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Ask to Join Superheroes RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. "Give up living being, Your weapons aren't match against my ProtoBots, neither with my Upgrades" ProtoMask said looking at Cree from a building, ProtoMask deployed more ProtoBots and they started to shoot lazers to Cree
  2. "Ahh' Cree shouted as he built another wall. He tried to use his powers on the Protobots again, successfully turning a few into rocks, but the rest just pushed on. He ran towards one and took its head off of his body. Then he aimed the head right under ProtoMask, firing a laser onto the ledge that he was standing on. Then Cree began to retreat back to his secret bunker, which was fortified against all attack, and would be able to hold off the Protobots
  3. ProtoMask gets blasted to the next building, His headset was a bit damaged and it took a while to re-boot, ProtoMask activates his Zubat Prototype Wings and flies around Cree, ProtoMask charched a deadly Magmortar blast from his Magmortar Blaster and summoned his Tesla sword, ProtoMask lands on the and uses a Melee attack on Cree with a paralyzing slash from his Tesla sword "TAKE THIS!" He replied
  4. Lauren split up from Cree and headed to one of her secret lairs in the city. She went into a building and flipped a secret switch. The platform turned, Lauren was now on the secret lair side, and an exact replica of what was on the secret lair side was on the side everyone else saw, an arcade game. Lauren sighed. She started to prepare her defenses.
  5. ProtoMask deployed more ProtoBots around the city, The ProtoBots eyes glowed red as they were hundreds and hundreds of ProtoBots Fusing each other, Hundreds and Hundreds of ProtoBots turned into one of ProtoMask's deadliest creation...The OmegaDraco "ENOUGH WITH YOU, I SHALL DESTROY YOU ALL!!"Said ProtoMask flying away
  6. Finally Cree was able to get back to his bunker. In the years that he had lived there, he had been constructing robots to defend it for him. Using power cells salvaged from destroyed ProtoBots, he powered up two massive machine gun turrets which fired energy bullets. Each shot could pierce through the hard outer layer of the ProtoBots, causing the fragile inner mechanics to explode or stop working.
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  7. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Shade walked down a dark alleyway in a street next to where he lived. He followed a woman to their house and cornered them. The woman heard a noise. "What was that?!" She asked, but there seemed to be noone there. Then the wind blowed, eeriely and all of a sudden, a young man appeared in front of her. He was translucent and was saphire blue but his colour changed and was much darker, like a shadow. The shadowy man dissappeared then reappeared behind her, where her shadow was. He touched her on her shoulder and everything went black for her.
  8. Cree left the bunker in secret. None of the ProtoBots had noticed him. He decided to go and attempt to contain the ProtoBots, whom had all formed into the fearsome OmegaDraco. He ran to an area of town where the Draco had not reached, and began to build fortifications. "Any help? Any other supers here?" He shouted "we need to stop that thing! Where did you guys go?"
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  9. Lauren prepared a giant robot, known as the War Canary 2000, for battle. She set up a signal that looked like a hawk, as a signal to any nearby superheroes that they needed help. Lauren put on her costume. As she did she thought of two people who could probably help: Techno, the technopath that had built the War Canary 2000, and Pharaoh, a boy who could turn into a giant cobra that was bigger than the average house. 'We could really use their help right now.' Siren thought.
  10. The OmegaDraco opened his enormous jaw, inside there was a photons blaster which was slowly charging, Its jaw glowed blue cyan as it was charged, the OmegaDraco shot its Photons Blast leaving a trail of Paralyzing energy as it was charging another one, the OmegaDraco turned around using its mechanical tail to destroy buildings and making a giant cloud of smoke, with the cloud of smoke around the OmegaDraco It absorbed the dust and made a wave of toxic everywhere.
  11. Siren was piloting the War Canary 2000. The giant canary robot attacked the OmegaDraco from the sky. Its beak opened up to reveal an multi-ammo firing cannon. The War Canary 2000 fired an energy beam at the OmegaDraco. The blast hit.
  12. The OmegaDraco got severe damage from the blast, some ProtoBots were destroyed and OmegaDraco's left arm wasn't able to move, then the OmegaDraco increased its defenses by charging more Tesla energy, then it charged tesla blasts to the giant canary robot, The OmegaDraco made a signal roar making the giant canary robot to malfunction.
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  13. The War Canary 2000 spiraled out of control for a few minutes. Siren righted it and flew back up to attack the OmegaDraco again. Siren aimed at the right arm. She fired another energy blast. Once again, it hit its target.
  14. The OmegaDraco went mad and its eyes glowed red crimson, the OmegaDraco made a high-jump and bitted on the War Canary 2000's left wing, "TAKE THAT!" ProtoMask said, The OmegaDraco stomped on the War Canary 2000's beak and launched it to a building, then it charged another Tesla Blast aiming at the War Canary 2000.
  15. Before the OmegaDraco could fire, a giant cobra grabbed it and tossed it five blocks. Apparently Pharaoh had seen the signal from his town. Pharaoh hissed. He slithered off in the direction the OmegaDraco had been tossed. Siren followed in the War Canary 2000.
  16. The OmegaDraco made a stronger signal roar to mess up the War Canary and the Pharaoh, The OmegaDraco used another signal to call more ProtoBots to recover them the War Canary's blast
  17. Siren activated a special mode on the War Canary 2000. A sort of autopilot and self-activated blaster. It also transported Siren to the top of the head of the War Canary 2000, so both could attack at once. Siren used her Siren Wail. At the same time Siren did her Siren Wail, the War Canary 2000 fired another energy beam.
  18. Cree looked at the Mech battle and sighed "if I must." He raised his arms above his head and columns of stone from the earth began to rise. Then they turned into massive metallic limbs. He focused his power on two apartment buildings, which sped towards his body, turning into a robotic body. Then he transformed a medium-sized house into a helmet. He fused them together and put himself into the middle, absorbing electricity from nearby power lines. Then he turned an electricity pole and turned it into a massive sword. Inside of the mech, Cree collapsed from the effort, he would be able to defeat OmegaDraco, if only he enough energy to
  19. Jado finally heard some noise and went there to see what it was so he decided to check what was going on.Jado saw the kind man on the floor.
    "You ok?!"He turned his face to OmegaDraco.Jado touched Cree and disabled his power accidentaly and grabbed his kendo sword from his backpack.
    "Prepare Yourself!"Jado was pretty reckless so he didnt understand he was the one that made Cree use that power.
  20. From the 14th floor of the 0187 Dame Rd. apartment buildings, a young man sat in front of a wall of glass with a woolen blanket over his shoulders and a mug of coffee in his hands. His eyes were naturally drawn to the indignant mechanical battle taking place several blocks over and the distress signal that followed.

    "Huh," he said casually, as if this was just something that he experienced every blue moon. He took a swig of the bitter liquid and slammed the mug onto the table, sloshing coffee over his hand and tablecloth. He stood and stretched himself out, leisurely taking his time with dressing himself and otherwise before he would head out to contribute to the havoc.

    Eric himself had fought against the self-proclaimed heroes a couple times, but he couldn't help but wonder if they'd hold a grudge against him for that. He stifled a yawn and requested an elevator to the top floor.
  21. "Ahh!" Cree said. He couldn't keep the Mech together for much longer. "its now or never Cree" he said to himself. Cree charged towards the OmegaDraco and slammed the massive sword into its chest, but his power was fading. His limbs turned back into columns of stone, his Mech was just a group of buildings again, and his sword, which was still embedded in the OmegaDraco's chest, reverted to a mere pole.

    Cree began to collect all the power he had left inside of him, before trying one more thing to take out the Draco. He took an abandoned car and made a massive piece of string out of the road. He tied one end to the car, and the other to one of the Draco's legs. He began to drive circles around the Draco
  22. "Such beautiful design," said Eric to Cree, whom had appeared seemingly out of nowhere. He stared up at the gargantuan metal dragon with immense respect and appreciation. Eric cast the obviously strained hero a sidelong glance through his horn-tipped helmet and flashed a fanged smile. "It runs with such fluidity. Impressive. If you catch this guy, you just have to let me talk to him for a couple minutes."
  23. "So a giant mech won't work, and going all Empire-Strikes-Back Hoth Battle on it won't work..." Cree said to himself before hearing Eric "No matter how many times I meet you, I am always surprised by your calmness in the face of danger." He said "Fine... but for now either help us beat it or stay out of our way."
  24. Eric gave him a curt nod.
    "Duly noted," he agreed in an exaggeratedly solemn tone. He twisted his ring and it was enveloped in a dull light until it took on the shape of a golden battleaxe. The Ouroboros remained imprinted on the leftmost axe head. "I can tell you have a plan of utmost importance, Mr. Creator, sir. With all due respect, I'm going to smash that beautiful machine to ribbons."
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  25. Cree sighed and turned to the OmegaDraco. "Its close to invincible" he said "to beat it you would have to get inside. It was immune to my power, why should it not be immune to yours" Cree pointed to the Draco and tried to use his power on it. "See? It is immune to superpowers somehow... although it could be my insbility to effect living beings."
  26. "Thanks for the head's up," he muttered, disappointed that this was going to be a bit more complicated than "crush the enemy with your bare hands."
    Eric glanced around the area the metal monster in question was situated and quickly formulated a plan.
    "Right-o, I'm going to zap up to that building," Eric said, pointing to a skyscraper whose height was positioned above the dragon's altitude, "and I'm gonna jump on the blasted thing. And then I'll smash it."
  27. "ENOUGH WITH THIS!!" ProtoMask said as he deployed thousands of ProtoBots which formed hundreds and hundreds of AlphaWolves, the OmegaDraco summoned a Digital Counter shield which it used to return all kinds of attacks on the OmegaDraco, Its mouth blaster was ready to shoot a massive blast of thunderbolts and Tesla energy.
  28. "Great idea" Cree said "I'll distract it" Cree transformed a pile of breadsticks into a pile of fireworks. Then he launched them at the Draco. "Hey ya big ugly lump of metal" he shouted "look at me!" Then Cree looked around and noticed the wolves "oh no" he said. He created a wall around himself. "I hope Eric knows what he is doing" he said to himself
  29. The OmegaDraco's counter shield deflected the pile of fireworks to Cree's shield as it was about to charge its Tesla Doomblast, "it ends now foolish...SO DIE NOW!" the OmegaDraco shot its Tesla Doomblast around the city leaving dangerous trails of Plasma.
  30. "Oh dear," said the masked snake hybrid and disappeared with a wisp of blue smoke to remember him by. He crouched on the roof of his designated building and watched the machines with twisted interest.
    He snapped out of his trance and began searching for a fault in the dragon's design; a chink in its armour. He was vaguely reminiscent of the dragon from The Hobbit - Smaug, was it?
    "The underside!" he cried aloud and with another puff of smoke, found himself beneath the dragon's underbelly. After a couple seconds of staring up at it contemplatively, he returned to the safety of the skyscraper. "Perhaps not."
  31. The OmegaDraco's energy was drained by the Huge amount of Tesla energy used in the blast, The omegaDraco stopped to move and it wasn't responding to my commands, some ProtoBots that formed the OmegaDraco started to fall de-activated to the floor and eventually its core was shown "WORK YOU PILE OF SCRAP!" ProtoMask shouted kicking the OmegaDraco's head, he realized he had to protect its robot so he took his Tesla sword, his Magmortar blaster and started to make a small weak shield around the OmegaDraco's core.
  32. Cree jumped upwards and created a stairway towards the Draco. He jumped into its legs and began to climb up to the core. He was halfway there when his hands began to ache. The cracks in the metal were small and hard to hold on to, and were digging into his hands. "I'm getting to old for" he said to himself.
  33. The SquareMan was heading deeper, seeing ProtoMask doing some work, before he came. It took awhile to come do to his square flying thingy-ma bob 50000. He would call that it, as he spawned some red block minions, who specialize in attacking, then defense, speed, or health. He spawned about 20, and commanded them to go and attack the him. He laughed in a evil way, as he was watching them come over.
  34. ProtoMask jumped off his OmegaDraco and landed on the staircase "get lost gramps" ProtoMask said and shot a fireball to Cree with his Magmortar blaster. ProtoMask turned and increased the shields's defenses.
  35. "Bingo-bongo-banjo," said Eric in a victorious tone, whisking himself back to the deteriorating core. He found that there was some kind of invisible wall surrounding the core from all sides. "Come on!" he yelled, bringing his axe down on the wall in frustration, which reiterated against it uselessly.
  36. Cree noticed the blocks attacking. "Of course" he sighed "as soon as we think we have won, an army of Minecraft Slimes attack" that was all he could say before being knocked off of the Draco. He was able to make the ground into a cushion and turned to the Blocks. "I hope Eric has the Draco covered" he said to himself before going to confront the Blockd
  37. "GET AWAY FROM MY ROBOT!!" Protomask shouted as he used his Zubat Prototype wings to fly to the core of his robot, ProtoMask aimed at Eric with his Magmortar blaster charging a fireball, ProtoMask shot his fireball to Eric.
  38. With an annoyed huff, Eric tossed his axe aside and started removing the armour and padding that lined his arms.
    He looked up to the apparent child genius that had orchestrated the whole thing and smiled sweetly.
    "Nah," he said, quickly snatching the battle axe back as quickly as he'd thrown it and disappeared to the other side of the core, continuing to remove his arm's protection.
  39. ProtoMask shot more Fireballs to Eric, eventually ProtoMask deployed ProtoBots around the core making them to become AlphaWolves, The AlphaWolves growled at Eric as they were getting closer to him, the AlphaWolves stared at Eric with an evil expression.
  40. Cree turned a branch into a bow and began to fire at the Blocks. He had an almost infinite number of arrows, but it seemed like they would just bounce off of the Blocks. He watched as they got closer, so he turned his bow into a sword and charged forward. He turned the ground underneath him into a geyser and jumped over the Blocks, landing just in front of Square man himself

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