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Open Core of the Dragon Academy (A Superpower RP)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Crunchy-Cucumber, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. Man, you make everything so clear and concise. I am impressed.

    Still, if I had Andrew react to how this power was supposed to work, it would have caused his power to trigger and literally murder Lily and Suzy. It's more than just changing the field so to speak, depending on the fear in question.

    Still thanks for this explanation :)
  2. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I think when it has to do with Andrew's fears, the way you dealt with it was perfect.
  3. Thanks, xD I try.

    Nukas is right, it's a very specific ability, and it actually gives her opponent a lot of flexibility.

    You'll need to remember first and foremost, that she's actually turning your Nightmares/Dreams into reality, so the person deciding how much power she can wield is actually you.

    She can't, for example, summon a Black Hole if your Nightmare/Dream isn't about a Black Hole.
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  4. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    is the wind wall above toby?
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  5. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Hydra can't come to the phone right now, please leave a message after the beep... *beep*
    (Hydra won't have wifi for the next couple of days, so he won't really be able to respond)
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  6. It is like a big tube around him, it is possible to enter the area within the wall but you'd have to fly up quite a ways. I'd say it reaches at most 10 metres in the air, sounds reasonable with his current power
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    Quick! Retcon that! Crap Crap, should've posted faster but I was trying to write a post for Celia as well. @Kid_Nukas I kinda need you to hit Melusine for my plan to work.
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  8. Hmmm, though the rest of your post is good. No need to change that part. We'll stuff him with a two-pronged attack.
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  9. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Will do ASAP
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  10. Sankyuu~

    So from here on out we're gonna be kinda winging it. I'll leave direct confrontation with Sky to you, and Melusine is going to be wreaking havoc from outside the air bubble.
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  11. Hmmm, I think by year 3 or 4, I'll have Melusine unlock all the abilities currently listed on her bios... they'd be so useful right now ~w~

    So parallel thought and her 8 water clones.

    I'll probably also do some training for her to increase the toxicity of her bodily fluids.
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  12. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Liam: w-wait, you want the k-kid who hasn't f-fought anyone before t-today to attack had on. I'll try, b-but I'm only doing this b-because Melusine was kind t-to me.

    That's actually a pretty solid plan, I think it will work out well. I knew I chose my mentor well.
  13. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    I think I'll probably just update Liam's bio as he progresses, I kind of just put his base abilities in his bio to start anyway so I think it will work out that way.
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  14. It's pretty brazen to be plotting out strategy in the discussion page but I mean meh.

    I'm gonna start having Melusine toss some boulders into the air bubble, so we'll need to see if we can set up a decent terrain that's to our advantage. With Liam's power, he'd be able to slip around the boulders without issue. They'll also double as restrictions on the air-flow and shelters for cover, so that'll give us an edge as long as Sky's still going easy on us.
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  15. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    You know we could delete all these posts and just talk about it in a pm
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  16. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, where's the fun in that? It'd be pointless anyway. The scaling for the RP is set so that if any of the teachers were actually serious even several students together would hardly be a match for them. With regards to Rio and Sky, even several teachers aren't their match.

    There really isn't much point to secrecy because no amount of planning can overcome an absolute disparity in power -like for example- there is no strategy that saves us from Sky decided to collapse our lungs via manipulation of air pressure.
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  17. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    *Mentally crying because he didn't realize just how strong Sky was. Then start externally crying* Welp guess I'll die

    In all seriousness though since there is basically no way to legitimately get the bell, is there like a set thing where Sky like tones down his power or if we impress him he'll just give us his bell or what. Or if we can grab the bell do we automatically get to keep it or...
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  18. Yea he's set to not be at full power. All the teachers are. I'm not sure how the rest of teachers are working it. But for Wystria, once she thinks you've proved yourself combat capable by impressing her to a certain degree, she'll straight up hand you a bell.
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  19. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    That's definitely reassuring, although I feel like Sky's is set to be like 20 times harder than that
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  20. Just about lol.

    Speaking of teachers, I need to create a post for both of mine. I suppose it'll need to be tmrw or some time during the week.
  21. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Wait... I might sound really stupid here, but are Ryker and June not @Godjacob's characters?
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  22. I've gotten permission prior to auto them in Ry Burst's place while he was away. They were his characters, but so important to the Kevin/Aura/Ryker trio that I could not just drop him from the plot.

    He simply took control back.
  23. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Oh ok, I must have joined after he left, I hadn't seen him before. Thanks for clearing up my confusion.
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  24. Yeah, Ryker's my punching bag. And so is June. I just need to find some way to introduce Benjy back into the mix, with his aliens powers and such while I'm at it.
  25. Well, Ash/Kendra or Serenity could use something to do. So there is that if you want.
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  26. I guess I'm gonna have to go and attack one of them. ;)
  27. @ScorchPlayz Do you think you could get a post in any time soon? Not wanting to pressure you, just a bit curious. If you need some explanation or something, don't be afraid to ask
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  28. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    How fast and how deep would y'all say the river is. I'm imagining it's pretty deep in order to be able to fit the air bubble, but I was also wondering if it would be slow enough to swim in or is the current too strong and fast. I feel like Melusine wouldn't be affected either way, but Liam definitely would, and I don't think any post prior gave away such knowledge.
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  29. Think of it as a deep, but slow-moving river
    Provided the spirit I dragged up keeps it that way
  30. @ScorchPlayz Not to pressure you or anything, but I kinda want to continue our fight
  31. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    Ok just wanted to clear that up before posting thx
  32. So kinda like this RP
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  33. Yeah
    A really long river
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  34. Name: Oliver (Ollie)
    Age: 11
    Year/Grade: 6
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Oliver is 3'00, pretty short for his age. He is a human with messing brown hair, one dark brown eyes and one dark blue eye. He often wears a light-blue shirt with a yellow star on the front, if he isnt, he wears a red hoodie with the hood up, but this is only if he's in a bad mood.
    Personality: Oliver is really shy, and it doesn't take much to scare him. He normally will communicate through noises and actions, since he won't talk to anyone he doesn't trust. When he trusts someone, he will talk to them softly and stay near them, and will appear happy and energetic.
    Powers: Aura Telekinesis. ( something me and my brother made up. ) Oliver was born from his Dad, who had Telekinesis, and his Mom, who could control Aura. It's like normal Telekinesis, but when he feels threatened, or any strong emotion, he gets surrounded by a blue aura. This aura boosts his power, although he can't control any of his power yet.
    Bio: Oliver 's parents died when he was very young, and his brother Thomas decided to make it his responsibility to take care of his younger brother. Oliver can't control his powers, leading to everyday problems at home. His brother often teased or bullies him, sometimes even getting his friends to beat him. Oliver hides the fact his brother does thjs, all by keeping a smile on his face. He never feels safe at home, and often will run away for short periods of time.
    Current Guardian: His older brother Thomas.
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  35. Looks good. Accepted!
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  36. @Lillipup07 we're not currently at the school.

    The mid-term practical exams are being held.

    Your character needs to swim to the Island where the exam will be held. Once on the Island, they need to participate in a battle royale. Each student has a Tag worth one Point, you need to get at least 3 points total to pass.

    Teachers have tags worth 5 points, and the headmaster has a tag worth 100 points.
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  37. Is this thing still alive?
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  38. Possibly, though it's on life support.

    @Godjacob need a response from you dude.
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  39. Well it's lagging a bit. I am all for keeping it going or anything like that but it depends on others.

    Ah yes I will work on a reply ASAP. Sorry personal stupid stuff cost me a day.
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  40. How would a new character enter at this time?
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