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The Great War of Apsara. (Open!)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Aug 16, 2015.

  1. He had been zapped by an invisible electric wall. His green skin was black in some places. He tried to get up with a grunt, but fell, shivering in pain.
  2. Kallie with her good ears heard the Umbreon with wide eyes. 'Solstice! Lilli! Go and find Rye as soon as possible! Do not let him out of your sight!' She ordered through her mind. Usually a she was not that strict, but this was serious. If he was part of Silver and heard the conversation between her and Shining's leader, that could be her downfall. Kalli ran around the corner and noticed the Grovyle. "Don't move." She said, still in a frightened mood. Kallie wrapped the Grovyle with healing herbs.

    Solstice and Lilli dashed off and found Rye. Both Pokemon made a somewhat mad sound and watched the trainer closely.
  3. "Please, don't hurt me... I sorry they hurt If I don't spy.., please no Whips or chain. I spy, sorry I spied. Please no hurt, I good spy..." He mumbled twitching.

    "Had to S-spy. Or Silvers hurt Cream. Make Nocturn-ur-n Spy on Ver-d-ants. S-sorry. I Sorry spy." He whimpered, clearly out of it.

    He looked around Nervously. When he saw Kallie, he tried to get up and run, but flopped and slipped onto his face.

    "No hurt! No Hurt Friends." The dilution all Umbreon cried out to Kallie, just another toruted soul, corrupted by the Silvers.
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  4. Dan growled. "W-where are they keeping her?"
  5. Kallie saw the attempts of escape from the Umbreon and heard the words he was mumbling. She knew that the silvers had scientists, but she didn't know that they would torture an innocent Pokemon to spy on her City. Kallie slowly walked up to the scared Umbreon and sat down, holding the frightened creature. "Never again, right? Nocturn will never again spy on Verdant. Cream and Rye are safe. You are safe. Never again, right?" Kallie talking in a confusing way, trying to match the patterns of the Umbreon's speech. Her mom had told her the best way to calm a Pokemon was to follow the way of its talking and talk like you were in the same situation, but calmly and softly. The Meganuim and Chestaught went over to help the Grovyle as the Leader of Verdant calmed the Pokemon down.
  6. There was the terrified call of Twilight's Cyndaquil as they released right by Dan. Dan got up against what he was told and dashed to her side.
  7. No. Nocturn spy, chip in neck hurt if don't spy. It's-A track-er. Never spy on purpose. Chip hurt. No spy, chip hurt badly, no spy too long. Dead. He murmmered.

    "Safe... Cream, Rye? No, dead spy... Some body help meeeeee..."

    The rest he spewed was indecipherable gibberish as the chip manipulated his nerves into thinking he was getting whipped. His back arched crazily as he flailed. The pain had snapped the broken Umbreon out of his trance. He realized he was curled up in Kallies lap.

    "Kallie I'm so sorry I jus... If I didnt Cream... I wouldn't. I'm sorry. If i don't report, there is a chip that will... Make me..." He trailed off.

    "Save me." He muttered quietly. He knew the Silver advisors were listening. He was as good as Dead.
  8. Kallie put down the Umbreon and walked over to the Cyndaquil. "Dan, it it ok? A Pokemon's senses are more accurate than a human's." She looked the Cyndaquil over. With the sate it was in, Kallie was legitimately worried about Twilight. If they offenders were Silver scientists who want answers out of Verdant, they might be physically harming the two captives.
  9. At first, Kallie didnt hear the save me coming from the Umbreon, but when it registered that what he said was dire, she left the question with Dan unanswered. "Where is the chip, Nocturn, pull yourself together and tell me where it is." Kallie demanded, using her strict voice.
  10. Dan hugged the female Cyndaquil, flinching gently from his burns. "Avery. This Cyndaquil's name is Avery," Dan told Vallie before she ran off. He talked to Avery, who told her of dark rooms and horrible torture.
  11. "Neck-k. It attached to neck. Under fur. In muscle." He said, trying to sound brave.

    He showed Grace the Spot on his neck, where the fur was matted with blood.

    He Scrabbled to his feet shakily as the waves of pain began to come back.
  12. Dan set Avery down and grunted in pain from his wounds, but knew they would heal. He looked at the poor Umbreon and wished desperately he could help.
  13. His muscles contracted violently as he gnashed his teeth in pain.

    The Convulsion stopped again as he sighed in relief.

    "Please, do it." He mumbled.

    Maybe it was all a dream. Maybe he would wake up? No such luck.
  14. "Leafeon! Whismicott! I'm going to ask for you to please use Synthesis on Nocturn as I figure something out." The two Pokemon obeyed, using the move. Kallie studied the Umbreon's neck, trying desperately to find a way to deactivate it. 'Technology, of course, the only thing I don't know about this world.' She ignored the Umbreon's muttering and called Dan over, maybe to see if he could help.
  15. "Rip it... Out of, n-neck. Only way..." He mumbled going back into hysteria.

    He felt his body temperature rise quite a few degrees.

    His Rings where a faded yellow now, barely visible.
  16. Dan trotted over. "Easy. Just sniff out the source..... I can do that..... And deactivate it! It'll fall out on its own, I know this brand. Until then, temporarily deactivate it with electric moves that won't hurt him." Dan said as if it was simple.
  17. "No deactivate... Nocturn die deactivate. Rip out no die." He said urgently.

    One of his eyes went cross eyed as he fell into delirium,the chip was screwing with him now.

    He yawned sleepily.

    "Warm. Sleepppyyy... Happy, Cream..." He said as he gazed at a landscape that wasn't real.
  18. Dan looked at Kallie for permission. He couldn't do anything to risky without approval. "We can at least numb it with small electric shocks."
  19. Kallie nodded, looking across the sea of Pokemon assembled in the hallways. "Foongus! Please use Stun spore on Nocturn." She commanded softly. Once the Umbreon was paralyzed, she looked at Dan. "If you need help in any way, I'm here to assist. You could also ask anybody here, we're all friends." Kallie said, looking somewhat nervous.
  20. Mean nodded. He used Leaf cut with his vines. It took about an hour, but he finally grabbed hold of the chip and took it out. "Ok, I need someone to stitch him up," he said as he set the chip down and smashed it.
  21. The Umbreon began struggling less and less, as the precious seconds dragged by.

    "Tell Cream I." He never finished he just lay there breathing quietly as the chip was ripped out.

    He sighed quietly before falling into a light sleep.
  22. Avery rushed over to check if he was ok. She sighed happily to see he was resting and breathing.

    Dan looked at his hands and saw first degree burns, but hid them behind his back.
  23. "Sweaddle! Leavany! Please help assist." The Pokemon busily got to work, spitting strong string and weaving it around the wound. Even Kallie was using cloths of string to wipe up the messy operation. "Nocturn, sleep well." Kallie whispered as she heaved a sigh of relief. At least her was ok and the pain was gone.
  24. His rings began to glow a bright yellow, before stopping.

    The Umbreon grinned in his sleep, underneath the blanket of webs. He sat up and blinked wearily.

    "Where am I? He asked confused."
  25. Avery nodded happily. She looked at Dan and noticed him putting his hands behind his back. "Dan, show me you hands," she told him. "Ummm why?" He asked.
  26. "You're in a safe environment, that's where you are." Kallie reassured the Umbreon before turning her head towards Twilights Pokemon. "Yes, I am also curious, why do you need to see his hands?" Kallie looked around at multiple confused faces and smiles from a few. "I would like everyone to clap for the Pokemon who assisted during these proccesses to speed along out journey and escape down here." She told the freed captive Pokemon, as they gave a short cheer and clapped I find they could, then they settled down.
  27. Avery clapped happily for Dan, who bowed. She then asked Dan, "seriously, your hands?" Dan sighed, "Don't show Kallie." When Avery nodded, Dan revealed his hands were covered in first degree burns. Avery gasped by shut her mouth about it.
  28. The Umbreon recognized Grace and shivered a little as he sat down next to her.

    He was quite intent on finding some way of repaying her now.

    "I can show you the way out." He said quietly. This is where he has been implanted.
  29. "Thank you, but we need Twilight. So after we find her." Kallie said simply. "Now, your hands Dan? Please show me." Kallie was worried for the Grovyle p, plus the Cyndaquil's reaction didn't help. "I'm serious. Show them to me." She demanded, pulling out her first aid kit.
  30. Dan sighed, knowing now there was no avoiding it. He showed her his hands, looking at them. His feet shuffled, he was anxious to go find his trainer.
  31. "Don't go in. Bad things." He whispered as a few unearthly roars could be heard down the hall.

    He shook again.

    "Hybrid section near torture room. Hybrids realeased when hatch opened." He said sadly.

    The roars grew closer.

    "We are all gonna die." He said nervously,
  32. Quickly Kallie bandaged the Grovyle and pushed him towards the exit. "Go, I'll find Twilight. I can't risk you being hurt." She mumbled as she ran down towards the sound of the roars.

    (Gtg, bed.)
  33. Dan looked stunned. "Hybrids? Die?" He make a "psh!" Sound. "I'm too cool to die," he remarked confidantly. Avery looked up at Kallie. She shrugged it off and followed her.
  34. The Umbreon tagged along. "We need to grab her quick be fore they can track us.!" He said nervously.

    "If they scent us, we'll it won't be a happy ending." He said freaked out.
  35. Avery's flame started all of a sudden. She began dashing down the hall, excited. Exactly how Dan got burned.
  36. A mechanical arm grabbed Umbreon. Then, the arm pulled him into a room. From the air, another arm put Twilight beside them. " Thanks for returning my Pokemon. "
  37. The Umbreon squirmed and kicked a few times, before he broke again.

    "No hurt Nocturn... Woman hurt Noctorn. Nocturn get Tracker here." He said fit fully as he stared off into space.
  38. Twilight struggled against the arm and immediately searched for a way out when set down. "What do you mean by that? Let us out!" She shouted angrily.
  39. The Umbreon whimpered as the arms tightened around him. "Um,Umbre. Umbre. Um. Umbreon. Umbreon.Um." He said depressed as he felt the Machines start to put the chain collar on him, which would dig into his skin. Causing discomfort if he were to give out info.
  40. Twilight ran over to Nocturn and pulled at the arm, attempting to have it let go of the Umbreon. "Let us go!" She shouted even louder.

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