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The Great War of Apsara. (Open!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. " Yes I did start it but not only because of you trying to be tech thieves, but also because someone took my little brother. Yes, but haven't ya noticed, I'm only 12? That's still pretty young to be a ruler, " she explained. The war was all because of her little brother was taken. And that's the truth.
  2. "I realize that you are young Amber and I've alreay acknowledged that. Zean, evidently the war started because Silver's prince went missing." Kallie explained to both. The Verdant leader stood up and looked around in the undergrowth, spacing out for a second. Kallie came back with a handful of herbs and placed them near Zean. "If you need any medication let me know." She sated before sitting down again. "We may have to team up at one point to defeat the Peace keepers. But I'm only making an official alliance to both of you if that becomes a problem. I will not force my followers to be true to one side, I've already warned you of that." Kallie looked at the two rulers, waiting for a response.
  3. " How do I know you won't double cross me?" Amber asked. She had a slight feeling that the he Verdant was trying to pull something.
  4. "Because you can trust her." Said Zean happily. He stood up. "Thanks Kallie." He let charizard out and flew toward Shining territory. He was happy, but he didn't know why. He just felt it.
  5. "You don't have to trust me now. I just care if you trust me then." Kallie stated, waving to the shining leader as he left. "I have an ulterior motive as well, but mine is personal and I do not want to share. If we have to team up, I will tell you, but for the time being I will remain quiet." She admitted, eyes glittering with some look.... Revenge? But the Verdants are peaceful....
  6. Everything was fine, until charizard suddenly fell and Zean was thrown off. He hit the dirt hard. Luckily, he was near the ground but it still was alot of pain. He was still breathing, but charizard was fainted. "What........caused that?" He said quietly. He was trying to crawl, but he had a pain in his chest, or at least most of it was there.
  7. Amber flew back to her home lake, and went to the room with Umbreon and Cream. Time to put the one to work, or torture him. Which one should she do first? She decided torture. Amber activated the torture app, and woke Umbreon, him looking a lot in pain. Perfect. " Time to be useful, " Amber told him.
  8. Suddenly, a Shining Guard ran up to Zean. "Lord Zean! Lord Zean! The Peace-Keepers struck again!"

    Only a few men were still at the city, the guards were always on watch. When he came to the guard that guarded the main tunnel entrance, he told him it was a false alarm. When he went in, he found the strike team for Shining Sky had returned safely. "Mission accomplished." said a man wearing a navy-blue ninja costume. "We got the stones."
  9. (Zean is nowhere near there, he tried flying away, but he crashed.)

    Zean was finally able to stand, with Fearows help. "What could've done that? Had to be some kind of technology." He looked down. "And I have no idea of where i am now." He looked through his backpack. "Some of the gems are crushed, all of them were fake though, there three real ones and the only one I know of is in silver." He said.
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  10. "Negative, sir! It... it was the Peace-Keeper's Stealth Ops!" The man said. The Stealth Ops were an elite team, using every advantage of stealth they could get. They were feared, able to strike and vanish in the blink of an eye.
  11. The Umbreon wailed for help in distress as he clung to sanity. He couldn't take it any more. One more pang of pain and he just went limp. He stopped breathing. Cream just gasped and nudged him. When she didn't get an answers she just sat down and bawled, burying her head into his soft black fur.
  12. (...wrong RP, _Umbreon_.)
  13. Jake stood atop a small ridge above silver trench his rebreather fitted to his helmet with his greninja standing beside him trying to detect peace keeper stealth ops, he had been hired by the silvers to be anyhting they needed a guard a soldier a thief you name jake could do it.

    "Sector three all clear moving to sector four, over" said jake through his helmet microphone
    "Roger that omega blazer any word from air patrols?" Asked the voice in James ear
    "Charizard and gliscor are patrolling the skies above the trench, but nothin yet" jake replied as he grabbed the micro sub and moved to sector four,

    What he didn't know was the stealth ops were long gone by the time he arrived in sector six, they were already in the city waiting to steal what they had been ordered to the deep sea tablets
  14. " Look for the stealth ops. They steal the crystal, the entire kingdom will fall. Over," she said into the walkie talkie. And she meant waT she said.
  15. (Uh... I don't know if you guys never realized it or your characters just don't know, the Stealth Ops just returned from their mission.)
  16. (But Amber doesn't know that yet)
  17. [jeez.... My alerts must have broke! 56+ replies? Wow! Idk id I'll be able to join back in. I have no idea nor do I have time to figure out what's going on at the moment.]
  18. ( last time you were on, a peace keeper(eeveechu) came and stopped everything. There was a chase and Amber has to trust Sean and Kallie to find her family. Also, I said my little brother was taken and the peace keepers framed Sean, so that's what started the war. I'm currently back in the room with umbreon and cream, and you are in a different room. All caught up?)
  19. (What?! The peace-keepers were created as a RESULT of the war!)
  20. (The peace keepers took my brother to stop the war, but made it worse but accidentally framed zean. So yea)

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