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The Great War of Apsara. (Open!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. "Is that the green one? I might know where that is no, but I was going to ask if you seen it." He sat on the going and pulled out his journal. He wrote down a few words before putting it up.
  2. "No, I thoroughly checked the supplies you sent us, and there was no gem whatsoever. If I can assist, let me know." Kallie said coolly. She made an alliance, but as she said previously, Kallie won't decide for her people, so she'll have to find a way to leave the city without the public noticing if she decides to help one side.
  3. ( Can I join? )
  4. "It's fine. " he stood up. "Well, I'm going to find this gem you talk about." He pulled put a glowing compass. "According to this, there is a unfound gem in....." he mumbled and hopped on fearow. "Thanks."
  5. "Hold on. I appreciate your efforts to find the Gem for me, however the Gem is supposedly suppose to bond with the finder of the Gem. So I would like to go and find it in my own time." Kallie Said, her voice was dripping with a demanding tone however, she wanted to find the gem for herself, so She can prove to Verdant Citizens that their ruler goes out and helps them in some way, other than study in her room.
  6. Rye was walking towards his Guest room, when he pulled out The pink Gem. His parents ha driven it too him when he had tried to run away. We hope it will bring you great fortune they had said. Rye still thought it was worthless.
  7. "Thats not what I'm looking for. There are multiple. I must find them." He sighed. "You wanna know something, I was forced into this......war." he goes up and sped into a lake.
  8. A curious shadow followed the two leaders.

    Twilight sighed, watching her leaders leave. She pulled something out of her pocket, confused. She shrugged and beckoned her Pokemon home for a well deserved rest. [sorry shower and dinner]
  9. Name: Amber
    Age: 12
    Job: Ruler of Silver Trench
    Pokemon: Vaporeon, Gengar, Houndour, Hypno, Sylveon, and

    Amber didn't want to be in this war. She didn't even wanna be a princess. But she had to, for her people. They had revolutionary technology, and the other cities wanted to take it for themselves. That wouldn't be fair, considering they did hours to days of labor, building and mastering the technology. But today they would make a treaty. Her carriage pulled up in front of the Verdant palace. Amber knocked on the huge door.
  10. The shadow raced up a tree near the water's edge, sliver eyes watching the pair near the lake.
  11. Cloudia eyed the Gem Rye pulled out suspiciously. The Gem that Kallie was looking for was the exact color. However, the Gem in the Emerald armband was bound, by magic supposedly, to it, never to be separated. "What is that?" Cloudia asked Cream and Nocturn, sounding legitimately curious.

    Kallie heard a knock on the door. The Shining's leader already left, so Kallie was expecting downtime. The fourteen year old leader walked to the door and answered it. A girl wearing Silver's clothing was there. "Hello? How may I help you?" Kallie asked, somewhat confused.
  12. Princess came running and skid to a stop by Cloudia, looking frantic, tears streaming down her cheeks. "I-I need Kallie! And fast!" The Mightyena usually showed no emotion, let alone fear.
  13. Cloudia turned towards the Mightyena. "Why? What happened? Calm down and tell me what happened. Then I can request to Call with Kallie." The Altaria was obviously confused by the situation and didn't meet the Mightyena earlier, so this was a little strange to her.
  14. The Umbreons head shot up when he heard the Mightyena. His Rings glowed nervously as she spoke quickly. "What's wrong?" He asked almost the same thing the Altria had.
  15. "W-we got home and the door was open, and Twilight stepped inside..... And.....," she gasped for breath, as Twilight's house was quite a few blocks away. There was a large gash on her shoulder. "Th-they.... We fought, but they used tear gas..... Sam is badly hurt.... They took Twilight and Cyndaquil....." She managed before collapsing.
  16. The Umbren grunted as he gently laid her down. "We should go tell Kallie!" He said baring his fangs in anger.

    His Rings glowed aggressively as he bared his fangs. He was an An Avenger. He made sure things happened to people who messed with his friends.
  17. "Oh my!" Cloudia said as she embraced the Mightyena and Umbreon with her cotton wings. All Pokemon disappeared to Kallie's current position.

    Kallie was quite suprised as Cloudia returned to her house with Princess embraced in a fluffy hug. "Cloudia?" The altaria explained the situation to Verdant's ruler. "Right. Solstice! Lilli! Come on Cloudia, Nocturn and Princess, lets go!" She turned to the lady at her front door. "I have problems to attend to. Please exscue me." Princess was scooped up by Lillie and Cloudia rushed to the scene with Kallie on her back, Solstice and Lillie to be used as backup. Cloudia landed at Twilight's house. "Hello? Twilight? It's Kallie, Are you here?" She gasped as something leaped at her.
  18. Sam was laying motionless on the floor. A male Grovyle had leaped at Kallie and had her pinned down. It showed anger.

    Princess's tail wagged weakly at the sight of the Grovyle. "D-Dan!" She called happily, yet weakly.

    The Grovyle, now learned to be named Dan saw Princess, then glared at Kallie. "Let them go!" He growled in a rather British accent.
  19. "I'm sorry? Lilli, please put Princess down. Now I would like to ask you something. Where is Twilight?" Kallie was using her ability, given to her as the leader of Verdant, the ability to talk to Grass, Psychic, Bug, Fairy, and Dragon types. "And why did you think that we captured your friends in some way?" The leader stayed still, not resisting the Grovyle at all.
  20. The Umbreon Growled at the Groyvel as he gently pried them apart. He sat back down satisfied. His rings stopped glowing.
  21. Dan got off, seeing they meant no harm. "I followed you and Shinning's leader earlier. Then I heard Twilight scream. I came here and I saw men dragging her into the forest in a choke hold. I tried to heal Sam, but I couldn't find any potions." He finished.

    There was a mournful whine from Princess. Dan shook his head. "Sam isn't dead, just unconscious."
  22. The Umbreon began to use Moonlight on Sam, as his health gradually regenerated. "This might take a while." He said as healed Sam. He sighed tiredly.
  23. "Here, this will help. Its Winter weed." Kallie made sure that Grovyle had a good look at the herb before mashing it up and giving it to Sam. "He should wake up anytime now. Princess." the Leader turned towards the grief stricken Mightyena. "Can you walk? I'll have Lilli carry Sam if you can. If not, I'll have Cloudia carry Him and Lilli, you. you guys decide. I need to find Twilight." She rushed out the door, Solstice following her and Grovyle leading the way.
  24. Dan ran towards where the men had disappeared near the edge of the forest, suddenly stopping and rushing towards a lake.
  25. The Umbreon almost stepped into the lake when he saw it and backed up.

    "The Scent ends here." He said quietly.

    His rings stopped glowing all together To symbolize his anger.
  26. Dan ignored them and leaped in the water, swimming towards the bottom.
  27. Kallie smoothed out her light green hair. "So it ends here. From what I've heard, Silver's Citizens have the ability to live underwater, their capitol is underwater. I believe that Twilight was taken by them. Is this what war includes?" Kallie mumbled the last part. "Lets go." Kallie took a deep breath and dove underwater, with considerable skill, which was surprising due to the lack of lakes in the forest. She swam alongside the Grovyle, keeping pace.
  28. He stopped by a oddly placed hatch at the lake bed. He used vines to try to open it, but they were rusty and cute his vines, so he recoiled them in pain.
  29. The Umbreon hesitated before wading in. He made it half way before trying to dive.

    He came up spluttering.
  30. 'Solstice I require half of your assistance.' Kallie thought as a golden projection of Solstice appeared. Looking at the hatch, The Espeon used Psychic to open the hatch. Then the golden Picture disappeared. 'Ooh, I love that one!' Kallie thought. The hatch made a vacuum of water rush into the area beneath. She nodded to Dan, asking if it was ok.
  31. The Umbreon as dragged by them. he gagged as he tried to in hale water, which wasn't working out so well. He was thrown into a damp sewer like area.
  32. He coughed quiet some, but nodded. "Fine," he said quietly. He sniffed. "Twilight!" He exclaimed, then opened the airlock door to a long hallway and began running down it on all fours.
  33. "Keep attacking Silver Trench!" He sent a message. His pikachu came up with a blue gem. "Here we go. " he flew up. "On to the next one."

    The next one was a lime green. "Another, good." He put it in and stopped for the day.
  34. Kallie slowly made her way down the dark and damp place. "Oh my..." She whispered. She continued at a run, running past multiple cells, either meant for Humans or Pokemon. As she went, Kallie Stopped multiple times to release wild Pokemon, who she kindly instructed to follow her for the time being. Being quite honest, she had an army of Upset pokemon behind her that would attack at her command. "Dan? You need to calm down and come back. Don't get lost." Kallie called quietly.
  35. The Umbreon was Coughing up water down in another cross section, a little ways always. He couldn't move becuase he had been slammed up against a wall. "Help..." He said quietly as he had no more strength left.
  36. He didn't listen and turned a corner. There was a bright light and a loud zap, and the sound of Dan crying out.
  37. With Kallie's good hearing, she heard both Nocturn and Grovyle. "Good Arcues." She mumbled bending down to talk to her pokemon army behind her. "Mrs. Megaunim? And... Mr. Chestnaught. Yes, would you mind helping out my friend Nocturn? He's an Umbreon around the corner and he needs help." The two pokemon followed the directions that Kallie gave them as Kallie herself continued to the site where she heard Grovyle.
  38. Amber jumped in. This lake housed the place she grew up and governs. She immediately swam to the bottom. " Release the cyndaquil. We can use Twilight for negotiations, " She commanded. Soon, she would have more abilities then she could have imagined. She could even be a general for the army. But, first she had to take care of Twilight and the Verdants.
  39. "Yesssss. I'm s-p-pyyyy... Pl-please don't hurt me... Or Cream... Just leave her alone..." He said Mumbling his own conffession deliriously, his head leaned against the wall. He mumbled some more. It would seem he had gained a concussion as well .

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