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Ask to Join Superheroes RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Eric's smug expression melted from his face as he scrambled to his feet. "Five? Did you say five?" There was an incredulous look on his face and he looked over his shoulder covering his mouth with an armoured hand. "That's it. I'm moving back to Canada."
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  2. Talia grumbled when her third roommate barged in and started to yell. She rolled around on her bed but ended up falling face down on the fall, "Ariel! What's wrong? I was sleeping"!

    "There's robots. And bigger robots being build or what ever. And the heroes ran away," Ariel panicked as she marched around the room. Talia growled and lifted herself from the floor to calm her roommate down.

    "Then their not really heroes. How many times have told you about that, hmmm," Talia growled and shouldered her backpack and marched out of the room. Ignoring her bright red haired house mate, she marched out of the door to see what was happening. She ran to a place she could change and his her stuff, before moving around the city to get a better view, "oh I left a great nap to jog around looking at someone's toys".
  3. "Alright, here's the plan," Eric proclaimed, pacing at the mouth of the base. "I infiltrate the Pentagon, find the launch codes, and plant a tactical nuke on the city while you guys evacuate it." He thought on his plan for a couple seconds. "Wait, no, that's stupid. I've got nothing."
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  4. Talia generated clones when she saw that a family had been pinned by a rock that landed on their car. She and the clones all pushed as she generated more to pull the family to safety. Two children were pulled out and the original's eyes widened as she sent a clone to get one of them to a hospital, "that's it I'm going to punch of those heroes teeth in".
  5. Eric paused, cupping his chin with one hand and holding the other behind his back thoughtfully. He could always take up his claim on retreating to Canada, grab Jamie and his valuables and leave. It might've not been too late to convert to ProtoMask's side.
    He shook his head acutely and deepened his philosophy.
    "I'm too weak to go charging in there by myself," he finally admitted, sighing deeply. "I need backup and I need supplies. Something that can override the shields on those things. I took engineering in my Freshman year, so it can't be that hard, right? Second of all, we need to evacuate the city before anyone else gets hurt. I'm not sure how many I can teleport at once, but I'll need help. As soon as the area's cleared, I'll take out the dragons, since I won't do you any good fighting, whilst the rest of you hold them off."
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  6. Talia and her clones helped get people to safety, blowing up large groups of bots that charged them when needed. The original started to grow tired with the generation of new clones to replace the old ones, stumbling into a dead end alley to collapse against a wall. She caught her breathe and swore when a group of protobats found her little hiding place. She dodged out of the way of their attack and started to run towards the entrance but, tripped and skidded on the ground. She cried out loudly when stones dug into her hands as she extended them.
  7. "Maybe we could wait for them to blow up on their own while containing the damage" Cree said "wait... someone entered" he looked around "how could anyone guess my password?"
  8. Ashley facepalmed. "Maybe because your password is "Password"?! Try something harder for people to guess, like "Chicken Nuggets, your dog's name, I don't know!" She was getting worried and just wanted to crush something with a boulder. "All those robot dragon things are destroying the city, and I'm a little scared. I have friends that might be dying." Ashley thought about Jax and Kay. Her two best friends. Probably trying not to get crushed or shot. Tears began to form in her eyes, both of anger and of fear for her friends. "Let's go crush some robots."
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  9. "Is there any chance a technopath could help with this situation. Because if so, I know one." Siren said as she came in. She turned to Cree. "You should probably come up with a better password. People will be less likely to come in uninvited." Pharaoh walked up to join her.
  10. "Alright then!" Cree said "half of us try to stop the damage from spreading anywhere more than it already has, while the other half evacuates that part of the city. Lets go! Wait one thing first"
    he smiled

    He turned to a giant computer and pressed a button saying "Request Password Change"
    "Nobody will ever guess this one!" He said "Change the Password to Passcode"
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  11. Pharaoh covered his mouth and giggled. Siren smacked his arm. "Ow. Sorry." Pharaoh said. He then whispered to Siren. "I'm moving back to Cairo if this doesn't work." Siren rolled her eyes and sighed.
  12. Talia got back onto her feet and sent a clone toward the robots to block their attack. She booked it down the street and leapt into a broken window, she kept in another cry as glass dug into her already open wounds. Hiding behind a counter and let out a loud sigh when she saw that civilians were also taking refuge in the broken store, "well this is just great".
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  13. Ashley nodded and flew off towards the city. Her face had no trace of the fear that she had shown in the base, only anger and determination. She saw two people running for their lives. One was a brunette girl in a green sweatshirt and the other was a dirty blond boy in a yellow and green striped shirt. Jax and Kay! Ashley dove down into them, barreling into the pair just before a robot fired a laser at them. The beam singed her hair. "Go," She ordered, and Jax and Kay both nodded in unison and ran off. Ashley slammed the robot into the ground.
  14. Siren landed the War Canary 2000 in front of a broken store. A platform came down to the ground and Siren walked about halfway down the platform. She motioned for people to get in. Siren made sure she got everyone, she even went inside the store to make sure no one was left behind. Siren got in the cockpit and the platform went back up. The War Canary 2000 took off. Siren contacted Pharaoh. "Ask Cree if he has any place he can think of where I can drop off these civilians." she said. Pharaoh nodded, then asked Cree if had had any place he could think of to drop off the civilians.
  15. Talia saw that people were being evacuated and sent the civilians she was with out. Protobats charges them and the clone maker threw down a smoke screen to mask them. Generating clones inside the cloud, Talia charged forward with her clones who exploded when they got in a high enough concentration. The original continued to drop smoke bombs so that she could stay out of the way of attacks and generate clones.
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  16. Eric had sighed greatly at the fact that his plan had gone unnoticed and mentally shrugged it off. He supposed that former supervillains didn't exactly call the shots around here.
    The first stop was his apartment, where Jamie watched television and sulked. He tapped on her shoulder and she looked up at him blankly.
    "We're evacuating," he explained, holding his hand out.
    She bit her lip and looked down, her hands clenched in her lap. "Eric, I think I want to break u-"
    "Okay, cool." Eric cut her off impatiently and gestured for her to take his hand. "Couple's counselling later. Evacuation now."
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  17. Ashley saw a couple of scared little kids cowering under a tree, where a robot was towering over them and aiming a laser gun at them. She rammed into the robot's side, and smashed it to pieces. Ashley then grabbed the kids and took them to the evacuation zone. "Sorry you had to see that," she said and set them down on the ground. Two women ran over, both in tears, and hugged the kids tightly. Ashley smiled, then took off into the carnage to save more people.
  18. ProtoMask recharged his tesla-sword and stroke a dangerous thunder blast to the bank, once again his ProtoBots took all the money and BetaBats took them back to ProtoMask's secret hideout.

    "when will you learn to give up... Its over for you, no one's gonna win this time... I'll be sure to make this world perfect" ProtoMask replied to himself as he increased the energy of his OmegaDraco's energy twice with his Remote control.
  19. Ashley saw the kid doing this. She flew up to him. "And what exactly do you think you're doing? Are you the one who sicced all of these robots on the city? People are dying. Do I need to stress that point some more? DYING!" Ashley was trying to keep herself from tackling this guy and knocking him out. Or worse. That last point was all that was keeping her from doing it. She was a superhero, not a murderer.
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  20. Techno showed up with his robotic wolf companion, whom he had yet to name. Siren was having hard time. If she joined the fight, she might endanger the civilians that were with her in the War Canary 2000. Pharaoh hissed. Techno used his powers to take control of one of the OmegaDracos. It roared and turned on the other OmegaDracos.
  21. "Because as soon as a formulate a plan, someone INSTANTLY stops the bad guy without it" Cree sighed "oh well"
    He watched as the collosal beast turn on its kin, and wondered where Protomask was. The young genius could not have gone far. There. Cree saw Ashley confronting Protomask and turned back to the battle. He tried to keep the civilians out of harms way, but there was so little of him and so much of them
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  22. Talia ducked behind a wall to catch her breath, watching as the giant robots started attacking each other. The clone maker started off again, running as fast as she could towards the city's college. Her friends probably hidden away somewhere in one of the buildings if they hadn't already been squashed, "can't say today hasn't been interesting that's for sure".

    Some of her normal hair was falling out her wig and when it fell infront of her eyes she stopped to fix her disguise. The original sent out a clone to play decoy when protobats got closer and moved around them. She had to hide and try to move around the bank protomask and Ashley were talking. It and then standing between her and the college.
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  23. Protomask charged a flame blaster to Ashley, right when he was about to shot he noticed one of his OmegaDracos wasn't responding ProtoMask's commands, ProtoMask ordered the 4 OmegaDracos to charge a tesla Blaster to techno.

    "Can't you see this world is perfect with machines... this world is just old, it needs an upgrade" ProtoMask replied as he shot his Flame blaster to Ashley.
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  24. Ashley tried to push the fireball back. It slowed down for half a second, then blasted through her powers. The burst of flames hit Ashley square in the chest. She was barely able to react. The fire burned her jacket before she could put it out with her powers. The normally light blue fabric was burned black, and her hair was also burnt. Ashley had ash on her face, along with numerous burns. She gritted her teeth and snarled, "That's in no way, shape, or form an excuse to destroy entire cities. I'm not sure if you heard me or not, but people are DYING!" Ashley was sweating, from the heat or fatigue, she didn't know. She tried to knock the boy down, or do something, but all she managed was to create a semistrong breeze. Then she passed out.
  25. Talia saw the girl start to fall from the sky and cursed. Shaking her head she looked at the college then back at the girl, "I am so going to regret this. Well let's go play hero"!

    Using her clones to launcher onto a higher up building or what was left a building, she took aim of the catch. Bracing herself for the explosion that was really going hurt, she generated a clone. Flung forward and straight into the girl's downward path, she tried to grapple the girl into a holding position, "hey you ok? You awake"?
  26. Cree began to focus his powers on the protobots themselves, while the Protobots were immune to his power, the massive DeltaWorm had some parts made out of shape able material, especially around the joints. He managed to shut the compartments which were sending out the Protobots, but he knew that they would be opened again very quickly, and the worm would destroy all of his efforts. He noticed that it was going for big buildings and had an idea, using his powers he piled three empty skyscrapers on top of each other, and watched as the worm flew upwards through all three, destroying them, before beginning to fall back down. From the debris, Cree made a massive metal spike, which pierced the head of the worm, breaking the control Center. Even though the worm wasn't working, the momentum, combined with the still-on mining equipment, caused the rest of the worm to fly through the spike as well, destroying every Protobots inside.
    Unfortunately, most of them had the sense to eject from the tail, and now it was literally raining Protobots
  27. Ashley opened her eyes. She saw the girl from the alley and gave a shaky laugh. "I'm o-okay," She said, but she knew that she was overexerted and hurt. "Just a little... warm." She still felt the burns from the fireball-blaster-thing. "Didn't you, uh, blow up in an explosion of colors or something?"
  28. "Um yeah? But itbalso wasn't me. It can be confusing," Talia lied with a light laugh throwing down a few more clones to catch them. She curled her body towards the ground and the trampoline form the clones made caught them. She got up and they started exploding, Talia having to catch her breathe as her powers started to really catch up with her, "got to, got to go. See ya later maybe".
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  29. Ashley was a little confused, and needed backup immediately. She got up a little wobbly, but steadied herself. Okay, just take a little break, she told herself. Ashley leaned up against the trunk of a tree, but soon robots started walking towards her. Well, little break's over. Ashley was strong enough to fight, but for how long? She destroyed the robots coming after her and started evacuating buildings. They were smoldering, and Ashley was struggling to breathe in the heavy black smoke. "This way!" She shouted once she was inside one of them, flipping a burning desk so that the trapped workers could flee.
  30. Talia continued to move through the allies but at a slower pace. She made it to the college soon enough and tried to quickly regenerate her energy. She sent out a clone to scout, sitting down between a wall and rubble, she took in what the clone saw and gave a sigh of relief when she saw that it had been evacuated. Standing up she scanned for the area for robots and started to relaxed and gather her energy back.
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  31. As Ashley was evacuating a set of petrified workers, a robot shot through the window. Oh, great, she thought. "Everyone, keep moving!" She shouted to the workers. The effort to shout caused pain to her lungs while the workers got her message. They ran forwards without hesitation. Ashley body slammed the robot, racking herself with pain once more. She gritted her teeth and, with both arms, yanked the robot's head off and flung it across the room.
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  32. A massive explosion shook the earth as the blasts from the four OmegaDraco hit the fifth one, but they all rebounded into their senders, therefor destroying all five, the resulting explosion destroyed most, if not all, of the Protobots.

    "Yes!" Cree shouted "We did it! We finally beat them"
    "Boo!" someone in a crowd which had gathered shouted "You stopped them by BLOWING UP HALF OF THE CITY!"
    The others began also shouting things like that, telling Cree and the other Supers that they were no better than Protomask
    Cree sighed "Of course" he said, and with one final push of energy, he rebuilt the destroyed city with his powers. Of course, he couldn't revive the many, many lives lost in the battle, almost two hundred were dead, and thousands were injured. He may have saved everyone, but they were right, the massive explosions he had caused did the same as, if not more damage than the Protobots themselves.

    Beginning the slow trek back to his fortress in the mountains, Cree left the city once more, not once looking back
  33. Talia stood up and started to head back to her house. She saw one of the supers pouting and generated a clone to go check on him. The clone started to follow him for a bit and watched him. The original made it back to her house and called everyone, making sure they were ok then collapsed on her bed to focus on her clone.
  34. Ashley, who had been knocked out from the explosion, woke up by a tree. Jax and Kay were looking down at her with worried and scared looks on their faces. Ashley's chest and head throbbed. "Wha...?"
    "There was a huge explosion," Jax said, "You were lucky to have survived."
    "Ashley!" Kay shouted. There were tears in her eyes. "I'm so happy you're alive!"
    Ashley struggled up, wobbling. Jax and Kay each supported her. "Let's get you to a hospital," Jax said, obviously noting the burn on her chest. Ashley nodded tensely, biting her lip to keep from crying out in pain.
  35. Danny observed the crowded city form the top of a 4 story building.It was about 11:30pm. Danny loved the night. It made his powers stronger. Just what he needed for what he was about to do. He lept off of the building and and started hovering. He flew down to a small building with a chain link fence that said "Restricted access." With on Slash of his sword, the fence was cut open. He walked into the small building, Triggering alarms. Danny looked up towards a security camera and crumpled it with his powers. He walked into a room towards the end of the building. A scientist was wide a wake as he typed up his paper work. Danny picked him up by the throat and shoved him against the wall. Danny whispered into the scientists face," How can I help her," Danny applied force to the man's neck,"Tell me." The man started to say weakly,
    "Her case is untreatable, all you can do is hope for the best." The scientist feared for his life.Danny proceeded to strangle the man to death. Danny searched through paperwork looking for answers, but didn'the find anything. Danny left the building and calmly hailed a cab to head back to his home.
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  36. Talia exploded her clone with a minor popping sound and tiny explosion before deciding that it was time for bed. Thankfully her house had been farther away from the attack zone then other people's so she had that luxury. She snuggled under her blankets and was about the sleep when Ariel barged and flopped onto of her, "did you see what happened"?
  37. When the trio reached the hospital, it was dark. The people inside had rushed Ashley to a hospital room, where they began to run X-Rays. Miraculously, she hadn't broken anything. The burn on her chest, however, would need a lot of care. The doctors told Ashley that she would have to spend at least a week and a half in the hospital, maybe more. Too exhausted and in too much pain to argue, the girl just nodded and fell asleep. The last thing she muttered was, "Stop...ProtoMask..."
  38. Danny started thinking during the cab ride, I just killed a man who was only trying to help me.Danny shook his head,No, I will doing anything for Melody. Danny asked the cab driver to take him to the hospital instead. The radio wastation played the song "Let her go" Hey calmly asked the cab driver to change the radio channel as he road to the hospital.
  39. Jax and Kay left the hospital, a dark cloud seeming to be looming over them. A cab drove up to the entrance. Jax ran up to it, then saw that it was empty. "Oh. Ok," He said, and walked back to Kay. "Guess we're walking home tonight," He told her. Kay just bit her lip and nodded.
  40. Danny walked into the hospital. He walked into a room labeled comastose.Danny walked in only to see his wife. He walked up to her and held her hand. He said to her in her unconscious state and cried," I will do anything to help you." Tears welled up 8n his eyes and they fell to the ground.

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