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Ask to Join Superheroes RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Danny walked outside and streched,"if there are any supers nearby let's go look for that robber." He started to hover waiting for someone to follow him.
  2. "Not so fast!" Eclipse said calmly, forming behind Danny "we need to settle this"
    He turned to Cree "this doesn't involve you, the atmosphere of the battlefield is perfext, the shadows of the bank covering me, and the light of the police searchlight putting you in the light, I cannot have such a perfect made battlefield for light and dark by your presences
  3. Talia finally got away from the police officer and started toward the building. She broke some windows to let the building air out from the poisonous gas. She then backed up and motioned for everyone to move away. She created clones to help push people back and saw the argument, "hey! This isn't the time for that"!
  4. Connivance wandered the streets looking to solve a promblem. She was wearing her normal everyday outfit. She decided to stop by a diner for a while to eat. She ordered and got her food until she saw something odd. A man seemed to vanish behind the wall. She got up and made her way over there. It was a solid wall very plain and not painted like the rest. No one else really seemed to notice it since it was in the corner of the restaurant. Her clothes transformed into her hero outfit as a quiver formed on her back with arrows and her bow. She searched the wall carefully until coming upon a switch. The wall slid open revealing stairs.
  5. Talia glared at the people and her clones started to explode in a mass of small cherry bomb explosions. She leaned against a wall to watch the fight go down, giving up on trying to play hero.

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