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The Great War of Apsara. (Open!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. " Hypnosis! " Amber yelled. It went straight for Cloudia.
  2. The attack hit, but did not have any effect due to the worry seed. Cloudia grinned. Ice beam on the ground!" The Altaria obeyed, making the floor slippery, only Lilli keeping her balance due to suction cups near her 'feet'.
  3. Twilight took this opportunity to hug Dan and Avery, but soon ran with them out of the room to find and steal information.
  4. " Gengar! Do it, " Amber commanded. Just as she said that, Gengar used Shadow punch, then Toxic, then psychic, weakening Cloudia and picking her up. " Shadow ball. "
  5. Something leaped between Grengar and Cloudia, taking the Shadow Ball hit and falling onto the ground from the impact.
  6. Cloudia flew upwards, and then back down, startled. "What in the world?" Kallie questioned. "What got in the way?" Staring at the damaged, but it not KOed Altaria.
  7. Dan lay on the floor, motionless. He had taken the hit so their team would win. Twilight rushed to his side, kneeling down. "D-Dan?" She asked quietly.
  8. " Hey! If you got help, you forfeit the match, and I keep cream and Umbreon. Who is it? " Amber asked. She was happy and outraged at the same time.
  9. Dan stood up slowly. "Not....their......fault....." He was speaking English.

    Twilight gasped and helped him stay standing. "Dan! Y-you can talk!" She exclaimed.
  10. " Either way, you helped them and I only agreed to a double battle. Now, cream and Umbreon are mine forever, but I won't take you, Verdant. Now leave here immediately, " Amber commanded.
  11. Twilight stood, looking angry. "We're not from Verdant." She said darkly. Dan nodded, Avery aswell.
  12. " Well, then you two leave as well. Us Silvers have more technology then helpfulness you could be. So leave, you Verdants and Shinings, " She commanded once more.
  13. Twilight looked at Amber. "Take us." She said quietly.
  14. " Why would I want you two over an Eevee pup and mentally broken Umbreon? " Amber asked.
  15. Kallie's face was emotionless as Cloudia and Lilli both disappeared in a blur of purple and green. "I have accepted your terms and I will follow through with my promise." Kallie bowed and walked to Twilight and Dan, pulling both to the door. She wasn't going to punish or be mad at them, she just didn't want her friends in the custody of the Silvers. As soon as they were out of earshot, Kallie whispered. "It's ok, we'll find another way to save them, and if that means I have to go and invade Silver myself, I will."
  16. " Now, you'll do what I say, or Cream gets it, " Amber commanded, grabbing cream out of the cage, leaving Umbreon in there alone. " Now, are you ready to spy, or more pain? "
  17. Twilight whispered, "We are from Verdant. I was desperate and I didn't want her to hurt Dan....."

    Dan collapsed, and Twilight quickly picked him up. "He's too weak to swim......"
  18. "Ok then." Kallie answered simply. She asked nearby miss and vines to make a small ball around Grovyle. "Ok, he should be ok, water shouldn't leak through that, or at least hold off as much water as it can." Kallie started to walk towards the sound of the trees, using the wall as her guide.
  19. Twilight and Avery followed her. Twilight seemed to be limping on her right leg. "Thanks. You've helped us so much," she said quietly.
  20. "I can't see this job any other way. If someone needs my help, whether it be friend or foe, I will help them. It's my personality and my outlook on things." Kallie looked back and smiled at Twilight. "I couldn't leave a friend of mine to just be left down here! That would totally go against my code!" Her smile dropped. "But I couldn't save Nocturn or Cream." Kallie's head dropped, quite upset with herself.
  21. She shook her head. "It wasn't your fault, nor Dan's. He was frightened and wanted to help. She would have cheated anyways, I bet." She said with a chuckle. She winced in pain, but continued. She began carrying a rather tired Avery aswell as Dan's grass ball.
  22. "Here, ill take the fire type." Kallie suggested, picking up Avery so Twilight could focus on Dan. "Sam was knocked unconscious, but he should be ok. Princess also was injured, a gash on her shoulder. Be wary of that when you get back." Kallie reported. She continued walking, hearing the trees get louder. Kallie noticed that the humming of machines blocked out her sense to hear the trees if she wasn't paying attention.
  23. She nodded. "Thanks. Do.... Pokemon centers treat humans too?" She asked, as if she needed the info urgently.
  24. "I'm not sure how new you are to Verdant, but we don't have a Pokemon Center, too much technology to handle. We have the herbologists who heal. And yes, they do heal humans, I am one of the Healers, so if you need first and, I've got it." Kallie explained. She wanted to implement Pokemon centers into Verdant, but one of the rules she must follow as leader is absolutely NO technology. It's a tradition.
  25. She nodded. "I was born here, then.... My parents died. I lived in the forest until I came of age for Bonding."
  26. "You answered one of my questions. Do you need first aid." She studied Twilight's walking pattern. "You know what? I'm not going to let you answer that question." Kallie stated, pulling out a few leaves that she keeps with her. "Sit down please." She said after mashing a few herbs together.
  27. Her knee was dislocated, from fighting her kidnappers. She slowly sat down, wincing. "One of the men who took me grabbed my knee and just....." She sighed unhappily. Avery snuggled up beside her.
  28. Kallie acknowledged what Twilight said by a small nod of agreement. "Ok, this may actually hurt a bit..." Her voice trailed as she looked around. "I desperately hope you are not a germaphobe." Kallie said as she shoved a stick horizontally in Twilights mouth and pushed her knee back in its place. Quickly she smothered her herbs, numbing the area for a short while.
  29. "Germa-" she tried saying before the stick was put in her mouth. She screamed, which was muffled by the stick. Dan, hearing this and waking up, poked his head out of the grass ball.
  30. "There, you should be fine, but that knee is going to be sore tomorrow, so watch what you do." Kallie advised. She helped the trainer up and after a short break, she walked onwards, towards Verdant.
  31. Avery hopped around a corner, her flame lighting in excitement to tell them she found it.

    Twilight helped everyone get into the airlock then got ready to open it, first putting Avery in the grass ball with Dan then closing it.
    #231 Twilight Nova, Aug 20, 2015
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2015
  32. "Let's go, ready?" Kallie asked Twilight, eyeing her leg. Avery may have troubles in her opinion. "Here, you go first Twilight, and I'll stay with Avery. Then when you surface, bond call with Avery, and then I'll swim up." Kallie was concerned for the fire type. Usually all of the Pokemon here could swim, so she didn't have to do this often, but she would take the risk of staying behind.
  33. Twilight nodded and handed Avery to Kallie and swam out, gripping the grass ball tightly. It was hard, because she could only use one leg, but she got to the surface just in time. She swam ashore and used bond call to call Avery.
  34. The Umbreon watched them leave. No loop holes. No nothing.

    The Umbreon spewed several choice curse words, most of them about Dan, and twilight for interfering.

    He screeched for a little while before giving up. Verndants weren't friends either. Nobody was a friend.

    He felt something in his mind, his caring thoughtful side get pushed into a dusty corner of an unused part of his brain.

    "When's my first outing." He spat out angrily.
  35. Kallie noticed the small Cyndaquil disappear in her arms in a flash of red. "Ok, let's do this." She said to herself as she leaped into the water, swimming. As she surfaced, she took a deep gulp of air. Kallie didn't like the water usually, but she climbed out soping wet and smiled at Twilight.
  36. Twilight smiled back, taking Dan out of his grass ball. "I hope that's the last we'll see o this lake," she joked.
  37. "No kidding..." Kallie spluttered. "I really despise of swimming." She regained her composure and stood up straight. "So how is your leg? Does it feel ok?" Kallie asked, studying the Trainer's leg.
  38. "Eh....." She replied. "It still hurts, and it's hard to move."

    Dan woke up, grunting. "Safe?" He asked in English.
  39. "Yes, Dan we are safe. Now, Twilight, Dan, go back to Verdant and rest. I need to do soemthing." Kallie said as she do e back into the water, needing to ask silver of something. Swiftly she ran down the hallways and jumped over clumps of moss.
  40. Twilight picked up Dan, Avery jumping on her head, and began carrying them back. Soon, she was home, wondering how in Palkia she would clean up.

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