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Ask to Join Superheroes RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. "Nej," Eric admitted after laughing without humour, splaying his scaled hands ahead of himself. There was a casual and laid back air to him. "But they killed my tiger lilies, so I'm definitely going to tear their spine from their throat and stab them with it."
  2. "Whoa. Someone really cares about their flowers. I'm worried about civilians; if this person could do that, what else could they be capable of?" Ashley said. "That and the sky's kinda my domain, and if someone messes with it, they're in trouble."
  3. Talia made it to her clothes and changed. She walked back into the street and made her way through the streets until she reached one of the undamaged buildings. She pulled out almost all the cash she had gotten from her little deal into the box at the door making sure that she was hidden before ducking through the alley son her way home. She had college homework to get done and she wasn't going to fail her classes because of it. She stopped when she heard voices ahead of her and hid around the corner in a door way. The people from earlier and some that were new standing there like it was completely normal to do so in weird outfits, flinching back when she heard the threat. The college student turned tail deciding that she wasn't going to deal with heroes.
  4. "Ah, right. The civilians," Eric agreed, having grasped the basics to being a hero somewhere along the way of leading a life of sin and debauchery. Preventing third party casualties were almost always a hero's priority, for whatever reason. "I think tearing spines from bodies might be more of my strong suit than saving lives, eh?"
  5. Ashley facepalmed. "That's not what we're trying to do. Are you going to help me find this person or not?" This guy was really starting to get on her nerves. She wanted to find whoever was messing with the wind and get the heck away from him. "Focus on the task at hand, please."
  6. "Wait..." cree said "Why can't you just... use your powers to stop it?"
    He looked around. "This is the most supers i have met in one day for a long time..." he said "I met someone with power over the wind earlier, something about the bank?"
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  7. "I can't stop it without creating a MASSIVE TORNADO THAT WOULD DESTROY THE CITY!" Ashley's temper was starting to get the best of her. "The bank? Let's go so I can teach them a lesson."
  8. Damn my blasted ADHD all the way to Musphelheim, he silently seethed while smiling and shrugging her off. Occurrences like this were frequent and caused Eric to make a fool of himself, as he reflected them to.
    "Bank," he repeated flatly. "Can do."
  9. Growing bored, Talia changed into her costume once again and made her way back to where all the heroes were standing, hiding once again as she kept a low profile. Her thoughts deciding on that what could be more fun then messing with some powered. She created copies and sent one to say hello, the copy acting just as she would, "you guys are still here? I thought you were going to see what this wind was all about. It would be very help as it keeps making my paint drip oddly and smear".
  10. Ashley was caught off guard by the girl's sudden appearance. "Yeah, we were. Why? Do you know anything?"
  11. "Like I told your friend earlier no. All I can say is that it is bothering me," the clone sneered, eyes looking around to scan everyone quickly, relaying the information to the original. The clone looked at Eric with a raised eyebrow, "ripping people's spines out, oce again serial killer stuff right there. You really shouldn't be saying to loudly".

    Talia laughed quietly as she observed through her clone's eyes. The girl sending two more to do some investigating on what was going on around them. The two relaying information back and Talia soon had to shut them out as their constant internal chatter started to bother her.
  12. Ashley laughed internally. "Well, let's go. We have enough of a lead to at least know where this person is." She started walking out of the alley.
  13. "That's your job. Mine is to make sure that you don't crush me and maybe help people out of the way of your destruction," the clone curtsied as Talia grew bored once again. The clone then doubled over acting as if it was suddenly hurt and in pain. The clone looked up and went to fake scream only to explode in an array of bright colours and noise.
  14. Ashley recoiled, her blue eyes wide with surprise. "Jeesh! Aaaaanyways, let's go." She leaped into the air and soared. Oh, it felt so good to be flying! She didn't know nor care if the others were following, the worst thing that could happen would be that she had to chuck a rock at someone.
  15. Eric's bad mood seemed to clear like dark clouds on a sunny day at Talia's sudden appearance. He smiled loftily at the clone and flashed an even wider grin at its exit.
    "Oh, man!" he exclaimed breathlessly. "Remind me to get a number off of her later."
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  16. ProtoMask activated a new ProtoBot Recently designed, the DeltaWorm, which it slowly started to dig underground from the Abandoned Location he was hiding to the City, As it was digging underground Everybody in the city felt vibrations under them.

    ProtoMask activated his Zubat-Prototype wings and leaded the enormous army of ProboBots 2.0 which were more dangerous than before, AlphaWolves being carried by BetaBats as the army was heading closer to the city.
  17. The original Talia moved away from the supers. Tired and in need of a nap she found a place she could change and explode her clones in peace. She got back to off campus housing and back to her three roommates. Flopping onto the couch with a loud sigh, she threw her bag onto the seat beside her. She grumbled loudly when Zackery barged into the room with Zoë yelling their heads off about something, "both of you shut up! I'm tired".

    "Well you actually slept at night instead of going homework and blasting music then you wouldn't be! Where you today anyway," Zoë asked collapsing on her roommate that laid on the couch as Zackery pushed Talia's bag off the chair and sat down, turned on the tv.

    "I was helping out with people that got caught in the fight with those hero guys. Was coming back from the library and people needed help," Talia grumbled pushing Zoë off of her so she could curl into a sitting position at the other side of the couch.

    "Well we're going to class soon so get some rest," Zackery scolded carding his hand through his bright ginger hair, his blue eyes sharpening as he looked at his tired housemate.
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  18. Ashley noticed the army of metallic things heading towards the city. "Ugh, another problem?" she muttered under her breath. "I really don't need this in my life right now." Her hands were becoming cold. It was probably time to land anyways. She landed gently on a building with a gentle tap and glowered down at the robots. Ashley used her hands to create a megaphone of sorts and yelled, "HEY! IF YOU'RE GONNA TRY ANYTHING, I'D ADVISE YOU NOT TO!"
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  19. Talia grumbled some more under her breathe and got up to stumble into her room where she collapsed onto the bed and started to drift off. A clone appeared beside her bed and tucked the original into the bed, closing the door then exploding softly as to not make too much noise.
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  20. Cree used his powers to get onto the building, and then looked at what Ashley was looking at. "Of course..." he sighed as he looked at the army of Protobots "of freakin course"
    "Eric!" he shouted "You might want to see this!"
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  21. ProtoMask deployed thousands and thousands of ProtoBots faster than the last time he showed up, as the ProtoBots were deplyed, the DeltaWorm digged into the buildings and underground. ProtoBots were also deployed from the DeltaWorm's segments.
  22. "Um, didn't we just fight those things." Siren said. Pharaoh groaned. "Will this day never end. Someone needs to catch this guy, tranquilize him, take away all his robots and machines, and then send him to prison." he said. Siren held up a device and showed it to Pharaoh. "If we need backup, we can use this to contact some other superheroes that can help us." she told Pharaoh. Pharaoh nodded.
  23. Eric groaned disdainfully at the sight of the familiar machinery. He rubbed his face irritably, almost at a loss for words.
    "Is this guy seriously trying to destroy everything again?" he commanded, twirling the axe in his hand like a baton. "Better humanity before you destroy it! Honestly! This is coming from Jormangandr, for Christ's sake!"
    Being a sentimentalist, he began searching for his vantage point from their previous battle with ProtoMask. He was halfway torn between letting the miraculous prince of all child prodigies off the hook with another scorning and a life sentence or actually killing the son of a gun.
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  24. ProtoMask used his Tesla sword's energy to absorb the electricity from the entire city, as his Tesla energy bar was gaining bonus energy he commanded the AlphaWolves to shoot their Sonic Electro spheres to Kai, BetaBats to deploy bombs everywhere, The DeltaWorm increased its speed to make more holes everywhere. "THIS TIME YOUR ALL GONNA LOOSE!" ProtoMask replied at the top of the tallest building.
  25. Ashley leaped into the battle. With a flick of her wrist, she sent two of the robots flying into each other. They sparked, then blew up. Ashley laughed. "Boom! What a satisfying sound, the sound of evil robots exploding into projectiles that can be fired into other robots." She did exactly what she said, and flung some sharp pieces of metal into some other robots. She sent mini tornadoes towards the others, sending them flying into streetlights and buildings alike. A few flew clear out of the city.
  26. Cree looked at Ashley battle the Protobots. "We have time" he said "The winds will hold them back"
    Then he used his powers to pick up a car and turn it into a boulder, before dropping it onto a Protobot. "We have to stop this before-" he began, before the Deltaworm burst out of the ground, Protobots flying out of its side. "Too late" Cree sighed as he watched the worm retreat back into the earth "well there is another giant robot thing..." he created throwing knives out of the air, and sent them all flying at the Bots. He used his powers to trap and destroy them, but he began to become overwhelmed. He filled Ashley's mini-tornadoes with the chunks of Protobot to make it more deadly, before continuing to fight the bots.
  27. Ashley smiled. "Good idea, spinning shrapnel funnels of death," she laughed, directing one of the deadly death-nadoes at a horde of robots. "Is it just me, or are there a LOT of these things?" She asked, pushing them back and making them fall into each other before sending the shrapnel spinners towards them.
  28. "it has literally been two hours" Cree said "since the last batch blew up... where does he get these things?"
    He launched some rock pieces at a couple of Protobots
    "if this kid was a force of good... this world would be a much better place"
    He dodged an incoming Death-Nado and ran towards an abandoned car (i know... i do that too much but personally I would abandon my car if i was attacked by evil robots)
    "Retreat to my Knock-Off Batcave!" Cree shouted "ive been perfecting the defences for years!"
    then whispered quietly to himself "not that they have ever been tested"
  29. Ashley was getting exhausted. "Okay," She panted. A flying robot tried to attack her from behind, but Ashley made a finger gun at it and blew it away. She heard it crack as it hit the side of a building. Ashley was starting to sweat; these robots weren't something to take lightly, especially when there was so many of them.
  30. "just one problem" Cree said "its on the side of a far-off mountain range" he pointed at a mountain. "driving its around fifteen minutes, we don't have that time!"
  31. Aspen started to fly, and lifted Cree up with her. "Just tell me where to go, and we'll be there in ten!"
  32. (OOC: Since Masked Guy's posts are appearing above for some reason, I'm bringing it down for people to see)
    "Just that mountain over there" he said and pointed to a mountain "it has big stone gates, pretty hard to miss except for the fact that it is disguised to blend into the mountain. but you'll find it"
  33. "Alright, if you say so." Ashley flew over to the mountain, making sure not to drop Cree. She saw something... peculiar in the landscape. "Is that it?" She asked, pointing to the abnormality. "Because that looks like a stone gate to me."
  34. Cree stared at the stone gate in shock "Darn" he said "its so obvious from above! i should have thought of that!" he sighed. "yes" he said "that is it"
  35. Ashley dove down steeply, Cree beside her. They landed inside the gate. "If this is some tricked out hideout, I'm guessing there's some kind of security thing to keep out intruders, right?"
  36. "yup" Cree said proudly "no security system like it!" he watched as thousands of cannons targeted Cree and Ashley
    "enter password" came a voice from the entrance
    "the password" Cree said "is Password!"
  37. Ashley facepalmed. "Really? PASSWORD?!? My bedroom door locks more secure than that!"
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  38. Eric had been nonchalantly lounging on the other side of the base in the obviously placed headquarters, waiting for someone to come along and open the sturdy door. He was analyzing his helmet closely, but when the door began to creak open he floundered to screw it back on his serpentine head.
    "Ladies," he chirped when he was sure the two could see him. "Glad you could make it."
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  39. (OOC: i hope the chat just glitches my Texts, so sorry if its my fault)

    ProtoMask deployed more AlphaWolves and lots of ProtoBots were about to make 5 OmegaDracos, BetaBats deployed more and more bombs everywhere as the Buildings started to collapse.
  40. "aaaaaand now Eric knows where my base is" Cree sighed "Good job me!"
    He noticed the Omega Dracos begin to form. "Five!?" he shouted "Five of them?"
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