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Ask to Join Demon Slayer Rp

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mango137, Nov 10, 2019.

  1. Kazu reacted quickly, he jumped away from demon attack. This started to be really annoying. Did this demon really wanted to play around, maybe it is time to remind him about something.

    "Hey, demon guy! Listen, you have two options. Die from my hand, quickly and without pain or play around with me and die becouse of the sunlight. Well, in truth option is only one. If you want it or not, you are going to die in the end" said Kazu with a murderous intent in his voice. Certainly he was not as usually, nice, kinda sweet and lazy Kazu. Akane was hurt and Kazu had enough playing around with the enemy.
  2. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane ran up next to Kazu and stood next to him. "You're hurt!" She gripped her katana. "We need to find a way to attack. We should attack together."

    Akane seemed determined. She was inspired right now. That side of her that could take on the world had taken over. Along with Kazu, she could attack with more confidence, knowing the demon couldn't possibly deal with two at the same time. The red head inhaled warm air, her body growing warmer and more relaxed. She was ready to fight, she wanted to fight.
  3. Dolan was confused for a moment as he thought he had heard a voice which was weird because he wasn't expecting the demon to talk. Even so why was the demon talking about sin? What would a demon care for religious values? "Demon if you can hear me I'm gonna have to slay ya now!" Dolan said hesitantly as he gazed into the cave. He clutched his sword grip then took a deep breath as he calmed himself for what was soon to come.
  4. Phyra chose to remain silent as Kit introduced himself, his off-handed comments didn't phase her as much as they seemed to bother Miyaji, instead, she took a rather humorous joy in Miyaji's semi-flustered reactions. However, throughout their banter, and exchange of pleasantries, her focus remained on Kit himself, observing her fellow demon slayer just as he'd seen fit to observe the duo. It was while she took note of Kit's stance and the slow and steady draft he took with each breath —which implied his larger lung capacity, with long, deep, breaths— that danger struck. She quickly felt the support behind her, Miyaji's body, disappear as the volcanic user rushed to intercept some unseen attack. The ring of Miyaji's blade as it collided with the invisible blood-demon art signaled the start of the battle, and it seemed as if Phyra was a step behind.

    The Breath of Rain user quickly moved to secure her horse, first and foremost. With a deft acrobatic maneuver, she flipped off the mare and gave her a firm pat on the arse. As her feet staunched the force of her fall, Arista went galloping away. With that liability dealt with, Phyra surveyed the battlefield. She noticed the Kit had already leaped into action, charging the demon with surprising speed while something peppered the ground in attempts to halt his advance. Although his situation seemed dangerous, he appeared to be fine for now...but just in case—

    "Miyaji, you should give him some backup. I want to...observe this Demon for a bit, so I need you guys to force its hand. Be careful though, we don't know what nasty surprises it might have in store."

    With a breath-style that appeared to focus on direct offense, Miyaji was the best suited for a direct confrontation with the Demon, or so Phyra had determined from their time together. She didn't know what tricks Kit had up his sleeve, nor did she know his preferred style of fighting. He seemed fast, and to favor rushing his opponents, but that hardly told her much.

    In this battle, she would be observing Kit just as much, if not more, than the demon. If they were going to be a team, then she wanted to get a grasp on how they could squeeze the best out of their teamwork.
  5. Heeding Phyra's suggestion, Miyaji nodded in agreement before rushing off after Kit. Observing the dark colored wisps of fog emanating from the latter's blade, the Demon Slayer found himself wondering about his newfound ally's abilities and Breath form. However, this was no time to lose focus; snapping himself out of his fascinated stupor, Miyaji inhaled a large amount of air and exhaled it through his mouth, making a hissing sound as the air traveled through the small openings between his gritted teeth. The air he had just breathed out now resembled dark grey colored clouds of smoke, and the Demon Slayer tightly gripped his Naginata, preparing himself for whatever would come at him to hinder his approach. As he ran, the projectiles raining down on him and Kit tore up the field, cautioning Miyaji to watch his every step, and whatever came directly at him, he deflected with his blade. Suddenly, the teen skidded to a stop before using Plumes of Smoke to abruptly dash to the right, where dense forest growth would serve concealed his figure; if the demon had been tracking his movements, then the abrupt change of tempo would throw her off and leave her unable to detect where Miyaji was. Continuing to plow through the forest, he watched as Kit continued to approach the demon head on, waiting for the other Demon Slayer to attack before putting into action his own strategy.
  6. "One who incites for others to sin, is a sinner himself. Therefore, getting rid of you would be the proper way to deal with this, since you insist on forcing my hand. I gave you an opportunity to leave and you went against it, accept your punishment." Preech's words could be heard, increasing the vibrations in the air. "Disappear!" Preech spoke louder, his voice sending a sonic boom towards the demon slayer.

    Silent heard the two talking clearly, allowing his attacks to pinpoint their location. Two furious slashes were sent towards them, destroying everything in their path. The tall demon listened attentively, waiting for their reactions and ready to counter attack.

    Vero saw the second demo slayer hide in the forest nearby. "Oh I love hide and seek!" She said with a sinister smile, which turned into a frown. "I always find them." She grabbed a corpse that was by her feet, she threw it towards Kit and then began focusing on Miyaji. She stared down every tree in her way, blasting her powers and impacting the trunks with an incredible force. She just needed to set her eyes on the running demon slayer, and she would get a clear shot.
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  7. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Kit danced on the roof top as he narrowly dodged incoming blasts before they connected with his legs. The swordsman was enraged upon seeing the demon’s careless use of a human body, but continued onwards with his attack. “I’m sorry.” He whispered as he used his sword to slice through the corpse being flung at him. It was clear already that this demon was stronger than any he had faced during the final selection and he could not afford to be slowed down.

    Noting his teammates spreading out, Kit quickly realized his role was to serve as a distraction. “Second Style: Cursed Wolf Fang.” The boy jumped into the air and angled his sword straight downwards as a dark aura flowed out of his sword and surrounded the left side of his body, making it appear as the left side of a giant black wolf’s face with his sword replacing its canine as he thrust his blade downwards at the demon.
  8. Dolan covered his ears and held down tight as he heard the loud voice, "Oh heck no! I was already going to go in there ,but now I'm definitely going in! only god can judge me! you- you- YOU BLASPHEMER! Dolan yelled as he drew his blade from his scabbard Ren took some cotton from his bag and stuffed some in his ears. Dolan knew the cotton wouldn't block a lot of noise ,but he knew it would help a little. He then extending his sword out as he slowly descended into the cave. He held his sword outward horizontally in front of himself while taking up a strong defensive horse stance.

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  9. As the trees came crashing down, Miyaji clicked his tongue in irritation. This could be troublesome. Not slowing down his pace, the Demon Slayer hopped from falling tree trunk to large, flying pieces of bark and did his best to avoid or cut through any sharp branches or chunks of wood that hurtled toward him. Despite getting slashed here and there by stray residue of the attacks, Miyaji allowed nothing more than a small wince of pain as he continued to make his way toward the demon. Looking up, Miyaji noted that Kit seemed to have reached her first, lunging downward with his sword in order to land a blow, and the former continued to trudge through the collapsing forest, burning through the attacks regardless of what hit him.
  10. "Akane, two attacks. One for each of us. He used quite power now" whispered Kazu "Fifth style:Heat Lightning" Kazu Slashed the attacks, one was blocked, another just weakened. "Be ready, Akane"
    Shirage just ended his today training. He was quite tired and he headed to the the hause, that was probably attacked by another demon earlier. Shirage tried his best to awake his Blood Demon Art.. "Damn, I really need this power. Without it, I am probably at Noble level... I am sure, that I am way stronger than Nobles.. I need strength to deal with that guy"
  11. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane jumped to the side, thanks to Kazu making the attack weaker, she didn't have much problem avoiding it. She went back to her stance quickly. She didn't know what the best way to attack would be, but they had to try something. She prepared to attack.

    "Kazu, I attack from the right and you from the left, okay?" She took in warm air to relax her muscles.

    The red head then charged ahead. Her sight focused on the demon. She was making sure every step she took counted. If the demon attacked, she was ready to dodge it. For some reason, she wanted to take him out before Kazu did. Nothing against Kazu, but she wanted to prove herself, to see if she was actually capable of being a demon slayer.
  12. Vero looked up at the incoming Kit. "Demon blood art: Third Eye Force!" She widen her eyes and an invisible forced sent Kit flying. "You're gonna have to do better then that." She turned her attention to the second attacker. She squinted her eyes and began firing bullet size sonic booms towards Miyaji.

    Silent heard the voices and movements of both demon slayers. He raised his hands. "Blood demon art: Silent treatment!" Every noise they made, would detonate an explosion underneath them.

    Preech smiled as he walked closer. "Your puny strength cannot defeat someone far superior like me. Feel my words!" He stood his ground and screamed, sending a wave of powerful sound waves.
  13. As Preech yelled Dolan held his sword high placing his deltoid muscles by his ears then began charging his sword. As the sound waved momentarily ended, "sixth style golden apple!" Dolan yelled before lunging out into forward stance and sliced under his arm towards his armpit ,but before he could strike Preech managed to catch the attack injuring his arm. Dolan could feel the effects of the voice ,but wasn't close to giving up. While Dolan was up close he figured he would press the attack. He then sidestepped his opponent, "third style golden touch!" Dolan said in an attempt to hit the same spot again.
  14. Miyaji looked up, and having seen the demon now glaring at him, he realized that there was now likely no use in trying to catch her by surprise. As Kit now flew through the air, the teen pressed his attack, feeling for the distortions in the air around him to guide his blocks as the attacks continued to rain down. However, as he ran, Miyaji's pace seemed to gradually increase, and his Naginata began to glow with a deep maroon light, bright scarlet flames dancing off the edge of his blade. She's already seen me, so there's no way I can shake her off; might as well just up my power and try to get there faster. As trees continued to fall, destroyed by the blasts of the demon's ability, Miyaji now advanced toward Vera, not slowing his speed down by even a small amount. The Demon Slayer ran up the trunks of felled trees and used other debris to aid his charge, and once the demon was in clear view, he sucked in a massive gulp of air and jumped off the tree trunk on which he had been running, launching himself into the air. Seeing as how Kit's frontal attack had been unsuccessful, Miyaji settled on a different tactic and instead landed on the ground several meters behind Vera, firmly gripping his blade and getting into a battle stance. If I can occupy her here, that'll buy time for either Kit to act or for Phyra to formulate a solid plan.

    Meanwhile, in a small town "somewhere"...

    A pair of icy blue eyes with white pupils watched as Pearlan was tossed up and down into the air multiple times; the townspeople celebrated with joyous cheers, the innards of a demon tarnished almost every building in the area along with gore sprinkling down here and there. Arashi's eyes narrowed, and upon the thirteenth toss and "hurrah!", the duke leapt forward over the throng of triumphant shouts and grabbed Pearlan by the hood of his cloak. Upon realizing that their savior did not fall back into their arms, the crowd fell silent with a confused hush. On the rooftop of a building, concealed from the view of any civilian, Arashi stood and let go of the demon, stepping back a few feet. "So, this is what you've been up to? I assumed you'd be staying in your castle for several days straight as usual, but no; you've been here, making kabobs, plunging toilets, being a 'man' of the people." Despite the disdain the words would have produced, Arashi had a bored look on his face with his hands shoved into the pockets of his hakama. The demon yawned and cracked his neck, producing several audible pops before asking with a sarcastic tone, "It's the life, isn't it?"

  15. While seemingly walking around the entrance to the cave aimlessly, a series of sudden shrieks caught Samui's attention. Making her way towards the noise, the girl hid behind some bushes as she peeked into the cave to find a man wielding a sword fighting against a figure that looked like a demon. "Oh, that must be the partner that was mentioned during my mission call and the one he's fighting is probably the demon we're here to deal with."

    Putting both her hand on the handle of each of her blades, Samui waited for an opening to jump in to assist in the fight.
  16. "Meow," Pearlan peeped the instant he was snatched out of the air like a cat by the skin of its neck. When his kidnapper released him, revealed himself, and proceeded to nonchalantly chastise the purple royal, however, his reaction wasn't as tame.


    When he got heated, his mouth spat fancy phrases like an overflowing pot. But they were produced at a thousand words per minute and minced a million times over, their meaning unclear. His stumbling tongue just couldn't keep up with his energy, so his intent to rule over the town with an iron fist wasn't properly communicated.


    What triggered Pearlan beyond self-comprehension was the fact that Arashi failed to recognize his exceeding villainy and made him sound like a chill guy. When he'd severed an old man's leg, served civilians kebabs, painted people's walls, floored their homes, and cleaned out single women's pipes, he'd received gleaming coins and glistening smiles. At every turn he'd endured those fond expressions, forced himself to see them as good signs, unable to feel the satisfaction of a carefully unfolding plot and plunging his true sentiments deeper into himself with every unclogged toilet. But when the insensitive Arashi delivered his verdict, the very things Pearlan had been trying to suppress exploded from him all at once.

    "...What are you doing here anyway, Ara-kun?" the Duke asked innocently after he'd calmed down. "D-did you... did you come here just to see me?!"

    He was popular with the humans, but he viewed them as his unsuspecting prey, forming no genuine connections with them and longing for the presence of a fellow demon. Here he was, detailing Pearlan's activities as if he'd been stalking him this whole time. As the purple royal stared up at Arashi's bare torso, his feral, slitted pupils comfortably tracing the cracks of his muscled abdomen, his skin turned a bright red. Pearlan's complex brain remained a mystery, but he wore his heart on his sleeve. Tears welled up in his eyes as if he'd forced it back into his ribcage and displaced them.

    "I WAS SO LONELY! THE TOWNSPEOPLE WERE MEAN, ALWAYS SMILING AT ME AND CALLING ME GOOD! I COULDN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I'M SO GLAD YOU'RE HERE!" he cried, throwing himself onto Arashi, snot dribbling from his nose, the watery outlines of his eyes churning cartoonishly.

    "Hey, look! I found him!" a villager shouted, drawn to the roof by all the noise and pointing in their direction.

    "It's Pearlan!"

    "There he is!"

    "He makes the best kebabs!"

    "He amputated my leg!"

    "He saved us from the demon!"

    "He plumbed my bathroom!"

    "He's kind of cute... I wonder if he has a girlfriend..."

    "I want him to plumb my bum!"

    "Who's that redhead next to him? He is so my type!"

    "What? I like Pearlan and his childish energy waaaay better!"

    As the townsfolk showered him with praise, and as certain individuals among them were wet in... other places, Pearlan's washy, pathetic visage seethed and hardened with rage. He'd had enough. Having just relieved his bottled emotions, the Duke was standing up for himself.

    "ALL OF YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!" he growled suddenly, ripping off his bandana and showing his horns. "I AM THE GREAT DEMON LORD PEARLAN EVELDAUER, AND THIS IS MY SIDEKICK, uh...-"

    The ranting royal paused, scanning Arashi for any identifying features and trying to think of a good nickname, before his eyes settled on his conical hat.


    With this determined pronouncement, Pearlan turned dismissively away from his audience and disappeared into the night. He thought he'd made his point, but despite what he'd said, the crowd's excitement hadn't died down. Only one person stayed silent, scowling bitterly at the peripheries of the throng, her shriveled, wiry fingers gripping the handle of a frying pan and trembling furiously. The old lady had met Pearlan the day that he'd arrived, long before he'd gone from a little-known handyman to a local celebrity. Unlike the fools who comprised the rest of her community, she regarded the royal with contempt, and not over some petty assumption about her age. She ran a fire-grilled shrimp stand on the other side of town, where the playing children once gathered and bought her skewers with their parents' money. But ever since the Duke moved in, they'd all but abandoned her, morphing into ugly drooling imps and bounding toward their demon lord's kebab stand. As she longed to see the kids' smiling faces again, hating Pearlan with every fiber of her being, everyone else was oblivious.

    "That Pearlan! He's a real funny guy! He could be the lead role in a stage production!"

    "Ha! And his horns and face paint look so realistic!"


    "You know, you really shouldn't have kicked Dad out of the house," a green-skinned, single-horned adolescent spoke up. "He did everything he could for you, bringing you all the food he could find instead of eating any himself. Now he's dead..."

    An irked eyebrow suddenly plucked at the forehead of the blue-haired, voluptuous demon whom he was addressing. Her unexpressed frustration was so palpable that it could've singed the sharp angles of her brows and peeled thick curls of smoke off them like the kind billowing from her pipe. The folds of her pink kimono, which hung loosely and revealingly on her shoulders, didn't make her look any less serious.

    "He was useless to me. When we all turned, that idiot tried to deny our demonhood, tried to keep the family together and provide for us while consuming little himself. I'd lost all memories of him being my husband, and you'd lost all memories of him being your father, but you indulged his fantasies and showed appreciation. Eventually, I disowned him and he wandered into town one night, where he finally succumbed to his selfish demon urges. Perhaps he learned, in death, that demons possess no notion of family."

    "Is that so?" her son questioned, as his sister pulled on his sleeve and wondered, with a smile, if Daddy was in a better place. "Then why are we mourning him?"

    "We aren't," the mother pithily answered, "nor are we avenging his death. But there is a threat out there, someone in this town who's strong enough to kill a demon. The three of us must eliminate him, or we're not safe."
  17. Arashi

    ..."Ara-kun"? Also, I was just passing through the area for places to decimate, but I won't be telling him that.

    The duke flinched with a slight expression of disdain when Pearlan threw himself on the former with the crying demeanor of a child. Luckily, it didn't last; Pearlan immediately became his more deranged self at the crowd as Arashi watched with dull eyes, though he did tense up at the nickname the other duke had used for him.

    Platehead.. that's not menacing at all; I have no idea where he's going with this.

    As Pearlan huffed his last few threats, Arashi followed, silently dismissing the laughable stupidity of the dim-witted townsfolk beneath them.

    "I don't really have much to do from here, so I suppose I'll take part in whatever other antics or intricate plans you have going on."

    There was no emotion in his words; to be completely frank, the demon could not give a more nonexistent damn about what Pearlan did; there wasn't anything else to watch that would be as eventful, anyway.


    Vero had yet to make the first move, so Miyaji began his attack. Lunging toward the demon with his Naginata firmly gripped in his hand, he sharply inhaled a breath of air as his blade began to glow with crimson fire. Breath of the Volcano, First Form: Blazing Step. Attempting to test the waters of Vero's abilities, Miyaji started with one single, concentrated slash to the neck. There's no way this'll land, but I'm going to do what I can to give Phyra as much intel as possible.

  18. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Kit coughed up blood as the unseen force drilled into his stomach, launching him backwards through the air. He tumbled off the rooftops of nearby houses, upturning roofing with every bounce.
    “Not yet, I’m not done yet.” The swordsman muttered through gritted teeth, slowly regaining his senses. He bounced once, twice, three times more before shifting his weight into the direction he was being launched. Midair, this allowed him to spin and plant his feet onto a roof as he skidded to a halt.

    He exhaled heavily and took deep breaths to restore his rhythm and return him to total concentration. Bright red lights caught his eye, and Kit followed the trail of fire to see Miyaji now attacking the demon. Smart, she can only look one attack at a time. Now’s our chance!
    “Breath of Shadow Sixth Style: Black Rhino Thrust.” Kit angled his arm at 90 degree angle so his sword was now facing straight forward. He arched and bent over before aggressively propelling himself towards the back of Vera with his sword acting like a horn and spewing black streaks.

  19. 'He did something... Silent threatment.."

    Kazu accepted Akane plan and was heading left to the demon. After this he hit something and if he wasn't careful, he would lose an arm now. 'What was that... Probably his Demon Art, so it reacts with any kind of sound, huh. Extremely irritating, not dangerous but irritating. I never came through normal training, such an opponent isn't enough to defeat me and I have someone that watch my back.. I will immobilize him and she will finish him" Kazu thought.
    He took a stance, but it wasn't a normal one, it looked almost as he put his sword down.

    Instantly, Kazu bounced using the sword scabbard like a stick and jumped. The sword scabbard exploded, but to Kazu nothing happened. 'Fifth and Sixth: Heat Lightning Shower' using two katanas, he aimed precisely at the demon's limbs.
    'Even if he dodge, Akane will have clear hit for the head and if he won't. He will be forced to stay still and she also may finish him'
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  20. Vero glared at Miyaji. "Third Eye!" The same impact that hit Kit went directly at the incoming Volcano Style user. At the same time, Vero took this opportunity to jump off the roof, using the same impulse from her attack. She disappeared underneath. "Let's play hide and seek! Just be careful I don't see you~!" Her voice was heard throughout the small fishing village.

    Preech was getting annoyed, Dolan was too close. "Blood Demon Art: Liberty of Speech!" Preech took in a big mouthful of air and screamed. The force of his sound waves were so powerful, everything around him was sent flying.

    Silent stood quietly. The sound Kazu's blade had made and his voice announcing his blade style allowed his demon blood art to pinpoint his location exactly. This caused for several explosions to occur in front of Kazu. This also activated for Akane, every step she took detonated Silent's ability.
  21. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane flinched, she shouldn't have flinched. When she heard a small explosion behind her, she stopped to see what happened, but the floor under her exploded. Akane screamed as she was sent flying back and just when her body hit the floor, it happened again. She couldn't scream this time, she had the wind knocked out of her. Luckily, she landed on and old antique couch next, not detonating anything.
  22. Kazu was sent flying after the huge explosion and he wasn't as lucky as Akane, he hit the floor and that caused another explosion. "Damn... It..." he thought. He could use this technique.But he can't. His master said that it is *forbbiden*. He must be prepared to stop being a Demon Slayer. He got a better idea, what if his opponent lose his limbs in explosion...It was stupid, but could work. The only problem was, to reach him and don't explode.
  23. Tapping her fingers against the hilt of her blade, Phyra had come to the same conclusion that Kit had made. The demon's abilities were clearly focused on its eyes, which meant if they could take them out of commission, the demon could be effectively defanged. Gouging its eyes out wouldn't work, the demon would regenerate in a matter of minutes, possibly even seconds, depending on how strong its regenerative capabilities were. This meant that she'd have to take a different approach...

    As the Demon retreated into the fishing village, Phyralis decided to hold a brief meeting with her fellow demon-slaying compatriots. She waved at Kit and Miyaji, grimacing at their injuries, feeling a bit guilty that she herself had got off scot-free. However, thanks to them she'd come up with a solid plan to catch the demon off guard. Once the duo of male demon slayers came over, she would relay what she'd come up with and get their thoughts on the matter.
  24. Miyaji's expression twisted into a frown.. of confusion. She said she wanted to play hide-and-go-seek... She also said I should be careful so that she doesn't see me.. She's the one who jumped down and tried to hide.. What? Shaking off his slight confusion at the peculiarity of her words, he followed in pursuit, though upon seeing Phyra he decided to change plans and head over to her. "So, were you able to deduce anything? From my end, her projectiles seem to fire from the things with which she makes eye contact, so we can try to hinder that."
  25. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Kit flipped in the air as he tried to use up the momentum from his charging attack before jumping and landing near Phyra and Miyaji. He sheathed his sword and crossed his arms, visibly upset with how the battle was going.
    “I feel like our priority should be blinding her. Clearly she can see in the dark so we have to be able to produce a blinding light.”
  26. "Alright, Arashi. It's clear after all those nights ago that nobody here takes me seriously, but that'll change once they feast their eyes..." Pearlan resolved, heaving as the last drops of sweat trickled down his face, "...ON MY BATHHOUSE OF EVIL!"

    On the eve that he'd set about constructing his latest attraction, he'd crouched over a mess of loose boards with a hammer and nail. But as he labored through the passing nights, sleeping in that same fetal position in the dark corner of his cramped hovel, the Duke's vision was slowly realized. The chipped tiles that the townspeople had cast into the darkness of the alleys now formed a roof that vengefully cast shade onto them, and the individually unwanted planks that Pearlan had scavenged from the garbage joined into a much more desirable whole⁠—a menacing, three-storied bathhouse with an outdoor hot spring and an icebox complete with refreshments!

    "Hmm... I should give it a less conspicuous name. I've already named Pearlan's Persian Paradise after myself, so I think I'll dedicate this one to you. How about Arashi's Dream Spa? Our slogan can be Take a washie at Arashi's," the purple royal proposed, admiring his diabolical creation with a smirk. "Sounds pretty innocent, right? WRONG! The baths are so hot that the instant someone wades in, they'll be burnt alive! ...Well, provided that they stay put for three hours. The canteens in the icebox are there in case something goes wrong and we need to cool the place down. Now let's test the waters!"

    The Duke entered his finished spa, crossed its spotless floor, and settled into its pristine bath, as the unclean, nefarious schemes bounced around inside his head without the same calm. Yet he still possessed enough self-control to neatly fold a towel in four and lay it on his messy hair.

    "Ahhh… now that really hits the spot!" Pearlan concluded with a pleased sigh. "We just need to wait for all those suckers out there to fall into my deathtrap."

    That didn't take long on a chilly winter night. At first, Arashi's had drawn a modest crowd, but as the happy silhouettes of townsfolk enjoying the steam filled the windows and the prickling cold of the outdoors prodded more people toward the building, the bathhouse's attendance swelled. The Duke's skin had turned red, either because he was satisfied or because he'd spent too much time in the water. Maybe the creepy smile trapped on Pearlan's face, as if in a minefield of pain, would give someone a clue.

    "Everything's going great! It's been 15 minutes! Only two hours and 45 more to go!" he managed through gritted teeth.

    Suddenly, the teenage boy relaxing next to him rose and stepped out of the bath, putting a dent in his confidence.

    "Wait! Where are you going?! You're supposed to stay for another three hours, or you won't be burnt to a crisp! Ow!" Pearlan panicked, agitating his aching body with the outburst.

    "Well, duh. It's common sense that you shouldn't stay in a hot spring for more than 15 minutes. I'm gonna get some cold water from the fridge."

    "No! You can't just do that! Those canteens are my failsafe!"

    "Oh, that's right. I should probably pay for it. Here, hope this is enough," the teen said, producing a few bills from the kimono he'd sprawled out on the wood floor. "You know, Pearlan, I don't say this to a lot of people—especially not to my parents, who are idiots—but I appreciate ya. You make the best kebabs, paint the coolest walls, slay the baddest demons, and build the perfect places for me to get away from home. Thanks, bro. I'll see you around."

    The words stung the Duke harder than his red skin. Praise, love, and gratitude were the very banes of his existence, and here they all were in one place, shooting from the same mouth like three sharp blades and impaling him. He'd been convinced that the bathers, and not his plans, would go up in flames, but now the shreds of his cunning ploy sailed invisibly to the water and floated beside his sad reflection.

    "...Are you freaking kidding me?" asked a hopeless Pearlan, sinking deeper into the bath. "Kids these days, am I right?"
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  27. Phyra raised an eyebrow at Kit's suggestion.

    "I agree with you that we should blind her, but a blinding light?"

    While she wholeheartedly agreed that the Demon's weakness was also its greatest strength, its eyes, Phyra was somewhat skeptical of their ability to produce a blinding light. It was night because demons burned in the sunlight, so they didn't even have a suitable source of light unless Kit was packing some kind of lantern.

    It was certainly worth a try if they had some means of accomplishing it, but Phyra's idea made use of something already present.

    "Perhaps we could use the seawater. If we lure her to the docks, we can cut through the pillars supporting it and drop her into the ocean. While her eyes are blinded by the salt, one of us can behead her. What do you guys think?"
  28. "Pardon me, I couldn't help but overhear that you desire power..." a voice sounded through the darkness of the ruined house in which Shirade had taken shelter. The pink-skinned, pointy-eared imp whom the clueless demon slayers called the Mystery Eater descended its creaky steps and revealed himself. Having journeyed a long way in fancy clothes that weren't suited for travel, he'd happened to seek refuge in the same place.

    "I see you're a fellow demon. How rude of me to address you without showing my face..." he remarked, gingerly unmasking himself. "Call me Mr. Eater. Might I ask your name, and why you want to get stronger?"
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  29. Vero moved along the shadows, doing everything possible to get the enemy away from her. She finally reached a thin alley between two small cabins. It was dark and with all the different trash and trees, she would be difficult to spot. But she could see them. She smiled, saboring her dinner, and shot two sniper like shots at the three demon slayers.

    Silent grabbed a hold of one of the shelves, filled with glass figurines, and tossed it towards the two demon slayers, ready to attack once the noise began.

    Preech began speaking loud, sending shockwaves towards the two demon slayers. "Repent and seek salvation! Admit that you are sinners who seek nothing but blood shed and violence! Perish and free the world from your evil!" Each word as a boom burst towards the enemies.
  30. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane was just getting to her feet when she saw Silent making his move. What was he doing? Why drop a shelf? It didn't matter. Akane had to act fast. She took in a deep breath, the warm air traveling quickly through her body and relaxing her muscles. She had to be quick and attack. Akane ran directly towards the falling shelf, stepped over it and jumped in the air.

    "First Style: Unknowing Fire!" She called out. She was in the air, ready to slash from Silent's right shoulder diagonally down his torso.
  31. Dolan slid into forward stance as preech attempted to push him back with his demon art ability. Dolan slid back some ,but maintained his stance. He gritted his teeth as he was pushed back ,and as it stopped he turned his hips throwing his back leg forward for a side kick aimed for the demon's liver. Afterwards he swung his sword towards the demon's larynx, "First style! Fading golden hands!" He yelled as he swung ,and as he swung he felt preech yell..however he was not going to be deterred, and pressed his attack.
  32. Miyaji

    "Use the docks to our advantage, huh? Sounds like a solid plan, but it'll be a pain to get her there, considering her long ranged attacks. She'll definitely be keeping a large distance away from us since our weapons don't really help with countering her fighting style." However, upon presenting his opinion, an idea popped into Miyaji's head. But.. what if they did? He began to think, staring at the long-handled Naginata in his grip. Suddenly, he felt it again; slight distortions in the air identical to the same feeling prior to the demon's invisible projectiles. Trying to detect where it could be approaching, Miyaji's eyes narrowed, and he whirled around, slashing in a horizontal arc as he employed the Fourth Form in his breathing style: Molten Wall. His block managed to deflect one of the blasts shot at the group, but the other remained undetected until contact became inevitable. Miyaji cursed inwardly as he felt the air begin to shift near his face, and he immediately tilted his head to the left in an attempt to avoid the attack. However, it managed to inflict a painful cut on his right cheek, promptly drawing blood. Luckily, the projectile hadn't hit the others, so the only injury he had to treat was his own. "Damn, she's in a position where she can see us, but not the other way around. We should probably move to a safer location."


    Arashi quietly watched with monotonous eyes as Pearlan's plans continued to fail, though he did take amusement at the hilariously dumb naivete of the kid who had left from his seat next to Pearlan in the bath.

    "Intricately conceived plan, huh?"

    The duke had been standing near the side of the bath, leaning against the wall with a towel wrapped around his waist. "I'm starting to think your plans aren't actually going that smoothly."
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  33. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Kit couldn’t help but find himself being drawn to the new girl as she demonstrated intellect equal or greater than his own through her planning. “Yeah that works, otherwise I was thinking we could use Miyaji’s flames to blind her.” He cordially stared while nodding in agreement to Phyra’s plan.
    Vibrations in his lungs alerted Kit of an incoming disturbance in the air. Instinctively he stretched one arm in front of Phyra’s chest to protect her and the other held his sword to block the second attack Miyaji had narrowly avoided. His eyes scanned the direction the attacks came from and he came up with a general idea of where the demon was hiding.
    “Fuck that” He muttered through different teeth in response to Miyaji’s suggestion, “I’m done playing her games. I’ll get her to the dock, you guys handle the rest.”
    “Fourth Style: Void Ring” Kit held his katana in front of him with both hands and began rapidly spinning it, creating a black hole that would engulf anything it came in contact with, including enemy attacks. This’ll get her out of hiding he couldn’t help but have a slight smile as he charged towards an alleyway.
  34. Phyra smiled wryly as the boys protected her from both attacks. Although she was grateful, that did take away an opportunity to demonstrate the second part of her plan. Nevertheless, the demonstration wouldn't be necessary as Phyra was sure the duo would be able to catch the gist of her strategy through her explanation alone.

    Drawing her blade, Phyra let its tip hover along the ground and with a quick spin she kicked up a cloud of dirt and dust around the trio.

    "I noticed that the demon's attacks still affect the things they pass through, so something like this cloud of dust, should act as an early warning system for her attacks."

    Phyra's logic was that should an attack enter the vicinity of the field of dust, the attack would greatly disturb the drifting particles and thus give away its position. Of course, this strategy wasn't perfect. Dust would need to be frequently kicked up to maintain the cloud, and a stray gust of wind could give false impressions, but it was still better than trying to sense the invisible attacks through the air.
  35. Shirage looked at the demon, who just arrived and it took him a while to finally say something "We may be fellow demons, but that doesn't mean that I trust you enough to tell you my name, Mr. Eater" he took a sip of blood from his earlier prepared cup "My desires isn't your problem either, but you already introduced yourself and it would be mean to not introduce myself back, right. Call me Shirade, but I think that my goals aren't something I could wish to tell you. What do you want, as in this world there isn't anything for free"

    As Kazu was thinking about next action, Silent threw a shelves. Probably a trap, as he uses sound to use his explosion. Suddenly, Akane rushed at him and.. She said out loud her breath style. Kazu had a second, but it was more than enough. He couldn't let her be hurt, no clue why, he didn't want. 'Thunderclap and Flash' he thought and rushed at full speed, he tried to push Akane away from explosion, at some kind of soft (and silent) pillows.. He whispered "Use it against him..." before he received an explosion.
  36. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane was too concentrated to notice Kazu. But, she did noticed the change in the air, where there would soon be an explosion. Before she could react, she felt something push her aside. She managed to see Kazu's blur as the explosion impacted him. Akane landed on some soft pillows, probably cushions or parts from some old beds and couches. She noticed that Silent was focused on Kazu. She held in her breath and jumped from her position in a straight line towards the demon.

    Her style was still in place, she had no need to prepare it again. Everything seemed to have turned into slow motion. Kazu was hurt, Silent was distracted and she had a clear path towards the demon. This was it, her chance to strike. Colorful flames emerged from her katana, like the phoenix pin on her hair. Her eyes concentrated, set, on her target. She was ready to strike.
  37. "Nonsense, Arashi! This is only the beginning. I'll make my plans bigger and better... and you'll help me out for a change instead of standing around doing nothing! OW!" Pearlan dismissed. "But before I turn the town into a bloodbath... I oughta get out this one."

    The Duke emerged from the water with a whoosh and exited with a stride, dripping all over the wood floor as he padded toward the window. He flung it open and welcomed the crisp air, anything to cool him down, but it promptly rejected him with a warm splash of blood across his face. What was going on outside was absolute chaos. A cacophony of screams stormed into the bathhouse through the aperture, the tangled noises whipping out like tentacles and choking the peace and quiet of the spa to death. Each one was piercing and terrifying enough to curdle the blood that stained him, a shade too bright to have passed through his red countenance.

    A curvaceous, blue-haired demon was wreaking destruction on the neighborhood with an adolescent son and a little daughter in tow. The way she killed was distinctly feminine, spinning gracefully through the air with her arms extended and her claws drawn like rotating blades, severing necks and showering the streets with bodily fluids. She appeared to be getting the most out of her raw physical abilities instead of relying on a Blood Demon Art, and as Pearlan absently watched the display, he couldn't piece together that she and the unsightly brute he'd slain several nights ago were married. Part of him was glad that Arashi's Dream Spa had gathered this many people to be slaughtered like cattle, but another side of him was jealous that he wasn't the direct agent of the carnage. The Duke folded the window shut, knowing neither how to feel nor how to answer the question of whether his plan had succeeded.

    "Well..." he concluded, "...some demons aren't feeling the Christmas spirit. I can easily get this blood off by changing the color of my skin, so I don't need to hop back in the bath."

    The royal altered his hue as he paced back to Arashi, the fresh blood suddenly falling to the ground. Boldly stretching his arms and steeling himself for the onset of pain, he wandered into the hall and stood facing the spa's entrance, contemplating his next move.

    But his train of thought was interrupted when a bleeding corpse crashed through the door, and the three demons terrorizing the town walked into the bathhouse like they owned the place.

    "We should really wash off all this blood..." the mother suggested. Her voice was sharp and seductive, yet her tone was dull and nonchalant as she looked over her shoulder at the other two. Then, her disinterested eyes drifted to Pearlan. "Are you that chameleonic demon who kills his own kind? You look vaguely familiar, but I just can't place where I've seen you. Who are you two, exactly?"

    He'd normally introduce himself as the Great Demon Lord Pearlan Eveldauer, but this slut had traipsed in here and ruined his spotless floor. What he'd reveal to a wench who'd thrown a wrench in his scheme was far grander than his identity. The red-faced and not-so-jolly duke would show her the next world.

    "I'm Santa Claus, you MILF. I see you when you're sleeping and know when you're awake and know when you've been bad or good, so for goodness' sake, don't interfere with my fucking plans!" he raged. "Christmas is a time of giving, and I'm about to give you a clean ass-whooping!"

    "You think you're tough because you defeated my husband? He was weak, a mere pawn who'd fetch me dinner and slowly starve as I grew stronger," retorted the unimpressed female. "Midori, Yuri. Deal with them."

    The green-skinned male and his petite, fair-faced sister raced up and down the walls, weaving a complex path as they rushed Arashi and Pearlan from both sides. But the latter could tell precisely who was attacking who.

    "...Hey Ara-kun? Can we please switch places? I don't like beating little girls' asses, even though that's what creepy Santa does in his spare time."


    The Mystery Eater's whole demeanor changed at the icy reception.

    "...Wow. I guess I should be used to that sort of response by now. Yeah, you're right. Just because we're fellow demons doesn't mean that you should trust me, not with how shady I look in this getup..." he confessed, scratching his chin. "Anyway... it's nice to meet you, Shirade. You don't need to tell me your goals if you're not comfortable. I was only asking basic interview questions. You see, I run an organization that promotes peaceful coexistence between humans and demons... and as formal as that might sound, we're really just a big group of demons looking to get stronger while staying smart enough to survive. Our members aren't ruled by their primal desires for human flesh. I don't know you that well yet, Shirade…"

    He paused.

    "...But judging from the way you're sipping blood from a cup instead of tearing into a raw corpse with no self-control, it seems like you're one of those demons who's able to resist his natural urges. An unthinking monster consumed by gluttony is killed off quickly and has no hope of getting stronger, but that isn't you. So..."

    The Eater stopped to take off his foggy glasses, flashing his impassioned, honest eyes at Shirade.

    "...I'd like to recruit you into the Red Demon. I asked you earlier why you seek power so I can better explain how joining will further your ambitions. If you're one of those demons who's retained some of his human memories, who still has his brain, then it probably sucked to find out that you couldn't venture out into the sun anymore. And even if you could, the humans would condemn you for what you were, however good your intentions. The organization is full of people just like you..."

    He used the word "people" in the general sense to describe individuals, human and demon alike. Otherwise, he was appealing to any humanity left in Shirade, recognizing the surviving quality that the unturned might've denied.

    "...People who have thrived in the dark recesses of the society that rejected them and built a burgeoning civilization of their own. Demons who have their own motivations, just like you, and work toward them every day while doing enough to benefit the enterprise as a whole. We're not the Nobles. We're not the Dukes. We're not the royals, or any established figure who sticks his nose out in the open. We're the proud underworld. Like I said, I don't know why you want to get stronger. Maybe you have someone to protect, or you're maximizing your newfound abilities, or you're trying to survive, or you seek vengeance..."

    The Mystery Eater was genuinely ignorant of Shirade's past. He'd simply rattled off the stories of those he'd previously encountered.

    "...But the best way to do it is from the shadows, right under their unsuspecting noses... like demons are supposed to. If you're interested in joining the Red Demon and becoming part of a close-knit community that works to earn its daily bread, I'll tell you exactly where to go from here. If you aren't, then I'll leave you be."

    The well-dressed imp paused a final time, nearing his conclusion.

    "You asked what I want, Shirade? I want you to know that you're not alone. What's personal stays personal. But before I can help you, I need you to answer a few simple, very important questions…" the Eater finished, his piercing gaze intensifying. "How do you feel about humans? How willing are you to harm them in satisfying your appetites? How have you survived as a demon up to this point?"
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  38. Vero
    Vero saw the incoming demon slayer, using some sort of vortex to protect him from her attacks. The other two were hidden by a cloud of dust. She wasn't safe unless she could attack and Kit was getting too close. She jumped back on to the roof tops and ran away to the docks. There was no sand there and if the demon slayer approached her, she could easily break the docks and drown them. She ran down the longest dock until reaching the edge over the dark waters. She stood there smiling, waiting for them to come after her.

    The demon watched as the female demon slayer made her way across the air, towards him, without making a noise. He needed to her something. She was closer, no sounds of breathing, no thoughts. She was closer, he heard her heartbeat. But, it was too late. The blade had already cut the upper part of his torso, including his head. His head hit the floor. Silence. He closed his eyes as he slowly disappeared, enjoying the silence of death. The only thing left, was his mask.

    His scream hadn't been strong enough. His voice slowly faded away as he was sliced by the demon slayer. As he hit the floor, he began cursing in some unknown language, he was angry he had been taken down by some mere human. He tried to speak one more time, but no sound emerged from his mouth. He bit his tongue as he disappeared.
  39. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    Akane watched as the demon disappeared. She began breathing, heavily, again. She was in disbelief, she looked at her katana and at her hands. She had actually defeated the demon. She turned around and saw the wounded Kazu. The sight of Kazu's chest reminded her of the cuts in her arm and the pain emerged. She dropped her katana as she grasped her injured arm. She ran over to Kazu.

    "Are you okay?" She took out some herbs from her sleeve and molded them together in her palms. "Let me see your chest." She held the herbs close to her mouth and released warm breath into them, slowly burning them. "This will avoid infections." She pulled open his shirt and began rubbing the herbs on his wounds. "Thank you for saving me." She smiled.
  40. Shirade listen carefuly to Eater, either noding as he paused or making little *sigh* noise. He later start to think that it may be good to change something for a while. "I think that I will join you, Mister. But, I don't promise that I will stay longer than few months, year at best. I will have to do something alone later" He said and later he started to answer to Mystery Eater questions. "I see humans just as another species, just creatures that may not understand us, becouse we are different, but we still need to live with them. I am ready to fight or even kill human in sleve defense, but I have no need to kill them to keep my appetites at ease. I can manage to survive on one cup of human blood for around 2 weeks or month, it depends. For me, their blood is as good as I would be eating full human and I don't need to kill them and draw attencion to get it" He explained.
    "Great work out there..and I am fine... I know a person that trainings are harder than this" he said and later added "You are hurt too, maybe you should look at your own wounds first" he said and he groaned after she rubbed herbs on his wounds "Ugh.. No problem, good to know that my help wasn't unnecsery out there" he said and he slowly fell asleep at the floor, it was a bit late, he was hurt and he didn't rested fully after his journey here and fight.

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