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Open Core of the Dragon Academy (A Superpower RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. PlayfulFox47

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    Thank you Grand Master Koop. I didn't know how to tell him where sign-ups went. (Tagging never crossed my mind O.O)
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  2. PlayfulFox47

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    Um... is someone going to reply to the RP?
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  3. Right, my bad, fair bit of schoolwork. Hopefully I can get some momentum going
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  4. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    Thanks! Now for the changing of shape!
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  5. So is there a way we decide which teacher trap we have encounter which student?
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  6. I figured we'd leave it up to the students, but in case they're a bit too shy we can probably control them as side characters until they get destroyed/defeated
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  7. Name: Domica Riolu
    Age: 15
    Year/Grade: Freshman
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Domica normally wears a red hoodie that goes down to her waist, with holes in the back for her wings. She has one demonic wing and one angelic wing. She pairs this with some deep blue jeans and a black t-shirt tucked into her jeans. Her wolf tail comes through her jeans. She wears some red boot-style converse. She has wolf ears on top of her head, but she normally has her hood up so some people don't know that. Her hair colour is black at the roots, but faded into a deep red in the middle and the ends, this is her natural hair colour. Her Eyes are different colours: Her Right eye is red, her left eye is white. She wears a see-through eye mask to hide her eyes. She has freckles that stretch from her left cheekbone to her right cheekbone. She has a strange dark grey marking on her right cheek, which is in the shape of a cresent moon and two stars. The teachers think this is due to her being part wolf.
    Personality: Domica is the shyest girl you will ever meet. She is that shy she freezes sometimes. When you get to know her, she starts opening up to you. she has a tiny bit of depression, but that was from bulling that has now stopped. Once you get to know her she can be funny, bossy in a nice way and super overprotective to the point that she would put her life on the line for you. She can be very loyal to her friends. Sometimes, when you anger her too much, her demon side comes out. Teachers do their best to prevent this though.
    Powers: Pyrokinesis and Shapeshifting.
    Bio: Born from a hybrid demon-wolf and a angel, Domica was given strange powers. She grew up not knowing how to control them. Her parents tried their best to help her, but couldn't. They locked her in her room to live in solitude, and that's why she doesn't trust new people that she meets. Her Mom and Dad, previously students at the school, asked the headteachers and staff to keep a close eye on her and help her control her powers.
    Current Guardian: Both (Mother and Father)

    And that's my character! hope you liked reading it, if I did something wrong, please tell me <.>
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  8. Quite the character she is, I can see you've put a fair amount of thought into this. Just one tiny issue:

    She has a lot of powers. You should cut it down to a few main powers, and then branch out from those main powers.

    E.g. Pyrokinesis (Fire Control) would allow her: fire starting, fire warping, fire creation, and flight.

    So they really don't need to be 4 different powers.

    I'll simplify that to:

    Pyrokinesis (Fire Control), Telekinesis, Mind Reading, Invisibility, Teleportation, Super-speed, Shapeshifting, and extreme regeneration.

    We'll call flight, claws, teeth a part of her body, and call it Angel-Demon body.

    So that's still nine different powers. That is a lot.

    For your character: shapeshifting, regeneration, telekinesis, and pyrokinesis are all pretty powerful on their own. They really don't need so many other powers to back them up.

    I'd say cut back on the powers a bit. They should at least stem from one or two main powers. E.g. super-speed, extreme regeneration, and pyrokinesis can be merged into something like Fire Mimicry —the ability to turn your body into Fire.

    Like Ace from One Piece.

    You'll also need to pace the character a bit. Eight powers is a lot to start out with. You can start with two or three and work your way up toward others.

    To give an example, one of my characters is half-hydra. So her powers are:

    • Water Manipulation
      • Body Replication (Can make bodies out of water)
    • Hydra Powers
      • Venomous Bodily Fluids
      • Parallel Thought
      • Heat Vision
      • Air Tasting
      • Vibration Sensing

    So she's got a number of powers, but they stem from only two sources.

    Water Manipulation, and her being a Hydra/Serpent.

    She also doesn't have access to Parallel thought or Body replication yet, since they're pretty powerful abilities.
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  9. Okay, thanks for the tip, I've changed that now.
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  10. Name: Pixie Dark
    Age: 15
    Grade/Year: Freshman
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Pixie has a black hoodie, with the hood up. She hided her wings under her hoodie, but they pop out occasionally. She wears thigh high Black-to-purple ombre socks and knee high shiny black boots with purple buckles. She wears a purple pair of shorts. Her hair is black with purple dip dyed ends. Though they look like they she did it herself, that is her natural hair. Her hair is long and she parted it into two parts that come out of her hood. She has two different colored eyes. Her right eye is black and her left eye is purple. She has little silver stars under her eyes. She has purple eye shadow around her eyes. She has magenta lips.
    Personality. She is bold, courageous and kind. She cares a LOT about her friend Domica and is very protective of her, especially after all the bullying she went through. Her and Domica are close friends. She is proud of her power and is an extrovert, while Domica is the introvert out of the two.
    Powers: Crystal control, Extreme Healing,
    Bio: Pixie was born as a still-born baby. Her parents were devastated at the loss of their only daughter. In Heaven, an angel looked after her while she was growing up. When she became 15, she was told all the rules of being an angel. She thought it was unfair and didn't listen. She was kicked out of Heaven and fell from the sky. She was found by her real parents and they decided to get her into public school. There She Met Domica. They became good friends and learned about each other and their powers. They asked their parents if they could send them to CoDA, and they agreed.
    And that is my character profile. And yes, before anyone says i DID get permission from KarmaTheEeveelutioner to be her friend in this roleplay. She is my sister irl so she said yes in person. You can ask her if you don't believe me. If i did anything wrong, please notify me via this discussion server or private chat. Thanks!
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  11. Ah yes, the only issue with your bios is still she sheer number of powers and how powerful they are.

    Let's stick to 2 powers shall we?

    You can do a lot just by building on 2 solid powers.
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  12. That is a lot of ability that just seems slapped together, barely any correlation between them
  13. Seriously, you people have too many powers that doesn't relate to each other. Why do you do these things?
  14. Ah, you should've posted again to tell me you edited.

    Well, with the powers you have now, Accepted. Just do remember you're students, so nothing too crazy.

    Also, there's no one at the school right now. Instead, here's what we're doing.
    @KarmaTheEeveelutioner @Mitsuki_Moonshine

    You're take Mid-term examinations -practicals if you would.

    Your Character has been sent to a remote Island along with the other students. By sent, I mean we dropped you off a cliff and you needed to swim to the Island.

    Once you're on the Island the exam can truly begin. For this exam, you need to score 3 Points to pass, and you can score these points by collecting bells.

    There are 4 Types of Bells;

    Bronze Bells (1 Point)
    Silver Bells (5 Points)
    Golden Bell (100 Points)
    Iron Bell (One-third of a Point)

    How you acquire these bells is entirely up to you, combat, theft, trade, etc.

    You can score as many points as you want, as it will count towards your final score, but keep in mind that you only need 3. Luckily, you start with 1 Bronze bell! So you're already 1/3rd of the way there.

    Bells can be found from;

    Bronze Bells (Other Students)
    Silver Bells (Teachers)
    Golden Bell (Headmaster)
    Iron Bells (Monsters that Roam the Island)

    You'll need to find other students on your own, but you've been given a map with the location of the teachers on the Island. You are free to challenge them as you please either alone or in groups.

    The only restriction is that only 3 Iron Bells (1 Point total) will be allowed per student.

    The current monsters on the Island are;

    Starved Hellhounds
    Mechanized Gorilla
    A trio of Nutcracker Soldiers

    That being said...good luck & have fun~
  15. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Headmaster doesn't have gold bell anymore, but that's beside the point. I will get a post up tonight
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  16. Alright anyone got students who need a fight? Have no clue what students are where given the amount of time that passed.
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  17. PlayfulFox47

    PlayfulFox47 Previously PlayfulShinx47

    And now I see someone else has someone who can shapeshift... The only thing I can do is shapeshift into animals that I have studied...
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