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Ask to Join Superheroes RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. Jax and Kay lived next to each other, so the duo walked back to their houses together. They were both greeted with warm welcomes and were told about how Ashley was a hero and they shouldn't be worried about her at all. "Ashley's strong," they said, "She'll make it."
  2. Danny stood and left the hospital. He saw a boy and a girl. walking in the direction. He decided to catch up with them. He ran towards them and said," Hey, I'm Danny," but there were already gone. "Well I guess I will fly," Danny said as he started to hover, he flew of towards his home.
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  3. John was at his house. He was one of the lucky few that the red-haired girl had succeeded in saving. Somehow, he wasn't hurt. But the girl was. He remembered the huge smoking spot on her chest and how she had struggled to breathe while she was evacuating workers. John felt he had a debt to pay to her. He dialed the local news station and told them about what had gone on. They promised to do a section on it for the morning news so that the girl could be honored.
  4. Danny, got to his house and it wasn't there. Danny Cursed and said," whelp, I guess that big battle destroyed my home." Danny walked to a nearby hotel and bought a room for the night. He begin to Contimplate whether or not killing doctors was alright. It probably is,Danny thought,is there a super hero that heals people?
  5. Meanwhile, inside of his secret mountain hideout, cree was wallowing in self pity.
    "I'm a horrible superhero" he cried as he shoved another spoonful of ice cream into his mouth "I'm selfish, weak and stupid! My password is password!"
    In anger and frustration, he threw his ice cream onto the ground, "These... these fools, thinking they are always better than me" he began shaking uncontrollably "I'LL SHOW THEM! I'LL SHOW THE WORLD HOW GOOD OF A SUPERHERO I CAN BE!"
    He got off his chair and ran towards the door, but slipped on some of his Ice Cream and landed face-first into the rest of it.

    Elsewhere, in a bank across town, a mysterious man shrouded in shadow appeared inside of a vault.
    "Gold and Silver... Rubies and Sapphire... Diamonds, Pearls and Platinum" he whispered, listing the jewels he saw "And they will all be mine, the cop will suspect some regular crook, when will they stop seeing in Black and White? There are many shades of evil in this world, Reds and Blues, Greens and Yellows..."
    He turned, to see two police officers standing behind him. "Oh noble officers" he said calmly, catching the cops off guard "Hearts of Gold and Souls of silver, but can you face my wrath? Not even the Sun or Moon could hope to shine as bright and the radiant power of darkness"

    The cops looked around as shadows consumed the vault, enveloping them in darkness. One of them turned on a flashing, turning it to where the Enigma had been, but he was gone. He heard a scream, which was cut off before it could be completed. He turned to where his partner was, but he was gone. Feeling two hands on his back, he dropped his flashlight, which fell onto the ground and broke... and then there was...

  6. Danny turned on the TV in his hotel room. The late night news station was on talking about the multiple doctor murders over the past few days. Danny sighed as the TV changed to a breaking news station. "Bank consumed by shadows?" The reporter questioned," on the east side of town. Danny left his room through his window. He flew towards the bank extremely fast. He landed and started to said triumphantly," I am the Astral Ascendant and I am here to give you justice!"
  7. Shadows surrounded the Astral Ascendant. "An epic duel of the light an dark" A voice boomed out from the darkness "The light of the moon, penetrating through the darkness of the night... so be it"
    The Enigma jumped off of the roof of the shadowy bank, swinging his cane towards the Astral Ascendant
  8. Talia was walking back down main street after having be short cat nap. She was whistling and carrying groceries bags for herself and the roommates she called friends. She saw the bank and turned down and alley, climbing onto the roof and setting her stuff down. She sat on the ledge and watched the mass for shadows, the talking being loud enough to for her to hear, "hate to break it to whoever is in there but if your trying to be Shakespeare, nobody can see your play"!
  9. The Astral Ascendent blocked the cane strike with his sword and swung back at the enigma. The Astral Ascendant shoot out a beam of light towards The Enigma. He then jetted up into the nights sky and readied himself for whatever The Enigma could throw at him.
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  10. Talia watched and clapped teasingly. She grinned and watched as astral ascendant shot into the sky and cheered like it was a sports game. She backed off abit and looked at her groceries which consisted of crackers, a box of rice, and other goods that didn't have to be stored in a cold environment. She made sure they were in a safe spot before throwing her hood up and slipping on a bandana. She pulled out canisters and started to draw a surrealistic scene where the roof looked like it was caving in to a tunnel of stars.

    The young figures walked around the street. Both had a ribbon tied around on of their wrists and both wore hoodies. The younger of the two saw the shadows and whimpered not knowing what was happening. The elder one pulled her away and the two walked to the warehouse district were they had made their little hiding place in one of the buildings.
  11. Partying the blow with his cane, Enigma leapt backwards but was hit on the chest by the light, which burned into his skin. The shadows crawled over the open wound, making it dissapear. With no real way to get up to the Astral Ascendant, Enigma began to speak again. "It's symbolic isn't it" he said "a beam of light piercing the heart of Darkness, but you can't ever kill your Shadow, can you?"
  12. Talia finished her picture and looked back at the villain. She sat and pulled out a bag of chips. She watched the show, happy to see something interesting, "Shakespeare! Glad to see you are letting everyone see your play"!
  13. " Well, I mean," The Astral Ascendent murmered," it was kinda symbolic, Moonblast beats dark types." Danny lunged at the enigma and slashed his stomach with his sword. He then blastedo the enigma with more light.
  14. Taking the blast of light to the face, Enigma stumbled backwards. "You win this round!" he shouted "but the darkness will always return!"
    Shadows covered his body and in an instant, he was gone

    Meanwhile, Cree had calmed down from his Temper Tantrum, and decided to return to the city to see what the others were doing
  15. Danny hovered back down to the ground," It was all in the name of JUSTICE!" Danny shouted towards Enigma before he left. Danny sheathed his sword and starte dwalking towards the hotel he was staying at.
  16. Talia clapped as the little performance finished. She grabbed her bags and got off of the roo. Talia picked up her phone and called her room mates to tell them she was ok and that she was on her way home.

    Asher was asleep when lyric crept out of the hiding place and onto the peers. She looked around to make sure nobody was around before practicing making glyphs. She started on the propulsion on first as it was one of her more versatile.
  17. After the mayhem from the outside world got the better of his nerves, he grabbed Jamie by the waist and the two evaporated into his cerulean mist. When they had materialized, they were in the midst of Jamie's rather brutish older sisters crowding a dinner table, all of whom looked up with slack jaws at his sudden appearance. Jamie was still yelling to let her go, and so he released her unceremoniously to the ground at his feet.

    "You four don't still hate me, do you?" Eric asked innocently, ducking right before a plate could crash against his brass helmet and watching it sail over his head. He whistled perceivably. "You steal one girl from her blood and suddenly you're the bad guy? Humans are so cruel."

    "Eric!" Jamie hissed in clear exasperation. Her expression made it seem like she'd rather be a part of the apocalypse rather than in the presence of her own family.

    "How dare you show your face here, Jormangandr?" the one who had thrown the plate at him roared, hands slamming against the table, at the same time as one of them dropped her utensils and gasped out "Jamie?"

    "I'm dumping her here for a while," he explained, splaying his ironclad hands. "Got people to save, asses to kick. You know, can't let anyone else end the world before I do. Arrivederci!"

    Jamie's face alit with panic and she shook her head vigourously. "No, wait-!"

    But he had already left.
  18. Talia ducked through alleyways.
    Stopping to touch up murals along her way. She got back to her crow picture from the earlier day and hummed. Picking up her more exspenice paint she got to work adding to it. Placing the Raven on a banner and making a line of mythical warriors holding it. She still had her hood and bandana up, masking herself from the fumes and watching eyes, "there done"!
  19. Howling began in the mountains. A man in the mountains walked down the path a wearing tattered shorts. As he walked by tree his body changed shape into a glistening into a wolf with a sliver pelt. He planned to destroy the city and the first step devouring all the superheroes. He charged down to the path tearing through trees a boy dead ahead.
  20. Ashley woke up on the hospital bed. There were stabilizing machines attached to her to ensure she didn't die. Her parents were at her bedside, along with Jax, Kay, and their families. "Hey, guys," The tween managed to say. Her mother shed a tear and looked away. Her father's expression was clouded with sorrow for his daughter as he watched on. Jax and Kay looked at their friend with a somber look in their eyes. Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. A nurse came in, followed by a news crew.
    "Miss Sparks, these people would like to see you," The nurse told Ashley. Ashley. There was an interview. The word "hero" was repeated many times.
  21. Lyric created another propulsion glyph. She made it big enough to propel a crate and smiled at it. She cheered and danced around at her little victory, accidentally stepping on her own set glyph and activated it. She shreiked and flew into a wall, groaning at the pain, "ow".

    Talia got back to her house and placed her groceries in the kitchen. She stretched and smiled, looking at the woods outside of her house. She waved to her roommates and walked out into it, climbing into a tree.
  22. Chasing down to the town he soon stoped he knew that he might die in the wolf form. So he morphed into a trex and the enterity of the town was chased away, screeming in fear a quake going through the land beneath.
  23. Lyric got up from the wall and checked to make sure she was ok. She didn't have any wounds other then a few scrapes and bumps, going back to her little training spot to practice. This time she tried a draining glyph, an unfortunate rat getting caught in it. She gasped and stopped, generating a yellow glyph in its place, "sorry little guy".
  24. A vine slammed into the wall of the museum. The alarm sounded as the guards crowded around the disaster. Gun shots could be heard in the smoke and dirt. As it cleared the guard lay dead as Blood Thorn steps over the corpses. She glided through the Museum until she reaches a large blue diamond. Her claws crash straight through the glass and she grasps the diamond.
  25. "That's it! No more self pity!" Cree shouted, inside his mountain base "I shall rid this city of corruption and evil"

    Three massive stone archways extended from his castle, and the centre carried him to the City. Leaping off, he felt the Stones dissolved back into air.

    He saw a group of police running towards the Museum
    "What happened?" he asked
    "A bank, and this meusium were both robbed tonight" one of the cops explained "we don't know if it was connected though"
    Cree and the Police dashed into the Meusium

    Meanwhile, Enigma laughed "Me? Involved in such an unpoetic robbery? Oh no... oh no indeed..."
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  26. Lyric watched the rat run away and got back to her practice. She grew tired and yawned, pushing on in her creation of healing glyphs.

    Talia heard the noise and laughed, booking it home. She changed into her usual costume on the way there. Whistling as she walked. She smirked when she saw some people upset over one her murals.
  27. As the police reach the exhibit vines shoot out of the floor strangling them to death. Blood Thorn swiftly sent a large vine through the ceiling. She grasped onto the vine as she rises out of the museum. Helicopter lights shine in her face as the SWAT open fire. Blood Thorn lunges to the side of a building and scales it with her claws. She reaches the top and vanishes into the darkness
  28. Danny walked through the street kicking water puddles like a little kid. He noticed a man talking to the police. He decided to go report what happened. He walked up and said," Is everything alright?"
  29. Talia smiled as she watched everything happen from afar. She leaned against a wall and whistled at the chaos that the plant manipulating villain caused. She looked around to see if there was any of her hero friends around. She climbed to the roof and surveyed the area.
  30. "Well that Meusium was just robbed by a super who could use vines as weapons" Cree explained "Captain Plok here is the sole survivor of an attempt to apprehend her"
  31. " I just fought with this guy who attacked rhe bank, I think rhey could be related somehow," Danny said as he followed the group."Any leads what she looked like?"
  32. Just then the vines shriveled up and released a poisonous gas that began to spread across the perimeter. Meanwhile, Blood Thorn reached her secret base. She turned on the security shields that disabled entrance of any super powered being unless they are already inside. The computers turned on and she placed the gem on a scanner and began the scan
  33. "I smell gas," Danny said," Could she have caused a gas leak, We should probably get out of here," Danny said as he headed towards the door of the museum.
  34. Talia caught site of Cree and Danny, she saw the gas and slipped her bandana up. She shook one up on of canisters and lined up her shot. She threw her canister to intercept the man. The canister holding a crackling fire work, usually acting a distraction.

    Lyric finished her practice and yawned. She stretched and started wandering around the buildings. She smiled and jumped at a few of the shadows that lights created.
  35. She placed the gen with her collection and grinned. "How beautiful you are..." she said as she turned to the armory. The doors slid open and pistols, shotguns, rifles, etc. she lifts up a pair of pistols and fires them at the holigraphic targets.
  36. Lyric finished her small stroll then started back toward her hidden spot. She yawned and was still half way between the two places.

    Talia lept off of the building and moved through the police force to stop them from getting closer. She tried to reach Cree but was stopped by a police officer that had a grudge against her. She had met the guy after finishing one of her murals and had escaped him, "let me through".
  37. (OOC: Changing his name to Eclipse, makes more sense with the Darkness things)
    "Why do you fear the darkness?" Eclipse asked Lyric from the shadows "You flee from the shadows, hide in the light"
    He formed himself in front of Lyric, staff raised and pointed at her "You have powers..." he said "Yet who do you align with, the Darkness or the Light? Or is there a middle path? A grey arena? Do you see it as I do?"

    "You are right" Cree said "Lets go, we can talk outside"
  38. Lyric squeaked and lept back from the man. Her eyes were big and she pressed her hands to her chest, a propulsion glyph forming to sheild her, "who are you"?

    Talia was still arguing the police officer, growling and trying to make herself look big.
  39. "I'm not here to harm you miss" Eclipse said, bowing and melting into the shadows, before reforming on the other side of Lyric "I admit that was rude of me, my name is unimportant, what matters is that soon something big will happen, involving both the Darkness and the Light. I claim to be an ally of Darkness, but in truth it is my belief that there is a balance, Good and Evil, Light and Dark, a perfect synergy of opposites becoming one. With good, there is always evil, when a Hero appears, Evil will adapt, send an equal. Good and Evil are not enemies, doomed to fight for supremacy forever"

    He turned away from Lyric, walking away "Think on this" he said, fading into the shadows "Good is not the lack of evil, everyone has evil inside, its just the choice to ignore it"
  40. Lyric jumped again and turned to look at him as he disappeared. Once he had, she booked it back to where her brother was sleeping. She dove under her covers and wrapped them around herself. She peaked her head out when Asher woke up, "what's wrong"?
    "It was just a nightmare".
    "Then it's not real. It's okey just go back to sleep," Asher patted her head and threw her another pillow. The boy passed out while it took Lyric a while to drift into sleep.

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