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The Great War of Apsara. (Open!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. Everything was out of the caravan, he got back on and left.

    When he was back, there was a horrible sight. They were attacked."what happened?" He asked, loudly. "We were attacked." The guard answered. "By who?"

    "We don't know." He sighed. "We need medical help." He Said, soon doctors came to help. He ran to his study like there wan no tommorow. "Where is it?" He yelled. A small box was gone. "No!" He almost cried.
  2. Rye shrugged. Cream only listened to Nocturn. He had little to no power over the territorial Eevee.

    The Eevee snorted and used yawn, sick of Princesses antics. She yawned cutely before waving in a mock smile.
  3. Twilight grabbed Princess's collar a second before she leaped at the Eevee. Princess snapped at the air furiously. Twilight nodded to Rye, face showing no emotion, as she dragged Princess out, Sam prancing, tail held high, behind them. He had a Pokeball in his mouth.
  4. Can I join?
    Name: Krystal (Kris)
    Age: 14
    Resident of: Silver trench
    Pokemon: Mudkip (out of Pokeball), Vaporeon, Umbreon, Lucario (dual type, so tell me if it needs to change), Buizel, Krokorok (also dual type).
    Gender: Girl, but good at keeping it a secret. She lets everyone think she's a boy.
  5. [its open, I'm pretty sure!]
  6. The Eevee rolled her eyes. Nocturn would have saved her anyways, he always did.

    She looked over at the Umbreon, who was clearly watching her. She smiled at him, and giggled as she watched the blush spread over his face.
  7. Twilight began walking her Mightyenas once again. She looked out on the forest, which made her feel kinda upbeat. She began singing to herself, "Stars and moon and air balloons, fluffy clouds on the horizon...."
  8. Yay, thanks!!

    Kris walked down the street with Mudkip. She was getting hungry, but had no money on her to buy food. And worse, she'd lost her way again and couldn't find home.
    Her parents moved here a few months ago, so most of everything was still new to her, as she didn't leave the house much. Her mom didn't want her to because of the big war. But whatever. The most they could do was drop a bomb on the city. But Kris doubted the least would happen to her.
  9. Her two Mightyenas excitedly looked up at her. "I'll wrap you in rainbows and rock you to sleep again..." She continued to sing. She looked around, thinking she didn't see anyone and decided to coninue singing.

    "Teddy bears of pink, ducks and lambs of white...."
  10. The Umbreon and Eevee watched oddly. They scampered around in the bushes following her around, until The Umbreon grabbed Cream by the scruff a little too hard.

    "Eevee!" She barked out in pain, as Nocturn dropped her in shock. It would have made Umbreon look like a jerk from the bite marks, to a very crying Cream. He did the best he could to apologize, and turned around as he heard foot steps.
  11. Twilight jumped and looked at the bushes, freaking out mentally. Had someone been listening to her? Sam looked up at her, disappointed that the singing had stopped. He accidently dropped the Pokeball in his mouth, and a female Cyndaquill came out. "Cyndaquill!" She declared happily.
  12. The Umbreon felt cornered, and dashed out into Princesss chest, knocking himself down.

    He gently repicked him self, and Cream up, before realizing who he was facing. Princess..

    "Um?" He asked hopefully, backing up.
  13. [i hope chat between Pokemon is aloud XD] Princes snarled and glared down at the Umbreon. Her eyes showed aggession. "You again," she snarled.
  14. Surprisingly the Umbreon grinned as he used Swagger.

    He watched as one of his most favorite moves came into play.

    "Cya sucker." He snickered before carrying Cream off.
  15. Kris turned right. Then left. Then left again. Then right.
    She just got even more lost. Mudkip looked at her worryingly. Kris heard his little stomach growl loudy. She picked him up.
    "It's ok, Mudkip. I'll find you something to eat soon."
    The little Pokemon fell asleep in her arms as she wandered around some more. The sun was starting to sink. She saw people walking around with thicker jackets, some people even gloves and hats.
    Guess it must get pretty cold at night... I'm gonna be in trouble.
    Kris looked around, trying to find a Pokemon Center or her house, but nothing. Her legs grew tired as the sun sank lower. She sat on a bench, hugging Mudkip for warmth. Her stomach was empty; she hadn't eaten since a few hours before she left home. It was getting too dark to see. She didn't know what to do.
    Mudkip shivered. She zipped him up in her jacket and sat in the darkness, too cold and hungry to sleep.
    Worst day ever......
  16. She set a paw down on his tail in an attempt to stop him. [sorry Jacob and Pikapal, we can't reply to u two, we're in a different town DX]
  17. "We have too, it had to be them. All forces, to silver trench." He said.

    He was going to use a strategy he called Bomber. They sent flying Pokemon who dropped other Pokemon who attacked. Zean got off in the town. "Where is the sea trust gem?" He yelled aloud.
  18. The Umbreon stopped imedately, he couldn't move any more. 'Oh god' if she landed a Critical, he and Cream would be severely hurt.

    He looked in fear at The Mightyena.
  19. A shadow ball of energy began to grow in Princess's maw. It grew to the size of a tennis ball, then fired. It grazed their ears and landed on the ground by the Umbreon's feet. She leaned in close to his and Cream's face. "I'm the alpha here, but I don't harm innocent civilians. That was a warning shot," Princess growled. She lifted her paw off his tail and snarled.
  20. The Meek Umbreons eyes nearly enrolled into his skull.

    Cream however didn't like how they were bieng treated, and began to sob. The Umbreon glared back at her with disgust as he tried to soothe the sniffling a Eevee.
  21. Sam padded over and nuzzled Cream, nudging her with his head. "It's ok.....," he cooed gently.
  22. "Mine." He said before pulling Cream away from Sam.

    "Go cool off." He said addressing Princess. He then walked into the tall grass and dissapeared.
  23. Sam turned to Princess. She shrugged, and the two turned back to Twilight, who was chasing her Cyndaquill around. The silly girl had taken her pokeball from Twilight and was running around with it.
  24. Solstice watched the two Pokemon bicker. "My oh my! What an interesting bunch!" She observed from a tree. The Sun Pokemon leaped down from the tree, landing next to Twilight. Kallie had told her to study the Mightyena. Kallie didn't want to spend Twilights precious time and Pokemon, so she politely asked Solstice to stay nearby. The Espeon watched the Cyndaquil, with curios eyes. Again, fire types usually aren't welcomed into the forest. "Weird, I wonder why Pokemon from Silver and Shining territories are coming here. Do they not know that we are at war as well?" She said aloud, but all Twilight could here was a series of. "Espe! Espeon, on Espe Espeon!"

    Kallie and Cloudia were studying a book. Kallie was propped up against Cloudia, who had wrapped her cotton wings around the Verdant Leader. "Aha!" Kallie bolted upright and almost felt a literal lightbulb appear over her head. She placed her finger in the dusty book. "Cloudia! Look at this! These are maps to the Lost Treasures! The Verdant Armband the Si...r n.......e.... Hmm. I can't read the page onwards. It talks about the Verdant Armband which is made of Emerald with a Pink gem, plus it looks like a Dragonair and swirls around your upper arm. Supposedly Vert was the first to wear it..." Kallie sighed, remembering her Grandfather. "Altari? ia, Altar?" The Pokemon suggested, looking at where the books cut off. "You're right, it looks as if the page about Shining's treasure was ripped out, so was Silvers... A fight? Over the book?"
  25. The Cydaquil cocked her head slightly. "Hai," she said rather quietly.

    Princess padded over and sat by Cyndaquil's side, followed by Sam. Sam cleared his throat, then spoke, "I came cause I smelled a good trainer coming of age, way before her ceremony. My parents traveled with me but left me at the edge of town. Twilight promised she'd take me to see them, though."

    Princess nodded. "I came because my mother said I needed to toughen up, so she went on a journey with me. It was Twilight's ceremony, and I couldn't resist a good souled human. My mom let me go, telling me to only come back when Twilight has trained me to the max," she barked in an emotionless tone. Sam and Princess looked at Cydaquil expectantly.
  26. "Thank you for explaining. As previously mentioned by Kallie, we don't see many dark types around here, they're usually Silver's Pokemon. Nor do we Cyndaquil very often, as they are considered Shining's Pokemon." The Espeon said, sitting down. The Pokemon twitched her tail back in forth before realizing something. "Oh, you don't need to explain if you don't want to, fire Pokemon. I would appreciate it, due for studying purposes." Solstice knows that she shouldn't force anyone to say something. Verdant city was a Legalistic Daouistic place, so she had to constantly remaind herself of that fact.

    ((Legalistic Doauism is a type of society who does what ever they want really, but has a basic set of rules and a defined leader, that's how they are different than Doauists, those people have no rules what so ever. Haha, I love my cultures. #8thgradeS.S))
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  27. "Where is it? Find it!" He shouted. He wasn't really mean, but that gem was important to him. "Lets go." He got o. A fearow and flew off. "They have to find it, unless, Verdunt took it!" He flew to the entrance, frowning. When he landed, he waited.
  28. [Lol thanks for the explination]

    Princess nodded slightly, "I traveled far. Don't remember how far, though. I was just Poochyena."

    "I don't remember."

    Sam, Twilight, and Princess looked at the Cydaquil in suprise. Sam gasped, "Don't remember? But....but.....how?"
  29. The Umbreon jumped a little as he smelt Solstice nearby.

    "Time to go." He murmered to cream, before picking her up spand scampering off into the misty Forrest. He ran straight into Zean. He skittered Back before running back towards Solstice.
  30. Princess suddenly bristled up. "I smell anger and that ruler that gave us food," she said between sniffs.
  31. "Waah!" Solstice called in suprise as the Umbreon from earlier came tumbling into her. "Oof, I would appreciate it if you would get off of me so I can continue my conversation." She mumbled from under a lump of fur, realizing that Cream was in the mess too.
  32. Sam stepped between Princess and the pile of Pokemon so there wouldn't be a fight.

    The Cyndaquil suddenly seemed panicked. "I don't remember anything up until Twilight caught me!!!"
  33. "Sorry." mumbled the Klutzy Umbreon, who flushed slightly before picking up Cream. He wondered what direction Kalie and Rye went. It Began to rain.

    "Wonderful!" Nocturn said, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
  34. The gem on the Espeon's forehead glowed. "It's going to rain for about ten minutes, and then quit for about an hour and then start up again later tonight." Solstice closed her eyes and pursed her lips. "The winds and the smell is telling me the same message Princess. The winds bring a Ferow, with Shinings leader atop it." The Espeon stood up. "Kallie is calling me, I am needed elsewhere." The Espeon disappeared in a blur of white, appearing next to Kallie, who was in the Center square.
  35. The Umbreon had wandered throught the town, were he found Rye, and Kallie, and sOlstice.

    He nearly collasped from the walking, before Rye returned him and Cream to there dusk balls.

    "So am I free to go?" He asked as Zean walked up.
  36. Twilight hugged her Cymdaquil, cooing, "It's ok girl...." She then asked, "Whatcha smell, Princess?"

    Princess pointed her nose with a grunt to the leader of Shinibg.

    Twilight waved at him nervously.
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  37. "Yes Rye. Lil-Cloudia will go with you." The Dragong Pokemon walked up to Rye with a happy "Alt! Altaria!" Kallie almost said for Lilli to go, but if she didn't have Lilli, the trend of Verdant known for its strong Grass types would drop a bit. Kallie nodded her head at the Umbreon in greeting. Kallie stared at the cloudy skies, knowing that the forest would be happy, however this day would bring important news. Solstice sat down and looked towards the sky as the leader of Shining City approached.
  38. "Is it Gonna watch me sleep or something?" He asked awkwardly.

    The Umbreon sat down tiredly. He began to watch the trees sway. He hadn't ever seen this many before.
  39. "Do you know where the Gem is?" He asked, trying to be calm. "The sea trust gem was stolen in a raid. I need it back! I'm raiding as we speak. If I don't have it, bad stuff will happen,I'll by come psh
    Psyco and I need that gem!"
  40. "Oh, no, it's just going to show you to your house. It's the place where our guests stay." Cloudia started walking in the direction of the houses, hoping Rye would follow. Kallie turned towards the Shining Sky's leader. "The Sea Trust Gem? I know nothing of it. The only Gem I'm interested in is the Forest Peace Gem." She paused for a second, eyes narrowing. "Are you accusing me of stealing the Gem? Why would I need an item like that?" Kallie paused again. "As I said. I don't know anything about it. I have always wanted to have the Forest Gem."

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