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The Great War of Apsara. (Open!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. TheUmbreon shook his head sadly. He had given away information. Therefore there were consequences, mostly death, or unbearbable silence, much more horrible than death.

    "Umbre,Umbreon.Umbre."(See you on the otherside.) He murmmered sadly as he touched her face with his paw.

    He smiled again briefly, before the collar tightened and wrapped around his face,molding into a helmet with no visor.

    His body stiffened as the Helmet clamped down against the wall.
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  2. She cried out in grief and anger. She began banging on the walls.

    Dan was suddenly by Kallie's side again, against her request. He stiffened up and listened, hearing the banging and screaming.
  3. "We need to go there. Remain calm, please." Kallie instructed in a cool voice. Normally she hated to do this, but along with being able to talk to Pokemon, Kallie can send a wave of a calming sensation over Pokemon if she really wanted to. Kallie was afraid for the Umbreon, so she couldn't use that skill before because she was scared. Dan, Kallie anticipated, would lose his control as soon as he figured out that the screaming was Twilight. As she continued running, Kallie used that skill, urging herself forwards.
  4. Naturally the Umbreon was scared. Just like any caged animal. Not being able to hear, or see, or smell felt like he was dead. There was no movement aside from his own breathing. And as far as he had figured there was no one else aside from Kallie and the other verdants. The odds of him not being gored, or eaten alive by one of the Hybrids was slim enough. The Verdants would be able to fend them off, while he was sitting there, a free invitation for a hungry Hybrid. Most likely.
  5. Dan growled in anger. He dashed ahead of Kallie with the speed of ten Grovyles and skidded to a stop at a locked iron door. He began using all his moves against it, mainly Seed Blast.

    Twilight hugged her knees and sat in the corner. She put her face in her knees and rocked back and forth.
  6. The mechanical arm grabbed Umbreon, putting him in a windowless room, surprising Umbreon. The room was cold and dark, and there was barely enough space for 10 Pokemon. " You will soon have Cream with you, unless you do what I say, " Amber stated.
  7. "Urk." He mumbled as he was dropped to the floor.

    Cream...? He asked curiously, still a little delirious.

    The Silver technology translated it back to Amber.

    He still had the helmet on, so he couldn't see.

    He sat down eagerly for the instructions, not knowing he would most likely be betraying the verdants.
  8. " Get info on the Verdants, and Cream will go unharmed, " She instructed. Amber activated the collar, removing the helmet. Cream was in a cage near her chair. " Like taking candy from a baby. "
  9. He scrabbled over, only to be stopped by glass.

    "W... Wh... Why?" He asked tentatively as his body quivered. He didn't know if he could take much longer.

    He then saw Cream. Every thing he ever wanted or needed, dangled in front of him, by people who wanted to use him.

    His body shook a few times more, before he collasped to the ground. His mind was mentally broken. He just couldn't handle the stress anymore.
  10. " So, it's save Cream or save yourself. Which one will it be? " Amber asked. She had a chip in her hand. Cream squealed when it was near her. If this plan didn't work, then she'll make sure the next one works.
  11. "I... Spare... Cream, please..." He said shakily as he stood up. He nearly collapsed from at the effort and strain.

    He stumbled over to Amber before faltering, and tripping over himself.
  12. Amber laughed as Umbreon stumbled over. He's pathetic. She opened the glass. " You can say hellos and goodbyes to Cream today, but tomorrow you will go to work, " She commanded.
  13. He hung his head and walked into Creams cage.

    Cream squeaked nervously, before he shushed her. They curled up together, for what was probably the last time.
  14. Amber carried the cage to the other room before setting it down in the room. She went back to the controls and reactivated the glass. They were curled up together. She dropped a rag on Cream. " There is a way you don't have to say goodbye... "
  15. The Umbreons face showed tiredness and stress and anxiety and pain all at once.

    "What do you want now?" He asked moaning slightly.

    He hoped she wouldn't put him into forced labor.
  16. " Well... If you and cream spy on Verdants, and get me some important secrets to help win the war, I'll put you guys a cage in my office, with a real blanket and heating, plus ac, " Amber stated. It's better then most Pokemon get. " Is it a deal? " She asked.
  17. He looked back at Creams face, which had a contented look on it.

    "Fine." He lied quickly.

    He shivered in the cold dark room.
  18. Little did Umbreon know, she made the collar upgrade more features. She activated the truth app and silence app. Now he would be silent unless spoken too and truthful about anything. " Ate you lying? " she asked.
  19. "Yesssssss... Urk..." He said resisting the collar. "W... D... G... Y..." He said trying to resist but failed.

    He tried running into the glass with the collar, but I didn't even dent.

    The Umbreon shook uncontrollably, as his rings began to flow violently.
  20. Kallie watched, powerless against the situation that the Umbreon was being put in. Carefully she studied the collar, and the whole room itself. All of the crazy contraptions made no sense to her. How did the metal arm move by itself? How does the collar make Nocturn feel pain. A spy.... Kallie needs to take precautions with the Pokemon now. The lady sitting down next to Cream was the lady from earlier, who was on her doorstep. 'Leader of Silver?' She thought. Kallie started to listen in on the rest of the conversation.
  21. The Umbreon whimpered pitifully as he kicked at the collar, breaking one of the wires.

    "Help, I don't want to help you. Go away. Help take off Collar. Please?" He said slurring his words.

    He was still speaking the truth, but the Silence components had broken.
  22. " Dummie. The only way that can get off is if I deactivate it. And also, I've put a collar on Cream. So when you do the deed, Cream pays the piper, " Amber explained. Seconds after she flicked a switch, Cream whimpered in pain. Amber called out Hypno. " Use hypnosis on the girl! " she yelled.
  23. 'Shoot, is she referring to me?' Kallie thought as a Hypno appeared in front of her. 'I so badly want to curse right now.' Kallie started to run, releasing the power to calm Pokemon, but she was too afraid to use it. Multiple Pokemon started to dash by her side. "What's going on?" "Why are you running?" "Do you need our help?" The voices of the concerned Pokemon echoed in her mind. "No, I won't tell you to fight the Hypno, but if you want to, go for it." Kallie continued running, twisting around corners so she can still find a way to save Nocturn. And maybe Cream, but she didn't make any promises to herself.
  24. Hypno used hypnosis, terrifying Cream. With that out of the way, she gave Hypno some pokepuffs, his favorite. She walked over to Cream with a collar in hand. Umbreon growled.
    "Quiet! "she yelled, slapping him. Amber put the collar on Cream.
  25. "That's cowardly... If you wanted to teach me a lesson why didn't you send me the pain, come on I can take it! He spouted arrogantly, still wincing from the slap.

    He stood up straight, completely defiant of Amber.

    Cream moaned loudly as pain spread through her body.
  26. " Because you won't heart me if your friends in pain! " Amber says, flicking a switch. Cream whines and soon became to weak to stand. " Now you won't fight me or double cross me if your friend as to pay the piper, " Amber said, amused with herself.
  27. "Hurting others to get your way is not the way to look at things, Silver." Kallie finally walked around the corner, the immediate danger gone. "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kallie, leader of Verdant forest and current protector of all of the forest's Pokemon." Her small army of Pokemon she collected in the dungeon piled behind her, letting out small growls. "I require half of your assistance, Cloudia! Lilli! Solstice!" Golden light forms of the Pokemon appeared in front of her. "Please release the two Pokemon. If not, I'm challenging you, Ruler to leader. A battle between two powerful leaders."
  28. " Fine. How about a double battle? Two of your Pokemon verses two of mine. "
  29. "No... No please? Please no." He said knowing her ententions.

    Cream was cowering nearby. His rings were a faint gold barely visible.
  30. The light form of Solstice disappeared. "I require your assistance, Cloudia! Lilli!" The two Pokemon fully appeared this time, not as a golden projection. "I agree to your battle. If I win, you release the Umbreon and the Eevee. If you win, you can decide to take me as well." The leader of Verdant bowed in her green robes. "Agreed? Also, one of my terms is that you are only allowed to use Pokemon from your region, so Water, Dark, Steel, Poison, or Ghost types, as I will be using Pokemon's native to my area." Kallie's eyes showed no emotion as she coolly stated her terms of the match.
  31. " Fine. Gengar! " She yelled. " and Cream. "
  32. Kallie was taken aback from this. "Did you not study Pokemon typings in school? From every book I've read, eevee is a normal type, not one of the listed types! How do you create your technology with so little knowledge?
  33. " Well, you said Pokemon from my region, and Creams mother is a Vaporeon. That said, that proves she's native, " Amber explained.
  34. Kallie glanced at the Umbreon, small tears forming near her eyes. "I'm sorry..." She got hold of herself. "Lillie! Teeter dance!" The Pokeom started dancing as Cloudia flew up to dodge the multi Pokemon attack. "Use Moonblast of Gengar Cloudia,!" The Moonblast was a direct hit on the Pokemon. Kallie was going to refrain from attacking cream for now, it was less of a threat than the Gengar was. "Yes!" Kallie congratulated as the teeter dance succeeded, confusing all of the Pokemon except Cloudia.
  35. " Gengar, shadow punch. Cream, Iron tail, " Amber commanded. They both were direst hits. Small tears were in Creams eyes. If she didn't win this, what would happen to her and Umbreon? Probably something bad. " Cream, use Trump card. "
  36. Cream stood still resisting the collar, hoping Kallie would quickly faint her, and not use a status move, like Toxic.

    She stumbled around, bumping into things.

    Her attack missed and she damaged herself.
  37. "Thank Arceus for defense training." She mumbled. "Lilli! Use petal Dance on the Gengar! Cloudia! Dragon rush on...Cream, I'm so sorry, but I don't want you in any more pain..." She whispered the last part. Kallie's Pokemon obeyed, Cloudia adding in an extra punch into her attack, just to make it simple. Since both were confused, they could not dodge, making them direct hits. Damage was being thrown around in this battle, it's all about speed and defense. Lilli continuously used the move Petal dance, dealing massive damage. It became confused, but she used a Leppa berry to heal it.
  38. " Gengar, use Toxic, "'She commanded. It landed right on Cream. " Now hypnosis on the other two, " it landed slightly off, but still hit. " Toxic, " Amber yelled.
  39. Cream smiled before falling over.

    She felt warm and tingly as Nocturn pulled her away from the fight.

    "It's ok..." He. Whispered to her softly as she fell asleep.
  40. "Lilli, worry seed on you and Cloudia! Cloudia! Cotton Guard!" Seeds erupted from Lilli's flower, making both her and Cloudia on guard, making them unable to sleep. Cloudia gave a groan. "I know, i know, it going to be a long night deal with it." Kallie sighed. "Moonblast! Solar beam!" The two Pokemon used their moves, combining and heading straight towards the confused Gengar.

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