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The Great War of Apsara. (Open!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg ((This is my third RP I've made! In the Apsara region, there are three major towns. P.S I do not own any of the Images.
    Silver trench is much like the lost city of Atlantis, but has excellent technology and scientists. The trench is located off of the shore near Verdant City. All inhabitants of Silver trench are only allowed to use Water, Steel, Dark, Rock, Ghost and Poison types.

    Shining Sky is a monarchy city built on top of a high gorge. This City is almost like the medieval times, with the social classes, but has modern technology. Shining Sky likes to remain like its old ways. Inhabitants of Shining Sky are only allowed to use Electric, Fire, Fighting, Ice, Flying and Ground types.

    Verdant City is a calm, peaceful place. This town has next to no technology and seem to cope without it. Verdant City is built between Shining Sky and Silver Trench, in a forest with a calming atmosphere. Inhabitants of Verdant City are only allowed to use Bug, Psychic, Fairy, Dragon, Normal and Grass types.

    All three of the major cityies are fighting. Shining Sky believes that Silver Trench should get rid of their technology, as it gives them an advantage. Silver Trench believes that Shining Sky is stealing their technology, from recent reports of non-Silver humans breaking into their labs and stealing equipment. Verdant City is mad about the harming of their forest due to all of the fighting. Which side are you on?
    Verdant-Kallie (EspeonTheBest)
    Silver-Amber (Shauna23)
    Shining-Zean (JacobRaze)

    If you aren't a ruler, you can be a officer of war, a regular Citizen a Spy who goes around. It all depends on you. First come, first serve. If you are applying to be a ruler, please somehow tell me either within your first post or on my profile page. Also, minor blood. The worst you can do here is "Kallie wiped the blood off her arm." That's it. We don't need too much of a visual image here, considering that it's a war. Hope you join!))

    Kallie was reading in her study. She was very upset by the recent battles near the City, as they have been destroying valuable herbs they use as medicine. "Hey, Solstice, Lilli, Cloudia, come here for a second." Kallie called across the library, studying a blueprint. Her Espeon, Lilligant and Altaria made their way over the silent room, wondering as to what Kallie needed. "Hey, so the other Cities call these Pokeballs, right?" She asked, pointing at a red and white sphere on the page. "Should we find out how to make them or stick with the bonding system?" The bonding system was a day every year when 10 year olds stand in the center of town and wild Pokemon come to the new trainers if they feel a good feeling about them. Not everyone is chosen by a wild Pokemon. Some kids try for years before they get a Pokemon partner. After that, trainers have to slowly form unbreakable bonds with wild Pokemon to use them in battle. However, everyone in Verdent city is blessed with 'Bonding Call.' So if a trainer leaves their Pokemon at home to go on an adventure, but is attacked in the meantime, the trainer can call upon their bonded partner to help them out. The speed at which they respond to the call depends on the bond. "Lilligant, Lil!" Kallie nodded her head. "I agree that we should keep the system, it will help us remain the strongest City in the forest." The ruler of Verdant walked outside of the Palace's balcony, where her strong City waited, silently below her. "Citizens of Verdant, we have waited too long! Our herb supply has gone down and we can't handle our sick without them! We will retaliate!" The Citizens of Verdant cheered, Pokemon and humans alike. Kallie smiled down. She knew that they would be the strongest.
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  2. Twilight didn't really enjoy the war. She heard the ruler of Verdunt rambling outside, but ignored it and filled her Mightyenas', Princess and Sam, food bowls. They came to her as Poochyenas at her bonding system, and they've been a family ever since. She sat whistled for the two and they came racing in, sliding on the wood floor. She giggled as Sam slipped and fell. "You ok boy?" She asked after laughing a bit. "Might....," he grunted. Princess padded over and nudged his side with her nose. He got up and ran to his bowl, Princess following. The two began chowing down. Twilight didn't know the relationship between the two. Sometimes it seemed like Sam was flirting with her, he even brought her a red rose, which was rejected, but taken by Twilight. Other times, they seemed like bickering siblings, having play fights or howling and making a racket as they fought. (At night, usually, keeping Twilight up)

    Once the two finished, she decided to take them on a walk. She put on her blue tennis shoes and stepped outside, putting their collars on first. Princess's pink collar jingled gently as she basicly strutted down the sidewalk, while Sam's black collar jingled furiously and loudly as he ran up and down and all around.
  3. Kallie was just walking outside, contemplating her decision to join into the war. On the good side, if they win, the herbs will be able to grow back and they can go back to living normally. Plus then more new trainers could get more pokemon because they wouldn't all be hiding. On the other hand, people will probably get hurt. So, to make up for that, she'll join into the fight too. As she was walking, Lilli came with her, walking close behind the Verdant leader. Solstice wanted to come too, but found herself lost in a book, so Kallie didn't want to interrupt. She noticed someone walking with two Mightyena. Those were rare in Verdant, you weren't supposed to find them in the woods. "Hello." She greeted the passerby.
  4. Sam immediately scrambled over and began sniffing Kallie. He wagged his tail and began circling her. Princess snorted and rolled her eyes at his childish behavior. Twilight looked up and focused her light blue eyes on the Trainer. "Hi there! Sorry about him. Come here Sam!" She called to her Pokemon.

    Sam ignored Twilight, but when Princess growled, "Might!" He whimpered a bit then trotted to her side.
  5. "Hello there, Sam? Was it?" Kallie smiled. It was energy like this in Pokemon that she enjoyed. "Hello there, My name is Kallie, and this is Lilli." Kallie gave a small bow as Lilli did the same. "You are?" She asked, quite interested in the trainer with her Mightyena. As previously mentioned, Mightyena or Poochyena don't really come to the bonding ceremonies, partly because the come from Silver territory.
  6. "I'm Twilight!" She said happily, "And these are my Pokemon, Sam and Princess!" Princess stood straighter at the mention of her name, and Sam gave a loud bark of "Mightyena!", looking rather jolly. "Say, what's your opinion on the war?" She asked, pushing back her long blonde hair," I think it's rather silly."
  7. Kallie had a similar reaction to the question, as she pulled her long light green hair behind her shoulders. "Personally, I wish we didn't have to go to war. The herb supplies are way to low, and ten year olds all around the village are crying on Bonding day because not one Pokemon shows up." Kallie sighed. "I'm going to join the fighting with Lilli, so I can be of help to many people." She smiled. "One day I hope to bring peace to the whole entire forest, but sometimes to get to that state of peace, you have to fight in a state of war." "Lilli! Lilligant!" Lilli agreed. Quite frankly, the Pokemon had not fought anyone as of late. Kallie actually deciding to go to war was a huge suprise to her, considering that four years have already passed since it started. "So, Sam and Princess. I hope to get to know you better someday, Dark types don't show up in Verdant forest very often!" Kallie finished, smiling as she bent down to pat the Pokemon on the head.
  8. Ryes Umbreon watched quietly from a distance. He hadn't come from the Silver territory, but yet he was shunned as a spy, or a thief in every way. His name was Nocturne, a name that had stuck after he evolved by mistake. Ryes other Eevee, whose name was Cream, was playing hide and go seek with Nocturne, when he won quite suddenly, and was joyous. It also happened to be Nightime.

    Rye was busy searching with Cream, wondering where he had skulked off to now, when he found him, near a few other Verdant natives.

    "Hello there!" He said in a mellow tone as he picked up his now squirming Pokemon.

    "Um,Um,Um,Umbreon!" Nocturne squeaked, quite annoyed at Rye for making a Scene.

    Cream calmed him down with a few quieter barks of her own.
  9. Sam licked her hand after she pat his head. "If your willing to do it, maybe....," she looked at Princess to ask her if she would like to, but noticed her hackles were up. She was growling in Nocturne's direction.

    Twilight looked where Princess was looking, seeing the Umbreon. She shrugged it off and turned to Kallie. "I was supprised when they showed up too, but Sam and Princess came none the less!" She said happily.
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  10. "Well, I'm glad you're native to Verdant!" Plus these Pokemon look too innocent to be spies. Kallie had a good eye for that. She noticed someone who she has never seen before pick up his Pokemon and greet the two chatting Verdant Citizens. "Hello, I'm going to have to ask who you are. I'm the leader of Verdant City and I know everyone in the town. You are not one of the citizens here. I'm also going to ask to state what you're doing here." Since she just declared war, Kallie was not going to take any chances. Kallie also noticed the Umbreon in the bushes, making her even more suspicious.
  11. Zean was at a desk, drawing what seemed to be a field. "Fine, I will be holding everyone for defense purposes." A Pikachu and Chameleon were eating fruit. "Guys, we need that stuff!" He said. A messanger walked in. "Blah blah, caravan attacked? He frowned. I put alot of people protecting it, It was supposed to get to verdunt to help them. Its not really battle if its at a disadvantage." He stood up and looked through a window. "Okay, I'll plan something." He sat back down. "Okay, we could attack Silver Trench, but we need defense high. After the next attack." Zean talked to himself, stratigizing. He wasn't really that stupid, though most people thought he was stupid to be a leader. "It will work. With enough effort."
  12. Princess opened her mouth slightly, a purple light radiating from within. Twilight grabbed her collar, making her close her mouth and go silent.

    Sam trotted to the trainer and barked a "Might Mightyena!" In greeting. Twilight made an "EEP!", sound, then muttered, "Sam! Get over here!" Sam ignored her call and sniffed the trainer happily.
  13. "I actually came here to ask you something?" He said hopefully she wouldn't just jail him.

    "I want to have refuge here." He said hopefully.

    Nocturn, and Cream looked back at Kallie hopefully.

    "Hi there?" Rye asked Sam nervously.
  14. Sam looked down at Nocturn and smiled, wagging his tail.

    Twilight looked at Kallie, waiting in silence. If her new friend was fighting, so would she.
  15. "Hmm, Messanger!" A man walked in. "Try again. Up defense on the Caravan and send food and materials to Verdunt. They need it. Its not fun if its not fair. I wish to be on it."

    He got on the Caravan, ponytas running it to Verdunt. They had white flag to represent peace as they stopped close. "We have matireals for you!" He shouted.
  16. Kallie thought for a moment. She didn't usually turn away refugees, but she just declared war, "Here, come with me and we can talk about it. Why don't you came with me Twilight? I can show you around the center of the City." Kallie started walking to the Center Village, where the Leader's home is. When they got inside, she mentioned for them to sit down. "Ok. So where are you from?" She stared.
  17. Sam saw the Ponyta and began to bark, "Might! Might!" At it. Twilight ran over and reached to grab his muzzle and shush him, but he ran to the Ponyta excitedly.
  18. She sighed. He usually chased other Pokemon but always came back. It was just his nature. "Sure thing! Don't worry about Sam, he'll come back. He's just friendly," she noted, then followed Kallie and sat when told, Princess sitting down by her side. She held her tail high, as if she was being judged in a show.
  19. He sighed knowing he was going to be rejected. "The Silver territories." He mumbled depressedly,

    The Umbreon groaned as he revealed the secret.
  20. "So, they don't want the food?" He looked confused and stepped out. "Stay guards, we don't was any big problems." He pulled out his pokemon. "Excuse me, is there a leader here?"
  21. "Here, excuse me for a moment." Kallie said. She walked outside to the Caravan. "Materials? May I see?" Kallie asked. "But please do make it quick, I have guests." She added. She noticed that the Leader was in the Caravan. "Oh my, it's Shinings Leader, is it not?" Kallie put on a smile but was somewhat displeased due to the damage done to her forest. "Do you have an idea to propose?" She asked, formally, a change to her usual casual talk.
  22. Sam barked again, "Might!" Then jumped up, licked his face, then ran to his trainer, Twilight, who scolded him gently for running off.

    Princess glared down at Rye's Umbreon. She snarled gently.
  23. "Yes, sorry for the recklessness. We wish to atleast have less of a tension. " he took out crates full of food and stuff like metals and few gems. Its good to have a ground type." He smiled. "We are refraining from attacking. Also, contact m if you need anything. All in steps to have one person to trust me."
  24. The Umbreon quickly got got the message that Princess was the Alpha. He rolled onto his Back, his tail curled into his belly in submission.

    He looked back at Princess hoping she didn't get the wrong idea.
  25. Princess smirked and nodded. She went silent and looked at Twilight with begging eyes.

    Twilight smiled and pet her head, humming "Stars And Moons" gently to her.
  26. "Would you care to join us?"'Kallie asked as she made a motion towards her house. She then walked back inside. "So, where are you from? Silver Territories?" Kallie pursed her lips. One of two things could happen here. She could welcome a spy into the village and be destroyed from the inside, or take in an innocent Refugee. Now on the other hand, she could be sending away a spy, or sending away an innocent traveller. "Hmm, I'll let you stay, but you are going to have to be escorted to places outside of the village until I'm sure I can trust you, Rye, was it?"
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  27. The Umbreon blushed in embarresment. It was better to have friends than Enemies. Cream however didn't mind, and sat down next to Nocturn to try and regain what dignity he had left.

    "Yeah, that's fine." He answered quietly. He had expected to be treated like a spy. Even if he wasn't. He despised other silvers for there ruthless ways.
  28. Sam wagged his tail as he saw the man whom's face he licked walking in. His ears perked and his attention turned to Twilight. His eyes got huge as he laid his head in her lap, listening to her humming silently.
  29. Zean followed. "Well, maybe for a bit. There is tea with that food. Dad would be mad if he found out. Is there any way we can help?" He asked, trying to be polite. He looked at charmeleon, who was growling at pikachu.
  30. Kallie shifted her attention towards the leader of Shining Sky. "Any way you can help? What are you suggesting?" She asked. Kallie saw the Leader eye the two Verdant citizens. "They can stay if they want to. If the Verdant Citizens want to hear what Shining Sky's leader says with theirs, I'm fine with it.
  31. Princess nudged Twilight's leg, telling her to sing instead of hum. Twilight blushed shaking her head. She whispered, "There are important people here! I don't want them to hear my awful singing!" Princess whined, giving up. Sam was not going to give up, though. He nudged Twilight again and again and again.
  32. Cream walked over to Princess, and growled loudly at her. She wasn't so happy about the way she had Humiliated Nocturn.

    She looked into the Mightyenas eyes aggressively.
  33. "Like, any supplies?" He said. "Of not, it's fine, but we may have too much civilians, but way more food. We don't know what to do. We have farmers, not good farmland
    " he said. "Harvesters with no trees." He signed. "Well, I don't want to take up too much of your time, Kallie. I should go."
  34. Princess's head snapped to Cream. She growled gently, giving a verbal warning.
  35. "Espe! Espeon!" Solstice walked down the stairs leading to Kallie's study. "Why hello Solstice, please come join us. Now, I would gladly make an alliance with you. However, I will not decide for my Citizens. You may have friends here as well as foes. Thank you for the supplies." Kallie bowed her head in farewell.

    Solstice walked over to the two proud females. "Espe! Espeon, eon." She said, sitting down and starting at the two Pokemon. Her personality was similar to Kallies's in the way that she won't decide for anyone except herself.
  36. Princess liked Solstice. She wagged her tail and nodded in greeting.

    Twilight gently pushed Sam's nose away. He began to whine. She put a finger to her lips, turning back to Kallie. [there can be more Pokemon than the ones they bonded with, right?]
  37. Cream stood her ground, and used tail whip just to annoy her rival.

    Nocturne sat down, knowing Creams naive attitude quite well. He had shone in an attraction to her, but she was either clueless, or didn't care. Niether made the Poor Umbreon seem validated.
  38. Kallie looked at her guests. "I need to go study, so I'll be upstairs. Leave, stay, follow me, do anything except for destroy the place." Kallie laughed as she walked upstairs.

    Solstice nodded at the Mightyena. She turned to Cream, tilting her head in a motion of forgiveness.
    ((Of course you can bond with more Pokemon! Only six at a time can be Bond called at a time though.))
  39. The Eevee had no quarrel with the Espeon. She gave Princess a nasty look, before strutting Back towards Nocturn. She sighed quietly, before sitting up against the Umbreon, leaning on him gently.
  40. Princess stood up, looking down on Cream. She snarled loudly and showed her teeth. She was oddly tall for a Mightyena. [thx! X3]

    Twilight noticed the Pokemon about to fight and franticly looked at Rye. Sam put his paws on Twilight's lap, trying to seem innocent. He eyed the Pokeballs on the strap on her chest.

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