying a cradle with her baby brother—entered and asked to be seated. "We have our first customers! Welcome to Cataclysm!"

    The name had floated absently in the back of his head but the royal grasped it like a kitten swiping at a toy, capturing the café's feline theme and the disaster it would unleash in one word!

    "What would you like?!" he asked giddily, flinging his arm out and presenting them a clean booth.

    "O-oh, uh... I-I'll j-just have a double espresso," the dad stammered.

    "I'll get a cappuccino!" the mom happily requested.

    "I'll take the same thing, please," the daughter said sweetly.

    "Hmm... no desserts?" Pearlan narrowed his eyes. The saccharine treats were secondary to the success of his scheme. He'd thrown them in to better disguise Cataclysm as a legitimate establishment, and to make his victims squirm more. If they weren't ordering any, he wouldn't lose any sleep.

    "Nope, not today. My husband and I are on a diet, while my daughter avoids sugary foods so she stays popular with boys."

    "That's fine! We'll be right out with the coffee!" the Duke compromised. "Feel free to play with the kitties until then!"

    He disappeared behind the counter and spread his materials before him—milk, butter, coffee beans, cream, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, sugar, vanilla, ginger, cardamom, hazelnuts, and caramel. As the coffee and all the wicked ideas in his head brewed, he twiddled his fingertips like a delighted villain. When the drinks were finished, the idle sitters would be too! Pearlan looked up, unable to keep himself glued to the roasts anymore. His eyes only wanted a taste of their slow deaths!

    Instead, they were underwhelmed by mild breakouts on the mother's face and none at all on the father's. Only the daughter's was badly swollen, but she was still grinning.

    "Wait, WHAT?! Why aren't you clutching your necks in agony?!" the demon panicked, dropping what he was doing and running over. "You should be on the floor dying! Didn't you read the sign?! This place is for people with cat allergies!"

    "Oh yes, we know," the mother chimed back. "But the note on the door didn't specify how major those allergies had to be. My husband doesn't have any... but a cat scratched him in a sensitive area and scarred him for life, so close enough. The therapist suggested he overcome his fear, so I'm glad we found this café! The real reason we're here, though, is for our baby son. We read a study in the news saying that if infants are exposed to animals, they're less likely to develop allergies when they grow up! So despite our own, we came, because being a parent is about making sacrifices for your kids!"

    "Excuse me, I think your coffee's done. Let me go get it..." Pearlan patiently replied, his face twitching like an unstable person's. He did as he'd said without any problems, setting the cups at their table, calmly walking to the bathroom, and gently closing the door behind him. A second later, the muffled sound of violent screaming and breaking mirrors could be heard.

    But he returned like nothing had happened, still wearing a plastic smile.

    "I think I understand the situation," he stated diplomatically, then gestured to Arashi and addressed the daughter. "If you won't die, then can you at least date my buddy over here? The one with the red hair sticking out?"

    "I'm so sorry, but I can't..." she responded innocently.

    "What? Do you have a boyfriend? Tell us where he lives so we can kill him."

    "No, it's not that. It's just... my allergies are worse than my mom's, and your friend's a cat lover, so I don't think it could work..."

    "FUCK!" he spat, as the consolation prize of getting Ara-kun laid slipped through his scheming fingers. They trembled desperately, either from the shards of the mirror or the pieces of his shattered ego that stung far worse. How convenient. In the end, his customers were alive, and the only one he wanted to harm was himself.

    "Fuck," a baby's voice sympathized. The mother, father, and daughter's hands suddenly flew to their mouths in shock. The curse word that the little son had uttered was a blessing, pulling the Duke out of his depression and the corners of his lips into a devilish smirk. The day hadn't been completely lost!

    "HAHA! Hear that?! Your son just swore! I've polluted his ears and ruined his childhood! He'll grow up to be a really bad kid! I'm a diabolical genius after all! Now listen carefully, young one!" the royal instructed. "FUCK! TITS! ASS! BITCH! WHORE! CUNT! PUSSY! DICK! HOE! SLUT! FAG! SHIT! COCK! BASTARD! FEAST YOUR EARS!"

    "You're amazing! Thanks so much!" the mom beamed with gratitude.


    "Our son said his first word! It may have been a bad word, but it's still his first! Today's a happy day!"

    Pearlan was stunned. There was no way these people were that goddamn dumb. He was frustrated all over again, but for some reason, he felt that swearing was the wrong way to let them know.

    "I'm not feline so good..." he instead confessed to Arashi in a measured tone. "But I'm not done yet. A week from now, I'll unveil my ultimate plan..."


    Just how deep was this cave, Sena wondered. She'd already passed many cozy alcoves, so finding a place to sleep wasn't the issue. Before she could rest soundly, however, she needed to know the lair inside and out, ensure there were no dangerous beasts or man-eating demons lurking within its walls. Should she actually find her family's murderer in the middle of nowhere, the girl probably wouldn't sleep at all, kept awake by the intense relief of finally putting her nemesis to bed.

    But that was unlikely. Sena knew there was something at the end of this cavern, though, as it was becoming increasingly difficult to traverse. She ducked under stalactites, leapt over holes, squeezed through narrow passages, and deterred bats with her sword, adapting to each and every one of the tunnel's natural defenses. Her eyes had been trained for areas with low visibility, since her Breath Style denied it to begin with, but she was virtually blind in this pitch-black den. She used her blade like a white cane and felt for the ground ahead to avoid pitfalls. Her skin, instead of crawling with discomfort, tingled with curiosity, fascinated by what nature had gone to such lengths to protect.

    So when she reached a dead end and found a crudely made hut, it was rather anticlimactic. Still, she kept her wits about her, gripping her katana tightly and preparing herself for trouble in case anyone was home.

    "Is someone there? Show yourself," Sena asserted into the darkness.
  27. As Ren laid on the makeshift bed he stared up at the ceiling ,and as he did he noticed some of the rats that inhabited the cave were not making their usual squeaking noises. Ren was slightly concerned thinking of what might be in the cave. He then heard a girl's voice came from outside the hut.

    "Nobody is here... there is nothing here to see" Ren said calmly, "Humans are stupid... they will believe anything" Ren thought to himself. After a moment he peered through the cracks of the hut and realized she wasn't leaving, " why is there a human here? What do humans girls like... animals... cats! Girls like cats!... I think" Ren thought to himself, "Hey girl... theres a bunch of cats just outside the cave..." Ren said calmly. A few moments later he walked outside the hut to see if she left.
  28. "Sorry that I woke you up, Akane. Just, thank you for taking care of my wounds back then" said Kazu, he took a deep breath and continued "I wouldn't be able to say my thanks to you later, as I will come back to my home now, before any new mission come up.. " he gaves her the pin that she bought for him with inscription 'Redheads Rules'. "..My sister, Hagima could... She doesn't like when I wear something like that and she would probably try to throw it away, but I want not to lose it so-.Could you keep it for me?" he asked, turned for a 90 degrees and added "Sorry once again for waking you up and see you"
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane squinted her eyes as they got used to the dim light coming in through the door. She listened to Kazu, trying her best to stay focused. Her mind kept drifting back to the idea of sleeping, but she would tell herself to pay attention. Then she felt something fresh on the side of her mouth, did she drool? She was really tired, maybe she was drooling while sleeping. Did Kazu noticed? Maybe he didn't and if she tried to clean it, he would notice. She blinked, trying to focus again. She looked at the pin on her hand, why did he return it?

    "Um, okay Kazu see you tomorrow!" She tried to sound as normal as possible.

    She decided it was best to ask him to repeat the information again the following morning. She watched him leave out of courtesy and then closed her door. She placed the pin next to her own and went back to bed. Her bed never felt so nice, it didn't take long for her to drift back into dream land.
  30. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Kit cooly returned eye contact with a stone cold look until he watched Sena fade into the distance. In one swift motion, he twirled his sword and quickly sheathed it.

    The young swordsman was about to be on his way as he turned to depart when the joke from Miyaji stopped him in his tracks. He stood there, tempted to turn around and make a similar joke about Phyra, but he decided to be the bigger man; perhaps something had softened his heart.
    “Whatever dude.” He smiled to himself as he lightheartedly remarked and waved over his head without looking back, walking slowly into the darkness that eventually consumed him.
  31. When Shirade answered that he had no qualms about slitting sleeping people's throats, Saito realized that the interview wouldn't last long. Now the prospective member was asking the questions.

    "If someone sees you creeping in their house at night—let's say the victim's family member, who isn't your target—there are a couple things you could do. One, kill the witness—no sloppy cuts. Do a thorough cleanup job, then move onto the person you were looking for and complete the initial task. Revise whatever note they left and make it look like a murder-suicide; the depressed victim killed the second person in a fit of negative emotions, then took their own life. Finally, you'll need to carry two bodies away from the scene, so look toward the window where you'll see a perched nightjar and signal for backup. Raise one finger and someone will come, raise two and two demons will," the Branch Leader explained. "Another way to handle the situation is by having a memory-erasing demon accompany you, so whoever catches you will forget what they saw. The best way to deal with it, though, is to not screw up in the first place. As you mature into a full-fledged elite, your footsteps will become lighter, quieter than a mouse. On the off-chance that you're noticed, hide wherever you can and hope they dismiss your presence as their imagination."

    "I've just given you a bunch of info, but you don't have to follow it to the T. Mix it up, if you want. Gag the witnesses instead of killing them, call for a memory-erasing demon's backup, and have them take care of the rest for you. Enter the house through an open window, crawl below the foundation and come in through a loose floorboard, or hop down the chimney. The last is my favorite, but feel free to get creative with your break-ins, long as you're not too conspicuous," added Saito. "And remember, if you ever doubt that what you're doing is right, these people prayed for death, and you're giving them exactly what they want. You're a hero who helps them painlessly pass on so they don't have to drive the knife in themselves..."

    The Branch Leader probably didn't need to tell Shirade this, as he'd been nodding attentively and didn't seem morally conflicted. But he knew better than to take the new recruit's ready acceptance at face value, because all kinds of paralyzing forces emerged in the heat of one's first mission. Should Shira hesitate, he'd recall Saito's words and regain his resolve.

    "If you've got more questions, I'm all ears," the visual-based fighter offered. "If not, we'll head up to the mountains and do a quick strength test."

    He hadn't revealed that he'd been evaluating Shirade the whole time. The sparring session was the most trivial part of the interview, but in the interest of bringing out the rookie's best efforts, Saito wouldn't let that slip. The blue-eyed demon had a good chance of passing even if the Gorgon Brother badly kicked his ass, for the only applicants who disappointed him were power-hungry bastards whose self-interests were as intractable as stone.


    Sena was in the pit of sensory deprivation, but her slayers' sense remained keen as ever. So while the outlines of the cave had to claw through the darkness for her narrowed eyes to recognize them, Ren's movements were instantly registered. His demonic presence was faint, but she flew at the monster the moment she picked up on it and stopped her katana where his neck would be. Swordswomen of her caliber could tell the number of people his kind had devoured, and it was clear, from Ren's weak impression, that he hadn't eaten many. But the girl didn’t care; the only certainty she sought in her obscure surroundings was that she'd sever the demon's head.

    She'd paused her swing, however, at the words it was spouting.

    "Cats? What are you on about?" Sena questioned, assuming the role of interrogator rather than executioner. "Are those supposed to be your reinforcements? I knew from the second you revealed yourself that you weren't a strong demon, but this is ridiculous."

    Suddenly the girl's demeanor turned serious as she considered the possibility that "cats" was a euphemism for lions, tigers, pumas, and jaguars. If a pack of turned predators was heading here as they spoke, then she'd wandered into a trap. She might be overwhelmed in a closed, unlit space like this and stabbed from behind as she fought them off. So Sena decided she'd deal with the animal tamer first and pressed her blade closer to his throat.

    "Before I kill you, you'll tell me exactly what you're doing here, what your plans are, where you're keeping your victims, and where I can find another exit so I won't run into your pets," she demanded, mistaking the makiwaras for scratching posts. "The last thing you'll tell me before your head rolls is if you know of a spiky, silver-haired demon who shoots blades from his mouth."
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  32. Shirade listened to Saito answer for his question and tips. Then Saito said that part about 'people prayed for death'.

    "I may never understand this world. They want the end of their lifes. Dissapire from this world, while we.. Demons, try to survive and stay alive" Shirade mumbled "Seems that some humans see no value in their lifes. That's sad. A bit.. But I have no rights to judge them."
    He stood up, as Branch Leader mentioned strength test. "I don't have any questions right now, Saito.." He still didn't feel well, about calling Saito by name, but he slowly get used to it. ".. Let's go to the mountains then"
    Kazure heard as Akane said 'See you tommorow' and took a better look at her. She was tired and he woke her up. "I really lack empathy if I wake people up in the middle of the night" he scolded himself in mind. She probably didn't get anything, that he was saying to her, but that's okay. He will also take from her his pin, when they met next time.

    Kazu left the inn and was heading to the Village. "Well... I should reach it before this night ends. Hagi will be so suprised.. Then mad that I didn't bring anyone with me.. And then she will be calm again"
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  33. Miyaji

    Kit’s reaction to Miyaji’s little provocation was... interesting; it certainly wasn’t the one the latter had expected, but it was a reaction nonetheless. Watching as the Demon Slayer walk away, he then turned to Phyra, his arms folded over his chest, before asking, "So.. where we headed now? Do you think we could find an inn somewhere around here?"


    Refusing to wear the cat costume, Arashi watched as yet another one of Pearlan's plans was foiled, and he especially tensed up when the latter attempted to set him up for a date. As Pearlan walked up to him and expressed his disappointment with a cat pun, Arashi internally rolled his eyes and stared at the ceiling with dull eyes. "There seem to be a lot of ultimate plans of yours that you haven't unveiled. Are you seriously sure this next one isn't gonna flop like all of yours so far have?"
  34. "Weak? Who are you calling weak with dirty tricks like that? Clearly your demon slayer senses are off since I've been clearly honing my abilities... For starters I came to this cave so I wouldn't have to answer silly questions... also because you humans are super boring...and way too nosey." Ren said confidently. He wasn't scared about the sword as he was confident he could still get himself out of the situation. As she talked about a silver haired demon "who? What are you talking about?? Silver haired demon... the answer is no... I don't think I know who that is... a weird oddly specific description... also there is no other exit I've walked through this cave too many times to have overlooked one ,and also since you clearly haven't figured out I was lying there are no cats... just rats... and a devilishly handsome demon named Ren ,but don't worry about him. If he wanted you dead you wouldn't be standing there still" Ren said calmly.
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  35. "Dirty tricks? You and your evil race are the masters of deception..." Sena rejoined, still considering everything Ren had said and not knowing what to follow up with. "You're quite confident in your abilities, given your current position..."

    Though she stayed aloof and analytical, she lowered her sword from his neck. However she distrusted demons, the unblinking features she distinguished in the dark didn't lie, and the tip of her blade almost always brought out the truth. The moment she'd pointed it at Ren, for example, he admitted to his previous falsehoods and told her there were no cats.

    That's not to say his story was believable, though. Not only was Ren's body count low, but he also found humans nosy and boring? He made it sound like he avoided them altogether. As curiosity sheathed her blade and opened her mind, Sena found herself asking probing questions whose answers should've been irrelevant to a demon slayer.

    "So what are you, some kind of hermit? People normally hide from demons, not the other way around," she stated. "If you won't embrace your nature and run wild like the others, why'd you turn in the first place? Don't you get lonely with only rats to keep you company?"
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  36. "What? a hermit? me?! no... Just because I live a reclusive lifestyle in a secluded area separated from society doesn't mean I'm a... She has a point..." Ren thought to himself ,but Ren wasn't about to admit that to her however. He paused when answering her questions. "No... I'm not a hermit... I ain't no hermit(He grumbled to himself). and another thing (He paused to clear his throat), don't lump me in with those freaks and weirdos... I might be strikingly elegant and imposing Individual ,but at least I don't run around grinding my teeth, making weird sounds, or go around on a serial killing spree... This might be a cave ,but I'm still classy." Ren replied. As Sena asked him if "he gets lonely" ,and Ren looked off to the side, "Do I get lonely... talking to inanimate objects and animals, not knowing what time it is ,or hearing rat squeaks all the got damn time... yeah I guess" Ren thought to himself ,but again wasn't about to admit it. He looked over at his makiwaras, "Just what are you getting at? I don't get lonely..." Ren said lying then crossing his arms.
  37. Sena's interrogation ended there. When Ren got all pouty, she smiled in resignation—the kind of expression one would wear for a silly little brother she just didn't know what to do with, which was strange, considering she'd lost her actual brother. So he wasn't lonely, huh? She didn't need the sharp edge of her katana to call his fib.

    "Hey. How about we go into town? Just the two of us," she offered with a smirk.


    "Isn't this better than that stuffy old souvenir shop?" Saito asked the recruit after they'd hiked into a mountain clearing. "Won't talk your head off anymore, Shirade. Mr. Eater said you wanted to get stronger, so this'll be your favorite part. Show me what you've got."

    The Branch Leader took in his wooded surroundings from behind his shades and got into a fighting stance, his hands wilted like a praying mantis's, poised to either strike or draw knives from his sleeves at any second.​
  38. "Fresh air is always better." Confirmed Shirade. Then he looked towards Saito, who was ready to spar already. Shira did a few small jumps as a warm-up. "Please remember that ..." he made a quick, big jump and landed next to Saito "..I don't possess Blood Demon Art yet!"
    It was still a night, when Kazu reached the village. He was heading home, but he heard people screams. He quickly checked the situation. Two ... Three killed people, bodies were mutilated... Demons?

    Kazu ran quickly home. He had dark thoughts. He left this place just a day ago, it is impossible...Just...
  39. "Town? What is in town? Why do I want to go to town?... I can always leave should an opportunity arise. " Ren thought to himself. He looked over at Sena, "I suppose I can see where this leads..." Ren said calmly. Ren then walked over to his hut placing his locket in his pocket. As he got out of his hut he looked down the cave tunnel wondering whether it were night time or not.


    "Now that the demon is dead it would appear we are the only ones left here Apri... time to go" Dolan said as he patted his horse prompting him to start walking.
  40. Maybe Sena had gone from nearly beheading Ren to teasing him, as she had with Kit, or maybe she was as serious as ever, the smirking corners of her mouth hanging on some underlying pain. She'd also hidden from the world until age 12, when her happy home life was ripped apart and the world came to her instead, deeming her the enemy. Whether Ren was an actual demon or a demon in human skin like she was, whatever emotion was left in Sena didn't want to see him rot away like this, because sooner or later, reality would come knocking on his door and forcefully drag him from his cozy dwelling.

    Ren's unexcited reaction to her offer, though, suggested he wasn't entirely the asocial shut-in she'd pegged him for. She'd expected some aversion to the idea of going into the neighborhood and walking among humans, or an expression of relief that he'd accidentally let slip and childishly deny upon hearing that he'd finally interact with something other than a rat.

    "Seems you're not a total hermit," the amused girl remarked. "If you're worried someone will notice you're a demon, we could get you a scarf or something. Like mine."

    She could see more of her surroundings now. The pits weren't as sudden, and the paths didn't seem as narrow since she had a better clue as to how to work around them. Her limited view of the cave broadened as the stalactites tapered, and she ducked each of them until she and Ren had made it outside.

    "Wonder if staying in the dark was part of your training," Sena teased when she saw the night sky again. "You know, purposely dulling your vision so that when you go outside, the stars look as bright as the sun to you. Since you can't see the real thing anymore."

    They came down the hillside and stopped in the fishing village, opposite where she'd fought Vero. There weren't many people out and about, but the community's watering holes shone with light and brimmed with muffled cheers. She wondered if anyone had even noticed there was a demon by the docks, or appreciated their efforts. Probably not. The creatures she hunted hid themselves well, and humans often dismissed them as myths until they became victims. Besides, as a member of the unrecognized Corps, she'd gotten used to being the unsung hero.

    As long as she wasn't treated as a villain, Sena didn't care, and it was this desire for redemption in society's eyes that drove her forward.

    "What do you think? There's no crowd tonight, so no need to feel overwhelmed," she turned and reassured Ren, lightening up a bit. "Does a town like this even know of your kind? In places that don't get a lot of demons, they roam the streets unrecognized and no one realizes what they are until I tell them. It's the religious communities where people notice them right away, since the clergy is always stoking fears."

    For Ren, that was a good thing, since he wouldn't have to cover his face. But for the slayers, that meant their presence here was nothing more than pesky property damage in the civilians' eyes, she thought, as the unroofed house where Kit had crash-landed caught hers. How safe Ren felt, though, she wasn't sure.

    "Let's hit the bar," she slyly suggested to the reclusive demon. Either he reminded Sena of her old self or her deceased brother, but she was already familiar with him despite their meeting in the past half hour.


    "You'll be fine. We regenerate these sorts of things," Saito assured Shirade, standing over him with sparse blows on his face and patches of dirt on his suit. "You don't have a Blood Demon Art, but I didn't use mine. So you can get plenty strong even without one. You're no slouch as is, though."

    He panted once, then his face hardened into a proud grin.

    "I can tell you've been training well on your own. I expected as much from someone who's looking to improve," he said. "But eating right is important too. I heard you only need an occasional cup of blood to survive, but imagine how much tougher you'd get if you ate full meals. Here in the organization, we don't waste food. That's something street demons do, tearing into a corpse for fun and leaving a mess. You're free to keep consuming the bare minimum, but I'm just letting you know."

    Saito looked at the grounded demon fondly and offered him his hand. "Welcome to the Red Demon, Shirade."
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