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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Despite her initial confusion, Samui nonetheless chose one of the ores and gave it in. She then looked around. “So, now what? I suppose I could go home.” She said to herself, though her face was still blank, a look feeling of sadness and loneliness could be felt from Samui’s words.

    She then noticed Phyla and Miyaji walk off mentioning something about a horse. “A horse? Where?” Curious, Samui decided to chase after them.
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  2. "Well, so..." Kazure started, but Akane was kinda far already ".. Bye" He said. Arashi landed on Kazure schoulder. "Hmm, when I reach home, I schould tell my parents that I did it... I wonder... Maybe I schould take something to their grave.
    Prince was sitting on his throne, in his palace, after a while a demon came out of nowhere "Prince-Sama"
    "What you want" Prince asked, he was mad that someone dare to interupt his silence.
    "Queen-sama said, she will send for you a new retrainer... She said 'Use him as you wish'"
  3. At this point Dolan was more than confused ,and to make matters worse he had already forgotten everybody's names. Dolan looked around nervously with a dumbfound expression as he tried to act normal and then at his piece of ore, "I'm gonna be a demon slayer! theres no point overthinking things right? I need to tell ma and pa! and all his siblings are gonna be so suprised when the big tough demon slayer comes home! so will Kishi!" Dolan thought to himself with a goofy expression as he began daydreaming again, ("Wow Dolan your sword is so cool!" Said Dolan's sister, "Your totally mature now... I was wrong for calling you a clumsy immature oaf all these years..." said Dolan's older brother, "its your destiny to become the greatest demon slayer ever!" Said Kishi while for some reason he was doing a goofy happy dalnce, "and take all this gold!" said kishi now pointing towards a treasure chest) Dolan thought to himself. While Dolan was daydreaming he didn't notice the screech owl land on his head. As soon as he snapped back in reality he figure it was time to head back to get his sword.
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  4. Phyra's eyes lit up as she also took noticed of the faint galloping which gradually grew louder. As the horse closed the distance from several tens of meters to only a few inches. The large brown equestrian nipped playfully at its owner's hair, making a mess or rather, more of a mess, of Phyra's disheveled locks.

    "Ahaha~ Ack! Oh, stop it, you. I missed you too but we gotta get going."

    Firmly gripping the leather reins that were harnessed to the creature, Phyra pulled the horse's mouth away from her hair. By horse, her own house was only a few days away from this very mountain, but up to this point, Phyra still had no idea where Miyaji lived. Leaped onto her horse's back, Phyra beckoned for Miyaji to take a seat behind her.

    "Well Miyaji, what do you think of Arista, a beauty, ain't she? Hop on and tell me where we're going, I'd like to at least reach a town before sun-down."
  5. Miyaji whistled as the horse known as Arista finally stood before him, and he rubbed the steed's neck as he listened to Phyra speak. "She's a beauty, alright. As for where to go.. I think I'll just follow you for a bit, if that's okay; don't really have a home to return to and all." As he waited for the girl's approval to let him accompany her, the teen heard footsteps behind him and turned to see Samui, running toward the two. "Oh, hey! Samui, was it? What are you up to...?" His expression slowly changed to one of concern as he pondered what she was doing alone. "Do you have a ride to your home?"
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  6. Once Samui got closer, she saw the horse that was mentioned earlier who seemed to be under the possession of Phyla. Her eyes lit up in wonder, one of the few time she’s shown any emotions these past few days.

    She then heard Miyaji ask his question. “Oh, just got curious.” When she heard him ask about whether of not she had a ride home, her eyes wandered off towards a very distant mountain in the horizon. “No I can’t say I do, I walked all the way here.” She replied.
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  7. Dolan looked over as he saw the others. Dolan was lucky his father knew a rancher in the village that was generous enough to lend Dolan a horse. Dolan walked down the hill and headed to his horse, a clydesdale named Apri(short for the word apricot, as the horse liked to eat apricots). Dolan reached into his bag and fed it an apricot(with the stone already cut out). Dolan paused for a moment as he overheard the conversation. Dolan looked over, "are you sure you wouldn't like a ride?" Said Dolan awkwardly trying to get on his horse. A few moments after he got on his horse, "it will get dark eventually" Dolan said looking up at the sky and the horse stood silently as it ate its apricot.
  8. Phyra's expression cramped slightly as Miyaji mentioned his home, or the lack thereof. She wanted to say something about it, but with Samui's appearance, Phyra ultimately decided to keep her mouth shut. As the conversation shifted focus to Samui, Phyra figured she might as well inquire.

    "Then...would you like to travel with us?"

    She posed the question carefully, half-expecting Samui to give an explanation much like Miyaji's. While she certainly wouldn't mind having one more companion for the road, she certainly would mind the awkwardness that might come along with it.
  9. Hearing Phyla’s proposition, Samui’s eyes returned to the scene in front of her. She thought for a bit about the offer. “If you would have me, I wouldn’t want to be a nuisance.” She responded. After living alone for all those years, Samui didn’t mind spending more time alongside other people.
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  10. Miyaji nodded in agreement after what Samui said, adding, "Same with me; if you'd have me along, I'll do my best not to hold you back." When he had mentioned not having much of a home in which he lived, the teen had noticed Phyra's expression turn just the slightest bit sour, but he decided not to press the matter. Miyaji continued to stroke Arista's neck as he waited for the girl's answer.

    I just hope nothing awkward happens whenever we do travel somewhere, if Phyra even agrees..
  11. "well... seein as everything is worked out, safe travels!..." Said Dolan as he pulled the reigns. He left down the road and headed towards the forest as it was the quickest way back to his village and would only take a day to arrive. He looked around and saw deer hopping through the treeline. Dolan felt safe as seeing the wildlife usually meant there weren't any demons around. As the horse went through the woods he looked around and thought about the warm meal he was hoping to get when he got home as he enjoyed cooking with fresh ingredients. He didn't know much about the others ,but he was confident that when he got his sword he would see them again. Now if he could only remember their names. that would be good. Dolan wondered what Kishi would say when he finds out he passed the final selection, "keep up the good pace Apri! we'll be home soon enough and you'l might even get another apricot!" Said Dolan cheering, "neeeeeigh!" went the horse as Dolan said that.
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  12. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    On his way out, Kit could hear the discussions of the others who had gathered. Amateurs he thought to himself after hearing their comments about keeping their current blades and watching one attempt to take the ore with him. Still, Kit reminded himself that they all had also passed the final selection and he was no better than them. Glancing back over his shoulder to take in one last look at the hellish forest he had triumphed over the previous week, Kit embarked on his long journey home.

    ~two weeks later~

    A pebble that bounced off Kit’s forehead pushed him off his rock perch and into the river he had been meditating on.

    “What was that for?!” He shouted at a slender tall man about 30 years old with black hair, a scar across one eye, a single left arm, and an intimidating aura while he splashed, slowly emerging from the water.

    “Your sword... it’s here.” The shadow pillar grumbled in response.
    “Really!?” Kit’s eyes lit up. He quickly jumped up and dried himself off before noticing a different man wearing a large straw hate and a blue hyottoko mask. The masked man spoke in a stern voice. “I am the one who forged Kit Akyama’s sword.” Uttered the man as he placed a wooden box on the forest floor and began to explain the history of the nichirin blades.

    Finally, the man instructed Kit to draw his sword for the first time. Kit gulped as he took in the beautiful sight of the sword that was now his. Sheathed, it had a navy blue wrap on the tsuka that extended about a third of the way down the saya. The of the saya was a magnificent tan and intricate bronze work adorned the kojiri, kashira, habaki, and the tsuba. Finally, the sword was brought together by knotted orange thread partway down the saya. Unable to resist any longer, Kit quickly drew the new katana. His eyes sparkled as he watched the previously dull gray blade turn a beautiful slate purple.

    “That’s not a color you see often.” Chuckled the sword smith, pleased that his hard work was met with an equally remarkable color. “The only other time I’ve seen that color is with your master, maybe you’re destined to repeat his legacy, we could use more men like him.”

    Stunned that Kit, one of the few other left handed swordsman who also favored a reverse grip, also had turned his blade the same color, the shadow pillar couldn’t help but see himself in the young boy. “Well, he’s still got a ways to go. But if his training is any indication it won’t be long until he surpasses me.” The scary man whispered to himself, showing the slightest sign of a smile.

    Unfortunately, the pleasant moment was interrupted by the screeching of Kit’s crowned eagle. “Kit Akiyama. Squawk. You’re first mission. Squawk. People going missing in a fishing village north of Mount Piku. Go and beware.” On that note, the Crowned eagle flew off as suddenly as it appeared.

    Quickly Kit bowed and showed his thanks to the two men before donning his new gunmetal gray demon slayer uniform and his purple haori with checkered sleeves. Then, the young boy immediately dashed off in the direction the eagle had ordered. My first mission. This is it. I’m going to end the demons’ reign of terror starting today! Kit thought to himself as a determined look took over his face.
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  13. As Dolan Rode Apri through the forest they finally made their way to the other side. Dolan was suprised to see how much time it took him to get through the forest ,and as soon as her neared home he saw his pa out in the fields watching over the crops as he stood there with his ox. The man hunched over and placed his hand over his eyes blocking the sun and squinting his eyes to see who was coming from the horizon. He smirked when he saw his second eldest son riding in ,and ran into the village yelling and hollering, "Hurry up! wake up dear Dol(short for Dolan) is back!" yelled the man as he went over to the town bell and rang it a few times. the man gave out in chuckle as he spoke to the preacher and thanked him for letting him use the bell. As Dolan made his way in town he waved at his mom and two youngest sisters who was now getting teary eyed ,but not as much as his father. Dolan wanted to cook breakfast ,but his younger brother insisted he should be the one to cook since he had been cooking all the time Dolan was away. After they talked Dolan was happy to let him take over cooking as he did well so far with his mothers supervision of course.


    For the two weeks Dolan was fiercely helping his father with the farm and training with Kishi. As a strange man came to the village he gazed at the horses and admired the quality they were in, "my my! these are some fine horses! fit for a king! the horsemaster here must really know what he's doing." said the stranger. Dolan looked out the window to see the stranger talking with Kishi and the horsemaster. as he went downstairs, "Dol its breakfast time!" Said Dolan's younger brother, "Sorry ,but I want to check something out..." Said Dolan as he walked out the door. all three of them were laughing and talking about horses ,and the horsemaster was so happy he was even blushing, "you do me too much honor... when you've been around horses as long as I have you just know a thing or two." Said the horsemaster as he scratched the back of his head. Kishi walked over, "Dolan, this man has some to give you your sword. bow and show him your proper respect" said Kishi, "Of course!" Said Dolan as he bowed to the man. The three walked over to Kishi's house, I made this sword myself... took me longer than I thought ,but the extra time was worth it." Said the man, "aha!" Went Yu as he held the sword admiring the wooden box it was in. as he opened it he grabbed the sword and to Kishi's pet peeves Dolan was holding the sword wrong, *SMACK!*, "I don't care if the sword is sheathed or not! your gonna hold it proper!" Yelled Kishi, "Sorry!" yelled Dolan as he adjusted his grip. As he unsheathed the sword it slowly turned gold, "how did a hair brained goofball clown like you get gold?" Said the man rambling on as Dolan sat there with a dumbfound expression. The man paused as he then began describing the long history of nichirin blades to him ,but mid-sentence, "Are you even paying attention? PAY ATTENTON!!"Said the man as both him and Kishi were now attacking Dolan, "Sorry!" Yelled Dolan. The man continued and eventually finished the long story. As they left the building Dolan's screech owl was flying around overhead as it then lunged at Dolan with its talons extended, "oh my gosh its coming for meeee!" Yelled Dolan as he began running in the opposite direction. The owl landed on his shoulder and began talking to Dolans surprise. The owl told him of his upcoming mission. Afterwards the horsemaster offered to let him bring Apri again. Dolan was more than happy to take him up on the offer ,and once again he waved off to the people of the village again.
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    Akane walked down a trail along a grassy field. She was wearing her new demon slayer uniform and had her new sword hanging from her right side. As soon as she had received it, she had been assigned a mission. She felt relieved to have the excuse to leave quickly, but now she was a little worried about surviving her first mission. Her little hummingbird was nested comfortably on her head. The sun was bright and the air was warm, just how Akane liked it.

    She wondered what color swords had the others gotten. Hers had turned red. Her master had also offered a robe to go over her uniform so she could stand out, but Akane refused. In fact, she had her hair in a ponytail, trying her best to look as casual as possible. She also had a small pouch with some herbs she had bought in a local market, they wouldn't do miracles, but ease pain and avoid infections. Hopefully she wouldn't need them.
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  15. Kazu was training his swordsmanship, his master didn't returned to the village and... He never will. His body was found in fast-made grave with his sword, at least he wasn't eaten by demon. Kazu cried, as he remind this to himself and he cut down the rock he used to training "Dammit... "

    That rock was way bigger than the one he cut before he went to the exam, he had a letter from his Master with his 'last lesson' but he didn't open it yet, he didn't want to... Now, there was only he and his sister.
    "Stupid Bro" yelled Hagima Itezakage, Kazure younger sister. She had with her two swords. "What happend?" He asked.
    "Some weird guy has visited you" she answered. "And where is he now?" Kazu asked. "I threw him away and took those swords, as he said they are for you" Hagi explained. "You what!?.."
    "And next time, I wish that your next guest will be a beautiful girl, Kazu" She said, left his swords on the grass and left. "You little... It isn't my fault, that in this village there isn't any girl in my age" he took his katanas and their change colour into shining Sapphire, light of the sun was beautifuly reflecting from them.
    Kazure was about to leave home, as Arashi said that he had his first mission. He was about to leave, when his sister stopped him and hug him from behind "Take care of yourself, stupid lazy bro" Hagima mumbled.
    "You too" he told her, she released him and he was on his way "And don't even try to return home, without girlfriend or someone like that!" She yelled as he was far away.

    "You will be my age after a year, maybe start to think about boy, huh" Kazu thought.
  16. Miyaji panted heavily, wiping sweat from his face with a towel as he sheathed his Naginata and sat down on the floor. The sparring match in which he had participated with Phyra had left him quite exhausted but thrilled. He had always enjoyed the intensity of battle, and to his delight, even a sparring match with the girl was no different.

    "Man, that was a good match; it's always fun to spar with strong people," He remarked, draping the towel over the top of his head as he talked.

    Suddenly, the boy heard a voice echo out from outside the house, booming with an intensity that was anything but unnoticeable.


    Miyaji jumped a bit upon hearing the voice, but he promptly got up, removed the towel from his head, and put on his black and crimson haori in order to greet the swordsmith that had arrived. The smith was wearing a red hyottoko mask and a wide straw hat, and three cases were held in his hands, one significantly longer than the other. The teen stepped forward to greet the swordsmith, bowing down in respectful fashion. "I am Miyaji Kojiro."

    The swordsmith bowed as well, setting down the other two cases and presenting the longer one to Miyaji. "Per your request, I have forged a nichirin Naginata for your use. Your Demon Slayer uniform is here as well. Please open the case and draw your blade."

    After receiving his uniform, Miyaji squatted down to open the case and observed his new blade. It was a beauty; the paracord used to wrap the handle--which was about a meter in length--was a mixture of black and scarlet, the silver guard was ornately decorated with deep red swirl patterns, and the blade was a finely furnished silver, about three-quarters of a meter in length. Slowly taking out the polearm, the teen held it upright and watched with fascination as the blade slowly began to change color. The once silver nichirin blade now became a deep scarlet on the primary edge, fading out to a maroon hue on the secondary.

    "Hm, that's interesting," The swordsmith said with a rather confused tone. Miyaji glanced at him, wondering what the smith was contemplating at the moment. "Even though your blade is a shade of red, I have not seen a color scheme like that come from any blade I've forged. The former Flame Pillar, recently deceased, wielded a blade of orange and red. Are you also a user of the Breath of Flames?"

    Upon hearing the smith mention the death of his master, Miyaji felt a pang of sadness, but he soon kicked himself out of his stupor, reminding himself of the reason he was receiving his blade in the first place. After a few seconds of silence, the teen gripped his new Naginata before standing up, and with a clear voice, he said to the swordsmith:

    "I am Miyaji Kojiro; student and successor of the late Flame Pillar Kenichi Miura, and user of the Breath of the Volcano."
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  17. "Well, Benjamin... it's time I headed out," said Pearlan with a transitional sigh, rising from his throne and dragging his feet across the wood floor of his 50-story castle. To this day the building stood proud, unafraid of the Duke's impressive wall that had swallowed up the whole of Dowa, unbothered that the conquering demon of humble origins, in broadening his own provincial horizons, had obscured the broad horizon that it once overlooked. Wary and unblinking, sharp and angled like the brows of a warrior with conviction in his gaze, its traditional Japanese gables still watched over the city folk, even though the castle's grip on the attention of distant observers had long slipped like snow off its roof. It had enough admirers in the densely inhabited Dowa, anyway, with or without the enclosure. And the castle had a new lord who'd settled in nicely, despite the blood that he'd once spilled across its floors.

    But right now, that new lord couldn't give a fuck. Pearlan had put time, energy, and resources into constructing a rampart that was big enough to span his dominion and tall enough to cut it off from the outside world, but he couldn't get complacent. When was the last time he'd seen beyond the wall? There were more towns out there where he could work his evil plans and bring the humans to their knees.

    "I know you'll miss me, but my story can't end here!" Pearlan resolved, picking up his sword in the corner of the room. "But before I do that, I should really shake the rust off this blade."

    Benjamin was the Duke's right hand, and though one would expect the demon who held that position to look a little livelier, his face sagged in an unimpressed frown, almost filling the ends of his fat, square chin. The only features that stuck up were sharp fangs the size of arrowheads, and even they looked more plastered to his face than protruding prominently from his lower jaw. What dulled Ben completely were his colonial white ponytail, his low-hanging reading glasses that he didn't care enough to fix, and his white dress shirt that struggled to contain his stomach.

    "Better for the both of us if you leave," Ben answered dryly, "...since I always look half-dead when you're around. And I don't think swordsmen actually shake rust off their blades... That's just a figure of speech."

    "What do you know?" Pearlan retorted suddenly, thrusting his weapon to the fat demon's throat. "Have you ever picked up a sword? Or anything that isn't cake from the castle storeroom? I'll have you know I'm a master swordsman! Or was..."

    "Here we go again..." Ben muttered, bringing his hand to his gray, stony face and resigning himself to another one of the Duke's soporific monologues.

    "...I fondly remember a week-long trip my family and I took to the city when I was 11. Back then I was an overzealous child who hadn't yet become the master swordsman I am today, carrying a wooden imitation wherever I went. I was never the indoors type, so while my parents were out sightseeing, dining in restaurants, and making weird noises in their bedroom, I explored the city and wandered into a dojo where I found older kids training with real katanas. My eyes lit up, and I started screaming like a kid who'd just snorted a thousand lines of coke, 'Ooh, I wanna try! Let me try! Give me one!'"

    "You sure had a messed-up childhood if you knew what coke was at that age, and if your tolerance was already that high," remarked Ben. "But at least that's a good explanation for your purple skin and delusions of grandeur."

    "...You know, if all you do is talk shit, why are you still working for me?" asked an upset Pearlan. "Besides, purple skin comes from shooting up too much heroin. Or in my case, from becoming a demon. And when that happens, no amount of heroin will turn your skin any more purple. Trust me. I know from experience."

    "..." Ben sighed. "I'm only working for you because it'll help me lose weight. Nothing kills those pounds quicker than this fasting thing you're making all of us do, or as you'd put it—resisting the demonic urge to devour every common, tasteless human in sight and refining one's palate to dishes of a higher quality."

    "And yet you're still fat," Pearlan chastised. "This is why I can't leave you alone, or you'll pillage the storeroom again and I'll have to roll your fat ass out of the doorway just to get through. Seriously. Isn't there a single demon here with a noble reason for joining the Eveldauer Clan? Hey, you! Wraith! Why'd you join?"

    "Huh? I just joined for free drugs," answered a lean-muscled, red-haired demon lounging in the corner of the throne room with some playing cards.

    "You know what..." said Pearlan in a measured tone that understated his exasperation. "...Fuck you guys. I'm leaving. To terrorize a small town. Y'all can sit on your asses and eat cake or play cards or scratch your balls as much as you want. I'm outta here. And fuck my fancy sword too. I'm heading back to the country to eat some country people, so I'll pick up a cheap stake along the way to better fit the mood."

    As the Duke stormed out, a second storm of fear subsided within Ben, Wraith, and all the other Clan demons lazing around the throne room.

    "...Thank Satan he didn't get to finish his story," said a relieved Ben.

    "What? You mean the one he's told a hundred times? About the sword that swings beautifully but doesn't cut?" asked Wraith.

    "That story's so boring, I heard the boss kills demon slayers just by telling it," added Skip.

    "Trust me," warned Ben, "we haven't heard the last of it."


    Pearlan arrived at his destination sooner on horseback than he would've on foot, but he still wished his Blood Demon Art were teleportation in situations like these. Blood Demon Arts be damned, if he weren't a demon, he could've gotten here in the day. His favorite thing about winter, however, was that night fell more quickly. He didn't need to wear his white mask, cloak, and tinted goggles, which pressed his eyes tighter than his pants did his ballsack and made him look ridiculous. The humans could feast their eyes on his purple skin, in all its unblemished and unobscured monstrosity, their jaws dropped to the floor in terror. Then the hungry Pearlan would drop his and feast on them!

    But the Duke was an evil mastermind, a cunning genius, a scintillating schemer, a demon with an IQ of over 1600 who wouldn't be ruled by his primal desires, and getting human body parts down the hatch always involved the hatching of some elaborate plan. The town was particularly crowded tonight, perhaps because of a festival. Pearlan wasn't sure, but his mind was equally crowded with ideas, ones that were significantly brighter than the paper lamps that provided scant illumination from the strings on which they hung.

    An elderly couple had shuffled past, a shriveled grandmother and limping grandfather, and the demon drooled at the thought of old people in his mouth. Pearlan stalked them slowly with saliva dripping from his tongue and the expression of someone who was enjoying this way too much. He lowered his head to the old man's dragging feet like a drinking horse, then bit into it and tore the whole thing off like a docile animal turned predator.

    "GAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…h!" screamed the aged civilian, running out of breath midway, yet whirling around with what little strength he had and drawing back in pain at his assailant.

    "YES! THAT'S RIGHT! FEAR ME! I AM AN EVIL DEMONIC GENIUS MASTERMIND WHO JUST DEVOURED YOUR LEG! SCREAM IN AGONY!" the Duke cackled madly. He produced a white cloth and a wooden stake he'd found in the forest, prepared to choke and stab the old timer to death. But he stopped himself when the man sighed in pleasure.


    "...Wait, what?"

    "Thank you, good sir, for getting that pesky leg off of me! I was supposed to get it amputated a while ago, but I've been nervous about the operation and putting it off, no matter how much my wife kept pushing me to go," confessed the man, clasping the demon's hands gratefully before inspecting the items that they carried. "...You know, they didn't have any prosthetic limbs down at the doctor's office, last I heard. But that stake you have, it's the perfect fit for my new leg! And I can use that cloth to clean off the blood!"

    "...Are you aware of what's happening here? Like, at all? Don't you know who I am?" Pearlan questioned the man's sanity, his own mind completely fucked. "Are you, like, senile or something?"

    "I'm just overjoyed, that's all!" the old man replied, turning to address his wife. "Honey, why don't we thank this gentleman properly? He's looking a little blue... or purple... My eyes can't see very well, but he might need some cheering up, and it's the least we can do in return."

    The elderly woman had brooding, angry eyes, and it was instantly clear to the confused Pearlan that she was far sharper than her ailing husband, probably from whatever stick was up her ass to keep her awake and living all these years. The Duke was just as triggered, however, by the fact that her husband had called him a "good sir." Of all the things he could be called, "good" was the worst, for he was a ruthless, intelligent, cold, calculating, diabolical spawn of Hell who'd come to drown the world in seas of carnage and oceans of misery! How dare the old man call him "good!" But before Pearlan's mind could descend down a stairwell of anger and self-doubt whose every step was an internal argument with himself, he regained his composure. Though demons couldn't stand the light, he looked on the bright side of things. The old man's misguided belief that he was kind meant that he felt a false sense of security, that he could more easily be manipulated. If his wife thought the same, then he had these two wrinkled raisins in the palm of his hand, and he'd soon pop them in his mouth.

    "I do appreciate that you got rid of his diseased leg, but you should know..." she began, briefly closing her wide eyes as if pondering a difficult decision in a court case before powerfully snapping them open, "...that I'm the only one who gets to taste my husband!"

    Pearlan, who had momentarily restored his confidence, lost it anew in the blink of an eye. In truth, the hapless demon didn't even get to blink, as the furious old lady disappeared behind a fast-approaching circle of metal and a frying pan hit his face with a resounding thud. The purple-skinned royal fell backwards, less from the impact of the blow and more from the cringe of her finishing line. Indeed, his visage was twisted with disgust rather than pain. Unlike the competing emotions that shaped his expression, however, the words that escaped Pearlan's mouth as he collapsed and the wind that the hit had knocked out of him were in total harmony.


    Upon uttering these phrases, he'd made a grave mistake. By raising his voice the Duke indirectly raised the height of the throbbing bump on his head, a fact he fully comprehended when the skillet wound back and slammed him a second time, dizzying him to the extent that his vision was as poor as the old man's. At this point he couldn't tell if the stars he was seeing were those in the sky, or those that his disoriented mind had conjured up, but as the passing festivalgoers chuckled and gossiped about the scene that had unfolded, he smiled at the fireworks display that his pinballing eyes had created personally for him. It was a small consolation before the wrinkled bat reprimanded him a second and final time.

    "Never assume a lady's age! I'm only 79 and a half!"
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  18. While her two companions were sparring, Samui was sitting on her knees on the side looking over the match. She sat there, face as blank as ever, as the match came to an exhausting conclusion and began lightly clapping. "Woah that was really cool, you guys are really good at this." She complemented.

    As she moved to stand up, the girl suddenly heard her name get called by an unfamiliar voice as well as the mention of their blades having been forged and turned to see who it was. She saw the swordsmith approach them and ran up beside Miyaji to greet the man. She noticed the boy bow so did the same. "I am Samui Ichika yes, pleased to meet you."

    As she introduced herself, she noticed the swordsmith take one of the remaining boxes and hand it to her. "This must be my blade." She mumbled to herself as she received the box and moved to open it. What she found inside was a beautiful silver Katana with a handle decorated by a black paracord tied in a crisscross fashion and a round bronze colored guard. Holding the blade upright, Samui watched as the backside of the silver blade suddenly took up a teal color.

    "Oh my, I've only heard of blades taking up this color in stories the elders used to tell us." The swordsmith exclaimed.

    Samui looked at her blade. "Only in stories huh, I guess that was when my family still operated as demon slayers, before we stopped." She said to herself quietly. The girl bowed towards the swordsmith. "Thank you very much for your work."
  19. Dolan was excited to be on the road again as he spotted some rabbits hob down the road as he made his way, "I wonder how dangerous some morphed demon could be? I mean... Im a demon slayer now right Apri... I'm talking to a horse... regardless though... this job can't be too hard right? i mean... I guess not" Said Dolan as he began rambling to himself. Dolan wasn't entirely sure why ,but for some reason the further they got the more confident he was that he was heading the right direction. For a moment he had wondered how the others were doing, and if they managed to make it to their homes safely. As he wondered he noticed an old abandoned building in the distance beyond some trees just barely visible from the road. Dolan wasn't about to go near that place as the thought just gave him the heebie jeebies.
  20. Pearlan's flawless plan, which he'd spent hours coming up with, had been to choke a man to death, carve out his heart, and wipe his mouth on the cloth like a napkin—a beautiful, sophisticated method of preparing a meal that showcased his resourcefulness and prandial etiquette. He'd ridden all the way here, starry-eyed and optimistic, but a cold, hard frying pan had exorcised the stars from his pupils and sent them floating like ghosts in his vision.

    His decisions were equally fickle after the blow. Pearlan normally didn't use his power, but as he lay there on the ground, fighting to stay aware, the color of his skin alternated between yellow and brown like a banana trolling customers at a fruit stand by changing its ripeness every half-second. Nobody liked demons, so if he passed out, people would either piss or shit in his mouth while he was unconscious. The royal hoped that the townsfolk's chosen waste would match the color of his skin and phase harmlessly through him.

    "Wait! If I can still think this hard, then that must mean..." the Duke pondered, getting up and dusting himself off before having an epiphany, "...THAT I'M NOT ACTUALLY LOSING CONSCIOUSNESS! Haha! Can't fool a genius! Look at everyone staring at me, admiring my deductive skills!"

    Pearlan was one of those individuals who thought out loud, probably because he'd spent much of his time as a farmhand lost in his daydreams and muttering to himself in the fields. Besides the occasional disapproving whispers, he didn't get many reactions from the couples, since they devoted most of their attention to each other on a festival night like this. The feeling was mutual, since the royal was too in love with himself. But on every romantic evening, there was that one grumpy single dude who was loving neither himself nor anyone else, burying his hands deep in his kimono in the same way that a sulking Westerner kept his hands in his jean pockets. Or maybe he was loving himself and was actually pleasuring himself under there. Either way, he wasn't having any of Pearlan's loud-mouthed bullshit.

    "Yo. Did you hit your head or something?"

    The Duke's laughter ceased, and he stared at the man blankly.

    "I did, actually, but I don't know what that has to do with anything."

    The man sighed and shook his head, drawing a similar blank and not even wanting to know. He began to walk away from the oblivious royal, dragging his feet and disappearing into the crowd, the fading sight of him becoming as increasingly questionable to Pearlan's eyes as his own sanity was to everyone else. "Looks like the crazies are out tonight..."

    A lesser demon would most likely have devoured the passing smartass, but the old man's sick and shriveled leg was satisfying enough. Or perhaps Eveldauer was one of those monsters who survived by feeding his ego rather than his stomach. Or maybe Pearlan instantly forgot the guy due to a shortage of braincells.

    In truth, the royal had moved onto the next order of business. This town was his new base of operations, and he wouldn't leave until he'd subdued its entire population. But if he had nowhere to hide when the sun rose in the morning, he'd turn to dust, ride the wind home, land in a heap at Wraith's corner of the room and be snorted through a metal straw. While that wasn't as terrifying as falling like sugar on a hungry Ben's cake, Pearlan wanted to avoid such a fate at all costs, frantically scanning the dark alleys for decent shelter. The aristocratic demon stubbornly refused to sleep on the trash bags he found at every turn, however. He clawed away at the rubbish as the futility of his search became more and more apparent, whipping banana peels at building walls and sending used condoms flying.

    "GAAAH DAMMIT! Of all the places I could've chosen to conquer, why'd I pick some hick town where they probably hang toilet paper out to dry?! Couldn’t I have gone to a rich neighborhood where they throw out whole mattresses?!" roared the Duke. As he stared back at the mess he'd made, airing his frustration and exhaling deeply to return his breathing to a normal rate, he noticed the boards and nails that littered the earth. That was when a promising idea revealed itself in his garbage dump of a mind. "Hey... I could use this..."

    Pearlan was thinking now, but the humans who walked the streets still eyed him as if he were incapable of doing so. He toted the discarded hardware to an empty spot on a street lined with stands, then set about constructing a hovel of his own that would provide ample darkness. Having turned his skin brown earlier, the demon would melt seamlessly into the shadows, and perhaps he'd relate to the humans for a change, who were totally in the dark as to what the hell he was doing. But in his mind, he was just another black guy sleeping on the streets.
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  21. Kazu walked for a really long time, he didn't take any breaks, as he wanted to reach his destination today. After many hours, young demon slayer reached the village, where he had to investigate. As he will work in the night and was really tired after his travel, Kazu searched for an Inn.

    After some time he finally found an Inn and took a seat "What can we do for you, Mister" asked young lady "A tea would be nice and a room" after he was left alone, Kazu fell asleep. Sleeping Kazu wasn't a rare sight in the past, but he hadn't time for it for a long time. Serious Kazu looked like a child now and as his tea had been bringed, they didn't wake him up and let him rest...
  22. As Dolan arrived near the destination he got off his horse Apri and walked him over by some trees beside a lake. Dolan walked over to the lake and saw his reflection, "Wow I look good! Maybe my good looks will slay this demon for me!" Said Dolan smiling at his reflection. He then looked around the woods for a cave or other form of hideaway. He wasn't sure what to expect ,but he felt nervous the longer he remained there. "This demon fight won't going to be too difficult right? I mean... I helped slay a demon boar and wolves as well as a couple other demons!" Dolan said with his hand his blade still resting in its scabbard. Dolan looked carefully through the tree lines and listened four leaf rustling as he wasn't about to let a demon sneak up on him.
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    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane arrived at the small village she was assigned to. It was still early but she had plenty of energy left. She made her way to a small Tea shop. There was nothing more refreshing then a nice cup of tea!

    As she walked into the shop, she noticed the simple humble decorations. She ordered a black tea with two cubes of sugar. Then, she got three small biscuits. The small snack was so good, she forgot the reason she was here in the first place. Her mind was at ease as she enjoyed her tea. The old man and his nephew behind the counter surely knew what they were doing, the tea was delicious!
  24. A healthy gleam of sweat lined Phyralis' skin, darkening the fabric of her blue blouse. Her chest heaved, and her lungs worked overtime to flush her body with the oxygen it so sorely needed. Her sparring session with Miyaji had been as productive as it had been exhausting. The breath of rain, much like any other breathing style, but a sizeable strain on the user's body. Even using it for a few minutes was enough to leave Phyra feeling like her lungs would burst from her chest. However, that could be overcome with more training...or so she hoped. The most troubling issue she had, however, was that of her blade. The breath of rain specialized in rapid strokes, as swift and as numerous droplets of rain descending from the clouds. Although her tantō was good at the job it did —allowing her some flexibility to switch between her piercing stances such as raindrop, and slashing stances such as monsoon— it wasn't ideal.

    The one-handed sword would soon need to be replaced with weapons that better suited her breath style. Just as Phyra was imagining exactly what type of weapons she might need, the resounding screeches of the messenger came, informing them that their swords had arrived. Quickly trailing after Miyaji and Samui, Phyralis retrieved the last of the cases from the swordsmith. As she opened the case, she could see within an exotic looking blade, thicker than any Katana.

    "A Liuyedao?" (Note: Liuyedaw: WIllow Leaf Sabre)

    The design of the blade surprised Phyra, and she stared uneasily at the weapon until she heard an encouraging feminine voice emerge from behind the swordsmith.

    "Go ahead, pick it up. I think you'll find it fits quite nicely. Forged it myself after all."

    Although the presence of a female swordsmith was somewhat surprising, Phyra didn't find it too strange...at least it wasn't as strange as the odd masks the swordsmiths seemed to wear.

    As she refocused her attention to the case, and the blade that lay within it, her eyes followed the lean curvature of the sun-kissed steel down to the dark grey hilt and the slightly elongated hilt that finished off with a ring. As she reached out and picked up the blade, she could feel two things. One, the hilt had been wrapped into a soft, comfortable grip-leather.

    "Can't have a ladies like us relying purely on grip-strength like those boys. It's to your liking, I presume?"

    At the interjection of the swordsmith, Phyra nodded vigorously. Though there was still a second thing off about this sword.

    "I love it, but this sword also feels..."

    "Heavy? That's because it is, well, it is for a one-handed blade anyway. Try fiddling with the hilt some more."

    Proceeding to do just that, Pyra soon figured out the secret to the blade. With a soft click, the blade split into two separate weapons. Individually, the swords were light, quite a bit lighter than a normal sword, but once added together they produced some added heft. Lifting the blades Phyra began to grow accustomed to them. As she held them the blades began to shimmer, turning a bright aqua-blue that darkened to grey at the spine.

    Phyra marveled at her swords and then spontaneously, she struck out, stabbing one of her blades into the air.

    First Stance: Raindrop!

    Pulling back quickly, Phyra drew an arc with her rearmost leg. Her second sword followed, sweeping through the air with an audible woosh! Continuing her spins, Phyra released slash after slash into the abused atmosphere. It was only after picking up a decent amount of rotation and force that Phyra abruptly joined her hands and, as the blades clicked back together, Phyra swoooooshed her sword into the air.

    Fith Stance: Birth of Rivers.

    Hearing as well as feeling the weight behind her blade, Phyra smiled. While separated the lightness of the blades would allow her to perform her quick and fleet-footed stances more easily, and when she went in for the kill she could combine the blades, bringing down their combined heft onto her opponent. It wasn't comparable to say, the full weight of Miyaji's Naginata, but for Phyra it was—

    "Perfect! How did you know!?"

    "Trade Secret~ ♥ "

    Responding with a chuckle, the female swordsmith then pulled out another box from behind her.

    "These are your Demon Slayer uniforms, wear them with pride."

    Enamored by the excitement of both her new sword(s) and her uniform, Phyra immediately grabbed her uniform and then ran off to change. On second thought though, she was still pretty sweaty from her bout with Miyaji, so she figured she'd bathe while she was at it. About 30 minutes Phyralis returned. Her blouse and skirt had been replaced with the black uniform of the demon slayer corps. The baggy pants had been tied down slightly by the wrappings of her sandals, while the white belt wrapped around her waist also kept the sheath of her swords attached to her hip. Right above her belt, the arms of her jacket had been tied tightly as she bound the jacket to her waist. On her torso was a similarly dark shirt, lined with blue trimmings that circled seven rain-drop shaped cut-outs. The largest such cut-out exposed her stomach and midriff, while the other six wrapped around the collar of her shirt like a threaded necklace. The blue of her trimmings matched perfectly with the blue-feathered hair-pin she wore.

    Twirling about the spot a bit, Phyra immediately voiced her first concern.

    "How does it look? Good, right?"
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  25. Although he ended up waiting a while for Phyra to change into her uniform, Miyaji finally saw her hurry out of her home in her new outfit, and he nodded in confirmation, flashing a thumbs up with a grin. "Yeah; looks great." The blades seemed to fit her fighting style with terrifying perfection; her execution of her forms was much more accurate and effortless. The swordsmiths clearly had amazing skill. Deciding that what Phyra had done earlier was wuite smart, the teen went over and took a bath as well, taking a lesser amount of time than Phyra but making sure he was thoroughly cleaned, and he soon emerged from the house and walked over to the others, waiting for his companions' reactions. The torso of the Demon Slayer uniform remained untouched, aside from a crimson flame pattern spiraling down the left sleeve, and the baggy pants that accompanied the uniform were tucked into black leg wraps near the ends. Miyaji wore his long-sleeved black haori with only his right arm through the sleeve, while the other side was pushed through a black leather belt. His Naginata was sheathed diagonally across his back, and he rubbed the back of his head as he continued to wait. "How does this look?"
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  26. Phyra stepped back a moment, analyzing Miyaji's appearance with a critical eye.

    "You know, people usually have to pay from my professional assessment. But I'll let it slide this time, however..."

    Running back into the house, Phyra returned with three silk ribbons and a sewing kit. The first one was a deep fiery red that matched the pattern on Miyaji's sleeves, while the remaining two were aqua-blue.

    "That shirt's a bit bland, give it here and I'll add some color to it."

    Holding up the fiery red ribbon, Phyra stated her intent to embroider it along the edges of Miyaji's uniform. While the waited for Miyaji's response, she took her two blue ribbons and looped them through the ring pommel of her swords. When she was done, each of the swords in their separated form would have a blue ribbon streaming from its pommel.
  27. While Phyralis went about testing out her new weapon, Samui thought to follow the motion and performed a few practice swings with her new katana. The blade was light and flowed in her hand very smoothly, she felt a sense of ease using this blade. She observed the blade. "This is very easy to use." She said to herself before turning towards the masked man who forged her blade. Thank you very much for your work." She thanked the him again.

    When she noticed the her companions beginning to change into their new demon slayer corp uniforms, Samui stood still and waited until they had both taken their baths and came back out wearing their new clothes before grabbing her own set from the box. "I suppose I should change too." While out in the open, she began undoing her skirt, letting it fall to the ground before pulled her top off. Samui was now standing in her underwear out in public with not a shred of shame or embarrassment visible on her face.
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  28. Not stupid enough to turn down an opportunity to brighten up his new look, Miyaji complied and headed into the house, whereupon entering he removed his shirt, putting his arm through the left sleeve of his haori and wearing it on the other side as well so that he didn't show too much skin. Holding the shirt in his hands, the teen exited, walking over to Phyra and laying it down in front of her so that she could do what she needed to do. As he waited for the girl to finish her embroidery on his shirt, Miyaji decided to converse with the swordsmiths, fascinated by their profession and talking with them to learn more about the art of forging blades. Of course, he didn't let the topic of discussion deter him from his true purpose--to consider swords a method to eradicate demons rather than something to forge for others--and he continued to keep this in mind as he talked. However, from the corner of his eye, Miyaji caught Samui stripping down to her underwear with her face monotonous as usual. Oh.. okay. I guess she’s fine with that. Averting his gaze out of human decency, the teen made sure the half naked girl was conpletely out of his field of vision, and he continued to talk with the smiths, desperate to get his mind off of the scene that had just occurred.
  29. As Miyaji handed over his shirt, and Phyra got to work embroidering the neck and center with the red ribbon, she heard the soft puff of fabric against the soft grass. Curious, Phyra turned around just in time to see Samui attempting to strip in the middle of her yard.

    "...Hey, that's illegal you know?"

    Exasperation mixed with annoyance filled Phyra's voice. If Samui got seen then someone would probably report her address for public indecency, and the fine that came with the crime would be put in her name. While Phyra was many things, a philanthropist was not one of them. She had no intention of paying for Samui's careless actions.

    "Look, Samui, if I get charged for your public indecency, then I want double the fine in remuneration!"

    While Phyra was many things, unreasonable was not one of them. Some people just had that odd little itch they needed to scratch in some odd ways. Born and raised a merchant, Phyralis was well aware that mundane problems such as these could be easily solved by throwing money at them. She supposed it was fine so long as Samui was footing the bill, and hey, she would even getting some pocket change out of it.
  30. Pearlan had spent the entire night hunting in the woods and cooking his kills. He'd built a hut large enough to contain him and a stove, which he'd improvised from twigs, leaves, and discarded bricks. The old lady had taught him an important lesson—that kitchenware was a powerful weapon, and if used in his next scheme, the plan would surely succeed.

    As the sun slowly succeeded the moon, however, the royal had to save it for tomorrow, sealing the open window of his stall with a dented steel panel and blocking out the light. He slept during the day, and when the surviving sliver of sunshine that had wormed its solar fingers into the darkness released its grip and disappeared, he knew night had come. Of course, it could've been as early as five o'clock, considering the season and the people still crowding the street when he removed the panel. If not, then all the townsfolk were night owls, and in a matter of seconds, they'd flock to Pearlan's stand.


    The Duke had doffed his regal clothes, donned a dirty apron, and tied a white bandana around his head, tending to an assortment of skewered meats, lancing them back and forth temptingly. A smirk worked its way onto his face as slowly and steadily as the customers flowed in, until the street was choked with them and he was grinning with delight.

    "Kebabs? I'll take one!"

    "Me too!"

    "Give me five!"

    "I'll have as much as this can buy!"

    "I wanna try!"

    The fools who swarmed the stall didn't suspect a thing, their hands waving money in the air like green flags of surrender, submitting themselves completely to the temptation of food. The sophisticated royal had utilized his knowledge of Mediterranean cuisine to formulate his master plan. The meats were so greasy and delicious that in twenty years, all these people would die of heart attacks! The delectable kebabs were so addicting that they'd spend more and more of their money, until they had nothing! Brainwashed and penniless, the townsfolk would be firmly under Pearlan's influence!

    "Your meat is so juicy!"

    "This food is a gift from the gods! Might you tell me your name, good sir? I'd like to come back here every day!"

    "Whoa! You're a culinary wizard! No wonder your skin is so dark! You must've spent so much time in the kitchen that you burnt yourself to a crisp!"

    "What do you call this joint? Are you one of those people who pretends to run a food stand but secretly owns a five-star restaurant?"

    In a burst of inspiration following the smooth proceeding of his diabolical plot, the Duke came up with the perfect name, his bandana concealing his horns and his mad smirk disguising itself as the smile of an impassioned chef.

  31. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane walked with a big smile on her face as she had really enjoyed her snack. Plus, the sugar had taken effect. The village was small but neatly arranged, giving everyone enough space to move about. The young demon slayer would stop every now and then to look at different shops. Oh how she wanted to go on a shopping spree, but she wasn't sure if it was appropriate to do so during a mission. There was one exception though and that was a pretty hairpin. It was in a form of a phoenix, but depending on the light, it reflected different colors. Akane couldn't hold it back and bought it.

    "It's so pretty!" She looked at herself in the mirror, turning in different directions to watch the hairpin change colors.

    After acquiring her new favorite item, Akane made her way to an inn. She walked inside with her head high in the air, proud of her new item and how it made her look. She then noticed a familiar red head, who seemed to have fallen asleep waiting for his now cold tea. Akane made her way over to Kazu's table and sat across him. Another tea wouldn't. She ordered another black tea with two cubes of sugar and waited patiently for Kazu to wake up.
  32. It would be a lie, if I tell you that Kazu didn't have a sweet dreams, but how long can one person sleep. Kazu woke up and he saw Akane with sleepy eyes and did not recognize her at first. He said something like "five more minutes" and "Strange, I don't remember dreaming of angels for a long time" and turned 180 degrees. After 2 minutes, he woke up with wide eyes and saw Akane. "Good morning ..." he said quietly, after a while he came over himself and remembered where he was. "Oh yen ... Did I really fall asleep here... Hi Akane, have you been here long?" he said, a little embarrassed. He took his tea and took a sip. "Oh .. Cold" He took a better look at Akane "New hairpin, really pretty and looks really good on you" he smiled slightly.

    "Sorry, but It was a long time, since I fall asleep in the public place" He whispered.
  33. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane mixed the cubes with the tea. She smiled as Kazu regained conscious. She drank from her tea, savored it, and continued to mix it with her spoon. She adjusted her hairpin.

    "Thank you! I couldn't stand the need to buy it." She clapped her hands together. "So, a team once again. I hope you're ready? I will be counting on you. Of course you will have my fool support."

    Despite having survived the final selection and being on her first demon slayer mission, she didn't trust her skills. But, now that she wasn't alone in this, maybe she could see exactly how strong these demons were. Hopefully this would boost her confidence. If she survived this, maybe she could make it on her own.
  34. As Samui took out her new uniform out of the box, Phyralis’ words reached the cold girl’s ears, she turned her head and glanced towards her. “Is that so?” She said in a almost monotone voice. Slipping her clothes on, Samui made sure to change quickly. The girl then bowed towards Phyra. “I’m very sorry if I caused you any trouble.”
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  35. "I don't know, why are you saying something like that. I never had a fool support from you" said Kazure. "We should probably wait for a sunset and check the area. I think our opponent shouldn't be way stronger, than demons in the final selection, so It should be fine and if you aren't confident enough to fight, then I can always protect your back" He stated and finished his cold tea with the last sip. He took out from his bag a letter from his master, he still didn't feel ready to read it. He hid it again, he wanted to know, what is in this letter.. But he couldn't, not now.
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  36. Although Dolan felt confident the mission was going to be a resounding success ,but for some reason he felt weird. Almost as if for some reason he was now nervous and regretting his arrival. A small weight sat on Dolan's shoulder as he looked through the forest, "Dolan! your partner for this mission will be Samui Ichika, now move that way! That way! move your butt that way!", Yelled a unknown voice, "Gah!" Yelled Dolan to his even further surprise that his owl talked, "Oh my goodness! birds don't talk! your not talking! I must've hit my head on a branch..."Dolan said nervously as he laid on the ground, "Get your lazy butt off the ground and move! Move! Move! that way!" Yelled the owl now louder. Dolan was still twitchy from the owl speaking as he looked over and saw the way the bird was facing. It was very difficult to spot ,but once he spotted it it seemed he had spotted the cave. Dolan began slowly approaching the cave and paused by the entrance as he was now deciding on whether or not he was going to go in.
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    "Um, okay." Akane replied, starting to feel like a burden. "Let's go look around and see what we can find."

    She got up, adjusted her sword to her side, her hairpin and took a deep breath. She made her way out to the streets. She had no idea where to look or what to look for. It's not like demons just casually walk down the streets or sell kebab. They had to find something that would connect them.

    "Hey Kazu, where do you think we should start? I really don't know how to find a demon, they usually find me."
  38. "Hmm, are you so attractive that you attract demons? We may try it someday" Kazu said a little playfully. He didn't know why, but it seemed to him that something he said saddened Akane. "I don't know where to start myself. I can't do much except fighting and sleeping, you know... That's why I'm glad I won't be able to do the mission alone ... We can start from the northern part of the village," he said.

    (Kazu-Mann, you try to tell girl, that she *isn't* a burden and she understand the opposite)
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    Akane laughed softly as Kazu spoke. "Do demons think about those kinds of things? Like, do they think some humans or demons are cute? Maybe we could ask one before we kill it."

    If demons did have such thoughts, it meant they had similar feelings to humans. Was it their thirst for human flesh what separated them from humans? Akane had never thought about it that much. She just knew demons were evil and had to die.

    Her attention was caught by a store. They seemed to sell all kinds of threads and cloths. Maybe she could get something to go with her uniform and new hairpin.

    "Hey Kazu, want to go in there?" She pointed at the store.
  40. "Yeah.. We schould ask" Kazu mumbled to himself. Then he looked at the pointed by Akane store. "Hmm, Well we have some time so. Okay, let's go see, if there is something interesting there"
    A demon in black kimono was sitting on the golden throne. Surrounded by at least hundred of other demons, his retrainers. Irae looked at one of his servants and said "Bakto, go and send the message to Pearlan"
    "Asking for a Report?"
    "Yes, only this idiot didn't give me any information about his progress in teritory control" Irae said, Bakto quickly left his Prince room.
    "I can bet, that this stupid excuse for a Duke forgot that he schould give reports"
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