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Open Core of the Dragon Academy (A Superpower RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Official Thread --> https://pokecharms.com/threads/coda-superpower-school-role-play.16027/

    Greetings Superpowered Student,

    We, the founders of Core of the Dragon Academy are overjoyed to bring you the news of your acceptance. We promise that you will certainly enjoy your time here, and that you will grow not only as heroes, but as people. The island is very safe and secure, with a highly trusted team of certified Superheroes stationed there, if it would so please your probably worrying guardians (Superpowered or no). Boarding, laundry, and meals are all provided, along with extra amenities as explained in the provided booklet with more information about the school. Be sure to have both you and your guardian sign the bottom of this letter, your acceptance is merely showing up! If you reject this offer, feel free to burn this letter. We look forward to (hopefully) seeing you this next school year!


    Rio Reis , Superheroine Draco and Founder of Core of the Dragon Academy

    Sky , Ancient sky spirit and Founder of Core of the Dragon Academy

    We also celebrate the school’s 200th Anniversary! Festivities will be planned and held later in the year!


    Ah, yes, the famed Core of the Dragon Academy (CoDA), a 200 year old school that has cranked out well trained heroes since year one. A place located in the Pacific Ocean, nearby to Hawaii, and prides itself with having no villain outbreaks! This school is a place of safety and learning for students from mere kinder years all the way until graduates from their senior year of high school (From there the school gladly pulls strings to get you into a college should you so desire)

    The island is a paradise, filled with tropical and lush jungle, a very stable, very dormant volcano (trust the staff they check every year), and extensive caves. Everything is pristine and well maintained to ensure that every person on the island can enjoy their stay. In one end of the island, there is a cove where all the kinder year students live and learn separately from the older students, as it helps get them settled in. Parents are free to live in dorms provided in the cove. The beach on the opposite side of the island have dorms for all students elementary to high school, homey beach houses connected to piers over the water to save space and preserve the sandy beaches. The middle and elementary schools are located in the forest on opposite ends of the island, and in the very center built into the volcano is the high school. The founder’s house (and staff housing) are all built and located at the summit and built into the side of the volcano.

    Kinder Year Classes
    Ages 2-3
    Basic Morals I
    Basic Power Control I
    Ages 4-5
    Basic Morals II
    Basic Power Control II

    Elementary Year Classes

    Year 1
    Basic Morals III
    Basic Power Control III
    Introduction to Math
    Introduction to Reading and Writing
    Year 2
    Basic Morals IV
    Basic Power Control IV
    Reading and Writing
    Introduction to Science
    Year 3
    Math or Advanced Placement Math
    Reading and Writing or Advanced
    Physical Education (Activities vary)
    Introduction to Foreign Language (Student chooses which one)
    Year 4
    Math or Advanced Placement Math
    Reading and Writing or Advanced
    Science or Advanced Placement Science
    Physical Education (Activities vary)
    Foreign Language

    (At this point, supplementary Morals and Power Control Classes may be added or needed)

    Year 5
    Math or Advanced Placement Math
    Reading and Writing or Advanced
    Science or Advanced Placement Science
    Physical Education (Activities vary)
    Foreign Language

    (Supplementary Morals and Power Control Classes are always offered from this point onwards)

    Junior High School Year Classes

    Year 6
    Math I or Math I Advanced or Math II
    Literature I or Literature I Advanced
    Earth Science I or Advanced
    Physical Education
    Foreign Language (Students may add a second if they prefer to this year)
    Elective Class*
    Year 7
    Math II or Math II Advanced or Math III
    Literature II or Literature II Advanced
    Biological Science I or Advanced
    Physical Education
    Foreign Language (one or two classes, or replace their first language with a new one)
    Elective Class*
    Year 8
    Math III or Math III Advanced (If a student has already completed Math III, advanced is not required and they may have another elective)
    Literature III or Literature III Advanced
    Physical Science I or Advanced
    Physical Education
    Foreign Language
    Elective Class*

    *Elective Class Options
    Second Foreign Language
    Art Class
    Computer and Hacking Basics I, II, III
    Advanced Power Usage and Experimentation I, II, III
    First Aid I, II, III
    How to Deal with Stress
    High School Year Classes
    Year 9
    Foreign Language Review
    How to Deal with Stress
    Hero Basics I
    Advanced Power I
    Combat Training I
    Year 10
    Third Foreign Language or Elective*
    How to Deal with Stress or Elective*
    How to Keep and Make Secret Identities
    Hero Basics II
    Advanced Power II
    Combat Training II
    Year 11
    Third Foreign Language or Elective*
    How to Deal with Stress or Elective*
    How to Keep a Hero or Vigilante Identity (Includes Costume and Name design)
    Hero Basics III
    Advanced Power III
    Combat Training III
    Year 12
    Third Foreign Language or Elective*
    How to Deal with Stress or Elective*
    Power Utilization (Advanced Power neglects how to teach you to use weapons or costumes combined with your powers to your advantage, this class fixes that)
    Hero Basics IV
    Advanced Power IV or Elective*
    Combat Training IV or Elective*

    * Elective Courses
    Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and or Seventh Foreign Language
    Vehicle Design and Construction I, II, III
    Computers and Hacking I,II,III
    First Aid I,II,III
    Various Literature classes (available in Advanced or AP)
    Various Math Classes (available in Advanced or AP)
    Various Science Classes (available in Advanced or AP)
    Various artistic classes
    Cooking I,II,III
    Metrology I, II, III

    Oh hey look you graduated.
    You don't have to read the entire thing, just look for your characters grade level and just get an idea of what you'll possibly do, teachers, these are all your options. Put PIE somewhere in your description so I know you read what you needed to.
    All student positions are OPEN to join.​
    Current Guardian: (Mother, Father, both, Grandparent, Aunt May, Uncle, etc.)

    All teacher positions are ASK to join.​
    Teaches: (Or if you want to be the janitor switch TEACHES to OCCUPATION and we’ll all be good)

    Name: Rio Reis
    Age: 216
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Long and wavy black hair, with a strand falling into her face that has been dyed gold. She clearly is mostly Polynesian in ethnicity, but her facial features have the angular elegance of an Egyptian. She has wide, bottle green eyes, and her skin is littered with bullet scars, slashes, bite marks, and a plethora of other scars that have made her body mangled.

    Her eyes are solid green, the iris is a little lighter, and her pupils are slit. The back of her mouth has sharp fangs, and her hands and feet are tipped in golden claws. Her lower arms and legs are completely covered in fiery crimson scales, the same goes for her back, and she has a few scales dotting her shoulders, chest, and across her nose. Her ears are red, long, and shaped like a deer, with the lobe growing feathers. She has two stud and two industrial piercings in each ear. Gold feathers grow from the back of her head and lower back. Her back has two black lines, placed as if they were where wings would be.

    Personality: When she was younger, she was wild, reckless, and very impulsive and aggressive. She showed no mercy as the vigilante Draco, who was widely accepted as a Villain. However, she was Draco 200 years ago, and since then with her age not only is she an official Superhero, she has mellowed out. She was always sweet and caring, but the death of her sister replaced it with her aggressive and defensive behavior, but now that attitude has resurfaced now that she has had so much time to mull over and accept her life. She kept her snark and sass though, and often makes remarks about her own age. She is very patient, protective, and still aggressive when she needs to be.

    Powers: Fire manipulation, which includes forming wings of pure fire and coating her limbs in fire claws or whips, etc. She can do a lot more (including breath fire), but I'll let her use those in the role-play. Thanks to her powers, she has a much longer lifespan, which allowed her to reach the age she has.

    Bio: When she was around 14, she and her family moved to Atlantis after her first mother died from cancer. There, she found the gemstone heart of a dragon, which fused with her and awoke the dragon spirit-imp Aurrea. Gaining the dragon's previous powers, and physically changing slowly, she ran away from her gradually more abusive mother. She became the infamous vigilante villain Draco, and while fighting an evil sorcerer, the years ticked by until she turned 19, and gained legal ownership of her younger sister. However, shortly after the sorcerer murdered her sister, and Rio killed him at last. Her behavior went down hill for years until she met the air spirit Sky, who is her most trusted friend to this day, as he not only helped her calm down, but also helped cure her of her cancer which was genetically passed on to her from her first mother. Eventually, she and Sky left Atlantis, and established Core of the Dragon Academy.

    Occupation: Headmistress of CoDA, Founder of CoDA, Superheroine Draco, Teaches Physical Education
    This Roleplay is a collaborative effort between me and @Sky5372
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  2. Name: Sky
    Age: 10,000
    Gender: M
    Appearance: Sky is normally a barley visible shimmer in the air, but in his physical form is a young adult, around 20, with light brown hair, white skin and hazel eyes. He wears black tracksuit trousers, with black sneakers and a dark blue shirt as his typical clothing- although this can change at will.
    Personality: Sky is normally laid back, not caring about much and keeping his cool in nearly every situation. You can rely on him to make a comment about something, and is very loyal to his friends
    Powers: An air spirit. His powers will be quite evident
    Bio: Sky is the last living member of his species, the Air Spirits, which are just about classified as extinct. They lived fine until human intervention began to pollute the air, slowly killing off his race. After Sky realised what was happening, he began to build a human body to survive the pollutants, and after around half a Millennium, he had finished creating a physical form for himself. Not long after, the remaining air spirits were finished off by the Industrial Revolution. After this, Sky just sort of flew around the world messing around and stopping crimes before deciding to make the city of Atlantis his home. There, he met Draco, and she has been his closest friend ever since. A year later, they founded CoDA.
    Teaches: Co-founder/Headmaster of the school, so quite a lot, but mostly teaches Advanced Powers (I, II and III) metrology

    Later edit: This is a kinda crappy thing to go off of, so it's really best to look at the RP if you want an idea of who he is
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  3. Name: Dalton Price
    Age: 16
    Year/Grade: Junior (Year 11)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dalton wears a black hoodie along with black jeans, and black combat boots. He has blonde hair, and light blue eyes. He has a thin face, with a thin scar in his left eyebrow. He stands at about 5'11" and weighs about 126 lbs. On the back of his right hand is a strange tattoo. It is shaped like a sword, with a slight curve. When angry his hood comes of and his hair sticks up.
    Personality: Dalton is a nice kid, but tries his best to keep his distance from large crowds. Howeve he is open to a few friends, if he knows them and can warm up easily. However he can become very angry and lose controls of his powers. He has a no kill policy. No matter what he follows it, even when in a blind rage.
    Powers: Now this is where things get interesting. That mark isn't a gang sign folks. It's more like a mark that fuels his powers. The hotter it is, then the stronger his powers. His power consists of when activated, him being engulfed in a red energy. the energy is a spirit of a warrior with a curved blade. While enclosed in the spirit they can fight as one, and they can also fight apart. And he also has mastery of a curved blade. The energy is called Ki.
    Bio: As a young boy, he got mixed into a fight. Mid-fight, there was an explosion. No one ones what caused the explosion that happened under Dalton's feet, but somehow it made a shirt in energy, allowing his to control his Ki, and summon his spirit warrior. He also found a curved sword in the bushes, complete with a scabbard. He then enrolled in the school.
    Current Guardian: His uncle Bobby, and is a lawyer. He isn't very attentive and doesn't stay on the island.
  4. Name: Daniel Gray
    Age: 28
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Daniel wears a black trench coat with an electric blue shirt and black tie to top it off. Daniel stands 6'5" at womping 173 pounds. He is moderately skinny and has decently toned muscles. His eyes are pale blue and he has black hair with electric blue streaks. His hair is styled in a gentle men's haircut and his left cheek is scared and generally has a smile on his face. :) He also has an electric themed sword. PIE!!!!!!!
    Personality: Daniel is a laid back person. He smiles a lot and is comedian, but there is a dark side to him. He can get angry if you ask for help, SOMETIMES. He expresses his love for the fine arts a lot, although he can't draw worth a crap. He loves music and acting, and takes it very seriously. He always wants to add a little extra flare to things. He loves puns.
    Powers: Electric Manipulation. Daniel can manipulate and create any form of electricity. If one of his emotions goes into overdrive, he enters Plasma Mode. In Plasma mode, his body is over run with electricity to the point were his body is completely made of Plasma. His hole body is electric blue except for the white of his eyes and his pupil. His legs and arms are are not whole, they look like they're missing pieces. His power is greatly increased in this form. His powers are also AMPed up against metal.
    Bio:Daniel grew up In a broken home. His brothers bullied him, his parents were divorced, and his sister has had several different forms of cancer. The only way he could find joy was in the fine arts. He was extremely gifted in school, but often didn't do homework because he was constantly practicing. He often wouldn't take class seriously, so his parents forced him to enter scientific testing to earn a little extra money. The tests were testing the humans different reaction to electricity. One day he came home from testing, only to have all the electronics in the house malfunction. He thought it was just a power outage, but when he went to other places for his daily routine, they all malfunctioned. His parents kept having go to testing. His body was starting to malfunction, due to the fact that brain waves are just shock waves. His power grew and grew. He didn't focus on his powers until High School, where he learned that he could enter Plasma Mode.
    Teaches: Fine Arts and Keeping up a Hero/Vigilante Identity.

    I fixed all of the autocorrect fails I could find.
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  5. Either late tonight or sometime in the morning (for me... I kinda realize all our time zones are different, its 9:20 for me so hopefully you can guesstimate when I'll post)
  6. Name: Tia Marino
    Age: 17
    Year/Grade: Senior (12)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Tia has tan skin, dark brown hair, and dark green eyes. white feathered wings are on her back, though they are usually kept folded and hidden underneath her black leather jacket. Tia also wears a black shirt and dark blue jeans.
    Personality: During the first five normal school years of her life Tia was timid and incredibly shy. Through her martial arts training she learned self-discipline and along with that her confidence has increased. This has not made her careless however and she is usually the first one to point out if something is dangerous or bad.
    Powers: Tia can fly using feathered wings that she usually has folded and hidden beneath her jacket. She can also manipulate electricity. This includes the ability to create, shape, and manipulate electricity; as well as increase and absorb electricity.
    Bio: Tia was bullied for the first five normal school years of her life for being half Italian and half Spanish. She eventually earned respect by excelling in multiple martial arts and Kendo. She got her wings when she was nine. They had suddenly appeared on her back when she fell off a high cliff. Her Electricity Manipulating powers developed later when she was twelve. She has been honing her powers ever since then. She spent two years fighting crime as the vigilante Rayo Alado. Tia stopped that at the age of sixteen.
    Current Guardian: Her parents Matteo and Camila Marino.
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  8. Nah, your electric powers are pretty different to hers. She can create solid forms out of them, you can manipulate it purely. Also, you have plasma mode. And @Excalibur Queen, would it be possible to give more detail on how those wings got onto her? Same with @Asriel Hydreigon-murr, mind saying how exactly your character ended up with those powers? It's not completely necessary, it would just be better
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  9. Okay, I'll look into it.
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  17. @Excalibur Queen You could always go and wait for the ceremony to start at the hall(?). Then other students'll follow
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  20. Name: Jake Everett
    Age: 18
    Height: 5ft 8 inches

    Personality: Jake is the kind of guy who doesn't shy away from doing what he considers to be the right thing and due to this he can prove to be on the headstrong side of things. That said he is nice to everybody meets unless they give him a reason to distrust them. The usual reason for this is that he is extremely protective of his little sister and really doesn't like to let new people in too quickly. The boy is not afraid to got to extremes if he needs to and has been pushed into corners that require him to some dark things before.

    Physical appearance: Jake isn't tall for his age but he is built with a wiry frame, still tough. He possess a pair of hazel eyes that can give either a piercing gaze or a friendly look depending on the situation. His hair is a dark mess that is often untamed but still manages to suit him pretty well. A few freckles are scattered across his nose and over all he is a pretty good looking guy.

    Usual outfit: Dark jeans, whatever shirt he chooses and a navy blue jacket over it all. He normally also dons a pair of black combat boots.

    Powers: Can swap between his human form and another in which his skin becomes jet black and he loses all features bar his eyes and mouth. His eyes are replaced with fully yellow ones, no whites, and his mouth is just a black pit. When I say he can swap to this form, its often not willingly due to the way in which he gained his powers. This form is not completely solid, it can shift somewhat, his arms can reshape to blades, his limbs could extend or he could change his hands into a shield or whip. He often climbs on walls and ceilings, gecko style. Whatever his body is made up of in this form is harder than human flesh, it makes him a lot tougher than the average human. He has no organs in this form either as far as he can tell, no blood comes out when he is split. He is far from invulnerable though, heat and electricity affect him just like anybody else.

    Bio: The reason for Jake's powers is actually rather sad. At a young age (7) he was diagnosed with cancer. It was everywhere in his body, not a chance he could survive even with the best treatment available. And so he was signed up to take part in a off the books experiment in which his atoms would be complexly reconstructed in order to edit out the cancer using incredible new technology. Untested technology. Turns out that the people who had told him they were curing him where actually trying kill him, they wanted to see if their machine could edit him out of existence basically. Luckily something clearly went wrong along the line as once he was deconstructed Jake returned in his new form, a mess of black crystals that destroyed the lab and everybody in it. Almost a year later the crystals became the boy once more and he returned home to his obviously freaked out family.
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  21. Heh, sounds a bit like a Mewtwo. Awesome character idea though
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  22. Thanks man XD
    I take it that means I'm accepted?
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  23. The students are Open, so I don't need to accept you. That's for the teachers only
  24. Name: Kevin McKnight
    Year/Grade: Freshman (Year 9)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Short (5'7") & skinny (115 lbs.). Blond, spiky hair with blue eyes. Wears a black jacket with white t-shirt, blue jeans and black tennis shoes.

    Personality: Quiet and anti-social. Will seek any opportunity to get away from a crowd and keeps to himself. Never says more than he has to, causing others to mistake him for a mute. Wants to learn to be social and wants to make friends, but fears what his powers can do to others and lack experience interacting with people his own age. Strong desire to protect those he does care about, but constantly keeps trying to suppress his emotions. Especially since his powers can cause him to go into a blind instant-driven rage when not taking every precaution.

    Powers: Transforms into a viscous, reptilian monster. This grants him super strength, enhanced senses, camouflage, limb regeneration, wall climbing and spiting acid. Note he has no control over this; the transformation happens in intense cases of rage or other extreme emotional breakdowns. When he can control is coating his skin with scales and a few minor abilities.

    Bio: A scientific experiment gone wrong, he was kidnapped as a child by a mad scientist who also killed his parents. He performed experiments on him, as well as other children, turning them into human/animal hybrids. His DNA was mixed with varied reptiles. Out of all the children he was the only known survivor of the scientist experiments when a Superheroine named Cyber Champion came and rescued him. With no home to go back to Cyber Champion took him as her own. She would quickly learn that the child's condition would not be easy to live with as his emotions triggered a monstrous transformation that risked the safety of others. She home schooled him for years, and supplied him with special drugs to help keep his emotions in check, before deciding that he had matured enough to seek a proper education and hoped the school could mold him into the hero she knows he can become, rather than the monster he fears he is.

    Current Guardian: Cyber Champion AKA Candice McKnight his adoptive mother.
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  27. Just a quick, probably dumb question, are we allowed to make up some side characters in addition to the main OC. So long as one avoids power/story confliction with other Role Players. Nothing overly detailed or complex, just some extra bodies to make the school feel more populated.
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  28. Also, could I have a second OC, who is the Janitor?
  29. Wait, nobody else reply. This won't work unless I get my post up after hers, and I need time to type it
  30. Name: Jack Anderson
    Year/Grade: 12
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: (5'10") and (125 lbs.) Short ginger hair, medium arms and legs, tiny torso, black jeans, light blue short-sleeved shirt, and a no necked un-zippered black jacket
    Personality: Athletic, smart, quirky
    Powers: Massive white wings
    Bio: Expossed to massive amounts of radiation and grew wings
    Current Guardian: Mother: Josephine
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  31. Instead of a Janitor, I got this guy.

    : Ryker Williams
    Age: 15
    Year/Grade: Freshman (9)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Ryker has reddish brown hair that is about mid-length, and shaggy, and messy. He has blue eyes. He wears a white t-shirt, with black jeans. He also wears white converse. he wears simple clothes, mainly because his powers are simple. He sometimes wears a black leather jacket.
    Personality: Ryker is goofy, upbeat, and it's hard to get under his skin. He seems to never take things seriously, but secretly cares deeply. He's a class clown, and the butt of tons of jokes. He is a bit of a slacker, and barely passes a lot of his classes. One thing about him is that he wants to make people smile.
    Powers: He has the unique ability of absorbtion. Well not like steal your power and use it agaist you, but absorb, blasts and blow, cutting the damage into a smaller amount. This makes him more durable, and he can store energy, to later use to boots his attacks, jump higher, increase his speed, and even fire small blasts of energy. His power can vary. If he absorbs fire, his attacks will be a bit more fire based. Same with water, lighting, etc. Of course the power he uses in't as strong as the source, but he can store energy to build it up, to do serious damage. He also recovers faster.
    Bio: Ryker was always bullied as a kid. His father had been are arrested, and his mother soon became a single mother, taking care of him and his younger sister. Soon, when his father was released from prison, there was a slight custody battle, and Ryker ended up with his father, Vince, and his mother kept his sister. During this tough time in his life, he was also bullied at school, by the neighborhood kids, and was often beaten up. His father was a good man, but a heavy drinker. He also expirenced mood swings, so there would be days, his father would be nice, and other dash where the man would be distant, and sometimes even mean or cruel. Through all of this, Ryker kept his uncaring, totally carefree composure. One night during one of his father's drunken rants, the man set. Fire to their apartment. Ryker in a desperate attempt to save the man who caused so much pain, learned of his power, when he survived and absorbed a chunk of that fire, saving everyone's life. His father, in the last good thing he'd ever do for his son, sent him to CoDA to keep him safe. However Vince didn't go with the boy.
    Current Guardian: N/A
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  32. Don't be surprised if you see me bounce on and off, I am checking in to know what to type into my response but I am currently in the process of an audition so reply will come later.
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  35. Heh, I find it kinda funny how everyone thinks Draco is amazing and the founder of the school, and nobody really notices. Draco is famous, I suppose
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  36. Ryker will probably reconize ya, but he isn't in your class now.
  37. Kevin likewise is in the Fine Arts and Keeping up a Hero/Vigilante Identity class. He's respectful of all authority figures.
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