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Open Core of the Dragon Academy (A Superpower RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Simple. Since we're on the first day of exams, simply write a post where you character just arrived at the island (They had to swim to the island), and then run from there.
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  2. What about the continuity of things
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  3. Name: Darkhelm Connors
    Age: 25
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Medium black hair that covers his ears and extend down the bottom of the back of his neck. Wears a black jacket over a dark blue t-shirt, dark grey pants and black boots.
    Personality: Easygoing personality, often blunt and direct. Jolly demeanor and bright attitude. Is very aware about his dumb edgy name.
    Powers: Shadow Constructs
    Bio: Pro hero who has spent many years protecting the world. He eventually decided that he should try a different profession and enrolled as a teacher in CODA.
    Teaches: Gym teacher and part time janitor dude
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  4. Yep, should be good
    And yeah, we're sorta in hibernation right now. We'll wake up in spring, I'm sure
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  5. How many people who used to be part of this left the site?
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  6. Uh... A lot. I'd say around 6,7, something like that
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  7. How many character faded into oblivion because of that?
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  8. If there were any integral characters (say, they were in a relationship or really good friends), they got taken over. Else, they just sorta disappeared and we don't speak about them anymore
    Apart from Rio, who's just going to be away on a trip for the rest of this RP
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  9. I see. Cause when a lot of people leave and their characters who were involved in the plot just disappears the RP would just become a mess
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  10. Got a post in.
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  11. Nice. Let's hope it's enough to wake up a few more people
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  12. @5DigitNeb If you see this, still waiting on a response if you've got the time
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  13. okay so I'm not sure whether or not I've signed up for this before but I've been meaning to get back into an active RP after a long while; before I hop in with my character, would a kind soul be willing to tell me what's currently happening and where?

    Name: Erik Arsenius
    Age: 16
    Year/Grade: Sophomore
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Erik has a slightly tan skin tone and dusty brown hair. His eyes are a bright emerald with flecks of deep forest green. There is also a small scar running through his eyebrow, the result of a bully at school swinging at his face with a knife. Standing at 5'8, he has a slim physique, though there is some muscle on there. His normal attire consists of a white v-neck tee, black jeans, a black hooded jacket (he prefers to keep the hood on), and black sneakers. Erik also often wears a skull teeth bandana over his mouth and nose.
    Personality: Erik is more of the quiet type, tending to stay away from large crowds and groups of people. However, he is quite interactive with his friends, sometimes even messing around with them every so often.
    Powers: Erik can manipulate his life energy (a.k.a. aura) to enhance his stats, such as attack power, defense, speed, reflexes, et cetera. It is quite versatile in its use, but Erik mainly uses his aura to enhance himself, though he might look for different applications later. Using it for too long, however, can leave him fatigued for a good 30 minutes to an hour.
    Bio: Having been bullied at school from elementary school to the end of middle school, Erik tended to build up a lot of anger within himself, though he never showed it, both in and out of school. One day, after a rather stressful day at school coupled with the constant bullying and torment, Erik walked out to his backyard and yelled as loud as he could in an attempt to let off all the pent-up rage he had in him. To his surprise, as soon as he yelled, a blood red and black flash of energy flared around him, withering the grass beneath him and radiating immense heat in his general vicinity. His grandfather, having noticed it from a window, enrolled him in CoDA for him to better harness and control his newfound ability.
    Current Guardian: Grandfather (Florian Arsenius)
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  14. Accepted. Hold on a moment so I can brief you.
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  15. This is the general situation. A few changes though. My teacher OC sent y'all diving. So you were thrown off the cliff and had to swim to the Island.

    There are no monsters around...yet, but a few fights have broken out between the students. The first day should be coming to an end rather soon, so maybe your character wants to buckle down for the night. Who knows~
  16. Cool. Thanks so much!
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  17. Guess I also got the summary, going to think about what I want to post
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  18. @kyuukestu I've realized I made Darkhelm very similar to Wystria, and I'm thinking of playing off of that. Darkhelm will be referring to Wystria as Shadow Buddies
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  19. A bit too similar is the better phrase actually
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  20. Lmao, yea Wyst has all his powers and more xD
    However, Wyst actually can't make Shadow constructs. Not in the truest sense anyway. I reserved that for a higher level of shadow manipulation which she hasn't gotten to. For now, she can only make weapons and realistic looking shadow-animals.
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  21. I expect them to get along juuuuuuuuuuuust fine
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  22. Would it be a problem I Darkhelm ran into Wysteria right now? Or should I wait for a better moment
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  23. Well, she's one of the teacher's with a silver bell, so she's kinda just sitting and waiting for a student to challenge her. It wouldn't really be a problem for him to run into her, but she's not doing much lol.
  24. I would like a list of the characters still in this RP and their relationships with other characters if its not an issue, I would like to know the characters
  25. Well, on my end.

    Kevin, Aura & Ryker are a freshmen trio known to get in wacky situations and are a gossip topic among their age group. The true companions sort of thing going with Ryker being the daring adventurous one, Kevin the shy but internally brave one and Aura being the bridge between the two.
  26. Whatever happened to the whole thing with Ramon? I remember Ryker aiming to kick him, and Tatsuya taking a flying leap at Ramon, but I don't think there was a reaction on Ramon's end.
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  27. @SS-I Never you are needed.
  28. Ramon is suppose to be fighting @5DigitNeb’s character, but he never responded after I did. Also, I’m sorry but I didn’t noticed your post about Tatsuya.
  29. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    wait what?
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  30. Yeah. Apparently you had Kikoro, or whatever his name was (Sorry), try to sneakily take Ramon’s bell, the character who had been hiding to attack my other OC Suzy and her group.
  31. 5DigitNeb

    5DigitNeb Previously ScorchPlayz

    no that was @DarkHydraT character
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  32. Oh, I see now. I’m so sorry. It’s just that both my character and @DarkHydraT’s character were both hiding near boulders and I just assumed. Sorry.
  33. Alright, then. So, nothing has happened with Ramon. I don’t think Ryker tried to fight him, but I need to ask @Godjacob for that since he’s controlling Ryker at the moment.

    Okay, so I went to read the RP, and you’re right. I’m sorry for not noticing these points. I just assumed my characters were irrelevant to the plot at hand so you guys would just ignore them. Seems like I was wrong.
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  34. I mean I have June in a waterfall if you want to bump into her for interactions.
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  35. The thing is I already had Darkhelm start a conversation with Wystria
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  36. You wanna make Darkhelm one of Wyst's race~? You could only get stronger tbh xD Though the advancement between levels is supposed to be pretty slow.

    Actually working on my post right now so I should be done in a few minutes.
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  37. You know, I'm considering it now.

    But that would mean I need to make a twin for the guy
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  38. Yea he'd 100% need to have a twin, but they don't need to be of the same gender.
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