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Ask to Join Superheroes RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mr Fishykarp, Sep 30, 2016.

  1. "I always hated Fenrir, anyway," Eric said dismissively, rolling out of the fireball's reach. The flames singed the hairs from the back of his neck as they passed. He swung the battle axe in a sweeping motion and severed the machine's mechanical head from its mechanical body. "Now, if you built some snakes on the other hand."
  2. The OmegaDraco's core was badly damaged, it started to glow red and it was about to blow up, ProtoMask took cover from a firewall he made with his Magmortar Blaster but it wasn't enough defense and ProtoMask got blasted from the core's explosion, A rain of destroyed and burnt ProtoBots covered the entire city, AlphaWolves stopped to move as they were de-activated, ProtoMask landed to the floor with his Headset broken, His Magmortar Blaster's energy was gone and he hadn't enough energy to summon his Tesla sword, "impossible" ProtoMask Said having his Headset broken, not being able to work or do some kind of command on his Magmortar Blaster "How could you defeat me..." ProtoMask Stared at Cree and Eric for a while.
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  3. Eric, who'd teleported back to his vantage point to keep himself from being blown into Niklheim, returned with a slightly miffed expression. He glanced at the cubes that littered what looked like a nuclear bomb site, and then the boy who went by ProtoMask, and then to the debris.
    "Um," said Eric who had been ready to seriously tear apart some robo-dogs before the blast, "because we're the good guys? That's how it works, right?" He looked to the Creator for confirmation.
  4. "Sure..." Cree said "so you wanted to talk to him Eric?" Cree put handcuffs on Protomask's wrists "but make this quick, I have an army of Squares to take care of" Cree stepped back and allowed Eric to get closer. He thought about what Eric said. In movies, the good guys would always win... but what about real life? Maybe in real life it was different, fate would direct then in a different path. Or what if this wasn't real? What if he himself was just a character? Some lame excuse for a superhero dreamed up by some immature teenager? "No" Cree thought. No matter what the truth was, he decided that he must keep pushing, that he must keep defending the city that he called home
  5. Eric felt the impending panic that came accompanied by someone breaking the fourth wall. He wiped the cold sweat from his brow.
    "Your design is impeccable," he said to the kid who was soon to be behind bars despite his obvious young age. "Aside from the energy system and distribution, these things are beautiful. They're amazing. Now if you used these things to further human development instead of destroying it, I might call you a genius rather than just an artist."
    He flicked his wrist dramatically, turning away from the two. "Take him away, boys."
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  6. Cree took Protomask and took him to the police. Then he went to talk to Eric. "Thanks for your help out there" he said "I'm going to mop up these red squares. Until next time" then quietly under his breath "where you hopefully will still be on my side and not trying to kill me again" Cree then leapt straight back into battle against the Blocks of Squareman
  7. "So long," said Eric with a salute. And with that he was gone with a puff of blue smoke. Eric found himself back in his apartment, his girlfriend, who had probably been let off work early to account for the giant robot battle going on downtown, sitting in front of the small television they had propped on the kitchen counter.
    "Please tell me yours wasn't the one that exploded," she greeted him without looking back.
    "I missed you, too," he droned and teleported onto the seat beside her.
    "What did I say about Asgardian armour on the furniture?" she asked pointedly. He sighed.
  8. Protomask had been taken to the Police Station, he had thought about using his Mini ProtoBot and ProtoMask realized it was his last chance, ProtoMask took out his Mini ProtoBot out of his pocket and activated it, the Mini ProtoBot started to crawl to the Driver and it connected small wires to his head, the Mini ProtoBot started to mind control the Driver and made him crash on a Building.
  9. Successfully dressed into more casual clothes, Eric returned to the couch where Jamie was waiting for him. She allowed him to drape a scaly arm over her shoulder.
    "For your information, mine wasn't the one that exploded," he said defensively. "I sort of helped blow it up."
    "Sort of?" she asked in a joking tone.
    "Alright," said Eric, "I kind of just zapped around the dragon and it blew up by itself."
  10. Marnie stared blankly at the woman who demanded an account to be set up. "I'm sorry, Miss, but with your track record...we just simply cannot accept you." The woman took this personally.
    "Is it 'cos I've got better 'air than you?" She said in her flat, elongated tone.
    "No...it's because you have not paid tax for 3 years on the trot!" Marnie hissed through her teeth. "Now, I'm sorry, but you need to leave!" Marnie pointed out to the door. The vile girl swayed out. Marnie packed her things up and left. She wanted a little fun, and created a small gale that trundled down the street, tearing roof tiles off buildings.
  11. ProtoMask crawled out of the crashed police car and opened the trunk, ProtoMask took his stuff and activated his Zubat-Prototype Wings, ProtoMask noticed the gale but he didn't minded about that so he left the city and flew back to the abandoned building where Cree and Lauren fought against my ProtoBots.
  12. Marnie was disappointed no one was taking any notice of her disruption. She heard some sort of battle commencing around the abandoned building. She quickly unbuttoned her blazer and whipped off her wig which revealed short blonde cropped hair. She was standing now as Ghastly. Ghastly used the wind to her advantage, the wind pushed her off the ground, and she landed next to the small battle going on. "Oh! Is this it? This is pathetic!" Marnie shrieked. "Darlings, if you want a real battle, come to the bank."
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  13. "Alright then" Cree said "A third Supervillian... This day just gets better and better." Cree sped towards Ghastly and surrounded her with stone. "That was too easy" he said to himself "It is never that easy..." But deciding that he was just being too superstitious, he went back to patrolling the city
  14. Eric watched as a stray wind rattled against his windows, knocking a flowerpot from the balcony to his dismay. Jamie, who had been leaning on his shoulder, fell into the couch as he had brought himself to the ledge to investigate. Jamie's complaints were muffled through the glass.
    He returned and began fastening the recently removed armour back onto himself in a hurry, flashing around the room while he searched for his ring.
    "What are you doing?" the young lady demanded.
    He held up a finger, snatching the glittering band from the mantelpiece and fastening that, too. "I have a feeling."
    She opened her mouth to further complain, but he was already gone.
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  15. Pharaoh had returned to his human form. "Oh, for the love of Ra. Not another one." he groaned. He changed back into his giant cobra form. Siren sighed. She prepared to hit one of the bad guys with a Siren Wail, in case it was necessary.
  16. ProtoMask arrived to his secret base with his stuff, Right when he arrived he walked to his Laboratory and started to fix his Magmortar Blaster, Tesla sword and Zubat Prototype wings. He was filled with hatred and rage as his thousands of ProtoBots and other robots were destroyed. ProtoMask could only think about his failure and having to build more ProtoBots, "I'll get those heroes someday, and when i do i'll beat them up... NO MATTER THE COST, I'LL PAKE THEM PAY!" ProtoMask shouted as he was fixing his Magmortar Blaster.
  17. Talia dodged out of the sight as she finished tagging a wall with one of her signs. The college students dressed in her usual clothes as to not attract to much attention to here after the attack with the robots. The girl had helped pull people out of the wreckage when the so called heroes didn't and just left. Talia dodged around some trash cans and used a closed dumpster to grab onto the fire escape of the building and started climbing. She made it to the roof and ducked into the door the led off the roof, quickly changing into her night ware and placing her normal clothes in her backpack. She stepped out, making her way to steal what she could grab in the chaos that still was the city, "to easy".
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  18. Eric landed with a thump on top of a telecom centre's roof two or three units down from the bank, where people were pooling in an epidemic of fear. The gale had come from somewhere in this area. Whoever had killed his tiger lilies would soon reap the consequences.
    "Eenie meenie minie..." He twisted his ring and gripped the battle axe with both hands, scanning the street below. He spotted some shady characters, but nobody who looked to be peculiar in any way. Among the underhanded figures was one who stood out like a diamond in the rough. "You'll do."
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  19. Talia weaved in and out of the crowd, her face graced with a beaming smile. Some people who saw this actively moving out of her way. People getting out of the Gale but, she moved on grabbing valuable objects that she could carry. The wig wearing girl looked up and saw a man holding a battle axe and raised an eyebrow. She ducked into a alley and started moving away from him as to try and not get into a fight.
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  20. Eric saw that his target had caught onto him and seemed reluctant for an encounter between the two. He silently shifted positions on the rooftops above, armour glinting under what little sunlight shone through the clouds.
    "O serpent hid with a flowering face," he crowed as he followed her, axe slung over his shoulder. "Did ever a dragon keep so fair a cave?"
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  21. Talia stopped leaning against a wall as she turned to face the man above her. One eyebrow raised and bitten lip between her teeth as she stifled a laugh, "first thing first, do you know how creepy it is to recite poetry when following someone. Like that's grade A serial killer stuff. Two, can I know why you've chosen to follow me, tuff guy"?

    The girl looked down her gloves as she pulled on them, hands falling over her belt faintly. She tilted her head to the side as she looked Eric over, "what's with the armour? Shakespeare in the park"?
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  22. His eyes flickered to her appendages first, checking if she was armed. He gave her a onceover and decided it would be safer if he stayed where he was.
    "Something like that. I've got a secret identity to keep up and they had a medieval event on E-Bay," he quipped, stretching himself out. He was standing dangerously close to the ledge without any visible signs of fear. "It's rather windy today, wouldn't you say?"
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  23. "Yeah, I noticed that. You wouldn't know anything about it would you. Oh I guess you were a little too busy crushing civilians while fighting those boys," Talia smirked her eyes falling to half lidded as she picked up one of her spray paint cans and turned so that her back faced her armoured companion. She started to do a design of a crown flying upside down with it's wings out stretched, "oh please don't mind me. I have a schedule to follow and my murals arnt going to paint themselves".
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  24. "I was hoping you might've been able to offer me some insight," he replied. He cocked his to get a better viewing of the design, a bemused expression toying with his face. "Ah, yes, the post-adolescent sense of rebellion against authority. Charming."
    Eric wasn't getting as much of buzz from the conversation from his height. Despite the knowledge that she was armed with something at the very least, he faded from the world of the living, reappearing at the foot of the structure. He sneaked a peak at the blue mist he left behind where he had stood mere seconds before, and followed her arm strokes with his eyes.
    "But I'm not in any position to judge," he finished.
  25. "Don't sweet talk me, metal man. On what's happening with the weather, no clue. It started up after you and your friends played with those toys are yours," Talia laughed turning her head enough to to wink and laugh, switching her colours out from black to blue then red. She stood back once she was done, not even a speck of paint on her. The girl spun on her heal quickly to turn towards the man, "you look no older than me, my friend! Seriously how old you, 15-16l?

    "Where's mommy? Does she know your out here," Talia smiled flipping her hair over her shoulder with a smile. She swayed her hips a bit tapping her feet, "you can't say you don't ever feel the need to break something"?
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  26. Cree was battling the wind, using his powers to make walls to block the wind, and to repair buildings. However the walls were knocked down as quickly as they were made, and the buildings would just keep breaking. He noticed Talia, at first he was going to ignore her, he had more to worry about than a graffiti artist. That was when he saw Eric with her. Cree sighed, "here we go again" he said.

    He used his powers to create stairs up to the rooftop, and spoke to Eric "I hope you aren't causing any trouble" Cree said "I have enough to worry about already"
  27. "15?" he scoffed, an offended tone in his voice. He opened his mouth to make an improvisational wisecrack and let the words die on his forked tongue when his earlier companion approached the two of them. He adjusted his helmet and saluted to Creator. "Me? I would never. Have you found what's been causing the wind perchance?"
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  28. "Well hello there. Oh no he's not causing any trouble sir. Wait now that I think of it! The fashion police need to arrest him," Talia giggled with a smirk as she surveyed the newcomer with ease. The usually calm rouge practically starting to dance on her toes as show antes to start moving, "I have more paintings to go up. So I'm afraid I must leave,
    Bu bye".

    Talia then sashayed around the corner into another alley creating move copies of herself and splitting up, "try to catch me now, boys".
  29. Cree raised an eyebrow "There was someone controlling the wind..." Cree said "But i thought i trapped her with stone.. unless... oh no! If the wind can break buildings, of course it can break stone. Good job me!" he began to leave but thought better of it. "she said to /Meet at the bank for a real battle' or something like that..."

    He looked towards the bank and began to create a stone bridge to it but the wind blew it down. "I really need to start using a harder material" he said to himself. He turned back and saw that Talia had made multiple copies of herself. "Of course, another one!" he sighed "because every single person I bump into today just HAS to have superpowers"
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  30. He scowled at her from beneath his mask, but lightened up when she revealed her powers to the two of them.
    "I had my suspicions," he said, mostly to himself. He turned his head to Creator negligibly, flashing a toxic grin. "I like her. I'm assuming you'll want my help with the windbag?"
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  31. Talia smiled as her and the clones split up in different directions. The real one making out of eyes sight of the two but not out of throwing shot. Grabbing one of the gas canisters from her waist, she altered her clones to look the same before throwing it at their feets and moving quickly away into the subway near by, "that was fun. Now where to paint next".
  32. Cree shrugged "Maybe... it would be pretty hard to get to the bank in these winds." he said "so your teleportation would be useful"
    He looked around, now unable to see Talia, but he could see some clones. "How would that work?" he thought out loud "Would that be like the birth of a new person, or the creation of a Robot? Are the clones alive? do they feel? can they think independently?" he knew that Eric probably knew just as little as he did, but he tended to think best out loud
  33. "Aye, aye," articulated Eric, planting the hilt of the battle axe firmly into the pavement. "Lucky for you, my armour is heavier than Sigyn's emotional baggage. I don't know nor care about the rebel's clones - let's just do some smashing."
  34. Talia made her way around more buildings and people. She made her way to a set of stairs that led down to a more or less shady steel door. The girl knocked on the door and a eye piece slid back, "what's the password"?

    "We dance with daggers or don't dance at all," Talia purred and the man in the door moved back. The girl snapped her fingers and her clone started to explode, bursts of random colours as she moved into the building, "tell me Marko, is the boss man in? I have somethings that might interest him".

    "Back room. You know this," 'Marko' growled shutting the door behind the new comer and taking stance beside it. Talia gave a curt nod and moved through the club, women dancing and men watching. The girl kept her head high and away from the sights as she made her way to the back room, only stopping to knocked a guy out for groping her butt. She walked past the guards and into the door to see a man wearing relatively fancy clothes as he sat kissing a scantily clad woman.

    "You could atleast look at your guests," Talia sighed sitting down on one cushioned chairs and the man pushed the woman away. Talia pulled out what she had grabbed in the chaos, a very fine and expensive diamond necklace, "got you a few gifts".

    "Well let's get down to business," the man leaned onto his desk with a sly smile. The girl he was kissing ow sitting off in the corner.
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  35. After a long time gone, ProtoMask finally had upgraded all his Devices, His Headset had thorns around his helmet, His Zubat Prototype wings had been improved also for easy flight, His tesla Sword was able to shoot thunders and his Magmortar Blaster had gotten 3 new types of shooting: Auto, Minigun, and Grenade Launcher, ProtoMask had also rebuilt all his ProtoBots once again. "This time i'll be back... No matter how long i was gone, I shall rule this pathetic planet for once" he replied as he was ready to activate another attack.
  36. Ashley's hair flew behind her like a curly orange ribbon. She was flying over the city, looking for the source of the wind. She sure didn't cause it, and she wanted to know who did. Her blue jacket flapped in the wind. She saw two people in an alleyway. One of them was swinging an axe. Maybe they have any idea who did it? She thought. Ashley flew down and landed, her hair springing as she hit the pavement. "Hi. Did you notice that strong wind? I'm looking for its source."
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  37. Talia finished up her deal with grace and made her way out of the club. A wide path forming informt of her as the other patrons had seen her deck the guy earlier. She stepped out and started off down another alley, smiling as she hummed to herself. The girl making her way back to where she had stashed her other clothes, "not a bad day. Not a bad day at all".
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  38. Siren walked up to them and looked up at the flying girl. "I can safely guess the cause is." she told her. Hearing an unusual sound, Siren looked up and to the right of the girl to see Pharaoh, who was still in his giant cobra form, blown away. "There's something you don't see everyday." she muttered as poor Pharaoh crashed into a tall building. Pharaoh then fell and crashed again, this time with the ground. Pharaoh changed back into his human form. "Are you okay?" Siren asked Pharaoh. "I think so." he replied as he rubbed his head.
  39. "A real airhead, I'd say," Eric remarked snidely, cracking his knuckles individually. He vaguely recognized both Pharaoh and Siren from his previous battles against the self-proclaimed heroes of the city and wondered if either of them even recalled him being their antagonist. He was rather fond of Pharaoh, as a guy under the name "Jormangandr" would be, and admired him greatly. The flying girl, however - she was new.
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  40. "Oh, shut up. At least I don't look like I popped out of a kid's fairy tale book," Aspen countered. "Anyways, do you have any idea who caused that wind? The weird thing is, I have powers over the wind too, but that sure as heck wasn't me."
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